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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 9, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> the next news is at noon. have great weekend. we will see you on monday. bye-bye. the king of miami. >> going to take my talents to miami and join the miami heat. >> the thrill of victory for miami. and the agony of defeat for cleveland as the most highly sought-after free agent of all time lebron james heads south. good-bye, spies. after pleading guilty, ten russian agents are sent packing in the first spy swap since the end of the cold war. we'll talk with the attorney for femme fatale anna chapman. stepmother suspected. the father of kyron horman sits
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down and tells us who he thinks is responsible for his son's disappearance. going after gibson. police investigating claims that oscar winner, mel gibson, one of hollywood's biggest money makers, beat up his former girlfriend. we'll tell you the trouble he's facing "early" this friday we'll tell you the trouble he's facing "early" this friday morning, july 9, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everyone, on this friday. i'm erica hill. >> i'm chris wragge. in case you missed it last night, the decision has been made. >> and it's clear how new york feels about it. >> lebron james going to south beach. >> not a shock, necessarily. >> i think about a week ago probably it was a shock, but yesterday everyone was reporting miami. >> by the time it was finally said last night, i didn't care anymore. just get to it. >> this is one of those vintage breakups. it's not you, it's me. poor cleveland, though.
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>> and not happy. burning of the shirts in cleveland. >> we'll talk about it jim gray, who conducted the interview, is with us. we'll talk about it. this reverberates throughout the entire nation now. >> yes, for several reason. we first want to get you to the biggest spy swap since the cold war. ten russian spies pleading guilty new york and thursday immediately sent packing back to moscow. cbs news justice correspondent bob orr is in washington with the latest. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it's a sudden end to a bizarre spy story that brought back clear echoes of the cold war. less than two weeks after they were rounded up and charged as russian agents, they are on their way home. boeing 767 carrying accused spies landed in vienna, austria, this morning after overnight flight from laguardia airport. it taxied to a halt behind a russian ministry emergency plane thought to be carrying four prisoners released by russia.
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the van carried out the spy-for-spy swap. the deal was sealed yesterday in manhattan yesterday when the ten working as unregistered agents for the russian government. the conclusion played out according to script. judge kimba wood asked the five men and women if they intended to plead guilty. one by one they stood in the jury box and calmly answered, yes. in signed confessions the suspects dropped all pretense, signing their real names. for example, the man who called himself juan lazaro wrote his true name. as the now admitted agents were sent to the airport for a flight out of the country, the other side of the prisoner exchange was revealed. russia released four prisoners, including scientist igor sutyag sutyagin. during an interview for "face the nation" attorney general eric holder defended the deal. >> we essentially orchestrated a swap so awe had access to or got
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back four people who had been charged in russia withing intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> reporter: the lawyer for anna chapman also praised the swap, celebrating his client's freedom. >> she is happy to be out of jail. >> reporter: now, after the brief stop in vienna, austria, this morning, the spies headed on to moscow. another interesting note, the plea agreement they all signed also prevents the spies from ever profiting on the caper. any money or money made on books or movies, will go to the u.s. government. >> cbs's bob orr in washington this morning. thanks. robert baum is the attorney for one of the russian agents, anna chapman. good to have with us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> you said anna wanted to stay in the u.s. so i imagine her reaction being told she's being deported to russia, probably not very happy. tell us what she said to you at that point. >> well, i can't disclose exactly what anna said to me. i can tell you that she was swa
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disappointed at the agreement when i brought it to her. she would have preferred to stay in the united states. she started a business here. and the business was doing extremely well. >> does she understand, though, why she was being deported and the actions that she took that led her there? >> i'm sure she does. she -- her actions, though, were very different from all of the other individuals that were arrested in many important respects. >> which respects? >> well, anna never used any false names. she never met with any individual of the russian federation. she -- she never accepted money. she never did any transfers. in fact, the only time that she was ever asked to do anything by an undercover fbi agent, she refused to do it. >> are you saying she was falsely charged? >> no, no. anna pled guilty. what i'm saying is that she satisfied the minimum requirements for that guilty plea. >> what happens now when she gets back to russia? where does she go?
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>> her family's in russia. she was born there. she's also a citizen of the united kingdom and she lived there for many years. i think she will spend some time with her family and make a decision about whether she wants to stay there or move on. what's important to her is her professional life, her business. she's well educated. and she's a very smart businesswoman. >> she made a splash, especially with the new york covers. she was on the cover -- i lost count how many days she was on the cover. she reportedly upset with that coverage. >> she had no contact with the outside world. from the time she was under arrest and after -- when the prosecution started, she was in solitary confinement. she was restricted to a cell for 23 hours a day. only allowed out for an hour. no phone calls, to visits, except by me. no tv and no newspapers. the only time she knew of the coverage in the case was from me. >> does she have any fear of
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repercussions when she gets back to russia because she was caught here in the u.s., pled guilty and heading home? >> she was not afraid about going back home. she has no fear whatsoever. >> robert baum, thank you. >> thank you for inviting me. >> chris, back to you. >> thank you. now the lebron james decision. after years of speculation, biggest free agent in history revealed last night he's going to play for the miami heat starting this fall. cbs news correspondent don teague is in miami, outside of james' few workplace. not that they needed another excuse to party down in south beach. >> reporter: no and they were partying here last night, chris, after a crazy 24 hours, nba superstar lebron james is already here in miami this morning. he flew here last night after finally announcing where he plans to play basketball for the next few years. tonight the focus of the sports world -- >> reporter: it was dubbed "the decision," millions of people
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were glued to their televisions. their teams and city's fortunes on the line. >> i'm going to take my talents to south beach and join the miami heat. >> reporter: lebron james, most coveted athlete ever, finally ended the media circus and months of speculation. >> is his career in cleveland over? >> when i woke up this morning i knew it was the right decision. >> reporter: while crowds here in miami rejoiced -- what does this mean to you? >> everything, everything. >> reporter: the losing cities groaned. >> he passed it up to one of a trifecta. he's going to be a sidekick rr the loudest cry came from his hometown of cleveland where shock and disappointment quickly turned to anger. >> that's the absolute worst decision ever. queen james, not king james. >> reporter: fans lit their former hero's jersey on fire. >> if you can see that image, how do you feel about it? >> well, i mean, i can't get involved in that. you know, one thing that i didn't want to do was make an
