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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 20, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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today. notice pittsburgh at 54. upper 70s for noon and the drive home. forecasting 80 give or take a degree or two. that will happen in the 3:00, 4:00 hour. it's 6:00 a.m. straight up. we have to get traffic for you. >> that's what i'm here for. >> rise and shine. looks like no major problems on the roadway. we are watching construction going on. it will affect a lot of drivers. let's show you the chain bridge road. that is 95 at 123. we can start with that. from prince william parkway, things are slowing down. i want to let you know about chain bridge being closed because of ongoing bridge repair. use the 14th street bridge, roosevelt or key bridge. the traffic from 123 is being diverted away from the bridge. take you to the beltway in virginia, lanes are wide open from braddock up to 66.
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nice, clean and green. 270, good morning, maryland, heading southbound, no incidents or accidents. a good amount of volume building between germantown road making your way to montgomery village avenue. now over to andrea. >> thank you, angie. at the top of the hour, here are the stories happening today. bermuda officials are heading out to assess the damage caused by hurricane igor. the storm passed 40 miles to the west of the island but weakened to a category 1 hurricane. parts of bermuda were flooded from the heavy rain. over 19,000 people in the british territory are without power this morning. prosecutors in michigan are holding a press conference today to announce more charges against the suspected serial killer. police believe he stabbed and killed five people in michigan. he is a suspect in two stabbings and hammer attack in leesburg, virginia. his attorneys expect prosecutors to charge his client with at least one murder
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and three to four attempted murder charges. a virginia woman is holding out hope the supreme court will halt her execution. right now 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to be executed in virginia. she was convicted of conspiring with two men to carry out the 2002 murders of her husband and stepson. virginia governor bob mcdonnell denied her clemency friday. every signs vince gray won last week's mayoral primary, the question on everyone's mind is whether or not michelle rhee is staying or going. we could have an answer this week. christine fisher is live at d.c. public headquarters. do we have any idea which way rhee is leaning? >> reporter: she has made comments that would indicate that she probably will not stay in this position, specifically last week, the day after the big win, she called gray's
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primary victory devastating. you make a comment like that, certainly decreases your chance of keeping the job. but let's be clear, no decision has been made. in records to what is happening this week, michelle rhee has been on vacation. she will be returning this week. when she does, she has set up a meeting with vince gray. he is, of course, the man who defeated michelle rhee's current boss, mayor adrien fenty. in the past she said she did not think she could work with gray. last week she called the outcome of that democratic primary devastating for d.c.'s children. as for gray, he was heavily critical of rhee and her public school reforms and opposed her fairing of more than 200 teachers for under performance. it's almost certain that they will part ways at some point and that gray will choose his
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own school's chancellor. but, still, gray says school reform will move forward in d.c. and here is what he said in his victory speech last week. >> make no mistake. school reform will move forward in a gray administration. >> it will be done in a holistic way with a strong and powerful chancellor that works with parents and teachers. >> reporter: now, if you read between the lines, you can hear that both sides, rhee and gray are using language that is probably not the most conducive to rhee staying in that position but no decision has been made. even though the two are set to meet tentatively on wednesday of this week, we don't know if any decision has been announced at that point in time. a lot of questions. that is what is on everybody's mind when it comes to this
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vince gray big win what will happen to michelle rhee. we have to wait and see. the family of the man shot by capital police says he wanted to die at the hands of the officers. john wesley wheeler was shot after he pointed a gun at officers. his mother, who did not want her face shown on camera says her son was depressed after losing his job last year. she claims he had no intention of hurting anyone but because of his religious up bringing, he couldn't take his own life. >> wesley was taught if you take your own life, you go to hell. if you get someone else to do it, even though it's a warped rationallyzation, that was how he was rationalizing. >> wheeler had a run in with metropolitan police last month for waving a gun in public. he is in stable condition. police charged wheel we are
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assault with intent to kill. the doctor shot inside john hopkins is continuing to recover after being shot in the abdomen. a spokesman says dr. david cohen is in fair and stable condition. he was shot by paul warren pardus after shooting the doctor, police say pardus shot and killed his mother, a patient then himself. three anne arundel county schools are closed because of a water main break. chesapeake high school, chesapeake middle and folger mckinley are closed for student and staff. all other schools in anne arundel are open and operating on a normal schedule. in this morning's life smart report, the recession has many people looking for a way to cut costs. one place you can save money is on your electric bill. of all household appliances, refrigerators use the most energy. here are a few ways to keep your fridge from costing you.
