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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  August 20, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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students, and families. >> he'll come up to you and tell you, sweetie, can you do this, or honey, i need you to do. this. >> reporter: in his letter, starnes says, "these are terms that i have used for many years but i have come to learn that this has offended some members of the staff. i'm sorry for this and will refrain from using these terms any longer. however, i never used these terms to intimidate, harass, or make anyone feel uncomfort afternoon. >> reporter: i am surae chinn. it's crucial that these officers go through this training. the shooter, firing straight at them, a scenario with two victims down. one bad guy down, one more to go. >> stress inoculation is what we're looking for. >> reporter: that's what they got. it's as close to the real thing as you can get. >> whatever the newest trends are, we try to train to combat
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those threats. >> reporter: next up, the students are put through a day care shooting with an officer down. >> it definitely amps you up. >> reporter: and also teaches quite a bit. check out these student officers what walked right past a planted explosive hanging right above them. >> reporter: i'm outside of d dr. superior court where the man accused of killing chandra levy appeared before a judge. that as the visible on his neck and listening to an interpreter through headphones. the 27-year-old is accused of the sexual assault and murder of federal intern chandra lee he vee in 2001 the 24-year-old was jogging in rock creek park when she disappeared. her remains were found a year later. the case against him will last up to six weeks. attorneys may likely question up to 170 people just to find enough qualified jurors to serve on this case. the trial against him begins
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october 4th. a montgomery county police officer indicted for beating a teenage suspect. police say officer george sautas responded to a group of kids tagging, as in graffiti vandalism. there were also 10 kids involved. they ran but the officer was able to catch one of them, a 16- year-old. that boy was charged with vandalism, but he also had to be treated for a head injury. an investigation determined he had been beaten with a police baton. law don county deputies are looking for the man who robbed a subway sandwich shop at gunpoint. it was about 11:00 this morning at the broad land shopping center in ashburn when the man walked in and whipped out his gun. he demanded money, took the cash and ran. >> so so scared, like that just freaks me out. that could have so easily been us. just another stop in the shopping center. >> the loudoun crime solvers organization is offering a reward of 1,000 for any
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information that leads to an arrest and an indictment. now a follow-up to the possible cancer cluster near fort detrick. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene says it is working with frederick county health officials. the area in question is where workers dumped industrial chemicals and even tested agent orange decades ago. it's also an area in which several residents have cancer. the state health department is hoping to know by late september whether or not the incidence of cancer is significantly higher there than in other parts of the county. let's check tout friday evening rush. i'm hoping the traffic is moving over that bay bridge. looks a little rough. >> reporter: that's right, still a little heavy out there on the bay bridge but much better news now. all westbound lanes here at sandy point have reopened. traffic moving once again but still heavy across the bridge. eastbound lane, if you are headed to the beach, things are looking much better. moving on to 95 a lot of getaway traffic.