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emotional decision. and i wanted to do what was best, you know, for lebron james. i had seven great years in cleveland. i hope the fans understand. maybe they won't. >> reporter: cavaliers' owner dan gilbert was bitterly disappointed in the way james handled the announcement, only by learning of the decision by watching it on tv. >> did you have a cans to talk to dan gilbert in the last few days, even since making the decision? >> no, i haven't. >> reporter: in a scathing rebuke released last fight, gilbert blasted the display as self-promotional and narcissistic calling james' actions cowardly and a shocking act of disloyalty. >> you feel like you let a lot of people down. you raised a lot of people's expectations also, but it was a tough decision. because i know how loyal i am. >> reporter: in choosing miami, the two-time mvp will join all-stars dwyane wade and chris
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bosh, while details of the contract haven't been worked out, he will earn at least $30 million less than if he'd stayed in cleveland, but he hopes to win the championship. >> the major factor and major reason in my decision was the best opportunity for me to win. >> reporter: well, it's probably worth mentioning there were some financial incentive to come to florida instead of new york, as many people up there had hoped. particularly there's no state income tax here. had he gone to new york, he could have paid more than $12 million over the term of his contract in state and city taxes. >> it's always about the taxes. cbs's don teague in miami for us. thank you very much. sportscaster jim gray hosted the lebron announcement last night. he joins us here this morning. good morning to you. >> chris, how are you doing? >> did it surprise you he decided to leave cleveland? >> i think in the end you could start to see this slipping away. he tried very hard to get chris bosh to do a sign and trade and
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get the cavaliers to work something out but chris bosh did not want to come to cleveland. you could see this was starting to slip away but i think lebron attempted very hard to stay in cleveland. it couldn't be worked out by the parties. >> do you think people at home were saying, players have that much influence they can force their team to do certain things? some people would call it a charade, this free agency period, is a little bit much? >> he's a once in a lifetime player. yes, the process did over the top but it's a players' league. when you have somebody the caliber of lebron james, you saw what was going on. for crying out loud, president obama commented on this seven times. we have oil spills, wars, a lot going on and -- i mean, he wanted to see lebron james play in his hometown of chicago so everybody was interested from the fans all the way up to the top of our country. >> are you saying over the top, again, i know that this was -- this was a good get for you and espn last night but this whole
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decision and having this tv production, do you feel it was in lebron's best interest to go on national television and basically disappoint, devastate the city of cleveland under the kov of charity, which is the way some are seeing it this morning? >> well, i don't see how, you know, -- i'm not offended by it at all. so you're probably asking the wrong person. i thought it was terrific. >> do you think it was wrong for him? >> absolutely, why not? he commended it and he was able to do it and tens of thousands of kids are going to benefit from it. it was a huge financial success for the boys and girls clubs. they're going to do very well. yeah, what's wrong with it? i mean, would you rather the guy do it by fax, by twitter, on the internet? i mean, really, i find nothing wrong with it. >> but with something like this, cleveland being his hometown city and seeing the pictures of his jersey being burned, i mean, this wasn't like a guy who left the los angeles clippers to go to -- i mean, this was -- i mean, he is -- the cleveland cavaliers were all about lebron. he grew up there.
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he went to high school there. his home is -- can he go back? can he go back? or does he need a five-year cooling down period? they are irate in cleveland. >> it's going to be tough. he gave them seven glorious years. he put the franchise on the map. look at all he's done for that franchise, the value of it, all that happened, the tickets sold, boxes, sponsorships, the games he won. it's unfortunate he didn't win a championship and i think he feels badly. you could see the emotion and difficulty in leaving there. it's tough to leave home. >> never seen a guy who just signed a $100 million deal look so sad as he did last night. it probably was a very emotional decision for him to make last night. dan gilbert, we saw in don's piece a second ago, he has not responded kindly this morning. everything from the statement you awe in the piece a second ago basically to say, if you watch playoff games two, three, four, five, whatever, he quit. >> well, this is totally over the top. i mean, he didn't say any of these things when he was trying to recruit him to come there. if he felt that way, he was
7:14 am
being disingenuous. i like dan gilbert. i think it's an emotional outburst that inexpolice carable. he's upset. you can understand the fans being disappointed and upset. gordon gunn wouldn't have sold the team. dan gilbert wouldn't have been an owner if it weren't for lebron james. cooler heads will prevail and he'll regret those words for a long, long time. >> could you feel me saying, ask the question, ask the question. >> nope, kobt feel it at all. that wasn't my feeling. >> you're a good sport. thanks. more news on the morning and joining betty nguyen at the fuse de news desk. violent erupted in oakland, california, following the controversial verdict. this morning at least 80 people are under arrest. cbs news correspondent john blackstone has our report. >> reporter: hundreds of people
7:15 am
reacted in anger thursday following the involuntary manslaughter conviction of the shooting of an unarmed black man at the hands of a white former transit officer. large crowds looted and vandalized several stores and lit trash bins on fire as police arrested dozens overnight. in january 2009 several bystanders videotaped 22-year-old oscar grant being shot in the back as he lay face down on an oakland, california, train platform officer mehserle says he was reaching for his taser and grabbed his gun instead. >> my son was murdered. and there -- and the law has not held the officer accountable the way that he should have been held accountable. >> this is not an involuntary manslaughter case. this was a true compromised verdict and we are extraordinarily disappointed at
7:16 am
that. >> reporter: prosecutors believe justice was still served. >> it's important to note that this jury did not relieve johannes mehserle of his criminal liability. the punishment for his crime carries a sentence of two, three or four years in state prison. >> reporter: this brings little comfort to many who think the system failed. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. in philadelphia, searchers have recovered a body near wednesday's duck boat crash. it's thought to be one of two people missing since the crash. the aboat was carrying 32 peopl when a barge smashed into it on the dell river. national guard troops have been mobilized to help flooding people in south texas. the rio grande river is more than 40 feet deep, as you look at a live picture right now. it's still flooding in much of laredo, texas. let's see how the weather is shaping up for the weekend with
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dave price. >> good morning to you. let's see what's happening. the heat wave beginning to retreat. the high pressure system slipping to the south. the southeast getting all that hot air. we are getting that humidity spinning up off the atlantic. boston, new york, washington, richmond, temps in the 80s and 90s today, but sticky. then a cold front is going to move through and that is going to bring some stronger thundershowers over the weekend, but behind it, less humid air, more comfortable
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7:17. got another significant heat wave going on in the pacific northwest. we'll talk about that at at 7:30. still ahead this morning, five weeks after kyron horman vanished, his father now explaining why he thinks the boy's stepmother is involved. in his son disappearance. >> this is "the early show" on cbs. my doctor told me, as we age... it's harder to build bone density with calcium and vitamin d alone. he recommends citracal plus bone density builder... the only calcium supplement with genistein found in nature in soy and proven to significantly build bone density. citracal. are the things we make. this has always been a nation of builders, craftsmen. men and women for whom straight stitches and clean welds were matters of personal pride.
