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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  May 24, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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any better, unfortunately. >> if that method failed, then they estimate a solution to take until august. meanwhile, the government is firing back. the president's p top spokesman brought coast guard, allen with them to face reporters today. he said that the government is doing everything that they possibly can. and that they are holding bp accountable. >> they are pressing ahead. we're overseeing them. they are exhausting every technical means to them. >> and you plan that. >> reporter: the federal officials want to be clear. they are not leaving the whole cleanup to bp. they say that thousands of government employees are working around the clock to stop the leak. well, summer vacation season is about to start with a lot of uncertainties for people who like beaches. and there is a lot that we do not know about the bp oil spill in just how far that oil might go. but we do know that resorts as close to north carolina, are already feeling plenty of phone calls. tonight, scott broom, takes a measure of the summer
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vacationing anxiety. >> reporter: they never imagined that people would look to him for vacation advice. >> he went further north. >> reporter: but with predictions that currents could carry oil from the bp spilled to far away places to the u.s. east coast. and an expert is the answerman. >> it's a complicated thing. >> oil broke out from the gulf and that it is probable. and that the gulf stream running north alone the east coast is likely to carry it far. >> the west coast of florida is largely going to see this. but the east coast in florida, particularly southeast, i think that they will get at lot. >> but he says that they will not see the streams of oil now seen in the gulf. instead, they will be tennis or gulf-ball size hail. generally a nuance rather than a disaster. south florida mite be bad, he says. the further north, the better.
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probably none up to maryland though, a hurricane could change that. >> i don't know if these are oil-related or not. >> reporter: meanwhile in a skype video call from north carolina, vacation property manager, says that they have picked up 40 reservations. >> reporter: his firm is taking phone calls from gulf vacationers looking to come north. he would not cancel vacation plans just yet. scott broom, 9news now. >> and according to some predictions, the so-called tar balls could make it to the coast in a matter of weaks and linger until the end of summer. almost two months after the tragic west virginia mine explosion. relatives testified before members of congress and the u.s. labor secretary. the families are calling on
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lawmakers to patching stronger legislations to force them to implement better safety procedures. >> they can make it safer. i have done some things with the developments too. and i have never had any accidents or any violations. and i don't know what to do. i don't understand. >> reporter: the u.s. justice department and mining regulators are also investigating the april fifth tragedy. 29 miners died in the blast. the upper big branch mine explosion is reportedly the worst coal mining disaster in 40 years. but the cheesecake factory says they are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused to its customers after a credit card theft ring was uncovered involving three former employees. a credit card investigator traced a series of that into dc. from there, two waiters were identified. the secret service says that the pair used an electronic skimmer to steal credit card numbers and clone the customers cards. they were able to wrack up
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$117,000 on the stolen card numbers before being caught. the ring was active between june of 2008 and may of 2009. all right, parent's children who attend lakewood middle school. there is something you should know. in less than an hour, an informational meeting will be held in the cafeteria to discuss a robbery. last friday, they sent home detailed letters. again, that meeting is happening tonight at 7:00 in the school's cafeteria. police in stafford, virginia, have lapped the jail. he's charged in connection with an attack on the school resource officer today. he allegedly attacked that officer behind north high school. that officer was treated and released from a hospital. well, the chairman of the dc council had a fence put up around his home without the proper permits. now the fenty administration will decide if he can keep it.
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it sounds simple until you factor in that gray is trying to unseat adrian fenty in the upcoming democratic primary. bruce johnson says that the contest and the fence have left that city divided. >> they left up to the neighbors in the southeast. a fence surrounding his home should stay. >> those are all the thins that they have seen involved out there. >> i like to see that. and something that looks real nice. >> reporter: they admit that without their knowledge, they failed to secure the properpermits before erecting the fence that is called for by dc law. the proper applications have since been filed out there for gray. but the issue is festered into a major political showdown between the chairman and the fenty administration. on thursday, the fenty administration, or to be more exact, the public space committee, they will make the decision it if they have that entire fence down to get the proper papers and then build it up again. >> i think that the permit should be granted.
