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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 30, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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no more wind, yea! >> we're done with the wind for now. we will have to deal with it later in to the weekend but at least the wind is over and now we are facing cold temperatures this morning. not wind chills but actual temperatures in the teens and 20s. get started with the satellite loop. some high clouds are trying to spill in ahead of the next system but just filtered sunshine. no rain or snow locally. we're 24. cumberland 16 and ocean city can't stay that warm this morning. they are at 22. other local numbers show teens in frederick and gaithersburg, winchester and culpeper. fredericksburg 24. the way i see it today in the mid-20s through 9:00. mostly sunny at noon, 36. mostly cloudy at five. 38 degrees. i will have the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. good morning, everyone. we are midway through the week. a lot of people have a short week and that makes it an even better day out there. traffic looks good as we check
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out 95 and bw parkway, clean and green. no problems on that route. as we jump on the beltway and see how traffic is moving on the outer loop in maryland, 95 to georgia just a few cars out there. smooth ride. 4, 5 and 301 as we switch our maps to that area, no big problems. clean and green, as well. in virginia, 395 northbound still clear from duke too the pentagon. no problems there and 95 northbound triangle to springfield, all lanes are open. it has been talked about for years and now the national parks service is revealing its plan to overhaul the national mall. 9 news now digital correspondent alex trevino is live on location with the new details. let's hear it, alex. >> reporter: there are a few alternatives on the table. each with a different focus but all with the common goal to restore the national mall so it may symbolize the ideals and
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greatness for our country. there are grand plans for the great swath of green at the national mall. one plan calls for historic landscape makeover that concentrates on education. union square would be redesigned and the mall revamped. gravel walks refurbished and improvements for pedestrian and bike circulation. under another plan, the mall memorial an landscape would be protected. the idea is to preserve the design. significant changes would be made at union square, restoring the ulysses grant memorial and some would shrink the size of the reflecting pool to allow more room for demonstrations. the parks service is accepting critiques our mid march. the price tag could be as high as $705 million. live from washington, alex trevino, 9 news now and
5:03 am >> thank you. this morning dozens of aspen hill residents are waking up away from home because of a fire. it started in the 14200 block overgave avenue. 100 firefighters battled flames there but crews had to cut the power off to all of the buildings. >> looks like the apartment next to ours, there is a lot of smoke coming out of it. there was a minor explosion. >> in addition to fighting the flames an the cold, firefighters had some trouble accessing the burning three- story building. the red cross assisted people from all three buildings to find places to stay for the night. the red cross also helped people in leesburg virginia that were displaced by a fire. firefighters rescued several victims from two town homes. the cause of the fire is under investigation. an autopsy has determined
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that the death of a maryland girl kidnapped from her home, she died of "multiple injuries." at point, the medical examiner's office is not detailing what those injuries were. foxwell was taken from her home on december 22nd. her body was are you found christmas day. police have arrested a suspect. investigators say he is a registered sex offender who once dated the girl's aunt. police in prince william county have been searching for julian coal for two weeks and yesterday they found her body. her body was not found far from the scene. the girl is staying with relatives. there's no word on how kroll died. a maryland pee man is speaking out about his close call. >> i looked over and there was
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planes and smoke coming from there and then fighting going on. i saw some struggling. >> reporter: dr. robert khan of baltimore said everything happened so fast on the northwest flight from amsterdam, he sat six rows in front of abdulmutallab who is charged with trying to destroy an airliner using an explosive hidden in his underwear. president obama said on tuesday, the intelligence community had bits of information that should have triggered red flags and possibly prevented the attempted terror attack. the time is 5:05. time for a "living $mart" report. our first one of the morning. digital correspondent jessica doyle is here with a look ahead on wall street. i will tell you the six-day rally came to an end on wall street yesterday. but we have high hopes. we will have to see if investors will buy again. trading was light yesterday with the dow down a point and a
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half. it stands at 10545. the nasdaq lost nearly three points and the s&p 500 fell by 1.5. outback steak house is settling a discrimination suit. it will pay $19 million to female workers and hire. the ee cbs c filed a lawsuit against outback in 2006. it claimed that female workers were denied favorable positions. outback didn't acknowledge wrongdoing in the case. the battle of two cell phone giants. nokia is taking its legal case against apple to a higher level. it says almost all of the companies other products violate nokia's patents and they want apple to write a big royalty check. apple says it hasn't done anything wrong. >> getting ugly. what is coming up.