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when we come back, we have more on the kyron horman situation. >> we're learning some details in the restraining order filed by kyron's father against his step mom. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" upon sored by mercedes benz, experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. this is our pool. ♪
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look at that good looking crowd out on the plaza this morning. erica, i can safely say they made the right decision. >> indeed, they did. i saw their announcement last night, and i have to say it was really well done. >> it was well done. >> beautifully produced. >> nice interview, too. >> chris, did you a great job with that. welcome back to "the early show," chris wragge along with erica hill. we told you how mel gibson was reportedly caught on tape hitting his girlfriend. now police are looking into that alleged beating. also ahead this morning, more drama for lindsay lohan. her lawyer has quit and reports lohan wants her new attorney to appeal the 90-day jail sentence.
7:31 am
her father michael lohan will join us. first, we want to give you the latest on the kyron horman situation. the 7-year-old boy who's been missing in portland, oregon, fov for five weeks, and his father is saying for the first time in public that he thinks the boy's stepmother is joining us. priya david clemens joins us from portland, oregon. >> reporter: we're at the school kyron attended. the biological parent of the little boy are pointing their fingers at the boy's step mom, terri horman. as birth parents of kyron horman sat down for an interview, new information had just come to light. a restraining order by kaine against stepmother terri horman and allegations that terri failed a polygraph.
7:32 am
in this restraining order that was just released, you state you believe your wife is involved in the disappearance of your son. >> because she's not telling the truth. >> kyron! >> reporter: in the early days of the investigation, both kaine horman and desiree young say they passed polygraph tests but claim terri did not, even when police gave her a second chance. >> she went in and went through part of it and walked out in the middle of it. and then delayed for well over a week before the second one. huge concern. >> reporter: what if you're wrong about terri? >> you don't fail a polygraph twice if you're not guilty. i can tell you what i ate that day and she can't tell you where she was. >> reporter: publicly the family appeared united in their grief, but desiree now says she harbored suspicions from the moment she learned kyron went missing from school on june 4th. >> i have had feelings since i got the phone call and -- >> reporter: so the minute you got the phone call that kyron
7:33 am
was missing, you thought of her? >> i thought, she better not have done anything to my son. >> reporter: while there's no proof terri did anything to kyron, kaine spoke for the first time about revelations his wife may have plotted against him. you also state in this restraining order that you've recently learned she had attempted to hire someone to murder you. how hard was that to state? >> it still hasn't even sunk in. i'm focused on kyron and my brain still cannot process the statement. >> reporter: were you and terri having money problems ? >>. >> reporter: he says he believes postpartum depression changed his wife after the birth of heir daughter 18 months ago. >> i think things have changed from who she used to be. >> reporter: while kyron's parents are convinced terri is
7:34 am
to blame, they hold out hope kyron is alive. you're not denying that someone else may be involved? >> no, because it's quite possible. >> reporter: in fact, in some ways i guess you're hoping someone else is involved because that means someone else is carrying for your son in. >> yes. >> reporter: kaine horman has asked a judge to remove his wife back from their home. >> priya david clemens in portland, thank you. getting bits and bits of information every day but still the big question is, where is this little boy? >> that's the one that they want answered. dave joining us with another check of the weather, switch gears a little bit here. >> all the attention being focused in the northeast about this heat wave, well, let's go out to the northwest where folks have been dealing with the same thing since the middle of the week. right up and down the i-5 corridor. seattle, portland, medford,
7:35 am
stretching into spokane. temperature in the 90s and triple digits. high pressure spinning, taking all that steamy air and bringing it north. we'll see that break as we head through the next 24 hours as well. that's good news. in the meantime, let's take a look at the tropical activity. it's going to bring a fair amount of rain to areas of south texas, mexico, stretching as far to the north as houston, even dallas could be seeing some rain today and some delays popping up. one, two, maybe even three inches in some isolated places. in the oil spill area, waves 1 to 4 feet. wind out of the east-southea
7:36 am
that's a quick look at your weather picture. midsection of the country looking good. great lakes looking good today. and some relief in the northeast. >> works for me. up next, mel gibson is the focus of a domestic violence investigation and his ex-girlfriend is talking to police. that's coming up here on "the early show" on cbs. bronchitis was copd... i started managing it every day. i like to volunteer... hit the courts... and explore new places. i'm breathing better with spiriva. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day... it keeps my airways open to help me breathe better all day long. spiriva does not replace fast acting inhalers for sudden symptoms.
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purina cat chow. oscar winner mel gibson this morning. police in malibu, california, investigating a reported case of domestic violence involving his ex-girlfriend. cbs news correspondent bill whitaker has the story. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say they've opened a preliminary inquiry into claims that hollywood star mel gibson physically abused his former girlfriend, russian singer oksana grigorieva. >> we don't know exactly what happened between them and how much of it was kind of in the heat of the moment, but if these
7:40 am
statements turn out to be remotely true, i think mel gibson has a lot to answer for. >> reporter: the l.a. county sheriff's office says it was gathering information regarding the allegations that stemmed from an incident last january at gibson's malibu mansion. >> i was walking! what, i need a walking license now? >> reporter: the 5 4-year-old actor and grigorieva split in april after dating a year. they're now locked in a bitter custody battle over their 8-month-old daughter. the website, radaronline, claims it obtained recordings from the alleged attack. according to the website, gibson can be heard hurling vicious racial and sexual expletives as grigorieva, while hitting her. gibson has had well-known problems dating back to 2006 when he stunned hollywood making anti-semitic comments to law enforcement officers who had arrested him for drunk driving. he was quoted as saying, jews are responsible for all the wars in the world. gibson later apologized
7:41 am
publicly. >> i think after this incident, if the allegations prove to be true, there's going to be a lot less slack cut and arguably 4iz film career may be done. >> reporter: gibson became a star in the early '80s playing a action hero in the mad max movies but it was the lethal weapons films that sent him to super stardom. gibson has not commented on the domestic violation allegations. bill whitaker, cbs news, hollywood. >> cbs news legal analyst lisa bloom joins us this morning from los angeles. good to see you. >> good morning. >> so, police are investigating at this point, although it happened, as we understand it, months ago. what kind of legal mess is mel gibson in right now? >> well, i think he's in a lot of trouble if the investigation reveals any incidents of domestic violence. it's true these are six months' old and if his ex-girlfriend is the complaining witness, she'll have to answer questions as to why it took her six months to come forward. on the other hand, if she has the tape, as some websites claim, of him attacking her,
7:42 am
