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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  May 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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chantilly west watch zero light drizzle and sprinkles there. extending potomac in to rockville, as well. very light sprinkles. one other stop, north of town up to frederick and in to west virginia there down 340 near brunswick and point of rocks a few sprinkles. in the 60s now. only in the 70s. angie is looking at the monday commute. knock knock let's open the door and show you the outer loop is slowing down a bit between university over to georgia. back to the maps. route 4, route 5, crane highway, we zoom in and our realtime graphics reveal that everything is all clear out here. next stop virginia 395 northbound, still delay free from the beltway past shirlington to inside the beltway. finishing up with 95 northbound. delayed between the prince william parkway and 123 and
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approaching lorton to backlick. back to you. >> right now the chain bridge is back open across the potomac. despite promises the ongoing construction isn't done yet. kristin fisher has this commuter alert and is live from the chain bridge. good morning, kristin. >> that's right. traffic will be limited to one lane in each direction during the rush hour and it will stay that way until midweek. the chain bridge has been closed to drivers and pedestrians since 9:00 p.m. on friday. it was supposed to reopen at 6:30 this morning with all lanes open for the first time in almost a year. over the weekend, ddot crews removed the concrete barriers that have been in place since june of 2009 and resealed the deck. the only thing left is to paint new lane markers on the bridge but then it started to rain. in fact a record amount of rainfall on sunday. we know wet paint and rain
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don't mix. ddot was unable to restripe because of the bad weather and so they hope to have the new lane markers complete by midweek. so in the meantime, what ddot has done is placed temporary barrels in place of the lane marker and at this point in time it is up to the weather. whenever it stops rain than road gets dry is when they can put the paint on the road. until then the bridge, all lanes will not be open. down to two lanes and the same configuration you have gotten used to over the last year. one lane in each direction during this monday morning commute. back to you. >> hopefully putting down lane markings this time will go better this time on the chain bridge. in march we showed you these images. temporary lines all over the bridge was the result of rainy weather. a weekend project on the
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beltway wrapped up earlier than expected. crews worked on the bridge in alexandria. it created some traffic jams but they were able to get the work done 36 hours ahead of schedule. three weeks after her murder, a university of virginia student is posthumously granted her diploma from college. yeardley love [ applause ] yeardley love's cousin walked across the stage to receive her diploma on sunday. young was the baltimore county woman killed in her apartment on may 3rd. she was on the minds of over students celebrating graduation. yeardley love [ applause ]
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west virginia governor joe mansion and jay rockefeller will be testifying at a hearing looking in to last month's mine explosion. some family members of the 29 men which died will also testify. the hearing in beckly, west virginia is part of a probe in to the disaster. it follows a separate senate hearing which happened on captiol hill last week. now to the disassouser in the gulf of mexico. the governor of louisiana wants to build sand berms to protect his state from the oil. this is video of the underwater oil leaking from earlier this morning, and you can see it still shooting in to the gulf. bobby jindal took a tour of the coast on thursday. the oil has moved 12-miles in to the state's marshes. >> these are critical breeding grounds for residential birds like brown pelicans and a migratory stopping.for other species. this is why it is so important
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to keep the oil out of the wetlands it is important for louisiana, the gulf and the country. >> reporter: b, 3 says the tube on the gulf floor has captured 500,000-gallons of oil but it is slowing down. ken salazar said the government could take over the cleanup effort if bp doesn't move faster. five after the hour. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here. you say there are more airline fees coming our way. what now? >> first we have the food. we were charged for food and then luggage and now carrying it on. and now there is a fee to fly during the summer. airlines have hiked prices for summer travel by slapping on a surcharge for flying a so- called peak travel day. every day in summer. our partners at "usa today" say they are 10 to $30 for each one- way domestic flight. airfares are already high.