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check the temperature. use a household thermometer. make sure it's between 35 to 38 degrees. test the seal. stick a piece of paper in the refrigerator door. if it comes out, cold air is probably escaping, too. clean coils on the back of the refrigerator twice a year. washington redskins fans are reeling after burgundy and gold dropped the game to the houston texans. it was a game that the redskins should have won. donovan mcnabb threw a touchdown in the first quarter to put the skins up. the game was tied at 27 and
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went into overtime. in overtime, a 35-yard field goal for the texans to beat the redskins 30-27. >> this will be a hard one to get past. >> you can't stop. they are a team that will come back quick. we didn't do enough what we needed to to. it hurts. you have to know we did a hell of a job today. we played good football. we have to be able to finish. that's the only thing. >> the redskins are 1-1 on the season. they play the rams next tunnel sunday. over a year after being thrown in an iranian jail, one american hiker is back on u.s. soil. first we want to start our look at maryland's weather and traffic. here is howard at 6:09. >> good morning. all temperatures in the 60s locally with a few 50s in western maryland. it will be a good looking monday across the region. we start off with generally
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clear skies, clear to partly cloudy. 60s with the 50s in the mountains. to the 9:00 hour and through lunchtime, temperatures will rise to the lower to mid-70s. perhaps upper 70s in town. gorgeous midday. this afternoon, breezy at times. temperatures approaching the 80- degree mark. angie. >> the focus is on you, maryland. a couple of traffic alerts. the first is from westbound central avenue. this is enterprise road. an accident here takes away a lane or two. use caution out there this way. owe out -- out this way. approaching 197 you will lose a right lane. watch the speed. live from sky 9 we give you the capital beltway. these are live conditions near the georgia avenue exit. you can see volume building. it's stretching between university and georgia. that of course is building. 9news now will be right back after these messages. stay with us. good morning!
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♪ ...made with real fruit and now with more of the whole grains your body needs. nutri-grain can help you eat better all day. we are profiling a place that makes a home for those too young or fragile to do it on their own. located just over the d.c. line in hyattsville, they have been doing it for 150 years now. they got a whole host of services, especially for those
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teenage girls. >> our first test really is to make them feel at home, make them feel like they are where they belong. we provide them with the basic necessities of a home, their own bedroom, furniture, clothing, anything that they need. in addition to that, we provide them with an education. >> some of the children that we care for having either abused, neglected and sometimes abandoned. usually it's more than neglect that brings the children to st. ann's and they are placed in our home for a short while while it's determined where they are going to be living long term. they are entering the foster care system for the first time most often. there. >> reporter: there is a high school in the building. to find out more about the charities that we profile on
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friday's heros, go to our web site and click on the hero central link. in the news at 6:13, after being held in an iranian jail for more than a year, sarah shourd is back in the united states. she was arrested at the iran- iraq border. officials in iranian claim the three crossed into iran on a spy mission. the hikers say it was an accident. shourd is 1/3 free she says and will continue to fight for the release of her companions. the broken oil well in the gulf of mexico is dead. a permanent cement plug sealed the well this weekend five months after an explosion sank a drilling rig. a final test sunday showed the well should hold and poses no further threat. the powerful typhoon that brought rain to taiwan is making landfall in eastern
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china. the storm crippled transportation in the region. more than 100 people have been injured in the storm. >> worse than igor. >> we talk about the incredible weather we had and we look at what happened in asia, everything has just been topsyturvy. >> a lot of areas had it with the flooding. india, it's unusual year, we will put it that way. >> nothing unusual about today's weather. it's a nice mid- to late september day. temperatures will be about where they should be. average high 78. this morning at the bus stop, moms like me bus stop forecast, no big concerns except for the sunrise time. it gets later and later now. anybody going early, the high school kids may be standing there no not well lit areas. temperatures mostly in the 60s under clear to partly cloudy skies. looking at today, we are
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expecting sunshine. low 70s for 9:00. mid- to upper-70s at noon and again at 5:00 p.m. topping off around 80. that will happen at 3:00, 4:00. clear, chilly, upper 40s in the coolest areas out west. many in the 50s. upper 50s in town. now for tuesday, sunny and pleasant day. with less of a breeze than today, it will be nice. winds will turn to the south and 5. we will get up to 81 or 82. 64 in easton. 59 from cumberland and 63 in culpeper. just about everybody is in the 60s across the board. 68 in college park to 65 arlington. fairfax is 69. 64 in laurel. 66 in brandywine. over to andrews and crofton as well 66 degrees. 69 at national. a few clouds. north wind at 13. that is the key. that's bringing in drier air
