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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> yes, not snow. >> do you have little league game or softball, it will be fantastic. cinco de mayo, celebrating that. a great day outside. a couple of showers and storms yesterday in pennsylvania. they scooted quickly to new england so we are left with clear skies and cool temperatures out there. while we are 62 we have a lot of 5 -- 50s and a few in the 40s. mid-60s by 9:00. mid-70s around lunchtime. topping off around 80 with light southeast winds and comfortable humidity levels. if we could only bottle this, andrea. time to look at traffic. good morning, angie. >> happy wednesday, howard. hello, everybody. happy cinco de mayo. we are looking good from the prince william parkway all the way to the mixing bowl. lanes are wide open. no incidents to report. as we move in to 395. i told you about the construction and that it would be clearing about now.
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it is the case approaching the beltway. you are fine and past duke to the 14th street bridge you will find the same situation. construction is gone near braddock road, little driver. drivers are moving at speed. lanes are wide open. 95 to 270 and a glance to route 4, route 5, crane highway, all of these roads are incident free. over to you. don't even think of violating the rules on hov lanes this morning. in the first ever capital region hov awareness day, police in maryland and virginia are cracking down on drivers violating the car pool lane rule. kristin fisher is live in rockville with more on this commuter alert. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. well, today is not the day to try to drive riding solo on the hov lane. for the first time ever virginia and maryland law
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enforcement are teaming up to catch hov lane violaters during the morning and the evening rush hour. what do you say, let's look at the roads you need to watch for during your morning commute. in virginia what you need to watch for is officers will be monitoring interstates 66, 95, 395 an the dulles toll road. in maryland 270, where we are right now, and route 50. if you get caught, you can expect to pay some pretty steep fines. in maryland the violation carries a $90 fine and one point against a driver's license for first time offenders and additional point for each subsequent offense. in virginia, it is even higher. get this, 125 for a first offense. 250 for a second offense plus three points on the driving record. a third offense will cost you $500 plus three more points and the fine for a fourth offense
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is $1,000 plus, you guessed it, three more points on your driving record. so, these are some serious fines and if you rack up enough points you could less lose your license. both virginia and maryland law enforcement say they will be using both moving and stationary means of enforcing the hov lane laws this morning. so, what exactly does that mean? we will be asking a maryland state trooper coming up at fiction a.m. this morning. we will have a live interview coming up in an hour. back to you. in other news, we are learning more about the murder of a university of virginia women's lacrosse player. they say george huguely told them he kicked in the door to yeardley love's bedroom before shaking her and hitting her head against a wall. investigators are trying to determine if george huguely threatened yeardley love before the incident. three men are scheduled to
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appear in court at the end of the month in the murder of pet bet. they were charged with murder and held without bond. according to court documents, lancaster's fingerprints were found inside of brian betts home and they found saunders ' prints on the suv stolen the night he died and found brian betts stolen belongings in gray's oxon hill home. the times square bombing suspect is expected to have his arraignment today. faisal shahzad faces a number of charges including attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction and trying to kill americans. authorities say he was moments away from escaping to the middle east when police caught him at jfk airport. the suv was packed with explosives. >> if successful, it could have resulted in a lethal terrorist attack causing death and destruction in the heart of new york city. >> reporter: authorities say the 30-year-old faisal shahzad
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has confessed and although he said he has act aid loan friends in pakistan are being questioned. faisal shahzad is a naturalized u.s. citizen of pakistani origin. a prince georges county funeral home has lost its license after a state inspector discovered 40 bodies stacked in a garage. the chambers funeral home in and cream tore rum has until friday to complete any funeral arrangements and then it will close down. the inspector says he found a large pile of body bags containing human remains. the bodies were intended for cremation. it is five after the hour. time for the latest "living $mart" report of the morning and jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. boy, the bubble burst. >> not so good. a lot of anxiety about the size of the bailout for greece. the concern is traders are worrying if another european nation gets in trouble the eu won't have enough money leftover to help out and that led to a global selloff. overnight stocks in asia were
