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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  May 21, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we are at 59, just dropped in the upper 50s. there's a little bit of humidity around. if you are around the beltway, there's a lot of temperatures in the 50s. one place in manassas, northern virginia that dipped to the lower 40s and a couple of 60s trying to stick their nose in things there. just outside of washington, a mixture of 50s and lower 60s. manassas one of the cooler spots. satellite and radar together. some storms out west. we will get the cloud cover off of that and a fine forecast. ?oons 9:00 68 degrees. 82 at noon and 86 at five. a beautiful day but then i need to talk about storm chances. >> do we really have to talk about than? >> we do. >> all right, devon. looks like the construction is clearing across the region as we get ready to kick off the 5:00 hour. on 270 we show you no complaints from frederick past 121 all the way down.
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95 and the bw parkway, clean and green commute. that's what we are tracking as we show you the maps from 32 to the beltway. don't mind this northbound delay. it is actually not right. inbound new york avenue we are incident free through the district from florida avenue toward the third street tunnel. and finally 95 in virginia heading northbound drivers are at speed between the prince william parkway and lorton. back to you. some lawmakers say bp has lost its credibility as more oil streams in to the gulf of mexico. the company how now admits the leak is much bigger than it previously estimated. under pressure from captiol hill they have posted the footage from the oil rig on- line. the environmental protection agency has also ordered bp to use a less toxic chemical to break up the crude and the oil is starting to coach beaches on louisiana's barrier island. >> we are concerned this is the
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beginning. >> any day we could be shut down so every oyster counts right now. >> reporter: fishermen are heading to the waters this morning for the start of the oyster season there. they hope fishermen can pluck their catch before the oil catches up to them. the head of the mining company involved in a deadly explosion is pointing fingers at the federal government. the ceo of massey energy said that changes required by the mine safety and health administration may have been a contributing factor. >> we opposed the changes because our engineers believe it made the ventilation system less effective, not because they were more costly or because they interfered with production. they say federal inspectors found the upper branch mine was in good condition days before the april 5th explosion that killed 29 miners. dc police are working a business saturday murder mystery this morning.
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a disabled man fell from an apartment window leading police to find his mother's dead body inside. kristin fisher has more. >> reporter: dc police were called to the 4200 block of 4th street in southeast washington around 4:00 p.m. yesterday after reports that a man had fallen from the window. when they arrived at the scene they found a special needs boy, age 2 o had fallen or been pushed through a window. they found the body of the boy's mother inside the same apartment. >> the body appears to have been here at least for a few days. so right now we are investigating this as if it were a homicide but we do not have a cause or a manner of death yet so we are investigating. >> reporter: the woman's son survived the fall but suffered serious injury and is being treated at a local hospital. they homed a cascade park complex for clues on thursday evening, at one point taking
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evidence from nearby dumpsters but police have not confirmed a connection between the mother's death and the son's fall. neighbors describe the mother son team as inseparable. he had special needs and she took care of them. we will have a live report at 5:30. two men are in custody in connection with a drug bust in fairfax county. 130-pounds of the drug was seized over the weekend. khat is a leafy drug classified as an amphetamine. both men were arrested at the parking lot on columbia pike. most of the drugs were found at the apartment of one of the suspects. this drug has been used for generations in some parts of the world. the united nations classified it as an abusive drug in 1980. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street.
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we were talking about climbing to 11000 and now almost at 9. >> we are officially in correction territory when we open for trading this morning. market is down 10% since the peak just a month ago. just a month ago we have seen this. asian markets followed suit overnight. the nikkei down 2 1/2% alone that after the dow suffered the biggest drop since february of 2009. this is mostly due to concerns about the stability of the european economy, but also some investors are rattled by the financial overhaul on the way to becoming law. the dow down 376 points just closing above 10,000. nasdaq dropped almost 100 and the s&p was off 43. financial turmoil in europe is causing the value of the euro to tumble. it is down near a four-year low making u.s. products more expensive for european buyers and it has been a drag on the stock market, as well.