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and cooler air the next couple of days. you watch the dew point number drop as the drier cooler air filters down from the north. that front is south and east of us now. we will continue to watch the front pull away and stay south and east of us a couple of days. heat coming by midweek. in the tropics, this is igor north of bermuda. julia, julia is barely a tropical storm. just coming off africa again, this cluster of storms has the potential to become lisa in the next couple of days. one more look at igor. igor is about 130 miles or so north of bermuda. minimal hurricane. they had gusts over 90 as igor passed to the west of bermuda. wave heights over 30 feet. seven-day forecast, we are nice today and tomorrow in the low 80s. wednesday 90 degrees. could be a late day thunderstorm. same story thursday 89. friday 90. finally a front saturday. terrapins are home against
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florida international. can't rule out a shower or storm for them. then comfortable 75 by sunday. we need a comfortable ride in, angie. >> i wish i could give that to you off the bat. a couple of things going on. we will begin with westbound central avenue. this is the first thing here at enterprise road. an accident taking away the center lane for drivers. then an eye on that police activity. this is 50 heading eastbound approaching 197, you lose a right lane because of that ongoing investigation. the big one in virginia, the chain bridge, it's closed until 8:00 apparently due to oning -- 8:00 a.m. due to ongoing bridge construction. use 14th, key bridge or roosevelt as your alternate into the city. 66 heading eastbound, take a look at that. live conditions out here. 234 over to 28 a lot of volume. tracing a lot of taillights. you will be using the brakes
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from route 50 to 123. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, angie. a water main replacement project in silver spring has turned into a nightmare for one family. this started with an e-mail to 9news. when we showed up friday, a plumber was finishing up replacing expensive fixtures for the third time in less than a year at betsy's house. the problem appears to be that gravel and other debris was coming through the pipes and row inning valves. >> this has been going on since late spring. all summer. one disaster after another. >> the washington suburban sanitary commission says damage to betsy's plumbing will be paid for by the contractor during the water main replacement. wssc is replacing 37 miles of waterline this year. the utility says it tazer usely
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their role of managing contractors. got a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the team. coming up on 9news now, who is the top team in college football? brett haber veals the top 25 next.
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♪ [ sniffs ]
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morning. you got in pretty late last night. dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. well... you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore. yeah, why's that? ♪ todd's a lucky man. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ that's what i told him when we talked last week. ♪ folgers in your cup good morning. if you are a college football fan, you want a peek at the college poll that came out overnight. here is the first look. iowa the only team in the top ten to fall this weekend. the hawkeyes rally fell short to arizona knocking them out of
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the top ten. iowa loss allows wisconsin to take the ten spot after the badgers held off arizona state. otherwise not a lot of movement in the top ten. florida and nebraska swapped spots. arkansas jumps to number 11 after holding on to beat georgia. auburn and south carolina move up one spot. they play next week. arizona gains two spots to 16 after their upset of iowa. michigan state after beating notre dame and oklahoma state with a win over tulsa puts them at 25. houston and california fall out of the top 25. >> so, that's a look at your u.s. today top 25. full redskins coverage including mike shanahan's press conference tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. coming up on 9news now, is she staying or is she going.
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kristen finner joins us -- fisher joins us with the latest on michelle rhee. here is angie with an update. >> after being closed all weekend, south capitol is open crossing the douglas bridge. >> outside on the weather terrace, a comfortable breeze this morning. nice days in the short term. long term more summer heat. forecast is just ahead.
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a fast moving wildfire burned two homes and lead to a thousand veges in northern utah. it started after brush caught fire at camp williams, south of salt lake city. the blaze burned more than 300 acres. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. >> good morning. what a great morning out here. comfortable temperatures. today is the only fly in the ointment will be the breeze. it will be up there 10 to 15. that's about it. let's go to the maps. the front yesterday pushed showers across pennsylvania. we are so dry. we could use rain.
