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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  May 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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gushed into the gulf. they still can't stop it. bp's next plan to plug the massive leak is called top kill. engineers will shoot mud, then cement, into the ruptured well. but the difficult proceed is delayed until wednesday. and bp isn't sure it will work. >> if it is on the line, we would have a high confidence of success. but because it is in 5,000 feet of water, we need to be realistic about the issues that are around here in a mile of water. >> reporter: but the obama administration warns that they are losing patience, promising to push bp out of the way if the oil giant can't cast a spill soon. so bp says that it is wednesday's top kill failing, they are working on another backup plan to install a small containment dome atop the well and back up to the surface. >> all right, joel, you have talked about the environmental impact. we have also talked about the economic impact. officials are commenting on speeding up the process of compensating people for the economic loss.
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>> well, i'll tell you what, the louisiana senator said today in front of the cameras that we need to do a better job of processing these claims. as a lot of complaints are about that cumbersome and consuming area. the problem is $50,000 last year. and you can't make it this year because of the oil out there. look, bp is going to write you a check for $50,000 this year. but a lot of folks, they don't have a lot of confidence that it will happen any time soon. >> thank you very much. well, the white house is firing back at critics who say the government is not doing enough to respond to the oil leak in the gulf. they go off the top coast guard official overseeing the crisis to talk directly to reporters. today, the white house said that the federal government will not push them out of the oil spill clean up, but they will keep the pressure on. >> they are pressing ahead, we're overseeing them. and they are exhausting every technical means possible to that. and the procedures to is try to stop this blowout and this well that they will head down there,
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someplace else. the problem is exacerbated to the fact that it is 5,000 feet below the surface. >> federal officials say that thousands of government employees are working around the clock to stop the leak and protect the nation's shore. you might be rethinking vacation plans to the mid atlantic and the carolina beaches because of the oil spill and the gulf. one local expert says not so fast. we'll have that story coming up on 9news now at six. two waiters at a former cheesecake factory used customer credit card numbers to ring up more than $100,000 in charges. as dave statter reports, the secret service says an electronic skimmer was used to steal those numbers for about a year. >> reporter: it was bank investigators that noticed the problem. tracing a number of the fraud complaints back to the cheesecake factory. the service numbers put in by the waiters help the secret service narrow it down to two employees at the restaurant. before long, a theft ring involving the two waiters and a
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former worker was cracked. >> this, for instance, is $20 or so on ebay. >> reporter: the skimmer is the key to this and many other similar credit card fraud operations. it reads and stores the numbers by swiping the card out of sight of the customer, and it can then create a clone of the card. >> they have now stolen all the information on your credit card. >> i just said to both of them, i don't know if i want to eat here, because i don't want to get that there. >> it could happen anywhere, yes. >> i think twice about handing my credit cards. most of the time. >> reporter: what happenedded here at the cheesecake factory has happened at -- what happened here at the cheesecake factory has happened at other restaurants. there's a way to provide technology. >> the problem has to be from the other side. that's what they have been doing to the financial community. making those cards, no matter how they were created, making those stolen cards worthless. >> you run it through, and the purchase is declined. >> reporter: they have an electronic way from preventing the skimming and cloning. but all a reminder to keep
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track of your credit cards and the bills. >> definitely check your statements. >> reporter: something that it might be time to go further. >> never let it out of your sight. >> reporter: dave statter, calls to the cheesecake factory's corporate offices are looking for comments that have not been returned. fairfax county police might have new leads tonight as they continue to investigate the unsolved murder of jose roslaes -- rosales. peggy fox has new information tonight on the search. >> reporter: if money can help catch the suspects who killed this family's beloved handyman, then they want to help. a family member told meed today they want to offer a $25,000 reward to help catch them. police stopped traffic in the same spot where the two murder suspects are believed to have gotten away one week ago. >> jose rosales was sent into our lives. he was our guardian angel. >> reporter: they killed 39- year-old, jose rosales who was the handyman for the family who lives in this mansion.
