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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 16, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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forecast in 14 minutes. right now it is 6:00 a.m. here's angie. >> getting geared up for the new hour. happy thursday, everybody. one problem we have been watching since early on marlboro pike. roadway is closed in both directions between brooks drive and silver hill road. that's because of an ambulance accident investigation that continues. we will have more on that coming up. use route 4 as the alternate. take you to the northbound trip on 95 in virginia. slow between the prince william parkway and 123 and approaching the fairfax county parkway. 395, drivers are also stuck in a delay stretching from edsall to seminary. 270 southbound is how we will wrap up. marylanders right now more drivers are hitting the road. we are tracking them from germantown road to 370. back to you. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. treasury secretary, timothy geithner will testify later today before lawmakers.
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the obama administration is taking a tougher stand with china. lawmakers say china exporters have an unfair price advantage making it harder for for american companies to compete the u.s. a relief well could be completed today at the site of the largest oil spill in the nation's history. the broken well that caused the spill in the gulf of mexico could finally be sealed for good by sunday. it has been capped since mid july. new figures were just released for the cost of phase two of the dulles metro rail project. the metropolitan airport authority says $3.8 billion price tag includes a tunnel and underground station at dulles airport. right now phase one of the project is underway and should be complete by 2013. three people are dead this morning after a crash involving an suv and an ambulance. it happened along marlboro pike, just north of route 458 in district heights, maryland. investigators have been on the
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scene all night. kristin fisher is joining us where it all happened. >> good morning. you know, this is still very much the an of an active investigation. and this section of the marlboro pike is closed at this hour. look behind me and you can see these are the police barricades set up on the marlboro pike in district heights and i want to show you all the reason why. take a look at this video. what you are looking at is all that is left of the portion county ambulance that was involved in this crash. it literally looks like it completely exploded all over the roadway. right now the debris from the ambulance is being cleared off of this street as investigators try to figure out what happen. all we know is shortly after midnight the ambulance was enroute to a call traveling westbound on the marlboro pike. emergency lights were on. sirens sundaying. somehow the driver of a suburban didn't see it. he was driving on the wrong side of the road going very
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fast when the accident happened. >> the ambulance saw it coming at the last moment. was able to swerve to the left to avoid a head-on collision. however, the suburban suv side wiped the passenger compartment, right side of the vehicle on the ambulance causing catastrophic destruction of that particular unit. >> reporter: now after the suv hit the ambulance, it then hit a brick wall, a utility pole before coming to rest 120 feet away from where it first struck the ambulance. the three people inside of that suv, all adult males were pronounced dead at the scene. as for the people inside the ambulance, incredibly they were okay. they were transported to a local hospital but they have since been released and are reportedly doing fine and the reason why is because of course they avoided that head on collision. prince georges county police are saying if the driver of that ambulance had indeed not
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swerved at the last minute that this would have been much, much worse. but still a very tragic situation out here. three people dead. we don't know much more at this point in time regarding the circumstances surrounding why they were driving in the wrong lane to begin with. that is what accident investigators are on the scene right now trying to determine and that is also why commuters this morning are going to have to deal with pretty ugly traffic if you are traveling in this area. so certainly if you are traveling through the district heights. if you use marlboro pike, you want to plan for extra minutes this morning on the morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. a prince georges county man is sentenced to 30 years in prison for what prosecutors call a cold blooded murder. investigators said that tommy and his cousin lured the 40- year-old victim to the back of a middle school in landover apparently by offering sex in exchange for money. officers found the man dying of gunshot wounds in his car but