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tickets are running 10% higher than last year and that's before the added fees. if you plan to fly british airways this week you may be in for headaches. still the airlines says it will be able to carry 70% of passengers who booked flights. it follows failed talks over them weekend over union benefits. the company that brought us the phrase you -- you've got mail is turning 25 today and aol has seen a lot of changes over the past quarter century. they have half of the original square foot home in sterling, virginia and know cussed on blogs and social networking after a marriage and divorce from time warner. what a ride it has been. >> unbelievable and i'm thinking of the airlines. >> ryan air is charging people to use the bathroom on flights. who knows if it is coming to
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america. >> pay if you want more leg room. >> right. >> virtual travel the way to go. a new york senator will introduce legislation to ban drop side cribs. the democrat wants them gone. 7million have been recalled in the last five years because of safety concerns. they want them removed from places where she says they pose a danger to children. >> no day care center or child care provider, no hospital will be able to have drop side cribs because we cannot tolerate one more infant death. >> reporter: at least 32 deaths have been blamed on drop side cribs in the past decade. most are blamed on a hardware malfunction. up next, the monday morning hero central report. meet a man whose life changing moment inspired him to help others. learn how he is doing it. right now a focus on maryland's traffic and weather. here's howard. >> we have sort of a damp
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morning out there. start with live doppler 9000 hd and show you some light sprinkles which are detected east of mount airy over to point of rocks there and west, actually west of point of rocks over from 340 and jefferson going to harpers ferry and east of gaithersburg now. watch for drizzle and spotty light rain. as far as the forecast for today a lot of clouds around. we will see isolated shower or two and perhaps a better chance south and east as highs in the afternoon. get in the low to mid-70s in a few spots. more sunshine as you head out to western maryland. angie, good morning to you. >> same to you, howard and everyone out there joining u.s. right now. maryland, look at what we are finding. lanes are wide open at 355 and rollins avenue. bradley an connecticut a good amount of volume blue no major delays to report this way. finally we are flying southbound on the gw parkway. article after early-morning accidents that have cleared it
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is pretty much smooth sailing from baltimore to inside the beltway. happy monday, everybody. you are waking up with 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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now and then you will hear a moment that changed someone's life. >> i found myself in an
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apartment where they what nothing. >> he was out delivering food to the needy when it hit them. they need a lot more. >> they had no food, beds, couches, tables or chairs. >> reporter: after the seeing the same situation four or five times that day. >> i pulled over on the side of georgia after and said that is it i'm going to stop everything else and create a solution. >> reporter: out of this that came the wider circle. it is a lot of volunteers collecting stuff that a lot of us may throw away and giving it away one house hold at a time, couch, bed, a dresser, maybe have been a television and if you can't pick it up yourself they deliver. >> nobody should live without basic essentials. no kid should be sleeping on the floor in a region that has so much. >> reporter: this is a wider circle warehouse and while it may look like a lot of tough, they are furnishing homes for ten families a day so they can always use more.
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>> a lot more. in 2008 the wider circle helped 9,000 people. in 2009 it was 15,000. and this year. >> my story is simple. i'm a recovering addict. i am a mother of six. a grandmother of three. >> reporter: -- bernadette is among 20,000 people that might be taking delivery on a better life. >> i'm seeking today a playpen for my grandchild who's due june 15th. >> reporter: the good news is, there is a bit more good news. >> gannett foundation and "usa today" and wusa 9 are going to give you a grant of $10,000. >> thank you very much. that will go a long way to help a lot of families. >> derek mcginty, 9 news now. >> the organization can furnish five households for 15 # $25, so 10,000 really does go a long way way. they also offer educational
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programs. for more go to and click on the hero central link. here's what is in the news now. speaking from beijing today, secretary of state hillary clinton called tensions between north and south korea highly precarious. they are working to stop escalation. a state of emergency in jamaica this morning. police are in a standoff with a refuted drug lord wanted by the united states and the jamaican government says it will extradite him. scary moments for people on this united express flight. it landed sunday in ontario, california without the front landing gear. thanks to good work by the pilots, everyone was okay. >> that is good news. >> any landing you can walk away from. >> is a good landing. >> good morning. another damp start to the day. it was a damp weekend with pockets of sunshine. we were dodging the rain drops
