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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  May 5, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello. i'm jc hayward. we begin with the latest information on the botched car bombing attempt in new york city. investigators are trying to figure out if more than one man
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was involved in that car bombing. ran -- randall pinkston is in the courthouse in lower manhattan where the suspect will be brought for arraignment. the man charged with trying to detonate a bomb in times square is talking. that's one reason faisal shahzad's court hearing has been cancelled for today. the 30-year-old pakistani merge has admitted to driving an suv packed with explosives in the heart of times square. >> it is clear this was a terrorist plot, aimed at murdering americans in one of the busiest places in our country. >> reporter: what is not clear is whether he is a lone wolf or part of a conspiracy. he made several trips to pakistan and received explosives training there. faisal shahzad came to the u.s. in 1998 on a student visa. his suburban life in connecticut with a wife, two children and a job as a financial analyst didn't raise any red flags but faisal
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shahzad quickly turned up on law enforcement radar after the attempt. he was arrested within 53 hours. still there are concerns of how he recently slipped away from surveillance and managed to get on a plane to dubai. >> clearly the guy was on the plane and shouldn't have been. and we got very lucky. >> reporter: faisal shahzad was put on a no-fly list monday morning but juan bought a one way ticket in cash and board pd the plane on monday night. >> it shouldn't have happened but in the end we have to remember that, in fact, it did work. >> reporter: the airline said it was working with an outdated list. so now the government will require airlines to check updated no fly lists within two hours. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. new york city's police commissioner is coming to captiol hill today. raymond kelly was already scheduled to testify about illegal guns but he will no doubt be talking about the bomb scare. commissioner kelly says investigators lost track of the
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suspect just hours before the bomb scare. but he's glad the suspected bomber was quickly brought to justice. university of virginia students are coming to grips with the death of a fellow classmate. we are going to show you the scene of a vigil last night for 22-year-old yeardley love of cockeysville, maryland. two found her. the defendant's attorney says yeardley love's death was intentional. >> we are confident that miss love's death was not intended, but an accident with a tragic outcome. in the meantime, george is withdrawalling from the university of virginia and remains in the custody of the authorities. >> this is not george huguely's first brush with the law. in november of 2008, police in
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lexington, virginia used a stun gun on george huguely after he resisted arrest for public intoxication. he was given six months probation and also a 60-day sentence, which was suspended. we have a commuter alert for drivers because today is not the day to try to get away with riding solo in hov lanes. it is the first ever capital region hov awareness day. virginia and maryland law enforcement are teaming up to catch hov lane violaters during both the morning and evening rush hours. >> over my shoulder right now what you can see is one of our troopers has stopped an hov violater and they will issue a citation or warning as appropriate. >> reporter: in virginia, officers will be monitoring interstate 66, 95, 395 and the dulles toll road.
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in maryland, 270 and route 50. and you get caught you can expect to pay a $90 fine for the first offense in maryland. in virginia, the first offense hov violation will cost you $125. the district is one step closer to legalizing marijuana. the bill was passed in the dc council. it is now waiting for the mayor to sign. it still faces, however, review by congress before it becomes a law. now, under the bill, the city will set up five to eight dispensaries where patients with chronic illnesses can buy marijuana. patients cannot grow their own marijuana, however. supporters of the bill say it does not go far enough. >> what they really did is took out the true essence of i-59 which was the patient to have protection, be able to cultivate for themselves and to not have to worry about
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jeopardizing their employment, their housing or the custody of their children because of the medicine they use. >> reporter: if passed in to law, the five marijuana dispensaries will be set up in the district and the bill will also limit patients to only two ounces of marijuana per month. the coast guard says bp has capped one of three leaks, but that will not help to reduce the oil that is flowing in to the gulf of mexico. we have the latest information from the gulf coast. >> reporter: calm weather and smooth seas again today should help workers put down more protective booms. 5,000 feet of it is already in the gulf but officials say they need 800,000 feet total. >> make no mistake of what is at stake here. this is our very way of life. this is our fishing communities, our coastal communities. we are talking about keeping this oil out of the fragile
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areas. >> reporter: bp pledged $100 million to the federal effort. 25million more than federal law puts them on hook for. but three senators proposed to retro actively changing that. capping liability at $10 billion. >> basically we are saying, hey, the polluter should pay. there's a cap right now. we hear that bp will be responsible for everything. they are not. >> reporter: that was jeff gore reporting. a 100-ton concrete and steel dome should be arriving at the site today. avenuuation authorities in britain have grounded most flights in scotland and northern ireland. as a new wave of ash from the iceland volcano heads to europe. dublin's main airport is scheduled to be shut down in a few hours and airports in wales and in england could soon do the same thing. >> a northwesterly wind pushed
