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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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deer or dog and didn't feel comfortable stopping at 5:30 in the morning. >> the victim's family has a hard time believing that the woman who was driving the escalade could have struck the bicyclist and kept going even though the bicycle was pinned underneath all of the way. >> i spoke with the trooper on the scene and advised that the bicyclist did not have reflective greer on and outlined that in the initial report. >> reporter: but 9 news now spotted this piece of reflective plastic afew feet away and this reflective sneaker which the mother said belonged to her daughter. >> she left the house with her helmet. she is a very methodical, very safe, play-by-the rules type of person. >> reporter: at this point no charges have been field by --
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filed for the driver. and there are many questions. and was this woman the driver? and was she distracted, on the cell phone, was she speaking or tired? again it was 5:25 in the morning. no satisfactory answers as to how someone would drive 3-4 miles with a bicycle under her car and not notice. armando trull, back to you. >> and armando, it was 5:25 and it might be dark at this hour and she didn't realize she hit a person. is there a difference in the impact between someone on a bike and hitting a deer, as might have been suggested? >> reporter: police have not addressed this issue at all. but again what we're talking about is an experienced bicyclist. pettygrew was training for a triathlon. we found her sneaker, and it's still on the side of the road
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and as well as pieces of plastic from her bicycle so it's hard to think someone could not spot a bicyclist at that time of morning especially if you are in a turn-off lane and you have to be going at a slow speed and that did not seem to be the case, given the nature of the injuries that were sustained. >> armando trull, thank you. a striking young woman murdered and dumped in a shallow grave in montgomery county. that was six months ago. and now police are searching for two people who may know something about the death of 19 tanessa taylor. taylor's family is pleading for someone to come forward and help. >> she was such a beautiful girl. >> reporter: tanesa taylor's brother wept as he pleaded for her killer come to justice. they believe shannon watkins
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and casey boon might know something. associates police have been unable to locate since taylor's body was discovered by a hunter next to a farm field, buried in the woods in a shallow grave. >> the 19-year-old girl coming into a young woman. and somebody did this to her. >> reporter: she grew up far from this lonely farm field. in southeast washington, her parents died when she was very young. and she struggled with depression. she struggled to support herself. she was finally forced into prostitution. >> she [ inaudible ] >> reporter: it is still unclear if she had any connection to this remote corner of montgomery county. her body was so badly decomposed the institute of pathology could only say she dried from trauma. there is some suspicion she may have been murdered because she
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was helping police investigate a robbery at a 7-eleven. her brother said she dreamed of something much better. >> she loved animals and kids. she wanted to be a veterinarian. >> reporter: bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> the victim rights organization is offering a reward of $5,000 for the arrest and conviction of the killer. you can call and leave an anone mus tip. a wrestler is jailed on pornography charges in virginia. mark bargette is charged with 10 counts. detectives want to hear from anyone who feels they have additional information in this case. prosecutors filed additional charges against suspected serial stabbing suspect elias abuelazam.
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he faced four more murder charges in flit, michigan. he's also accused of a stabbing and hammer attack in virginia. if convicted he faces life in prison with no chance of parole. another person attacked near the university of maryland over the weekend. this one happened early yesterday morning in the college park shopping center parking lot. police say the victim was intoxicated when three men attacked him. a silver spring man has been charged with a series of attacks this month. police are looking for three suspects in sunday's attack. a government panel is deciding on whether to allow a company to sell genetically engineered salmon to u.s. consumers. if approved by the fda this would be the first ever genetically engineered animal allowed for human consumption. manuel gullegos joins us live with the implications. a big decision here. >> reporter: that's right. what the federal government is considering is whether genetically engineered salmon that grows twice as fast as wild salmon should be allowed to go to the public.
