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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  May 21, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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to upper 50s in some places. lower 50s in parts of virginia. the forecast shows we have a great day underway for us. after we look at the satellite and radar together. a weak system will bring more rain chances in to this weekend but the immediate concern is bike to work day, 68 noons 9:00 and 80s and warm and humid afternoon, although we don't have the chance of rain until later on. we will talk about a chance of storms in the forecast later. right now we will get caught up on traffic. >> appreciate it, devon. right now we are waking up to construction on the roadway. the beltway in particular. the inner loop at gallows road and 66 is where you want to watch for setups. and the mixing bowl, you have to use 395 to get around it. it will be out there the next 20 to 30 minutes. fine out of fredericksburg up to past quantico and the mixing bowl. 270, maryland's main road out
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here, nice and quiet past father hurley to the split. 95 and the bw parkway. no complaints on these roadways. nice and green at speed toward powder mill. inbound new york avenue no complaints and hardly any drivers. i don't see any between the times building and the third street tunnel. over to you. dc inside detectives are searching for answers after a woman was found dead in her southeast apartment. her body was discovered yesterday afternoon after her handicapped son fell, was pushed or jumped from their third story apartment. emergency crews responding to calls about the 20-year-old autistic man entered the apartment and discovered the body of his mother. police are treating this as a murder investigation. a 19-year-old charged in the double shooting in montgomery village is due in court for a bond hearing. richard ortiz is charged with one count of attempted murder and two counts of reckless
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endangerment. police say ortiz wounded two men in the 19200 block of spur hill drive on wednesday night. they believe the shooting stemmed from an argument. both victims are expected to survive. dc's medical examiner is expected to take the stand today in the robert wone death trial. he was found stabbed to death inside a dupont circle townhouse in 2006. three men in the home are on trial, not charged in the murder but charged with tampering with evidence. yesterday the first paramedic on the scene testified there was little blood on wone despite three deep stab wounds to the chest. >> reporter: police released sketches of two suspects wanted in centreville. one man had a gun as a the pair tried to enter a mansion. rosales was shot and killed when he tried to stop him. the "washington post" is reporting a majority of the dc
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council signaled they are opposed to the one cent an ounce tax on soda. the tax was po posed as a way to combat childhood obesity. most argue the tax will hurt poor families which will add $1.44 to the cost of a six pack. dennis blare is stepping down. the retired navy admiral announced he is resigning may 28th. his departure is two days after a senate report criticized his office and other intelligence agencies for recent failures. president obama is preparing to ask congress to provide more money for nuclear power. yesterday an aide said the president will ask congress to provide $9 billion in additional loan guarantees for the nuclear energy industry. the money is part of a renewed push by the obama white house for increased use of nuclear power. the request would be partnered with one that $9 billion be
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provide for renewable energy such as wind and solar. the head of massey energy, the company that operates the west virginia mine where 29 workers were killed last month faced tough questions in a senate panel. west virginia senator robert birth said his firm has an alarming record of serious infractions. lawmakers accuse massey of sacrificing safety for more money and profit. a brown ooze is now coating marshy grass land along the louisiana coast and the affects of the oil spill are showing up on wildlife. a pelican was found dead at a bird sanction ware. one wing and its neck were matted with oil. bp is getting ready for a new push to stem the flow and at the same time it's under federal orders to keep the environment in mind. >> reporter: bp has until today to come up with a safer way to break up the massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico.
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the epa outbounded them to switch to less toxic chemicals because of environmental concerns. so far bp has use 650,000- gallons of dispersements. >> to use the least toxic of those makes the most sense. >> reporter: bp admits the blown out oil well is spewing more than the 210,000-gallons a day previously estimated. in fact, some scientists they the number could be as high as 3 million. the oil giant released a live video of the leak for the first time on thursday but only after repeated requests by congress. >> it's clear they have been hiding the actual consequences of this spill. >> reporter: the white house is also turning up the pressure. administration officials want bp to share additional information about the spill, including the measurements of the size of the leak. >> we are asking for them to provide the data, put it on a website, update that website daily. >> it's just devastating.