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he described his killers. his cousin has not yet been sentenced in the case. the army says two people were buried in the wrong graves at arlington national cemetery. the revelation came amid an ongoing investigation in to burial mixups at arlington. this morning a family from ohio can rest easy about the remains of their son. scott and me lisa warner came to arlington yesterday for the exhumation of their son's remains. marine private warner was killed in iraq in 2006 but recently missing paperwork raised doubts as to whether he was buried in the right place in arlington. the exhume nation though painful for the family shows the young marine was buried properly. >> i can breathe. i feel like a ton of bricks have been let off of my chest. good news. >> reporter: private warner's remains were placed in a new casket and reentered in to the cemetery. with vincent gray's primary win, many in the district are wondering what will happen to
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michelle rhee? rhee and gray haven't always seen eye to eye, and when asked twice by wusa 9 about the future of rhee in a gray- controlled dc, the council chair refused to answer the question. chancellor rhee issued a statement yesterday standing by her reforms. mayor fenty called chairman gray to concede and promised to work with him on the general election an the transition. mayor fenty says he has no other job offers a this.but insists he will charge ahead for the next 105 days that he is mayor of the district of columbia. he has a law degree but spent little time practicing the law and got in to a bit of trouble when the dc bar when he did. he has not ruled out another run for political office but he says it is almost 100% certain he will stay in washington and serve the community in some way. it is time for a special "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is in the kitchen with five surprising uses for
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our favorite bean. good morning. >> good morning. of course i'm talking about the coffee bean getting a little caffeinated in the kitchen here but you know you can do a lot with the coffee bean besides grinding it up, putting it in the pot and drinking it in your morning cup of coffee. so what you want to do, a couple of tips here. we have coffee grounds here, don't throw them out, recycle them with a couple of uses. say you are cooking in the kitchen and using garlic or fish and your hands get a little smelly. you don't want that. take coffee beans or coffee grounds and rub your hands with them because they have oils in them that actually remove odors. now i'm pretty dirty so i will take care of that. another thing you can do with them. say you are in the kitchen and you have a garage disposal and your sink is smelly. same concept. take a cup of coffee grounds. put it in a container with boiling water and pour it down
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the drain than that will help remove the odors from the kitchen keeping it smelling nice and fresh. i'm making an absolute mess here. another item. say you have leftover coffee grounds from the morning cup of coffee. your kitchen is not so clean. a little grease on the counter top, take ground coffee and rub the surface to remove the grease stains. in the case of a range, make sure you are not scratching the surface but there are ingredients coffee that help to remove some of this the grease. let's take your coffee grounds to the kitchen. if you take some and you sprinkle them around the plants they work as a slow working nitrogen fertilizer. do this before rainfall or before you water. you can throw them on your compost pile also and that will help to break down the materials that are in there. finally, maybe you are having a little bad breath day. take coffee beans and pop them in your mouth and maybe you don't have your altoids but
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this will help you to smell fresh and clean. and our orfavorite use for coffee in just to drink it. i came out here looking for it. it is nice, warm and hot. >> cream and sugar for you. >> cheers. >> the smell does wake you up. we thank you for this. and all the great uses. and right now to howard to begin the focus on maryland's weather and traffic. >> er with are looking good this morning but this afternoon take the umbrella, especially if you are watching near the pennsylvania borer. beer chance of showers than south of town. over the maps an we will talk about the map. clear to partly cloudy out there. upper 50s to 60s this morning. by 9:00 we are pushing the 70- degree mark. lunchtime, 80 in camp springs and easton. look up north an west. hague herstown, cumberland, clouds are building an you have a chance of showers this afternoon. you will be near 80 in hagerstown. 85 afternoon spring and 87 in
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pax river. angie, over to you. >> keeping an eye on a couple of things you ought to know about. let's start with the main break at new hampshire avenue between shaw and thomas. drivers this way are losing one lane. moving outside. showing you connecticut and bradley boulevard. no complaints out here obviously. lanes are wide open. 355 and shady grove road, the same situation looks like drivers, the few we are seeing out there, they are moving at speed. it is ten minutes after the 6:00 hour. hope you are off to a great thursday. we'll be right
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flames broke out at a complex in northwest houstonful several you know units were destroyed. forcing families to find enter somewhere else to live. it is unclear what started the fire. several communities in los angeles were evacuated after a wife threatened homes. the canyon fire has burned more than 6,000 abeers since sunday. more than 8,000 firefighters are on the fire line. no word on the cause. powerful storms knocked down tree and tore up shingles in missouri. dozens of back roads are still closed because of downed tree and power lines. the sudden downpour flooded main road and dozens of basements. earthquake experts gathering in palm springs this week say they have collected new data that will allow them
