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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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it was quite frightening. >> my boss came running in telling me to stay put where i'm at, there's a guy running around with a gun and we don't know what he's going to do, but we need to stay put. >> all you see is people running everywhere. just uniforms everywhere, running inside the hospital. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the hospital. >> their response was breathtaking. they were here within moments and extraordinarily efficient and behaved in an efficient manner in the face of this horrible situation. >> reporter: when they entered the room two hours after the standoff began, the gunman and his mother were both dead. police say he shot his mother in the head before turning the gun on himself. >> at this point we are treating this case as a murder- suicide and obviously the shooting of the doctor preceding this discovery. >> reporter: i i investiga tors are now looking into the
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suspect's past. once again a tense two-hour standoff here in baltimore at johns hopkins hospital is over. the gunman, paul warren curtis of arlington, virginia and his mother are both dead. the wounded doctor is still in the operating room but expected to survive. reporting live from baltimore, andrea mccarran, 9 news now, back to you. >> andrea, what have you learned about security at the hospital? >> reporter: well that's an interesting question. hospital administrators, after the virginia tech shooting, say they felt compelled to look into security here. we're going to take a look at that at 6:00 because it applies to most hospitals in our area. no magnetometers, we'll take a look at what is in place and what has been considered and what is realistic here at johns hopkins for a hospital that has more than 80,000 visitors a week. also coming up at 6:00, we'll talk to a man who first learned his sister, who is working in the hospital, was in this chaos by her facebook posting later
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-- again that's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> andrea, thank you so much. a district heights man slammed his car into an ambulance, killing himself and two passengers. the ambulance had lights and siren on but the driver never hit the brakes. the crash happened early this morning in the 5600 block of marlboro pike and that's where we find delia gonsalves. i understand this driver was on his way home? >> reporter: in fact emanuel jones was jut a half a mile from home. the ambulance had just pulled out the station a few blocks away here at marlboro pike. that's when the two cars slided and you -- collided and you can see the impact here, the suv came to a stop after it careened on to the sidewalk, crashed into the brick wall, taking down that white fence and hitting a utility pole. a horrific scene in district heights. an suv torn to pieces, a few yards away an ambulance ripped apart. remarkably the two firefighters
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in the ambulance walked away from this crash. but the three men inside the suv died instantly. >> this is where he would be at. >> reporter: addle jones stop by the home and said the father of two lived with his parents. >> i called at 3:00 this morning and his phone kept going to voice mail and i looked at the news and i was like, man, that's probably -- i hope that's not him. >> reporter: jones was traveling with his cousin, 22- year-old andre watley and friend, 35-year-old tony burney, both of d.c. firefighters say dramatic video from the ambulance dashboard camera shows the seconds before the collision. jones' suv barreling down the wrong side of the street. >> almost in the blink of an eye, that vehicle traveling at an excessive rate of speed was on top of them. >> reporter: that's when a 22- year-old firefighter swerved to avoid a head-on collision, a
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split-second decision that saved his and his partner's life. thankfully the ambulance was not carrying patients at the time. >> if they had been involved in a head-on collision with our ambulance, i'm confident it would cause serious injuries, if not fatal. >> reporter: a devastating morning call for the victim's family and friends. >> i'm shocked. he's not supposed to be dead right now. he's really not. >> reporter: and this evening police tell us they are still investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a factor in the crash. lesli. >> you told us that the driver was going at a high rate of speed. what about the firefighters? >> well firefighters say they are very proud of this team. a 22-year-old man, his name is ed goodwin and he's the driver and has only been on the fire department for three years and the firefighter medic, the passenger in that vehicle, 27- year-old kelly kifity. they are very proud of them, offering them counseling to go
