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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  September 20, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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one of the earliest leavers and howard bernstein has the forecast. >> it's a nice one. comfortable today and tomorrow. the middle of the week, it will be turning into fall. wednesday night it won't feel like it until maybe in the weekend, next weekend. let's talk about what is happening here. a few clouds rolling through. in hd you can see the clouds on the right side of the screen. that is the western shield of igor which hit bermuda hard last night and this morning. a few showers and storms to the west of chicago but it's a quiet morning. 61 luray. i see annapolis at 73. easton is down to 59 degrees. we are at 70 at reagan national. partly cloudy skies. low 70s at 9:00. upper 70s at noon. we top off at 3:00 around 80, 81 in spots. north wind 10 to 15. breezy at times.
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4:31. how about traffic. is that good. >> overall yes. but when it comes to construction we have closures to tell you about. we begin with south capital. it's closed at the douglas bridge until probably 5:00 a.m. all lanes are open out of fredricksburg up to the mixing bowl. going back to the chain bridge area, we want to show you that this bridge is going to be closed in both directions until 8:00 this morning. that's due to bridge repairs. that will impact a lot of our drivers that use the chain bridge. on the outer loop you are doing okay. no problems out here. we are at speeds. live shot at university. finally we wrap it up at 95 and the bw parkway. 95 at powder mill, first set of construction will clear by 5:00. southbound watch for it at 198. this morning the redskins and their fans are still trying
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to figure out what happened during their home game versus the texans. the team scored 27 points. donovan mcnabb threw for more than 400 yards and a double digit lead late in the third quarter. game was sealed, right? it wasn't enough for a win. mcnabb's only touchdown was in the third quarter. that put the skins up 27-10. in the fourth with two minutes left in regulation, andre johnson grabbed a ball in the end zone to tie things up at 27. in overtime, the redskins missed a field goal for the win then the texans hit the field goal and won 30-27. >> this will be a hard one to get past. >> that team you can't stop. you have to keep going. they are a team that can come back quick. we didn't do enough that we needed to do. >> we did do a hell of a job
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today. we played good football all the way around. we have to be able to finish. >> despite the loss, some fans told 9news they were optimistic for next week's game. >> next sunday. we are coming back. >> i'm afraid we used up all of our luck last week but i'm optimistic for the season. >> one other thing many redskins nance are asking themselves, where was albert haynesworth. some aren't buying the hurt ankle explanation provided by the team. in other news, we should know if d.c. school chancellor michelle reis staying or going. if she is staying exactly for how long as bruce johnson tells us, her future in the district depends on vincent gray. >> michelle rhee is due back from vacation. she will met vin sanity gray. >> people feel like they have
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been marginal lized. >> reporter: in a town heavily democratic, gray is all but certain of winning the general election and that he and rhee will part company at some point. >> montgomery county superintendent would he be a candidate. cheney losing his job in newark, would be economy candidate. >> no. he has been here before and weiss has done a good job but he will be connected to the more traditional approaches to education. i will look for a person that brings quality of education reform but somebody who can work with people. >> reporter: rhee supporters will be watching. the fear is that gray's version of reform will look different, slower than rhee. one big area of disagreement are some of the teachers fired by rhee who cited a budget crunch at the time. the fenty administration had no
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plans for allowing the reduction and force teachers to reapply for their jobs but gray has a different take. >> these are teachers that were not fired because of performance. they were fired because they didn't have the money. >> you wouldn't bring them back or would you? >> any teacher that had a good performance evaluation should be eligible to come back. >> chancellor rhee said she didn't think she could work with leigh. she called the outcome devastating for the children and said it was not aimed at gray but the winning efforts to stop her reforms. the doctor shot inside johns hopkins hospital is improving from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. he is in fair and stable condition. he was shot thursday by 50-year- old paul warren pardus. police say he then shot and killed his mother and then himself. unless the u.s. supreme court intervenes, theresa lewis
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has less than four days to live. virginia governor says he will not spare the life of the 41- year-old woman. lewis would become the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century. she is scheduled to die by lethal injection thursday by plotting to have her husband and stepson killed in 2002 so she could collect a $250,000 life insurance policy. lewis supporters argue she doesn't deserve to die because she is borderline mentally retired and manipulated by a smarter conspirator. iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad is in new york city for the annual general assembly of the united nations. sunday he was interviewed by the associated press. he says the future belongs to iran and the united states must except that iran has a major role in the world. >> the mothers of two hikers still being held in iran won a
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face-to-face meeting with the country's president. >> we are encouraged that perhaps the humanitarianism will be renewed and continued and josh and shane will be home soon. >> reporter: they spoke at a new york news conference sunday with sarah shourd hours after she returned to the united states. shourd with her fiance, shane bauer and josh fattal were arrest in 2009. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crimes and we are not spies. >> iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad, who is in new york for the united nations general assembly described shouted's release as -- shourd's release as a humanitarian gesture. >> the u.s. government should make a humanitarian gesture. >> reporter: the case has complicated matters between
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tehran and washington. relations were strained over the country's nuclear program. just this summer, the u.s. security council imposed its toughest sanctions on the country. ahmadinejad has down played the impact. >> we take sanctions seriously but taking it seriously is different than believing they are effective. >> reporter: the iranian president is expected to spark protests. >> mahmoud ahmadinejad will address the u.n. general assembly thursday. the u.n. is asking world leaders to send more financial relief aid to pakistan. the plea comes two days after the u.n. made the largest disaster appeal ever asking the world governments to raise $2 billion for flood victims. some countries say they will provide relief if the pakistani government can account for
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every dollar spent. investors hope to continue riding the rising value of the stock market and bad weather isn't enough to keep away crowds overseas looking to buy an ipad.
