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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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summer like temperatures in your forecast. and stink bugs . sudden there is hundreds of thousands of them invading our homes. and we are learning more about the young mother who died while saving three of her children's lives by tossing them out of a window of their burning home. >> trajcally two and her other children died in that same fire. and as brittany morehouse reports, her heroic acts played out. >> i'm devastated by this. >> reporter: caution tape can't prevent neighbors at what is left of this townhouse where earlier a mother saved three of her children in a fire. >> there is a fire so i run over -- >> i couldn't do anything. it was too late. >> reporter: too late for neighbors to get inside to help. witnesses watched in horror as she told her 6-year-old and 8-year-old to jump out the window before she threw her
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two-month-old into the arms of a friend. >> we couldn't do anything. we couldn't get in. >> reporter: now friends shed tears for armstrong who died with her two sons, one three years old and one five year old. they're worried about the surviving children. >> they were devastated. i'm pretty sure they don't dmoex actually what happened yet. >> reporter: hours after the scene clears and firefighters leave, the sun begins to fall and people crowd around. >> mother's instinct always save your children. no matter what, it's all about the children. >> reporter: elaine parker says she used to work with armstrong who other friends say lately was struggling financially. >> somewhere june and may she was out of electricity and stuff. and she was trying to get money together. >> reporter: they had a broken water line and apparently it was leaking into our kitchen. >> reporter: kevin roberts lives next door. his place is totally destroyed as he tries to salvage what he
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can in the dark, he counts his blessing that both he and his roommate were at when the fire started. >> i thought this was a movie. it didn't look real to me. i am in shock, disbelief and -- >> reporter: his voice trails off as he tries to find words to describe how he feels about his neighbors who did not survive. brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> and as of right now, we have no idea what caused that fire. the fairfax county firefighters are still investigating it. new at 11:00, mother nature caused some problems for one montgomery county family tonight. take a look at this. high winds blew this tree down on a home in wheaton. you can see the branch is dangling over the deck. the power has been flickering on and off all night long. >> but things have calmed down a bit as of now. so for a quick look at what is going on, let's go to topper shutt. >> we're not talking about any watches or any warnings. we will start with live doppler 9000. there are still some big storms
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on the delmarva. these are the same storms that prompted all of the warnings earlier tonight. they're headed south of dover. some more showers back to the west in the mountains, but these are going to diminish as they move east. lets me show you titan, because we had some hail damage around leesburg. we showed you pictures earlier. there is video on our website. if you go to our website, go to the forecast page, video of the hail in leesburg and wind damage in wheaton and wind damage also in anne arundel county. almost like summertime tomorrow. it's our first day of fall but it's going to feel like summer. 66-76 for temps. we will come back and talk about the ee kwi knox and have a -- ee kwi knox. the judge ruled that the case in 2001 comments to court officials would be too inflammatory. he said sometimes he cannot control himself when he sees
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someone in a secluded area with something of value. he has pled not guilty in levy's death. tonight a virginia woman has less than 24 hours to live. teresa lewis is expected to be put to death tomorrow after two failed attempts to get granted last minute clemency. >> the governor i spoke to him one-on-one. i'm sorry. i really am to allow this to happen to two people i loved very much. and i just wish i could take it back. >> the 41-year-old woman immediatelied guilty in three -- pleaded guilty in 2003 to providing sex and money in exchange for the murder of her husband and stepson. he handed lewis a death sentence saying she was clearly the head. lewis will become the first woman in nearly 100 years to be put together by the commonwealth of virginia. tonight family and friends are remembering a local navy
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sailor killed in afghanistan. brendan looney lived in silver spring and graduated in 1999. he was known as a standout athlete on the football and baseball teams and his former coaches say he lived up to the school's motto, a gentleman and a scholar. >> more so than a real hero. just a real, real great human being. everything that you would want your son to be. that's what he encompassed. that's what he is. and that's who we new here at the napa high school. >> in 2004, he became an officer and later a navy seal. he was among the nine killed in a helicopter crash in southern afghanistan just this week. tonight prosecutors are using dann evidence to nail down a cop killing case in maryland. >> cyril williams is facing murder charges. they found blood on the gun he used to will williams back in june as he moonlighted as a
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security guard at applebees. and dna evidence can be used to bring a death penalty in the state. >> we haven't released the results of that. that will help to determine what we can do on that front. >> another man, anthony milton, also faces murder charges in the case. he's an accomplice. a detective testified that milton confessed telling police he and williams went to the applebees and that williams waited near a tree and shot at brown as he left the restaurant. both men are being held without bond. and we just checked back with the cops and so far no arrests in the murder of a woman who used to live in greenbelt. somebody shot and killed 49-year-old jacqueline bass when she came back to her old apartment to move more of her things. neighbors say bass was very excited to be moving out of that apartment and into her first home. and on the far less serious side of crime tonight, howard county police are on the hunt for a man they're calling the preppy burglar. they show the suspect standing outside the door.