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through the process and eventually make their way back to work once they recover from what they went through early this morning. in fact firefighters say this is a good example of some of the dangers that crews run into even when they are heading out on a routine call. we'll have more on that coming up new at 6:00. >> delia, thank you for that. we have a very important crime alert for anyone who rides metro. derek mcginty is here with a warning from metro transit police. derek? >> reporter: metro has seen a big surge in crime. the transit agency said it recorded just under 1100 assaults, threats or other crimes and that's just in the first six months of this year. that would be an increase of 24% over '09 when there were 866 crimes from january to june. and nearly double the 570 crimes reported in the same period in 2006. now metro said theft of electronic devises accounted for most crimes and in some cases they are just being snatched right out of people's
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hands. through last june there were 961 cases of robbery or larceny and that is up from 721 cases during the first six months of last year. metro said devises like smart phones and mp3 players have gotten priceyer and more riders are carrying them. in response the transit agency has launched a public awareness campaign saying keep your property secure. and a spokesperson said more uniform officers are being post and more plain clothes officers are riding on the trains. statistics shows metro has more crime in the second half of the year. anita. >> derek, thank you. carl -- karl is now a hurricane. it is gaining strength as it crosses the gulf of mexico. topper is tracking it in the weather center. >> the tropics are hot. we have not one, not two, but
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three hurricanes. the good news is it was weak when it crossed. they did have tropical storm force winds. it did knock out power to people across the rural area and some villagers, mayan villagers had to be evacuated and it weakened but now it's a hurricane again and that's a different story. it is now in the -- in the bay of cap eachy and when it's there, that's when all of the oil rigs are from people ex -- that's the mexican oil company. so in fact winds are now 85 miles per hour, moving west at 12 miles per hour. will make landfall as a category two at lunchtime tomorrow. that is one story with a surge of probably 6-9 feet. the other story is 5-10 inches of rain in mexico. very close to mexico city. that is mountainous. it cannot take much heavy rain, like west virginia, it becomes flooded. that will become a story. in the meantime, hurricane
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warnings in effect up and down the mexican coast. we'll come back and talk about igor on track to hit bermuda. we'll try to identify something falling from the sky. we'll identify that also. d.c. mayor fenty and his likely replacement appeared together today for the first time since the election. mayor fenty and vincent gray clapped and raised their hands to a standing ovation at the democratic unit breakfast in northeast washington. gray defeated fenty in the democratic primary. he said he'll be rooting for the new mayor as a citizen. the republican nominee for maryland governor released his road map to 2020 today. former governor bob ehrlich is running against martin alley. the plan includes a value for dollar initiative that he said would deliver services for residents at a price they're willing to pay. the plan calls for a 1% reduction in sales tax and doubling the number of charter
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schools in the state. delaware's republican nominee for u.s. senate will be in d.c. tomorrow. tea party candidate christine o'donnell is scheduled to speak at a conservative summit. she ousted nine-term g.o.p. congressman mike castle in tuesday's primary election. bob mcdonnell, former massachusetts governor mitt romney and newt gingrich also expected to attend. today the u.s. senate passed a bill to give mall businesses -- small businesses tax relief and government credits. it is the latest attempt by democrats to try to turn the economy around. and as candice gibson reports, it comes as both parties prepare for mid-term elections where the economy is the top issue on voter's minds. >> reporter: the president is celebrating a win after the senate approved a small business loan package. >> it's going to make a difference in millions of small business owners across the country. >> reporter: the bigger battle over taxes is still to come. the tax cuts are set to expire at the end of the year. if congress does nothing, everyone's taxes will go up. republicans want to extend the
