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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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latest terror scare. >> the best way to understand what's happening in the investigation today, lesli, is to think about some of the people you've known in your own life, like the suspect, faisal shahzad, they may be talking a lot. > shahzad is talking so much. he admitted driving that suv to times square saturday night and said he was taught at this taliban affiliated training camp, but training may not mean this is a specific taliban plot. >> they are given some training in terrorism and then they are just told to go do something. >> shahzad apparently decided to do something a couple months ago. >> march is when he decided to put this plan in motion. >> washington's police department is following the investigation closely for impact on dc. >> and we'll as necessary
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tweak the tactics we used. >> captured this picture, only 100 yards away from where the car bomb was parked. how shahzad managed to board an international flight after he was put on a no fly list. >> it shouldn't have happened. in the end, we have to remember that in fact, it did work. >> so now the government is changing the rules to make sure it will work better. now, airlines will have to check every two hours to see if those terrorism watch lists have been updated. lesli. >> let's see if it works this time, gary, thank you. a disturbing connection is surfacing in three high profile murders. many of the suspects appear to live within blocks of each other in southeast washington. repeat offenders released into the community to commit more crimes. our audrey barnes is here with more on this story. audrey. >> we are talking about the murder of jordan howell, the
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drive by shooting on south capital street and the murder 14 miles away of brian betts. when police went out to round up suspects, they headed to the
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same neighborhood in southeast washington. a link that is being investigated by dc's attorney general. >> when officers swarmed into the apartment complex on 3rd street, looking for suspects in the brian betts murder, another high profile crime was on their minds, too. >> about south capital, the
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murders. i know all of them. >> jordan howell killed on alabama avenue southeast march 22. march 30, the south capital street drive by claims four lives. three weeks later, principal brian betts stolen car recovered in the 3900 block of 4th street southeast. suspects disappear into the community. three murders, eight young men arrested with one thing in common. >> living in southeast and hanging with the wrong crowd.
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>> anetta williams, whose nephew is facing charges isn't the only one seeing a pattern. >> i'm seeing a connection and involvement by young kids and terrible and tragic slayings on our streets. it's not acceptable. so yes, i am going to look into it. >> 16-year-old daughter, jones, was killed on south capital street. says it is long overdue. >> we have the largest population of young people and children and the least amount of resources. there's nothing for them to do. >> they tried to provide an alternative, taking 47 young men on a retreat in southern maryland march 11. three weeks later, three of them were charged in the brian betts killing. >> there's some hope, we have to wrap ourselves around these young people and give them services. >> this is certainly not a condemnation. new developments in some areas. in this one pocket, the boys and girls club was shut down. some of the community centers have closed up shop, and dc officials are losing track of repeat offenders who are returning to the area and bringing it down. all right audrey, thank you for that story. we want to get to breaking news right now out of charlottesville on the murder of yeardley love. she's the fourth year student, her boyfriend, george huguely who was also a lacrosse player is charged with first-degree murder. this is a news conference just starting. let's listen in. >> involving direct services to students. he has been in many respects the point person on the work that has been done since yeardley love's murder was discovered. let me retract the word murder, because i'm not saying that, i'm saying death. patricia is the vice president. she has policy responsibility and operational responsibility for the kind of word that allen groves oversees. ict of ahre ih isinof death. and consequently, we work with a combination of professional experience and somewhat related activities and a determined effort to provide the best possible support and service to the family, to our student, faculty members, and so on. i should say second that none
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of us would say the description of the condition of yeardley love's body when the police entered the apartment is anything other than a constant image in our heads. we all live with that. and we have no policy for that, because she was and is our first responsibility. our student. let me stop with that and simply ask, what's the first question? we'll work from the question. is there a first question? where is the microphone? >> microphone is over here. >> okay, we've been listening for a little bit to a press conference at the university of
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virginia. that's the president, john castine, get a little teary when he talked about the image of yeardley love and the last image of her and her body found this week. talked about how agonizing this was for the family and obviously for the university and how they are trying to provide some support services, not only to the family, but to the students and the faculty. this of course is a story we have been following closely and we will continue to follow, we'll bring you more in our later newscasts. to other news now and lawmakers are addressing the tragic cases of spousal abduction of american children to japan. right now, the state department has recorded 121 children who have been taken to japan illegally. suray chin has more on more on what is being done to stop this trend. >> douglas from reston tormented by the abduction of his children eight-year-old kiana and nine-year-old gunner,
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taken to japan by their own mother and never returned. he's not the only parent suffering from alleged spousal abduction. these fathers join lawmakers on capitol hill in support of congressman jim moran's resolution. it condemns japan and refusal to return a single abducted child. >> the japanese government will not cooperate in allowing them to see them. >> the resolution puts pressure on the japanese government. it allows the u.s. to intervene and perhaps put sanctions on japan in hopes that one day these parents will get their children back. >> paul from bowie, maryland, flew to japan to give birthday presents to his seven-year-old daughter as she walked home from school. their meeting lasted less than a minute and he's one of the lucky ones. >> i am left today with my daughter held captive in japan, in a country that never returned a child to any foreign country. once they go into japan, no child ever returns. >> what would you say?