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this is salmon grown and harvested in captivity and many consumers feel it's not a good idea because they are scared of it. it is not just a fish story. you could soon be eating genetically engineered salmon. using growth hormone from chan oak salmon, it is claimed that these eggs can grow full market size fish in half the time as wild salmon. they say it is safe and will create jobs. >> we can bring an industry back to the united states and provide americans a safe and sustainable high-quality seafood. >> reporter: the food and drug administration agrees it is safe but is waiting for an advisory panel opinion before approving it for sale. food safety groups say no way. they call it franken fish and argue it could be harmful for humans and natural fish. >> we think the fda hasn't done its homework and the company hasn't done its homework. >> reporter: even if the government does approve the
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genetically altered fish, it won't be available to the public for a couple of years. and the consumers we talked with are skeptical. >> you're fooling with nature and any time you do that your taking a chance, especially when it's something for human consumption. >> reporter: at this fish market, nobody seemed anxious to try it. >> i'm scared of it. >> reporter: both side as agree if the salmon is approved other genetically modified food will be behind it. >> reporter: now the government is supposed to consider how to label this genetically altered fish, if it makes it's way to the public. and all of the consumers that we talked to say they want the labels on the packaging and know exactly whether they are eating genetically engineered salmon or not. >> there has been such an outcry in europe about the genetically engineered crops. what is the concern if it is this type?
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>> the food groups feel it could create new allergens. some people have allergies to fish and this could introduce some type of new allergens to the public. also they are concerned that even though it's farmed and raised in a controlled environment, it could somehow contaminate the natural environment of it's wild salmon counterpart. for example if the egg or the fish somehow got into the environment, they worry that it could somehow contaminate that. so those are the two big concerns, environment and health. >> thank you so much. head injuries among d.c. school athletes are getting a closer look tonight. councilman phil mendelson has introduced a bill requiring students to be examined if they suffer a suspected concussion. they were joined today by washington redskin general manager bruce allen. >> what we found out in the nfl is that we have the ability to
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gather more and more information. and the more information we can share with the coaches, the teachers and the parents, the better educated everybody can be. >> under this legislation, a child with a head injury would only be allowed to go back to the playing field after getting approval from a licensed health care provider. this bill is modeled on a law in washington state that is being replicated around the nation. d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee has taken her reform campaign on oprah. she taped an appearance before the mayoral primary and it aired today. back here there is speculation that she won't be working after the election. bruce johnson is here to tell us more about that. >> reporter: if there is any doubt, michelle rhee is a superstar. she was on oprah today. it was in conjunction with her starting in the film of waiting
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for superman. that's a documentary about public school education. and that was before her boss, adrian fenty, loss the election. vincent gray said today he had not talked to michelle rhee by phone or in person. the two others said they would meet this week. and both have left impressions they cannot or won't work together. michelle rhee called the results in which her boss, fenty, lost, saying, devastating. >> reporter: do you see any scenario in which you two could work together. >> i think it depends on the discussion. >> and how about the results of the election are being devastating for students. >> she put out some important things but i think it's important for us to talk to
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each other. >> reporter: he said he did send out -- she did send out a congrat lattory e-mail after the election. >> and they have gone through how many superintendents. and if not michelle rhee, then who? >> i'm not sure vincent gray knows. i did ask him, it's not going to be jerry wiest, and it won't be any past superintendent, like janey, the man some say was starting the reform that michelle rhee is now implementing. he said it will be a reforming but nobody we know. and he does get along with some people on her staff and he has not ruled out talking to them. and we're in a transition period. so what goes on when one mayor is going out and you know your job is going to be over in a couple of months. we look behind that and we'll let you know at 6:00. retailers report business is picking up in georgetown
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after a two-year economic slump that saw stores leaving the neighborhood. replacems are taking their place. vacancy was up 12% and as of early september it's down to over 5%. and the district launched the new bike share program. participates get a key that allows them to 1100 rental bikes in d.c. and arlington. organizers say this is the largest regional bike network in the u.s. memberships are for the day, month or year and start at $5. there is new debate over the metrorail extension to dulles airport. officials overseeing the second leg of the project said it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than anticipated. but it could drap by $600 million if it is moved away from the terminal. the latest amount stands at $3.83 billion. well parents, police and public safety groups preach the
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dangers of texting while driving. so why do many teens think it's not so bad. we'll have the statistic. and we'll talk about when the winds finally die down. we'll look ahead to our forecast what has some summer heat. if you left fedex field at halftime, you left happy. if you witnessed the second half, you witnessed an epic collapse. we'll check in with the boys a day after blowing that 17-point lead and one defensive story is all riled up about it. hear her biting words when 9 news now continues, coming up.
