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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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though fall begins tonight at 11:09. 81 at noon and 89 for the drive home with a chance a storm in one or two spots. right now, it is 68 at 6:00 a.m. and time for traffic. >> thank you, howard. hello, everybody. kicking off this new hour wake up washington here's your wide look across the region. we want to begin as we zoom on in to a big problem we're watching. it's 70 headed westbound. his is approaching route 94. what we're learning is there's anover turned tractor-trailer there. crews the scene. the roi now is closed headed westbound. moving over to 270. things starting to fill out here. dragging a whole lot of head lights down towards montrose. good morning, virginia, didn't forget about about you. 66 headed eastbound. your slow from route 50 to 123. no incidents or accidents. 95 in virginia an accident going southbound. still continues to take away a couple of left lanes at route 1 and looks like going northbound you're putting on the brakes between the prince william
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parkway and route 1 bridge. andrea back to you. at the top of the hour here's a look at some of the stories happening today. president obama heads to northern virginia. he'll discuss health care reform at a home necessary falls church. he'll be there just before lunch. after that, he heads to new york for the united nations conference. today world leaders will unveil a global campaign aimed at saving the lives of women and children. it will be backed by $40 billion in funds. the heads of two egg companies go before congress today. right county egg and hillendale farms are linked to a salmonella outbreak. 1600 people have become sick. investigators blame filthy conditions at two the farms. district police are watching over the belongings of what some call a hoarder evicted from her apartment. they stretch for blocks. the senator of it all. 11th and otis place in columbia heights. kristin fisher is there live to tell us exactly what's going on. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning,
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andrea. how would you feel if all of the stuff you have been collected in your home has been spread out for everybody to see. we have a lamp and furniture. cooking utensils over here. vacuum cleaner and this stuff here we have a notebook and clothing and this is not just centralized in one location. walk with me over here. i'll show you what i'm talking about. this is 11th street. all of this stuff is spread out down 11th street for two city blocks. it's just a massive amount of stuff and it's piled up in some places about four or five feet high. now all of this stuff belongs to a woman named eloise diaz. she's 50 years old principle venezuela and she says she was evicted from her home. all of her stuff was evicted from her house onto this
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street. the city trucks are coming to pick it up and take it to the dump later this morning and i asked her this morning what do you think about all of this? this is happening to people all over the country due to these tough economic times. what makes your story unique? what makes your story special? why should people help. take a listen to what she had to say. >> everybody has a different case. in my case i have good neighbor, good worker, no habit at all. good behavior. everybody has a different case. >> reporter: eloisea say us might look at all of this stuff and say my goodness this woman must be some type of hoarder but she says that is absolutely not the case. eloisea says she has been collecting all of this stuff for 15 years at some point or another and her ultimate goal was to ship it off back to
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venezuela and help other poor people in latin america. so that's what she says she was doing with all of this but she lost her job about two years ago. she was a housekeeper for a wealthy family in northwest washington and when she lost her job, she wasn't able to pay her rent and andrea in this country if you don't pay your rent you get kicked out and unfortunately that's what happened today. >> kristin, thank you very much for that update. parent stiewntzs were hauled away in handcuffs -- parents and students were hauled away in handcuffs after an all-out brawl. a mother supposedly went there to confront someone who allegedly attack heard daughter. prince george officers swarmed the campus and restored orderer. >> it. >> one adult or several,. >> it was several adults. >> where did they come from? who were they? >> i'm not sure. they just cale out of the blue i guess. >> several people suffered
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minor injuries. police say no weapons were involved. barring action from president obama, 41-year-old teresa lewis will be put to death tomorrow by the commonwealth of virginia. letterman was convicted for paying and providing sex in exchange for the murders of her husband and stepson. she pleaded guilty in 2003. the trigger man in the case got life sentences. lewis' appeal was rejected yesterday by the u.s. supreme court. the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy will remain in force, at least for now but democrats have another chance to overturn the policy, baring gays from serving openly in the military. senate democrats are planning a lame duck session. that's when lifting the ban would be taken up again. yesterday, 56 lawmakers voted in favor of advancing the legislation with 60 votes were needed to push it through. 5 after the hour. jessica doyle is here with a special living smart report and she's here to save us money on
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shopping. >> 93 days until christmas. got a little bit of a head's start. people already thinking about the deals and you could already have hundreds of dollars in coupon from your favorite retailers in the palm of your own hand and not even nowhere it. put down those scissors and pick up your mobile phone. when it comes to discount and deals, retailer's next hot spot is in the palm of your hand. >> i could be walking by my favorite apparel store, check my iphone, in comes a coupon, i'm going in and making purchase. >> gadget gurus have already embraced coupons directed to a smart phone or a third party app like yowza. >> you always have thousands of deals that are being used by 5 million people and in 25,000 places in the increment. >> reporter: now retailers are making big push to bring mobile discounts to the masses, whether it's through apps like yowza or on their own.