assaulting her, beating her, even hurling verbal epithets at her. the tape will be critical in this investigation. >> what is the chances we'll ever hear that tape? >> well, if it is -- if this case goes to trial, certainly that would come out at trial. that's unlikely. 95% of cases settle before trial. and i think mel gibson would have a lot of incentive to make sure this case is resolved without those tapes being made public. california is a two-party state, erica, that means both parties to a conversation need to consent to it being taped in the first place. on the other hand, there's a crime exception, which means that if oksana grigorieva thought she was about to become the victim of a crime, if, for example, he was making death threats as she con tenned, she could get around that and the tapes would be legal. i think they're both in for a major legal argument about the tapes, their admissibility and that will be the center of the case. >> there is their daughter who
7:43 am
is involved here because they were involved in this custody battle. there were reports they had worked it out on their own. what could all of this do to any sort of agreement that had been there prior? >> well, the question is, if he's violent to the mother, is he violent to the child? and generally the courts say no to that. he can be a fit father, even if he abusive to the mother. there's no allegations that he's been abusive in any way to his little daughter. the party have reportedly worked out a custody agreement between them. i think that would ee main in place absent any untoward conduct toward the baby and we don't have evidence of that right now. >> bill referred to this in his piece, there was that famous incident in 2006 which happened with police officers. when you take into account these past actions, will those come into play as showing some sort of history for him and how does that figure in? >> probably wouldn't come into play in this case, it's remote in time, four years ago, and
7:44 am
it's not as to her. i think there's plenty in this case involving his alleged abusive allegations that come would come in. their entire relationship, their course of conduct, any incidents of abuse, and those tapes, half an hour of tape, any more than that, that will come in and the court will comb over that very carefully. >> do you think there's something more here? is that why we're starting to hear about it now, that perhaps the police know that we don't know at this point? >> that's possible. so much of what goes on in the big hollywood cases is under wraps and behind closed doors, worked out with attorneys. we know that oksana grigorieva has been visiting hadder attorney's office a lot recently. there was a custody agreement reached in may. the question is, why now? is it because some fuse otherses got ahold of the tape and that caused police to investigate on their own, or did she come forward? >> there's no way to stop it
7:45 am
even if, in fact, something had been worked out. once the investigation is under works, they can't say, you know, we worked it out, we're good. >> that's right. you can't have a civil agreement to get around a criminal act. although many times people try to do that. the police are empowered to investigate this on their own, even if the parties have resolved it on their own civilly. >> lisa bloom, good to have you with us. thanks. still ahead this morning, michael lohan, lindsay's father, trying get her into rehab. he'll join us on that trouble and the prospect of his daughter going to jail.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
situation, which keeps -- every day we find out the prescription drugs she's on, the attorney dumped her. >> there's been all this controversy over her nails which she says not at all related to that court appearance. just something she had done. >> you have to keep in mind, i mean, this is a celebrity story. but there are thousands of parents of nonfamous people trying to, you know, get their own kids into recovery and save their own kids. this is just one example, can we focus on because she's famous. >> and plenty of people in this country battling addictions to prescription drugs. >> a very public version. we'll talk to michael coming up. [ woman ] most of us don't get enough fiber in our diets.
7:50 am
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rule the air. welcome back to "the early show" on a friday morning. plenty of friends with us here on the plaza. iowa, ohio, ontario,dy hear you say? hawaii. >> aloha. that is friday noise, which is so much better than the noise we hear during the rest of the week. >> huge difference. i'm erica hill along with chris wragge and dave price. >> good morning. coming up, michael lohan is here, his daughter begins her 90-day july sentence on the 0th of july. she's changed lawyers repeatedly -- or reportedly, rather, want to appeal.
8:01 am
we'll speak with him about his fears and hopes for his daughter's future. we'll hearing more details each day, each one a little worse than the next. we'll talk to michael coming up. also ahead, the disaster in the gulf. lenny kravitz has helped raise millions of dollars for his fellow new orleans residents who have lost their jobs. we'll take us aon exclusive trip around his beloved gulf coast, we'll meet some of his friends hurting and we'll take a look at what he hopes can make things better. >> first, let's go inside. betty nguyen standing by at the news desk with this morning's headlines. good morning. >> good morning, guys. a russian spy swap, the largest since the cold war, has been completed. the exchange took place this morning in vienna. two jet lines, one from each country, delivered ten deported agents and four. in an exclusive interview for "face the nation" attorney general eric holder told bob
8:02 am
schieffer, it was a win for both sides. >> we orchestrated a swap so we got back four people who were charged in russia for conducting intelligence activities on behalf of western countries. >> you can see more of the interview this sunday on "face the nation". now to lebron james. he's headed to miami to play basketball. the folks in cleveland are not taking it well. james announced last night he is ditching his hometown to chase a championship. cbs news correspondent don teague is in miami with the latest. i'm sure many are still celebrating there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are. they were not happy in cleveland but cheers of celebration in miami last night as lebron james, two-time mvp of the nba announced he was coming here to the miami heat for the next five years. he did so in what some called a narcissistic tv special, angering his fans in cleveland, crushing the hopes of fans in
8:03 am
five other nba cities that had hoped their teams would sign james. in cleveland, some fans actually burned lebron james' jerseys. the only of the cleveland cavaliers called the decision to leave for miami, quote, a cowardly betrayal. for his part, though, james says his decision to come to miami is all about winning. >> i feel like it's -- it's going to give me the best opportunity to win and to win for multiple years. and not only just the win in the regular season or just to win five games if a row or three games in a row, i want to be able to win championships. i feel like i can compete down there. >> reporter: so, they were burning jerseys in cleveland. here in miami, they are already printing new lebron james miami heat jerseys. by the way, he joins chris bosh and dwyane wade, creating what fans here are calling the ultimate nba dream team. one sports writer says, miami is now the capital of basketball.
8:04 am
betty? >> i guess that's one way to look at it. all right, don teague in miami. thank you, don. there is new hope this morning for development of an aids vaccine. a reported today in the journal "science" says researchers have found two powerful antibodies that fight 90% of many strains of the aids virus. it hopes it can lead to a vaccine to prooevenlt aids. we're learning more about this week's kidnapping of a little girl in missouri who was later found alive. dean reynolds reports. >> reporter: alisa maier was greeted by friends, relatives and a round of applause as she returned home, the happy ending everyone in town had hoped and prayed for. >> it's like every christmas i ever had in my life all rolled into one. >> reporter: the 4-year-old's hair had been cut by her abductor, but otherwise she seemed the same as before her kidnapping on monday night. >> she's happy. she's happy. to her, it's like this never even happened.