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down after wall street suffered the worst decline since february. the dow starts below 11,000 after losing 225 points. the s&p 500 dropped by 29. well, georgetown is getting its safeway back. the social safeway will host a gala to celebrate a grand reopening after a facelift. doors open at 8 a.m. tomorrow tomorrow. it will feature a sit down sushi bar, a gel la toe bar and pizza oven. google will sell books you can down load to a hand held device. there is speculation once they kick it off a hand held reader will follow. everyone has to have a kindle these days, an e-reader, nook. >> you are saving us money to say ford these devices. >> people want to break out the
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spring clothes. don't go to the mall, go to a swap party. i will explain that coming up. a new wave of ice from the iceland volcano heads to europe. dublin's airport is scheduled to shut down in wales and england could soon do the same. >> the northwesterly wind pushed the plume over ireland today and that is ditch. the density levels are quite high. >> reporter: european transport ministers held an emergency meeting yesterday in belgium. they are trying to figure out how much ash is too dangerous for planes to fly. a british petroleum executive says there are reports that oil has washed ashore on a louisiana island. the weather improved in the gulf allowing crews to lay more containment equipment and repair the booms damaged if rough weather. officials hope to again burn off some of the oil from the
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exploded off shore winds now that the winds have eased. many of us rely on it to get through the morning but now researchers have good news for women who have a regular coffee habit. that story is coming up. and why students at one high school are jumping for joy at the latest news about president obama.
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former cbs producer bob alderman is heading to jail for six months. he admitted to trying to blackmail letterman over affairs that the talk show host was having with women who worked at his office.
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the final bell hasn't rung yet but celebrations suddenly broke out in call ma zoo, michigan. they learned their commencement speaker will be president obama. the students and staff submitted a video and essay as part of a contest beating out hundreds of other high schools for the honor. our diets may be leading to an increase in one form of cancer. that story is coming up. authorities in nashville are worried about what they may find today as floodwaters there recede. our annual deficit for rain so far is three inches. we may make a dent t at it later in the week but today it is not going to happen. we will have the wednesday forecast and look at the mother's day weekend as well when we return.
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and the future has always the future is waiting. and the future has always been our business. at&t. the water is slowly receding in nashville, tennessee but the cumberland river is expected to drop below flood stage this morning. nine people in music city died in flash floods after massive weekend rainstorms. authorities are worried they may find more victims as water levels drop. now damage assessments will begin as people start to get back in to flooded buildings. >> i can only think the lesson with hurricane katrina, they will be laying down sheet rock.
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>> don't need that much water to do that. mold grows up the wall it. >> is ugly. you don't want anything that was ever around the mold. >> mold, shot up yesterday with the ailer jeffs in the moderate category. tree pollen is high. a lovely day today. hopefully the allergens will not be a problem. a beautiful day ahead. spectacular. nice fits but spectacular would be sticking out all over the place. warm tomorrow. a couple of thunderstorms in the afternoon. friday nice day and 70s. and showers and storms for saturday. a lot of graduations on saturday. some could be impacted. the bus stop forecast, clear and pleasant. upper 40s to low 60s. sunrise is coming up less than
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an hour from now at 66. a beautiful afternoon. low humidity levels and comfortable winds southeast five to ten and the temperature 80 give or take a degree or two. and tonight partly cloudy and mild. milder than this morning with upper 50s to even mid-60s as the winds stay from the south at five to ten. sunset 4 after 8. it is clear out there. showers to the north have since gone. dew points in the 40s and 30s in western maryland. little more humid to the south where there's a tad more low- level moisture but a comfortable morning. the air temperature running 48 manassas to 58 on the bay. 50 in orange, 49 in martinsburg and 62 here in washington with a wind which is calm. dew point 50. that is creeping up a hair and we have partly cloudy skies out
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there. looking across the country, some snow. snow is falling across parts of montana up here. we are watching a front in the midwest. a dying front could produce shower and storms for florida. this is what we will watch for tomorrow. for us high pressure is building in and we sit in great shape here for today. storms could be here as we head through thursday. the seven-day forecast, temperatures around 80 this afternoon. doesn't come much better than that. in the 50s and 60s tonight with 84 tomorrow. a chance of a storm in the afternoon. friday looks good. we lowered temperatures and kept the rain off until friday in to saturday. better chance of showers and maybe a storm and 77. cooler and drier, and in the middle 60s on sunday. angie has a lot to tell us. >> not much really. glad you could join us.