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california governor arnold schwarzenegger was on hand for an announcement of a partnership to build electric vehicles. it will ali them to deliver an electric car that is very expensive. >> very expensive. >> put that on the wish list later on. money saving tip of the day if you are heading to yard sales this weekend we have a couple of tips to make your money go farther. >> save up and get that testify la. authorities at boston's logan airport got a jetblue pilot this to custody last night. he allegedly e-mailed his girlfriend threatening to crash a plane if they didn't reconcile. they questioned the man and took him for a psychiatric evaluation. jetblue, which flies in to dulles released the statement saying a pilot had been removed for health-related reasons and
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no one was ever in danger. one of the two boston area men arrested in connection with the times square bomb plot has appeared in court. they believe he and his roommate may have helped faisal shahzad fund the bomb plot possibly without knowing its intent. khan is being held for overstaying his visa. president obama's intelligence director submitted his resignation. he will leave the post a week from today. blair was criticized for failing to connect the dots leading up to the attempted bombing of a plane heading to detroit. maryland scientists engineer a breakthrough that could have amazing medical applications. and they are back. the salahis get stopped from the white house during this week's state dinner. you are watching 9 news now.
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happy friday. it is going to be a great day. weather is spectacular. the forecast in a bit but meanwhile the traffic is looking good out there. construction is cleared out of the way i will have more coming up. in the news now, a bill banning drivers from talking on their cell phones is now the law in maryland. governor o'malley signed the bill yesterday. the law took affect in october. it will allow talking with the use of a hands-free device. thousands of government workers in montgomery county will be furloughed. it is part of an effort to close agapai approaching $800 million. workers earning less than $50,000 will be furloughed three days. police and firefighters will be furloughed but not school employees. the salahis are back in the news. secret service agents stopped
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the couple's limo on wednesday night just blocks from the white house where the first family was hosting another state dinner. the driver was ticketed for running a red light and signaling to turn in to a restricted area near the ellipse. it appears the caps may be split on the soda tax. we will have details on that coming up. if you want to be a at the beach we have an idea close by. temperatures are back to the mid to upper 80s in some cases. a little humid. we will have a chance of rain this weekend. we will talk about what went we return.
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don't have to make a run to the beach to see sand sculptures. there are some on display at the potomac. the works include the monument montage and it is one of the attractions you can see at gaylord's upper fest which kicks off this weekend. during the winter months they have beautiful ice sculptures there and this is their salute. look at that. isn't that gorgeous. >> amazing how they do that. i think they mix glue in with the sand. >> maybe you can take the boat
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trip from old town to gaylord, see that and come back. it will feel like beach weather out there, too. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. maybe a touch of humidity in the forecast. no chance of rain out there today. we are holding that free and clear. the first half of the weekend, a minuscule chance of storms. sunday is a better chance of seeing scattered thunderstorms. today, a beach day, 86 we will say officially. some could be mid to upper 80s and there would be a little heat indirection, maybe if we get the humidity levels to rise and the dew points over 65 of so. but i don't think we will get there. the storm chances come in on saturday. slight chance, 75, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and then sunday is everything i have been looking at. a better chance of storms coming by. start with the bus stop forecast. a light jacket or a sleeve morning. cool in places. mid to upper 50s in many spots.