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>> money saving tip of the day. we are looking at tax moves you can make right now to reduce your tax bill come april 15th. looking forward to it. there's some good news for your commute if you use champlain streets in adams morgan. it reopened. city officials celebrated the occasion during a ceremony on tuesday which marked the end of the road construction project in that area. another construction project is taking shape. the district started what it calls the largest bridge construction project in its history. the city is building three bridges to replace the two that span the anacostia river and 11th street including the separation of local and freeway traffic. the $300 million price -- >> they are opposite of what they should be and you have a lot of local and interstate traffic trying to mix it up. >> the price tag is the large
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nest their history. new trouble for a man who just won a five-year custody battle. that story is coming up. tylenol expands a recall on a popular product that's been making people sick. some of san francisco's most popular residents have suddenly vanished. ved the lectures, and we took the tests and we told the jokes. but now i must look at the empty desk with an empty heart, unable to rest. while all the other kids laugh and play, i'll only remember that one day, when my best friend jeff was taken away. i love you, jeff.
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the time is 5:09 in the morning. 24 degrees. we are flying other the dulles toll road, eastbound past the airport. 7100 to route 7. looking good. angie, back to you. in the news now, one firefighter is dead and nine others injured after an explosion in saint anna, wisconsin. fire crews were checking out a dumpster fire outside of a manufacturing plant when it exploded. at least one of the
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firefighters is in critical condition. david goldman may have his son sean back at his home in new jersey for the first time in more than five years but the international custody battle may not be over. the 9-year-old's relatives in brazil are threatening more legal action. brazilian courts granted custody to goldman more than a year after his ex-wife's death. 2,000 san francisco residents have disappeared and no one seems to know why. the sea lions have left pier 39 where they hung out the last 20 years. a few weeks ago there were 1900 sea lions. some believe the cancellation of the herring season may have wiped out the supply. a drug taken by millions of americans may not protect patients from cancer. that story coming up. plus, snow is falling out west, but is it heading our way? oh, no. the dreaded is it headed our way question already?
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i will talk about our chances of wintry precipitation tomorrow and our temperatures are dropping. i will tell you how cold we are. it is 5:11. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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heavy wet snow fell on the northwest last night.
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while it looks picturesque falling if downtown portland, oregon it accumulated quickly on the roads causing problems for the rush hour. it's a story we know all too well here and we're glad it is not here anymore and we don't want anymore. >> tomorrow morning could be a little tricky. a few places might be dicey if not icy. i don't think it will be so much snow early in the morning but whatever we get will change over to run rain during your new year's eve day plans. here's a look around. the temperatures have dropped like a rock. i know this sounds strange but believe it or not on noon windy nights we lose temperatures faster than windy nights. windy nights mix warm air that escaped from the surface and we don't have the windy air to do that and our temperatures can drop and they have. these are not wind chills. frederick 19. 17 martinsburg. inside the beltway in the middle 20s. 22 andrews air force base and
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quantico 21. the satellite-radar loop shows high clouds over us and these will lower and thicken throughout the day. the winds are giving us a break from the west-northwest at three. remember yesterday? we had a 30 as our wind speed and even with this little wind speed it feels like 20 instead of 24 outside. that's a bone dry dew point instead of nine. not a lot of moisture in the air this morning and the dry air can really cool off. here's the day planner. 25 at 9:00. 36 at noon. and by 5:00 our clouds will be thickening up but dry. temperatures up around 38 and it could feel like 38 without a raging wind chill. all eyes on the next system. let's take a weather flight and look at the gulf coast region. texas, louisiana, this is rain. it's interesting. our next storm is actually going to come by us in different fragments. all of the pieces of the puzzle
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come together over new england. if that were to happen here, we would be talking major storm like last week. but still one of those pieces will be on top of us tomorrow morning with some cold air trapped at the surface and that's why we have to talk about icing. first things first. today partly sunny and 39. the wind direction will be more southwesterly and light compared to yesterday. tomorrow morning, this is where we will have some icing problems, sleet or freezing rain. pretty much across northern virginia in to western maryland and over the district. 31 when you wake up. this low comes up the coast and it's going to bring warmer air up to 40s with rain in the afternoon. to the north in new york state and central pennsylvania you will get snow out of this. tomorrow night, new year's eve, we will probably have snow mix in with rain. we're not looking at accumulations but the roads will be wet and many times that happens and it gets problematic around here. on friday, leftover rain or