8:05 am
>> reporter: her 6-year-old brother blake pointed investigators in the right direction, providing a description of a stranger who took alisa, and the car he was driving. and a security camera in a walmart store where the suspect, 38-year-old paul smith, bought a change of clothes for alisa, added invaluable information as authorities closed in. >> we were able to get some evidence off of the video that led us to mr. smith, which led us to his background, which led us to his address, which led us to sending investigators to his location in lincoln county. >> reporter: smith was spray painting his car at the time officers approached, but he pulled a gun and shot himself before they could reach him. he died wednesday night. >> there's no reason at this point to believe anybody else was involved. >> reporter: besides, authorities said when alisa saw a picture of the suspect on tv, she told her father, that's the man who cut my hair. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. katie couric has a preview
8:06 am
of tonight's "cbs evening news." good morning. every child deserves a chance to turn the pages of a book. now one man's bringing the joy of reading to the developing world, filling shelves and minds with the american spirit. that's tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to the "early show." >> and we want to take you back outside now. great crowd on the plaza, and of course dave price as well. >> good morning. we're going live right here. we have an ohioan here from marion, ohio, i think about two hours and change from the cleveland area. how is everyone in ohio taking this news of lebron james? >> it's bad but we may put it on our jobs lead list that we need a new basketball player. >> what do you do? >> i work at marian connections, job and family services. >> you find people jobs? >> yes. >> so, there is a new one. we're looking for a very tall man to take a job in cleveland. >> exactly. >> always accentuating the positive. that's what i love about people in ohio. nice to see you. we have friends from nebraska here. how are you?
8:07 am
let's take a check of the weather all across the country, see what's happening. put up the maps. temps look like this. look at the high heat, beginning to subside in the northeast, but moving toward the southeast. it's going to be uncomfortable. hot weather, same story as you head out to the pacific northwest. warmest place in the country today, though, probably as far as the big cities go, phoenix, 112 degrees. say it with me. ouch! >> ouch. >> ouch! >> that's a quick look at our nationals maps. here's an "early" look at what's going on in your area.
8:08 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by kraft macaroni and cheese. you know you love it. so, i just met this woman. i'm like, where are you from? she says dallas. i says, dallas in dallas? she says, texas. it's the nerves, it's the nerves. that's a quick look at your weather picture. back inside. >> thank you very much. this morning lindsay lohan is reportedly asking her new lawyer to try to stop her from going to jail on july 20th. her former attorney shawn chapman holley resigned on thursday. legal experts say an appeal of the sentence is unlikely. joining us now is lindsay's father, michael lohan, joining us here this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> you were in the courtroom when the decision was handed down the other day. what were your initial thoughts when you heard 30 more days, 30 more days and then another 30-day prison sentence? >> i was kind of surprised as
8:09 am
lindsay was. i think they got blindsided. i think shawn and lindsay were under the impression she wasn't going to get that amount of time. >> when you shun the courts, as she had, publicly like that, do you really think there was shock and surprise there? >> no, but, you know, i mean, we've sent letters to the court and asked lindsay to get help prior to the sentencing. so and so forth. it fell upon deaf ears. i think everyone realizes due to the probation report there is a major prescription drug problem. and i do think that the sentence warrants some kind of investigation or appeal based upon the inconsistency of the program's evidence and the da's case. at the same time, i think -- i'm glad the judge did mandate lindsay to rehab, but it has to be the right program. i just wish she would have given her rehab first and then if she doesn't complete the rehab completely and sufficiently, then -- then give her jail. and i hope those are the grounds for the appeal as well. >> and the fact she is going to
8:10 am
go to prison now, and the fact that you've now publicly seen all the prescription drugs she's on, how much danger do you think your daughter is in? >> it's toxic. no doubt the combination, legal experts and medical experts have said the same. it's a toxic combination. and it's surprising that something didn't happen to her already. it's surprising she didn't overdose or worse. >> i know you're trying to reach out to your daughter now and to help her the best you you can. is there any part, as a parent, and you've kind of been through the ups and downs with her publicly and privately over the past few years, is there any part of you that feels responsible for the situation she's? ? >> of course. i've answered that 100 times. i have to share my part of the responsibility, my accountability. i'm not going to deny it. i mean, being away from my family because of, you know, the whole ruk cuss with my brother-in-law and the dwi, did create some part of this downfall. lindsay was never on a prescription drug. she never had a drink or a cocaine problem until that happened and the divorce ensued.
8:11 am
>> have you -- >> go ahead. >> have you been able to talk to her at all since the sentence? >> only in court when i walked in. i leaned over, i told her i love her, god bless hadder. >> i know you're reaching out but she wants nothing to do with you, is that right? >> it's worse than that. i was on great speaking terms with my ex-wife and daughter, but someone gave dina and ali and lindsay the letter we gave to the judge, asking to matter what, they put lindsay in rehab. they said, we don't need rehab and they're mad at me because i sent the letter. >> we had an interventionist on yesterday saying the best thing for lindsay would be total support from friends and family. >> there you go. >> the problem being, you say friends are enablers, that dina doesn't have her best interest at heart right now and she won't that to you, so where does she turn? >> it's funny you say that, too, because since lindsay was in,
8:12 am
her lawyers and family said we should get together and discuss this. it's a shame she doesn't have real friends around her. they're documenting it on tv. it's a shame they're not saying, you're taking serious efforts to change your life. when i did call up and try to get in touch with dina, she said, listen, the guy from is handling the situation. so, now it's in someone else's hands. >> and they're reportedly shopping around -- or pitching a $1 million offer for her out of jail story, reportedly. >> it's ridiculous. >> michael, thank you for taking the time to join us. we hope this works out well. >> keep us if your prayers. up next, the foods and products that can increase your chances of getting a sun burn, everything from pain pills to parsley. that's coming up here on "the early show" on cbs. omething spe. something i've served at, the white house. [ woman ] oh former president jefferson. i made mac and cheese too.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
in this morning's "healthwatch," sun burn boosters. believe it or not, some things you eat, drink, put on your skin or in your body can make you more senses ive to sun damage. obviously, these are things you probably want to avoid. dr. jennifer ashton is here this morning with a look at those list of goodies for all of us before we hit the beach this morning. good morning. >> good morning, erica. >> so, beyond getting a sun burn, which is an obvious sign that perhaps you might be a little sensitive to the sun, how do you know your skin is more sensitive? >> these can be pretty subtle signs or symptoms, either in yourself or in someone around you. we talk about something called photo sensitivity or sensitivity to the sun. it really is a reaction that is out of proportion to the sun exposure that you've had. for example, if you're out in the sun for ten minutes and you come in intaish into the next day or so because it can take 4 hours for these to manifest, you're very red. you're itchy. you have some little bumps and you've only been out ten minutes, that can be a sign. >> that's a sign. let's get to the list of things