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up to 62 by the time we are getting ready to go to the bus stop. by this afternoon it is definitely shorts and t-shirt weather. well this to the 80s. few clouds this morning. similar forecast to the bus stop forecast we had. by afternoon we start to heat up. 84 to 87. 86 officially in washington. overnight tonight, it is still mild. little humid and tomorrow there's the first chance of an isolated widely scattered thunderstorm starting to move in. current temperatures where you are. a lot of 50s in the beltway. looks like 59 in rockville. gaithersburg 55 also and one 40- degree temperature showing up in manassas. temperatures just outside of washington, anywhere from 50s to lower 60s. hagerstown 61 right now. satellite and radar together, we see storms well to the west. a cloudy sky and in between some of the sunshine coming in here today or at least some sunshine in between the clouds today. there's a look at the forecast. nothing going on. we take the forecast early saturday morning through the
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day. most of the scattered storms are staying to the west. overnight saturday in to sunday should be a round of rain coming in. as those die out a chance of scattered storms often sunday. i think that's the best chance of seeing rain in the forecast. jump ahead here and go to the seven-day outlook and put it all together for us. mid to upper 80s today. gorgeous not a chance of rain. and light winds. it is bike to work day. through the weekend, a slight chance of a storm. better chance on sunday and one chance of the rain holding until monday. after we get through the small rain chances, it is a warm and hot forecast, at least dry later on. there's the sum of our forecast. a great friday and the storm chances coming in this weekend. >> thank you. >> 5:16 on this friday morning. no complaints across our viewing area. as we take you to 395, heading northbound. looks like this drive is moving at a great pace from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. we will move it to the maps and show you the inner and outer
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loop in virginia. notice the green cars. looks like both are incident free between 95 up to the american legion. 66 heading eastbound. you are moving well as well from manassas past route 50 to inside the beltway and finally, maryland, 270 heading southbound, lanes are wide open past father hurley to the spur. a that's a quick look at traffic. now, back to you. a medical breakthrough tops the living well headlines. scientists based in rockville, maryland say they have created the first ever synthetic life form. computers designed the dna strand. a machine assembled it and it was then transplanted in to a bacteria cell. researchers believe they can eventually design synthetic organisms that can be programmed like a computer to produce new energy or speed up vaccine production. the proposal to tax sugary drinks in dc has fizzled for now. the plan was opposed by other
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council members. she says instead of taxing one cent an ounce she may try to get them to extend the six cents sales tax to cover sugary drinks. a technology used to save lives in the battlefield is helping civilians. troops carry a product called quick clot with them in combat. it helps the bleeding to clot quickly. and now police in montgomery county are saving it. >> we have had six lives saved using the person bleeding. >> reporter: the gauze has a mineral that speeds up clotting. the quick clot manufacturer put the product on display in washington this week at a critical care nurses convention. lance armstrong is on the heat seat denying new doping allegations. this is from one of his former
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teammates. floyd landis admits he used performance enhancing drugs for several years before his 2006 tour de france win which he was stripped of after a positive test. he says that armstrong took peds and taught others huh how to beat the system. a redskins offensive star is hide to human growth hormone. and mike shanahan eludes to albert haynesworth not showing up for off season workouts. that's coming up in sports. let's see who's celebrating a birthday this friday, the 21st. larry, we just had the carpets cleaned.
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good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. if you are like me you probably figured it would be some 300- pound no neck bohemoth but it turns out it was one of the smallest guys on the redskins team. wide receiver santana moss is the guy according to who reports was set to be on the receiving end of the hgh needle when the doctor was arrested at the u.s. border last fall. his attorney said yesterday the players only received hgh to help injuries heal, not to enhance performance. either way redskins coach mike shanahan reacted to the news. >> i have been in the league for 25 years and have had so many of these things happen. there's no substance to it. i will have to wait and see. sometimes there is substance. we will have to wait and see
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what happens. >> he probably used it for other things. i don't think he would do something like that. >> reporter: as for what happens to moss now there is one comed case of hgh use of it in the nfl because there is no reliable test for it. harrison was suspended four games after admitting he used hgh. so the moss controversy is the second headache for shanahan in his brief tenure with the redskins. the most annoying is hanes worst. the $100 million tackle did not attend ot a's next week and says he won't show up until the mini camp, prompting shanahan to offer some pointed comments towards big al. >> you are either in or out. i don't like to give people any attention that's not with us. so as far as i'm concerned if you want to talk about the people that work every day, doing the little things the right way i will talk forever. i'm not going to talk about
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people that aren't with us. >> reporter: baseball last night. nats hosting the mets. new yorkers think wright is a better baseman than zimmerman. drives in three runs with bases loaded and zimmerman counters the argument by falling on his behind. a defensive boo-boo allows a run to score. nats lose 10-7. that's a look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great friday, everybody. a major route in to washington will be closed this weekend. details coming up. federal investigators make plans to release their findings on last summer's deadly metro trash. and our memorial day travel plans offer hints at the direction of the u.s. economy. it is 5:25. angie has the traffic update. >> we are traveling 50 westbound past 97 toward bowie and beyond. finding no problems, no incidents to report. we will have more on the traffic and the weather with devon lucie when we return.
