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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 15, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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african-american vote, while losing a majority of the white vote to incumbent mayor adrian fenty. how divided is the city and how do you begin to fix it? >> well, again, i talked about it on the campaign trail, a lot of this is economic, bruce. and i want to hear more from people in the town hall meetings that we're going to do. >> reporter: on many levels, black and white voters have different political agendas. adrian fenty failed to recognize the differences and it cost him his job. gray supporters said their man won't make the same mistake. >> if you look at the record of this administration, it's been awful. we can't -- d.c. residents cannot get the kind of jobs that folks from outside of the district get that were public dollars used to build the project. >> reporter: gray supporters reaching out to fenty reporters, praying that school reforms or other measures will be rolled back or come to a halt under gray. >> education is a central issue for him. and so there is going to be a lot of very early thought about what goes on.
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>> it is not only racial, it is socio economic and the reality is that we need someone to address those issues. job issues, education issues, work force development. >> a lot of us have all have decades of history with this man of give and take and back and forth, but not always getting what we want. >> i enjoy being around people and we'll watch it unfold. it will start unfolding today. >> but we know talk is cheap. they are watching vincent gray and one areas is education and what happens to michelle rhee. >> well and speaking of that. everybody wants to know who will stay and who will go. what are you hearing? >> it doesn't say anything about whether she wants to go or stay. she's said in the past that if gray becomes mayor she's probably out of here. i haven't talked to anybody that believes she will be around under a gray administration. cathy lanier has 80% approval rating and she get as long with gray and everybody is thinking
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she'll stick around. peter nichols, city attorney general, he is probably out. he said peter nichols is not the attorney general he wants. he's been a personal attorney to the mayor and he should be gone. two members of the d.c. council are urging gray to keep michelle rhee on board for an extended transition. mary chai and tommy wells say that keeping michelle rhee through 2012 would help ensure stability for the school system. wells and chai supported gray, rhee supported fenty. and chancellor rhee has not said whether she will fight for her job, but her press secretary sent out a statement reading the hard choices are not over. the need for political courage remains great and what is important is continuing the progress that has been made for every child that goes to school in the district and we can't turn back. mayor fenty called gray this morning to concede and promised to work with him on
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the transition but declined to look back on how he lost or offer much insight on what he does next. bruce leshan is in our news room trying to do a bit of both. >> reporter: adrian fenty is not yet 40 and he's spent half of his adult life in public service. he says hes had in other job offers at this point but insists he'll keep charging ahead for the next 106 days that he's mayor of the district of columbia. by the time he finally conceded, only the hard-core supporters had the energy to come back to his campaign headquarters. >> it's very probable that i would not be in elected office again. and none of us can ever predict the future. but i feel like i've had my turn. [ chanting ] >> reporter: late in the campaign, the brash reform- minded mayor apologized for excluding people as he pushed ahead. but he seems to be done
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apologizing. >> you leave everything on the court. you don't go around saying, i'm going to have this long so i can kind of space my tough decision-making and my engagement out over a long period of time. >> reporter: you don't have to go far from the fenty campaign headquarters to find people who felt left out. >> there is a lot of condos coming up and driving us out. >> driving you out? >> yeah. >> reporter: at the peabody farmer's market next door, plenty of people feel they were excluded as fenty pushed new development that changes the city. >> walk or run on h. street and see people eating at restaurants, full every night and they can't afford those restaurants. >> reporter: his campaign workers saw a different side of him. >> he did care about the members. >> we need to try to bring those halves together to make one whole to move forward. >> i was fully prepared and excited to serve the city for four more years but it wasn't to be. >> reporter: fenty has a law
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degree but has spent little time practicing law and he got into a bit of trouble with the d.c. bar when he did. he has not completely ruled out another run for political office but he does say it is almost 100% certain that he will stay in washington and serve this community in some way. leslie. >> we'll be watching for that. >> thank you, bruce. prince george's county will also see some dramatic change thanks to term limits and the primary results. the winner is baker who beat four other competitors to replace jack johnson. today baker promised an inspector general would help clean up county government. >> i think if we're going to have the confidence in the public, whether it's perceived or reality, that prince george's county is a place where you can't do business or that are contracts just being handed out, we need an inspector general who is independent from the council and county executive to come in and make the hard decisions.