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the plume over ireland today and that was difficult for tourism. the problem is the density levels are quite high. >> reporter: european transport minister held an emergency meeting yesterday in brussels. they are trying to figure out how much ash is too dangerous for airlines to fly. a frantic water rescue from rain-swollen creeks has been caught on tape. three college students had to be rescued after they waded in to the creek and then couldn't get back on land. it happened near atlanta. first responders were able to pull all the victims to safety and no one was injured. the carjacking suspect on the run has finally been captured. cameras were rolling when donald ran to avoid police dogs and officers in oregon. at one point, he jumped in to the river but the current was too strong. once back on land, he was reached by police. he actually tried to reach for a gun so police had to use a
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taser gun to subdue him. the chaos in greece continues. the government wrestled with balancing the budget and clamping down on rioting. you say you don't like speed cameras? well, some new development are documents suggest that the law may be on your side. we'll be right back. ggwgwgwñagcçbç
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there's anarchy in athens as thousands clash over the government's plan to balance
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the country's budget. it calls for budget cuts in greece and a big increase in taxes. rioters set a bank on fire and so far three people have died during the unrest. flights have been grounded. shops are closed and public transportation has been shut down. the president insisted yesterday that wall street has no reason to be afraid of reform. the republicans argued that the measures are a government power grab. nissan plans to recall close to 135,000 infinity g-35 sedans and coups. it needs to fix the cars ' air bags. an electronic glitch may prevent them from working. it involves coups from the five
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to weather model years and sedans from 2005 to and 2006. a new coffee house in new york is selling cups of coffee for $12. cafe grumpy has three locations in manhattan. it roasts its own beans, which it claims is the reason for the price, and they also have tea, but we're not sure how much the tea costs. coming up next, lynnette charles is here with the forecast. well, the humid air is a thing of the past. we have dry air filtering in right now. it feels good. a lot of sunshine and the temperature at 79 degrees. there are some showers in the seven-day forecast. i will talk about that and plus, i will have the mother's day forecast on the other side of the break. if i had to sit on the bench during the middle of a game
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the battle against speed cameras many montgomery county is gaining steam after a document shows that police may not be in compliance with the state law that authorized those cameras. scott broom has more on the new developments. >> reporter: this speed camera on frederick road in gaithersburg has gone as many as ten days straight with no
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technician to be checking in to make sure it is right. >> a lot of times the tests are not performed every day. >> reporter: he is opposed to speed cameras on principal and is a consumer watch dog and has been checking public documents like these, discovering it is common practice in gaithersburg and montgomery couldn't to leave them up and running days at a time. even though state law prescribes a daily check. it says "a speed moon toring system shall fill out and sign a daily set-up log for a speed monitoring temperature." >> i don't think it necessarily proves the machines are malfunctioning or anything but it shows they have decided that they can make their own interpretation of the law. >> we are taking a look at it. >> reporter: police believe they are complying with the law because the cameras perform automatic self checks every day and a technician verifies the data later to make sure it is good. heely says that's not good enough. >> people have a right to face
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their accuser. well, it's really hard to do that if your accuser is a machine. >> reporter: police say they are reviewing their camera operations procedures and as a result of my questions, montgomery county police said they are now seeking a legal opinion before providing detailed answers. on rockville pike, scott broom, 9 news now. >> a spokesperson for maryland's attorney general says her department is not able to clarify the situation without an official request from one of the police departments involved. we'd like to show you some amazing video from nashville, tennessee. take a look. this is flooding there. and the floods have killed unfortunately at least two dozen people in three states. so we have some good news because the cumberland river is going down. authorities say it should be below flood stage by the end of the week, but nashville's mayor says it will take a while
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before things get back to normal. >> we are looking at a long recovery period. at the same time, i want to reassure everyone that nashville will fully recover and continue to be the great city that it is. >> reporter: the massive op pri land hotel and grand 'ole op pri have been flood. the op pri house is save but the concert was held in another part of town. they are having a terrible situation down there. three states, so many people died. >> i know. >> from drastic floods. >> and we pretty much dodged the bullet. the front that dropped the rain and severe weather is to our south. we definitely dodged a bullet. we had a few showers with that but all in all a gorgeous day on tap for us wednesday again. and the humidity is out of here. oh, yes, we like that. show you what is going on right now. the next three days, well, we will have a chance of showers to roll in here but not for today. it will be for tomorrow.