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we have some breaking news in georgia where a small plane made a emergency landing on a major highway. there is the plane in the middle of i-85 in dekalb county in atlanta. we are told there are no injuries but plenty of traffic.
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and since the plane will likely stay on the scene until the faa gets there, all of that traffic will be backed up for hours. for the win from 35 yards away. he's got it. the houston texans come from behind. [ laughter ] >> watching this with my son yesterday, we're like what just happened? not a happy monday after the redskins heartbreaking loss at fedex field, they blew a 17 point lead and lost to the texans 30-27 in overtime. but one redskins fan we spoke with today is pleased with the team's effort. >> much more exciting than last year and they played good. they have some positive and negatives, but entertaining and it was a good game. >> yeah, but for the skins player and the coaches -- the l is still a loss. >> i was going to say, he might not have seen that game. if he considers a loss after
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leading by 17, i'm glad he was entertained. the redskins scored 27 points in yesterday's game. mcnabb threw for over 400 yards and they had a double-digit lead late in the third quarter. nine times out of 100 the redskins win and everybody goes home happy. but this is the 100th time. and greg tollin on the hanger from the one that got away. >> reporter: the redskins are still feeling the disappointment of yesterday's overtime loss. >> we just didn't finish. we let that one slip through our hands. >> reporter: it was more like the defense let it slip away. allowing over 500 yards while squandering a first quarter lead. >> they get paid too. and they have a great offense over there. >> reporter: but don't tell that to deangelo hall. he was upset he wasn't covering andre johnson on the game- tieing touchdown. and he plans to tell hazlett he
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wants to cover the best receiver all of the time. >> it is my team, my defense, so i'm going to follow the receiver again. if that's what we have to do, that's what i'll do. >> reporter: something shanahan doesn't worry about. >> any time that you have the ball thrown up on 4th and 10, it was frustrating for the guys. >> reporter: and yet there is a silver lining. the play mcnabb, who threw for over 400 yards, had fans excited, despite the loss. >> i think they looked great. >> my husband was screaming and going on but i thought they played well. >> reporter: there is a gray area when it comes to how bad the loss was but that won't be the case next sunday when the redskins face the rams. they are 0-2 this year, and it's a game where getting a win
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will be the only thing that matters. at redskins park, greg tollin, 9 news now. >> i think a lot of redskins don't know how to feel. they were excited about mcnabb and they were like where is the pass defense. so we're confused today. coming up at 6:00, we'll update the condition of trent williams on an mri of his knee. and you probably notice that albert haynesworth didn't play. he was inactive for the game and we'll give you the reason for that coming up at 6:00. >> good drama. >> it is a drama. i'm exhausted when i'm done. they are great games but exhausting. >> we'll get you something cool to drink. >> no, i had that. let's talk about what igor did to bermuda. it was a break. only went through as a category one. winds went through at 75 miles per hour. almost all of the power is
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restored today. it took three weeks with fabian. and there was some damage to the cottages with high surf. but flooding was the main problem. 48 inches of rain fell on the island. so did them a favor. for us, we're in great shape except that we need rain. 80 tomorrow night, warmer on wednesday. maybe even a thunderstorm and even a thunderstorm possible on thursday, 89. thursday will be our first full day of fall and it will feel more like summer. let's break down tomorrow. shades and a light jacket. and we're talking 59 in the morning downtown. that's upper 40s in the suburbs. and then upper 70 toss near 80 by full sun and not as breezy. right now 80 degrees downtown. 79 in manassas. everybody is up to around 70 or 80. 79 in frederick, 79 in leesberg and 81 down in fredericksberg. and tonight, clear skies and
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chilly. if you want to have a treat, go outside and look at jupiter at the east. and we'll have more on that at 7:00 tonight. lows 47-57. and winds will become light after midnight. look at the lows tonight. 48 in gaithersburg, 49 in roth listberg and 49 in leesberg. tomorrow winds southeasterly at about 10 and another beautiful day. mostly sunny, spectacular. high temperatures near 80 and winds out of the southeast at 10. look at the zones now. 66 in oakland west of the divide. east of the divide, fantastic. hagerstown back toward winchester. probably making 81 again for leesberg, warrenton and manassas. around 80 downtown and also up