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to better predict the size of earthquakes, including the big one. the new data comes from a first of its kind research project. >> so, what you are seeing here -- >> reporter: a scientist from uc davis showing off the results of a quake project. the first comprehensive high resolution laser images of a earthquake rupture zone in we get excited when things happen. >> reporter: it is from the earthquake on sunday that killed two people seriously damaged buildings and triggered aftershocks. the images were captured on a laser mounted on the plane flying over the zone. >> it lets us explore the even as if you were there. >> reporter: the images are generated from the 3.8 billion ground measurements recorded by the laser allowing scientists to produce a three dimensional
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topographical map, unprecedented in its detail. >> few of us have an tune to see what a earthquake does to the surface of the earth and this is a way to preserve the information and bring it to the classroom and outreach and show people what really happens in a earthquake. >> reporter: the scientists say once their data is fully analyzed it will allow them to better predict the size of earthquakes. turnly, not when they will strike. >> that was tom tucker reporting. >> that new zealand earthquake that happened recently, they said parts of new zealand looked 12 inches closer to australia. >> and there are unknown faults. >> we have an active alive planet. sometimes we are reminded in a violent way. >> scary way. >> nothing scary about the weather today. we will see a few showers north and northwest. ' even in dc the rain chances aren't as high as to pennsylvania. for today we start off okay.
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some 50s out there. low 80s by 9:00. 80ish an lunchtime and 84 for the drive home. a rain drop there but that is mainly north and west of dc. our bus stop forecast this morning, probably okay without a jacket. one or two spots might need it. we some 50s out there. mainly 50 to near 70. sunrise a half hour away and partly if not mostly cloudy skies. this an as we talked about it will be a decent day and temperatures up to the 80s tonight 57 to 67 with scattered showers. even a thunderstorm can't be ruled out and the u.n. set at 7:15. tomorrow, the front passes. we're in good shape. partly to mostly sunny. lower to mid-80s. what we are looking at this morning are the high end clouds coming from the west. they licken up this morning. we welcome overcast and notice one 2004 rain drops showing up
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in southwestern pennsylvania. we are dry. temperatures are 6 t in town. 61 culpeper an gaithersburg. winchester in the 60s. speaking to steve in cross junction in our which room this morning. he's 56. jan called in with 72. and pax river also 69 degrees. national checks in with a few clouds. partly to mostly cloudy. outside looked overcast here in northwest. calm wind an the dew.s have raise on the the lower 60s. a warm front is coming through us and that will help to boost temperatures in the mid to upper 80s for a high. down south, sun tap tappahannock and fredericksburg, flirting with the 90-degree mark. fall begins wednesday night. by early this afternoon, 1:00, notice the showers and storms in western new york in to pennsylvania. during the afternoon and evening, here we go. they come across mainly northern sections. southern areas, i know you need the rain too. the worst is with the drought
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conditions. by tomorrow morning we are clearing out. a shower or two in the mountains. and that will be the case as we clear out. good looking friday and saturday, as well. i want to hoe you the rain totals from our computer modeling as we go through tonight and tomorrow. you will notice barely a drop here in town. as you head up to the shenandoah valley a third of an inch, half inch in martinsburg and potentially close to an inch in mountains of garrett county and more than that in pennsylvania i'm not excited about rain chances here in dc and points south. our seven-day forecast, i'm excited about the weekend, though. after today's 87 with that chance of showers up north, mainly today and on the, late today and on the we will be good tomorrow, 83. a beautiful saturday. bluemont fair going on. 85 on sunday for the skins game. and monday 83. next week the last couple of days of summer well in toe the 80s. >> things really haven't
6:18 am
changed when we talk about the traffic tieup we have been watching since early on. marlboro pike is closed between brook and siller are hill road. you want to use route 4 as the alternate. on the outer loop. we move it outside and looks like from new hampshire to georgia avenue. already plus five minute unless the car. that's growing. taking it to inbound new york avenue, the slow go has set in between the washington times building and this spot at bladensburg road an wrap it up with 395. looks like a delay from the beltway to seminary and then using the brakes again approaching the 14th street bridge. that's the traffic. back to andrea. the time is 6:18. sports is next when the news cons. the nats and braves take to the field. we will have highlights and plus a look ahead at the redskins game against the tex for -- texans.