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>> kind of scary because they could still be around. and i don't know. it's kind of creepy. >> you haven't heard anything about the murder? >> no. i'm embarrassed to say yeah it shocked me. >> reporter: it's residence like that who may not have heard of the killing. police are hoping to reach, hoping someone saw something here at the intersection of compton road and bay alley lane. >> we're rooking for people who routinely -- looking for people who routinely come through here. >> reporter: the suspects are both black males, both about five feet ten. the younger one in his 20s was heard using the nickname, slim, for the older one, who appeared to be about 30 years old. someone saw a person who resembled one of the suspects, jumping into the back of the white toyota pickup truck with dark tinted windows. the family wants to offer the rewards through crime solvers. all the details have not been finalized yet. in centreville, peggy fox, 9news now. >> again, if you can help, please call fairfax county police. we're still waiting to hear
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from the coroner who is now investigating how a six-week- old baby found in an apartment died. police were called to the apartments saturday morning. six-week-ed old was dead when they got there. police have also questioned a woman inside the home, but so far, she's not been charged. u.s. park police are investigating a shooting on the bw parkway. a man driving a red sedan was rear ended by an suv last night on route 198. the driver of the suv shot and wounded the sedan driver after he tried to flee onto the parkway exit. police are looking for witnesses to the shooting. >> we're looking for that vehicle. and we're looking for anyone who may have witnessed the crash that participated in this for the shooting itself on the parkway. >> the person injured was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. they are expected to recover. anyone with information to call u.s. park police. if you're looking for a chance to ride across the
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bridge, you'll have to wait longer. thanks to the heavy rain this weekend, the construction is not quite finished. >> reporter: well, this is suppose to be the first day in almost a year that drivers were able to use all three lanes on the chain bridge. you see the sign right behind me? well, it was suppose to be taken down by 6:30 monday morning. but thanks to this weekend's bad weather, it'll be a few more days before things are back to normal. >> i had a feeling. they are already a year behind. so this is not expected in anyway. >> it kind of gets to the point like you're like whatever. just open it. >> reporter: the chain bridge is closed to drivers and pedestrians since 9 p.m. on friday. over the weekend, crews removed the concrete barriers that have been in place since june of 2009. they also resealed the deck. so the only thing left was to paint new lane markers on the bridge. but then, it started to rain. and in fact, a record want of rainfall on sunday. and we all know that wet paint and rain doesn't mix too well. they say that they were unable to restripe the lanes because
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of that bad weather. so in the meantime what they have done, they have placed temporary barrels on the bridge so drivers will be limited to one lane in each direction until they are able to get those new lane markers painted and that will take place sometime midweek. >> i have been taking this bridge for a number of years. there's no question. my morning commute will probably be about 10 minutes less once they get both of the lanes back open. >> reporter: in washington, kristen fisher, 9news now. >> reporter: they hope to have all lanes back open sometime midweek. all right, what about the lanes on other roadways this rush hour? >> well, you know what, so far, it's so good. all lanes are open right now on 395, leaving the 14th street bridge. down to the mixing bowl and beyond this corner, expect a lot of company between back lake and fairfax county parkway. moving onto 270, we do have a report of an accident, 270 northbound at 495. beyond that, take a look at
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this. i like what i see approaching out here. all lanes are right open there. and let's end with some drive times around our area. right now, 66, difficult delays as you can see there on 495. both from the toll road to 395 and vice versa. the drive time will be around 20 minutes. and that's a quick look at your commute. i'll be back at 5:30 with more on your monday ride home. ladies, back to you. it appears that one area has some wet weather that has finally moved out of the area. meteorologist, topper shutt, look at him, joining us from the museum with your forecast first. looking good. >> reporter: very nice. on the seventh floor of the museum. and really a great event here. here's the deal. new technology and it is really cool stuff. the ability to watch dtv on mobile devices. you can watch us, channel 9, on the air, right now on a mobile device. we'll show you how to do that in about 10 minutes. it's really cool stuff. the announcement is that washington, d.c. is the test market for the big city if you
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will for dtv. we're excited about it. you can get it over the air waves. your car, walking around the park, any time you want to watch this. you can watch it. i think it's pretty cool. we're a part of the open mobile video coalition. channel 9 is very proud to be a part of that. that's about bringing tv to mobile devices and bpda's. we'll show you how it works coming up in about 10 minutes. but it will take place in the museum at 555 pennsylvania avenue northwest. all right, here is your forecast first. tonight, it'll get cloudy again. mostly cloudy that will be comfortable. a little drizzle possible, a little fog possible. low temperatures between 60 and 66. winds are easterly at about 10. right now, temperatures are pretty warm. as warm as they have been all day. 79 at nationals. 73 manassas. 79 up to the north. in fact, a lot of sun has been popping out in the last couple of hours and the temperatures have gone up a little bit. you notice the flow.
