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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  September 20, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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is already dipping it and even though the federal government propped it up, it would be worse. because people can't afford -- gs 5 or 2, they can't afford to take time off. but congress can. they have a lot of money. >> god bless the federal employees in washington, d.c. >> reporter: that's congressman kaufman on the phone from colorado. he said he's proposing changes only for the fiscal year 2011 and predicted it will save the federal government $5.5 million. >> and washington, just because it has a printing press, can't be immune from the sacrifice the rest of america is taking. >> reporter: he asked for a budget cut. the impact on a furlough, let's do the math. one-third of the region's economy is the federal government and contracting. the federal payroll amounts to $37 billion a year. a 4% pay cut from furloughs is
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about $1.5 billion out of people's pockets. a serious hit to the regional economy by any measure. now chances are that kaufman's bill will pass, while democrat's control of congress is zero but some consider it a shot across the bow for a much more likely scenario if the g.o.p. wins congress in the mid-term elections and that's the potential for another government shutdown in a showdown with the president over spending in 2011. scott broom in the news room live, back to you. >> scott, thank you. elias abuelazam was hit with more charges in michigan. he's suspected of a series of stabbings in virginia, ohio and michigan. today prosecutors in flaunt have charged him with murder and assaults. these new charges are in addition to the attempted murder charges he's also facing in michigan. >> we have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this occurred and the defendant is
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the person responsible. we'll get there. we're being careful, methodical. i have a tremendous team of law enforcement working with us and i'm confident we'll be able to be successful. >> abuelazam pled not guilty today. we have the condition of a doctor shot at hopkins last week. orthopedic surgeon david cohen is in good condition and continues to improve. he was shot by the son of an elderly patient being treated at the hospital last thursday. police say the gunman, 50-year- old paul warren pardus became distraught after being told about his mother's condition and he shot and killed his mother and then himself. the only woman on virginia death row, the only way theresa lewis will survive is a reprieve from the district court. she is set to be the first one executed in the state in nearly a century. she was convicted of conspiring with two men to carry out the
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2002 murders of her husband and stepson. her execution is scheduled for thursday. it's been six months since a hunter discovered the body of a young woman buried in a remote corner of montgomery county. today tanessa taylor's family pleaded for answers. police want to talk to these two people. shannon watkins and casey boon. they say they were associates of taylor. taylor lost her mother at a young age and fell into prostitution at the age of 19. >> something happened. she always had good grades. >> the victim's rights foundation is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer. montgomery county police say you can call them or text them in an anonymous tip. the hunt for the man believed to have killed the daughter of a police chief is over. michael near harvey is in the
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custody of u.s. marshalls. he's a register sex offender and police believe he killed 23- year-old valerie hamilton, the daughter of police chief merle hamilton. she is seen leaving a restaurant with a man police believe is harvey. her body was found on saturday in a storage unit. he was arrested today in niagara falls. d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee went on oprah today to advocate school reform like the kind she's implemented here in the district. she's featured in the new movie waiting for superman, it's a documentary about the poor state of the country's public schools. meanwhile speculation said she will be moving on if and when vincent gray takes over as mayor. bruce johnson is here with the latest on who is coming and who is going, following city hall and mayor fenty's defeat last week. >> that's right. and all bets are that michelle
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rhee won't stick around beyond the transition period. and others the fenty administration is looking for work today. >> reporter: pulling up the resume file. it's being seen in every corner of the d.c. government office buildings today. the fenty team is out and the gray team will be in at the end of the year. >> is much work getting done? >> no. i think the shock is just settle for people. >> reporter: and inside the bullpen there appeared to be absences. people getting away for leave, a result of the six or seven- day workweek. >> we work at the pleasure of the mayor. >> reporter: the mayor said he doesn't know if he'll return to the practice of law. debbie brazil asking about what might go on behind the scenes? >> contracts going out the door. this was in the works but now
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-- >> taking care of that. >> and some shredding machines working full time. >> reporter: the chief of staff said the mayor met with his cabinet today. the first meeting since his defeat in the democratic primary last tuesday. >> he told everyone how thankful and proud he was and that we all leave with no regrets, that we did a lot of really amazing things here. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest problem in the administration, michelle rhee won't have any trouble finding work. she stars in the new documentary waiting for superman about public schools. >> do you see any scenario in which the two of you -- >> it could be. it's contingent upon what the discussion reveals. >> reporter: the counselman doesn't want to talk to others, namely the media, so he'll wait to talk face-to-face with michelle rhee. >> he wants to talk face-to- face but what are you hearing
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about her future. >> i can't say anybody that says she will stay beyond any period of time, beyond any transition. and unless she changes in a major way and shows she can get along with people though don't like her or unless he changes and give her the autonomy she had under fenty, she's gone. and you know she can name her ticket because of the movie and oprah and she's already the star of the reform movement in education. and the obama administration loves her. >> well she can write her ticket. >> and name her price. >> bruce johnson, thank you for that. today a tribute to the late dr. ron walters. eleanor holmes norton and others spoke at his funeral in d.c. walters was a frequent contributor here at wusa 9. he died at cancer last friday. long time political analyst,
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author and scholar, he was 72. walter spent 25 years at howard university. he was most resectly the director of the african- american leadership institute at the university of maryland. well her political aspirations have been put on hold. a green party candidate challenging barbara mccloskey, the victim of hit and return and she'll clinging to life right now. we'll tell you more about the accident coming up. and why the first ever genetically engineered meat could come to a dinner table near you. but first before you go out and get your oil changed, we have a consumer alert that could save you time and money. topper. we'll take you out with the numbers. you can access this on our website at 81 and 67 goes in the books. 78 and 61 are the average. it can still get high. record low was 41 and high was 81. one of our cooler nights so far. we'll talk about fall arriving but it may feel more like summer. we'll explain. think about the internet.