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snow showers. 38. the next weather headlines will be those really gusty winds again on saturday. look at saturday an sunday's high temperatures. trapped just above the freezing mark. let's see if patranya bhoolsuwan has good news for your wednesday drive. >> good morning. well, the weather is not too bad this morning and so is the traffic. moving well here. we have a disabled vehicle at route 50 inner loop at in virginia as you head out in 95. you will none to that blocking the right lane. after that it is clear to 66. jump on 66. moving good from centreville to the beltway. no problems there. looks like more cars out there this wednesday morning already. in maryland, check out 270. not seeing any incidents or accidents from germantown to gaithersburg to rockville. that's the good news. as we head to the district this morning, a work day for you, no problems between the times building and the third street tunnel. all lanes are open. no problems out there.
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back to you. this morning, new information and a health alert about an expand recall of tylenol arthritis pain caplets. the bottles have a distinctive red cap. tylenol's makers are recalling the bottles after people got nauseous and vomited because of a moldy mildew-like odor. was used by a chemical used to treat wooden pallets used to transport the medicine. there have been no adverse affects. stattens will not cut your chances of developing colon cancer. it is a finding from a study that says regular use of lost roll lowering drugs offer no significant reduction in the risk of the disease. previous studies suggested they could block cancer cell production but clinical trials have failed to confirm those findings. new evidence supports what many believe, serving in iraq and afghanistan can boost the
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risk of depression among members of the u.s. armed forces. researchers surveyed 40,000 members of the military and found those who went to war had the most new cases of depression, 6% for men and 16% for women. winter is primetime for itchy skin and conditions like psoriasis and eczema often get worse. new information that the itchiness takes a toll. a study found that people with chronic itchy skin suffered more stress and anxiety. they say it is important to get skin cans like eczema addressed because they can have a major impact on quality of life. a dc native goes on a scoring run against his home team. and despite only four wins, a rookie gets some big honors. details coming up in sports. you are watching 9 news now. 
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let's see who's celebrating
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a birthday today -- in sports the wizards try for a win in the last game of 2009. antawn jamison and friends hosted the thunder at verizon center. and jamison was bringing the heat. his three at the end of the third took washington up five. jamison had 28 points in total. arenas tried to keep the home team in the lead but durant dropped 35 on the wizards. oklahoma cities. it is the wizards third straight loss. after the game, arenas acknowledged that dc police are investigating the report of weapons found inside of the
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wizard's locker room. he had unloaded guns in a container. investigators want to know where he got she firearms. now we head west to morgantown with marquette threatening west virginia. down one point with no time out. the mountaineers to butler goes the length of the floor and nails the game-winning shot. west virginia stays unbeaten. while many redskins fans said good riddens to vinny cerrato he actually did draft orakpo and he has shined in his rookie year and now he's the first redskins defensive rookie to go to the pro bowl in 40 years. he leads all rookies with 11 sacks but said he would give up his spot to fletcher who's been snubbed again. >> i feel great when i got here but fletcher has done so much for me. i'd trade slots with him anymore. he deserves it as much as me if
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not more. i would trade him spots any day for what he brings to the table and the team. bret favre earned his 11th selection to the team. and vernon davis gets his first pro bowl nod and the ravens will send ray lewis and ed reed. the second annual nickel bank bowl took place last night with ucla taking on temple. in the second quarter, matt round scores to put them up 21- but the bruins fight back. picks off the pass and takes it in himself. ucla spoils temple's first trip to a bull in 30 years. the score 30-21. find how to take a big deduction a year ahead in the next living smart segment. and what authorities found inside of an area home. and one expert who worked at a local airport said he
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needed to go beyond screening devices when it comes to screening potential terrorists. we are watching something happening at arlington, route 110 just before memorial bridge. wood beams pill spilled all over the roadway. cleanup crews are on the way. watch for that if you are heading that way. we'll be right back.
