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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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washington. it's 6:00 a.m. just about and here's angie. happy friday. rise and shine. right now a couple things out there that we're keeping a close eye on. let's move it out to the inner loop first. we have some crash activity. it's not really infecting the flow of traffic on the inner loop. but we're watching volumes start to build from university to georgia avenue. i want to show you route 4 going northbound, we have new activity here on darrell road. 395 headed northbound, you're moving at the speeds for most part. but we're starting to use the brakes duke to seminary. and 495 in virginia, no incidents to report are. back to you.
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right now we're following breaking news. we've received word of a shooting on capitol hill and c streets. right now they set up a command post. one person has been transported to the hospital. we don't know who was shot or y we have a crew headed to the scene. and we'll bring you any new details as soon as we get them. here's a quick look at some of the stories happening today. virginia's governor will decide whether to grant clemency to teresa lewis. she's on death row for plotting the deaths of her husband and stepson. boards of you'll inside the and continental airlines will vote on their merger. uniteddest coast shub at dulles -- hub is at dulles airport.
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as the world turns ends his show after 30 years. imagine adding two more hours to your morning commute. that is what some new studies is suggesting will happen when a new defense building will open its doors. there's a potential traffic nightmare. >> to ask us in any way to this situation and add cars is absurd and insult to our intelligence. >> reporter: that is just speaker one before several hundred people, most of them up set about this construction site. it will expand the work force by 6,000. but many people in this room are asking what will it do to our traffic? >> that is a huge problem because there's really no easy way to get in there.
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>> reporter: it allows people to ask questions of the private contractors and military leadership. >> reporter: the buildinging is one year away from completion. and outcries from the public have made a difference. >> i see some folks over here with save the winkler preserve. and i would like -- >> reporter: the winkler botanical preserve, a mecca would have been disturbed by a proposed ramp that would have been built. >> right now winkler is off the table. >> reporter: so why are people still so up set? >> they don't believe that the transportation alternatives will really dress the congestion. i think that there's been a history of wondering whether or not we can trust or believe what has been said or promised.
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the military says they will reduce the number of planned parking spaces from four to 1,000. this move is aimed at encouraging more people to take public transportation in hopes of reducing the congestion expected for 395. one piece of commuting helped thanks to program. this will be opening in sections starting tonight. and it should be completely done by tuesday. it will connect the parkway between rolling road and 95. investigators are using a dying teen's last words to find his killer. the unidentified victim called prince george's county police friday evening. the victim described his two attackers. he died on the way to the hospital from a gunshot wound. it's believed that the possible secretary of his mother never being able to walk
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again sparked a deadly shooting at johns hopkins hospital. he became distraught and shot the doctor after he learned that his mother would probably never walk again. after the shooting, he killed his mother and then himself. dr. david cohen is recovering from a gunshot wound to the stomach. new school superintendent, they want green technologies to be built in and he wants 4,000 new school employees. this is on the pages of the where you live section at find your community in where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood f you got a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the team. we start a new living smart
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classs about globalization and you're getting credits from the university of virginia while you're there. it's geared toward students but a lot of people take to see the world. >> i would like to be the friend that goes along for free. i like the friday segment. this car makes the average hybrid on the road like a gas hog t can go 102 miles on 1 gallon of gasoline. this was the ceremony outside the dc historical society yesterday. they're hoping one day to build their cars at a factory in virginia. forget about going to work today. let's plan for your dream job instead n3 minutes making that dream a reality. get what you need to know to start your second act. howard bernstein is living his dream and that is bringing us
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maryland's weather right now. i sure a.m. it's a great one. let's talk about the weather today. we had some rain last night. it is gone and you're looking sweet on this friday morning. we see temperatures starting off in the 60s and 70s. 65 in cumberland. noontime, beautiful and sunny, 72 in hagerstown, annapolis 76. and highs in the low 80s and maybe upper 70s in the mountains and along the bay. we're tracking your tie-ups early. this is live from skies 9 -- from sky 9, this accident is clear. on the outter loop we're looking at a jamup starting at university to virginia to georgia. let's take you to where a traffic light is out on connecticut and randolph road.
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the police are in place directing traffic. and 270, watching the traffic build on father hurley to german town road. we'll be right back after these messages. stay with us.
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good morning. how many of you will spend today at work thinking about quitting and taking up your dream job? or maybe you need to make a move because of the job market.