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>> your dad loves you very much and i miss you so much and i can't wait until the day that we are together. >> i contacted the japanese embassy and they say they are considering entering an international convention addressing spousal abduction. embassy officials say if government is making sincere efforts to deal with this issue, but that remains to be seen if that results in bringing home these children. lesli. all right, thank you for that. now that the dc council approved a medical marijuana bill, what is next? ahead, we'll clear up some questions about the bill. and what some local lawmakers say need to happen to help rehabilitate convicted felons that may involve them being incarcerated near you. we'll be back.
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time now for a check on the evening rush. >> a new accident to tell you
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about. this is in silver spring, southbound georgia avenue. all lanes are blocked right now, avoid that area if you are in silver spring. a live shot of the inner loop and outer loop. right now moving better. take you probably extra 10 to 15 minutes from 95 to 270 and finally, a check of your rails tonight. right now, metro doing well, but mark line being disrupted due to an earlier accident involving thatamtrak train. all the passengers will be transported by bus to stations west of rockville. lesli, back to you. we are going to talk more about some breaking news that involves a shooting. this is coming from metro. we are hearing at 5:11 p.m., a bus operator reported that a passenger was shot by another passenger. they were both men. that bus was operated on a u2 route between minnesota avenue and anacostia metro stations. it occurred at 18th and
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minnesota avenue southeast. we are learning preliminarily that the victim is a 17-year- old male who was shot in the wrist and the side. he is conscious and breathing and transported to med star. metro police are taking the lead in this investigation. we'll bring you more coming up in our later shows as well. up next, medical marijuana. we break down what the new legislation, the dc council just approved really means.
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. congress held a hearing on whether it makes sense to keep sending convicted felons from the district to prisons far from home. >> nearly 5700 dc felons are housed in 33 states in facilities owned or leased by the federal bureau of prisons. >> some of dc's convicted felons are being served in florida. placing those felons so far from home deprives them of contact with their families,
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which she says hinders their rehabilitation and reintegration. marijuana advocates applauded the approval of a medical marijuana bill that now goes to mayor fenty for his signature. the bill does not legalize the use of marijuana. it does allow doctors to recommend the drug for patients to ease their pain and stimulate their appetite. but some clergy and physicians oppose the bill. 14 states have already approved similar legislation, coming up on 9news now at 7:00, bruce johnson talks with people who say they will be in that line to make legal purchases at the 5 to 8 distribution centers now allowed, or will be allowed to sell medical marijuana in the district. >> i have migraine headaches and it takes them away, you don't have to worry about getting nauseous and all that. it takes all that away. >> mayor fenty has 30 days to sign the medical marijuana bill. the measure must get through congress and the white house.
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here's your forecast first. we'll get right to it. the next three days really pretty nice. mid 80s tomorrow. we have an isolated thunderstorm in the forecast, but most of us will not see that storm and better chance north of town. upper 70s on friday. then front number two comes in friday night, not much moisture with this. maybe a shower, but again, overnight on friday, will not affect saturday. beautiful, cooler, back in the low 70s on saturday, but that's average. for tonight, partly cloudy and comfortable. upper os to mid 60s downtown. winds kind of breezy now, southwest 10 to 15. it will die down a little bit and become southwesterly after midnight. 80 at andrews. 79 up in baltimore. look at this, still 87 down in fredericksburg. 86 in culpeper and 82 in cumberland. just a spectacular everyoning outside. now we'll talk about lows tonight. mid 60s downtown. plenty of 50s in the suburbs.