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cuts for everyone while democrats want to exclude families making over $250,000 a year. >> listen, i don't think the president gets it. >> its republicans have made it clear, their priority is no tax cut for the middle class unless there is a tax cut for the wealthiest people in our country. >> reporter: with even some moderate democrats skiddish about raising taxes, the issue won't be resolved by election day. but the both parties agree that whoever can convince voters they have a fix for the economy will come out ahead at the ballot box. >> you can control everything you want where ever but if you don't keep people working, it won't help. >> people are afraid because they can't get a job. >> reporter: and new government numbers out on thursday show people are afraid for a reason. the poverty rate is at the highest level in 16 years. one in seven americans is now below the poverty line. president obama put out a statement saying things would be worse without his policies. but with the campaign in high
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gear, it's the voters who will have the last word on who gets the blame. candice gibson, cbs news, los angeles. senate democrats plan to hold a vote on the issue of tax cuts before breaking for november's election. >> as candice just mentioned, one in seven americans are living in poverty, according to a new census report from the census bureau. the government find 43.6 -- 43.9 million are living below poverty, up from 39.8 million. and those without health insurance rose to 50.7 million people. the statistic covered president obama's first year in office. time to check on the roads for the rush hour. patranya has her eyes on them all. >> the rain dampening the
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traffic. slow going in both directions north of town and 495. from this spot at university to 270 spur, that will take drivers about 30 minutes. and from there down to the toll road will be another 40 minutes or so to get home. now on 66, wet roads also adding to delays from 495 over to 123. drivers want to add an extra 20 minutes to their commute. and if you're out and about in d.c., watch for a gas main break in columbia heights, 14th street as an alternate. back to you. how would you like to own a car that gets 100 miles to the gallon. coming up we'll meet a group of inventors from virginia that created one that does just that. a royal welcome for pope benedict on his first trip to britain, but protestors are planning a different welcome of their own. i'm charlie daggetta and we'll have the details coming up.
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here is something you don't see every day. a tractor coming down the streets of downtown d.c. the head of the national black farmer's association rode his tractor to capitol hill today. john boyd wants the senate to approve a 1.25 settlement for black farmers in a discrimination case. in july the house approved a bill that provided money for a payout, but an attempt to approve the funds failed last month in the senate. pope benedict made history, becoming the first pope to come to great britain on a state visit. thousands turned out to welcome him in scottland. but the pope is expected to face protests over the child abuse scandal plaguing the catholic church. >> reporter: more than 60,000 people gathered in a park in scotland to watch pope benedict
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celebrate mass. but few are as excited as scottish singer and staunch catholic susan boyle. [ singing ] >> reporter: she said performing for the pope was a dream come true. this is only the second time the pope has set foot in britain. when pope john paul ii visited in 1982, he was greeted by massive, adoring crowds. but pope benedict will face plenty of protestors, many furious over the child sex scandal. the pontiff said on thursday, it's difficult to understand how priests fall into that, quote, per version. >> we're urging the pope to open the vatican secret sex files. >> reporter: and there has been criticism about the cost to the british taxpayer. an estimated $20 million to pay for travel, accommodations and security, including here at the landon residences where the pope is staying. day one of the pontiff's four-