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the winds dropped off overnight after causing some damage yesterday in northwest washington. gusts downed tree limbs, sometimes also taking out power lines. other falling branches, cracks and wind chills were reported, too. welcome back. i'm angie goff filling in for andrea roane. we will check in with patranya bhoolsuwan in a moment to check on the traffic but, first, the winds were fierce. >> they are now done and all eyes on the new year's eve stuff and the weather may have
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a role. an uninvited guest in your plans. yous you wake up let's get moving. we are facing cold weather. it is 24 when you step off the metro but 18 gaithersburg and frederick. martinsburg 17. good morning, southern maryland, how are you doing, 26, fredericksburg 25. we will have filtered sunshine and then those clouds will lower and thicken tonight. we don't haven't to worry about rain or snow today. it the calm before the storm. we will work on highs of 38 that feel like 38. don't have to worry about wind gusts taking away the christmas wreath. wreath. let's check in with patranya bhoolsuwan. good morning. we have an incident out in arlington. wood beams all over the roadways. this is northbound route 110 just before the memorial bridge. cleanup crews are there and hope to get it out of the way shortly. in virginia, check out 395
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northbound. little volume here at duke but no major problems to the district. as we come up on 95, early risers heading northbound. no problems from dale city to 495. no major issues here. good morning, maryland. the outer loop. good news for you. 95 to georgia is looking good all the way to 270. back to you. >> thank you. president obama says we must must act quickly because lives are at stake. the president stalked about -- talked about a flaw in the security system after the attempted bombing of a northwest airlines flight. >> when our government has information on a known extremist and that information is not shared, and acted upon as it should have been, so that this extremist boards a plane with dangerous explosives that could have cost nearly 300 lives a systemic failure has occurred. >> reporter: president obama said he has ordered reviews, which he hopes will reveal why there weren't any red flags
5:32 am
when abdulmutallab boarded a plane. one man who works at dulles airport and used to be a security director at tel aviv airport and he is an expert at human behavior pattern recognition. he says airport personnel should pay more attention to how passengers are acting. >> they are highly stressed. most of these people including the latest terrorist are people with very little experience. they have relatively poor training and preparation. >> reporter: he trains workers at few airports but believes behavior recognition training should be required at all airports. the national parks service is revealing the gland plan to overhaul the national mall. it's been in the works for years but this morning it is a step closer to becoming reality. alex trevino is live from the location, or close to it, at
5:33 am
least, with more. hey, alex. >> reporter: hey, angie. part of the criticism is it is hard to move around the national mall and hundreds of millions of dollars in overdue maintenance is needed. the national parks service is looking at three options, most of the alternatives feature an all-purpose facility near the grounds and they include a redesigned union square, rehabilitated grounds, paveed gravel paths and more accessible bathrooms and restaurants. and one includes removing or this rinking the pool to make room for demonstrations. another idea that is not yet concrete features a 14 street tunnel for motorists. the national parks service collected 30,000 comments. many have been rejected. still the park service is collecting more takes on the plan. reporting live from washington, alex trevino, 9 news now and
5:34 am this morning, they plan to issue a proposal to restore the waterway. the environmental agency says there will be consequences if the district, maryland and virginia do not meet the agency's restoration goals. epa officials say once the agency begins to issue plans, milestones or permits they will have 120 days to comply. but mid-atlantic administrator says he expects the goals will be met. complaints about a foul odor let fairfax county authorities to a home in mount vernon last night. inside the house, crews discovered they needed masks and protective suits in order to he move dozens of animals, including many dead ones. 40 cats, birds and dogs were found alive. some need veterinary care. the owner, 33-year-old megan barber faces animal cruelty charges. the home is declared uninhabitable. >> reporter: a virginia woman