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time for the first living smart report of the morning. >> reporter: this week brings the housing market into focus. reports are due on sales of both new homes and previously owned ones. we will hear the latest on construction of new residential buildings. the financial markets watch the reports closely for signals on the outlook for the construction industry. turbulence in the stock industry put another dent in the nest eggs. losses in stock portfolios caused the most damage. before last quarters decline america's neat worth was edging
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higher. it is down from levels before the recession. wall street has been on a steady climb. the dow rose 13 points friday. nasdaq added 12. precious metals are at record levels. gold is at 1278 an ounce and silver rallied to nearly $21 an ounce, a 30 year high. heavy rains didn't drive away the crowds during the ipad's first weekend in china. apple's tablet arrived in stores five months after the launch in the u.s. it sells for about $800. the company has big expansion plans for china including 25 new stores by the end of next year. for more business headlines, stay with cbs money riders in fredricksburg, prepare for changes. one of the country's largest health problems may be linked to a viral infection. think about the internet.
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welcome back. bermuda took a beating from hurricane igor overnight. it brought punishing winds, torrential rain and coastal flooding threatened oceanfront hotels. extensive power outages means officials will wait until daybreak to assess the damage. >> they were about 30, 40 miles east of the eye itself. it's not as bad as it could have been because it was a stronger storm and it weakened to a category 1. then it went from 3 to 2. the waves were monstrous. >> we are getting ready to say good-bye to summer on wednesday. thursday morning officially and howard is talking about summer- like temperatures coming back. >> it will be 90ish by then. let's get you out the door with
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the bus stop forecast. no problems this morning. a few passing clouds. it's comfortably cool. most areas are in the 60s this morning. one or two will be above 70 like annapolis. 72 by 9 in washington. upper 70s at noon. upper 70s by 5. right now we have 70. the air quality is code yellow. the breeze will be up a bit. winds north 10 to 15. upper 40s to upper 50s, a crisp night tonight with a northeast wind. sunrise is about 6:50 now. sunny and pleasant with highs in the low 80s tomorrow. east to south winds at 5. you will notice the temperatures by the time we get to wednesday. there is a cold front pushing through. winds are northerly but they
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are out of the west. the real cool stuff is up in northwestern pennsylvania down in the 40s there. williamsport and pittsburgh are in the 50s. i'm finding a few stations for you. down to springfield, alexandria in the 50s. sterling 67. montgomery county, gaithersburg 66. columbia 67. brandywine 65. andrews 69 degrees. officially we are at 70 with a northwest wind at 5. watch this number drop off today and tomorrow. it will shoot back up by midweek. i know summer is just about over. give it a few days. i think fall will lag behind several days. last night watching a few showers across pennsylvania. this cloudiness out to the east, that is igor. we will look at him in a moment. this morning a few clouds coming through. it's a quiet morning with the cold front off to the south,
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cooler drier air off to the south. neither side has a lot of moisture to work with. you will see there is not much weather to show you through the next couple of days as high pressure will really be in control here with a couple of showers by wednesday morning across western new york, northwest pennsylvania. let's go to the tropics -- excuse me. today's highs then the tropics. mid-70s along the bay. upper 70s to near 80 in town. manassas about 82. this is igor passing west of bermuda. it's moving to the north and northeast. this thing will go from tropical to extra tropical. winds 75 miles per hour with this storm. you can see it's just to the west of hamilton last night. now it will move to the northeast quickly and race out of here. we will say good-bye to igor.