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95 and the bw parkway, smooth sailing going southbound to 495. 270, from 121 down to the split, we take it outside and show you the drivers, drivers, where are the drivers? they are moving at speed. no problems to report down to the spur. 66 eastbound, volume is okay stillville past 50. southbound gw parkway nice and quiet from 495 to the key bridge. nothing but green cars. drivers are moving at a great space. we will cross that see bridge and take a look. nice and quiet. drivers making their way from virginia to m street and georgetown. back to you. the living well starts with good news for coffee drinkers. it may help women lower the risk of uterine cancer. researches found the benefit in those that drank 2 1/2 cups a
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day. uterine cancer is the most common reproductive cancer claiming 7,000 lives a year. they don't know why coffee works this way when other caffeine sources don't. some cancer rates dropped significantly over the last 30 years however, the risk of gastric cancer increased among white adults ages 25 to 39. that form is mostly caused by an infection in the lining of the stomach from the bacteria h.pylori. >> we are concerned there maybe a new cause for gastric cans they are that population or a difference in their h.pylori that is creating a new risk for gastric cancer. >> reporter: the american cancer society says family history as well as a diet low in fruits and vegetables and high in salted, smoked or preserved food can raise the risk of developing stomach cancer. as mom goes, so goes baby
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when it comes to weight. a study of 74,000 newborns found infants with obese mothers were more likely to be born with higher body fat. researchers say this could mean problems, including obesities lair in life for these children. and teens who don't get enough zzzs may be at risk for obesity. less sleep was related to higher weight, especially in boys and in middle school students. the sports world is remembering one of baseball's best-known voices. and on the field an older pitcher is proving to the nationals he still has what it takes. highlights coming up in sports. but first, here's a look at who's celebrating a cinco de mayo birthday. he appeared in nearly 200 films, including the lord of the rings -- [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands.
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 11" premium hanging baskets welcome back to 9 news now. the sports world is mourning
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the death of a broadcaster who spent the early part of his career calling games for the orioles. ernie went on to become a legend as the voice of the tigers, spending 42 years broadcasting their games. his body will lie in remorse at america park. he was diagnosed with bile duct cancer last fall. ernie harwell was 98 years old. good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports as the nats wait for strasburg and his 100-mile an hour fast ball, how ironic their best pitcher now is a guy whose fast ball couldn't break a pane of glass. hernandez has been the best starter in baseball. 0.87 era and at it again.
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one earned run. he got some leather assistance. look at roger. fully outstretched. worth the grass stains as he robbed extra bases and the nats offense took over. in order willing ham, dunn with solo shot. and the nats cruise 6-3. meanwhile the strasburg era on south capitol street is closer to beginning. the nats promoting their top pick from double a to aaa yesterday. he will make his first start for the chiefs this friday night. the assumption being he will make four or five starts there and then get called to the show. nats gm mike rizzo told us yesterday the kid doesn't want to wait. >> his confidence level is high and he believes he could be pitching in the big leagues right now and that's the confidence level we want but he understands we are doing what's best for him and the franchise and the organization and he is on board with every step.
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>> the o's in the bronx for game two last night. brian on the bump for the birds. this is how intimidating a-rod is, guys would rather walk in a run but it didn't work they fall 4-1. hazing by the braves. t nate hits a walk off home run to beat the phillies. watch the team. as he's rounding the bases they leave the dugout to the tunnel. when he arrives from his round trip there's nobody there. it is empty. the braves nationals had nothing to do with it and then there they are in the tunnel and give him high fives. good yucks for the braves. i'm brett haber. have a good wednesday, everybody. a man authorities say nearly succeeded bombing times square is due in court today. plus a little good news about gas prices as we head to the summer driving season. if you are an hov lane
5:26 am
cheater, this is a morning you really should play by the rules. here's angie. >> you can say that again. the dulles toll road drivers you are in the clear from the beltway to the greenway. more early road conditions and spectacular weather report up next. cc [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there.