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starts easing up a little. still heavy between dale the city and triangle. fire activity at fairfax county. gallows road and lee highway. all leans are blocked so use route 50. derek, back to you. topper is here with our 9 forecast first. top, i'm thinking yet another night to look forward to. >> really. it was pretty warm, almost hot, but was not humid and that is the key. here's your forecast first for tonight. the really not bad at all. clear to partly cloudy and mild, noticed upper 60s, in the sub bucialtion and even downtown low to mid 70. winds light out of the east at 5 to 10. right now if you are headed out, 86 at national, 84 in gaithersburg, # 6 in martinsburg and temperature 84 in culpeper. we'll come back and we'll talk about the weekend forecast and have your beach and boating forecast as well. >> the founder of a d.c. charity is take on rush limbaugh. d.c. central kitchen president robert eager was ticked off when limbaugh called people who
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work at nonprofits, and we quote, lazy idiots and rapists. eager fired back, and as bruce leshan shows us, he's getting almost as much attention as limbaugh. >> reporter: for d.c. central kitchen's robert eager it is, right back at ya rush. >> so when you start talking about lazy idiots, rush, you better get your facts straight. >> reporter: the nonprofit president launched a whimsical wonder on youtube. >> lazy idiots, many of them don't really want to work, and they think of themselves as good people. >> rush, this is the national law enforcement officers fund. the people who got together to build a memorial to officers who have been slain in the line of duty. >> reporter: eager goes from memorial to museum. >> is that what you are talking about, rush? >> reporter: to heritage foundation. >> that can't be what you are
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talking about rush, because here you are right on the cover of their website is raising money for them. >> reporter: to suggest limbaugh's brain had disengaged. >> these people are rapists in terms of finance and economy. >> limbaugh never mentioned any specific charities, but the people here are offended anyway. >> we're preparing food for the homeless so we're not lazy, and sure enough not idiots. >> i think it's awful because we put all this effort and come down here. we could be out on the beach. we're all down here in the kitchen working. >> reporter: tens of thousands have viewed eager's soliloquy. >> we've got a one word message. >> reporter: which we cannot show you on tv. >> in full disclosure, wusa 9's corporate parent gannett gave $5,000 to central kitchen. that youtube video has already brought in an additional
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$1,000. is rush just trying to get some attention or does he have a point? maybe you agree non profits are sucking away at our coffers. send us your thoughts, include your name and where you are writing us from. the national park service has approved a permit for glenn beck, sarah palin is and their rally at the lincoln memorial. it's happening august 28th which is the anniversary of dr. martin luther king jr.'s march on washington. the park service says the permit indicates organizers expect around 300,000 people. the park service is still processing the permit request for a counter demonstration and rally by the reverend al sharpton. bon appetit. some experts are bugging different government agencies to create a new fad group. meat, fish, and -- mosquitos? but first, access denied. why there was no room at that time shopping mall for a hearing impaired woman and her service dog.
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a hearing impaired woman brings her service dog to the mall, and security boots them out. it happened twice last week at the francis scott key mall. on two separate occasions a security guard told the woman dogs were not allowed, but her dog is a service dog that alerts her to sound. now the mall management sap poll gigs. >> i don't want this to happen to anyone else ever again.
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we've reof youd the americans with disabilities act with not just security but the entire mall team. and we've also taken steps to make sure that this is addressed with our security company across our entire portfolio of shopping centers. >> now, you just may remember this is the same mall a couple of months ago caused some controversy when guards asked a nursing mother to cover up. maryland law also allows mothers to nurse in public. it is back to school for students in prince george's county. while parents may be scrambling to finish getting all those last-minute school supplies, they're also holding on to their dollars a little tighter these days. lindsey mass sties with more on what stores are doing to get them to loosen up the purse strings. >> reporter: six-year-old tamaya knows what she needs for schools. >> eraser caps and backpacks and bottle of glue or glue stick. >> reporter: and her mom knows exactly how much she's willing to pay. >> my budge set 200.
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let's see if i can make it. >> reporter: parent say this year they're coming to the mall with a budget, and they will be sticking to the. >> i may get less uniform pants and less uniform shirts to stay in my budget probably, because everything else they need. >> customers are still quite frugal with where they spend their money, but we find that the retailers that offer value, have good promotions go they're the ones that will win. >> reporter: so spokeswoman victoria clark says the mall offered their incentive. spend $75 and get a goody bag of school supply. >> unfortunately the demand has been so great we have given out almost 300 pact of school supplies. >> reporter: now they're out. >> i'm looking at this tinkerbell book bag. >> reporter: some parents trying to stay on a budget are talking purchases over with their kids. >> it costs too much money. $35.99. >> reporter: this seven-year- old is going to get her
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tinkerbell book back. she's chipping in some of her allowance money. in prince george's county, lindsey mastis, 9news now. according to the national retail federation and the american express spending and savings trashing, 9% of parents surveyed say they will pay for tattoos. 18% say they are shelling out for teeth whitening as well. topper has your forecast just ahead. find out if you will have one last good weekend before going back to school.