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this morning a guide to making your second act a reality. >> you've had a changeable year. >> reporter: this woman spent 35 years doing the corporate, cubical routine. >> you'll feel very confident. >> reporter: today she's charting a different course. >>i came to a point when i needed to serve my purpose and what my heart was calling me to. >> reporter: her moment came during a meeting. >> i'm sitting and everybody in the room was incredibly animated as they were talking about the business. and i'm sitting thing thinking, this means nothing to me. it's empty and meaningless. >> reporter: according to the conference board, a business management group, only 47% of americans are satisfied with their jobs. >> i think a lot of people get frustrated or maybe they're not
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getting promoting as quickly as they once were in their job. >> reporter: this is a book about following your passions to a fulfilling new career. >> you need your family to sort your dream. they don't have to buy into your dream but they need to support you. >> reporter: she recommends doing your homework, know your passions and maybe moonlight in a job of interest and take some courses and don't be vade to seek out expert vice from a career coach or a therapist. >> you need somebody to bounce these ideas off and look what the is dream and reality. >> reporter: for diane, her dream a reality. she admits that the money is not as good but it's a living. >> self doubt is the greatest way to fail. don't step out till you feel like you cannot help but go because you're just so-called
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to do it. >> i should add dioson 64 years old. it's usually and wage post people are planning retirement. diane said retirement is never in her thoughts. and she's embarked on they are their act. if you would like to explore job changing, go to our website at there you'll find information about the best job deals and tips on getting financially fit and great job sites for boomers. 6:14 on this friday morning. and here's what is in the news now. the bp oil spill could be completely capped by this weekend. a relief well is now joined to the blown outwell. they'll close the leaking well for good. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi is touring england today. he waveed to his supporterred outside a window last night. this is the first for him to
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great britain since 1982. reports say that wind speeds reached 100 miles an hour in new york t brought down trees and damaged buildings and caused a traffic nightmare. >> a saw a gentleman whose car was hit by a tree with a child and it they were not injured. >> but there was a lady where a tree did come down on her car and she was killed. >> they will look today to see it was truly a tornado today. >> are we over with the crazy weather this year? getting close k you
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probably won't need a jacket or umbrella today. we're in the upper 70s down south is he bus stations. and today at a glance, sunny and sunny. 78 at noon and 85 at 5:00. and the highs 81 to 86. clear and cool tonight and great for high school football. whatever your plans are, by saturday morning, we're down in the 50s in most areas. and 7:13 on the sunset, and saturday looks great. sunny and gorgeous 79 to 84 and in the low to mid-80s on sunday. it should be a good day for the redskins' home game against the texans. it's 73 in southern maryland. easton 70, 63 in gaithersburg. most of the suburbs are in the
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60s. columbia 64 and 64 in howard county and cross junction, 62. 71 and a few patchy clouds out there. and the dew point continues to drop off. and the winds continue to bring in the drier air out of the west. high pressure and n southwestern michigan, this will build in. so we'll be in fine shape. you may see a few sprinkles in the mountains here today. tonight, things clear out nicely and we have a quiet day for you saturday and another quiet one on sunday. slight chance sunday of a shower. karl exploded overnight. now -- be 120-mile-an-hour storm. igor is scheduled to go over
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berm saturday over bermuda on saturday. -- over bermuda on saturday. low 80s monday. next week we warm up to say good-bye to summer and hello fall wednesday night at 11:09. we're talking about our major morning problems and how they're disappearing before our eyes. first out to 95 northbound and we're watching volume build between 7100 the back wood road that northbound trip starting to fill out a good a congestion from duke street over to seminary. and we want to check on inbound new york avenue. we know that drivers are below speed over to bladeberg road. we saw crash activity taking away a couple right lanes for drivers. and wrap it up on the beltway into maryland. on the inner loop, all lanes once again open approaching the 95 exit to go northbound.
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but you're still stacked starting around new hampshire. 6:19. metro is reminding you to stay vigilant on your belongs. they report a jump on crime on the rails. and an 88% jump from four years ago. the most stolen items are electronic items like ipods and cell phones. july was the first month where they ran few are trains and they were on time 88.6% of the time that is up from 86% the year before. the dog shot and killed by a washington d.c. police officer was remembered at a vigil. parrot, the pit bull after it
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got into a fight with a poodle last sunday. redskins can go 2-0 with a win over the texans this weekend. but there's a below radar player from houston that the skins need to keep an eye on. we'll be right back. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups instead of going out to lunch, i save a lot of money. that's great.