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in gaithersburg, 79 at andrews, 79 in annapolis. the small craft advisories are out this evening on the bay. 80 tomorrow. just spectacular. a thunderstorm possible late on wednesday, even though fall arrives at 11:09, it will feel like summer. kind of hot. back near 90, back near 90 on friday. most of the showers are raked out in the mountains. nice weekend, low 80s on saturday and sunday of next week. >> i like when you can look ahead on monday and say look at that weekend coming up. a huge fire under a railroad bridge brings trains to a halt in new york city. [ male announcer ] today, scrubbologists reveal
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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train service was interrupted by a huge bridge fire today in new york city. the flames broke out under the 138th street bridge over the harlem river. fire boats were called in to try to put out the fire no. one was hurt. the cause is still under investigation. now to salt lake city where a wildfire has driven about
5:25 pm
5,000 people from their homes. two houses have burned down. they are in harryman utah but others are in the cross hairs. the flames broke out when dry brush caught fire during a training session. winds gusting to 50 miles per hour have made fighting this fire tough. and the toll is up to 21 after a train crashed in india. a freight train was on the wrong track and it slammed into heavy rain. it was waiting at a railway station. 53 people were hurt, 18 of them seriously. a piece of machinery fell on to a busy colorado springs intersection over the weekend. luckily no cars were driving by the front end loader as it fell off a construction site and on to the roadway. it took six heavy duty tow trucks to lift it back into position. one worker tried to stop the loader from falling. he broke his foot jumping down
5:26 pm
on to the pavement. coming up next, new at 5:30 ... >> you've heard the message, texting while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk. i'm peggy fox. coming up, why young people aren't hearing that message. [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper is 2 in 1. it sweeps and it mops. your old broom just can't compare. [ funny voice ] hey, broom! wanna sweep and mop like swiffer sweeper? then try the mop club for brooms! designed to look natural, even when wet.
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right now, new at 5:30, new stats show many teens are not getting the message about the dangers of texting behind the wheel. yet another controversy clouds the latest visit of the iran president to the united states. and a new study shows there's a big bone us to getting your flu shot this year. the second annual distracted driving sum et is tomorrow. and new at 5:30, peggy fox is in fairfax to explain why teens don't think texting and driving is all that bad. peg, why? >> reporter: the campaign has been pushing the message, that texting while driving is as bad as driving drunk. but every college student at george mason university that i spoke with today, none of them believed it. and in fact they all know that texting and driving is not
5:30 pm
safe, but some do it any way. on any busy road, you can easily watch drivers texting behind the wheel. like this man who is at a light and doesn't even look up when he starts moving forward. and now new worries that young people are not getting the message that it's dangerous. >> do you do it while you are driving? moving? >> yeah. i'm good at using the knee. >> you're an honest man. >> i know it's bad and it's terrible. at some point i need to turn it off, i know. out of four george mason college students randomly chosen, two said they would not text. >> it just takes a few seconds for an accident. >> if i hear my phone goes off, i will wait until i'm stopped. >> one person even admitted they got into an accident. >> i was in a rush and telling someone i was going to be late and it added on to everything. >> reporter: they felt that driving while intoxicated is
5:31 pm
worst than texting and driving but studies show it's just as dangerous. whener driving and you see you have a tempt, you might have the urge to pick it up. so you should turn it off. and there is now an app that sends the sender a message saying that you are driving. >> if you are texting a message within seconds, the vehicle you're driving length goes the length of a football field when you are not paying attention. >> reporter: secretary ray la hood would be here tomorrow and the company called text kills. and so will family members of victims who have been killed because of someone texting while driving will also be there. i'm peggy fox reporting live in fairfax, back to you. >> peg, thank you. and let us take this opportunity to remind you about
5:32 pm
a very important campaign here at it's called the great hang-up. it's our effort to get everyone to stop using their cell phones while driving. and if you've been affected by a distracted driver while talking or texting, share your story on the air. go to the great hang up page at or call us at 202-895- 5960. the president of iran is in town for the u.n. general assembly. and besides the usual protests, the president is dealing with another controversy. >> reporter: iran's president is commanding the spotlight on the sea of world leaders at the u.n. for the annual general assembly. small groups of protestors are taking to the streets, objecting to ahmadinejad's appearance in new york. >> iran continues it's nuclear