6:29 am
we don't have much rain in the forecast at least the next couple of days. that front is pushing to the south and east. 69 in washington. 59 in cumberland. in the 40s across parts of pennsylvania and new york state. we could see the 40s late tonight. today we will be in the low 70s by 9. upper 70s for the drive home. high temperatures around the 80- degree mark. it's coming up on 6:30. angie governor. >> thank you, howard. yes, we had a slow start to the monday morning commute but things picked up. we are seeing more problems on the roadway, specifically westbound central avenue. let's take you out live. notice drivers only squeezing by to the right. this is westbound central avenue at enterprise road. we zoom in and show you the conditions. only the right lane of traffic is getting by. you are slow approaching the scene. at we move it over to the maps again, let's zoom in and show
6:30 am
you 50 heading eastbound approaching 197. tracking police activity out this way. that is taking away the right lane for drivers. back outside 270 southbound a good amount of volume building between germantown to montrose. virginia your big alert chain bridge. it's closed until 8:00 a.m. for bridge repair. you will want to use the 14th street bridge, key bridge or roosevelt as your way into the district as an alternate. back to you. >> thank you, angie. we should know this week if d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee is staying on the job. her future in the district has been in question ever since vince gray won last week's mayoral primary. kristin fisher is live outside headquarters with the latest. >> reporter: michelle rhee will be returning from vacation at some point in week. when she does, she will meet with vince gray about her future or lack there of as d.c.
6:31 am
public school chancellor. michelle rhee's controversial reform style was a big issue. supporters of rhee and her boss credit the two with making tough decisions to improve d.c. schools. opponents have accused her of alienating teachers and parents and critical of her firing of over 200 d.c. teachers for under performance. rhee said she doesn't think she can work with gray. one day after the big primary win, she called the results, quote, devastating for d.c. students. gray hasn't said what he will do with rhee except for the fact that he will sit down with her this wednesday. the first meeting will likely -- this meeting should tentatively set to take place wednesday. but whether or not any decision will come from the meeting remains to be seen. here is what gray said about a time frame last wednesday. >> we won't make any personnel decisions until after the general election. i think it's important she and
6:32 am
i begin the conversations now as i promised i would. >> well, already the names of possible replacements are being tossed around. some include three former d.c. officials, two of which held michelle rhee's job during a previous time and we have two of rhee's current deputies are in the running. so, we have a lot of names tossed around but first and foremost, gray and rhee have to have the meeting. it is expected to take place this wednesday. two more days, andrea. >> thank you, kristen. police have determined a rash of robberies in northern virginia are connected. the spree began july 26th with the hold up of a chantilly store and continued with robberies of a taco bell. in each case the suspect brandished a knife and removed
6:33 am
cash from a register. the u.s. supreme court is the only chance a virginia woman has to avoid execution this week. virginia governor denied clemency to theresa lewis friday. the 41-year-old mother and grandmother is the only woman on virginia's death row. she is set to be the first woman to be executed in the state in nearly a century. lewis was convicted of conspiring with two men to carry out the murders of her husband and stepson. her execution is scheduled for thursday. we have a commuter alert for drivers who use the south capitol street bridge. d.has more closings scheduled this week, monday, tuesday and went night all traffic lanes will close at 11 p.m. there will be even more nighttime closings through september 30th but sidewalks will be open during the work. it's part of the repair and rehappen expectation on the
6:34 am
bridge. there is good news, however, for drivers in virginia this morning. the new segment of the fairfax county parkway is opening this morning a day ahead of schedule. this new two-mile portion runs from i-95 to rolling road. the 35-mile roadway links route 7 in the northwest quadrant of the county to interstate 95. time for another living smart report. if you live in the district, you finally have a chance to get cash for appliances. starting today, if you replace certain appliances in your home for ones that qualify for energy star, you will be eligible for rebates. refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and electric heat pumps are eligible for the mail in rebates. a federal judge is deciding whether or not to delay the merger of continental airlines
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and united airlines. travelers allege a merger will lead to increased prices from decreased competition. they plan to complete the merger october 1st. shareholders approved the deal friday. more for money saving tips, visit our web site, and click on living smart. washington redskins fans are reeling this morning after the burgundy and gold dropped the first game of the new season to the houston texans. the redskins lead 27-10 after this touchdown from donovan to chris cooley in the third quarter but the texans rally and send the game into overtime when texans kicked a field goal to give them a win over the redskins. in baseball, the nationals were trying to avoid being swept in philadelphia. the nats lead 6-3 in the last inning but the phillies scored four runs in the bottom of the ninth. they get the win over the
6:36 am
nationals. nats are back home tonight against the astros. still to come on 9news now, a new lasik procedure can help those who need reading glasses and have trouble seeing far away. an expert explains the bifocal fix. first a look at virginia's forecast. >> good morning. complaining about the dryness. we won't do much on that for you the next few days at the earlier. it's a nice way to go if it's not going to rain, let's enjoy it. 50s and 60s this morning. mostly in the 60s out there. 9:00 hour. mid-60s to 70. leesburg 66. by name time 73. manassas at 76. we will top off around the 80- degree mark, 3:00, 4:00 a beautiful day ahead. >> virginia, we are all about you right now. i want to let you know route 7
6:37 am
near tysons corner area watch out for a new traffic pattern especially 123. follow the detour in place. i'm happy to reveal an hour and a half before estimated finish time, it looks like chain bridge is back open for business. drivers coming from 123, glebe road you can access your lane. great news there. over to 50 and 29 in fairfax, a good amount of volume early. no incidents or accidents to report at this time. speaking of time, it's 6:37. you are watching 9news now.