5:35 am
has apparently disappeared. lisa miller of winchester has not been heard from and is believed to have her 7-year-old daughter isabella. a judge in vermont ordered her to transfer custody to the girl on friday to her expartner janet jenkins. that's where the women had a civil union in 2000. miller gave birth to isabella in twoo 2002 after undergoing artificial insemination. the couple broke up a year later. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a look at something we all care about, our paychecks. >> who doesn't want to make more money, right? >> i want to. >> we have good news for folks. our paychecks maybe fattener the new year. mercer finds 54% of companies are planning to lift the salary freeze next year, if they had one in the first place and 35% of employers that reduced or cut 401-k matching contributions are expected to restore them. still, most companies are
5:36 am
looking at a s.a.t. salary increase of no more than 3%. that is pretty much the same as this year. across the country, many arrow company trucking drivers are picking up their messages through qualcomm units. they left 900 truckers strand on hauls on the road. they have filed lawsuits and hope it will be classified as a class action. today another tax move that could save you money on april 15th. if you pay your own real estate taxes make any payments due in 2010 by tomorrow. by paying before the end of 2009 you can get the deduction a year earlier but they aren't allowed under the alternative minimum tax. so if you think you are going to be hit by amt, don't prepay. for more, check out my blog on the and i love to be your friend often facebook.
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parking in the district is already a pain for many drivers but it is going to get worse next month when dc plans to raise rates to $2 per hour. you are going to have to use the meters until 10:30 at night downtown and on saturdays as well. the red cross helped dozens of local fire victims find a warm place to stay overnight. that story coming up. plus, a machine that would be on toll roads near you. an alert for drivers in arlington this morning. northbound 110, blocking all lanes out there. cleanup crews are trying to clean it up. we will have an update coming up. chilly 24 degrees outside. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, everyone. pretty dark outside. a live look at fox hall road and canal in georgetown.
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no major issues to report here in the district. if you are going to work, make sure you buckle up and stay safe out there. angie, back to you. in the news now an investigation is underway in to what caused an apartment fire in oxon hill, maryland. more than 100 firefighters battled the flames in the 14200 block of georgia avenue. while fire damaged three of the buildings, fire was cut off to all of the buildings. bush fires destroyed 20 homes and injured three people. crews are surveying the burned areas to see if there are more injuries or possibilities of death to the residents in australia. those affected are being holed up in emergency shelters. the first automated toll plazas are open in leavenworth, kansas. the parade of entertainment
5:41 am
award shows is just getting started. a preview of when you will be able to see it coming up. plus, a violent incident raises question about safety at area hospitals. kim has the forecast. >> i'm checking high clouds across the area. they are whispering a telltale of the next weather maker. all the weather scoop is up next. you are watching 9 news now. good morning.
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have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -- we should all get one. the vaccine is safe and proven effective against this highly contagious new strain of flu virus. we can help prevent the spread of this virus if we all just roll up our sleeves. to learn more about the h1n1 flu vaccination visit or call your local health department it's up to you to fight the flu.