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welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. angie goff will have the traffic in a moment. howard is starting us off with a really, really nice forecast. >> yeah. going to be a great day today. a lot of outdoor lunches, long ones i would imagine. wear the sun screen and while you will need the jacket if this morning you won't need it for long. the winds were blowing yesterday, breezy gusts, 20 to 25 miles an hour and much lighter today. the temperatures this morning in the -- above 60 at national
5:30 am
thanks to the relative warmth of the water. 54 ocean city. and you hear the waves lapping at the beach. just imagine that, if you will. locally we were looking at 40s and 50s. terrific day ahead. the humidity levels are down. there's weather at national, but it is generally clear out there. i don't know why it isn't showing up. 62 right now. 9:00, sunny and 65. noon, sunny and 74. 5:00 sunny and 80. humidity levels will be down and the winds won't be that strong. we are looking at 5:30 right now. angie goff is standing by with the wednesday traffic report. >> that i am and i think we have a match, howard. a great traffic report to match that wonderful forecast. 95 northbound in virginia. things are moving well from the prince william parkway to the beltway. continuing to 395, stilling out a bit between duke to seminary. yeah, the delay is on the way,
5:31 am
unfortunately. no accidents or incidents to report. as we move to the map and show you route 4, crane highway, branch avenue. they are doing fine. on the outer loop looks great from college park in to virginia. that's a look at traffic. back to you. the suspect in the times square bomb scare confessed and said he acted alone. faisal shahzad is scheduled for his arraignment today in federal court. the charges include attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction and trying to kill americans. investigators say many people could have been killed in the explosives packed in an suv had gone off. they added a search of his faisal shahzad's apartment turned up bomb-making materials. >> we wanted to know as much as we can about his background, where he has gone and what he has done and so those things are being explored. >> reporter: investigators are closely examining his claims he acted alone since he has been tried to a training terror camp
5:32 am
in pakistan. a pedestrian that prohibits police from sending arrest data to customs enforcement. the police chief expressed interest in joining the secure communities program which sends inmate fingerprint information to ice and the fbi. they will consider the bill before it is up for a full vote. a new law that toughens penalties for osex offend everiers in law. they increased the maximum and mandatory minimum sentences for sex crimes against young children. the new policy comes after the slaying of an 11-year-old salisbury girl. a registered sex offender has been charged with her murder. we have a commuter alert for you this morning. if you are running late and thinking of trying to make up time by sneaking in the hov lanes by yourself, just nix that plan. police in maryland and virginia
5:33 am
are taking part in the first- ever capital region hov awareness day and those who get caught can expect to pay some steep fines. in maryland, an hov lane violation carries a $90 fine and one point against your license. you get an additional point against your license for each subsequent offense. you will pay even more if you get caught in virginia. the commonwealth fines drivers $125 for first offense. $250 for a second offense and three points off of your license. a third offense, it carries three more points and a $500 fine. and it is $1,000 for fourth time violaters, as well as another three points. here's a look at the hov lanes officers will be monitoring this morning. so you have no excuse for not knowing where they will be. look for patrols on 66, 95, 395 and the dulles toll road and in maryland 270 and route 50.