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some stepped up mobile incentives during this year's back to school shopping a test run for a crucial holiday shopping season that needs to drive consumers back into the malls. >> when you combine mobile devices with gps and retailers anxious to get consumers into the stores it ends up as a big windfall for consumers and retailers. >> it has raised some privacy concerns but retailers say consumers have a choice to opt into mobile offers only from the stores they chose. google has been crunching numbers based on web services. it predicts shoppers will be thrifty again. one in five shoppers expect to have a smart phone in hand. this is the yowza application and pulls up based on geography what deals are in your area. that was greg grunberg from alias and heros.
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he is the kroft company. >> anyone that can take these coupon applications. just a whole bunch out there you can chose fredericksburg. >> great idea. northern virginia's new minor league baseball team has a name. check out the louden hounds. the team unveiled its logo. it's scheduled to begin play in 2012. the ownership wants to make its new fall park a family destination. >> one of the things that my partners and our staff are committed to is trying to have kids in loudon county, in addition to a sports and entertainment destination understand the magic of what it's like to walk across the chalk. >> hall of famer harmon killabrew was at last night's event. the loudon hounds will join the atlantic league. it's nine after the hour. in three minutes a medical
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mystery. a maryland teenager who literally cries tears of blood. in nine minutes, tips reducing your morning stress level, advice on how to go car free. right now it's our daily focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> andrea, temperatures running 15 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. so we'll get you started and let you know it's going to be a hot afternoon in many areas except by the bay it will just be warm. by 9:00 temperatures will be pushing 70 degrees in annapolis. 72 in camp springs. through the noon hour look at that 80s showing up in gaithersburg. in hagerstown, may be up to 85 in frederick. this afternoon, slight chance of thunder especially north and west of town. highs upper 80s to low 90s. >> thank you, howard new mexico , the focus is on you right now. we begin with a traffic alert. 70 headed westbound. it is closed at route 94 due to an accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer. you're going to want to use 144 as your way to get around that.