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the reason football teams study the film of opens is try to figure out what the other guys will do, to decipher their play it book without ever having it. unless of course someone gives it to you which is essentially what kyle shanahan is doing this week. he may be the redskins offensive coordinator these days but the past two years he was the texans offensive coordinate and with the texans coming to fedex this sunday kyle is serving as the skin's chief double agent. >> we have inside knowledge of their scheme and their personnel. so definitely ask kyle some questions. everybody has been picking his brain. we will have some type of advantage as far as knowing what they like to do. >> we know how to attack each other. it is more no secret what we like to do so it is more what are we going to do. >> albert haynesworth was limited at practice on wednesday due to an ankle
6:23 am
injury. he played against the bow cowboys on sunday but didn't start. shanahan has not said what his role will be against houston. as soon as i tell you the nats were in atlanta yesterday you assume they lost because the braves have the best home record in all of baseball and when i them you the nats only had five hits in the game you really assume they lost. until you see one of the five hits was this, maxwell up for the fourth time in his career with the bases loaded an the third time he hits a grand slam. good odds. 4-0 after two. and lanham had a filthy dirty curve ball going. struck out six and drew storen came on in the ninth and 4-2 nats win. the second home series the braves are lost all year. at camden yard, o's and jays in the fourth. patterson with a couple of men on and he turns on that fast ball. pokes it in to right field. felix scores and that's the
6:24 am
game winner. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great thursday, everybody. our time is 6:24. next a live report from the scene of a crash that killed three in district heights. right now police are trying to figure out how it happened. here's angie with an update. all is clear live from fox hall and canal. more where row live coming up and more on the accident, as well. howard? >> radar is clear at the moment but probably not going to stay that way today. we will have the thursday forecast when 9 news now returns. think about the internet.
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. another banner week across the area and perfect for the grand opening weekend of the leesburg farm. they will have zoo animals hay rides and mazes and chow down on country farm food. go tour website and click on where you live and select leesburg to find out more information. or to find out about events in your backyard, select your own neighborhood. we have clouds an and a few breaks but for the most part a quiet morning.
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go to the weather computer and show you the clouds moving in and far enough quest west you see the rain in ohio and michigan and down to parts of kentucky and tennessee. some of that will fall apart before it gets here. we still have hope. at least toward pennsylvania and western maryland for better chances of showers. even west virginia where the drought conditions are the worst. 58 in martinsburg. 57 in petersburg. 54 is our cool spot at cumberland. almost 70 down in southern maryland, pax naval air station. cambridge and easton 73. naval academy 69 an 57 comfortable ones in frederick. 72 by 9:00. i might be a little optimistic on the cloud cove here but thicker clouds this afternoon with the chance of a shower. breezy, too. drive home temperature 84 with highs between 84 and high as 89 in southern parts down to fredericksburg and tappahannock. how's the thursday traffic looking. >> overall not too bad. we are watching the slow goes
6:30 am
set in the usual spots across the region. but our eye remains on this. this is a bad accident. a fatal one. one involving an ambulance. it happened early this morning after midnight. plus 15 minutes for drivers here. main delay stretching 50 to nutley and no incidents along the way. back to you. >> angie was just talking about this. it is a triple fatal this morning after a crash involving an suv and ambulance. it happened along marlboro pike north of 458 in district heights, maryland. investigators have been on the scene all night. kristin fisher is joining us where it happened. do we know what happened? kristin? >> we still have investigator on the scene trying to answer that question. but here's the breakdown of
6:31 am
exactly what happened. what we know at this point in time, there was answer ambulance traveling westbound on the marlboro pike going this way. and then you had an suv traveling this way. so they should be on opposite sides of the street. however, that did not happen. the suv was traveling on the eastbound lane and he swerved to the westbound lane and it was about to be a head on collision. at the last minute, the ambulance just swerved out of the way. the suv struck the back passenger portion of the ambulance. take a look at this video and you will see the after math that shows the ambulance completely -- that back cargo area completely. look like it exploded really scattering debris all over the roadway. as for the suv, it struck that back portion. it then hit a barricade, a concrete barricade and you pole and landed 120 feet from where it initially struck that ambulance on its roof.