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day trip began with a warm welcome from britain's queen elizabeth in scotland. >> i wish you a most fruitful and memorable visit. >> reporter: before it ends, the pope will meet with britains new prime minister and hold a special pray service at london's famed westminster abbey. charlie d'agata, 9 news now. we're talking about the weather and the rain. >> we're talking about not one, not two, but three hurricanes. >> busy out there. >> julia we don't have to worry about, but igor we will talk about. showing you a picture from space, look at this. it is an unbelievable picture. a great storm with a well -- a well-defined eye. how see high the clouds are. and the amount of moisture that it takes up and drops is incredible. let's look at our satellite picture. this one is 23,000-miles in
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space and you can see it cranking now. big storm. it's been -- we've been calling it a monster for a couple of days and it is. category three, so it's dropped in intensity. that's good news. it's going to eventually make it's way right toward bermuda. in fact, the latest track has it goes either just over the islands or west, which is the worst case scenario. by the time it goes over there, we're talking winds could be between 105 and 110 miles per hour. the real tough time for bermuda will be most of sunday. although the swells will effect the coast on saturday. in effect the swells will affect our coast friday, saturday and sunday. for us, we return nice tomorrow. just a few clouds to start and then mostly sunny, 83. nice on saturday, low 80s. nice on sunday. i'm still hanging on to clouds coming in late. maybe a sprinkle. maybe a shower. it will not effect your tailgating or should not affect the game. temperatures in the low 80s
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despite the clouds. breaking down tomorrow, grab your sunglasses. 70 to start, 79 by lunchtime, 83 by the end of the day. a good finish to the workweek. temperatures down to 81 downtown. and i say down because we were in the upper 80s. but 66 in frederick and 63 in martinsberg. so the rain-cooled air has shown up. for tonight, showers, maybe a thunderstorm and mostly cloudy and comfortable. lows in the 60s. winds west north west at 10. let me show you live dopplar radar. you can get this on or down load that weather app. do you have your windshield wipers and lights on. and the roads will be slippery. nothing heavy, but rain toward great falls, rain going up to 270 toward gaithersburg and river road toward potomac. where will this go? in the next hour it will drift across the east to wheaton and beltway. it will be a wet commute and
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patranya will have more on that. tomorrow, 60s and 70s, nice start to the morning. partly cloudy and mild. by the afternoon, mostly sunny and warm. great day. high temperatures in the low 80s and winds out of the northwest at 10. next seven days. 83 tomorrow, low 80s on saturday. maybe a sprinkle and a few clouds on sunday. that won't dampen your tailgating. a little bit cooler behind the system on monday. near 80. and then it starts warming up again. mid-80s on tuesday. a fall -- fall officially arrives on wednesday night at 11:09 and wednesday and thursday will feel like summer with temperatures in the upper 80s, believe it or not. it is thursday and it's best shot time and that's a copper head. >> kind of creepy. >> well, yeah, kind of creepy. but kind of cool. you don't see too many copper heads here. good news is, for the most part the bites don't go into deep tissue so that's the good thing. and here is a little bit of snake stuff for you. yesterday on yellow, kills a
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fellow. red on black is a friend of jack. so if you're out hiking, remember that. >> red on yellow -- just stay away from them. >> thank you, pat. good job. >> thank you. >> if you want to send us something go to and click on the weather tab and follow the drop down menu. red on black is a friend of jack. >> stay away from snakes. coming up next on 9 news now ... >> unbelievable. >> a team from lynchberg, virginia, wins a $5 million prize building a car that gets 100 miles to the gallon of gas.
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at how is your mileage? 20, 30, 50 miles to the gallon?
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how would you feel about 100 miles per gallon. >> one group has done it and they have won a prize for it. >> reporter: made up by the d.c. historical society. oliver and his friends win the $5 million automotive prize, which gets 102.5 mpg. >> they won by creating the most slippery car in the world. so a tour of the edison two light car. >> they built a suspension that is entirely inside the wheel. >> it improves the aerodynamics. >> reporter: the body is shaped like a diamond, cutting to a very pointy tail. >> it allows the air to stick to the car all the way around the end. >> reporter: and there is room for four. >> plenty of space for four people. >> reporter: one of the most amazing things about the edison 2 is it weighs just 830 pounds.