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not from the west east, no, it's from east to west because of the easterly fetch that we have had all weekend. and that's the deal. we're going to begin to see summer temperatures. low temperature in the 60s pretty much across the board. that's it for now. we'll be back and we'll show you one of the devices. we'll show you how it works and how you can get tv on your mobile devices. and i'll tell you what, the picture is excellent. back to you guys. >> all right, topper, thank you. a suspicious man and an attack on the school resource officer forcing hundreds of kids to be locked down in class. the royal family figures out what to do next after the dutches of york is caught cashing in. we'll have the story coming up. i'm in beverly hills. actress, lindsey lohan is back in court. the latest on her legal troubles coming up.
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the los angeles coroner is investigating the death of brittany murphy's -- britney murphy's husband. his death comes just five months after his wife died. right now, authorities are saying no signs of foul play or criminal activity. >> it appears to be natural. there were some prescription drugs found that were belonging to him. we'll have an ongoing investigation, the cause of death is pending. no drugs and no alcohol for lindsey lohan. giving her new rules to live
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by, after she missed a mandatory court appearance last week. >> reporter: lindsey lohan arrived at the beverly hills courthouse to see that late for her 8:30 appearance. as they layed down new terms for her probation. >> that's the condition of remaking that auto bond. and no alcohol. 24 hours in today's proceedings. >> it is an alcohol monitoring bracelet that lohan must attend alcohol treatment classes. the judge also ordered lohan to have drug testing every week in the los angeles area. but her defense attorney told the judge that it will interfere with the movie she is trying to make in texas. the defense attorney pressed the judge to loosen the restriction on the actress. >> she has a number of upcoming photo shoots as well as continuing to film movies.
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this would interfere with all of that work. >> reporter: but the judge wouldn't budge. >> she needs to submit to random testing here. there is no excuse that she is in texas to say i can't show up. because that's not random. >> reporter: lohan missed a court appearance last week because she claimed her passport was stolen from her room while she was in the can film festival promoting her latest movie. the actress has been in probation since 2007, after pleading guilty to misdemeanor cocaine drug-related charges and no contest to driving charges. she'll have another court appearance in july. >> lohan was to be arrested upon her return to los angeles for missing that mandatory hearing, but the judge recalled the warrant after lohan posted bail. the u.s. and south korea are planning for two tests. the south cut off trade relations with the south today and south korea's president is
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vowing to make the north koreans pay a price for the attack. that killed 46 sailors. the u.n. sanctions are also expected. the crew aboard the space shuttle atlantis is getting ready to come on home. conducting one last orbiter today after they undocked from the international space station on sunday. the shuttle is scheduled to land on wednesday morning at the kennedy space center. atlantis will have logged on more than 120 million miles when they touch down. officials with the coast guard, the air force, and nasa came together today to talk about the latest in search and rescue technology. nasa has developed a new tech tool that can locate stress almost anywhere in the world right away. voters are encouraged to paint the personal locator beacon that can notify the search and rescue team within minutes of the dangerous situations on the water. >> we're going back to topper who is hanging out at the museum. there yeah. >> taking in the sights. you got new technology to talk about? >> yeah, i'm watching you. i see you guys.