8:17 am
that may also make you more sensitive to the sun. right up at the top, different medications. >> different medications. these are incredibly common, erica, so the chances you or someone you know is taking one of them, let alone multiple of them, is actually pretty high. we're talking first of all like pain medications, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, moat rtrin -- >> over-the-counter stuff? >> over-the-counter. things like cypro, dire retices like lasix and herbs line st. john's wort, dhe make your skin much more sensitive to the sun. >> it says somz creams, medic e medicated or not. >> beauty products and whatnot. these are things people use all the time, more so in the summer. over-the-counter screams or prescriptions, acne medication
8:18 am
in pill or cream form, like accutane or creams that contain alpha hydroxyic assets, even at baseline increase the sensitivity of your skin. in the summer you add a little or a lot of sun exposure, it ups the ante considerably. >> you have a margarita in front of you, not just because it's friday. tease are foods that can make you more sensitive to the sun as well. >> right. this is the more subtle offender, kind of stealth here. these foods can increase your sensitivity either when you touch them with skin-to-skin contact or you ingest them. something like celery, difficult, fennell, parsley or lime, and these happen to be green, but other things lying figs, carrots, they can do it, too. you want to be careful if you're preparing these foods, you want to wash your skin very well. >> no more margaritas laying by the pool. >> you can drink it but don't bathe in it. >> we appreciate you being here. for pore on sun burns logon to
8:19 am and do a search for sun safety. he predicts world cup winners and now he's famous. he has eight arms. the final prediction from paul the octopus when we come back. >> announcer: c"cbs healthwatch sponsored by prevacid. same medicine, new location, the shelf. it contains the same medicine but it's available without a prescription to treat frequent heartburn. prevacid®24hr. frequent heartburn relief all day and yes, all night. guys. can i help you? i'm sandy and i heard you've been struggling with the quilt. i'm here to take you through my 1-step program to break the quilted habit. but i've always used quilted towels. quilted is towel speak for air. but viva puts 35% more towel between you and the mess. wow, 35% more? are you ready to take that 1-step to see what an unquilted viva towel can do? yes, i'm ready.
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beautiful. [ cheers and applause ] [ sandy ] try viva® and quit the quilt. in a recently published study, key nutrients reviewed were found to be absorbed by the body. these nutrients help support energy and immunity. science gives you more reason to trust centrum. these nutrients help support energy and immunity. i got no pulse. we're losing him. charging. he's in v-fib. let's shock him. he drives that road all the time. we just had a few drinks. this can't be happening. are we clear? clear. we were just buzzed.
8:21 am
just buzzed? you didn't tell us that, sir. you're right, this isn't happening. he'll be fine. yeah, i feel good. really? no. not really. announcer: buzzed driving. maybe we should stop acting like it's no big deal. big news, world cup final in south africa on sunday. this has been huge the last month or so. spain playing the netherlands. this morning all eyes turn to germany where an octopus named paul had been predicting who would win the games. so far his record is 100% right. oe made his final prediction early this morning and he chose spain to win their very first world cup. do we go against what paul the octopus -- >> i don't know. his track record is pretty good. >> so far.
8:22 am
>> let's just say if he is right on spain, i see endorsement deals in his future. >> the phone's been ringing off the hook apparently at the aquarium -- >> and he's answered all of them. >> it's easy when you have eight arms. >> yesterday reports he was on the phone with eight different agents, all at the same time. >> he has a book coming out, move have i, all of that. >> that was the decision. >> who needed espn. >> half the country was watching paul the octopus, the other half was watching paul the octopus. >> we'll learn more when he has his own prime time special. i hear you're hosting? >> i'm interviewing. i was wait fog are my big break. i got it. >> we have extra vitamin water in the back. >> exactly. >> 100% correct. you know, that's tough for the dutch. >> he's picking germany over uruguay -- >> the consolation game. >> it's a german octopus. you knew he was going to go for germany. >> paul, look, he goes for the winner. >> does anyone want to know how
8:23 am
he got the name paul? >> i do, actually. >> if you have an octopus -- >> a lot of germans -- >> of all names, why would you land on paul? [ male announcer ] progress. progress is saving tax payers millions of dollars, with the help of visa digital currency. which lets troy reiners, manager of nebraska's child support payment center, put money into pre-paid visa accounts for just a penny... instead of mailing out checks for 59 cents each.
8:24 am
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welcome back to the "early show." you see the kids from the summer expressions camp represent one the five boroughs. >> that's right. >> we love brooklyn. >> good job, kids. good job. nice and loud here this morning. you guys ready to embark on the weekend? >> i am. before that we have unfinished business here on "the early show." you may have heard it was hot this week. >> just a little. >> did anybody hear it was hot, humid? it made people a little crazy. we're going to have a little fun with that as we enjoy doing. along with some of the other stories of the week in our we'll get the take from the best xheedic minds in the country.
8:31 am
also ahead, lenny kravitz has brought more than his music to new orleans. he's lived there for seven years and participated in fund-raisers for the gulf coast. he gave me an exclueses ive look at the region he's grown to love and the effects of the oil spill is having on his friends and neighbors. one of our new neighbors, chef todd english, is getting rave reviews. we'll show you how to make some signature snacks offered at the plaza hotel, about 30 yards from where we're standing right now. >> lucky us. >> if it's a good segment we might head over there after this program to really start the weekend. first, dave wants to get us another check of the weather so you know what to expect this weekend. mr. price. >> big dave. >> yes, sir. yes, ma'am. nice to see you guys. lovely crowd out here. a very special out to my friends wgme in portland, maine. sinclair broadcasting, right? >> correct. >> this is one of your star salespeople right here. this is how hard they work.
8:32 am
they sell actually on foot all over the northeast. nice to see you and thanks for coming. you have some beautiful weather up there right now and you have the lobster festival going on in maine. mm, i love it! and we've got campers here. nice to see you. and that's not forget when you talk about high heat but a lovely place, tucson, arizona, big shout out to the lancers there. my aunt barbara lives out there. i love it. let's go to the maps and see what's happening across the country, shall we? we'll see an end to the high heat, especially in new england, sections offism i-95. spreading inland to places like spokane. mid $section of the country looks good and look for some rain in the texas gulf coast area. that's a quick look at our national map.