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it's the measure for a great season for and nfl running back is a thousand yards rushing. how nervous shut redskins be after one game is a quarter of the way there? his name is arian foster. he's only played in seven nfl games. but he did not look at it.
6:24 am
how do the redskins plan to stop that? >> he doesn't play around. he's a guy that sees that hole and he hits it right now. he doesn't dance t he hits it hard. >> he's hard to tackle. so we'll have to make sure that we're sound and tackle the guy. he reasons hard. >> they gave him opportunities last week and he made plays. >> you see the redskins and texasans this sunday at 4:15. it will be preceded by the ravens and the bang games. but we need to tell that you according to nfl rules, we cannot left ravens' game on sunday till it is completely done on sunday. it's not our call and hopefully it won't happen at all that is a quick look at sports this morning have a great friday, everybody. 6:25. and still to come, metro takes new steps to help out people in
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crisis. and elementary school principal turns herself into a human hot dog. and the last official weekend of summer looks like a good one. howard has the forecast when 9news now returns. mmmm.
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we're back with a principal that turned herself into a hot dog. these the sprint pal at bladenworth element trip. last year she present a day on the roof and two years ago she was a human ice cream sunday. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with its forecast. no punishment for you. >> i think next year she should be a pizza. >> reporter: we have a great morning out here. and the skies have cleared nicely. affidavit rain that we had yesterday in the north sections, some how is more in the north than the south. but some areas had close to an
6:30 am
inch near the pennsylvania border. temperatures or down into the 60s north and west. and we sit at 71. but it's a comfortable air moss moving in today and the entire weekend. we'll see temperatures in the 70s at noontime an upper 70s and low 80s for the drive home and the weekend looks good. and those details in about 15. and by looking at the roads. i'm feeling going it's friday. i hope you're off to a great morning. taking a look at the beltway, it looks like the accidents have cleared out of the way. but the outer loop is still a little slow and the delay from new hampshire to 95 that is starting to break apart nicely and let's move it over to maryland. we'll zoom in and show you mount video road that we have crash activity taking away all lanes. you'll probably want to use 95 or the baltimore/washington parkway. we're filling up here from
6:31 am
father hurley to montrose. i'm going to ask that you give yourself an extra five minutes for that and the slow go is from 50 to 123. right now we're following breaking news. there's a shooting on capitol hill. it's on dc tenth and southwest. we know one person was taken to the hospital. we don't know who was shot or y we'll bring you a live report in the next ten minutes. this morning the doctor shot inside john hopkins is recovering. dr. david cosheen a spinal surgeon who has been at hopkins for more than a decade. the police say that he was shot by 50-year-old paul partis it came after he told the man some
6:32 am
upsetting news about his merge condition. a s.w.a.t. team broke into the room and the man shot his mother and him self. >> he was always with her. if she had to go in the ambulance or anything, he rode with her. and i told her when i saw him walking her out that she had a great son. >> his brother said that their mother had arthritis and probably would have never been able to walk again. metro transit is considering beginning a suicide prevention program. sussides on metrorails surged last year to 11 that is about a 50% increase from 2008. the program will educate employees and public about the signs about someone that may be thinking about suicide on the rail system. >> usually people plan. they'll visit the site more than once. they will come and go for a number of weeks and you see
6:33 am
them. and our employees see them. >> prom will teach employees about confront a potential situation. if the full metro board gives final approval, it will begin to find a contractor to carry out the plan. time for another living smart report. and jessica doyle is here play in big airline merger in the works. >> world's biggest airline could be a vote away. shareholders for united and continental are voting today on a deal that would combine the carriers. if approved, the deal is expected to close in the next two weeks. and there's a debate how it could affect prices for consumers. 52% of flyers out of dulles take an express route. holiday shoppers are expected to be more thrifty
6:34 am
this year. more people are comparison shopping on line and looking for deals and could pons. for example, they're very specific in their searches typing in black friday discounts. one in five consumers expected to have a smart phone in hand while hitting the stores in the coming weeks, allowing them to comparison shop on the spot. how would you like to be able to facebook biwhile driving hands-free? onstar is joining there's an app for that generation. it will let you use voice commands like update your facebook status and you can play music and it can read allowed text messages. it won't be available for a few more weeks. i see the appeal. >> i think we're running out of space for all the app. something to think about. today a big event in washington aimed at stopping
6:35 am
distracted driving among the teenagers. it's called the two second turnoff. aaa and the department of transportation and 17 magazine is teaming up. it's reminding teens to use two seconds to turn offer their phones while driving. take the great hangup payment by visiting finding someone with whom you can trust your child is difficult for any parent, especially for first time parents. the things you need to think about before finding a baby- sitter or nanny. let's start with howard. we're clearing out. and there's a touch of ground fogging in one or two spots. temperature wise, we start off in a nice place. it's drying out and temperatures are down in the mid-60s. some low 70s still hanging out there in the north neck.