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we have done everything that we possibly could in order to comply with the requirements. >> reporter: telling the entire story that he is challenging the incumbent for dc mayor. and observers, they are predicting a close outcome. but the city's top politicians have battled before over legislation. the government contracts, even baseball tickets. and the word is, they simply don't like one another. the dc attorney general, got involved in the census issue, following reports of the washington arms. >> but not for that particle. that stands from the wiring and everything else that they are sitting there, still unlicensed and unpermitted. >> reporter: he denies that will be -- that there will be politics. >> do you think it is political? >> it feels political. involving something that is assuming that and the routine for this. >> reporter: well, we don't have a clue as to how the space commission will rule on that fence. but we do know that the contest between gray and fenty is close
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and rough. the city is wided along the racial lines. all the food chancellor, michelle reed. there are families that won't put out the mitt cal signs on the front yard because husband and wives and the pardners, they do not agree on that to support it. >> you told us about that last week. that is a very interesting development. how to they feel right now? >> the incumbent has to be favored. because he is the incumbent. he has the record and the money. right now, we're 3-7, canceling one another out. i think that will come down. and that is fenty's base. no guarantee at this point. >> we'll see. thank you for that. well, the immigration debate is now spilling on to the streets of las vegas. north dakota's primary election is this week for gray. just weeks away. and they said political candidates need to pay attention and put immigration reform at the top of the platform. a main point they are trying to make is that talk is cheap. they want political hopefuls to take a firm stance on this and face not getting elected. for demonstrations out
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west, this is kingston, jamaica. security forces are clashing the government allied with an allege drug kingpin. he is trying to avoid extradition to the u.s. on drugs and arms trafficking. the supporters have reportedly burned down a police station. we just got some new details on the breaking areas for the school bus driver busted on child porn charges. we'll share those with you and a live update coming up. plus, police in centreville, virginia, continue to track down two killers. we'll have the latest on this search. and a consumer alert for iphone customers. why it might be cheaper for you to keep your at&t service rather than cancel it. ñwçwçyyob
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♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪
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it's time to check the traffic as somebody is waiting for the loved one at home. how long is the wait going to be tonight? >> well, if that person is driving on the virginia side of the beltway, it'll be a long way. still very much below speed here as you can see the yellow between tyson's corner. it this is as well as seeing the most traffic on the capitol beltway. looking good. people are below out there at speed in most places on the beltway. we'll zoom in and see an accident. it had is if in dc. and the parkway eastbound, at sterling avenue. this crash is blocking some lanes in this area. so a good idea to avoid that part of the distribute. moving outside though to show you a look at our cameras. this is 270, moving northbound, no incidents to report. right now, picking up a little bit of the volume. and so far so good. all the way up there in terms of accidents.
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we'll send it back to you. >> all right. virginia state police are going to take part in the special safety enforcement program on interstate 95 and 91. it's call click it or ticket it. you may have heard of it by now. a nationwide campaign aimed at getting drivers and their passengers to wear their seat belts. it runs from today through june 6. if you were looking forward to a faster trip across the newly renovated bridge, you'll have to wait a little longer. today was suppose to be the first day in almost a year that drivers could use all three lanes. but the weekend rain, put a stop to that and delay the final repairs. transportation officials hope to have all the lanes open sometime midweek. in tonight's consumer alert, it's not going to be cheap for iphone customers to cancel their services with at&t. the wireless carrier is doubling its early termination fee from get this, $150 to $325. the move comes as the company anticipates the next generation of iphones or iphone 46,
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becoming available to multiple mobile networks like verizon. stay with us. you're watching 9news now. i-qñúc
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new details on breaking news at 5:00. and then the child area. another customer saw it, took it home, saw the child pornography, called police, who then collected the surveillance video from the 7-eleven. they identified smallwood who has been a bus driver since 2005. underwent a criminal background
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check and fingerprinting at that time. his next court appearance be will be wednesday for a detention hearing. if convicted on all charges, he faces up to 30 years in prison. >> all right, gary, thank you for that. for the first time, we're hearing the defendant's own words for counting the night that robber juan was stabbed to death in a circle town home. defendant, joseph price's interrogation tape was played in open court. the two detectives questioning him said repeatedly that his story did not add up. they asked why an intruder would get into their house and stab an overnight guest who had only been there an hour. price told him that he knows his codefendants better than he knows his own mother or brother, and that there was no way, "on god's green earth that they could hurt robert." he says he didn't either. prosecutors plan to play more interrogation tapes tomorrow. today in centreville, they stopped drivers in the same spots where they believe the killers got away one week ago near the intersection of
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compton road and bay valley lane. the killer attacked 39-year- old, jose rosales who worked as a mandy man. >> it's kind of scary. >> you have not heard anything about the murder? >> no, i haven't. i live right up the street. >> it shocks you? >> yeah, i'm embarrassed to say. >> fairfax county want to hear from anyone who could help solve this case. well, we're talking a little weather and things are looking a little differently where topper is. you're watching television in a whole different way. >> reporter: i am, it's kind of weird. almost illegal to watch yourself on the screen, but i am. and we're going to talk about this. it's a big day for your mobile dtv and we're kind of excited about it. over the next four months, it'll be studied. we'll come back in a few minutes and talk more about it. but it is an interesting application. just think of being at a soccer game with your family and seeing dark clouds appear and you can watch the warnings right on your television.
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and we'll explain, hey, hey take cover or don't take cover. this is a pretty big deal to be able to have tv anywhere you go. and washington is a test market for the mobile devices. now, this is what i'm holding right now that is not available. but e sen will recallly in the next few months, probably by the end of the year, this will be available. and it has everything that you need. same as your phone, your e- mails. get all your data. and you can watch, you know, mobile tv. which is just cool. by the way, pretty good picture. you probably can't see it that way. but probably a good picture. imagine having, you know, all the information anywhere you go. and this is going to be a cool thing. and again, it's going to be tested for the next four months. it'll be studied in the who watches what issue how long they watch it. i think by the end of the year, this will become a hot, hot item. mobile dtv is here and it is going to stay, believe me. it'll take off. all right, let's talk about the weather. we have clouds now. the next three days. well, more and more sun.