5:33 pm
enrichment and ahmadinejad is till welcome at the united nations. >> reporter: a ahmadinej ad insists his country does not want nuclear weapons, only working to build power plants. they are already received sanctions. at a town hall meeting president obama said iran having a nuclear weapon would be a problem. >> we don't think that a war between israel and iran or military options would be the ideal way to solve this problem. but we are keeping all of our options on the table. >> reporter: president obama and ahmadinejad addressed the general assembly here on thursday. but waiting on the sidelines, there are two american mothers hoping for a face-to-face meeting with the iranian president. the two women are trying to get their sons out of an iranian prison. this appeared with sara shourd. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison one day
5:34 pm
longer than i was. >> reporter: a ahmadinej ad called the release a humanitarian gesture and said her friends need to prove their innocence in court. randall pinkston, 9 news now. >> and ahmadinejad is asking the u.s. to release eight iranians they claim being held illegally here. and topper is on the terrace with your out-and-about forecast. >> i cannot complain about smug. it might be breezy for some. but it is fantastic. here is your out-and-about forecast. at 6:00, temperatures still around 80. by 8:00 they start falling. clear skies and temperatures back into the low 70s and by 10:00 even downtown, we're talking mid to upper 60s and they will fall like a stone after that. your county close-up, we'll start in fairfax tomorrow. sunshine beautiful. temperatures either side of 80.
5:35 pm
80 in fairfax, 80 in brushing. and 81 in lorton. downtown is 81. 81 in capital hill. just spectacular. montgomery county, we'll scoot up the river here. 79 in darnstown and 80 in olney, 80 in wheat yob-- wheaton and800 in bethesda. and tomorrow beautiful and much warmer into wednesday and thursday. upper 80s to near 90. and that is a little lightning bolt. afternoon storms are possible wednesday on thursday. we'll come back and talk about the rest of the week and the weekend and talk about something you can see tonight. news crews stumble upon a lot of things, folks, but it's not often they capture zebras on the lose. and we're always on at stay with us. we'll be right back. i'm peggy fox with
5:36 pm after the recent death of a maryland toddler who became tangled in a drapeery cord, safety experts are asking everyone with small children in their home to inspect window cords. also keep necklaces, purses and scarves away from babies. for a complete safety list on preventing strangulation, go to oñoñ
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caught on tape, a zebra on the run in ohio, of all places. it jumped out in front of as in crew. you can see the stripes in the darkness. the 1-year-old belongs to a man who owns exotic animals who bought it from a wildlife refuge. the owner came out with a dart gun to try to capture it, but the zebra got away. it was last spottedond nearby railroad tracks still on the
5:39 pm
loose. now here at home, a web alert to a recent animal abuse. the viewer thought sheep weren't being cared for properly because they were covered in waste. they were determined to be okay. the owner was ordered to sheer the sheep so they wouldn't become overheated. no charges were filed. for more stories go to -- to your community. if you have a story share it with us and be part of the team. police in illinois are looking for the person who stole a trolley and took it on a joy ride. joe's brewery trolley ended up on train tracks in champagne, illinois. >> we were just like someone stole a trolley. and that was a shocker. and then i was trying to figure
5:40 pm
out what they were doing trying to get it on the train tracks. it makes me question the intelligence of the people that decided to do that. >> no one was hurt but the trolley is pretty banged up. let's get a check of the evening rush hour. >> we're getting close to the 6 hour and the volume is building between route 7 and gw parkway, heavy due to an earlier accident. so allow plenty of time to leave work to get home tonight. same story on 270 as we switch over. it's a crawl here starting at montgomery village avenue up to the weigh station. drivers clocking in at about 20- 25 minutes right now. and we have an accident alert for you. gw parkway northbound at fort marcy. three vehicles involved here. it will take a while to clear up so avoid this stretch if you can. more traffic in the 6:00 hour. now back to lesli. well, coming up, a preview of tonight's series premier of
5:41 pm
the much anticipated remake of hawaii five-0. and lindsey lohan has violated the terms of her probation. topper. we did great a break on pollen. you can access this on our website at click on the weather top and follow the drop down menu to allergy update. everything is low except the weeds in the medium range. we'll talk about everything else coming up.
