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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  September 25, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ >> yee-haw! craig: we've got to go, everybody. good night. good night. geoff: oh, look. i've got a jazz hand. oh, god, i kill ple. and you hold the boat. this will all be a dream tomorrow. >> oh. oh. ooh. ooh. ooh. ooh. ooh. geoff: i'm sorry. i'm sorry. help me with your name again.
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let's be honest, if you had to choose between me and craig, whom do you rather? >> it's a tough decision. geoff: now there's no wrong answer here. >> geoff, you son of a gun. jif fist pump. >> geoff, you son of a gun. jif fist pump. give me words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense.
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i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. how could the driver go with a bike lodged under her suv and why aren't charges filed? >> reporter: the vigil that seemed so different than other ones i've covered before because of those unanswered questions. we're standing outside prince george's community college where people fared here with
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the questions asking them over and over. we'll keep hearing them until we get some answers. >> "i thought i hit a deer" -- >> reporter: as cars fly by a frigid person of natasha pedigree outside the place where she was killed, friends and family dpaer for a vigil with all kinds of doubts. >> people do have opinions about it, yeah, and i heard many opinions. >> reporter: opinions about the driver's story. she told police she thought she struck an animal while driving home sunday morning. because it was dark, she didn't want to stop. she told police she continued to her home where she found a bicycle lodged underneath her cadillac'scalade. >> i think the biggest question at this point is if the driver knew she hit someone or if she hit a door. >> there are rules on the books that you are supposed to i do.
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>> i hit one and stopped. >> reporter: many also question investigators, who so far have not filed charges. >> try to put a bike under their car and see if if they can get out of their driveway and parking lot withouting this alarmed at the noise. >> reporter: 9 news tried to reach out to the driver, visiting her home tonight. we received no answer. >> once we know what happened, then we'll be able to look more closely at questions like, is the criminal law in maryland adequate? >> let me explain what he is talking about. in maryland, you can either be charged with manslaughter or a traffic violation in cases like this. there are no mid level charges. some states have negligent homicide if someone leaves the scene of a crime that could be a mid level charge that prosecutors can pursue. we reached out to police to get more answers for the people here, but unfortunately all we've been told over and over
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is it does not appear that alcohol was a factor in the crash. reporting live, brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> thank you, brittany. >> now to virginia where families are trying to salvage their belongings after a fire tore through homes in me nasa. >> firefighters say it will be days before they can figure out what caused the fire that destroyed three homes. the next question, why did the flames spread so quickly? >> we're looking at about, i think, 10 to 16 feet maybe between these houses. >> certainly if you were on lots larger than a quarter acre and the houses staggered, you wouldn't see the spread you see here? >> reporter: the fire official says the homes were built to code, but home's exterior walls made of vine anymore siding over particle board. the fire marshal also says, if
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the homes had been required to have sprinklers, that would have held flames down. bob mcdonnell says there will be no confederate history month next year. he was widely criticized when he declared last april confederate history month. he left out anti-slavery language in his proclamation. he later apologized. he declared civil war in virginia month. the military's policy of don't ask don't tell takes a direct hit from a federal judge. this is all about the case of a former major marking wet with it, a decorated air force flight nurse. the pentagon discharged her under the don't ask don't tell policy, but went to court to get her job back. now a judge in washington state has ruled that the pentagon violated her constitutional rights and that she would be reinstated as soon as possible. president obama with strong words for the president of iran. at the united nations
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yesterday, mahmoud am join dad claimed most believed the united states was mind the terror attack of 9/11. here's what mr. obama had to say about that today. >> it was offensive. it was hateful. particularly for him to make the statement here in plant, just a little north of ground zero, where families lost their loved ones. >> reporter: in making the comments, president obama drew a clear distinction between the president of iran and the people of iran, who he called respectful on the issue of 9/11. was it respectful of congress to invite a comedian to testify today? >> there's disagreement about the appearance of steven colbert at the house judiciary committee this morning. here's a respectful gary newen berg. >> it was an issue before he showed up as he pointed out with clips on his comedy
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central show. >> the idea we're going to waste taxpayer dollars for this guy to go on capitol hill and sit there and take it? >> no, you're supposed to sit there and blow it out of proportion. >> reporter: he was testifying about farm workers after spending a day in the field. >> does one day in the filed make you an expert witness? >> reporter: to improve working conditions he expressed raising fruits and vegetables at waist level so they don't have to bend over. >> maybe the easier answer is to have vegetables that pick themselves. >> reporter: not everyone laughed. >> reporter: maybe we should spend more time watching comedy central. >> i thought it was an inappropriate way of conveying the message, and it perhaps diminished the value of congress. >> reporter: colbert said he would not show disrespect. >> it would sully the good name of experts that republican controlled congresses have actually called to testify in the past, like christy bringly