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today we will reach 80 degrees, maybe a few degrees warmer than that. in to thursday, it will be warmer. temperatures coming in at 84 degrees. the chance of showers and thunderstorms and then by friday another nice day on tap with that high coming in at 78 degrees. this afternoon it will be sunny and spectacular. those winds will be out of the southeast at five to ten miles an hour. tonight, partly cloudy. it will be mild. lows 58 to 65. the winds still out of the south at five to ten miles an hour and sunset will be 8:04. jumping in to tomorrow, partly sunny. that means we will have some sunshine in the forecast but also we will have some clouds, as well. and then there is a chance of some showers and maybe even a thunderstorm as we go this to the afternoon and evening. highs 80 to 85 and the winds will change directions out of the northwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. this is what it looks like right now. not too bad. not too shabby, huh? 82 bethesda. 79 arlington.
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washington 79. we have more of the same in to springfield and in to ft. belvoir. laytonsville coming in at 79 degrees. rockville around 82. gaithersburg 77. and we are at 81 in to columbia right now. bwi, 76. so if you are heading to the airport be aware of that. bowie 83 and you are looking at 76 in to andrews. satellite and radar. this is the big picture here. we are watchinger this system, the weak front that will try to move in here as we go to tomorrow. i will show you what is going on. right now looking good. high pressure is in control of our weather. we are sandwiched in between systems. the one that moved through is to the south here and then we have one back here that's going to move through as we go in to tomorrow afternoon and evening. there it is around two, around 4:00. not a lot with this, but a scattered shower or two to make sure you have the rain gear as you head out and about at that time. as we move to friday it looks better as high pressure will build bag back in the area.
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for a while, so we will have a dry day on tap. for today highs coming in at 81- degrees in to dc. philly 83. atlantic city 81. pittsburgh 78. cleveland right around 81. we can see the warm air really in place across the area. 83 richmond an norfolk around 78 degrees and our lows this evening, 54 in to dc. charlottesville 53. richmond at 61. charleston at 54 and 50 in to pittsburgh. and by tomorrow a hot one if you are heading to richmond, 90 degrees there and 82 in to washington. seven-day forecast, not too bad. you decide. a today looks good. and then a chance of showers, around 84 on thursday. by friday ample sunshine. saturday a chance of showers in the forecast and 77 degrees. mother's day is cooler but stellar. ♪ ♪
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richness of our culture and our food and cooking in those kitchens, jc, fabulous. >> i bet so. >> what are you fixing. >> something easy and quick. an avocado soup. i have some onions. you can see the difference in color. this is ronyons. a little oil and some butter. and i decided cilantro but i let the onion cook for 15 minutes on a really low eat so it would render all of the the flavor in to the oil and butter. we will add it in here. so that's done. it is finished. and the onions have caramelized and are nutty and a little bit sweet. >> you have how much avocado. >> two avocados in there. and this is so simple. you have the ripe avocados. do you know how to choose an
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avocado? >> no. huh? >> grab it. so it is nice and soft. if you want to hold it and grab it and it is hard, you have to let it be. if you hold it and it gives in it is ready and wants you to use it. >> one minute. >> chicken broth. >> how much? >> we have two cups for avocado. so two avocados. and then lime juice. >> squeeze them. >> some in there and a little bit of salt. and the great thing about these soups aside from sounds exotic and luscious is that you can eat it cold or lukewarm or hot. and then it is very festive because you garnish it. >> go, go, go. >> it is done. it is done. >> this is cold avocado soup.
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>> it is. >> you can have it lukewarm or cold. wait. the fulmen you is on the website of course at go ahead and. >> the strips of course. on top. and then cheese. >> look at  what do people know about kim?
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