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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  May 5, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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are we sticking to that. >> sure. all day. i'm not going to change that. humidity levels are down. less wind and afternoon high pushing 800-degree mark. let's see you satellite and radar combined. 95, 90. let's go and show you the satellite and radar. big storms in pennsylvania and new york state yesterday afternoon and evening. missed it to the north but missed us. in the 50s and 61 national. many areas in the 50s. 46 cumberland. 20 the cool spot and 50 in southern maryland. a terrific day. a lot of sunshine. 65 by 9:00. 74 for lunch and for the drive home sunny and 8 of use the sun screen. weather won't be a problem. what about the traffic?
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>> overall not a problem. normal construction around this time. the next 30 minutes or so be careful as you head out. no problems to report. the inner loop watch for roadwork near the river road exit. moving over to 270 southbound we lose a couple of lanes due to construction between germantown road and clopper. 495 in virginia more roadwork at a bunch of places. let's say braddock road, 236, little river, out by 95. 395 northbound approaching the beltway, a live shot here you will lose a couple of lanes because of roadwork, as well. 95 before that, though, no complaints. so far so good from dumfries to 395. andrea, back to you. we are learning more about the university of virginia lacrosse player accused of murder. investigators say this is not the first time that george huguely has been in legal trouble. brittany morehouse has the story. >> reporter: it was in november
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of 2008 and the 6'1", 205-pound senior who's now accused of murder had to be shocked with a stun gun and the police officer, a 5'3" female with the lexington police department said she became abusive. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: tonight violence plays on the minds of women across campus as they study for finals and dial up cell phones they take a moment to light these candles for yeardley love. they say it is a private matter and not one student wants to talk about it. one senior explains why off camera. >> for students to be speaking on the news on behalf of a girl whose family is in such deep mourning, it is too intrusive. >> reporter: she says this is a place of higher learn and a tragedy calls for introspection and more importantly on a campus where there are a half a dozen sex assault groups for women, this calls for change.
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>> uva students will deal with a loss that is a larger social problem in a certain way and that is reflecting and mourning her loss as a person and also in looking at it as a problem that needs to be addressed. george huguely is charged with first-degree murder. an affidavit shows that police found yeardley love laying down in a pool of blood. he told police they had a fight and he kicked in the door. their relationship had just ended he told police. brittany morehouse, 9 news now. you can read the affidavit at just click on extras. three teenagers charged in the murder of slain middle school principal brian betts are due in court at the end of the month. yesterday they were arraigned in rockville. prosecutors charged the teens with murder and ordered them
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held without bond. investigators say they found saunders prints on the suv stolen he night he died and found brian betts stolen belongings inside of gray's oxon hill home. a prince georges county funeral home has lost the license after ' state inspector discovered 40 bodies stacked in a garage. the chambers funeral home and crematorium has until friday to complete any procedure and close down. they saw a large pile of body bags containing human bemains. the bodies were intended for cremation. another university of maryland student has come forward with accusations of abuse against the prince georges county police department. it stems from that may la that broke out after the school defeated duke. during the incident he asked
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officers why they were attacking students. wayne says that is when he was beaten unconscious by police. police commissioner kelly will be on captiol hill to talk about terrorism and guns. the visit is after an attempt to set off a bomb in times square was thwarted. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: faisal shahzad will face a number of charges when he appears in federal court today, among them attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction and trying to kill americans. >> if successful, it could have resulted in a lethal terrorist attack causing death and destruction in the heart of new york city. >> reporter: the pakistani-born
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u.s. citizen confessed on tuesday he rigged a nissan pathfinder with a homemade bomb and tried to blow up times square. he was just moments away from making a clean getaway on monday night when authorities hauled him off a dubai-bound plane. passengers on the plane had no idea what was happening. >> we went back to the airport. we were terribly nervous. >> reporter: federal officials are offering little detail about a motive in the case but say that faisal shahzad is cooperating and providing valuable information. investigators were busy digging for clues on tuesday. they found bomb-making material at his bridgeport, connecticut apartment. >> we want to know as much as we can about his background and what he has done so those things are being explored. >> reporter: the 30-year-old told investigators he acted alone but his involvement with
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a terror training camp in pakistan has some officials thinking otherwise. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. in other news, an estimated 2 million-gallons of oil is now in the gulf of mexico with 200,000-gallons continuing to spew in the waterway each day. engineers are working on a contraption the size of a four- story building which will be lowered to the ocean floor to capture the escaping oil. the solution could take three months to complete as they dig 13,000 feet below the sea floor. concerns over witness intimidation are enconducting an investigation in the mine. they will work with those who fear retaliation over speaking out. 29 workers were killed last month in that mine explosion. a volcano in iceland is not done yet wreaking havoc.
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british authorities were closing the air space over scotland and ireland. democrats reach across the partson aisle to try to come to an agreement on reform. another suspected recall is about to be announced.