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yesterday. this morning we have rain drops a couple of areas of drizzle. little fog over to ocean city. so i know some of you will be heading to the beach as we head to the weekend. looking at the satellite and radar on the weather computer this morning. sort of see the spin to the south. we have an on-shore flow. when we get daytime heating that will percolate the atmosphere and bubble up more showers. right now on live doppler 9000 hd we are seeing showers, light ones, west of us and northwest of us. however, i have had reports from annapolis of some drizzle and just sprinkles out there. the atmosphere is trying to spit a few rain drops. we will work around there. see the line of showers here coming from fairfax county along 29 here. south of 66 here. when you get to the plains, haymarket a couple of sprinkles and excuse me, farther to the west near amissville, flint hill and to the north and east we will head back to washington. you will see a couple of
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sprinkles in to montgomery county, the southern part of the country county, central and northern fairfax, north and west of vienna and to the north across frederick and howard counties we are seeing, if the radar will go there, we are seeing showers from brunswick and jefferson to harpers ferry. back to the weather computer and talk about the forecast for the next three days. kind of cloudy today. couple of showers, humid and 75, nicer tomorrow and 81. warm wednesday in the upper 80s. the bus stop forecast, grab the umbrella in case you get in to a shower. muggy with temperatures in the 60s. mostly cloudy a few showers this afternoon. mid-70s and then tonight an isolated shower this evening. mild, 60 to 65 degrees. we start with temperatures this morning low to mid-60s. it is muggy. it's drizzling in spots. light sprinkles and don't expect to see much sunshine today but more as we go through the week. here's the seven day.
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today 75. 81 tomorrow. upper 80s on wednesday and thursday by friday 84 and then over the weekend cooler. on-shore flow will bring sprinkles here and there. sorry, guys. i know it she holiday weekend. good morning to angie goff. thank you very much. the surrounding areas looks like everything is okay but notice we have some problems inside the beltway. a bad accident actually as we take you outside and show you river road going outbound river road. right now the know it is closed because of an accident. the way get around it is to use wilson lane to macarthur to get you to cabin john and you will be able to get on the beltway to take another exit to river. it is a round about way but the best way around it. this is the scene before the accident scene. notice not many cars out there. 270 southbound no issues here as drivers make their way from germantown to 370. speeds will drop just a bit.
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virginia, 66 filling out between route 50 and 123. no incidents or accidents here. looking at the travel times the dulles toll road is moving. eastbound six minutes from 674 to the beltway. seven minutes northbound on dc 295 to the 11th street bridge. on the inner loop in virginia, 395 to the dulls will toll road. taking 14 minutes but the arrows going up says that delay is growing. over to you. >> no takers for a bronze statue in maryland dedicated to the heros of september 11th. the statue went on sale on ebay. it was taken from a company involved in a ponzi scheme and auctioned in an attempt to recover money. the statue would stay in emmittsburg but the winner of the auction gets their name on a plaque. they hope for $500,000 but no one placed any bid on the statue. ahead in sports the latest from the nba and nhl playoffs. nationals closer matt caps
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blew his first save of the season but see which math was able to stay the day against the orioles. we'll be right back. ñú
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good morning, everybody. both baltimore and washington went looking if more than a win in the battle of the beltways. a victory could earn baltimore the second series win of the year and the nats would be put over 500 again. game three, 1stinning. that is roger trying to lead the yard. almost cleared the bases but a bases loaded triple. second three bagger of the year for bernie three runs score. matt normally lights out but julio wants the light on. first blown save of the year
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for him. there's the hammer. hits it out. of the year. >> he's a professional hitter. he's the ultimate pro. he -- you don't see josh make too many mistake on the field. he's just solid as a rock and good at bat every time out and he's a challenge for whoever is out there. they say the difference between losing and winning in baseball is often small and here's an example. the nats and o's are nine games apart in the series but look at how close the weekend was. -- while the uva women's lacrosse team has garnered a lot of attention for their efforts in the aftermath of yeardley love's death.