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master sergeant crystal smith in southwest asia. sending this message to george sean carter and iris carter in allentown, virginia. i want to wish you a blessed and memorable holiday season. i'm proud of you, sean. keep pressing on, babe. security at local emergency rooms is in question after a
5:45 am
man fires a flair gun inside of a maryland hospital. digital correspondent kristin fisher has more from prince georges hospital center in cheverly. >> reporter: 39-year-old evan gerald graham walked in the emergency room on saturday night. but when he became disorderly with staff, he was asked to leave by a security guard. >> pulled out a flare gun and pointed it at the security guard. after that he fired two shots in to the air, struck the ceiling of the hospital. >> reporter: fortunately no one here was injured in the incident but that's not always the case. health care workers are twice as likely as those in other fields to be injured in a violent act at work and the emergency room is by far the most dangerous place. 20% of emergency departments report that gun organization knives are brought in to the er on a daily or weekly basis and less than half screen or have
5:46 am
metal detectors. the emergency nurses association is lobbying for stricter standards. they argue emergency departments should have trained and equiped security personnel to provide adequate and appropriate barriers against acts of violence. as for graham, he's currently behind bars at the prince georges county department of corrections. >> he's been charged with first- degree assault with a hand gun, handgun possession and second- degree assault. >> reporter: in prince georges county, kristin fisher, 9 news now and prince georges hospital center declined to comment on the incident, but police say there was a security guard in the emergency room when the shooting took place. all right. turning our head toward the weather. what can we expect on this wednesday, the middle of the week. >> what do you want? >> i want sunshine, i don't know. >> we have some sunshine and don't have winds. that is a good thing. >> it is not saturday yet. >> by the time it is saturday
5:47 am
we will have gusty winds again. wouldn't you know it. here's what we are facing heading outside. it is chilly 24 here. 19 baltimore. cumberland, downtown on baltimore street you have 14. it is 19 manassas. 22 andrews air force base. here's the satellite loop. these are high clouds made of ice crystals streaming by. the high clouds get here first because they are higher up or the winds are faster and they usually give us a heads up about our weather and what's next. when you see high clouds you have to say there is probably going to be a storm in the next 24 to 36 hours and wouldn't you know it that's what we have plotted on the three-day map. the first icon. the stuff here is icing. sleet or freezing rain will be possible tomorrow morning on your commute. should be changing over to run rain during the day as we reach for 42 and there you go, new year's eve maybe a rain/snow mix with 38 on friday, new year's day. this is how we are shaping up
5:48 am
with the weather. we will fly down to the gulf coast and take a look at louisiana. eastern texas, the piney woods, getting rain. this is one fragment of our storm. and there will be a couple more fragments that all cruise by our area in the next 36 to 48 hours. they are going to congeal over new england and up there it is going to be a monster storm, but since we will be getting these in pieces we don't have a mother load of anything hitting us and i'm sure that will make you feel better. today a high of 39. no wind gusts of 30 miles an hour. so it will feel like 39 and increasing clouds and limited sunshine this morning that gets filtered out. trouble spot is tomorrow morning during the commute. probably some icing and freezing rain. southern virginia will have rain. we will be around 31. as the day wears on, we will have warmer air sneak in, getting us close to 40. that changes everything over to rain. tomorrow night, cold air is
5:49 am
wrapping down and could change things to snow and rain and we will see that on new year's day, snow and rain showers. here it is, seven-day forecast is up. in to the weekend, after we hurdle this event. the first weekend of the new year will be a windy weather weekend and a cold one with highs just above the freezing mark. that is my weather scoop. patranya bhoolsuwan, what's the latest on our drive? >> it is cold out there so watch out for the ramps, bridges and overpasses. they will be slick. another thing to watch for in arlington, wood beams are blocking route 110. crews will trying to get it off the roadway. watch for that if you are heading in that direction. check out 66 eastbound. no problems to report out of centreville past 123. 123 to the beltway no incidents or accidents there. as we jump on the inner loop, 95 to 66, seeing clean and green cars and everyone is at
5:50 am
speed. fantastic ride for people out here. more traffic is picking up 95 to georgia but no big problems all the way to 270. head out to 95 and the bw parkway. all clear as well but watch for those roads and watch your speed and other drivers, as well. angie, back to you. pa favorite 9 news now celebrity guest celebrates an addition to his family. that story is coming up. and the nation bestows top honor on a legend. a maryland lawmaker wants to stop a homeowners association from banning clotheslines. the cost of removing snow topped $40 million and they are still counting. tens of thousands of area children have new things to play with this week, all thanks to toys for tots. read more in the examiner.