6:32 am
turnly as we have been saying all morning long, three people, three adult men inside of that suv were indeed killed. they were pronounced dead on the scene. the good news here, if there is any good news, is the two people inside the ambulance are doing just fine. police on the scene credited them with saving their own lives. if they hadn't swerved it would have been a head on collision. they have been released from the local hospital. so sad, tragic story this morning. what does it mean for you? as we heard an you saying, you can see behind me the police barricades are up and in place. you can not travel on marlboro pike here in district heights and it will likely stay that way for at least another half hour to an hour is what with we are hearing but could be longer. there is a huge debris field all over the roadway. so right now the big focus is on cleaning it up and getting the investigation complete. andrea? we have a fugitive alert. the atf is looking for 29-year-
6:33 am
old tony robinson. he is considered armed and dangerous. this is his picture on the scene. robinson is facing charges in baltimore for his part in an alleged violent drug network. agents say because of his ties to shorn maryland and the district he could be hiding in montgomery or prince georges county or the district. if you see him call 800-atf- guns. president obama wants tax cuts for the wealthy to expire and renew them for the middle class but he is having trouble keeping democrats in line. more democrats joined republicans rejecting the tax cuts to expire for families that make more than $250,000 a year. tara mergener reports. >> reporter: with bitter mid- term madles looming, president obama is taking a fresh shot at republicans. >> we don't have time for anymore games. i understand there's an election coming up. >> reporter: on wednesday he accused the party of blocking his plan to extend all bush era
6:34 am
tax cuts for families making less than $250,000. just so wealthy americans could avoid a tax hike. >> they want to hold these middle-class tax cuts hostage. >> if we are serous about helping our economy this month we need to stop the tax hikes and we need to cut spending. >> reporter: republicans aren't the only ones refusing to get on board. more than 30 house democrats have signed a letter urging the taxes be extended for everyone. with unemployment stuck near double-digits network economy is still the top concern for most americans and according to a new cbs news new york times poll, one in five thinks it is improving. >> it is not being fixed. it is being smoothed over to make it look like people are filling jobs. >> reporter: only 38% think the president has a clear plan for creating jobs. an some 48% think the stimulus package has had no impact on
6:35 am
them. one in five thinks it made matters worse it. >> is too soon to make any final assessment of this presidency. >> reporter: today president obama and the democrats could get one of the last chances to prove themselves to voters. the senate is expected to vote on a long, stalled measure that will boost lending to small businesses. tara mergener, cbs news, washington. this week the president is expected to appoint elizabeth warren to set up the powerful new watch dog. among the mission policing the financial work place. in 2007 -- or rather marketplace. in 2007 they had a mod approximately after the consumer product safety commission. that's the agency agency that issues recalls.
6:36 am
craigslist says the adult classified section is gone for good. two weeks ago they closed the adult services section and replaced it with a banner reading censored. a house hearing was told the service will not come back in the u.s. the "wall street journal" reports the company is employing technical and manual review measures to keep illegal sex ads to migrating to other parts of the site. electronics retailers are betting that gadgets will be the key to the holiday season. they expect more smart phones, tablet readers and they say consumers are spending less on television sets and personal computers. everybody wants a little hand held gadget. >> we are both new owners of the latest kindle. >> we are. exciting. gps -- find out who could be watching you. howard has a look at our weather in virginia.