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the men have played on, too. one of the former members comes to surface. cavaliers played stony brook yesterday. watch brigs from the back of the net and finds nylon. uva wins 10-9. the semi finals on saturday, in baltimore against duke. that's a look at the morning sports. have a great monday, everybody. some other quick sports headlines for you. in the nba playoffs the suns beat the lakers last night. los angeles still leads the series 2-1. in the nhl the blackhawks are the western conference champions. they beat the sharks yesterday 4-2 to sweep the series. it's chug's first stanley cup appearance in 18 years. our time is coming up on 6:24. still to come why interest rates could be going low they are summer. and the push to bring slot
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machines to anne arundel county, maryland. learn what new developments will happen today. cc
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the astronauts week up to the theme of wallace and gromit. they are conducting an inspection on the system for wednesday's landing. thanks for joining us. been person is on the weather terrace with the forecast. >> we closed it. >> it is sprinkling and drizzling at the moment. look at live doppler 9000 hd. we have a lot of little specks of green moving to the west southwest. those are light sprinkles or heavy mist if you will. other areas seeing drizzle and we are dry. daytime heating and i expect to see more specks of green and yellow pop up. keep the umbrellas handy for later. a muggy morning with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s at fredericksburg. we are at 66. we will see temperatures in the mid-70s today with a lot of
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clouds. a couple of showers from time to time. if there's any solace, the air quality, that's good. code green. probably going to make a dent on the air quality and temperatures, though, as we head to the middle of the week. get a traffic update for you. >> happy to give it to you. thank you, howard. some new problems to tell you about. a couple on the beltway. but first a closer look at what is going on outbound on river road. actually not much, because it is actually closed at burdette road. the way to get around it is take wilson to macarthur to get on to cabin john so you can access the beltway to back on to river via another exit. move it outside and show you that we have outer loop tieups causing heavy stackups. first at connecticut an accident, losing two right lanes and another at wisconsin that is causing you to lose one lane. as a result of this we are watching the head lights stack up starting around new hampshire avenue and those are growing. move over to northbound on the
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gw parkway, more problems here at turkey run. more crash activity. southbound check it out. green cars and okay to the key bridge. back to you. t. the chain bridge is open but not all three lanes as promised. kristin fisher is following the commuter alert and explains why things aren't done just yet. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. this is supposed to be the first morning in almost a year that drivers were able to use all three lanes on the chain bridge. see the sign behind me? that sign was actually supposed to be taken down by 6:30 this morning buttic you can see it there, thanks to the bad weather this weekend. that sign is going to be there for a few more days because until traffic on the bridge is back to normal. here's what happened. the chain bridge has been closed to drivers and pedestrians since 9:00 on friday night. over the week, vdot crews -- dcot dot crews replace the
6:31 am
concrete barrier answer the only thing left was to paint lane markers on the bridge. then it started to rain. in fact a record amount of rainfall on sunday. well, we all know wet paint and rain don't really mix so well together so ddot officials say they were unable to restripe the lanes because of the bad weather. in the meantime, what they have done is place temporary barrels on the bridge so drivers will be limited to one lane in each direction and it will likely stay that way until sometime this week, sometimes midweek is what we are hearing but we don't have an exact date or time at this point in time because we don't know when it will stop raining. it will take for the roads to dry out and the rain to stop falling before crews get out there and repaint those lane markers. for now two lanes are open on the chain bridge. one in each direction. don't get used to better commute times on the chain bridge just yet. back to you. >> thank you.