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bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t.
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how would you feel about serving genetically engineered salmon to your family? well right now a government panel is deciding whether to allow a company to sell it. and if it's approved, it would be the first genetically engineered animal okayed for human consumption. aqua bounty technology said it used a growth hormone to grow the full market size in half the time. the company said the fish are safe and safety groups are not so convinced. >> we with bring an industry back to the united states and provide americans a safe and sustainable high quality seafood. >> we think that the fda hasn't done all of its homework yet and the company hasn't done all of its homework yet. >> one thing both side as agree on. if it is approved, other
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genetically modified food will be right behind it. save your money and stop wasting it on an oil change every 3,000 miles. say improvements in engine technology no longer requires you to follow that guideline. if you bought your vehicle in the last 7-8 years, you can drive up to 7500 or even 10,000 miles before you get an oil change. the city of rockville is promoting car-free day and this is one of the neighborhood stories you can find in our "where you live section" at car free day is this thursday and montgomery county is offering ways to ditch the car. got a story or a news tip, we want to hear from you, so contact us and be part of the team. we're coming back with more local news right after the break.
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(announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. an ironic twist of fate for a maryland politician. natasha pettygrew worked hard to make riding safer for cyclists. but yet on sunday she was strucken. we are live near the scene. this is in largo, maryland. and this is a hit-and-run scene
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and why have police not filed charges yet? what is going on. >> reporter: at this point the investigation is still ongoing and police aren't sure who is at fault. they did say that at around 5:25 sunday morning pettygrew was riding her park as part of training on one of the lanes. she was struck. the driver left the scene and that's where we can pick up the story. this cadillac escalade struck down nat arby pettygrew while she was biking on sunday morning. >> it's still touch and go. she has suffered massive head trauma. >> reporter: the driver, christie littleford didn't stop. she drove 3-4 miles even though the bike was under her suv. >> she thought she struck a deer or a dog and didn't feel comfortable getting out until she got home and then returned
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she had -- learned she had struck a bicyclist. >> reporter: they said she wasn't wearing reflective clothing but we found a reflective sneaker near the scene. >> i know that she had a helmet, that she had on sneakers with a reflective design on them. >> reporter: so at this point we're not really sure exactly, lesli, as you had asked, why the driver has not been charged but the investigation is ongoing so charges could still be pending. at this point the suv is at the maryland state police where they are going over. and they believe there might be pieces of clothing underneath the chassis of the vehicle. and very tragic and a woman fighting for her life at prince george's county hospital center. >> armondo, thank you for that. and we're working here at to fight distracted driving and we hope you will not talk or text on your phone illegally while you drive.
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this is part of the great hang- up campaign. and the department of transportation released new numbers today showing the number of people killed in distracted driving is down. angie goff asked ray la hood about this research and she found out it's tough to know the scope of the issue. >> the department of transportation released crash numbers and from 2008 to 2009 they saw a 6% decrease in the number of distracted driving related accidents and you've described this as only the tip of the iceberg. why do you say that? >> well it's the tip of the iceberg because everybody has a cell phone or texting device and they think they can use them any time and anywhere, and including when they are driving. and you can't drive safely. and it's the tip of the iceberg because in many instances law enforcement people are not recording the kind of distracted driving that is going on. >> well on tuesday secretary la
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hood will leave the second national distracted driving summit in d.c. families of victims of described drivers will join transportation officials for this all-day conference. and you've been effected by a distracted driver, tell us about it. go to our great hang-up page at or call us at 202-895- 5960. talking about the forecast today, i mean it was just beautiful. >> a little breezy i guess for some. but i can't find anything wrong with it. >> that's it? >> i can't find anything. and just so you know, you can go to our website and check out the damage igor did to bermuda. he was kind to them. and beautiful tomorrow. i don't see any complaints about tomorrow. sunshine and 80. now in wednesday and thursday it starts to get hot. upper 80s on wednesday, near 90 on thursday and perhaps a
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shower or a thunderstorm, especially wednesday and into thursday. but for the most part, we are in pretty good shape and we need any kind of shower we can get. let's break down tomorrow. get your sunglasses and sweater. 59 to start and that's a downtown temperature. so if you're in the burb, we're talking 70 tomorrow. and 75 by lunch. upper 70th and near 80 by the evening with full sunshine and not as breezy. 79 downtown right now and 70 in manassas. 80 in fredericksberg. cooler to the west. as you would expect, 79 in frederick, 79 in leesberg. 76 in martinsberg and 76 in hagerstown. for tonight, clear skies and almost chilly. 47 to about 57. but when you have clear skies like this and low humidity, the skies are great. it's great for star gazing and you can look to the east and see jupiter and we'll have more on that at 9 news now at 7:00.