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and elmo. >> reporter: there is disagreement about whether it detracted from the issue. >> what steven colbert does is he helps bring visibility to our cause and issue. he helps people to understand in a different way. >> reporter: colbert is optimistic. >> i trust that following my testimony, both sides will work together on this issue in the best interest of the american people, as you always do. >> well, you're entitled to your own thoughts about whether that will happen. derek mcginty has some thoughts on what happened on the hill. >> well, the backiest thing about colbert's testimony today is that he gave in character. in other words he swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but truth to kong while pretending to be someone else. . it is hard to take that seriously, except lot of americans seem to. they argue that colbert and his comedy central counterpart jon
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stewart can only make a living poking fun at politicians and us in the media, because to them, we often miss the point, and that is arguments make for great tv. but let's be real. when it comes to solving any problems, not so much. colbert admitted he's jaws median, but would be a heck of a lot less funny if we didn't hand them great material. some accidents you don't expect anyone to survive. this is one of them. during an air show in indonesia, a small plane burst into a fireball. somehow, the pilot got out and survived. he is in the hospital with serious injuries. the spectators who witnessed the crash included hundreds of young school children, including kids in kindergarten. surveillance video showed masked men entering a lick core store only to make a quick exit when a clerk fired a shot into the ceiling. minutes later, the same robbers tried to go into a different
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liquor store and hold it up. that clerk also armed, and ended up shooting them both. the two men in the hospital, but are expected to be okay. tomorrow is an important day for parents nationwide. this is an opportunity for all of us to clean out our medicine cabinets and turn in unused or retired prescription drugs, no questions asked at three sites throughout our community. >> the drug enforcement agency will then incinerate the drugs. as andrea mckaren reports, that simple act could save a life. >> i was out here when i heard screams upstairs, ran upstairs to find out what was going on. >> reporter: phil bauer fold his wife's screams to their son's bedroom. mark wasn't moving. >> he looked like he is asleep. he just wasn't responding. >> reporter: mark had no pulse, and he wasn't breathing. >> i can't tell anyone what it's like to try to revive your
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lifeless child. >> reporter: paramedics raced mark to iraq hospital. it was too late. >> someone came in and told us mark had died. you know, life for us ended that day. >> reporter: what came next was another shock for the bower, the toxicology report, revealing how mark died and what was in his system. >> i asked, were there any illegal drugs or alcohol in his system. when he said no, i felt a sense of relief. >> in mark's room, his parents found a clear plastic bag with pills. according to the toxicology report, he ingested oxycodone, morphine, acetaminophen and methamphetamine. >> they were prescription drugs, but they were not his. for did they belong to anyone in the family. >> every day on the average, 2,500 kids use and abuse prescription drugs for the
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first time to get high. that's a devastating statistic. >> reporter: sadly his case is not unique. >> this is more than all of the individuals abusing cocaine, heroine, what louis jens and inhalants kind combined. >> the drug dealers look different. they could be us sometimes. >> reporter: on the last day of life, he lifted weights, went to his part-time job and shared enthusiasm for the student staff basketball game in which he played. phil can't get his son back, but he can prevent other parents from the pain, the arrange and the loneliness he has endured. >> it's not okay to lose a child. >> andrea mckaren, 9 news now, york pennsylvania. >> the dea nationwide effort to take back unused and unwanted prescription drugs takes place tomorrow 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. so if you want to find out about the sites available in our area, go to our web site at
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we're parred in the dc region. not enough rain. but folks in the midwest up to their waste in floodwater. heavy rain caused flooding across part of minnesota and wisconsin. bridges, as you can see, are out. homes and businesses have been ruined, and many more families are under evacuation orders to head for higher ground while they still can. >> a lot of people are amazed by the volume of water they see not justice today, but throughout 2010. >> when it gets to a certain point, then you start worrying. this is bad. >> more rain is expected in the forecast tomorrow. >> the national guard is helping people in some of the hardest hit areas cope. temperatures still just in the low 80s believe it or not. we'll come back and talk about the record highs we set. take you to record weather. temperatures in the mid 60s to 70s saturday. a slight chance of a sprinkle, partly sunny and mild. come back and talk about the chances for showers during the terps game and some wholesale changes to sunday. stay tuned.
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95 tied the mark in baltimore and 97 at dulls, all set back in 1970. our next three days combining a couple of seasons. still like summer tomorrow, temperatures upper 80s, which is warm, but 10 degrees cooler than today. we got a drop, a slight chance for a shower. i've lowered the temperatures down to 70. some of the buts in the 60s.
