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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. good evening, everyone. i'm suray chin. bruce johnson is off tonight. investigators are trying to get to the bottom of what caused a driver to go over the median and veer across six lanes on to a bicycle path, striking and killing an 18-year-old bicyclist in fairfax. the 31-year-old driver also died in the crash. this evening we are learning more about both victims in this tragedy, along lee highway and forum drive. lindsey joins us to tell us more about the 18-year-old high school wrestler. >> reporter: the 18-year-old high school wrestler's name is abdul chadly. he was layed to rest earlier today. the 31-year-old driver is from manassas. police are looking into every
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angle. they are trying to figure out how this crash happened. the wrestling coach said abdul was riding his bike with a close friend. they were on a trail between route 29 and forum drive in fairfax. that's where he was hit and his coach says everyone is still in shock. >> abdul will be missed by a lot of people. and i just want everybody to know that he was loved and that i will hold a special place in my heart for abdul and you know, he is lost, but he won't be forgotten. >> the driver in this case, gary anthony thorn also died at the crash. police say his car continued on and hit some trees. now police tell us that they don't know why that happened and they are waiting for some results from an autopsy. reporting live, i'm lindsey, 9news now. >> thank you lindsey for that
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update. a motorcade made its way through southeast washington to call attention to gun violence in our area and across the country. landmarks along the route were somber ones. the sites where area youth were killed by gunfire. one of the organizers of today's event lost her daughter to a drive by shooting in that infamous blood bath, killing four people nearly two months ago. >> need to put the weapons down, pick up books, learn to be able to converse. you can agree to disagree. just trying to stop the violence in washington, d.c. and across the united states. >> the group also wants to call attention to an amendment by senators john mccain and john tester known as second amendment enforcement act. reporters say the legislation would secure gun rights for law- abiding d.c. residents. organizers at today's event say the bill would put more guns on
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d.c. streets. some good news tonight for drivers headed south on interstate 95 near telegraph road. workers have finished putting new concrete on a span over cameron run. transportation officials had expected the project to last through the weekend, but we are now told the work is done ahead of schedule and there are no traffic backups. the news isn't so good for drivers who use the chain bridge. it's closed again this weekend for construction work. and meantime, metro says passengers on red, orange, and green lines should expect delays up to 30 minutes while workers complete track work. illegal immigrants get out. that was the message from nearly 100 antiillegal immigration protesters in montgomery county today. alex reports the new law in arizona is stirring up the immigration debate in maryland. >> big old immigrants are
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welcome in the u.s.a., not illegal immigrants. >> the rally against illegal immigration was loud and stirred some emotions. the future of america is right here, contested this nonenaccomplish speaking mother. watching the intense demonstration. some held signs that read, over $2 billion a year wasted on illegals in the state. deport them all. another sign, american workers, know visa workers. >> we are concerned with tax dollars going to a center right behind us. it employs illegal aliens. >> a spokesperson says the protest is everything against what casa de maryland works for. >> we have services, we have social services. >> shutting the center down would be like locking the door on 15,000 members it is serving. university of new hampshire is a well known area many day
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laborers come to try to find work, exactly what the group does not want. illegal immigrants are not welcome. they want state and local officials to enforce the law. >> arizona law is u.s. law. >> pedro says this is a strong form of racism and notes, hard labor is done by immigrants regardless of their legal status. and that a road to citizenship for millions should be open. in silver spring, alex, 9news now. now we talked to a woman living in the country illegally about the protest. it's a story we are working on for 9news now at 11:00. president barack obama addressed graduating cadets at west point military academy today. the president told the 1200 graduates they face quote, a long hard road ahead. the president also praised the cadets for dedication to service. >> a lesser army might have
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seen its spirit broken, but the american military is more resilient than that. our troops partnered with coalition and through their competence and creativity, we are poised to end our combat mission in iraq this summer. >> for the first time in west point's history, a female cadet was class valedictorian. >> also, president barack obama says he will order a bipartisan commission to investigate the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. joel brown is in venice, louisiana, with the latest on the investigation and the cleanup. >> thick oil covers a large section of delicate marsh grass. one of three locations with oil is washed ashore this week. it shut down a public beach angering local officials who say bp isn't doing enough to contain the oil. >> so far, you have not done
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anything. they have not picked up at all. >> the spewing oil prompted president obama to form a national commission to examine the accident. >> the root causes of the disaster and offer options on what safety and environmental precautions we need to take. >> the oil is already killed birds and other wildlife and scientists fear the environmental impact will deepen now that the oil is coming ashore. bp conceded that much more oil is flowing into the gulf than the company's previous estimate and the spill is prompting hundreds of researchers and scientists to descend on to the gulf coast with their own ideas to help. bob flew in from seattle to demonstrate his invention that incaps lates the oil. and dr. greg booth showed us another product engineered to absorb the crude, separating it from the water. so far, no takers. >> this product works. it's proven we can manufacture it down here locally. >> bp's prime concern remains
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plugging the massive oil leak. on tuesday, they will shoot mud into the well, calling it a top kill, something that worked aboveground before, but never been tried 5,000 feet below the sea. joel brown, cbs news, venice, louisiana. coast guard officials say the spills impact now stretches across a 150-mile area. still ahead on 9news now. >> our greatest hope was bringing our children home with us where they belong. >> an emotional weekend for the mothers of three american jailed in iran. and turning a soybean field into an emergency runway. we'll be right back. -thanks for coming back out. -sure.