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65 in fredericksburg and lots of 50s haggerstown and over toward cumberland. not as cool as it was last night. partly cool, breezy, and mild. winds south, southwest. by afternoon, again, partly cloudy, breezy and warm. a nice day, a couple thunderstorms will develop. high temperatures around 85 and winds northwesterly. the winds will kick tomorrow when the front goes through. a weak cold front really. here's a look at the zone forecast. all six zones are on our website. 73 in oakland. and upper 70s in haggerstown. pretty good chance of showers across this area. 86 in culpeper, you'll stay dry. a slight chance of a shower or storm. mid 80s downtown. mid 80s at andrews and as well as hughsville and st. maries
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city. low 80s for annapolis. small craft advisory from noon until 6:00 p.m. because of the northwest winds. next seven day, mid 80s tomorrow, isolated storm. beautiful on friday. upper 70s. low 70s on saturday. also beautiful. now the second front will cool us off a little bit by mother's day. bright, but brisk. that's okay. 60s on monday. warmer on tuesday with showers and lingering showers on wednesday. by then, we are back up to the low 80s. >> all right. looks like a mighty fine forecast for me. brett haber is out enjoying the weather at nationals park with the nats are hoping to continue their winning ways. hey brett. >> hey there lesli. by this time last year, the nationals were already out of it. i can't believe i'm saying it, they are a game out of first place. so how did the nats get so much better so quickly? we'll get into that whole issue. plus, how a spelling error put a damper on what should have been a lovely day for the braves skipper. the funniest cake you have ever
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> and welcome back to nationals park, everybody. nats going for their 15th win of the season tonight. last year they didn't get number 15 until june 2nd, which is making everybody ask, how have the nats gotten so much better so quickly? obviously on offense, they are a little bit better. rodriguez has been a pleasant surprise on offense. but if you look at the numbers, the nats have scored 20 fewer runs this year through the first 25 games than they did a year ago. the difference clearly is the bullpen. 11 save opportunities, all 11 converted, suddenly the nats learned how to finish. >> to have them come at the back end of the game. we feel confident any time we have a one or two run lead they are going to get the job done. >> all the guys in the bullpen are going to come in and do
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their job. so we are going to keep it there. we have to keep them ready every time, you know, and throw strike and get some outs. >> and the defense has been vastly improved as well this year. we saw some first class evidence last night. did you see the catch roger made? robbing troy glous. one of the best we have seen all year. actually was the number one play of the year on espn last night. tonight for the nats, the 24- year-old rookie makes his third major league start. winning them both, he'll take on atlanta's tommy hampton. a little day baseball today. o's wrapping up their series in the bronx. bottom four, yankees up 4-1. mark teixeira doubled to the gap in right center. jeter and mcjohnson come around to score as the yanks take out the o's 7-5. all right. if you remember the redskins sign band at fedex field, you
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know that dan snyder and the redskins love to control their message, they're compulsive about it. it took a turn for the ugly. it has to do with the redskins cheerleader. she is married to a marine lieutenant who is just completing a long combat tour in iraq and afghanistan. now a television station wanted to cover the emotional reunion between kristen and her marine husband. she was denied the permission and told if she talked to the television station, she would be fired from her job and she could only talk to the redskins broadcast partner station, which is wrc. after the redskins realized what creeps they were being. dan snyder offered an apology. it's fair to say that this 4-12 football team has an even worse record in the humanity department. the other kind of football going on at rfk tonight, dc united in search of their first
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win of the year. united 0-5 start is the worst in their history. extra motivation, they are the team that fired him a year ago. united lost to kansas city on opening day. it was meant to be a touching scene on capitol hill today with the braves here in town a couple u.s. senators decide they would hold a celebration for atlanta skipper, bobby cox. it was u.s. senator, isaacson and rockefeller taking the legendary braves skipper into the house chamber and holding a party to honor his 50 years in baseball. that is cox, c-o-x. i point that out because they got a cake, which the pastry chef regrettable spelling error. i believe you know what those last two letters are and unless he is the mascot for the university of south carolina or become an adult film star, that is not the way that's supposed to be spelled. perhaps the braves will do better. today they play the nats.
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we'll have highlights tonight. you guys can read, can't you? >> we can read. >> can you believe? >> we can laugh and that might make it into gbu at some point. >> i suspect it will. were we okay? >> you handled it with grace, my friend. >> there's a first time for everything. >> we want to go back to breaking news we have been following out of charlottesville. top officials at uva are discussing ways to prevent another tragedy on campus, by now, you probably know police believe 22-year-old george huguely killed his former girlfriend, yeardley love. let's listen in a bit into the press conference. >> we've got to have our student athletes, we've got to have our coaches. we've got to have our administrators. we have to have our parents all engaged and all committed to working at this. my statement was, unless we do, we, and i meant it in the
6:29 pm
generic sense, college athletics are going to be here again. >> you are saying that -- [ inaudible ] >> did not have any idea? >> nothing was reported to me by any of the people that you referenced. >> did they not have any knowledge or just didn't report it? >> i can't speak to what they had knowledge of. all i know is that it was not reported. >> this is craig, he is the director of athletics of uva, talking about the need for student athletics and students there to really try to keep this kind of thing from happening again. there was a question about whether, you know, anything like this was reported, any sign of this was reported to him and i believe what he is saying is that nothing was reported to him about any potential violence. we'll continue to follow this on 9news now at 7:00. that's it for us. derek


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