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in the last 30 minutes, two new speed cameras went on-line in bowie, maryland. they monitor traffic along north view drive in front of north view elementary school. there will be a 30-day grace period before tickets go out. the cameras will be on from 6:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. on monday through friday. the obama administration is expressing frustration over bp's failure to stop the leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico. administration officials will fly over the region later today. for the past 34 days, millions of gallons of oil has been leaking in to the gulf. waves of oil washed ashore over the weekend. interior secretary ken salazar blasted bp officials on sunday. he threatened to push them out of the way if they can't clean up the mess soon. >> i'm angry and frustrated that bp has been unable to stop this well from leaking and stop the pollution from spreading. >> reporter: the most recent
6:33 am
attempt to plug the well has been postponed until wednesday. three servers at a popular dc restaurant are charged with stealing customers credit card information and wracking up thousands in fraud atlanta charges. the three suspects were food servers at the cheesecake factory on wisconsin avenue in northwest. they say the suspects made purchases of more than $117,000 between 2008 and 2009. two of the suspects are now helping investigators with their case. we are waiting to hear from the coroner to determine how a six week old baby found in a laurel apartment died. anne arundel county police were called to the apartment on edge rock way on saturday morning. police say the baby was dead when they got there. the whole ordeal caught neighbors off guard. >> we saw probably like six or seven cop cars, unmarked cop cars and a lot of people moving out there. it is really sad. my heart, my prayers go to the
6:34 am
family. this is awful. >> reporter: investigators say the home was in disarray but they are not sure if it contributed to the child's death. a trial is scheduled to start today over the proposed anne arundel mills mall casino. a citizens group in the maryland jockey club are fighting the proposal. they say a casino would put laurel park out of business. casino table gaming begins today in delaware. the casino hopes to have a full slate of games on friday, just in time for the memorial day holiday. racetracks in dover and wilmington hope to have live table games in a few weeks to compete with the casinos in atlantic city and in pennsylvania. jessica doyle is back with another living mart report. you have a new look at the local job scene. >> that's right. new numbers suggest the local employment picture is starting to brighten. yes, the unemployment rates in district of columbia, maryland
6:35 am
and virginia have all dropped. in the district unemployment was 11% in the district. maryland rate 7.5% in april compared with 7.7% in march and in virginia the jobless rate hit 7.2%. that's down from 7.3% the month before. last month, thousands of jobs were added throughout the region in industries that have taken a beating during the recession. if you are thinking of refinancing your mortgage loan it may pay to wait. interest rates could drop to as low as 4 1/2% this summer. right now they are at 4.86% for a 30 year mortgage. that's near a 50 year low. the financial turmoil in europe is providing an unexpected wind fall for buyers by pushing interest rates down. for those looking to buy a home, a survey has the most affordable housing markets. indianapolis, indiana and youngs hotown, ohio are the most affordable major cities to
6:36 am
buy in, followed by syracuse, new york, dayton, ohio and grand rapids, michigan. the least affordable, los angeles, honolulu. so far three flights from dulles and one from bwi to london are listed on time. however, a flight from london to dulliest and another to bwi has been cancelled. british airways says it will able to carry 70% of passengers who booked flights during the strike but we tell people to check and recheck to make sure the flight is taking off. >> and that's on top of the ash from the volcano. so all kinds of things happening. filling up the tank is a little more affordable this monday morning. let's check the prices at the pump -- with the weather
6:37 am
getting warmer, more people are biking to work. work. and begin with virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> biking today, it will be damp out there. maybe a few sprinkles. go to live doppler 9000 hd and show you the light showers, heavy mist if you will coming in from fairfax county. generally north of 66 from fairfax, to reston and great falls up to northern faulkier county and northern prince william, as well. this is moving west southwest even near front royal we have sprinkles. by 9:00 we are still in the 60s. plenty of clouds. light sprinkles or drizzle out there. temperatures slow to climb today with the cloud cover. low to mid-70s for highs. around 75. a few peeks of sun but keep the umbrellas handy just in case.
6:38 am
>> northbound on the gw parkway at turkey run, watching an accident out this way. going southbound you are moving okay. in to dc we go. if you are taking the chain bridge, take note. we have one lane of traffic moving in both directions. that's because of ongoing construction. 95 northbound things are slow between lorton and backlick. plus 15 minutes for that. it is growing. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back.