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welcome back. 50 westbound from the bay bridge to the beltway. no construction, or issues to report. it is angie with the traffic in realtime coming up. it's time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. concerns about the size of the bailout for greece continue to rattle markets. overnight we saw stocks in asia down and the selling comes after a selloff for wall
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street. the dow surged below 11,000 after losing 225 points yesterday. the nasdaq lost 74 points and the s&p was off by 29. democrats are determined to push the financial reform bill across the finish line and they are finding common ground with republicans on some issues. they have gotten closer on bailouts and would create a consumer protection authority for mortgages and credit cards. the president insisted wall street has no reason to be afraid of reform but republicans argue they are a power grab. nissan plans to recall close to 135 infinity g-35 sedans and coups. an electronic glitch may prevent the air bags from working in a crash. it involves the 2005 to 2007 model years and sedans from 2005 to 2006. a major safety concern for drivers this morning. for more "living $mart"
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headlines, log on to our website at click on the "living $mart" tab on the front page. hov violaters beware, state and local law enforcement agencies are teaming up to catch you today. and one of the most deadliest forms of cancer is also one of the most -- why this could be one of the best days of the year and how long it will last. 9 news now will return after this.
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parts of nashville are beginning to dry out after days of severe flooding. several sections of the city remain under water. a number of residents have been left without power and those who have water must worry about contamination. another concern is water pressure across the city after a pumping station failure. boy. looks bad but at least it is starting to go away. >> it will turn a corner. >> hopefully not another system anywhere nearby. >> we are seeing a lot of systems pass the u.s. now and we will get rom some of that the next few days. while we had a little rain, it is cleared out a little bit.
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the tree pollen back to high. the weed pollen and weeds were low but the mold spores jumped to the moderate category as of yesterday. perhaps mold will be back down. another dry day today. the next three look like this. mild for sure. high 72. nice 80. low humidity. it will be great. tomorrow warmer. a chance of a storm in the afternoon. friday we have lowered friday's temperatures because we think affront may not get here until saturday. saturday could have shower and storms but mother's day is nice and cooler. the bus stop forecast, clear and pleasant. upper 60s to lower 6 as. sun is up here 6:06. this afternoon, spectacular,
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light southeast winds five to ten. humidity levels are comfortable and temperatures near 80. don't forget the sunscreen and a moderate air quality, code yellow. haven't talked that much about that this morning. so far we have been okay this year. partly cloudy and mild with lows 58 to 65. south winds five to ten. the sunset 8:04. got to get to bed early, that later sunset is not helping you. look at the showers and storms. this morning it is clear, quiet and cool. 50 martinsburg and manassas. stanton 46 as is cumberland. reagan national 61. some of the bay water temperatures in the 60s. cambridge and easton in the middle 50s as is andrews air force base in annapolis. 59 degrees. looking closer we have 46. that's a cold spot at fort meade. 52 reston, 56 fairfax.
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57 rockville and 54 brandywine and bowie 56 and arlington 57. officially national, 61, partly cloudy skies out there. yesterday morning in the 50s and it has dropped all day. yesterday 45 all afternoon. this number below 50s is a good spot for us. nice, dry, comfortable air mass. snow up north but showers are weakening now. still a frontal boundary across florida. you can see it there. it will activate more and the next front approaching chicago this morning will bring us a chance of showers or even thunderstorms for tomorrow afternoon. in between, though, high pressure is in control here near roanoke, virginia this morning. see the showers and storms ahead of the front as it cuts through madison, wisconsin. and the front won't affect us much. a couple of showers along the carolina coast. as we go through thursday morning in to thursday afternoon, there's the front
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activating a few showers. moving southeast by evening. northern sections will have the toughest time and next guy is what we are looking at on saturday or friday night. the seven-day forecast, beautiful today, 50s and 60s tonight. could be an afternoon storm. friday we will pull this out a little bit. friday in to saturday a chance of shower and storms. mother's day cooler and 64 and monday and tuesday another chance of a couple of sures and storms. >> mother's day, a good reminder. have to make reservations if you plan to do sunday brunch. things are going to fill up. glad you could join us. let's begin with a look at construction on the capital beltway in virginia. on the inner and out are outer loop watch for it near the beltway. also, also near braddock road and 236 little river. take it out. no problems to report from
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centreville to 50 to inside the beltway. 270 your drive you are dealing with construction between germantown road and clopper. 95 southbound back to the maps. looks like lingering construction between 19 and powder mill. losing one left lane. it should be clearing in the next ten minutes and inbound new york avenue is clear. drivers are at speed. back to you. a commuter alert for the drive to work. state and local police in maryland and virginia are partnering up to catch hov lane violaters. law enforcement will use moving and stationary methods to catch violaters on interstate 66, 95, 395 an the dulles toll road in virginia and interstate 270 and route 50 in maryland. there's a long-term project in northern virginia you should be aware of. virginia dominion power plans to start building a high voltage line between hamilton and leesburg this month.