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stay with us.
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the university of maryland sends thousands of job seekers in to the market last night. 7100 graduates received their degrees. victoria reggie kennedy was the commence speaker. welcome back to 9 news now. devon lucie is here with weather and angie goff will have the traffic in a moment. >> if you start off cloudy and dreary and hate to go back but if you end it with sunny skies would you take that? >> there is always another but. >> i know. and then may be chances of rain. we will take the forecast as it is today which is a beautiful way to end a cloudy cool beak. 59 officially. dew point is a good measure of how much moisture you have.
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when that gets to 60 degrees it starts to feel humid. many 50s are showing up. go from dc and just outside. a couple of 60s. hagerstown 61. most of us begin at 50-degree mark. the coolest we will be all day. then warming up with plenty of sunshine through a couple of clouds. holding storms out west off today. i will let you know when they will be here coming up this weekend. >> thank you, devon. overall, things are not so bad early on this friday morning. good friday morning, everybody. on the outer loop, we are moving at speed. a live look at that. 95 to 270, we also want to show you the district drive. the eastern avenue area near kenilworth is accident free, as well. 95 northbound. we are live from the prince william parkway up to the mixing bowl. looks like everyone has a clear commute and they are moving at speed. over to you. >> thank you, angie. police are working a bizarre murder mystery this
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morning. a disabled man fell from an apartment window leading police to find his mother's dead body inside. kristin fisher is live from police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. good morning, kristin. >> that's right. good morning, andrea. this morning police confirmed they are, indeed, investigating this incident as a homicide. and one of the main reasons they are doing that is because apparently this body lad been lying in that apartment complex for several days by the time it was found by police yesterday. now, here's what happened. i want to break it down for you. dc police started to comb the cascade park apartment complex for clues on thursday evening. that was hours after they were called to the 4200 block of fourth street in southeast washington. when they arrived on the scene, they found that a special needs man, around the age of 20, had either jumped, fallen or been pushed through a third story window. police then found the body of the boy's mother inside the
5:32 am
same apartment. her son did survive the fall but he suffered serious injuries and is being treated at a local hospital. neighbors describe this mother- son team as inseparable. he had a severe special need. neighbors said he was likely autistic and she took care of him. this special needs man will now have new needs when he leaves the hospital and will have no mother to take care of him. >> it is very sad. my heart goes out to the family. not just for her but her son. it is the bond they had. when you see her, you see him. always. >> reporter: at this point in time, police are not saying if they know any cause or motive behind what they believe is a homicide in southeast washington. we will have to hear what police say about the investigation coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. today the district's deputy medical examiner is expected on
5:33 am
the witness than the robert wone murder trial. wone was found stabbed to death inside of a dupont circle townhouse in 2006. three men living in the house are on trial but not for killing him. they are charged with tampering with evidence. the first paramedic at the scene testified there was little blood on wone despite three deep stab wounds to the chest. later this morning, a viewing and funeral service will be held for alonte sutton at allen chapel at ame church. the intern was shot to death earlier this month. police charged 28-year-old omare cotton with his murder. on july 27th the national transportation safety board is expected to issue a final report on the investigation in to last year's deadly metro crash. nine people were killed when one train slammed in the back of another approaching the fort totten station. the ntsb is reviewing findings in three other metro accidents, including one in january that killed two maintenance
5:34 am