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he has on a white shirt and tie. peaks inside the home. police say after that, he snuck around the back, broke in and left with some small electronics and other prompt. howard county police are now offering a $500 reward to find the preppy burglar. 500 bucks, like i said, not exactly america's most wanted. this looked like a scene from a horror movie. a sea of stink bugs marching across a frederick county home. but this annoying insects aren't just infecting maryland. they're all over. here is james hash just back from hazardous duty. >> i've had it. we've all had it. everyone here has had it. it's a total nightmare. >> reporter: this is the nightmare. >> stink bugs. oh. >> reporter: the farmhouse is literally crawg with the invasive pests, on the walls, in the windows, inside their cars,
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everywhere. >> they fly in your mouth. they fly in your eyes. >> all of urbana is covered in the stink bugs. >> reporter: it's not just urbana. it's infested the entire region from arlington to annapolis, bethesda to baltimore, the bugs native to asia were first noticed a few years ago and have been spreading since. >> they stink. >> reporter: that sink comes from foul secretion they produce as a means of self-defense. and if merely spelling bad isn't enough. >> they do bite and we have been bitten and they stink horrible and they're coming in the house. >> reporter: there are a few residents of the farm that don't seem to mind the bugs. >> our chickens. chickens love them. >> reporter: but with thousands of bugs. >> it's more than they can handle because we have only got ten chickens. >> reporter: the swarms of stink bugs will fade away with colder weather. but they'll be back next summer. and if you're nom familiar with them yet -- not familiar with them yet, you will be. >> that's it. i'm done. i've had it. i'm ready to go somewhere. >> reporter: in urbana, james
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hash, 9news now. >> that looks bad. that looks even worse. we've been getting e-mails from viewers all night complaining about the stinkers. but how do you get rid of them? we did a little digging. anita, do not let him out. [ laughing ] >> good lord, we need to get some insecticide. >> that's right. >> hall star pro works good if used on a regular basis. it's good to seal your house, filling in the cracks, siding and utility pipes. >> and, remember, folks, if you get them all worked up like anita here moving the thing, they will start to stink. [ laughing ] >> and if you are brave enough to pick them up, watch out, some say, like that lady we just saw, she says they bite. i'm believing the lady. >> i'm thinking so. especially after the last shot. >> she was done. still ahead tonight, student loans, they're meant to secure your financial future. >> but there is a hidden gotcha
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that could drain your pocket book forever. find out how to protect yourself and what to ask up next. and happy autumn. fall officially arrives about a minute ago with the equinox. this is the equator. the sun is directly overhead. equal day and equal night in both hemispheres. you feel like you're in fifth grade again. we tilt away a little bit we're going to go into winter and our friends down south will go into summer. we'll go into forecast after this. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere.