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>> now baker joins other winners, including angela alsobrooks for state's attorney and melvin hite who is winning in a tight race for sheriff. five of eight county council members will also be new faces. you could say a lot of long- time republicans are choking on the bitter taste of tea today. the tea party movement can claim wins in seven republican senate races and one of the biggest shockers is christine o'donnell in delaware. she took the senate nomination from nine-term congressman mike castle. democrats are encouraged about the results and republicans are worried. if they can't secure delaware seats, republicans have very little hope of regaining control of the senate. >> it's going to be very difficult, if not impossible, for republicans now to gain that seat in the united states senate. >> tea party candidates though, are sometimes seen as ultra conservative and they could have a tough time in the general election. now we need to give you a
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fugitive alert. the atf is looking for 29-year- old tony robinson. he's considered armed and dangerous. he is facing charges in baltimore for his part in an alleged violent drug network. but agents say because of his ties to southern maryland and d.c., he could be hiding out in montgomery or prince george's county or the district. if you see robinson call 800- atf-guns. it is a story tough to see and hear but a woman is caught on tape beating her own dog with a gardening tool. find out how she was caught just ahead. but first, don't pay your vehicle tax and lose your license plate. that's one new rule in a virginia county. we'll tell you where after the break. another great day, temperatures above average. we'll take you out with the almanac. you can access this on our website at go to the weather tab and follow the drop-down menu to weather data. 86 and 62 goes in the books. averages are 80 and 62. record high of 97. record low of 43.
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we'll come back and talk about the weekend and some unusual stats about hurricanes, including hurricane igor next.
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let's check in with patranya on the evening rush hour. >> 10 after 6:00 and our realtime maps here. top half of the beltway heavy from prince george's county down to i-66. a 30 minute commute from landover to kenilworth due to a disabled vehicle on the route. moving to our live camera on 495, on the west side of the beltway, jammed up, crawl from 66 all the way to the 270 spur. and finally we're going to wrap it up in d.c. a pretty shot over the key bridge and plenty of sunshine. no accidents or incidents throughout the metro area. lesli, back to you. counties all around our area are struggling financially. that's not news. but what is, is the road block
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that one virginia county is putting up. the aisle of white county treasurer's office says show me the money. and if you don't, they'll take your license plate. nearly 200 people are behind on vehicle taxes by two years. the treasurer's office said she's done all she can to set up payment plans. >> they might not have had a job. the job might have left and everything else. >> well people have until monday to pay their bills or they risk losing their tags. verizon wireless have a help line program and it is donating $5,000 to the prince george's county hospital center in laurel. you can learn more about this story and other news in your neighborhood by clicking on the where you live section on our website, well it is a new painting of the president, but it's not a very flattering one. coming up, we'll tell you why. think about the internet.