6:37 am
good morning. virginia is looking good. spoke to charlie. he is down to 61. 56 in cross junction. in fred ring county, but it is a quiet morning. some clouds streaming in from the west. high clouds. we start in the low to mid-60s out there. as we go through the morning we will warm up by 9:00 pushing 72 down in tappahannock. 65 leesburg. we will have more sunshine and warmer there. 81 fredericksburg. this afternoon, our northern friends have a chance of showers, 83 winchester. culpeper more sunshine. high clouds and 88 and even potentially 9 to the the south. -- 90 to the south. here's angie. we are focusing on virginia. live from the fairfax county parkway where it meets fair lakes. drivers are topped at a light. no incidents or accidents or along the way. switch over to nutley and lee highway. if you are making a drive
6:38 am
through the vienna area. right now so far so good. looks like lanes are open. oh, man looks like we don't have that camera. fly the gw parkway heading southbound. right now you are doing fine making your way from the beltway past 123 all the way to the bridge. the time is 6:38. hope you are off to a great thursday, everybody. 9 news now will be right
6:39 am
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♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ in 1984 george orwell raised a dictatorial government that electronically spied on citizens everywhere they went, even in their own homes. there is an argument in courts over authorities spying on you. not in your home, reports bruce leshan, but in your car. >> speed cameras, surveillance cameras and now secret gps
6:43 am
transmitters. we showed you how easy it is for private investigators to track cars with a hidden gps box. >> radio is here. it is bruce leshan from channel t. where are you, buddy. >> with a client in reston. >> reporter: rick is playing along at a strip club in springfield. >> i got you at the paper moon gentlemen's club. >> seems like i have explaining to do. >> reporter: the boss could track you to your psychiatrist office, the corner bar or a motel that rents by the hour. all totally legal, but potentially embarrassing and terribly private. so, is it reasonable for police and federal agents, the government to hide a gps on your car without a warrant? >> people don't expect that a police officer, a law enforcement agent will use their car to make them an instrument. >> reporter: steve lecarr just
6:44 am
convinced a dc court to release charges on jones. authorities failed to get a warrant to use gps on jones ' car. >> there was no judge overseeing this. no finding of probable cause. just went out on their own. >> so it will be that much harder to police in the district. >> chris is a leader of the dc police union. >> this is fundamental police work. there's not an expectation of privacy. these cars driving by us right now don't have an expectation of privacy and that's all the transmitter are doing is tracking them on public roads three appeals cores sided with the police and one with antawn jones. warn or no warrant it is like the the supreme court will decide. bruce leshan, 9 news now. the virginia court of appeals just sided with fairfax county police saying it was fine for them to secretly stick a gps tracker on a sex offender's car without a warrant but that ruling only
6:45 am
applies to police in the commonwealth and as bruce said it will likely enup in the supreme court. howard bernstein is here. and we are happy he has a little rain in his forecast, not enough, though. >> not enough and here in dc may not see much at all. points south don't hold your breath. where we need it is the panhandle. you have better chance of showers. you will be farther north and west. and that will help the odds. get you going on this thursday or friday eve as we like to call it. temperatures urge partly to mostly cloudy skies. 84 for the drive home. a warm day and with enough sunshine some southern friends will make it to the upper 80s and see national coming in with a little more sunshine. we are just about sunrise time. the bus stop forecast this morning, we are looking at partly to mostly cloudy conditions but it is comfortable. wins are light. in the a 0s to near 70 in a few spots south and east of washington. this afternoon, a mostly
6:46 am
cloudy, warm, breezy. showers will be possible. mainly north and west up to the pennsylvania border. the farther west you in to in to west virginia and western maryland the shower chances increase. mid to upper 80s. westerly winds 10 to 15. tonight some showers and rumble of thunder can't be ruled out. 57 to 67. southwest winds start to turn to the northwest overnight. sunset 7:15. this morning we have been watching the clouds. they have been high clouds but thick enough to give us almost overcast conditions at the moment. we are watching showers from columbus through toledo approaching cleveland in to charleston, west virginia seeing a shower this morning. temperatures in the 60s. once you head from williamsport north and east through new york state earning it is a crisp, autumnal morning. it is 63 now at andrews air force base. hello, columbia 62 for you. crofton 64 and brandywine is
6:47 am
65. 5 t in reston and montgomery county. laytonsville 59. rockville and sterling across the river at 62. reagan national 69. some clouds mixing in with the sunshine. 62 on the dew point. the humidity is 78%. the winds are calm. we have the storm system we are watching in the middle of the country. some showers in the northwest. and here through the lakes also down through the tennessee and ohio valley scattered showers. the bulk of this will stay north of the mason dixon line. for us while we will see some showers, the really good rains you see them here in ohio and pennsylvania and western new york early this afternoon track to our north. as we go through the evening, starting to see showers on the north side of the metro in the mountains of west virginia, western maryland. they continue to come across northern areas. dc and points north, rain chances are better than south. as we head overnight things settle down and we get in to friday and the sun returns and looks like a good start to what
6:48 am
should be a nice september weekend. high temperatures today, only in the low 80s up north. although down south, more sunshine, less rain chances. fredericksburg, tappahannock, around 90. here in town we could get to 87. in the tropic wries watching julia weaken here. a category two now and igor could really threaten bermuda. this is a powerful storm. up to 145. it has been fluctuating and that happens with eye wall replacement cycles. here we go. in to sunday night this thing will go over, maybe east or west of bermuda. they are going to have big-time hurricane conditions, probably a category two before the weekend is out. for us the seven-day forecast, we have temperatures, i think you will like the weekend. a chance of rain later today and tonight. 83 today and tomorrow. saturday in the low 80s. a beautiful day. sunday 85. if you are going to the skins game don't forget the sun screen and sun glasses.