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we go to the top of the chart and a big green guy is bringing in the green. >> sometimes i wish i had just one day to be like a real ogre again. >> reporter: "shrek" forever after debuted at number one at the box office earning $71 million. iron man ii dropped to two
6:43 am
followed by robin hood. the district claims to be making progress when it comes to respecting the rules of the road and keeping an eye out for cyclists. so we sent brittany morehouse to see if the city is really bike friendly. >> my bike. >> reporter: it's not often you will find this bike in the stationary position. >> i ride my bike every day to work and also ride it on the weekends to get anywhere. >> reporter: so alexandra alderman would know. >> safety wise it is a challenge in the city. >> reporter: meredith is chair of the bike advisory council scene she says the streets have swiftly changing for the better. >> i and h street will be dedicated bike lanes going each way and 15th to constitution all the way up really. >> i strap maryland i flip cam on my helmet and hopped on the bike to see for myself. >> reporter: the new lanes on pennsylvania avenue seem wider and the fresh paint helped me to feel safe. the infrastructure is there but bicyclists say getting drivers
6:44 am
to be courteous, that's ott work in progress. >> i often see cars parked in bike lanes and loading trucks in bike lane and sometimes it is the cluelessness that causes problems, talking on our phone, putting on makeup. >> i have had run ins with car doors. >> drivers are prize surprised by what the safest thing is for cyclists to do. riding in the middle of the road is sometimes the safest thing for bicyclists to do. >> biking, it is shah you are shared road. not just theirs. >> don't veer in the bike lane when they exist. >> reporter: on the other hand -- >> we need to respect laws as well. >> i get frustrated with drivers, pedestrians, cyclists. none of those groups are perfect. >> there is a lot of education that needs to help. and education of bikers and drivers. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> not all studies agree bike lanes are the safest way to go.
6:45 am
some say it creates a false sense of security for drivers and biker and can lead to more collisions. howard is here with the forecast. so you have closed the umbrella. >> for the moment here but there are other areas north and west where they will need the umbrellas. the wind shield wiper and maybe keep the kids in the car instead of putting them out in the rain to wait for the bus. i want to show you north and west of town we have light showers showing up. could be a heavy mist, as well. a little drizzle and sprinkles have been showing up on radar because they are so light and humid atmosphere that has overtaken us. thick is the right word of the morning. it is thick out there. look at the showers, centreville, chantilly up to reston here in to great falls and across the river in to potomac and rockville here across the spur on 270. so maybe falls road in to potomac in to river, as well. that's one area of showers that we are detecting on the radar.
6:46 am
to the west through faulkier in to rappahanock an culpeper counties very light sprinkles. going west toward i-81 we are seeing a couple of sprinkles an up north picking up stuff urbana in to southern frederick county. it will showers there or heavy drizzle. this goes back to north of mount airy also and carroll county. we have it out there. but for the next three days -- let's go to the computer before the forecast. more moisture out here. quiet with a couple of sprinkles. throw in the daytime heating an i expect we will see more showers popping up. that's why the forecast calls for showers possible. highs in the mid-70s. still several below average. humid. nice tomorrow, 81. there's a stray shower chance possible and then wednesday, warm and 87. the bus stop forecast, yes, some showers out there. mild and muggy. temperatures in the 60s this morning but will only make the
6:47 am
mid-70s thanks to the clouds and a few shower and a northeast wind at five to ten miles an hour. tonight perhaps an evening shower, otherwise cloudy and mild. lows 6 -- 60 to 65 degrees. oakland and garrett county 55. fredericksburg 67. 65 winchester. 64 lou anne in annapolis and also charlie in catlett. he had over two inches of rain over the weekend in parts of faulkier county and upwards of three in a few spots. 66 at reagan national. the on-shore flow is keeping us moist. one more shot. look at the shower and storms along the coast. a lot of clouds and few showers today. this will change though. here's the seven-day forecast, changes start tomorrow. in the low 80s perhaps with sunshine and a stray shower and much warmer on wednesday and thursday. upper 80s. cool it off just in time for the holiday weekend in the low 70s with a couple of showers
6:48 am
possible on saturday and sunday. 6:47. let's get the latest on the commute. beltway alert, on the outer loop two accidents to tell you about. look at the left of the screen. we have crash activity past the connecticut avenue. it is pushed to the right shoulder but the damage is done. approaching 355 we have another accident where we are losing the left lane and it has drivers back to 95. we are seeing plus 15 to 20 minutes to make it through that. that's in addition to what we normally see at this time. on outbound river road. not better news out here either. we are closed before the beltway. so drivers are urged to use wilson lane. take that to macarthur. from there, you can access cabin john and then hop back on the beltway to access another exit on to river. virginia 66, looks like a slow ride but no incidents or accidents to report. and finally look at the rails.