5:34 am
president obama interviewed a candidate for the upcoming supreme court vacancy. she is federal appeals court judge diane war on the and the judge interviewed separately be biden. she is based in chicago and the fourth known candidate to have an interview recently. she interviewed last year, as well. several towns in northern virginia elected mayors on tuesday. in leesburg, kristin won re- election with 61% of the vote. the town of culpeper will have a new mayor, chip coleman junior got almost 63% of the vote. for a list of the winners, log on to the story is on the front page. it is coming up on 5:35. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a little good news for drivers. >> we like a little good news. of course we are seen pump
5:35 am
prices going higher and higher. it's that time of the year. we drive a little bit more and we tend to see gas prices respond. the good news is the prices at the pump shouldn't get too much more expensive. energy analysts predict that nationwide gasoline prices are not expected to go much above $3 a gallon this summer. aaa says $2.90 a gallon for regular and prices are running 40% than this time last year. democrats and republicans are getting closer to a deal on a package of financial reforms. they have reached a tentative agreement on some points such as dealing with bailouts, but both sides are far apart on other issues the president insisted yesterday that wall street has no reason to be afraid of reform but republicans argue the measures are a government power grab. it's time for the money- saving tip of the day. before you hit the mall for a spring wardrobe you may want to swap clothes and accessories for free with friends at a clothes swapping party. this is also called swishing.
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the party rules are simple, everyone must bring one good clean item and let the swish begin. for more check out my blog at the follow me on twitter and i'd love to be your friend on facebook. you can have one or ask to be invited to one. >> i like that. some hollywood stars are up for broadway tony awards. the show fila is up for best musical. among those snubbed the adams family. the tonys honor the best of broadway. time tile magazine honors the 100 most influential people. see a few of them coming up. plus, firefighters douse the flames at a recycling plant just in time. live from canal and fox hall. a wide open drive right now. wake up, washington. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it is free flowing on 50 from annapolis to the beltway. it's angie with the early wednesday traffic on the way. in the news now, the mine safety health administration is setting up a second team to investigate the deadly mine explosion in west virginia. the agency says because of intimidation concerns, these investigators will work anonymously with witnesses. the blast killed 29 men. authorities think a cigarette may be to blame for a huge fire at an arkansas recycling plant. they believe ashes from that cigarette spread to bails of cardboard. firefighters put the flames out before they reached the tire recycling area. time magazine held a black tie gala last night to honor the 100 most influential people
5:40 am
of the year. some honorees in attendance included sarah palin. teenager country music sensation, taylor swift and the star of "how i met your mother "neil patrick harris. the list was selected from an on-line poll. the dc city council hammers out details of the medical marijuana law. that story is coming up. plus, a unique local event where organizers hope up close animal encounters will boost attendance. another spectacular day. yesterday was quite warm. look at the numbers. a high of 84 after a low of 65. well below 72 and 52 the averages. the record today 94 and 39 and you can see we are running a rain deficit of three inches for the year. we -- we have some rain coming
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♪ [ wind blowing ] [ female announcer ] when is it okay to lose the cover-up? ♪ when you can. take the special k challenge™... and lose an inch from your waist in two weeks. so lose your cover-up, and show off your confidence. design your plan at the oil from the disaster in the gulf may have reached shore this morning. a bp executive says they are investigaten an unconfirmed report the oil washed ashore to a small louisiana island.
5:44 am
engineers are working to stem the oil leak and working on a contraption the size of a four story building to trap the oil. it could take months to put the solution in place. some are waiting now to see they will get assistance. >> i worry about the fingerpointing and who's going to pay us down the road. >> reporter: louisiana resident kevin davis rented miles of boom his government couldn't afford at $10,000 a day. wildlife rescuers like these crews in texas are sending equipment this to rehabilitate animals injured by the oil slick. an event celebrated efforts to get children interested in wildlife and conservation. the association of zoos an aquariums honored the top finalist in the endangered species art connate. animal handlers showed a live variety of species to the guest
5:45 am
including children. the association officials say educational efforts like this is key to getting more people involved in conservation. >> i always tell folks, i said what happens to our resources will happen to the animal world and people world. >> reporter: the association hopes its work will influence lawmakers on captiol hill. the association is headquartered in silver spring, maryland. here's howard bernstein. >> we have been fortunate the enough to have folks from busch gardens and bring the exotic animals. >> yes, i definitely remember that. >> any scars from that. >> i have a scar from that bird a little blood. >> good morning to everyone in rockville. hello toe group who's working at nasdaq in rockville. talk about the weather.