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at hawaii five-0 premiers -- premiers here tonight. it is a modern take about a new task force whose mission is to wipe out crime on the hawaiian islands. >> nice job if you can get it. joining us, alex mclaughlin and
5:45 pm
scott con who is detective danny, dan-0 williams >> thank you. >> how is the series now different from the original? >> the series is very different from the original. i didn't get back to the original when i started this but i remember it from when i was a kid. and television on the whole was very different. but it's a slicker foster, more action-packed version of the original. >> somehow you have to suffer through filming in hawaii. what is it like to film on location there? >> it's pretty tough. i punish myself every weekend by jumping into the pacific and pretending i'm somewhere else. but it's a rough gig. >> scott, now insiders say that hawaii five-0 franchise means a lot to cbs. are you feeling the pressure at all? >> no. i mean i don't think we have pressure on. i just want to make something good. and if it's good, they'll
5:46 pm
support it. and if it's not, they'll stop supporting it. but we don't want to be involved in something not good any way. >> and the one place where i do feel pressure is not from cbs who i have a long running relationship with, but for the people of hawaii. we had a red carpet event last week and 10,000 people came to the beach to celebrate the beginning of the new show and watch the pilot episode. and if i feel any pressure, it's for the hawaiian people and i want to deliver a good show for them. >> i agree. >> are we going to have this new thing in our lexic on saying book 'em, dano, all over again. >> yes. >> with glee. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. >> that's it? thank you. >> unless we can go there and do the interview in hawaii. the surf is up. it's beautiful. >> you can see the series
5:47 pm
premier of the new hawaii five- 0 here tonight on paris hilton pled guilty today to two misdemeanor charges from last month at a laugh hotel and casino. hilton has to serve one year probation, go through a drug abuse program, pay $2,000 fine and pay 200 hours of community service. the celebrity heiress was arrest after a bag of cocaine spilled out of her purse. lindsey lohan admitted on her twitter page that she did fail a drug and alcohol test. even though a bench warrant was issued today, authorities say lohan will not just be taken back into custody, she will be in court on friday. a judge has threatened her with 30 days in jail for each time she violates her probation. well today district residents were supposed to get
5:48 pm
in on the cash for appliances program but they are still working out how you get the rebates. so when it is up and running you can replace older appliances for newer, more energy efficient ones. dishwashers, driers, washers and refrigerators are included. it's not clear if the hybrid water heats will get you the tax break. we do know they cost more and some tests show they save so much money you could recoup what you spend in five years or less. >> reporter: c conventio nal water heater sales are popular but buyers of hybrid models are growing. >> when they understand the efficiency and how it costs more upfront, it will save them money over time, then they are more interested and we sell more of the models. >> reporter: hi bride water heats cost about $1,000 more than a conventional one. so consumer reports tested three of them to see how long
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it takes before the savings kick in. they work like conventional electric ones but they also have a pump that draws in heat from the air to help heat the water. they tend be taller because the pump is mounted on top and as a result, you need a 7-foot ceiling and 1,000 cubic feet of space. to evaluate, engineers set the temperatures to 65 degrees in this specially built enclosure. test results are based on how much a family of four might use in a day. about 80-85 gallons. it turns out that the hybrid water heaters can save you more than $300 a year compared to the conventional electric water heater. >> that means they could pay for their purchase price and insulation in as little as five years. that's a lot faster than other solar or tankless heater. >> reporter: if you are looking to buy a hi bride heater. this one from rheem is a good
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choice. it costs $1,400 plus installation and you'll see a drop in your electric bills right away. if you are thinking about buying one, now is the time to do it. why? because there is a 30% federal tax credit through the end of the year. so for more on how to compare and choose, go to our website, and click on living smart. and we were outside of the renaissance festival this weekend and it was gorgeous. a lot of knights and princesses and the lovely weather. i'm getting e-mails. sunshine and 81 is hard to beat. and the humidity is like 20%, 25%. that's why our hair looks good. >> and fall is sometimes to be this week. >> fall is coming in on wednesday. but it will feel like summer. but we're on course here. here is your forecast first. the next three days, sunshine again tomorrow, spectacular. high temperatures around 80 which is average for this time of year. and then upper 80s on