5:25 pm
you could push it with one hand. the light weight allows the 40- horsepower engine to power it up to 100 miles per hour hour. although it may take a while to get there. >> it is the lowest power requirement on the planet and that's the solution. >> reporter: they are convinced that some manufacturers will adopt the break throughs but they are considering it to be made in a factory in virginia. and this is just the start. in washington, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> to win the next prize, competitors have to prove cars are safe, clean, affordable and designed so well they could be produced by the thousands by the year 2014. >> if you pull up in one of those, you get some eyeballs. here is what is coming up new at 5:30. >> a popular watering hole at a supermarket. sounds strange? but it could be too much of a
5:26 pm
good thing. i'm surae chinn and i'll tell you how it's so popular it could be shut down. surveillance video leads to a break in assaults near the university of maryland. we'll be right back. !%
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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right now, new at 5:30, police make an arrest in a series of attacks that have rattled students nerves at the university of maryland. a popular northern virginia watering hole could be out of business. and cutting your car insurance costs. simple things to do to lower your next bill. there is a cautious sense of relief at the university of maryland. they are learning about an arrest that led to some off campus robberies. scott broom is in college park with moments caught on tape that led to the arrest. >> reporter: you're looking at surveillance video of 19-year- old childreno jar who has been arrested and charged with an armed street robbery near the university of maryland. he was shown allegedly using a credit card stolen in the
5:30 pm
robbery. police say they turned up more evidence in a search of his home. it's the possible break police have been hoping for after a series of at least five similar off-campus robbers that have grown as students flock to the university. >> he put the gun to my head. >> reporter: these men were held up by a pair of gunman ten minutes after a similar robbery. >> give me your wallet or i'll shoot you. >> reporter: police have two other videos showing other possible suspects who were with jaw making transactions with stolen credit cards. and there is this still photo of two other men making a transaction at a convenience store in landover, also allegedly with stolen credit cards. >> i hope it doesn't happen to me. >> reporter: students are on edge but have noticed a beefed- up presence. >> it is a relief that the thieves are getting caught and police are doing their job.
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>> reporter: the suspect is being held without bail and the police search for others. they can't link all of the robberies together or pin them on one group. they feel like this arrest is a major break in the cases. in college park, scott broom, 9 news now. >> meanwhile university police have launched a campaign called crime time to warn students about the dangers of walking alone off campus late at night. when our web visitor as lettered us to our arlington news where you live site about saving a beer garden, we went to check it out. it is a case of big government versus small business. as surae chinn tells us, zoning codes could drive a popular arlington watering hole out of town. >> this has grown and grown and grown and now it's very much a local tradition. >> reporter: mom and pop grocery store by day, beer garden by night. >> people love this place. >> reporter: they are permitted to have nine chairs but on the weekends there can be dozens more than that. >> there are also building code violations. this door and the exit need to
5:32 pm
be widened. and the bathroom is not ada accessible. you need to get a wheelchair down these stairs. >> you know when you are doing this, you're breaking the rules? >> well technically, we're filing an appeal for the bathroom. as far as music, we're not doing life muzzic. >> reporter: there was calls about noise violations. >> just ignore that they're not in compliance and that's like saying, i'm speeding right now, let me keep on speeding, and maybe some day i'll come into compliance. >> reporter: devon said the county business practices aren't sound. >> do what the rules require. >> there was a mixed group and older people and even people with kids. so i think it's a nice neighborhood. >> i don't know who is right
5:33 pm
and wrong, but hopefully the majority of people will say, let it stay. >> reporter: in arlington county, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> now the owners are working with building inspectors to make the $50,000 changes next year but arlington county will not give them a temporary pass. the owners plan to open up tomorrow night despite the violations and they could be fined as high as $5,000. a building inspector could have the authority to shut them down. for more stories from where you live, go to, find your community in the list, in that section, and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story, contact us and be a part of the team where you live. abraham lincoln's cottage on the grounds of the old soldier home received much- needed tlc. after sam waterston joined 75 volunteers from hampton hotel, they all pitched in for the last save a landmark project of
5:34 pm