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the man you see here takes out a knife and heads out by day to rob stores in ashburn, virginia. loudoun county police say the same man may be responsible for hitting two hair salons and a taco bell. surae chinn joins us live from ashburn with more on the very brazen acts. >> reporter: well i just talked with a woman who was held up at knife-point and she said she was scared but she is back at work tonight at the hair cutery. she said when she saw the knife, she said what are you doing? robbing us? he said yeah, i'm sorry, i've got kids to feed. the terrifying ordeal was all caught on tape. he walks in browsing for shampoo and conditioner before he decides what he wants to buy. this is what the guy picked up. some hair gel, so the cashier would open up the register. but instead he pulled out the large knife and robbed the place. people here want this guy caught. he acts as though he's paying
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for the product but instead you see him pull out a large knife and grab the cash out of the register. >> everybody is really scared. >> reporter: jen a destroy managed the salon and arrived moments after it happened. she said there was one customer and two hair stylists in the salon yesterday afternoon. >> i was scared for them. i was worried when they called me because i had a feeling it was the same guy who hit the other salons. >> reporter: that's what the loudoun county sheriff's think after two other businesses were robbed. this past sunday the sheriff believes the same man pulled out a knife and robbed another hair cutery a mile away in the ashburn shopping plaza. days earlier he said the same thief robbed this taco bell nearby. he's seen reaching over the counter for the cash. >> whether it's to support a drug habit or bills, but he's obviously very desperate. >> reporter: it's business as usual with employees. a little more on edge than they would like. >> i just want to get this guy
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caught so it doesn't happen again to another hair cutteroy or any other stylist. >> reporter: the sheriff is worried the crimes will escalate but they are confident with the clear surveillance video someone will recognize this man. live in ashburn, surae chinn, 9 news now. a woman is caught on tape beating her dog with a rake. and a warning now, this may be tough to watch. joann espinosa is a san antonio dog lover but could not believe who ended up on her backyard camera. look closely and you'll see her neighbor with a rake in hand striking her own dog. after watching that dog being hit with a rake, espinosa said she witnessed a second attack. >> you see her bang on the dog's head twice forcefully and then the dog becomes disoriented from the hit to the blows to the head. >> i look at my dog and i would never do something like that to my dog. and i look at him and it just
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breaks my heart. >> its woman in the videotape has been charged with animal cruelty. she owns two dogs, a german shepherd and pug. they are both now in the custody of animal control. a utah artist has a new piece of work that is stirring things up politically. the painting includes every u.s. president with conservatives on one side and liberals on the other. and it shows president obama in front stepping on the constitution. the piece is called the forgotten man. the artist john m'naghten said its symbolic of our country's condition. >> the flag being half mast happens when there is a tragedy in the country and i feel our country is experiencing a tragedy of monumental proportions. >> he said the painting is more of a personal thing. he said he knew it would cause a stir and he hopes it gets people to think. well from canvass to a stir
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out there someplace else. >> this thing is huge. igor is a mon store. as it begins to track to the northwest, it will get into colder watt -- waters in the atlantic. it won't stay a category four. and we had two category fours and that's only happened once since 19 hundreds. it's still a monster storm. at one time it was 1 mile-per- hour off being a category five. sustained winds are still up there at 135. gusts to 160. now as it rolls toward bermuda, the critical times are saturday night through early sunday morning. it will probably hit as a high category one or a low category two. and it's taking bermuda in it's cross hairs. as far as the east coast is concerns, just big swells just like with hurricane danielle. average life span is ten days
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but this one will be more like 14. the average diameter is 14 miles and because of the energy in the storm, it's worth 400 atom bombs during the life of the storm and the busiest month is september and we can prove we are in the throws of that. and this is julia. at one time this was a category four and this is igor. this is a classic storm. look at the eye. beautiful definition there. and we'll go over to karl. and now karl is a tropical storm but will move into the southern gulf of mexico and move into mexico and will probably just maintain tropical storm status. but things are cooking in the tropics. we are clear now. clouds off to the west will roll in as a cold front begins to approach tomorrow morning and especially tomorrow afternoon. next three days for us, maybe a shower or sprinkle late tomorrow. but 85. and the bulk of the day is nice. don't worry about an umbrella. odds are we won't see anything. 81 on friday and very nice and
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then 83 on saturday, warm and partly cloudy skies. we'll break down tomorrow. not as cool to start. mild and teams near 70 to start. partly cloudy and some clouds come in by noon. the winds begin to pick up. it becomes breezy at noon and you're 80 and then 85 by evening and just down right -- 84-85 and windy by evening. 83 right now. 81 in manassas. and the air mass is still very dry. that's why it was able to heat up to 86 and cool off to 62. so very comfortable outside if you are walking around. for tonight, partly cloudy, comfort and 55-60. not as cool as last night. we get into tomorrow morning, partly sunny and breezy, a cool start and a rapid warm-up. 50s and 60s, southwest wind will boost temperatures and by afternoon, mostly cloudy, windy and warm, a slight chance of a shower, high temperatures around 85 degrees. high temperatures tomorrow, 85 in gaithersburg, 85 downtown and maybe even 86 at andrews. next seven days, 85 tomorrow, maybe a sprinkle.