5:46 am
it is nice. real nice today. but nothing lasts forever. but it will be a spectacular wednesday afternoon. a stellar, stunning, stupendous wednesday afternoon as temperatures push the 80-degree mark. tomorrow a chance of afternoon storms and even warmer and then a nice friday, 78. yesterday we had storms in the forecast, we will push it in to saturday which with graduations may not be the best news but it is what it is. clear in the upper 40s. winds fairly light. that's a good thing. sun will come up at 6:08. sunny, spectacular, around 80 this afternoon. southeast winds. five to ten miles an hour. so really very comfortable. don't forget the sunscreen. partly cloudy, mild, 58 to 65 tonight. south winds five to ten. code yellow moderate on the air quality. sunset 4 minutes after 8 p.m.
5:47 am
clear skies this morning after a few showers and storms yesterday from pennsylvania through new york and new england. temperatures you will see have dropped to 46 in manassas. this is interesting. this is one of those faa airport sites and they do them differently than the weather service. fort meade has dropped more than the surrounding areas. martinburg and frederick upper 40s. fort meade is 45. 53 crofton, bwi and columbia. 52 great falls. reston is 50. 52 ft. belvoir and gaithersburg and 55 in bethesda and arlington and 53 in brandywine. we have 62. the winds are nice and calm. a comfortable morning out there. clear skies. got the last quarter moon there off of this morning and a great start to a great day. as we look at what is happening across the country, an old front here and another frontal boundary here. this one is dying but will probably fire up again.
5:48 am
this next one as it approaches chicago will be watched until later. because that is going to be moving quickly east. i think we will see a couple of showers and storms with that. for today, high pressure is in control. as we put the future cast in motion, watch the line of storms through the afternoon. no problems approaching buffalo and syracuse and albany by tomorrow morning and then watch in the afternoon, right there. there we go, 4:00 we have some showers and isolated thunder popping up for your thursday afternoon, especially central and south. seven-day forecast. we will be 80 today, beautiful. 84 tomorrow with afternoon storms possible. friday dry and 78. shower and thunder possible on saturday. mother's day cooler but pleasant with highs in the middle 60s. speaking of cool and pleasant. here's angie. >> you are the coolest, though. thank you, howard. 12 minutes from the 6:00 hour. good wednesday morning to you we will begin with 95 and the bw parkway. nice and clean and green drive
5:49 am
from baltimore to 495. as we move it to 270, we open the doors and show you the drivers are moving at a good pace from father hurley to the split. no real problems. virginia 6 things are filling out between 50 and 123. that delay is going to continue to grow. next stop, 495 in virginia. the outer loop, the inner loop, both of these loops are checking out fine between the wilson bridge to the american legion. and finally 395. that's how we will call it a wrap. more drivers between duke and seminary. okay between the pentagon and the 14th street bridge. andrea, that's the traffic. now, back to you. >> thank you, angie. the battle over speed cameras is heating up in montgomery county. recent documents revealed some cameras in the county have gone several days without being checked. that's a violation of maryland state law which requires a daily check of every camera by a technician. the technicians are also required to keep daily logs of the cameras, which are then
5:50 am
used as evidence in the courts. >> i don't think it necessarily proves that the machines are malfunctioning or anything but it shows they have decided they can make their own interpretations of the law. >> reporter: police say they believe they are complying with the law because the cameras perform automatic self checks daily and a technician verifies the data later to make sure it is good. however, the gaithersburg police department is reviewing the policy. the dc council overwhelmingly agreed on legalizing medical marijuana. but who's prescribed to prescribe the drug and legal uses. >> medical marijuana in the nation's capital is closer to rerailty than ever before. >> we tried to do a evidence- based closed system that preserves the rights of sick individuals to have access to medical marijuana and blunts the frolic and detour that happened in other
5:51 am
jurisdictions. 1400 dispensaries in los angeles for instance. >> reporter: he introduced three amendments that were denied resoundingly. he wanted to honor patient- physician relationships outside of the boundaries of the district in to maryland and virginia. the law restricts those doctors to prescribe the drug to patients in dc. >> if they wrote prescriptions outside of the law, we could not discipline them because they are not within our region. >> reporter: medical use marijuana is considered a breakthrough in the district, but for some residents it's too many restrictions. >> what they did is took out the true essence of i-59, which is to have protection and cultivate for themselves and not have to worry about jeopardizing their employment, their housing or the custody of their children because of the medicine they use. >> reporter: beth is disappointed councilman graham's proposal fell on deaf ears. there will be a two-ounce limitation per patient per month.