the year. the cottage served as a camp david for lincoln and it got a coat of fresh paint and other touch-ups today. >> our program has been going on -- save a landmark, for ten years this year. and with that, that means we've made 55 different landmarks preserved for the future. >> it is estimated that lincoln spent a quarter of his presidency here and the place where he drafted the emancipation proclamation. and topper has the umbrella out. >> because the deck isn't even completely wet. that's how little its raining. here is your out-and-about forecast. at 6:00 you'll run into light showers. remember, your windshield wipers are on and your head lights have to be on. temperatures down in the low 80s. maybe a leftover shower at 10:00. by 10:00 we'll just have some clouds with temperatures down
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to about 72. here is your county close-up, and we'll begin out to the west. and we're looking at a beautiful day. fairfax county, beautiful. 83 in vienna. 82 in burke and 83 in alexandria. downtown maybe 83. cleveland park, capitol hill. over in prince george's county, a beautiful finish. 83 in clinton, 82 in upper marlboro. and we'll come back and look at live doppler 9000 and we'll look ahead to the weekend, including the redskin forecast. coming up, shocking cell phone video of a toddler puffing on a joint and the mother who taught the girl how to smoke marijuana. and coming up at 6:00, brand new information about the shooter at johns hopkins hospital and why he may have reached his breaking point today. and don't forget we are always on at stay with us. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, shocking video of a mother allegedly teaching her 2-year-old daughter how to smoke pot. the disturbing cell phone video shows the toddler easily handling this joint as her mother is coaching her. jessica gamble of cincinnati now faces numerous charges, including child endangerment. >> and i'm just grateful that somebody in the community was savvy enough and smart enough and cared enough about this little girl that they forwarded it to another and brought it to authorities. >> if mom is convicted she could get up to 11 years in prison. a minnesota police chief said his officer was justified in shooting a teen who attacked
5:39 pm
his cruiser with a baseball bat. dash cam video shows the 17- year-old boy shattering the driver's side window. the officer shot and killed the teen. he's on paid administrative leave while prosecutors review the case. and police in michigan are looking for this guy. a armed robber who wore a plastic darth vader mark. he used a butcher knife, but he did make one mistake. he was in range of the store surveillance camera before he put on the mask. >> oops. and this armed robbery out of a sacramento gas station has people talking. not because of what he took, but what he was wearing. police say that is a man under the wig and mini skirt and stilletos. surveillance shows the cross dresser before the robber i outside of the gas station scoping out his target. he got away with an unknown amount of cash. let's get another check of the evening rush hour. is the rain slowing things
5:40 pm
down, patranya? >> it's slowing things down on 66 where we are happy to see we have people with headlights on. no accidents out here on 66, but adding another 20-25 minutes to your commute there. other routes also on the red, everyone way below speed. and 270 from 495 to the spur, about 8 minutes. more than an hour on 495 from springfield over the toll road and from 495 to 7100 on 66, again 39 minutes. a slow one out there. be extra careful. back to you. >> good advice into coming up, a tail of two dogs. see what happens when the world's biggest canine meets the smallest. it is thursday and that means it is time to turn my mic on and the latest installment of the good, bad and ugly. tonight the dodger's star who went into the crowd to make a catch and had his hat stolen. plus how this goal celebration in finland turned
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into a lady gaga karaoke segment. the really bad in tonight's gbu. cutting the cost of driving your car. simple things to do to lower your auto insurance. ♪
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two good ones are answer financial and consider having a car while yours is being repaired and eliminate rental reimbursement and drop roadside assistance. >> if your car cost 10% of the value you'll get more damage if your car is totaled. >> and do not cut back on liability coverage. >> you could face financial ruin if there are financial damages so stick with the standard coverage. >> reporter: standard pays bodily injury up to $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident. and then property damage up to $100,000. and if you are driving less than you used to, let your insurer know, that can save you money too. so you want a low rate and a company that will pay your claims fast. and also you want to check with your state insurance department to find rate comparisons in our area. and we have a link for you to
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do just that on our website at just click on living smart. a little bit of drama at a soccer game in washington. they went into penalty kicks tied one to one and the first player lined up for her shot. [ cheering and applause ] >> love that reaction. just as she got ready to kick, all of the lights went out. players and spectators sat in the dark for 20 minutes before maintenance workers could get the lights to come back on. by the way, eisenhower went on to win the shootout, 5-4. and you could call this the canine equivalent of the odd couple. the world's tallest dog met the world's smallest in new york's central park. the 5-year-old great dane named giant george measured 43 inches from ground to shoulder and booboo is the 4-year-old long haired chihuahua -- booboo is 4 inches, weighing 24 ounces.