6:36 am
at 9:00, leaseberg 69, ma manassas 70. by noontime we're in the 70s. 77 in fairfax and winchester and in the afternoon with the highs in the lower 80s here. that's it for virginia weather. what about virginia traffic. it's all about you right now. we take you live to route 50 where you meet patrick henry drive this is clear of any incident or any accidents. the next shortstop we take you over to 267 for a live look. that eastbound trip is looking really nice. it's withdraw approach the capital beltway before you find anymore volume. and come fly to me from the gw parkway all the way to the 14th street bridge. it looks nice, green and clean, telling us that our drivers are moving at speed. 6:36. we'll be back early on this friday.
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it's oh, my baby time. finding a baby-sitter or nanny is can be a tough process. what do you need to think about while makeing that choice? thank you for joining us. and seeking sitters, you actually provide a service like this, as far as finding someone to watch your children? >> we do. we help families find safe and reliable child care. we do all the work and all the inperson interviews of all the sitters that we bring on to our team. and we conduct a lot enforcement level and background investigation that is administrated by a -- by a licensed private investigators. and we'll screen sex offender registries. >> a real in depth background check? >> yes. >> and one big question that
6:42 am
parents may debate should we put a nanny cam in the house? is it an invasion of privacy or safety measure? and you have a stance on this? >> there may be different ways to look at it. we told our sitters as there's a nanny cam in the house. you don't want to use to catch your sister after the fact. that is why the thorough background investigation comes into play. you want to find the good sitter before they come in your house use the nanny cam in a positive way. let the sister know where it is. there are plenty of options now that are two way where the kids can stop by an say, hi, mom. and there can be interaction. >> and the legalities of it. and parents ask, is it legal to be up front and say we're taping you? >> i'm not an attorney. what i would say is that you want to be up front and honest
6:43 am
with anyone that you employ in your home. that is the key to any good working relationship. and having those open minds of communication and being honest with one another. >> you want to let them know, i'm watching you. there's so tiny. >> some look like teddy bears or smoke detectors. technology is to far advanced these days. so be honest where the cameras are so that the sitter knows. >> lisa napoleon is joining from us seeking sitters. we posted comments on web went. and we want to hear your feedback as well. you that. >> and now over to howard. he has a look at our weather. it's a good looking forecast. here's your bus stop forecast. clearing skies and we have some
6:44 am
clouds out there. but the rain is gone. we're dry. 63 to 77. the mid-70s, you have to be far south in the north neck and down south of fredericksberg. that is where the warm spots will be. topping out to 81 to 86. and we have of a nice southwest winds at ten miles an hour. it will be great to be outside. saturday morning, most of us will be in the 50s to low 60s in town and north wind at five and the season set is 7:13. saturday spectacular. winds five miles an hour or so. and the early risers, last night, some of you got woke up by some showers and thunder. look at this the second batch pushed through at 1:00 in the morning. this morning, one thing that we're watching are some of the clouds coming off the peeks
6:45 am
here. they'll be with us on and off for the next few hours. temperatures are down in the 60s. so the 71 at national and down south, this is where we've got 70s. it's 62 in resttin. bwi66 and rockvale 62. partly cloudy and west wind at nine and the air is starting to dry out nicely behind this cold that is pushing through the region. so no rather problems except sunday. there's a weak front that could touch off a shower basefully pennsylvania and in the mountains. we'll clear out nicely tonight we're mostly sunny and clear. and mostly sunny later on this afternoon and sunny looking saturday. and there's that little front that we're talking being that is giving us a few more clouds
6:46 am
on sunday. egging gore -- igor, bermuda sunday night. 84 today, 83 tomorrow. look at sunday for the redskins game, 85. monday 82 and we say good-bye to summer on wednesday and hello to fall with 88 degrees. we're getting closer to the 7:00 hour. it's friday and we're feeling g and we have a problem on northbound bower house road. you can use route aas an alternate. 301 which canning out okay. and over to the outer loop. it looks like we're crawling bum tore bumper here. -- bumper are to bumper here. new york avenue no accidents
6:47 am