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either late or early tomorrow night. nice on friday. nice on saturday. some clouds will come at us on sunday. we could see a sprinkle around the redskin game but not a huge deal. don't change your plans. your tailgates are fine. you can watch it here in hd at 4:15 and it will warm up next week. we're back up to the upper 80s next wednesday. and the skins are getting ready, watching some tape doing some recognizance. >> is it okay to tell your old team secrets? apparently yes. how the redskins are tapping into some former texans for inside info. plus we heard what clinton portis said about women in the men's locker room, what about men in the women's locker room. the mystics policy may surprise you here next.
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america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job,
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and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. kyle shanahan did not get the offensive coordinator gig with the redskins because he's
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the head coaches son, he's a first class football mind in his own right and he's proved that over the last seven seasons in the nfl. but this week he's more than that. he is a spy. for the last four seasons, the younger shanahan has been an assistant with the houston texans. the final two ever those as their offensive coordinator guess who is coming to fedex field this sunday. the texans. and if you don't think they're tapping into kyle on the houston game plan, guess again. >> they've been hitting me up a little bit. i think it will come more as the week goes. >> everybody has been picking his brain. we're going to have some type of advantage as far as knowing what they like to do and they're going to know what we like to do. >> a little stuff you pick up and that's what happens when you have people on the -- formerly on the coaching staff and you learn from this. >> albert haynesworth, shocker, limited at practice. he played but did not start against the cowboys.
6:27 pm
not sure his role against houston. and you can see the redskins and houstons at 4:15, proceeded by the ravens and bengals who kick off at 1:00 but according to nfl rules we cannot leave the ravens game until it's over which means if the ravens run long, we could miss the start of the redskins game. again it's not our call and hopefully it won't happen at all. meanwhile a follow-up on the whole clinton portis brouhaha from yesterday regarding female reporters in the locker room. a lot of people asked us, what about guys in the women's locker room in places like the wnba and college basketball and so we thought we would ask them. the mystics say they go by the same rules of nba and that male reporters are allowed in the locker room after a cooling off period. the university of maryland told us their locker rooms for all sports, men and women, are closed to reporters, interviews are conducted in a common area. meanwhile, we are just two days away from the latest edition of high school operation football.
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tonight's feature clip comes from emily hairing in arlington. she captured jordan smith running the sweep left, 5-yard touchdown as the york town patriots blank madison 42-0. if you would like to become a campus correspondent, go to and click on high school sports.cot to apply. it's not often you win a baseball team when your team has five hits and the other team has ten hits unless one of your five hits is a grand slam. nats in atlanta today. fourth time that justin maxwell has been up with the bases loaded and the third time he's hit a grand slam. those are good percentages. 4-0 nats, 2nd inning. lannon got the start. look at that curveball. it was filthy today. gave up two runs through 6, struck out 6. the storen came on in the 9th.
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nats win and take the series in atlanta and former terp maxwell was the hero. >> i'm just trying to make the most of it. >> bryce harper will start his career tomorrow. according to the nats instructional league, he'll go to the arizona fall league. finally on sunday, at the titan's game another sad case of a cheerleader becoming a meal. this is t-rack the racoon and that is lunch. i guess that's the chance you take as a cheer ledder. sometime you get some chris cooley and sometimes you don't. >> okay. >> nothing to say. that's it for us on 9 news now. stay with us for the cbs evening news with katie couric up next. derek will see you at 7:00. have a great night. >> yes, we will! >> couric: tonight, two for tea. two party


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