5:47 pm
the meeting was organized to promote the release of the 2011 guinness book of world records. >> look at that little dog and you would say look at that little booboo. >> that's exactly what you would do. it's smaller than the book. >> it's not the size of the dog, the size of the fight in the dog. maybe booboo is tough. >> you don't know. you guys have dogs, not as small as booboo. >> i have a dog that would eat booboo for lunch. >> here is your forecast first. we have showers out there. we'll show you doppler in a second. the next three days we bounce back great tomorrow, becoming mostly sunny, low 80s. low 80s on saturday. and low 80s on sunday. we do have some clouds on sunday and maybe a sprinkle, maybe a shower. not a big deal. get your tailgate on. not a big deal. mostly cloudy and warm. light shower possible. temperatures 75-82. and that should cover the entire span of the game. we'll break down tomorrow. sunglasses needed, please.
5:48 pm
70 to start and then 79 by lunchtime, 83 by evening. originally i thought it might be breezy tomorrow. i don't think it will be. it will be northwest at 10, occasionally 15. right now still 81 downtown. but everybody else is kind of rain-cooled. 66 in gaithersburg. 66 in frederick and 63 out in martinsberg. for tonight, we'll call it mostly cloudy, some showers and maybe a thunderstorm. a comfortable low temperature. let me show you live doppler. and you can see it with the weather app. it's cool for the iphone. a lot of light to moderate rain across the area. from baltimore through d.c. down to fredericksberg. heavier up toward hagerstown. but it will be light to moderate right through the evening commute, unfortunately. we have rain in ashburn, leesberg, great falls, around the beltway, around 495 and even over toward connecticut as you head northbound and georgia as you head northbound too. so take it easy. back to the computer we'll go. we'll talk about tomorrow morning, very nice. partly cloudy and mild.
5:49 pm
winds northwest at 10. and then by the afternoon, skies return, mostly sunny and warm. a gorgeous day. high temperatures low 80s and winds northwest at about 10. next seven days: low 80s tomorrow and saturday and sunday. and again maybe a sprinkle or shower late sunday. maybe the second half of the game. a little cooler on monday, 79. and starting to heat up. mid-80s on tuesday. fall arrived on wednesday and it will feel more like summer with temperatures back into the upper 80s. we have the equinox at 11:09 on wednesday evening and traditionally there is a party at brett's house after the show. >> i'll be there. >> i'll bring my egg to stand on. i know that's a fallacy but i love doing that. >> it's gbu day. >> and we have another soccer goal celebration from the people who brought us the flopping fish. >> do the lights stay on? >> did you see it. >> no, i was busy. i have to watch the show.