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moving it outside 355 and route 27 finding our lanes out here wide open and ads we switch the camera shot over to bradley boulevard and connecticut avenue all clear out here. the time now is 6:10. good wednesday morning in. you're watching 9news now. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups instead of going out to lunch,
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i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your delicious rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. well, i'm rich because... i know, i get it. i laughed. and i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes, your pearl onions. well, you know, everything you want to eat for lunch is right in there. so you're really, rich and happy. yeah see, i like rich and hearty better. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. s we're back was a medical mystery it's plagued a maryland woman for years. the condition is not harmful to her health but keeps her from doing everything she wants. her tears are stained with blood. anita brikman has more on her
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fight to permanently fix this medical mystery. we want to warn you some of this video maybe too much for some of to you watch. >> people just look at me and give me a blank stare. >> reporter: that reaction has been a part of amy reich's life for the past six years. this 21-year-old from woodstock, maryland has been bleeding tears off and on since she was sa my the cause still unknown. her doctors call it a medical missry. >> it's been going on for so long that i'm just getting used to it. >> reporter: amy's had five surgeries to stop the bleeding and each time it only lasts about a year. her doctors have ruled out the most common cause, abunion growth in the tear ducts. what is next for amy who's right eye started bleeding again the day after we first met her. >> the next morning i woke up and there was blood on my pillow cases, everything. >> reporter: next month she and her team of specialists at johns hopkins university hospital will discuss the possibility of placing permanent plugs in her tear
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ducts. >> tiny silicone plugs placed in the corner of her upper and lower lid. she would have these bleeding episodes but it wouldn't be obvious to the people she was working with. >> reporter: the blood would drain into her sinuses instead of coming out as tears. amy says some discomfort is worth it to have a normal and active life including playing hockey. amy is train forgot olympic hockey team and writing a book about her ordeal. anita brikman, 9news. >> amy says she does have a little warning that something is going to happen. usually before a bleeding episode she gets a severe headache and can feel the pressure building up in her eye. it's coming up on 6:14 this wednesday morning. here's what is in the news now. a celebration in bell, california. eight city leaders have been arrested, accuse the of misappropriate rating taxpayer money. the part-time leaders gave themselves huge salary and pensions. closing arguments will begin tomorrow for the man
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accused of killing nick aidenheart. he was killed by an alleged drunk driver. adenhart pitch for the angels. the micro blogging site twitter is back up and running this morning. it was hacked tuesday causing security breach. the problem even affected the official white house account. 6:14. here's howard with our forecast. the moon is full, the temperatures are rising and we can break a record but not temperature wise. >> we're trying to get -- not really trying to get there. 97degrees. we've done it 63 times. looks like 64, 65 and 66 are coming up. we're going to make a run for it. 67 is kind of elusive and a tough one to get. also today with being the autumnal equinox go out to d.c. neat felts around sunset as the sun will be setting due west this evening. this morning we start you off
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with your bus stop forecast and temperatures, you know what, c'mon, i'm going to go back to that one. temperatures are running into the 60s to around 70 in most areas. we have seen a few 50s but unlike yesterday it's a lot milder and it will stay on the warm side today. sunrise is coming up at 6:55. today at a glance. 81 by noon. 89 by 5:00 and yes, i've guilt a thunderstorm here. a couple of spots will see a shower or storm. we can take the rain. highs 88 to 93. tonight partly cloudy and mild april stray shower or early storm possible. 62 to 72 with light winds. our average high is 77 and once again tomorrow we're looking at upper 80s to low 90s with an outside chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. this morning we've got 60s to 72 in cambridge. that's our warm spot. steve telling me he's at 59
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degrees like martinsburg. hagerstown 54 and manassas a more reasonable 63. here in washington 68. partly cloudy. dew points have really come up. yesterday they were in the mid- 40s and now in the 50s. it's going to feel a lot like summer with a south wind at 9 miles per hour and those afternoon highs near 90. thanks to a high pressure in out upper levels of the atmosphere and cold front to the west. that front produced severe weather in chicago. showers and storms, up across from the st. lawrence valley back towards missouri at this hour. and we're going to be south of the boundary for the next several days. that means the warmth is building. the heat and humidity is headed our way. we'll watch the front come down with showers and storms especially north of the mason- dixon line. tomorrow, cabs rule out an afternoon shower or storm but for the most part they will few and far between. looks like in the next week or two things are change and we'll have more opportunity for rain. the seven-day forecast, not as wet as we would like it and hot
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too. 90 today. fall begins at 11:09 tonight. 90 tomorrow. 92 friday. by saturday we're back down to the low to mid-80s and a few shower chances sunday, monday and tuesday as we cool in the 70s. it's 6:17. good morning, everybody. hope you're off to a great start. right now in the immediate area looks like things are checking out a okay but let's take a live look from sky 9. 70 headed westbound at route 94. this accident involving anover turned tractor-trailer taking over most of the lane. we're squeezing by one lane of traffic there to the left and it looks like you're going to have use 144 ads your alternate if you want to avoid this altogether. let's take a look at another wreck we're tracking southbound 301 we're going to zoom on in. this is at shortcut road. emergency crews on the scene here. you're definitely going to want to use caution. virginia at 395 headed northbound no accidents but bumper-to-bumper we're stacked.