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welcome back. a loud bang followed by a small fire and then a large explosion. that's how one survivor described a fiery plane crash in india that killed 158 people. the air india plane was on its way from dubai when it went down friday outside of the airport. eight people survived the crash. officials say the plane was trying to land at the hill top airport when it over shot the runway and plunged over a cliff. a pilot turned a soy bean field into an emergency runway. no word why the plane went down
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short of the airport, but the good news, the pilot is okay. the mothers of three american jailed in iran returned to new york today after a very emotional good- bye. the women thanked the iranian government for letting them see their children, but said they were very disappointed their kids stayed in prison. >> we will for ever savor the precious moments we were able to spend with our children after such a long and anxious month, many months of separation. but we are also very disappointed that when we went to the airport to return from iran, they had to go back to prison. the pain we felt having to leave tehran without our children is almost more than we can bare. >> these mothers remain
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hopeful the iranian government will eventually release the americans accused of spying. the women also said they were relieved their children were being treated well. the detained americans include 31-year-old sarah, her boyfriend, 27-year-old shane bower, and their friend, 27- year-old josh patal. they have been held in iran since july 2009 when they were arrested along the iraqi border. coming up on 9news now, we'll set our sights on the lego competition this weekend and devon, the clouds surely rolled in today. >> yeah, along with it, the rain here. just like the steady rain over the northwest. going to have to update rain totals. we hit 78 before the cloud cover really came in and 64 was our low temperature. i'll let you know how long the rain is going to be around. that means for sunday when it finally gets out of here when we return.
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check that out. it was an exciting event for a serious cause. famous children's band rocked it out. proceeds go to the organization that devotes research and education into sudden infant death syndrome. several hundred people and children attended the event today held at flores elementary school. those kids really had fun. i went out there. tons of kids. they went to the jungle gym this morning, it was fine. >> beautiful weather here today. is there anything cuter than kids dancing around? >> no. >> for most of our saturday, it's exactly what i thought, we would hold that rain off. i thought rain chances this evening and topper shutt was saying the evening hours, we would move some rain in. that's what will happen. we have rain turning more likely when we go into our sunday forecast. in fact, we could bring a
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rumble of thunder back into that forecast. now tomorrow, this looks like a lot of rain right there in the three-day forecast. it turns more scattered in variety instead of a steady rain that is over the entire area and we really start to bring the rain chances down monday into tuesday. go to live doppler 9,000 and show you where we have areas of steady rain towards montgomery, frederick, and howard county. steady rain, only gaithersburg, rockville, poolsville some rain. we cross over the potomac into northern virginia, the district itself is light rain here, steady to light rain as you go to prince georges county. clinton, there's the steady rain as you head back out to dulles and loudoun county. reston, even down to fairfax itself. then we get the steady rain, down to parts of southern maryland. colonial beach seeing some rain. get to our forecast this everyoning. the rain moved in here saturday night. it's going to continue as we go
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into evening hours here. go back to our forecast if we can and cooling down. temperatures back into the lower 70s. turning more scattered since we go overnight into our sunday morning and through sunday morning, still going to see showers around. once we go to the afternoon, this could turn to putting a thunderstorm back in here. the keyword is going to be scattered rain shower activity. the overview forecast, this is just the overview, this system is broken away from the rest of the jet stream. it rolls right through the region, at least monday into tuesday, east winds will keep a rain chance in the forecast. specific forecast than what i expect overnight through sunday. here's the rain showers, scattered around, a wave of showers early sunday morning at 3:45 in the morning. then the rain, see how it starts to turn, moving from east to west. that's the east rain moving in. scattered showers in a possible thunderstorm as we go through sunday everyoning at 6:15. so more lesser resolution