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>> where? that's awesome. turn it around. >> that is pretty cool stuff. and this is how you get a digital tv on your mobile device. and this is a samsung device. it is not available yet. it will be soon. some of you may or may not know, but the fcc has decided that the transmission, the broad band comes over their jurisdiction. once that is settled, it will be available to the public. probably not in the distant future. but this is live and actually a very good picture. so in the meantime now, after everything is settled in court, before this device comes out, you'll do something like that and i'm not talking about that, which we will enable you to adapt your iphone or your identify touch to -- itouch. you probably can't see it. but the picture is quite excellent. you can still do everything you want with your hand held device. you can get e-mails, send texts, get phone calls. and you can watch tv.
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and this is pretty good. i think that christmas time would be a good time to make this available. again, not available yet, but dtv is coming to a device near you very soon. and again, dc is the test market. the big-city test market for this hdtv. it's pretty exciting stuff and technology. let's talk about the weather that we had. a lot of clouds this morning. tremendous amount of rain this weekend. two to three inches fell north and west of town. some areas saw half an inch. and then some breaks. a little brighter day. upper 70s to the near 80s. a slight chance of the isolated storm. a little touch of summer here. upper 80s as we get into wednesday and 90 on thursday. only isolated showers or thunderstorms. right now, 70s. pretty much calling for 70s downtown. looking at mid-70s. and they have not seen quite the sun that we have close to 10. temperatures tonight, mostly cloudy. a little drizzle possible.
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a little fog is possible after midnight. i don't see a huge problem. low temperatures in the 60s between 60 and 66. looking at lows across the area. and now you get far enough north and west. you'll be right on the 60- degree mark. 60 in leesburg. 60 out towards sterling. probably 60 to 61 up in gaithersburg. tuesday morning, mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. by the afternoon, we're going to see partly sunny skies much warmer. isolated showers and thunderstorms possible. but not a huge deal. they are 75 to 80. quite frankly, thinking closer to 80 at this point. upper 70s to the 80s tomorrow. an isolated storm out there in the afternoon. isolated storm on wednesday and thursday. and 90 on thursday. and ad cold front comes through. a big weekend this weekend. memorial day weekend. it looks okay. saturday is nice, a cold front through sunday. they will lower temperatures. they don't have a lot of moisture with it. a couple showers possible on
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sunday. a little cooler, but still not bad with temperatures in the mid-70s both on sunday and memorial day. a reminder to celebrate fairfax coming up soon just around the corner. june 11, 12, and 13th. just go to our website on for tickets and also for volunteers. great food, great band. and you know, deep fried snickers bars. you really can't going wrong. so that's it from the museum. now, i look pretty good on this device. picking up some wrinkles. back to you guys. >> we want to be with you. i think you're right about christmas time. >> wow. >> all right, thank you so much. coming up, britain's exprincess, sarah ferguson is caught on tape trying to catch in on her ex-husband, prince andrew. and coming up new at 6:00. a city divided. bruce leshan shows you how the battle line has been drawn. for ten points,
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a move is underway to make the university of maryland more pedestrian friendly. two main roads are being
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temporarily closed to traffic this summer. only limited vehicles will be allowed on campus drive between the m circle to colt field house and union drive from june 19 until july 16. former president clinton was on his way to yale when a car struck his van on the connecticut highway. and the car rear ended the van carrying the 63-year-old, clinton, on the merit parkway yesterday. state police said that traffic was at the standstill because of the second accident nearby. and mr. clinton was unhurt and spoke to reporters about the crash. center yeah, it was one of those deals where everybody in the passing lanes slowed down and we all slowed down and one person didn't. it had to be the person behind us. but you know what, it was just a first time. >> by the way, president clinton made it to yale in time to deliver his commencement address. a puppy and his owner had to be rescued after the 16-year- old boy tried to save the wandering dog that got
5:25 pm
dangerously close to the raging river. the 1046 month-old lab named pepper got separated from its family. rescuers were able to pull pepper to safety while the anxious family looked on. an investigation is underway after this brawl at an amateur boxing match in sacramento. a fight broke out after the oakland officer and the california medical facility officer squared off in the ring. emotions were running high and everybody wanted their fiter to win. and still the oakland police department says that they expect their officers to act in a professional manner even when offduty. the royal family figures out what to do next after the dutchess of york is caught cashing in on her contacts. we'll have the story for you coming up. [ static ]