technicians, a crash the west falls church rail yard and a derailment at the farragut north station. today has been designated bike to work day. there are events around the area to ten courage commuters to switch from four wheels to two. however, it appears the new bike lanes along pennsylvania avenue are not ready. you can read more about the problem on our website at just click on our living green page. don't forget, share the road. and we have a commuter alert. this may be the last weekend the chain bridge is closed for deck repairs. crawls will shut down the bridge tonight at 9:00 and plan to reopen it no later than 6:30 monday morning. workers will restore the bridge to three lanes. for almost a year it has been down to two. the bridge will be also closed to bicyclists and pedestrians. aaa is expecting a memorial day travel rush. the director of aaa travel
5:35 am
services says the increase can be attributed to the improved economy. >> improved economic performance from a year ago should cause more americans to take vacations this memorial day holiday weekend. aaa travel agents are reporting double-digit increases in the percentage of travel -- travelers making advance reservations for vacations, tours and cruises. >> aaa expects 28 million people to take to the roads during the memorial day weekend. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a major financial shake-up that is closer to become being law. >> that's right the financial overhaul bill will change how bank and wall street is regulated and expected to be on the president's desk for signature by the 4th of july. the senate passed the measure yesterday. now it must be reconciled with a house version. legislation supporters say it will help prevent a recurrence of the meltdown of wall street investment banks and the
5:36 am
resulting bailouts. on the flip side, some financial analysts estimate the rules could cut profits of major institutions by up to 20%. people who are out of work for long stretches will get expanded unemployment benefits until the end of the year under a law they plan to pass next week. it will extend for a year 50 tax cuts that expired in january. it would be paid for in part by tax increases on investment managers and u.s.-based multinational companies. time for the money saving tip of the day. if you are hitting the yard sales this weekend here's tips to stretch your cash. if you head to the sales late, you have the option of making low offers like 20% less than the marked price. the person hosting the sale won't want to haul the stuff back in the house but if you want the pick of the litter you have to go early. early birds show up an hour or more before the sale is set to begin. for more advice, check out my
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blog the, follow me on twitter and sometimes they can make an offer before the price is on. >> usually you are still putting the stickers on ifer early. a first people mum hybrid electric vehicle. the karma model is on display in maryland. they claim it overcomes the perceived hybrid shortcomings of less performance and comfort. astronauts are suiting up for the final sidewalk as members of the "atlantis" shuttle crew. details coming up. an international manhunt is underway for a chief thief that made off with priceless works of art. crossing the key bridge in to georgetown. no issues on to m street. more news is next. stay with us.
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authorities believe they will contain a wildfire in corona, california sometime this morning. it started along a dry creek bed. flames torched several hundred acres. firefighters put out the section which started to threaten homes. art collectors are on alert for a thief that stole five masterpieces from a paris art museum including a picasso and matisse worth $120 million. the museum was waiting for spare parts to fix the alarm system which broke two months ago. the third and final scheduled space walk will start an hour from now. the crew woke up to the song traveling light played for mission specialist. "atlantis" will touch down next wednesday weather permitting. a maryland woman is on a mission to help breast cancer
5:41 am
patients. her story is coming up. bike to work every day, how one firm is giving their employees a two wheel opportunity. a light jacket will do it this morning. temperatures many it to upper 50s but a warm and humid afternoon. holding off all chances of rain. i will let you know when the chances come back in the forecast with the complete outlook in a few minutes. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg, where d.c. goes to get away.