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oh my goff it is the end of the year and the lists are out. there were many memorable moments in 2009 but according to reuters, michael jackson's death was among the headliners.
5:54 am
the word -- the worldwide appeal of the king of pop and pushed him over the top. the kick off of the awards season, people's choice awards. this year's host is queen latifah. sandra bullock, l.l. cool j and the list goes on for those expected to attend. dancing with the stars champ and friend of 9 9 news now helio gives usagers glimpse of his baby on twitter. he posted thisic churr of himself. and his new daughter and mom. last call to meet the cast of the real world dc tonight. the mtv reality show teamed up with metro mix for the premier of the real world dc. meet them tonight at black fin
5:55 am
at 1620 i street northwest. space is limited. to rsvp, go to nehemiah clark took time to chat it up with our army reporter. his thoughts on the dc version. >> the houses are amazing. i would love to see what they have in dc. anything on the east coast i'm a big fan of. dc should be a good season. >> reporter: thank you for that report. in other reports, we see that football fans and patty were supporting toys for tots at the redskins game this month. she wasn't thrilled with the final score but donating a few toys to the organization made her happy. and we want to say thank you to those who donated to toy drive
5:56 am
9 this year. it was an amazing success. go to oh my and click on angie's army and spend me pictures, videos and events to share on the air. we want to know what is going on in your town. hit up my 9 news now blog. a select few of the nation's artists received the kennedy honors. the celebration of their lifetime achievements aired here. tara mergener has more on the star-studded event. >> reporter: welcome to the kennedy center honors, a tribute to five extraordinary honorees [ applause ] bruce springsteen, robert de niro, david brubeck get the highest honor for transforming the arts. >> are you talk atlantic me? >> the 66-year-old is credited with being one of the greatest actors of his time. >> feels great and almost like the equivalent of being knighted or something.
5:57 am
>> he is so important to so many actors. he's the gold standard ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> reporter: a surprise list of performers made the night sparkle. a special jazz performance included david brew best beck's son was the highlight of the 9- year-old's birthday. >> i have had wonderful things happen, but i think this is the high point. >> reporter: the tribute to mel brooks kicked off by carl reiner who called his colleague. >> a genius brain and brilliantly unsensorrable tongue. >> a great drummer, but comedy paid more. so here i am. >> reporter: the trip down memory lane featured scenes from memorable works like "the producers." ♪ [ music ] the obamas presided over the gala for the first time, showing enthusiasm from the upper balcony. when the honors started in 1978
5:58 am
they would barely fill the house and the tickets were free. today it is one of the hottest tickets in town. especially with a-listers like aretha franklin. >> a voice that was a gift from god ♪ [ music ] >> today is an affirmation for all that i was striving for. & born in the usa ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> the grand finale was devoted to the boss ♪ [ music ] >> it is fantastic. i will never forget it. >> reporter: springsteen never dreamed he'd come this far. >> i wanted to play rhythm, initially in a local bands and hoped that may work out for me, but, you know, you don't quite figure out, going to end up in this spot, you know. >> reporter: from the kennedy center, i'm tara mergener. >> great show that was.
5:59 am
>> i saw him in charlottesville and he puts on a heck of a show. >> president obama said i might be the president but he's the boss. you are the boss of the weather this morning. >> oh, man, am i. good news first, the winds are done. >> check. >> baddish news, it is really cold outside and eh news we will probably have some icing tomorrow morning. 24 is where we are at. hagertown, hi there, gary, in hagerstown, sorry i had to hang up so fast. i had to do the weather. some high clouds moving in. don't have rain or snow attached but will be filtering the sunshine and especially by 5:00. without gusty winds it will feel like 38 and we will be talking about tomorrow's smooth and the new eeriest eve, new year's day plans with respect to the


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