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daveville, the new thriller round out the top three. we are talking about a relatively new and little known lasik procedure called crispy lasik. it can eliminate the need for reading glasses and help patients who have trouble seeing far away. however after the procedure, one out of every four patients will need to return to the surgeon for adjustments. >> my far vision was perfect. near vision i had problems with. i ended up going back about four months later and they tweaked the left eye. i wasn't the big long procedure. took maybe two minutes. she did it on the one eye and recovery from that was nothing. now i can see far and near. >> here to talk bit is dr. nancy with the liberty laser eisen tear. thank you for getting up and
6:43 am
being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> someone who is near sided and needs the reading glasses, i'm interested in this. what is the difference between prisby lasik. >> it's directed solely at correcting distance but studying patients over the years we have learned why we learn near vision over the years as we age. as i said, i have near sidedness and i need the bifocals. am i automatically a good candidate. >> not automatically. your eyes need to be studied. also just like with regular lay sick, we have to make sure your ice are healthy and no other problems that would prevent us from getting a good result. >> we saw in the piece before we started the interview about
6:44 am
the woman that had to have an eye tweaked. that happens one out of four. why is that. >> we are able to change what we have done by a little bit. it's more complicated than regular lay sick. we have to fix the distance as well as the near vision. one out of four have to have a little tweak to just change the surface a little bit to see better. >> how soon after the procedure do you see better? do you walk out after the procedure and throws these away? >> within two to four hours people see a lot better. in about two weeks, it's about perfect. >> amazing. how expensive. >> for both size between 5 and $6,000 depending what needs to be done. >> like lasik, it's not fda approved, correct. >> correct. >> you have to foot the bill
6:45 am
yourself so people have to think about that when they consider this. >> that's true. the procedures that we are doing to do presby lasik are fda approved but we put them together in a novel way. but it's not covered by insurance. >> little known but it is growing in popularity. >> absolutely. it was first discovered by doctors in europe then it made its way to the united states. >> thank you so much for being here with us and telling us about it. if you want more information, go to our living well segment at let's go to howard. he sees clearly a forecast that looks clear. >> at least the first couple of days. midweek that's when things become hot. fall begins wednesday night and we may hit 90 degrees wednesday, thursday and friday. moms like me forecast this morning, it's clear for the most part. 60s. one 0 two spots upper 50s. one or two spots in the lower
6:46 am
70s. by 9:00 expecting national to be close to 72. upper 70s for noon. 5:00 popping off near 80 this afternoon. unlike yesterday, breezy out of the north, 10 to 15 miles per hour. clear and chilly. 50s with the cold spots in the 40s and northeast wind at 5. sun is up in about five or six minutes. tomorrow sunny and very pleasant. lighter winds. east winds becoming southerly at 5:00. high temperatures 81, 82. gorgeous tuesday. we are at 69 now. mid-60s from easton to salisbury 64. janet in readville -- stephen at cross junction 65. cumberland and gaithersburg at 61. locally we are in the 60s here. 69 as we said in washington. that's one of the warm spots with fairfax while reston is
6:47 am
62. mid-60s across prince george county. columbia 63. down south 68. a couple of clouds outside on the weather terrace we were generally clear. north winds at 13. you will feel it as we go throughout the day. humidity levels will be low. here is the front. these clouds, that is from igor north of bermuda now. as we put our 9 futurecast in motion, high pressure tonight into tomorrow morning. we start with light winds. it will be chilly out there. through the day on tuesday, we have been watching this front through the midwest. showers and storms up to detroit, you notice everything slides east. as this gets closer to us, that will help give us a chance by then for showers or a thunderstorm. i want to show you igor before we go. there is igor pulling away quickly from bermuda. conditions will improve every
6:48 am