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bp admits now more more oil is flowing in to the gulf of mexico than stated. 6million-gallons have leaked. in louisiana, marine biologists say an endangers turtle is improving after being
5:45 am
coated with oil. >> terrible situation. >> i know. >> there seems to be no answer. >> you just hope it would end one day and you could get things capped an i heard it is getting caught in the circular route and may take it to the atlantic and in our coast we will have to watch this. one of the biggest disers. >> worse than exxon valdez. >> temperatures mid to upper 80s in many cases. holding off all chance of rain. light winds. almost an early summer like day. officially in the middle of spring but let's go to the next three days first and a chance of storms coming in. for saturday, i think sunday is the better chance. now, temperature forecast this weekend, i will fully admit got a huge span. i will show you why coming up. the bus stop forecast this morning. it is definitely a light jacket. it is a little cool in some areas. mid to upper 50s right now. by the time we go to the bus and in many cases toward the 60-
5:46 am
degree mark but it will be shorts and t-shirts by this afternoon with temperatures back up to the mid-80s and maybe upper 80s in some cases. 84 to 87. a light south breeze today. five to ten miles an hour. no chance of rain at all. holding that off. show you where it is right now. as we go to saturday afternoon, there's a chance of an isolated storm coming in. most of it will be west, a better chance in to sunday. current readings mid to upper 0s. bowie 58. 58 andrews. back to northern virginia. lower 50s to reston 51 degrees. zoom out of dc. we are at 61 in hagerstown. you work up in pennsylvania 53. baltimore 58. easton 55. culpeper is a cool one. manassas and culpeper 48-degree temperatures there. satellite and radar together shows the storms go west. the 9 forecast shows this very well. a couple of clouds here. nothing to worry about. we are in the morning hours
5:47 am
here on saturday. saturday through the day, a slight chance of a storm toward us. overnight on saturday in to sunday i think this is our way of a storm coming in. a redevelopment and scattered storms on sunday. that's the better chance of rain the weekend. slight chance on saturday. better chance of the storms coming in on sunday. but again, we are talking scattered in nature. not going to rain everything out, and not going to rain all day. last storm chance is on monday an once we go beyond that we won't see a lick of rain or a chance of it for a while. warm and hot some might say. wednesday, thursday in to friday next weekend. and remember in a couple of week we have celebrate fairfax. we will kick it off on june 11th. i will be out there friday evening and many other channel 9 personalities will be there saturday through sunday. come by and say hi to us. >> thank you, devon. as we look at the big picture, notice we have issues to
5:48 am
report. a new problem on the beltway in virginia. take it live. the inner loop at braddock road an incident is taking away a left lane. stay to the right. moving to 395 northbound. things are okay out here from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. we are tracking maryland's roads, 270 southbound drivers are still at speed. moving well between germantown road to the split. we will wrap with a look at the travel times. 66 eastbound. from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, it is ten minutes and growing. the dulles toll road eastbound from 674 to the beltway about six minutes and seven minutes on 295 as drivers try to make their way from the beltway to the 119 street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. among the nearly 50,000 participants in this year's komen global race for the cure, there will be scores of male survivors. in 2005, joe reid had no idea he was at risk for breast
5:49 am
cancer. after all it was a woman's disease. today his widow is spear heads an effort to bring it back to life and out of the shadow of pink. >> he was the kindest person i ever met in my life. >> reporter: remembering her husband joe and all they shared in 29 years of marriage brings tears to her eyes. >> joe had noticed a lump a few months before he mentioned it to me. he was an avid weightlifter and assumed it was a weight lifting injury. >> reporter: he said nothing until he noticed his nipple became inverted. a mammogram confirmed the worst. >> absolute utter shock. devastation. >> reporter: their life together ended with joe's death in september of 2008 from stage four breast cancer. >> i never thought about oh, when i give myself a check i should give him one.