6:49 am
warm on tuesday and wednesday in to the 80s. 6:49. angie is here with traffic. >> okay. looks like we are dealing with the main tieup of the morning. this is in district heights. marlboro pike is shut down in both directions between brook drive and silver hill road. you want to use route 4 as think alternate to make your way in toward the district. it looks like it will be there throughout the rush. meanwhile, on the outer loop, no incidents or accidents but you are slowing down a bit from 95 to georgia avenue. on 270, it is a crawl. no fun out here making your way from father hurley down to the split. we are saying an extra 15 minutes in the car for drivers right now. finishing with 95, good morning, virginia. heading northbound looks like we are moving well from the prince william parkway to 644. an extra ten minutes or so should be factored in. over to andrea. a utah artist has a new piece of work that is stirring things up politically. the painting includes every u.s. president with
6:50 am
conservatives on one side and liberals on the oh and it shows president obama in front stepping on the constitution. the piece is titled the forgotten man. the artist says it is symbolic of the country's conditions. >> the flag being half mast happens when there is a tragedy in the country and i feel our country is experiencing a tragedy of monumental proportions. >> he says the painting is more of a personal thing. he says he knew it would cause a stir and he hopes it gets people to think. up next, find out why that busted well in the gulf of mexico could soon be closed for good. we'll be right back.
6:51 am
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. in the news now at 6:54, president obama is having trouble getting democrats on board with his tax cut plan. he wants to extend tax cuts for people earning less than
6:54 am
$250,000 while allowing taxes for the wealthy to rise. the cuts are due to expire at the end of the year. the latest round of middle east peace talks has ended in jerusalem. israeli program netanyahu and palestinian president abbas met with secretary of state hillary clinton on wednesday but failed to come to an agreement on the jewish settlement. the two leaders agreed to keep working toward the peace deal. a relief well could be completed sometime today at the site of the largest oil spill in the nation's history. the broken well that caused the spill in the gulf of mexico could finally be sealed for good by sunday. it has been capped since mid july. we have some clouds around this morning and maybe showers this afternoon up north and west of washington as high temperatures make it to the 80s. it will be breezy, too. we will have the weekend forecast and angie will have the traffic when we return.
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. stilt watching the bad accident that happened. 395 northbound from the beltway to seminary, slow and then slow again from the pentagon to the 14th street bridge. and to wrap it up, 66 eastbound slow from the fairfax county parkway to nutley. a little sunshine breaking through on the last traffic camera. a few showers later this afternoon. north and northwest of town. some tonight but not too much south. tomorrow 83.
6:59 am
saturday 82. sunday 85. we need rain but still a pretty nice stretch of weather coming. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> wish i had better news for wall street. we are looking lower by we have economic data that could change things and we want to wish andrea happy anniversary. >> happy anniversary! >> who's up for a pool party this weekend? the "early show" is next. they are tracking igor. >> our next newscast is coming up at noon. until then get the news, weather and traffic at and hear my forecast on 97.1 wash fm. >> we cannot wait until friday. we hope you will join us again tomorrow starting at 4:25. have a great the president's proble


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