hour now the next few hours. they got hit hard. winds gusted over 90 at times late last night, early this morning as the hurricane came through. seven-day forecast, 8 oish today. wednesday, thursday and friday up around 90. chances for a couple of storms in the afternoon or evening and over the weekend, another front comes on saturday with a chance for a shower or storm. sunday cooler, down to 75. it's 6:48. let's get traffic for you. >> thank you very much, howard. taking a look at our maps, we have a couple of things going on out there. better news for drivers. i want to let you know westbound central avenue approaching enterprise road, that accident blocking all lanes except the right now open. lanes are all getting by. we are watching the police activity, this is 50 heading eastbound. this is approaching 197. it's taking away a right lane for drivers. westbound traffic you are doing okay. let's take it to the outer loop where things are slowing down a
6:49 am
bit from investigate over to georgia avenue. we are saying plus five minutes in the car for that. virginia i want to let you know route 7 at 123 getting word of a report of an accident. virginia's route 7 right now you won't be able to access that ramp that goes southbound on i-12 because of ongoing construction. the good news there is a detour in place. in virginia traffic alert. i'm hearing on the interloop between 50 and 56 there is an accident taking away a left lane. drivers are backing up around the braddock road exit. back to you. >> still to come on 9news now, the search for the stolen mr. pickles is over. the strange location where the inflatable primate was discovered is coming up. good morning, everybody. we are five days away from the latest edition of football. the play of the day comes from isaac fair by at eleanor
6:50 am
roosevelt high school. chris mcdowney taking the opening kick off against high point and he is gone. right up the middle. 80 yards on the touchdown return as roosevelt blanked the eagles of high point. high schoolers if you would like to become a campus correspondent, you can get a free flip kam and a chance to win a college scholarship, apply. have a great monday, everybody.
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the mothers of the two hikers still being held in iran or hoping to meet with that country's president. sarah shourd was freed last week after being held for more than a year. they are accused of spying. iran's president is in the united states for u.n. general assembly meeting. the leader of a fringe religious group in southern california is in the hospital for a mental evacuation today.
6:54 am
32-year-old rain that cheek a and 12 members of her group are in custody. they left notes indicating they were preparing for an apopka lip particular event. a train crash in india, it's believed a dispatcher put the trains on the same track by mistake. nice day ahead. topping off near 80 degrees. angie has a look at this morning's traffic and i will have the warmer 7 day forecast think about the internet.
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real who done it. a 30-foot inflatable gorilla is back in his natural habitat. the blue mascot was stolen last tuesday only to be found friday on top of a nearby high school. it was an emotional homecoming for the employees of the they are ship. >> it warms my heart. i got a great feeling. i am happy. i am glad we got him back. >> police don't know how the frankster's were able to move the 300-pound mr. pickles but the search has been called off. the dealership decided not to press charges. sounds like a school prank. >> senior prank. it's time. >> we don't recommend things like that. >> we don't condon it. study hard. a report of an accident on the inner loop between route 50 and 66. it has drivers stacked around braddock road. estimated drive time of 20 minutes. live from sky 9 eastbound route 7 near 123, this is the scene
6:59 am
of an accident out this way. watch for construction. you don't have a ramp from route 7 trying to get southbound on 123 because of the construction. you want to use the detour. eastbound university boulevard, you are closed at mary make drive due to an accident. >> nice morning out there. most temperature's in the 60s. 70s to near 80 today. nice tomorrow. then look at the heat, yes, 90 through friday with maybe an afternoon or evening storm then cooler, especially by sunday. >> the "early show" is next with more on sarah shourd's return and why she is only 1/3 free and igor in bermuda, where the storm is now. >> our next newscast is at noon. until then, get your news, weather and traffic at >> see you tomorrow starting at 4:25.


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