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and earn an extra 200 points on top of what you're already earning. i rely on the card, both for groceries and for the gas rewards program. it saves me a lot of money, and that works for me. check this week's circular and earn gas rewards, only with your giant card. this sun day in "platts energy week" the discovery of shale formations from new york to texas has the natural gas industry all a --er over the possibility of huge supply. while relatively low prices for gas has some producers worried, one leading analyst tells "platts energy week" the industry looks forward to expanding their market. >> we have discovered a resource in shale that is equal
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to, the sense of the scale, all the oil produced in saudi arabia in 20 years, and that resource gives us both good news for consumers and the potential for u.s. industry to compete successfully on a worldwide basis in a way that just hasn't been possible during the past decade, and potentially save hundreds of thousands of new jobs. >> the future of shale, plus pepco's problem. this sunday morning, 8:00, "platts energy week." chocolate lovers, you are actually eating some bugs along with your favorite stuff. did you know that the usda actually allows chocolate to contain 5% insects? and if environmental advocates have their way, perhaps you will be having bugs for brunch as well. as brittany morehouse and james hash show us, some are pushing to make insec a major food group. >> reporter: protein is protein. no matter the source. so goes the theory at the united nations where fellows are hoping the west catches on
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to man-eating bugs. >> it's very popular in other countries of the world. >> reporter: gary is an entomologist at the natural history museum, so well versed with insect, he has some named after him. >> actually, i found the first one named after me in costa rica. >> reporter: he explains why some believe eating bugs could help save the planet. >> the problem with global warming, methane is one of the main gases that cattle produce strongly but insects do not. >> reporter: and believe it or not -- >> there's two to three times more protein in insec than there are in stakes. >> reporter: okay, so it's divine for atkins, but i have to ask -- >> reporter: you've got to give me calorie content. >> yes, i haven't seen those figures. >> reporter: but recipes, he has seen. >> yes, i didn't have time to stir up some termite stew, but -- >> reporter: this ought to be fun. >> reporter: do you have children? >> yes. >> reporter: have you made them eat bugs? >> no, not yet what. a good idea. >> reporter: i tell you what is not a good idea. >> it's best to probably offer
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these to the guests for the first bite. >> reporter: i think i might have to ask my colleague james to step out from behind the camera. >> a victim. >> what should i do first, the cricket or the meal worm? >> reporter: he goes with the cricket cracker. >> bon appetit. >> reporter: crunch-crunch, and he wants to throes condiments. >> can i do one straight? so cricket neat. not a whole lot of taste to it at all really. >> reporter: and the other bug? >> why is it called a meal worm? is it some kind of a sick joke? >> it sounds more palatable than dark-winged beetle larvae. >> not bad. i think you've become the poster child of entomophathy. >> reporter: the science of eating bugs. >> next time we'll have some more entertaining insects. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> and james is out sick today,
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we should note. no, not really, but he should be. >> i was thinking that, am i -- have we crawled on top of the food chain to eat bugs? >> no, we have not. >> okay. i think that settles it. let's talk about what the food chain brings thus weekend. >> i think we're going stay under 90 throughout the entire weekend. >> no. >> yes, hard to believe. >> we may not break that record. your forecast first, 89 tomorrow, we'll be flirting with 90 no doubt, partly cloudy, very warm at the redskins game. it will be in the 80s throughout the game. isolated thunderstorm possible on sunday but the bulk of the day looks great, upper 80s. and upper 80s on monday, a slight chance of a shower, late in the day. all right, let's break down saturday. to start, mid-70s, if you are going bike riding tomorrow morning dry. mid-80s by lunchtime. and upper 80s to near 90 by evening. again, we'll be flirting with 90, but notice we have no drop or thunderstorms on the