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it is heart breaking is what it is. >> reporter: for residents in southern louisiana, all they can do is watch as thick blankets of oil creep on to shore. bp says a mile long tube is capturing the oil as the company gears up for the next possible fix that could take place this weekend. it involves pumping heavy mud in to the well to plug it up and officials hope it will do the trick. tara mergener , cbs news, washington. also in the news now at 4:46. a jetblue pilot has been arrested after he allegedly threatened to crash the plane set to fly out of boston's logan airport. the pilot allegedly sent an e- mail to his girlfriend which he said if they didn't reconcile he would crash the plane. jetblue denies the accusation and calls it a vicious rumor. they say at no point were any passenger or the aircraft in danger. jetblue flies in to dulles
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international. a florida woman is coming under fire for teacher her son an extreme lesson. she asked a ft. myers deputy to handcuff her 5- year-old. the mother staged this arrest after she caught the childplaying with matches. he was photographed screaming in terror outside of a 7- eleven. the crying child was even put in the back of the cruiser and threatened with jail. last night 7100 students received degrees from the university of maryland. family and friends packed in to the compaq center for the graduation ceremony. victoria reggie kennedy was the commence speaker. hundreds of local residents have been informed they will be out of a job by the end of the year. the u.s. senate approves new regulations for the financial industry. it's 4:37. we'll be right back.
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time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. >> wall street is down 10% since the recent high a month ago and mostly due to the stable of the european economy. those concerns are hammering the market again. overnight asian stock markets sold off with the nikkei down 2.5%. that's after the dow suffered the biggest one-day drop since february of 2009. the dow down 376 points to close just above 10,000. the nasdaq dropped almost 100 and the s&p fell 43. the gnat passed a sweeping overhaul of how the government regulates banks and wall street. the legislation is aimed at preventing a recurrence of the meltdown of big wall street investment banks and the resulting bailout. now the bill must be reconciled with a house version and a negotiator predicts the president could sign it by the 4th of july. the legislation touches on all points in the financial sector
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from ceos and first time home buyers and small town lenders. jp morgan chase is closing its credit center by the end of the year eliminating 600 jobs. the operations there will be moved to other locations. maryland residents facing foreclosure will have a right to mediation under a new law that governor o'malley signed yesterday. the new rules apply to all foreclosures that begin after june 30 but a court could decide to apply it to close foreclosures already in progress. the hope is to result in more agreements to keep struggling homeowners in their homes. >> thank you. for more "living $mart" headlines log on to our website at and click on the "living $mart" tab on the front page. a local rail line will remain under the control of amtrak for a while longer and scientists say they have created the first ever
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synthetic platform.
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welcome back to 9 news now. firefighters are battling a wildfire that spread over 800- acres of land in riverside county. it began 45 miles southeast of los angeles yesterday. right now no homes are threatened but the county fire department has asked residents to be prepared in case there is an evacuation. a spark from a lawn mower is believed to be the cause of the fire. in the weather center, devon lucie is in for howard bernstein. how are things looking. >> gorgeous out there. you might say it is a little humid and the humidity is starting to build in. that's the only down side. you have been mentioning it is bike to work day today. i mentioned temperatures will be more than comfortable, but the winds are staying down which is great here today. look at the three-day forecast and today is fine. once we go to the weekend, i know a lot of people are thinking we have outdoor plans and will see storms.