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six months after it became law, president obama is highlighting the changes brought about by his signature health care reform bill. >> it was a back yard meeting in falls church where the president got out there and talked to the folks who have benefitted from the program. now, they included a hemophiliac worried about lifetime coverage limits that can no longer be eliminated under the new law and a teacher with cancer whose school does not offer health care. >> when we heard about the high risk pool and that it was in effect in july 1st, we got right on to it. we called people. we got all of the criteria in order so that we were actually insured on july 1st. >> all right. well, thank you. >> a new associated press poll shows that just 30% of americans
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favor the government program which extends health coverage to 32 million uninsured americans. on capitol hill today, the owners of two iowa egg farms linked to a salmonella outbreak appeared before a congressional hearing talking about the unsanitary conditions at the farms. >> prayed several times each day for all of these people for improved health. >> that is the owner of the right county egg farm who offered his apologies to the people made sick by his tainted eggs. now, the owner of the other arm linked to the outbreak sited his fifth amend the right against self-incrimination and declined to answer questions. both egg farms recalled millions of cartons of eggs. as many as 1600 people became sick due to tainted eggs. some critically. well, how many of you out there have either co-signed your child's student loans or are thinking about being a cosigner? you need to listen up and consider what might happen if a
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twist of fate denies them to paying back the loan. >> christopher looked up to me. what he didn't realize is i looked up to him in a lot of ways as well. >> reporter: what christophers didn't realize when he took out more than $45,000 in private student loans was that he would never live to complete that education. at 23, he fell from a tree, smacking his head on the way down. >> he sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, which left him unable to see, speak or move. >> reporter: christopher lived in this vegete state for two years. shortly after he died, the bank came knocking. they wanted repayment of the student loan which christopher's father had co-signed. >> what did your parents say? >> what could you say. >> reporter: the government for gives federal student loan if a student is disabled or dies. private institutions don't have to. they can even demand co-signers immediately payoff the loan in
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full. and renegotiating terms can also be restricted. >> my parents are now spending over $500 a month. and will be through 2020 paying off christopher's debt. >> reporter: by the time the repayment plan ends, christopher's dad who came out of retirement to make good on this loan will end up paying $85,000. but all of this could have been prevented. there are private loans out there with forgiveness policies. you should take advantage of grants and expanded federal options. and most importantly get credit insurance which repays the loan in the case of death or disability. >> who thinks about the unthinkable? who really thinks something that bad is going it happen to their family? you might not want to think about it. we didn't either. until it happened to us. then it was too late. >> and ryan tells me nobody from the bank ever told his dad about the insurance for a student loan which can end up costing less than 1% of the loan amount. tomorrow morning at 6:12, how
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the bryski case sparked new legislation up on capitol hill before they find themselves in a similar situation. >> heart wrenching. absolutely. now, what about power of attorney? did christopher's parents have that? would that have helped? >> it would have helped a lot. and, in fact, they did not have it. and you need to think about that if you're going to co-sign for a loan. because, remember, if you don't have power of attorney, you can't access your kid's bank accounts. you can't necessarily deal with the kid's finances and it's very hard to renegotiate the loan payment. if you do get into a situation like christopher's family, just called lender. ask to speag to the om buds man. that person may be able to cult through some of the red tape and get you some help. >> good advice. don't want to think about it. >> you don't want to think about it, but you better. >> yes. a san josi, california police officer is being investigated after he allegedly conducted a fake arrest of a teenage boy who had sex with that officer's teenage daughter. the daughter is 14, the boy friend 15.
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the officer was in full uniform when erode his motorcycle to the home and arrested him. >> if he was upset and talked to him, that's one thing. but the minute you put handcuffs and arrest somebody, that is false imprisonment. >> under california law, sex between under age teenagers is a misdemeanor but citations are rare. it involved a gorilla suit and atv and it must have seen like a great idea at the time. out to ohio where police got calls about some guy dressed in a gorilla suit riding an atv on a main road that had been blocked off by barriers that some person had illegally stolen from a construction site. well, the police showed up and now old gorilla monday soon there is facing six months in prison for reckless operation of a motor vehicle. you have to believe there is something more to this story. and, top, what do you think,
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befrlingz? >> okay. >> -- beverages. >> okay. six months seems a little harsh. >> that's maximum. we didn't say he's going to get this. >> did you see when he got off the atv it kept going. the officer had to stop it. >> that's some beverages. >> adult beverages. >> it will be fun. don't let it bother you. >> right. >> right. did you all leave this here for a reason? >> we did. >> the stink bugs are still there. >> i want to play with him later. >> is he warm enough? >> i raise the temps on friday. >> you did? >> the stink bugs will like it. >>. [ laughing ] >> the next three days, 90 tomorrow. isolated shower tomorrow. and then 93 on friday. we raise that temperature. just a slight chance of a shower. then cooler on saturday. temperatures go back into the low 80s with a slight chance of a shower. let's break down tomorrow. sunglasses the big thing you need. some 60s in the burbs by 7:00. by noon, 80 degrees already. and then by evening, 90. and, again, a slight chance, just a slight chance of a shower
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or thunderstorm. not as numerous as what we saw tonight. for overnight then, we're going to call it partly cloudy, mild. could see some patchy fog. mr. bernstein will be here at 4:25 with your bus stop forecast. low temperatures 64-72. it's like summer even though we are officially in autumn. winds northwesterly at ten. check out this picture, this is fantastic. what a great picture of lightning. the picture was taken up in damascus, and that is a classic, classic picture. remember, lightning, five times hotter than the surface of the sun. and you can have cloud to ground lightning, ground to cloud lightning and cloud to cloud lightning. doug, nice picture. thank you very much. tomorrow morning quiet. 60s-70s with light winds. by afternoon partly cloudy and hot. a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm. high temperatures around 90 and winds out of the south at about ten. winds will #3ik up on friday, but -- pick up on friday, but not so much tomorrow.