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and winds southeasterly at 10, and by the afternoon a great day. mostly sunny and just spectacular. high temperatures near 80 and winds turn and become southeasterly at 10 but not as breezy as today. we had wind gusts today in excess of 25 miles per hour. the winds are slowly subsiding and will subside through the fight time hours and after midnight. our zone forecast, all six zones are still on our website at west of the divide cool but bright, 66. that's for a high. you'll be in the 0s tonight, oakland. 74 in couple we are land with -- cumberland with sunshine. and culpeper will make 81 or so but warrenton, manassas and leesberg, great falls probably holding in the upper 70s. downtown, 80 tomorrow with sunshine. 79 by the water, no wind to speak of so it's below small craft advisory criteria. 80 tomorrow, 87 on wednesday. and kind of hot, near 90 on thursday and friday. some storms are possible
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wednesday afternoon and thursday afternoon and maybe a shower late friday. should not interfere with high school football though. and then nice weekend. cooler and low 80s on saturday and back into the upper 70s on sunday and monday. skin fans are a little baffled today. >> the start of the game was great, the defense not so much and the end of the game was a -- one name stands out. 500. that's how many passing yards they gave up. and one guy is taking it back in his own hands. and the mri is back on haynesworth's knee. we'll be back with that in a moment. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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well, if i had told you donovan mcnabb was going to throw for 426 yards against the texans and the redskins won't turn the ball over once in the game, you wouldn't have dreamt in a million years that the skins would lose that. but you would have been wrong. and the reason is for as much
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yardage as the redskins passing game gained yesterday, their pass defense gave up even more. the texans tuned up the redskins secondary for 497 passing yards and today deangelo hall was fed up. he said that regardless of what defensive coordinator jim haslett tells him going forward, he's going to cover the best receiver on the other team, end of story, that's the deal. >> it doesn't matter what he said. it's my team. i'm going to follow the receiver around, that's what i'm going to do. if we have to do that to win games, that's what i'm going to do. [ inaudible ] >> it's whose team and defense? well good news concerning the knee of trent williams. he had to leave the game in the fourth quarter but an mri on that left knee today was negative. he has not been ruled out to play against the rams this coming sunday. now the question is how should the redskins feel about
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what transpired yesterday? should they be encouraged that they cranked out 27 points and mcnabb chuckd it around like a pro-bowler or should the final score erase all of that positivity. it's kind of hard to gloss oar the fact -- over the fact that had they not pondered the 17 -- squandered the 17 point lead, that wouldn't have happened. but today they are glass was half full. >> compared to last year, where we were getting the nuts knocked out of us each week -- >> to know that we gave it away, that hurts but at the same time i have confidence with every guy in this locker room that we'll move forward and have a victory next week. and no status on albert
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haynesworth. the team said it's from an ankle injury and others say this is the precursor of him being traded out of town. and number one, the steelers on the opening kickoff against the titans, and look at this, a little handoff and a reverse and that is antonio brown and he circles around and goes 97 yards for a score. not a bad way to start for the steelers. our other favorite play is this catch from tom brady to moss. although the pats lost that game. it is looking less and less like adam dunn will be headed out of town. he becomes a free agent at the end of the year, seems to be heading for another team this off season. now perhaps not. dunn telling the pest they are making progress and dunn extents to be -- expects to be
6:29 pm
a dunn next year. day two of the due shane cup at capital stadium. they beat mike green and team c 6-3. two goals nor knuble and one or ovechkin. the championship is tomorrow. after that game, i'll be skating with the caps. yes, really. bring your video camera, a great gag reel. and the south of -- the south, the ohio state attack. you can see his head falls off. that's a big mascot no-no and then moments later he goes after brutus. and today ohio university had to issue an apology to ohio state. >> what is that? >> i think the one maskot lost it. >> that's it for us. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next.


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