5:50 am
it is like it is there but it wasn't. >> reporter: being a woman is the greatest risk factor for breast cancer but men are diagnosed with the disease and die from it too. the most recent estimates from male breast cancer in the united states find that 2,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed and more than 440 men will die from breast cancer this year. before his death, joe and kathy founded out of the shadow of pink to offer support to other men with breast cancer. >> when he was first diagnosed he wanted machine to talk to and there was no one. everything they gave us was pink. they'd give us pink gad did baggies that had pink nail files and all the information was print on pink paper and men are in the shadows. >> reporter: on her own now kathy wants to shine a bright light on men and breast cancer and she wants the third week in october to be male breast
5:51 am
cancer awareness week. she sent letters to every maryland legislator. >> a lot of times we don't get a letter of response. i went -- i sent one 0 the white house and didn't get a response. >> but she heard from jimmy brown wait. he will present a resolution on the house floor supporting kathy's initiative. to help fund the campaign, kathy has designed logo hats and shirts and a special breast cancer awareness bracelet. >> each piece has a single blue stone that will represent the 1% of men who will die each year. >> reporter: you can learn more about male breast cancer at our website. log on to and click on buddy check for a link to kathy reid's out of the shadow of pink website. while on our website, you can register for the komen race for the cure. in order to receive your event kit in the mail, that means your t-shirt and everything, you must register by may 23rd, this sunday. coming up, if you think the
5:52 am
iceland volcano is only affecting travel plans, find out how the ash cloud is putting a damper on events in our area. and we will preview movies out this weekend. in the examiner, police in arlington accuse an army major of rape and sodomy involving a very young child. dc teens say they want the city's free condoms program to offer more choices. and maryland second grader who told first lady michelle obama here mother is here illegally wants to visit the white house cc
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mogul played by michael douglas. bowling for the kids. a sec annual bowling fund- raiser at the verizon center. alexander on the right and derek and brian orakpo, who was on my team, and bowled by the name rak daddy. he was really good, too. a grand slam of a party in chinatown. we have a report on the kickoff event. head coach jenson mingled with fans while testing out the cocktails. the gm is optimistic about the season. guests were excited about the night. before she left erika asked the
5:57 am
owner what to expect this summer. >> we will come back and go to this championship again. we will have a great time this summer. >> reporter: the summer lineup includes a visit from anna kournikova when the kastles take on -- what's going on, click on angie's army and submit pictures, videos and events today. as prom season starts to give way too graduations and summer wedding season, some local florists are keeping their eyes to the skies over europe. kristin fisher shows how the same thing causing travel disruptions is hampering important events here at home. >> snap dragons, stock, gerber daisies, hydrangeas, tulips. >> she used to getting flowers delivered twice a week to her shop. the deliveries keep coming but amanda hasn't seen those
5:58 am
flowers in weeks. >> lack of availability because of the ice land incident. >> reporter: that's right. a volcano erupting 3,000 miles away is causing a see sere flower shortage at amanda's arrangement. >> we get a lot of flowers from holland and they go to heathrow and then to us. and now that heathrow was closed last week it is a problem. we can't flowers to customers for prom season. >> reporter: amanda is not alone. florists are feeling the affects of the volcanic eruption. >> it is not global. not just in maryland. >> reporter: the bomb line is that if you need to pick up a corsage or butte near for problem, this year, thanks to a volcano in iceland you can't be picky. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. 9 news now. >> amanda tells kristin she has no idea when her flower deliveries will return to normal. thank you for watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m.
5:59 am
howard bernstein is off today. devon lucie is spending friday with us and he has the forecast and we are looking forward to the weekend. >> yesterday a a beautiful day. absolutely gorgeous with plenty of sunshine. low humidity. today we still get a lot of sunshine and a little cloud cover. a little humidity back in. at least we hold off the rain chances in the forecast. this will come later on this weekend. saturday slight chance. and then on sunday a better chance of storms. i will take care of that later. let's concentrate on what is going on right now. latest temperature update we drop down briefly to 58 an rise from there. the sun is bright and shining after it has gone up this morning. mid to upper 50s in many cases. 48 manassas and culpeper. temperatures just outside of washington only 60 in hagerstown hagerstown. 58 in easton. cambridge at 55. here's a welcome at the satellite and radar with rains holding to the west today. appalachians, keep those away an


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