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we'll wrap it up with inbound new york avenue where there's no incidents out this way but we are slow using those brakes between the times building over to bladensburg road and you can get your personalized traffic report by connecting with me on facebook or twitter. meanwhile i'm going to stop on over by the web center where andrea roane is working on something good. >> we're working on making your life easier with traffic reports. it's car-free day today. that would do it. it's a day your encouragedded to ditch the four wheels for a bike, public transit or go for a walk and there's resources on the web to check out. check out this. let's start a it's the home page for the day. you can take the car free pledge saying you'll reduce or eliminate using your car today. so far 6500 people have signed up. to next one, it is
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consumerpage -- it's early. which shows you the cost of driving versus transit. you type in how long your commute is, how much parking costs and how much you spend on gas. of course, this doesn't take into account how close you live to a bus station or how much you might save by driving. finally we go to home to the washington area bicyclists association. whether you want to commute to work on two wheels or just enjoy the fall weather, this is a great resource. it has maps of bike trails and lanes across the region and we have links to all of these sites at just look under the 9news extra tab. it is 6:19. next in sports. who the redskins cut to shake up their offense. the nationals' offense has a huge eighth inning. in three minutes the small victory in last night's win.
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we'll be right back. it's 6:20. winning is my favorite thing.
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timorror wakeup sports. while you slept the first team clenched its spot in the baseball playoffs. the minnesota twins clenched the a.l. central after they won the and white sox lost. this is their second division crown. here in washington the nationals are celebrating more modest milestone. for the first time in three seasons, the nats won't lose 170 games in. it was ugly early on. houston led 3-0 after half an inning but in the eighth the nats broke it open. they scored seven runs capped off by ryan zimmer's rbi single. nats win and snap a four-game losing streak. the redskins are getting ready to take it on the road.
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they'll visit the st. louis rams this afternoon. one person who won't be with them, larry johnson. they released the immigration reform pro bowler tuesday. the running back had just two yards five carries so far this season. to replace him the team has signed chad simpson. check out donovan mcnabb leading different group. he hosted 1,000 area children as part of his effort to fight childhood obesity. the 30 minute session was an effort to set the world record for group fitness. no word yet if the record was broken. still to come, which beer wants to win new customers with free samples. just over a month to election day, a new poll shows the race for governor in maryland getting tighter. autumn begins later today but it's going to feel more like summer. howard has the forecast when 9news now returns. we'll be right back. think about the internet.
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thanks for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein has the forecast. >> a gorgeous morning out here. yesterday was kind of cool and crisp. this morning it is just very, very nice and get ready. we have some serious heat moving in got next couple of days. looking upstairs we have clouds not near us but in ohio, pennsylvania, connecticut a few thunderstorms and we're hoping we gelt some of that rain as drought conditions are still pretty bad, especially the eastern western virginia panel. cumberland is 65 and we're the upper 60s in town and still 72 in cambridge, about 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. your highs mid to upper 80s but a lot will top 90 degrees this afternoon. it's 6:30. let's go over to angie. >> thank you, howard. right now halfway through the 6:00 hour. it looks like in the immediate hour slow goes on some of our main roads. no major accidents or incidents but taking it out live on sky 9. want to show you
6:30 am
the accident headed westbound. we have the overturned tractor- trailer. drivers squeezing by on the left and we know this has created about a fourth of a mile backup so the delay starts around the watersville overpass. if you want to avoid all of this use 144 as your alternate. moving it over to the outerloop it's a slow go from new hampshire avenue over to georgia. we're saying plus five minutes in the car for these folks and 66 headed eastbound it looks your delay stretches from route 50 to nuttily. may be an extra 5 to 10 minutes. at 6:30 we turn our attention to campaign 2010 and the governor's race in maryland. here's a new poll out from rasmus everyone. among likely voters it's a tight race. 50% back mark o'malley. 57% support bob ehrlich. 3% remain undecided now. election day is just six weeks away. tomorrow is the day for a