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right now at 5:30, in their own words, taking charges of covering up the brutal murder of the local murder. sarah ferguson apologizes after being caught on tape. trying to set up a meeting with her ex-husband. a new push to ban the sales
5:29 pm
of drop-side baby cribs. but first, breaking news out in prince george's county where a school bus driver is charged of producing child pornography. >> we have details on this. >> reporter: good afternoon, this story begins on march 15 at this 7-eleven in clinton, maryland, where a customer left on the cards of their cell phone with recorded images. a second customer goes what's this? a clerk says i don't know. second customer takes it home, looks at it and finds pornography. they come to the 7-eleven to get the surveillance tape. in the course of their investigation, identified the 27-year-old of upper marlboro, a driver for the prince county school system. on that tape are allege images of smallwood inappropriately touching, molesting a 7-year- old boy. according to documents, just filed in federal court, identifies smallwood as his night bus driver, someone who takes him to church and who has a relationship with that
5:30 pm
outside the bus driver student relationship said that he had five sleepovers. according to the documents, he admits to inappropriate contact with that 7-year-old. and they charge him with something and -- he could be charged with 30 years in prison. back to you. >> it sounds like it was just an alert patron who stumbled upon this card which sort of openedded up this whole situation up. because prince george's county had no idea about this. >> good summary. >> all right. gary, thank you. >> okay. well, the second week of the robert juan conspiracy trial began today. new at 5:30, they described the murder scene in their own words. as prosecutors play parts of their interrogation tape. audrey barnes awe is live at dc superior court. what did we learn from those tapes? >> first, the trial and the testimony continues today with some key evidence from police and detectives on the scene.
5:31 pm
then they really kicked this case into high gear by planes. the interrogation tape. in fact, he turned his back to it. and they never took their eyes off of that. that just didn't add up. >> the first detective on the scene, charles parker, and the lead forensic investigator, both said the same thing. they were struck by the lack of blood at the crime scene. and now for the first time, we're hearing the defendant, joe price, with the umbrella, talk about the night that his friend, robert juan, was killed in his home. his tape interview was played in open court today. and detectives are questioning him, saying right away, there was something wrong with his account that an intruder came in and stabbed juan. you said you heard a chime. was that person coming in or going out? i don't know, price said. but their hardwood floors are in your house.
5:32 pm
you would think that they would be running out and you would hear them. i don't know, said price. i know victor and dillon better than my own mother, price said. there's no way they could have done this. and then the detective says something that made price visibly nervous. you keep saying you know how well you know them and that they couldn't do it. how about you? >> reporter: now, joe price did, eventually on that interrogation tape say he didn't do it either. he said that robert juan was one of his closest friend that he had given him and his parents a college tour at william and mary when he was a freshman. when he was a freshman, joe price was a senior. we'll get to hear the rest of that tape tomorrow and also expect to hear from his koa defendant as well. back to you. >> all right, audrey, thank you for that. prince william county police are investigating a robbery at the middle school. thieves took a thumb drive off campus that contained personal informs for students and parents.
5:33 pm
such as names and phone numbers. but not social security numbers. a public meeting will be held tonight at 7:00. a staffer virginia man is facing several charges can he be thing to an attack on the school resource today. and they attacked deputy thomas cavalry behind north stafford high school. they located woods behind the school. the deputy was treated for cuts and bruises at the local hospital. the murdered university senior was remembered during graduation ceremonies on sunday. it took nearly an hour for the nearly 6,000 graduates to walk the lawn. her parents accepted her degree in politics and government. >> it is very disrecognizable for all the changes of the students at uva. pi rewarding her degrees her
5:34 pm
parents are here to accept it. >> love's accused killer and exboyfriend, would have likely graduated yesterday too. he remains jailed after drawing from the university. the verdict is guilty for the first suspects in the execution-style of three friends in a new jersey schoolyard. the murders wering gang related and he was a member of ms13. the students were lined up in a newark schoolyard and shot to death. they attended or planned to attend delaware state university. the dutchess of york says she's sorry she was duked in a dirty deal. sarah ferguson was caught by undercover reporters trying to cash in on her contact with the britain royal's family. they reported that they are denying all knowledge of any deal.