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tomorrow, becoming partly cloudy. temperatures go back up into the upper 70s. this is a slight chance of the isolated storm. upper 80s on wednesday. and don't look now. 90 on thursday again with just isolated storms. right now, temperatures in the upper 70s. tonight, 66 downtown. if you go north and west, you go up towards gaithersburg, out towards leesburg and manassas, you'll be right around 64 the low. again, open the windows and keep the ac off for a while. we'll need it later on in the week. tomorrow, mostly cloudy and mild to start. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. and then by the afternoon, becoming partly cloudy. a little more sun tomorrow than what we had today. not a washout. high temperatures near 80 with
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lite winds. next seven days? and this will take you into the holiday weekend now. we're in pretty good shape tomorrow. 78. upper 80s on wednesday. 90 on thursday. and then 84 to 85 on friday. the cold front comes through over the weekend. looks okay. saturday should be all right. and 80 degrees on wednesday. maybe a shower on sunday. not a big deal at this point. temperatures will fall back into the mid to upper 70s on sunday and memorial day. this is of course the unofficial beginning of summer. and right now, the weekend looks okay. but as you know, it's only monday. all right, so that's it. we're live here at the museum. at pennsylvania avenue northwest. capitol over my shoulder there. and mobile dtv, is pretty cool stuff. it will be coming to a device near you soon. >> all right. thank you for that. i know you'll want to know about your iphone and when it is coming to your iphone. >> i'm marveling at topper getting a kick. >> yeah, we couldn't see it. maybe he'll bring it back and we'll get to test it. who knows. >> reporter: the nats are being tested really for the first
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time right now with an injury. they even have a tough time with that. >> totally clean except for a couple of pitchers. this is the big position player going down, hopefully for not thatting long. a risk you run with the 38-year- old, rodriguez, that has surpassed all expectations on the field, but his body, betraying him now. will that delay the arrival? we'll get into that. and plus, the baseball game that turned into a party. nine sports with brett.
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how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment. which is better for where you live, and better for where we all live. turn to the experts during cool choices and get up to $1200 cash back on an infinity system by carrier. when they signed the 38- year-old, they thought they were buying a veteran leader for the clubhouse and the guy who could mentor the young pitching staff. no one imagined he would be the top hitting catcher in the national's league which is what he is and what they have now lost. and the future hall of famer, places them on the 15-day deal with the lower back pain. that is never good. and it happen on -- it happened
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on saturday with that swing and a miss and swept something in the process. he will be the starter in his absence. he is then one of the most pleasant surprises for all of baseball this spring. leading the national catcher at the 325 batting average with 40 hits, nine doubles. on and on, the question is, can the 38-year-old catcher provide that grind for them? this is certainly not that. it is the 15-day stint on the dl which means he won't with available to catch on june 4, the day that everyone expects them to make his major league debut. it's not clear if they will now delay the kids unvailing so he could be in the capable hands with when he finally does see that for the first time. what we do know is that he will pitch tonight his fourth start for the aaa syracuse. and he has not, as you know, given up a run. and soon to be major leak teammates. they cannot wait to seat him with his own eyes. >> obviously, you know, he has
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done everything that and more. it'll be fun. we're just excited to see that good chance. >> he'll be an impact guy and he'll help us win. that's not necessarily the matter of guys that want to see him throw. but they know what they can add to the ball club. >> meanwhile, they have put them out for another big-time area. regarding the trade for that, the 32-year-old has been a game winner twice. while they are much improved, they know that he could veto them because of the no trade cost. football another week beginning for the season this morning. there is uncertainty about the wide receivers for them on the other hand. there is no question about the death that the redskins have airtight ends. now recovered from that broken ankle. constituting perhaps the most lethal one-two punch in that position for all of football.
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some dazzling runs. so fred, i ask you, is this your breakout year? >> tail that is what they needed to be for the year and the league. and you kind of want to see what players will have for the connection. >> i always appreciate when they try to answer that. >> for the nba, they have asked coach mike brown to lead them to the best record in the last two years. he had no comments on the issue. but you can best that he was consulted. for roger federer, he is the number one in the top seed. but he's not the favorite to win when they are playing out there. and he is always the odd maker's choice. to prove to them wrong today. beginning with the defense and the open crown. in some pretty tightty areas. just 11 for your errors of the
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match. cruising that out there. on the women's side, they had to work a little harder. andy murray came back from two sets down to beat with them. finally tonight, florida atlantic university, winning the sun belt conference baseball channel. celebrating in the usual way for the field. the whole team ran across the campus for the diving pool in uniform, made like they were the bush gardens. and including that is pretty nifty. wait for the head coach. well, that's not the head coach. did we see them already? there is the old heavy set guy. doing that for the gainer and the full twist. i don't know, i guess when you're in florida, that's what you do. >> that's right. when you're in florida, you do like them too. >> yeah, you get wet and you go swimming. topper was going to be here, but he's watching himself on television somewhere. >> yeah. that's it for us. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next live down at the gulf. derek will see you at 7:00. have a


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