here. but you're slow from the times building up. and penn street, we learned that accident has been pushed off penn street. drivers are clearly below speed from the beltway and seminary and it is now getting longer. an update on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour. a shooting investigation is underway on capitol hill. kristin fisher joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: this all started just before 5:00 this morning. a lookout went you don't know and capitol hill hill dispatch. they say there was a man wandering around capitol hill with some kind gun. we don't know if it was a rifle or smaller are handgun. but he had some sort of weapon. this lookout went out a short lime later. and some capitol hill police officers saw this gentleman and he was standing by me, the crime scene is over here. he was on the other side of
6:48 am
this intersection so this is the building and the backside of the department of health and human services. so this happened at the intersections of c street and second street southwest. and when the capitol hill police officers found the gentleman over there, he still had the handgun out -- excuse me, whatever kind of weapon it was. he had this weapon on him. we don't know if he was pointing it at the officers or simply waving it around in the air. but at some point the officers felt that their lives were in danger are or other people's lives were in danger and they fired at him. we don't know how many shots were fired. but the capitol hill police did shoot this suspect who was holding some kind of weapon. he was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. we don't know his condition at this point in time. right now the metropolitan
6:49 am
police department is on the scene and capitol hill police department is on the scene. they're trying to piece together why this person had this weapon what his motive was. the details are still just now coming in. so we're in the early stages of this investigation. i can tell you if you're standing over there on the other side of this crime scene, you can see just several, several shell casings on the grounds in the middle of the street you can see somebody's shoes in the middle of intersection over there. so a lot of pieces to the puzzle that still need to be answered. i can guarantee you this investigation will be going on for quite some time. if you work on capitol hill or come downtown to work, you may want to plan for a few extra minutes. this is an active crime scene and a lot of the streets blocked off. it's coming up on 6:50. the district's attorney general is considering his next career
6:50 am
movement peter nickels announced that he will leave at the end of the year. he said that he does not want to work for incoming mayor gray. fleece college park, maryland are looking for other suspects in a series of offcampus robberies. they announced the arrest of a 19-year-old. they say that he used a credit card stolen in one of the crimes. and the officers turned up more evidence in the search of his home. students are relieved. >> it's a severance relief that the thieves are getting caught and the police are doing their job. that makes the campus seem safer. >> i hope it doesn't happen to nexts that pretty much all i can say. >> he has now been charged with armed street robbery and being held without bail. it's coming up on 6:51. 71 degrees in northwest washington. new details about that shooting
6:51 am
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6:54 on this friday morning. employees at johns hopkins hospital say that metal detectivetors are not necessarily in the wake of thursday's shooting. they say that the 50-year-old of arlington shot his mother's doctor and then killed his mother and then himself. a new low voter turnout in maryland. the state reports 24% of eligible voters cast a ballot in tuesday's election. montgomery county had the lowest turnout at just 18%. ipad mania is hitting china this morning. some people lined up outside this store three days ago in order to get one. speaking ever three days, the weekend is looking good. we will start off with partly sunny to mostly sunny an upper are 70s by noon and low 80s for the drive home. angie will have another look at the friday traffic and i'll have your nice weekend forecast
6:55 am
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. we're back with this lucky birthday girl. she is a millionaire. she spent her 18th birthday in her hometown and she lost. but on the way home she stopped to buy a scratch-off lottery ticket and she won $5 and she spent that monday on another ticket and that was the big one. and she hit big for $1 million. >> i'm look again. and there are three. tell me i'm not dreaming. >> she wasn't. but she does planning to keep her retail job but she'll buy her mom a new car with heroinings. let's talk about some
6:59 am
serious business here. we have the capitol hill shooting and how it's impacting traffic we learned second street closed between c and d and c between third street and second is also closed as w please avoid the area. and west downed tree on inbound clarion parkway near the chain bridge taking away part of the left lane. and southbound route 1 is now open. the vain gone. we have a few clouds this morning but we'll be sunny this afternoon, 84, beautiful tomorrow, sunny and 83. beautiful weather for the fair and the skins game. wall street is looking for new data that will likely direct trading today. is sarah palin setting her sights on 2012 presidential race? get your news, whether and traffic on


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