5:35 pm
>> royal watchers are still shaking their hands. she appears to be looking for a $700,000 deal to cash in on her ex-husband, prince andrews. >> she promises to set up with andrew, but she made the offer to an undercover reporter posing as a rich businessman. friends of the duke call that prepose trass. >> i find this a bit delusional as well as disgraceful. >> reporter: the scandal goes well beyond the dutchess of york. the queen herself has reportedly been involved in crisis talk here at buckingham palace. one insider called the dutchess
5:36 pm
a as a rulinger. be mr. she apologizes for the serious lap. >> how do you come back from this scandal? it is going to be incredibly hard. >> reporter: the 50-year-old found herself in trouble before, but has never been caught so royally red handed. cbs news. >> sarah ferguson and prince andrews separated back in 1992. they divorced four years later. up next, the close call for the colorado family when the toe comes crashing down on their house. and don't forget, we're always on stay with us. we'll be right back.
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while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. a six foot pine tree
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crashing down. the family's 6-year-old son noticed a crack in the drunk of the tree. telling his dad whod told the fire department and the family was warned to get out of the house. >> obviously i was backing my car out. like right here. i couldn't believe that. wow, 60 seconds, i would be crushed. police in los angeles that lead police on a high-speed chase has died. police were forced to shoot him when he lunged at the officers with a knife. he died at the hospital. time to get a check with patranya bhoolsuwan for the evening rush hour this monday night. >> reporter: hello everybody. i told you at 5:00, beltway in virginia, very heavy right now. you're looking at it. this is traffic near georgetown pike. inner loop and outer loop, further delayed by the vehicle right now blocking at 495 and the toll roads. do expect some delays out
5:40 pm
there. now, in montgomery county, a different story as you can see here. all lanes open. they are whispering here. you're only looking at a 10- minute drive. let's keep it that way. finally your plans tonight. involving the public transit. right now, metro out here, they are running on schedule. and that's a quick check at your rails and your roadways. anita and lesli, back to you. >> thank you. and one reminder, we know that you're getting up earlier, so are we. tune in tomorrow morning bright and early at 4:25 a.m. coming up, police give away money just for buckling your seat belt. up next, it could soon be illegal to sell drop-side baby cribs. they could be wearing a nat's uniform sooner than we think. we'll go in to hear what the team has to say about their rivalry star. and while topper is down at the museum having fun, i'm doing the real work holding back the fort today. 79 degrees is what we hit officially. got some sun this afternoon.
5:41 pm
we'll tell you what, more sunshine on the way and really warm temperatures today with our complete forecast when we come back. ñú
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hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote.
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quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. important developments by the end of the year, it will be illegal to sell a drop-side crib. the consumer area has moved to ban them from child care centers and hotels. in the last five years, more than 7 million drop-side cribs have been recalled. the federal agency says that at least 32 deaths have been caused by the grubs. new credit card rules have made reward programs a lot less rewarding. thanks now -- banks now make you spend more to get cash back or air miles. there are a few that do pay off. here now, the ins and outs to getting a good one. >> reporter: bobby johansen has flown many times for free thanks to the jet blue rewards card. >> if i make a larger purchase, i'll do it on the jet blue card so i could redeem as many
5:45 pm
flight points as possible. >> money advisor sized up the best rewards card. but they say that be aware, they only work if you pay off the balance in full each month. >> and these cards have higher interest rates. if you carry a balance, you'll end up paying more interest than you get back in rewards. >> reporter: watch out for hidden fees. 19% of the rewards cardholders said that they had increased fees for services like balance transfers, cash advances, and foreign transactions in the past year. and scrutinized the fine print. is >> some cars have clauses that could make you lose out on points or cash back. >> reporter: take the discover card. giving you 1% cash back. but that drops down to .25% at warehouse or discount stores like wal-mart. and the senseless categories, they change every quarter you need to opt in every time. >> reporter: the money advisor says that one of the best cash reward cards are the american