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here is your zone forecast, all six zones still available on our website at 80 in oakland. pretty toasty for them. 86 in cumberland. 90 in hagerstown. 93 in culpeper. it will be about 90 downtown. 90 at andrews. 89 over by the water and no advisories for the tidal potomac or the bay. next seven days, 90 tomorrow. 93 on friday. cooler over the weekend. saturday probably more sun than sunday. a slight chance of a sprik many. but i -- sprinkle. but i don't see any problem with high school football on friday. i don't see any problem with little league games on saturday. warmer next week. we go back into the 80s with a shower or thunderstorm. happy fall, everyone. >> mother nature is not ready for it, obviously. >> no. brett is excited about the stink bug. >> i can't tell if that's the stink bug -- >> you did not throw that. >> i did not do that. did i? >> topper shutt. >> that is a living, breathing thing that you just -- >> it has no enemies. >> when the escpa calls, let them be for you.
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oh, my gosh. >> i cannot believe you're throwing stink bugs. >> thinking of stink bugs, have you seen the redskins pass lately? but seriously folks, the rams this weekend. it could be even stinkier. plus what caused this little alabama fan to melt down at the mall? hum. words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> you know, a lot of redskins fans are probably thinking, gees, the rams were 1 and 15 last year. this ought to be an easy win on sunday. perhaps. but don't you think rams fans are thinking, gees, the redskins were 4-12 last year and they blew a huge lead against houston last sundays. we can beat those guys. they probably are thinking that. and the truth is with the addition of quarterback sam radford, the rams are not hardly the laughing stock they were a year ago. plus the game is in st. louis. first road test for the redskins
11:25 pm
this year. >> we know they have some talent on this side of the ball, so we're going to be on the road. we know they're going to be away from fedex field. but we still have to have the same intensity. >> they turn the speakers on and have the music playing. just make sure you understand what you're seeing and be able to recognize it and execute. >> meanwhile, starting left tackle trent williams did not practice today. he tweaked his knee against the texans. he is the blindside security guard. korean moore did return to practice today. he could start sunday. baseball now in the past 18 months, danny espinoza has played for the vermont lake monsters, the harrisburg senators and the syracuse chiefs. three weeks ago they took a flyer on the kid and promoted him to the major leagues. good flyer. nats and a astros tonight. that is him on third having tripled. and that is desmond bringing him in. 1-0 nats in the third.
11:26 pm
next inning michael moors making us for get about josh willingham. his 12th. the nats still trailed 3-2 in the 7th. until youngest pi know za strikes again -- young espinoza strikes again. they take their second straight 4-3. o's trying to pull off a sweep against the red sox but big pop pea has other ideas. kevin millwood hangs on the ball. sox undo the o's 6-1. it has been 140 days since the capitals last played a hockey game and they spent every one of those games trying to forget it. it was game seven. they lost that game. tonight the ex orcism began. hat trick for the former colorado avalanche made it 2-0 caps. then three minutes later one of
11:27 pm
the first two goals in the game, caps start the season with a 6-2 win. finally tonight if you're from the state of alabama, you are either an alabama fan or an auburn fan and those ties run deep. this is a family of alabama man. when a little boy starts misbehaving, they offer to take him into the store. this is how the young man reacts. >> no. no. no. no. >> come on. >> get that off. >> no. [ laughing ]. >> i'm telling you, it's like the hat fields and the ma koiz down there macoys down in alabama. >> we'll be right back.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools.
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it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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the hat fields and the macoys down in alabama. >> we'll be right back. that is 9nize for tonight. thanks for -- 9news for tonight. thanks for sticking around. >> letterman is next. we're going to find the stink bug flying around. [ laughing ].
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