6:31 am
high-level sitdown summit between d.c.'s presumptive new mayor and michelle rehle. she said she tons think she could work in a gray administration. a woman is evicted in the district, now all of her belongings stretch across several blocks of columbia heights. the center tomorrow afternoon all is 11th street and otis place in northwest. kristin fisher is there live to tell us what is happening today. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. all of this stuff is literally spread across two the city blocks along 11th street. you can see behind me there has been police officers guarding all of this stuff throughout the night and just look at how far it stretches and it goes up four or five feet in some places. it's just an incredible amount of stuff and all of this stuff
6:32 am
actually belongs to a woman named eloise diaz. she's 50 years old, she's from venezuela and this is eloise right here. she says she's lived in the united states for 22 years. lived in her home for 15 years. eloise, this is 15 years of stuff now spread out across the sidewalks for all to see. we now know that the city trucks will be coming in a few short hours to pick it up and take it to the city dump. eloise, what are you going to do? >> i really need help to put all my stuff in storage until time i start working. i need help desperately, please. i don't want to lose my stuff that i took a long time collecting and help people in latino america in general. >> reporter: everything inside
6:33 am
her home, tripping and falling, sorry, guys. you can see we've got furniture, little tricycles. kitchen supplies, books and clothes. all of this stacked up on the sidewalks. you say this is stuff you were collecting to send to poor people in latin america, correct be? >> correct. >> reporter: and two years ago you've lost a job and you'll been doing odd jobs but you haven't been able to pay your rent and you were evicted on saturday, correct? >> yesterday, tuesday i was evicted. >> reporter: what do you have to say to people who say you didn't pay your bills. this is what happens. when you don't pay your bills this is what happens. what do you have to say to people that say this is just what happens. >> i try to do the best i can. i've been paying my bills since
6:34 am
i've been in united states. i've been dependable. i don't depend on no government help but just don't have a job and it been hard for me and no pay the bill correctly and that's the way it is supposed to be and they just evicted me. >> reporter: well thank you very much for being with us, eloise. it's a very tough story to hear but also to truly just see this stacked up on the sidewalks it's really a heart breaking story here in northwest d.c. this morning and unfortunately it's a story we're seeing repeated across the country as our country works through these tough economic times. andrea. >> thank you. woman in the midst a happy transition is murderedded. now prince george's police are looking for her killer. neighbors say the woman was moving out of her old apartment on greenbelt road into a home
6:35 am
she just purchased. it'd believed her killer attacked her when she returned to her apartment to move more things. some drivers got a pricey warning that it's illegal and dangerous to text or chat in d.c. police pulled over dozens of drivers they caught text ing or talking without a hands-free device yesterday. a lot got is $100 tickets. product vendors promoted new gadgets they think could solve the problem. >> nominee i put my hands back on. so people who are trying to get busy and take notes, they will not be able to use the system unless they keep both hands the wheel. >> there's a program that disables your phone, e-mail and text when your car is in motion. vendors say voice recognition programs are also a popular and safe option. time for another living smart report and jessica doyle
6:36 am
has two words for us -- free beer. >> if you are over 21 and you like free beer, c'mon, who doesn't -- >> especially at 6:36 in the morning. >> mark this date on your calendar. we're talking about september 29th. that's the date for the upcoming event. budweiser national happy hour. anheuser-busch plans to hand out free samples. will be available in trendy bars around the country. you're going to see more ad for bud and they plan to partner in facebook so folks age 21 and up can get a free beer on their birthdays. blockbuster could be creeping closer to bankruptcy. they could file for chapter 11. it's struggling with more than $900 million in debt. blockbuster has been losing business to the likes ever net flix and red box. the mw is going to install
6:37 am