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is that going to ruin things. i don't think so. i think we have a chance of seeing widely scattered isolated storms on saturday, sunday and monday and more cloud cover will hold temperatures down a little bit. i will show you why i don't think it will ruin everything coming up. a warm and humid morning. light jacket or sleeves this morning but shorts and t-shirts this afternoon. that's the dress code. temperatures this morning fairly mild, around that mid 50 to upper 50-degree mark. in some cases lower 60s in others. a few clouds, mild and humid this morning. humidity picks up more so in the afternoon but it is not real uncomfortable out there. you might feel it. the only thing i can say is the warm humid day but the humidity might bite in to that. when we go in to saturday is when i bring a chance of a thunderstorm in. some of us if you get rain, lower 80s, if you get a lot of sunshine you could be pushing the 80-degree mark by noon. 62 at national.
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59 as we head to montgomery county laytonsville. northern virginia temperatures, reston to fairfax, 57 and 57. outside of washington we are at 55 in easton, baltimore 58. bill told me down there in new land he has 55. quite a bit of dew on the ground with light winds. the satellite and radar together. showing a couple of clouds, a mostly sunny day. this is the system that is set to come in. go to the nine future cast and see how things are playing out. a warm and humid day. this is friday evening. friday to saturday, saturday looking okay. but watch as we go on saturday through the day. i will stop it and there is a chance of seeing one or two storms popping up. most of the rain shower activity is overnight saturday in to sunday but i think sunday will be the better day of a few scattered thunderstorms in the forecast. key word here is scattered. it's not going to be one big bulk of storms coming in.
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we will have to watch for the possibility if you see one or two of them, it will last 45 minutes and then it is gone. mid to upper 80s in some cases today. overnight in the lower to mid 60s. humidity keeps temperatures up at night then and then mid-70s tomorrow. the zone forecast. way out west. oakland 75. washington back in to maryland. things are fine there too. lower to mid-80s as we head to the delmarva. let's put it together. a warm, humid day. no chance of rain at all. better chance of a widely scattered isolated storm on sunday. monday the last slim chance of a storm but after in the transition to the forecast takes shape to a very dry and hot weather pattern. we could be pushing upper 80s to 90 degrees next weekend. these small slim chances are the only ones we will see in he next seven to ten days after we
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build in the warm temperatures after the rain chances. i hope the roadways will play along. >> you enjoy your breakfast. i just walked by the weather center and he is eating popcorn for breakfast. when you wake up this early, right. we will begin construction on the inner loop at the mixing bowl. you will be forced to follow the detour in place the next 12 to 15 minutes and construction at gallows road an 66. if you are traveling the outer loop a set up around little river. keeping you moving and taking you to 395 no delays to report past the pentagon. 66 you are good from centreville past 50 toward inside the beltway. the outer loop in maryland looks like we are moving at speed. a few drivers on the road. light traffic between route 1 college park and 270 and end with a map. a look at route 4, branch avenue and crane highway. all of these roads are a go.
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a rail service company scheduled to take control of virginia railway express operations next month says it won't be ready to make the transmission. they have asked amtrak to continue to operate vre for several weeks beyond the june 28th transition date. the president bush has not been provided. -- the reason has not been provided. a group of 11 states including maryland wants federal officials to develop a plan to improve high-speed rail service over the next four decades. they want the federal railroad administration to begin a three- year, $18 million study to find ways to expand and improve amtrak and commuter rail service along the northeast corridor from boston to washington, d.c. on july 27th, the national transportation safety board is expected to issue the final report on the investigation in to last year's deadly metro train crash. nine people were killed in the june 2009 crash near the fort
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totten station. the ntsb is also reviewing findings in three other accidents including one in january which killed two maintenance technicians. a crash in the west falls church rail yard and a derailment at the farragut north station. a commuter alert for the chain bridge this weekend. the bridge will be closed starting tonight at 8:00. the crews will wrap up the resurfacing project on the bridge and it should be open on monday morning for the morning rush hour. without the concrete barriers that cut the bridge to one lane for months. it is time for the living well headlines. scientists say they have created life in a lab using a computer. it is the brain child of a scientist based in rockville, maryland. we have more on the breakthrough. >> reporter: scientists say they have created life with a computer. they have made a cell, powered by man made dna.