8:33 am
that's a quick look at your weather, people. say hello to everyone in virginia today. you guys look like surfer dudes. are you surfer dudes? >> no. >> are you twins? yes. incredible. erica, over to you. oh, what a week. the semtemperatured soared, liny lohan, and spying in russia were sent packing. mo rack ka, and olivia munn joining us for the first time, senior asian correspondent for "the daily show" and the author
8:34 am
of "suck it, wonder woman." >> no, ish -- >> if you could keep it under wraps. >> no one knew it was hot this week either. >> not at all. >> i'm impressed you all survived the heat wave. you live in new york city, how did you survive? >> i spent the week in houston. >> where it felt cooler and less humid? >> there was actually a chill. i had to borrow a pashmina. >> that's unfortunate. >> yes. >> what did you make of the heat wave, joe? >> i don't know when we moved to the surface of venus. i thought i would be consulted if we were making a plantary move. literally the building down the street from me was on fire -- >> fire was crazy. >> i didn't know how they knew it was that hot. no, nothing? >> it was a nice try, though. >> i'm from oklahoma, right above texas, fun fact, and it's
8:35 am
very humid there all of the time. so i -- when i would walk out, when people would talk about the heat, i didn't -- it's hot? >> but the wind comes sweeping down the plain, doesn't it? >> when i'm in a covered wagon it does. >> with the french on the top. we should not confuse weather with climate, though, right in this shouldn't necessarily be an indication of climate change. >> no, but it would be nice if the global heating deniers who thought, hey, it was cold last winter, there's no such thing as global heating, now had to eat their words -- >> i prefer you dress me by my first name, olivia. >> oh. >> even al gore would say this is just earth's second chakra just aking up a little bit. >> very bad. >> thanks. >> we have to move on. lindsay lohan. >> yes. >> did i just hear -- i just heard handcuffs. olivia, is it going to work for her, especially with the manicure she has going? >> here's the thing. the vietnamese nail salon people, i think they told her it meant like honor and she didn't know. so, they were like, you know, we write honor on your nail.
8:36 am
it mean honor. so she didn't know. that's not her fault. >> how could you know what that means? >> yeah. >> it's a subtle message. i'm not quite sure what she's trying to say. the funny thing s it's hostile message on top of a rainbow color nail -- >> does that confuse it a little bit? >> it has the effect of a third grade girl with a biker tattoo. it's confusinconfusing. >> it's very trendy called a pardon my french manicure. >> i just think she's learning to use her words more. i think it's nice. she's using her words. good job. >> guess what, she's going to do in prison, she's going to make tiny little barbie license plates because she's really good at small print and ideas, prison -- prisoners make license plates. >> they do. well, speaking of not going to prison, spies. spies gone. anna chapman, i don't know if she'll really be gone. joe, do you to want tackle this one first? >> i would love to tackle anna chapman. >> is that a wedding ring?
8:37 am
>> it is a wedding ring. let's not get into -- >> spies never count. >> especially russian spies. anna chapman, a russian spy who's gorgeous, redhead. you know, redhead and communist. it was like a dream come true for the new york post. she's a red hot red. >> well, i believe -- what was the headline yesterday? can we keep her? >> can we keep her. >> the trade is ridiculously. we're giving up one bond girl for four boris. >> we should have had you in on the exchange, which i told were done at the highest levels of government so i don't know why you weren't consulted. >> but we're trading 11 for 4 because the 11 who were here seem to have done nothing. as far as we know, they -- >> they were hanging out. they were -- >> they raised beautiful shrubs in montclair, new jersey -- >> the hydrangeas were beautiful. >> exactly. they partied in new york clubs, took topless photos. >> i think the topless photos were born out of proportion.
8:38 am
it was a heat wave, she was hot. trying to cool off. >> thanks for bringing it full circle. my favorite story of the week is that levion stone came out and -- >> he came out? that's amazing. >> man, let her finish. >> thank you, olivia. some things he said about the palin family were not true, not true. >> so, a teenager who breaks up with his girlfriend says untrue things about her and her family? that is a shocker. i don't think that's happened before. >> i think he should apologize for his "playgirl" spread first and then go to the palins because america is hurt, first and foremost, and some people in alaska. >> just when he thought he was out, they pull him right back in. it's amazing, that family. >> the bond. >> yes. >> the bond. mo rocca, joe levy, olivia munn, good to have you with us. >> thanks. >> i think we need a studio audience. >> for the laughter. >> or a laugh track maybe. we move on. day 81 of the gulf oil spill and
8:39 am
we're about to see the disaster in the gulf through the eyes of singer/songwriter lenny kravitz. recently our betty nguyen spent a day with him in the gulf. >> good morning, chris. yes, lenny kravitz is using his voice to help those effected by the oil spill. he took me on a tour of some of the areas and businesses at risk as this disaster continues to spread along the gulf coast. >> reporter: it was 1993, lenny kravitz just released a major hit. ♪ i'm going to go my way >> reporter: which helped launch a career earning him four consecutive grammys. that same year, he moved to new orleans, a city defined by its soul. the rock legend finds inspiration in its people. ♪ i want to go away >> reporter: he spent the past five years recovering from hurricane katrina. was it just starting to feel like new orleans before the oil spill? >> it feels great. it feels like the new orleans i moved to. ♪
8:40 am
>> now, the disaster of the oil. and it's another great challenge. >> reporter: a challenge that could devastate a place he calls home. something krav ititz is trying prevent. a little muddy around here. >> you okay? >> reporter: yeah. >> i care about this planet. i care about nature. i care about the ecosystem. i believe god gave us a beautiful world in which to live. and it saddens me when these type of things happen. >> reporter: he's participated in benefit that have raised millions for the gulf and seen the effects firsthand. >> a week or two into the whole spill, i just started going around talking to people, meeting people. i thought, this is where i should be. i should be here, trying to help where i can, in whatever small humble way that i can. ♪ >> reporter: kravitz took us for a tour in the marshland of st. bernard parish.
8:41 am
we met people he now calls friends. people who depend on these waters to live. >> what are the fishermen going to do? bp's not going to stick here forever. bp will stay here until their broke and then they're gone. then what is this community going to do? >> reporter: the oil gushing from the gulf is threatening the louisiana gulf seafood industry. >> this is my friend george, a third generation commercial fisherman. so, if this oil comes in, god forbid, what's the future? for this industry, people like you? >> for the -- i don't want to wait for the oil company. this boat is not designed to catch tar balls. >> reporter: fear the oil spill will troy the local seafood industry has already started to spread, from canals along the marsh to restaurants in the famed french quarter.