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traffic will be halted from time to time for as much as 15 minutes along route 7. the work is slated to begin the middle of this month and last until september. today dc leaders kick off the streetcar showcase. the four-day event will give future riders the chance to walk through the cars that will be used in one of two new streetcar lines planned for the city. it begins at the site of the old convention center. tours will run through saturday and begin each day at 11:00. this morning's living well report begins with new information about stomach cancer. despite being the second most common cause of cancer deaths worldwide it received little attention over the last -- 50 years. rates have been going down for this type of malignancy but an uptick of cases in younger americans. anita brickman has more. >> first thing you want to do is find a way to survivor.
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>> reporter: brenda and these women are familiar with gastric are rick cancer they are helping researchers better understand the disease. glenda was diagnosed with cancer and lost her stomach. sandy and mallory had their stomachs removed because they were at such high risk for developing the disease. charles readykin and his colleagues studied rates in a quarter of u.s. adults ages 25 to 84 for 30 years. >> the study confirmed the previously recognized decline in gastric cancer overall. >> reporter: the study confirmed that rates had gone down but -- >> we did identify a worrying increase in the youngest age group of caucasians, 25 to 39 in whom cancers of the lower stomach increased about 3% a
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year. >> reporter: it is known as noncardic cancer. >> we are concerned there maybe either a new cause for the gastric cancer or a possible new risk for cancer. >> reporter: these women don't know why the disease gripped their family but they are determined to protect future generations by helping doctors to figure it out. >> what increases the chances of stomach cancer? family history plays a role but the american cancer so it says a diet low in fruits and vegetables and high in salted or smoked and preserved foods can raise the risk as well as smoking. drinking coffee can be good for women. a mayo clinic study found those po who drank 2 1/2 cups a day were less likely to develop
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uterine cancer. it claims more than 7,000 lives a year. scientists don't know why it works this way when other caffeine sources don't seem to but they say some affects women's hormones in a protective way. the dc council took another step toward legalizing medical marijuana. they will set up five to eight dispensaries where patients can buy the drug but they cannot grow their own marijuana. mayor fenty is expected to sign the bill and congress will have 30 days to review it before it becomes law. as moms gain weight 0 so do their babies. they looked at obesity and in pregnant women and said it could translate to higher body fat in newborns. this could mean problems including obesity for these children. for more log on to and click on the living well tab on the front
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page. dc lawmakers stick their foot in the immigration debate raging across the country. and the battle against these cameras in montgomery county is heating up. you are watching 9 news now. [ applause ] [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] venus williams doesn't let sweat and odor ruin her style. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] new tide plus febreze freshness sport. the #1 sports detergent at putting away stains... and it eliminates odors, so your style is always fresh. [ venus ] i smell victory. [ male announcer ] if it works for venus, imagine what it will do for your family's clothes. tide plus febreze freshness sport. style is an option. clean is not.
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gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. welcome back to 9 news now. the dc council is jumping in toe the immigration debate raging across the country. a new bill would force the police chief from sharing arrest data with federal immigration officials. police chief lanier expressed interest in joining the program which would share information with federal authorities. the council will vote on the measure at a later date.
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montgomery county school leaders are threatening to sue the county to fight anymore cuts in school funding. sigh -- isaiah leg get proposed a budget that is less than idea and they are considering another cut of $30 million. superintendent weiss says the law compels him to fight for adequate school funding. the montgomery county council propose a pay freeze for public employees. the move breaks the terms of the county's contract with local unions and they voted to end what is known as phantom cost of living increases when retire contributions are made to employees based on cost of living raises which have not been given. they plan to support furloughs for every county employee. a final decision is expected at the end of the month. a battle against speed cameras in montgomery county is gaining steam after documents reveal police may not be in compliance with the state law that authorized the cameras.
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scoot broom has more on the new development. this speed camera has gone as many as ten days straight with no technician checking in to be sure it is running right. >> a lot of times the tests are not performed every day. >> reporter: one alias, a citizen watch dog who is opposed to speed light cameras has been checking and saw they are leaving cameras up and running for days at a time. they say a speed monitoring system shall fill out and sign a daily set-up log for a speed monitoring system. >> i don't think it necessarily proves the machines are malfunctioning or anything but i think it shows they have decided they can make their own interpretation of the law. >> we are looking a t at it. >> reporter: police believe they are complying with the law
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because the cameras perform self checks every day and a technician verifies the data later to make sure it is good. heely says that is not good enough. >> people have the right to face the accuser. it is hard to do that if it is a machine. >> reporter: police are now reviewing the procedures and as a result of my questions, montgomery county police say they are now seeking a legal opinion before providing detailed answers. on rockville pike, scott broom, 9 news now. a spokesperson for maryland tears says her department is not able to clarify the situation without an official request from one of thed police departments involved. welcome to 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. angie goff will have the traffic in a moment. right now howard bernstein has a look at the forecast and it's the s word for spectacular. >> exactly. a good ve


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