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thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been. around here, seven-day forecast, we have temperatures that start at 80 today. nice 82 tomorrow. fall begins wednesday. we will be 90 degrees. could be a late day shower or storm. chance of a late day shower. 82 saturday with a chance of a shower. terps are home saturday. i'm going rain or shine. sunday 75 as we get to more fall-like weather. >> go terps. >> we want to let you know about our big tie-up of the morning near the chain bridge. 123 will be closed in both directions for bridge repairs. use the key bridge, 14th street bridge or the roosevelt bridge as your alternate to get in to the district. let's take it to 395. everything is smooth sailing near the 14th street bridge. out of manassas, no major
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problems to report making your way to inside the beltway. we have lingering construction to tell you about on 270. it's going northbound at the falls road exit. southbound you are doing fine. route 4 and 5 all these roads remain incident free. back to you. >> thank you, angie. beginning today, vre riders in fredricksburg will notice changes. construction on both platforms at the fredricksburg station will limit handicap riders. during the first phase of the work, both the station's handicap ramps will be closed. for the latest information, riders are asked to visit the bre web site. taking a look at this morning's living wellhead lines. a new test for hiv has been developed which can develop the virus weeks earlier. this screening is only available in san an con i don't
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texas but -- san antonio, texas. but several local hospitals are looking into it. to get an idea of how important this break through is, here are numbers. according to the centers for disease control, more than half -- a million americans are infected with hiv. about one in five of those infected don't even know it. and that group accounts for 50% of new infections each year. this new test detects the virus earlier, faster and doctors say with more assurance. it screens for antibodies and the virus itself and patients can get results back in 8 to 12 hours. >> i think this test will eventually replace the other test as being the standard. we believe this will pick up 10% more patients that really have the disease that other tests will not. >> although the new test is almost twice as seven at the stive -- sensitive it costs
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less than previous tests. it has been approved for pediatric patients. there is growing evidence that obesity may be linked to a viral infection. researchers found children exposed to a particular strain were significantly more likely to be obese. children that tested positive for the strain weighed almost 50 pounds more than youngsters that tested negative for it. researchers have identified five gene variants linked to ovarian cancer. experts say the findings may one day help identify those with at the highest risk for ovarian cancer. every year it kills about 13,000 women in the united states. most americans aren't getting enough exercise. a study of more than 80,000 adults found 5% did some type of vigorous physical activity
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on any given day. most participants reported doing nonphysical activities like eating, drinking and watching television. for more living wellhead lines, log on to our web site, and click on the living well tab on the front page. d.c. high school students line up to apply to college.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. welcome back. eleanor holmes norton hosted an expo this weekend. dozens of recruiters from local and out of town colleges were there to recruit and explain
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admission requirements and financial aid. it was one stop college shopping for students and their parents. norton is the architect of the d.c. college act. it provides up to $10,000 annually in free college tuition for students attending colleges here and out of state. checking news where you live, listen up history buffs. teachers talk about crafts and games from previous centuries. it's happening this morning from 10:30 until noon in old town, alexandria. for more information or other stories from where you live, go to find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the wusa team. hawaii five-0 premieres
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tonight. how different is it from the original. ryan went to honolulu to spend days with the casts and crew looking for technology in and behind the show. >> reporter: when you think of the original hawaii five 0 you don't think of cutting edge technology but it's modern day law enforcement. >> >> we are supposed to be above and beyond the normal police force. we will have a lot of toys, gadgets and up to date material. >> main location, 50th state, hawaii five 0 is a fictional police force. >> he is accurate. the ear buds on a steak out, they have it. >> reporter: a lot of tv shows use dummy problems.
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five-0 isn't one of them. the wop upon rei is -- weaponry is real. >> this represents cutting edge stuff. >> this is daniel day -- space gun. >> reporter: part of the reboot including sophisticated visual techniques hardly imagined from when the original ran from 1968 to '80. action is the backbone of the new five 0. >> it's fun, dangerous but good fun. >> good clean dangerous fun, yeah. >> reporter: fans of the original five-0 will love the reboot for another reason, lots of reality in hawaii, the real thing. from the team to the tech, this is a new hawaii five-0 but some things couldn't change.
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brian cooley, c >> hawaii five-0 premieres tonight at 10:00 before the news at 11:00. thank you for watching 9news at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. we will have traffic in a moment. first howard bernstein has a look at the forecast. >> we will turn summer-like here the last couple of days of fall. not today and tomorrow. today and tomorrow will be nice. good temperature range. breezy today. by the middle of the week -- fall begins wednesday night. that's when we will push 90 for two, three days. let's show you what is happening outside with clouds that pushed through during the overnight. clouds in the atlantic or from igor. other than a few showers dying on the west side of chicagoland, it's a pretty quiet morning across the east. we were 70 at last check. it is missing. we will get the temps


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