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forecast as i take you sunday into monday. at least we still see lighter shades of green, which means we could see a few light showers monday into tuesday. the rain chances are really lessening up. the moral of the story here, the seven-day forecast shows the rain overnight through tomorrow morning, starts to break up. becomes scattered in nature. may put a thunderstorm in the afternoon forecast, but you see the rain showers monday, tuesday, very, very slim. take away for the forecast. we'll see showers through sunday. very scattered in nature. we aren't going to see rain all day. it stays mild with temperatures in the mid 70s. >> pretty consistent with the temperatures. >> not bad. we aren't going too far up or feoff down. some 300 young builders created homes made of legos. the second through 8th graders created 300lego homes in just one hour to compete for prizes. it was all part of the second annual building block blitz
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sponsored by habitat for humanity. how appropriate. nothing better, right? >> speaking of legos. >> need building? falling apart? >> the nats need some building. they are falling apart. going through a bad stretch of baseball and now the injury bug starting to take its toll. one of the best pitchers with an early exit last night and now scotty olson's future is uncertain. at the ncaa men lacrosse championship. all that coming up next in sports. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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some weak spots in the nats team. >> that has been a great story early, but starting to fall off now. >> and now the true colors start coming out. the difference between the battle of the beltways is raiser thin. baltimore wins last night. that began in '06. rough patch city for the nats who have now lost 6 of 8 and have been below .500 for the first time since tax day. on south capital, extended high
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lights tonight, but here's the play. 4th inning, adam jones going through the wall. can't make the play. jones comes around. every day he is hustling. inside the park score, 4-2. check this out. this is the reason why i was able to make it. he goes 51-50. he goes ballistic. he thinks he still has it, doesn't have it. right now, actually, the nats are up 7-6 after scoring four runs in the top of the 7th. we'll have extended highlights later tonight at 11:00. the news not getting better for washington. pitcher, scotty olsen will miss his next start because of inflammation in his pitching shoulder. olsen missed most of last year because of shoulder surgery and jim says his latest injury, not connected to last year's. one of the most compelling stories of the spring, the virginia women's lacrosse team moving forward.
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the cavaliers won last weekend, but today on the road, they lost 17-7 to north carolina. virginia will award love tomorrow. men's tournament, quarter final third seed in maryland against notre dame. the irish up 5-2 in the 2nd until john halls cuts the deficit to 5-3 at the half. 8 minutes later, notre dame up to the task. grant, you can whip it. whip it good. 6-3 notre dame. ends their season at 12-4. notre dame wins. season not over for the maryland women's lacrosse team. sarah and caitlin mcfadden, both five goals. mcfadden had three assists. the terps head to the semifinals for the second straight year. let's talk some soccer now. dominik was quoted this week as saying you can't afford to take anything lightly. there are no easy leaks in this league. he was talking about hosting dc
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united, who has been relegated to everyone in the mls. the worst in the league, worst record in the league. first year coach has been pulling his hair out to get this team in gear. worst start in franchise history and the trip tonight won't be easy. >> they are extremely talented team. they are extremely hard working team. they are a team that you better roll up your sleeves and fight because it's going to be a dog fight from the opening whistle through 90 minutes. >> we are going to have to, you know, give it everything we got to get something out of the game. >> final one, break up the mystics, they are now 3-0. for just the second time in franchise history. last night they rallied at home to beat the new york liberty. talked about off season acquisitions. women's professional basketball. they are getting a lot of good dividends. we will talk about that on sports plus. >> all right, thank you, dave.
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keep the umbrella handy tonight. >> just some light showers, it's not going to completely ruin activities. light, steady rain. it's not real heavy. if you have a cap or an umbrella, you are going to be all right tonight. >> thanks for watching. the cbs evening news is next. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a great night, everybody. -thanks for coming back out. -sure. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you." tell him "he's welcome," but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] call now and get fios tv, internet, and phone for just $99.99 a month guaranteed for two years! this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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