8:42 am
>> so, this is one of my favorite restaurants. she's an institution here. >> reporter: irene's. >> irene. this is irene. >> reporter: hi. >> so, this is my friend irene and some of my most favorite food in new orleans. >> reporter: what do you call? >> lots of mussels and clams and lots of oysters, which we have not been able to get lately. we have a very rough time getting seafood in our restaurant. >> reporter: irene's problem is one that many along the gulf coast simply can't afford. people's lives are being effected, their livelihoods. as an artist you take that in. does that inspire you to write, create, speak out? what does that inspire you? >> it inspires me to be the best person i can be. unfortunately, what i can do is very small in the scheme of, you know, billions of gallons of oil coming out of the ocean. ♪
8:43 am
>> reporter: it's taken several years since katrina for the new orleans culture to come back. ♪ if you want it you got it ♪ you just got to believe >> reporter: for nearly two deck as kravitz has formed a bond with this community, which is why this latest threat has become personal. >> at the end of the day, this is a very place and it needs to be cleaned up and preserved. that's our duty. that's what we need to focus on. ♪ hard to be loved >> it was clear after spending the day with lenny kravitz that he is determined to help in any way that he can, but ultimately there is only so much that can be done until the leak is finally fixed and oil stops flowing from the bottom of the gulf. >> interesting to see him out there, interacting with the people. it has to be great for the day-to-day operations for some of these people, to see a guy like lenny come around -- >> he's a part of the community. he's lived there for 17 years.
8:44 am
this is a place he calls home, a place he cares about. he says he was in the bahamas working on his album when this oil spill happened. he went to new orleans to participate in the gulf aid concert and just decide, you know, this is where i need to be. this is where i'm going to stay and where i'm going to try to help. >> i notice you toured st. bernard parish. what's being done to protect those marshes? >> a lot is being done. what's happening, louisiana is pumping in freshwater from the mississippi river. the problem with that is that when the fresh water mixes with saltwater, it will kill oysters, a large part of the industry down there. it's a catch-22. if they don't pump the fresh water in, that doesn't push the oil away from the marshland. so, the fesh water kills the oysters but if you don't pump it in, the oil will kill the oysters. >> great report. thank you. now here's erica. >> thanks, chris. there we are. renowned chef todd english runs an empire of restaurants coast to coast, newest venture across
8:45 am
the street from us at the plaza food hall. good morning. >> what's a summer barbecue without a shower. >> a passing shower. >> absolutely. right across the street, we're in your neighborhood. >> i have to say, i was there recently. what's really fun, as i skirt that out of the way, you can get a little bit of everything at the food hall. there's a beautiful raw bar, burgers, pizza -- >> it's european inspired. it's not a food court. we try to -- >> it's not the mall. >> we try to make a distincti distinction -- it's not a mall, exactly. you go to the counter, talk to the chef behind the counter, they'll cook something for you. >> like we're going to make burgers and fries for surnl. >> we have sliders. this is a pickled and mayonnaise, like thousand island dressing, and then have you to have this -- >> this is one of the sliders we can get over there at the food hall. am i putting the onions on, too.
8:46 am
>> yes, absolutely. the nice heap of the roast beef. as much as you want on there. we roast these and slice them to order. >> this is done just for your -- just for the roast beef slider. >> just the roast beef slider. carmelized onion on there as well. so, this is one of the examples. we do lobster rolls like this, all sorts of sliders. we have a slider station, a carving station. it's amazing the slider revolution we're in now. it's crazy. >> and you're at the forefront because you have one that is the todd grish slidenglish slider. >> it's exciting. >> this is delicious, by the way. >> yes. we'll build this with a little -- this is a mustard relish. i love just one little bite of this. this is actually a blend of four different cuts of the beef, so it's brisket, short rib and -- >> why the blend? gives you better flavor? >> absolutely. it's all about the -- >> and does it help keep them a little more moist? >> absolutely.
8:47 am
it's all about the fat content, about an 80/20 mixture. it's one great little bite of deliciousness. >> a little bite of heaven in the summer. >> that's really what you want. we also have a sushi station, asian station with dump lingz. i don't remember the seafood bar -- >> that's where i sat. which is beautiful. >> yeah, which is incredible. in fact, you sort of -- the fish that comes in fresh that day you say, oh, i want that. beautiful halibut. we'll cook it for you, we do simple grills, different vin greats -- >> which is great. >> that's the whole idea. today especially you want to see the food you're eating, you want to know where it's coming from. we try to go as much local, organic and fresh -- >> all the things people are clamoring for. it does make a difference when you bite into something, you can tell when it is much a higher quality. >> it seems that much more delicious. i love european markets for that. i spent a lot of time in europe cooking. there you go. this is a good start to the day. >> so, we'll try this.
8:48 am
>> what's better than that for breakfast? >> nothing. breakfast of champions. >> absolutely. delicious and wonderful. >> there's a reason why it's your signature slider. >> absolutely. >> you also have, and i know you brought with us, you are to have french fries. >> parmesan french fries with different herbs and spices, and i cook the rosemary and garlic. >> what's nice, it's not an overpowering flavor. it's sulgt but adds -- >> adds a little kick to it. you don't necessarily need to add ketchup. we also have a great wine bar. >> that's where i was going next. >> which is very much -- you know, in today's economy, i want it to also be very affordable. that's something i felt was important. >> these are a couple of the wines you have. >> signature wines, yes. a beautiful white from argentina. really incredible wine. you know, we're talking $6, $8 for glasses of wine. very reasonable. >> that is very reasonable. >> especially, you know, you're at the plaza, come on. >> you can feel decadent at the
8:49 am
plaza with your glass of wine but not paying through the nose with it. >> right. it's about being down there every day and we have a lot of residents coming down. >> it's beautiful, too, i have to say, in addition to all the food. your favorite thing on the menu? one thing? >> the sliders, yes, don't miss those. if you're down, try those. >> it's on my list as well. great to have you here. thanks for stopping over from across the street. come by any time. you can find these recipes on our website at we'll be right back. [ kid 1 ] wanna know some of our favorite things?
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would he see the priorities. >> toasting to a great weekend to come here. the best step to kick off your weekend is with knob none other
8:52 am
than "the early show" on saturday. may i recommend it? >> thank you very much. i would recommend it as well. that's a little better than the wine. tomorrow we'll play off the whole heat wave from this week. it's been so hot. we decided, what the heck, let's bring you what is hot out there right now. the hottest things of the summer 2010 right now from the hottest music to the hottest celebs -- >> iphone apps. >> you got it. hottest workouts, which we'll probably need. >> but it's worth it. >> another reason we love todd english. >> afterwards we're going over for brunch. >> that's right. we're right in the neighborhood. thanks, guys. >> all that coming up tomorrow on "the early show." same time, same channel. >> i look forward to it. >> you're sleeping in. >> no, i'll be watching. i'll be watching. >> we always watch. >> we hope you'll be watching as well. thank for being with us this morning. have a grit weekend, everyone. your local news is next. (announcer) even without pre-rinsing the food from your plates,
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