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>> this is the first self replicating species we have had on the planet whose parent is a computer. >> reporter: they designed the dna and assembled it with the dna. the artificial gee gnome grew. >> possible scientific change of how we view life. >> he was one of the first people to decode the human genone and now they are working to apply the technology. scientists believe man made cells can be programmed to do everything from cleaning polluted water. his team is also trying to design cells that can speed up vaccine production. he hopes one day top create new treatments and cures. >> wouldn't it be nice to have something to block common
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colds. >> reporter: there are concerns the breakthrough technology could be dangerous and used to create biological weapons. >> it would be possible for someone to use this new technology to synthesize a pathogen. >> reporter: researchers can't predict the full impact of this man made dna but they hope it will change the way we live. in new york, randall pinkston, 9 news now. in other living well headlines, a new report says it will cost $20 trillion to treat alzheimer's disease in the u.s. over the next 40 years. currently $172 billion is a year is spent on the disease. some studies predict the number of americans with alzheimer's disease could triple by 2050. the association says new drugs that prevent or stall the disease are needed to reverse the trend. a study of more than 700 u.s. adults found that being overweight increases your risk of developing dementia. researchers at the boston university school of medicine
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found that as a person's body mass index increased, brain volume decreased. doctors are testing out a new device for sleep apnea sufferers. the device opens the upper airway. it has a separate upper and lower section which allows users to close their mouths and move their jaws around. for more living well headlines, log on to and click on the living well tab. the obama administration prepares to unveil new fuel efficiency standards for u.s. vehicles. and one of the world's most famous athletes is once again saved by -- is facing accusations of doping. this summer, shop with your giant card
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today governor o'malley will introduce new rules to help the sanctuary. the announcement is set for 1:00 p.m. in annapolis. also today president obama is expected to announce plans for the government to start to work on new fuel efficiency and green house gas emission standards. the glens will affect cars and trucks built for the model year 2017 and beyond. in april, the administration issued rules for the 2012 through 2016 model years aimed at reaching 35.5 miles a gallon. the fight over a proposed
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slot parlor at anne arundel mills is heading to court amid allegations a developer hired someone to derail a petition drive against the casino. the company is skewing the anne arundel county elections board. they claim the board overlooked fraud in the petition drive against the casino. the montgomery county council approved a worker furlough plan based on salaries. those learning less than $50,000 will be furloughed three days and those between 50,000 and $100,000 face a five- day furlough and those earning more than 100,000 will face an eight-day furlough. they will hit police and firefighters but not school employees. lance armstrong's name is once again in the conversation about performance enhancing drugs as sandra hughs tells it came up during a confession
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from landis. he says he received his from lance armstrong. >> his injuries forced him to quit hours after the vehemently denied the latest allegations of doping. the accusations against armstrong who has won the tour de france seven times came in e- mails from disgraced cyclist floyd landis. he won in 2006 and tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and was stripped of his victory. he spent four years fighting the allegation. >> did you use testosterone during the tour de france. >> reporter: then the abruptly put the brakes on his defense. he sent e-mails to u.s. and world cycling officials at mitting to use the blood booster epo, testosterone and human growth hormone and he said that he and armstrong talked about getting blood transfusions to flush out
4:59 am
evidence of drugs. the president of the international cycling union says the accusations do not taint lance armstrong's victories or career. the questions of doping have dogged the cycling world and armstrong for years. in 1999 he deathed positive for a banned substance but got a doctor's note to excuse the use. >> he has nothing. no proof. it is his word versus ours. we like our word. >> reporter: landis working with the anti-doping agency and claims he only wants to clear his conscience. cbs news, los angeles. good morning. you are watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. angie goff will have the traffic in a moment. right now devon lucie is here in for howard. he has a look at the forecast? wrapping up the week in perfect fashion. temperatures here this morning, 52, 62-degree temperatures an back to the 80s


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