optional brackets the seats of the crossover. it will let passengers read or watch movies or just about anything else on i ipad. it can be viewed horizontally in movie mode or vertically. this will save people a couple of hundred bucks or thousands bucks depending on that entertainment system. well housing help is on the way in gorge county. it's the tenth annual housing fair and financial fitness day. circle it on the calendar, saturday, october 15th. it will be at summit hall farm on route 355 north of deer park road. this is the gaithersburg page of where you live section on find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story or news tip we want to hear you from so contact us and be part of the
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team. it's 6:36. in seven minutes learn how you can help feed dozens of people today all with the same money you would use to justify yourself some lunch. it's our focus on virginia's weather and tra f. here's howard. >> good morning, virginia, you are looking much warmer this morning. 10 to 18 degrees warmer, depending on where you are and skies are still generally clear. nice morning out there as temperatures are starting. mainly in the 60s. couple of spots have dropped into the upper 50s but a good- looking morning. temperatures around 70 degrees at 9:00. look at winchester 87. 84 in fredericksburg and we'll finish the day with a couple of storms especially up north. high temperatures upper 80s to low 90s. angie? >> virginia it's all about you now. we're look live at route 7. can't really complain out here but you also can't use that ramp to access southbound 123
6:39 am
now it's closed due to construction. follow the detour. next we take columbia pike. everything is a go through arlington. nice and leer. no incidents, no accidents and finally come fly with me. we're over the dulles toll road. you're going to be just fine. we're building volume trying to get to the toll plaza. it's 6:39 you're watching 9news now. hope you're off to a great start. we'll be right back.
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welcome back to 9news. 6:43 we're taking you to the top of the charts. the top downalouds at i-tunes. rihanna's song is top in the u.s. while shakira's waka waka is number one in france and portugal.
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instead of buying $10 lunch for yourself today, how about using that money to buy food for 30 people. that's the goal behind today's skip lunch feed a lunch project with the food bank. to tell us more we're joined by shamia million away from the food bank. >> good morning. thank you for having us. >> $10 to feed 30 people. that's really stretching your dollar. how can you do it? >> skip lunch. a one-day campaign -- the capital area food bank so we can help nourish the families, singer and children need, which is $10. we can provide 30 meals to those in need. >> with more money $25, $75, $5. just a little bit 10 people can be fed. >> actually with $5, 15 can be fed. so with just $5 we could provide 15 meals so we're
6:45 am
encouraging the community to bring your lunch or buy your lunch but also donate $5, $20. just to help your neighbors in need and help the capital area food bank provide healthy, nutritious food to our community. >> shamya we theory more people are falling into the category of poverty. tell us about the state of hunger in the metropolitan area. >> the capital area and our partner agencies have seen a 25% increase in the demand for food assistance with the economy, many people are out of work. we're seeing many first-time visitors and actually one in two kids under 18 in d.c. is at risk of hunger. so those numbers speak to the need in our area. we encourage the community to support us on this day. they can also support us throughout the month of september or come out and volunteer or donate online at or host
6:46 am
the food or fun drive. either way we can always use the help. thank you for being with us and what you're hearing shamya say is it's not just at holiday time that they need help it's all year long. >> it's all year round. thank you for having me. >> you're welcome and it's an easy campaign. it'd called skip a lunch, feed a butch and we have more about that on our website, can you imagine $5 providing 15 meals. >> that's simple. we can spare $5. weather-wise let's start with something good. it's going to get hot. we talked about that. for allergy sufficienters good news. we look at the in the low category. even the weed pollen. this is ragweed season. we're not going to get a break from the temperatures. your bus stop forecast it's much warmer today. yesterday it was in the 40s. generally in the 60s out there. range 58 to 73. sunrise coming up in about ten
6:47 am
minutes. not quite 6:56. today 81 by noon. 89 for the drive home. couple of spots will see a much-needed thunderstorm. some airs will see highs in the low 90s. partly cloudy, mild, stray shower 62 to 72. 7:05 on the sunset. sunny and hot with a chance for an afternoon thunderstorm. 88 to 93. average right now run in the upper 70s. we're talk a good 10 to 15 above average. 68 now in washington. lou an in annapolis. dew points are coming up with the humidity at 70%. your wind, that's south at 9 miles an hour and our barometer holding pretty good at 30.09. big cold front sweeping through the midwest here with showers and storms, some severe weather in chicago last night. this morning some storms near hamilton and buffalo and up to st. lawrence seaway and back through detroit and headed back