5:52 am
alex trevino, union news now. >> reporter: members of the council hope to implement the program by the end of the year, provided the measure passes congressional review. whitney houston is coming to town for a big benefit. details on that coming up. plus, hundreds of fans line up at a bookstore to get the chance to meet former first lady laura bush. alexandria residents will get hit with a double whammy of service reduction and fee increases in the coming year. virginia's aclu delivers a warning to state chaplains about their prayers an the final approval to the science city development plan. these stories and more in the examiner.
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rocker bret michaels is out of the hospital and expected to make a full recovery. he suffered a brain hemorrhage last month. experts say he is a very lucky man. david admits to his cheating ways when his mitt dress exposed his ways. they say they are working on
5:56 am
their marriage. a examiner determined corey hanes died of natural causes and not a drug overdose. the lost boys star who struggled with drug abuse died at his mother's apartment earlier this year. the hill is reported whitney houston will be in dc this weekend to dance not sing. the singer plans to attend the ball on the mall on saturday. that benefits the national mall. organizers say the she will be the date of jazz artist and local man steve johnson, a long- time friend. in local buzz, a mob takes over dupont circle ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> they coordinated the public mama mia performance. it was one of seven dances performed in the area as part of the dance is the answer, a two-week celebration through
5:57 am
hundreds of classes and open rehearsals. that was pretty awesome. i wish i would have seen that live. we will wrap with a blast off report. robert takes us to red glare. it's an event hosted by the maryland delaware rocketry association. hundreds from all over came to maryland to see the massive missiles rock the sky. he says these rockets are far more expensive versions of the model rockets you will see back in school or that you flew in science class and can travel several miles. that's pretty impressive. thank you for that report. you can send your pictures, videos and events, as well. ebb list in covering our community today. hundreds of people flock to mclean, virginia to meet laura bush as the former first lady kicked off her book tour on tuesday. lindsey mastis was there.
5:58 am
>> just to have a brief moment with her was satisfying. >> reporter: fans only had a few seconds to stay something to the former first lady. >> thanks a lot. >> reporter: 400 people came to books-a-million each with a different reason for wanting to read her book. >> curious about 9/11 and how that impacted her. >> she was a kindergarten teacher and she married in to this dynasty. >> reporter: it is safe to say that most, if not all of the people in line support laura bush and the bush administration. >> i just love laura bush. anything she writes will be good to me. >> reporter: in "spoken from he heart "she writes about her childhood, 9/11 and hurricane katrina. she claims she and her family were poisoned at a g-8 summit. the biggest revelation in the book talks about the car accident that killed her dear friend. the former first lady was behind the wheel on that fateful night in 1963. >> i think that did take a lot
5:59 am
of courage, but a lot of fearlessness, too. >> reporter: her fans say because it was written by laura bush, "spoken from the heart "will be a good read. in mclean, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> former president bush has also penned a memoir called "decision points "and it is due out november 9th. welcome back to 9 news now. you are watching us at 6:00 a.m. howard bernstein is here with a stellar, spectacular spiffy forecast. >> a beautiful day ahead. one of the best of the year i think. the temperatures will be right in a perfect place and the winds which were gusty yesterday afternoon today will be also in a good place. >> and humidity? >> humidity is in a good place. it is our zen weather day. >> we are in a good place. show you what is happening outside. high pressure is in control. showers moving away from the coast and to madison, wiscon


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