6:49 am
metro and marc on time but vre is seeing delays on the fredericksburg line on 302, 304 and 302. we are told at least 45 minutes behind. may want to consider another option. back to you. >> good advice. thank you. our time is 6:49. testimony resumes in a few hours in the case surrounding the murder of robert wone. he was found stabbed to death inside of a dc row house four years ago. the three men on trial are charged with conspiracy, not murder. prosecutors will focus on what detectives and crime scene technicians found and saw at the murder scene of row house in dupont circle. if convicted the three face up to 38 years in prison. a crash in the sounds of saws echoed through a northwest washington neighborhood on sunday night. a tree crashed on to a car. it happened on argyle terrace. no one was hurt but the fallen tree did bring down power
6:50 am
lines. crews came in to clean things up and hauled the tree away. in sports the nationals get a first day off in three weeks following a walk guff win against the orioles. >> willingham to left center. game over! 4-3 nationals. >> it gave their nats the first extra inning win of the season. washington tops baltimore 4-3. home to nascar's best is now open the first class of the hall of fame was inducted on wednesday. the new hall is in charlotte, north carolina. >> it is 6:50. we have 67 degrees here in northwest washington. an annual tradition today at the naval academy. why this could be the last herndon climb, we'll be right back. [ beeping ]
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♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring
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♪ let freedom ring it is 6:53 on this monday morning. here's what is in the news now. virginia state police will be out in force along interstate 95 today. it is part of a seat belt and
6:54 am
speeding crackdown. a similar enforcement will happen today along 81. the university of virginia granted yeardley love a posthumous diploma at the graduation. the baltimore county woman was found dead in her apartment three weeks ago. her cousin picked up the dip he ma ever the herndon climb today if annapolis. officials say it could be the last time for it. they think other activities would be a better team builder. a muggy atmosphere out there with sprinkles and light showers this morning. it will be a cloudy day with a few showers and highs in the mid-70s. angie will have a look at the traffic and i will have the seven-day forecast coming up. i'm maggie rodriguez. coming up, could your kids be addicted to texting. >> once i start, i don't stop. >> how much is too much and how young is too young? a report on what parents need to know begins this morning on the "early show."
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ]
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[ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at a real life size game of chess. check out the pieces playing in the streets of st. louis this weekend. the city is hosting the 2010 chess championship. two chess grand masters took over the chess pieces. actors moved them around in the game. the actors included a hockey player serving as a rook and a boxer serving as a bishop. who would win in a head-to-head battle. >> that's why i'm over here. he has quick hands but if he wants to gone though ice we will see what happens. >> the skates are on, i don't have a prayer. if he comes to my world, i get the upper hand. depends where you are at. >> the boxer took out the hockey player. >> on the outer loop a an accident at connecticut is
6:59 am
clear. delays are still there stretching back to 95. plus, 20 to 25 minutes for that. in dc, traffic lights are out at 22nd and p street. police are directing traffic. they treat it as a four-way stop. they are bringing out top signs to help the situation. chain bridge drivers one lane in one direction is what you have got probably until midweek as construction wraps up that they didn't get to. thanks to howard and his forecast over the weekend. light ones north and west. we will have a cloudy day with a few showers. highs in the 70s. we start to warm up and wednesday and thursday upper 80s. sprinkles and cool they are weekend. wall street's numbers have looked horrible lately and looking gad bad again this morning. maybe more losses. we will have the latest on the summer concert series. the next news is at noon. until then,


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