6:48 am
towards missouri. for us high pressure is in control. surface and upstairs could weaken just enough today that we're hoping some of these showers and storms off to our north and west actually can make it towards us. you see a few of them in kentucky this morning but the bulk of it north and west of us tracking off to the east, not the southeast. however, in the afternoon, see these clouds and a couple of showers? let's hope we get a little rain in one or two spots. because that will be our best bet for today and tomorrow afternoon we'll see a couple bubble up as well but rain chances really won't be going up until probably sometime late in the weekend next week. our seven-day forecast hot through friday was a chance for the afternoon storms today and tomorrow. fall officially begins at 11:09 tonight. deceit decent on saturday and sunday a chance for a shower. >> good morning, everybody. 12 minutes away from the 7:00 hour and right now just your main delays out there, 66. little slow approaching the beltway. notice that the inner loop also
6:49 am
slow past the braddic road area up towards 66. let's move it outside. show you the live conditions from sky 9. ship situation on 70 headed westbound. tight reelection is right past route 94. you can see the overturned tractor-trailer. response lining up the center line there blocking traffic. only letting it queas by to the left. as a result of this we're looking at a quarter of a mile of obama starting around the watersville overpass and you might want to avoid it and there's one way you can. you can use 144 as your alternate if you're headed out right now. moving over two 270 headed southbound. no incidents or accidents, just a whole lot of volume and congestion building now between farther hurley down towards the split. plus five minutes or so. that's what we're tracking to get to braddic road to galos. we're finding drivers here tacking on another extra ten minutes making their way from the beltway to seminariy and using the or approaching the
6:50 am
pentagon towards the 14th bridge. andrea, over to you. the search continues this morning for the second suspect involved in a violent robbery in manassas, virginia. a a15-year-old boy is in custody. that suspect and another teen stabbed and robbed a 59-year- old man behind the canterbury village shopping center. the man was hired to take pictures for a property access. of the drivers who saw the attack honked the horns and scared off the boys. the victims name has not been released but should recover. overnight tonight from midnight until 4:00 a.m. expect delays southbound 270. it will be closed at exit 10 so crews can install sign for the new intercounty connector. our time is 6:51. 68degrees here in northwest washington. a senate candidate in maryland dies a day after she was hit by
6:51 am
a car. this story is just three minutes away. this morning's campus correspondent play of the day. it's eight yards to the fade. a touchdown, unfortunately it was the only score of the game for the mcnamara mustangs as they fall to st. albans. high schoolers if you would like to become a campus correspondent, it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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coming up on 6:55 this wednesday morning. a woman maryland green party is
6:55 am
mourning the loss of natasha pettigrew. the senate candidate died after being hit b a car while riding her bike. so far no charges have been filed. a woman is safe after being rescued from a burning apartment on brook view ridge. firefighters used a ladder truck to get to the woman. and oscar women meryl streep made a stop in washington. she stopped to support the national women's history museum. howard? >> it is warmer this morning. we'll be in the low 70s by 9:00. low 80s by noon and upper 80s to low 90s for highs with an outside chance look at the storm. a last look at your seven-day forecast when we return. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. (announcer) new icy hot spray. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot spray. don't mess around with pain. here's the situation on 70
6:59 am
westbound at route 94 still have a tractor-trailer overturned. drivers stacked back to watersville overpass. looks like they're only squeezing by to the left. a report of an accident. this is new georgia avenue at van buren street at northwest and 95 heading northbound in virginia top and go from the prince william parkway. word of accident going southbound at 123. howard? >> get ready for summertime heat even though fall begins tonight. 90 today, 92 on friday and cooler weather as we head towards the second half the weekend weekend. >> as for wall street we are looking lower this morning. >> "the early show" is next. captain kirk be william shootner talking about a new cbs sit com. obama's troubles


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