5:50 pm
it's the good and the bad and ugly for the 15th. first baseman for the padre, gonzales, back hand through the leg, i'm not sure why he didn't back hand it the regular way. i guess he wouldn't have made gbu if he didn't. this is from a soccer match in morocco. penalty kick saved by the goalie, but the ball is spinning and the goalie is not even paying attention and it's over the line and look at the forward, he goes to the ref and said that's a goal and the ref said your darn right it is. best team loyalty. look at the kid. he's out on the field. that guy wants to shake his hand from the other team and he said no way, man, i don't root for you guys. that guy plays for west liverpool. for me, it's like being a redskin fan, and you shake tony romo's hand. and nice diving catch. in there to get the pop foul
5:51 pm
and when he comes out, he realized that he doesn't have his hat. somebody has taken his hat. he has -- hey, this isn't my hat. that doesn't fit. some guy has my hat and he has to get it back from the guy in the second row who was pretty sneaky out there in l.a. and now to the bad. worst communication, the san francisco giants setting up for an intentional walk. the catcher and the hitter knows it and the pitcher doesn't know it. and everybody knows it's a walk. he throws a strike. everybody is scared to death. nobody knew it was -- he didn't know. and even the bench from arizona is laughing because he blew it. worst goal celebration. these guys in finland who score the goal and then run over to the side line and proceed to do the worst lady gaga routine in the history of karaoke. they grab the blond wick and he puts it on and he has back-up dancers. it's not the flopping fish. >> this is a whole new thing. >> worst touch around the
5:52 pm
green. charlie hoffman at the bmw trying to get out of the bunker. which he does. i would say that he did not materially improve his lye. to the ugly. worst advertisement, the ad at polo ralph lauren. and then the linesman trips over their signage. this is in the semi final. and then this guy in toronto there with his girlfriend and wound up with the ball in the nose. not the finish, but sometimes you have to shove the tissue up the nostril and take your lumps. and she's cracking up and the umps gives him the ball. the risk you take when you have the good seats. >> thank you. up next, it's prime time for teachers now that all area
5:53 pm
kids are back in school. we have a health alert about a hazard to their job. damage to their voices in the classroom. and coming up new at 6:00, the out spoken florida paster is stirring the pot again, this time calling out american churches. we'll be back. i'm peggy fox with it's time for back to school night where you meet your child's teacher, but our expert said don't wait. meet the teacher as soon as possible and start building that good relationship. volunteer when you can, share your talents and keep in touch. all of it will help your child have a good year. find out what else you can do in the family magazine group on
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5:56 pm
it was a mixed day on wall street. the dow finished up 22 points to close at 10,594. nasdaq rose 2 points and the s&p 500 dropped a fraction. many jobs require people to speak a lot. teachers, no exception. 20% of them report missing work due to voice problems. in tonight's health alert, what you can do to protect your vocal cords. >> reporter: school is back in session and that means teacher's voices are back in
5:57 pm
session. >> your voice tends to get hurts and gets stressed. your voice gets rasp. >> this file is massive. >> reporter: middle schoolteacher christopher lloyd knows well how strenuous it can be to talk above the chatty students. he has his own secret remedies to keep his vocal chords in shape. >> i drink a lot of water and tea. general tips are pay attention to dryness or lubrication and pay attention to inflammation. >> reporter: the director of the voice center at johns hopkins university hospital said these are preventative strategies for anybody whose job requires lots of public speaking or projecting your voice in a loud environment. >> teachers oftentimes come in with traumatic lesions, the polyps and lesions and some function voice disorders. >> reporter: the doctor said the best thing to do is to look for opportunities to rest the voice before things get worse. >> that means using your lunch
5:58 pm
breaks to not speak and allow your vocal chords to recover rather than speaking with your friends in the teacher's lounge. >> reporter: there is still a full year of teaching ahead and a strong voice is one part of the equation for success. >> if you are not at your best all of the time, then you have trouble managing a classroom, teaching and learning and really helping kids get to the next step. >> reporter: do you lose your voice a lot? the doctor is holding a free educational seminar on preserving your vocal chords on november 3rd, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at suburban hospital. for more information call 877- 456-1000. thank you for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now now at 6:00 starts right now into tonight the tragedy at johns hopkins hospital. baltimore police have
5:59 pm
identified the man who shot a doctor as 50-year-old paul warren partis of arlington. partis shot the doctor and then shot and killed his mother and then himself in her hospital room. he was apparently distraught over his mother's medical condition. we have live team coverage from andrea mccarran at johns hopkins and gary nuremburg tracked down things about partis and smoke with neighbors who are devastated over the developments. >> reporter: they are. paul warren partis used his mother's name davis and was known as warren davis. but neighbors say he spent his life caring for his mother. that was the most important thing for him. when he was at work, neighbors say that ms. davis, who suffered some dementia, could be found wandering around the neighborhood. one hot summer day, one neighborhood found her walking around in a coat. and she was


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