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express blue cash. it doesn't charge an annual fee. after spending $6500 within a year, it offers 5% cash back at supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations. and one and a quarter percent elsewhere. now, money experts say that retailers and the rewards cards pay off too if you're a loyal customer. and a good one is the amazon reward visa card that has no annual fee. taking just $30 back on the first purchase and the points are unlimited. they never expire. so more consumer news, you can go to our website on and click on living smart. transportation secretary helped kick off a new seat belt awareness campaign today. and he was joined by other local law enforcement officials at d.o.t. headquarters it in the southeast. the click it or ticket campaign is a part of the new national push to get motors to buckle up. every day, 38 people lose their lives because they were not
5:47 pm
wearing their seat belts. that's 14,000 people in 2008. >> statistics show 84% of americans do use their seat belts. the government will reenforce their click it or ticket method with an $8 million advertising campaign. bucking up and get a buck. some drivers were wearing their seat belts and given a dollar if many montgomery county today. police handed out the money at two locations in bethesda and rockville. a nice little surprise. the auto malls donated $150 for the program. motorists also the got seat belt stickers and a child safety seat handout. all good information. >> yes, look out dollar store, they are coming your way. >> it seems like things are clearing out a bit. starting a little hazy. >> a little drizzle this morning. a little light rain. kind of that way all weekend. finally we got that sunshine back out here today. we've got more of that sunshine coming your way right as we go into tomorrow. things are really starting to heat up throughout the middle of this week. you'll see them in your three- day forecast. temperatures will be pushing
5:48 pm
the 90-degree mark. in fact, that's what we're forecasting by the time we get to thursday. talk about this last night. howard had this on earlier today. there is a weak front that will be moving from the north, northeast. that will close in on us. more now on wednesday night and thursday. that's the real next chance of rain on the forecast. we've got east winds keeping us under that gun. overnight here tonight, mostly cloudy, comfortable. late overnight hours. and tuesday morning is going to shape up at lot for the last couple that you have seen this morning. be prepared with that. they spray that kind of thing. once you get through the mid- morning hours, we'll start to clear that out there and calling them mostly cloudy skies. temperatures pushing the upper 50s into the 70s by the time you get to this afternoon. that's when they start to pop back out. but you add in that heat with all the humidity that has been around and a little bit of the
5:49 pm
east wind. that's when you could get an isolated shower, maybe a thunderstorm coming in. very small chance of that back in our forecast. sunset tomorrow evening, will be at 8:22. yeah, looking great. okay, let's zoom in to the southeastern united states. you talk about tropical environment or what you can get thunderstorms to do out in the tropics. this is a little cluster. what you see here. you see a thunderstorm popping up in western portions of kentucky and right around memphis. you get one storm here and one storm there. just creates other storms as they start to spread out. hot and humid down there. we're talking about 90s. in is our guy, the easterly flow. bringing that here to washington. still, most of the showers and the storms south associated with the upper level disturbance. but we're still looking at just a few light showers coming our way. they are dying out as they hit that northern part of the bay. but that's when they have a small chance of rain of the forecast here in washington. especially for heating those temperatures up to 80 into the lower 80s as we go near tuesday's forecast. here it is. take a look at our zone outlook. you might see a shower in the
5:50 pm
blue ridge and beyond. cumberland, cloudy skies. and they could hit an 82 down towards culpepper. washington and southern maryland, back out to the eastern shore. that's the upper 70s to the mid- 70s and maybe even lower 70s right on the eastern shore of the east breeze coming in. seven-day forecast, we'll put it altogether for you. and a slim chance of the storm. then we go into wednesday and i think that it is a better chance of the storms overnight on wednesday and thursday. that's the back door cold front that will try to ease in. but before it comes in, nearly 90 degrees on wednesday. 90 on thursday. really hot and humid. and then back down to 84 on friday after that weak front is going to pass through. memorial day weekend outlook and into memorial day itself. we could be bringing quite a cold front here to the mid-70s, dry, mild. and unfortunately, they would like to see 88, 90 when they opened up on memorial day. back down to what you like that today. >> and we have to enjoy the weekend ahead of it. >> all right, thank you.