5:51 pm
wednesday. and then near 90 on thursday. some afternoon storms possible. unfortunately there will be -- they will be few and far between. we'll keep you posted. let's break down tomorrow, sweater and sunglasses, a good idea. upper 50s to start and sunshine. that means upper 40s to around 50 in the suburbs. maybe need a sweater or sweatshirt. and by evening, just gorgeous. sunshine and teams around 79. and it won't be as breezy tomorrow either. right now still 80 downtown. 75 in gaithersburg. 79 in manassas. 81 in fredericksberg. and upper 70s for leesberg and frederick and even hagerstown and martins being. and for tonight clear skies. winds will diminish. almost chilly. 47-57. look to the east to see jupiter. as the sun sets jupiter rises in the east. even though the moon is bright, you can still see it. we'll have more on that at 7:00. lows tonight, 57 downtown, 47
5:52 pm
in leesberg. some 40s on the map tonight. 46 in winchester. 38 out in oakland. so one of the cooler nights so far. tuesday morning sunny and chilly start. 40s and 50s. winds light and they turn, southeasterly at 10. and by afternoon, what can we say, mostly sunny and just spectacular again. high temperatures near 80 and winds southeasterly at about 10. zone forecast for you. we'll start in the mountains. now west of the divide, so western allegany and garret county, you hold in the 60s. but a very nice day. 74 in cumberland with sunshine. upper 70s for winchester, martinsberg and hagerstown. 81 for culpeper. but 70 for leesberg and paris and upperville and manassas around 78. and downtown around 80. 79 toward andrews and la plater. upper 70s for southern maryland and the bay. and the winds will be below
5:53 pm
small craft advisory criteria tomorrow. 87 on wednesday. near 90 on thursday and friday. that's hot for this time of year. a few storms possible wednesday and thursday. and then maybe a shower friday night with a very weak cold front. temperatures go back down though. low 80s on saturday and then nice to upper 70s on sunday and monday. >> nice. fall is here. >> exactly. coming up next, researchers find that getting the flu vaccine can slower your risk of a heart attack. we'll talk about why. and coming up new at 6:00 ... >> reporter: i'm scott broom in downtown washington where a congressman for colorado has suggested furloughs to help balance the budget. reactions are coming up. the toyota high school play of the day. >> this morning -- or this
5:54 pm
evening campus correspondent play of the day comes from isaac there abi. and this is the kick off from high point. and there he goes, 80 yards for the score. as they blank the eagles 65-0. and if you would like to get a free flip and perhaps win a college scholarship, log on to 9 news now at 5:00 returns right after this. ♪
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a triple-digit day to start the week on wall street. the dow finished up with 145 points to close at 10,753. the nasdaq climbs 40 points and the s&p 500 jumped 7 points. and another reason to get the flu shot. not only does it help you avoid the fever and the body aches that come with the flu. you may also be helping your heart. >> reporter: rob is one guy who gets his flu shot every year because he doesn't want to feel that sick ever again. >> if it's going to prevent a week of just horrible headaches and body aches and -- i'm into it. >> reporter: and there may be a bonus. a new study from the u.k. shows the flu vaccine can lower the risk of suffering a heart attack by 19% in middle aged and older adults. >> heart attacks are most prevalent in the winter months
5:58 pm
due to the cold and upper respiratory infections like the flu. >> reporter: the earlier in the fall you get the shot, the more protection it seems to offer. doctors aren't sure what connection is between the flu and hart attacks but the theory is that respiratory infections may trigger plaque in the arteries. >> i'm 51, so anything that can help me live a little longer is a good idea and i special don't want to have a heart attack. >> reporter: whether you have a history of heart disease or not, a flu shot can protect you from complications that can result from influenza. both the injectable and nasal mist is out there right now at doctors offices, pharmacies and supermarket as and that year the h1n1 strain is included in the flu shot. thanks for joining us for 9
5:59 pm
news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. represent mike kaufman is a republican who thinks if furloughs are good enough for business, they ought to be good enough for the federal government. he proposed a furlough, a little less than a 4% pay cut for 270,000 people in our region. >> it's crazy that he wants the people in the federal government to take two weeks furlough. >> reporter: reaction as mong federal workers was angry. >> i think it's unfair. why should we all have to take two weeks off unpaid and not know what we are going to get out of it. because i don't think it will solve


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