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breakdown. that's g. right now, 88 in arlington, 85 bethesda, 86 college park, 88 in beltsville. out to the west very comfortable, really. 86 in fairfax, 86 in sterling, and 88 out towards leesburg. as hot as it was today, it was 92, never got humid. tonight clear to part cloudy and mild, lows 66 to 74 downtown. winds light out of the east at 5 to 10. now, tomorrow morning, mostly sunny and very warm, but pleasant. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. winds southeasterly at 06789 air quality forecast, code yellow. that is moderate. actually pretty good for august. by afternoon, partly cloudy and almost hot. high temperatures near 90. and winds out of the south at 10. all right, beach and boating. we'll start with the boating forecast. saturday great shape, 85 to 90. waves one to two feet, winds southeasterly at 10. waves probably closer to one foot. by sunday on the bay, 84 to 88, a slight chance of a thunderstorm late. so fur hanging out toward
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evening late, waves two feet with those winds out of the south-southeast at 10 to 15. a great beach weekend, really is. sunshine on saturday, low to mid-80s, winds southeasterly at 10, sunshine on sunday for most of the day, slight chance of an isolated storm. i think your beach time will be over by then. 80 to 85. next seven days, 89 tomorrow, 87 sunday. just an isolated storm. some showers possible on monday, upper 80s. low 80s on tuesday. back in the upper 80s next wednesday. 86 with maybe a shower on thursday. derek, next friday we're in the mid-80s. so today was day 49 in the 90s. the record is 55. may not make it. >> thank you, sir. let's get to the weerdz news. for those who like to nap in airports or maybe at your office desk there is a new product out there that may help you keep your dignity. well, sort of. it is called the snazzy napper. and it looks like, well, this. you strapt on with the velcro,
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at the top of our mailbag, pepco's on going problems. jim says he used to be a montgomery county pepco customer and the memories are not so good. now, he says, things are better. along the road my electric provider, novec, trims the
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trees that could affect the power lines, and is vigilant year-round, not just when there's a problem. my advice, pressure your local politicians to force pepco to do better year-round maintenance. also, save up and purchase a generator. for the rorksd pepco now swears up and down they are going to do better. we'll see. mean time, there was more on the so-called mosque at ground zero. mitch writes in to set the record straight. the center is built because its purpose is to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding. nor do i hear any mention of the fact that cordova was the spanish city where people worked together peacefully so when i hear your viewers say it's a poik the irks my question is who is poking who in the eye? i've been listening to this debate back and forth for days now, and with you break it down the only reason i've heard not to build this center is that some folks might be offended by it. well, i will say it again,
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rightly or wrongly, there is no constitutional right to never be offended. but freedom to worship is not only in the constitution. i always figured it was part of our basic value system, not to mention the rule of law. and we ought to stick to the, especially when it's uncomfort afternoon. but that's just my take. mcginty's mailbag is always here for yours. that's our report. back here at 11:00. bye-bye. care... by unleashing a complete killing force against... ...fleas and ticks. and not just grown fleas. unlike other products from your vet, ...frontline plus also kills flea eggs and larvae, ...and keeps killing for 30 days -- on dogs and cats. that's why it's... ...the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. there's killing, and there's complete killing with frontline plus.
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the summer's biggest celebrity feuds. this is "entertainment tonight." jennifer versus bill. mel versus oksana.
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mia versus naomi. it's the summer of star feuds and we're counting them down. plus, jen to anne hathaway. beverly hills beautician to the stars is accused of scamming them out of big money. "dancing with the stars" new cast, we're breaking down the rumors. >> i think i would totally do it. >> from reality stars to london royalty, and will betty white be the oldest "dancing" star ever? >> everybody seems to love this 88-year-old. the tragic death of football star turned soldier, pat tillman. >> they told me you need to keep your mouth shut about it. >> the emotional new documentary and the story that left the country outraged. plus, george clooney, michael douglas, harry potter, we got your fall movie preview. "csi: new york" has a new investigator.


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