5:51 pm
all right, they are coming. >> he's coming soon. we don't know exactly when he is coming. but a great part of his pending arrival for the fact that most people assume by the time he got here that they will be dead and out of them. still a game over .500 and he's going to help. they have flown to the west coast. still opening up a ten-game road trip tomorrow night. when they get back, chances are there will be a new teammate waiting in the clubhouse that, guy. just how big a day will that be? here is greg owen. if you think that this finish was exciting, this could be just a calm before the storm at national's park. pitching on them is expected to make their major league debut when they return home on june 4 against the cincinnati reds. >> to have a guy like him come up and you know, give us a boost and to have a guy like that every fifth day gives us a
5:52 pm
better chance to compete. >> reporter: doing more than just competing in the minors. he's dominating in his eight starts, he is 6-1 with an e.r.a. under one. and to syracuse, he has not allowed a run in 21 1/3 innings. >> i would say he has exceeded it. the general manager won't commit to that call up. >> we're not going to discuss that. >> reporter: starting pitchers and scott olsen on the disabled list, he debuted a first weekend in june appearing imminent. hopefully he can come and just help us out. >> over 28,000 fans for this series against the orioles. that's okay. but with the possible arrival, there may not be an empty seat in the house. >> thank you. and they pitch tonight in the
5:53 pm
minors for syracuse. we'll have that tonight at 11. also new at 6:00, an injury to the key nationals player that made delays. join us for that at 6:20. >> all right, see you then. up next, many parents have been worried that kids are getting too many shots too soon, but a new study looks at vaccines and brain developments and has reassuring news. coming up new at 6:00, although the situation in the gulf looks dire, local experts say don't cancel that deep vacation yet. scott broom tells you why coming up at 6:00. if you see a parent spanking their child, do you think next time, listen to your mommy, or do you think that mom needs counseling? take our polls and see what other moms are saying on úpp
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sending stocks closing to the 10,000 mark. to close at 10,66. they fell 15 points and the the s and p500 lost 14 points. tonight in our health alert just in time for summer. pediatricians are relaxing their span on swimming lessons for toddlers. they say that they are fine to enroll children in swim lessons
5:57 pm
as young as age 1. now, in the past, some doctors felt swimming lessons at too early of an age, giving them a false sense of security. now, several small studies said that they might be less likely to drown. if you feel like your child is ready, choose a class with a good teacher-student ratio and one where the parents are in the water with their kids. many parents are spacing out their children's vaccines, worried that too many could be harmful. but a new study is backing on- time shots and here's why. >> reporter: it's a concern for many new parents. so many vaccines, so soon in life. they remember her first vaccine shot. mom was nervous. is >> yes. it >> be many parents are delaying vaccinations, concerned that the medicines intended to protect them from diseases may harm the brain developments. now a new study says that there is no reason to worry.
5:58 pm
>> and in fact, we're seeing the baby immunization as the opposite affect that helps the development. >> reporter: they looked at when more than 1,000 children got their vaccines. researchers tested them several years later and found those who got the shots according to the recommended schedule, they are better on the tests for language, memory, and intellect. i mean, these are all, you know, potentially serious diseases. >> reporter: for her mother, a little pain is worth knowing that her child is getting protection from the life threatening diseases. worries about vaccines and brain development exploded about 10 minutes ago when they linked the measles vaccine to autism. his work has since been discredited again and again. and in fact, just today, dr. andrew wakefield was banned from practicing medicine in the u.k. again. but that has been enormous.
5:59 pm
we have many measle outbreaks since they have chosen not to vaccinate. thank you for choosing us for 9news now at five, 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. as you can see, our worst nightmare has come through. >> reporter: 45 days and still gushing. about 65 miles off the louisiana coast is now covered in i. frustrations are arriving it in washington and along the gulf coast. over why they just keep going and going. they are now going to try a procedure called top kill to stop the oil. crews will jam mud and cement into the ruptured well, but the tactic has never been used in water this deep. >> if it works, we should get that job completed that day on wednesday. and if it does not work, then i should tell you that we have other options. >> every day that is one more day that most of them do. >> we're doing everything that we can. i don't believe anyone


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