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if that were the case some of the suburbs cooler than they were today. a pretty big temperature change. also some light rain and drizzle toward evening. so get your activity done in the morning on sunday. monday, a good day for showers, some rain and thunderstorms. temperatures go back in the upper 70s, but it is good. a good soaking rain. we need that. breakdown tomorrow, sun glasses, low 80s by lunchtime, and by evening upper 80s a slight chance of a sprinkle with a cold front. but once, again, it is moisture starved. we can't get a good front in here. overnight partly cloudy, breezy and mild. we have the full harvest moon tomorrow and it's nationally observed moon day. so check it out. i think it's followed by nationally observed about day on sunday. winds 10 to 15. by morning partly cloudy, breezy and warm. a shower possible. don't change your plans. 60s and 70s, winds southwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, still warm, showers still possible.
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highs 84 to 88 and the winds turn northwesterly at 10 to 15, when the cold front goes through. when that happens, our chances for showers pretty much gone for saturday. 87 downtown, 88 andrews, 86 toward sterling, 87 in reston and me nassen. surveillance picture, radar combined. look carefully. that skinny line of showers right there, that's the cold front. now, here's the deal. the cold front as it rolls through not going to have much moisture with it. but then what's going to happen, it's going to stall to the south of us on sunday. we may get significant shower and rain activities as we see another disturbance pull up from the south and the west. that's a good thing. next 7 days, 87 tomorrow, a shower, much cooler on sunday, only 70. a light shower or drizzle by evening sunday, a good chance for rainshowers on sunday. so a wet commute monday morning it looks like, and then good shape through tuesday
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afternoon. wednesday and thursday, spectacular, temperatures around 80, and then mid 70s on friday. >> the folks in the control room would like me to help you a little bit. >> it's breezy out there. >> that's the problem, the breeze. >> that's what it is. >> i love what she does. >> [ laughter ] >> okay. >> i'll mess it up a little more. >> okay. all fixed. parents and moms who want to be big on baby items this weekend, the just between friends consignment extravaganza kicks off. the guys are so excited about this. for more information or other story where is you live go to find your community in the where you live sex, and keep up what's happening in your neighborhood. keep up with the news team on the redskins -- are they still dealing with portis the or theties.
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>> they've still got it. i know people like you want to see. that the focus for him this week strictly football and why the redskins can't seem to get a consistent threat going in the run game. and it's week four, high school rock, seneca valley. those boots were made for
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17 carries, 18 yards. the running attack wasn't attacking anybody. only so-so against the cowboys in week one. you have to figure the red skins are going to try to get that right this week against the rams, who gave up nearly 200 yards to oakland this sunday. clinton portis said he's not concerned about the lack of production, because the redskins haven't given the run
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game much of a run. >> i don't think anybody in this organization is walking around like, "oh, man, our running game is struggling." we know. we haven't attempted to run the ball. i think i had 13 carries, 0 of them on the goal line, 1 of them on short yardage. 9 car residents over 4 quarters that's 2.2 carries a quarter. >> we shall see. basketball, braves and gnats. willie harris, backyard rankin to dead center, and nate mccloud. that's not good. misplays it off the wall. willie, run in, run in. an inside the park home run, the second in franchise history. adam dunn hit two long balls tonight. coming up next we have some great high school football, east versus west in the district. can anybody -- and i mean anybody, slow down dlon day edwards? done bar says, "yes, we can," in another broad beat
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welcome to week four. when it comes to balling in the city, doesn't get much better than dunbar. . the knights and crimson tied have been consistent members of the elite. they squared off tonight in our. dunbar, crimson tied going to strike first. my man math use up top and hot to matthew stevens for the touchdown. baloo would have none of that.
2:03 am
that won't kill me can only make me stronger. he did it all. into bah into hits the w 18-7. >> two teams battling, two evenly matched teams. >> we'll stay in the district here, will kintz, first quarter, jonathan spinks. with a name like spinks you better be punching. he punches it in off the right side. wilson takes the lead. later in the first half, lightbulbpy, banks, rose. three names, one frame of mind. a touchdown, wilson wins it big, 44-12. all right.
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check out all of the stuff, but don't forget, you can always go to dchigh here are the scores from tonight. check this out. a good one 19-14. chantilly, 45-19 over woodson. go there and get updated all night long. damascus taking on seneca valley. >> eddie cunningham, don't you dare try to go for it on 4th and 1. huh-uh. that ain't going to happen. the screaming eagles driving, max nicholson to michael doug for a hookup. that set up this field goal for seneca. damascus gets the win 22-16. all right. who's next? that's what they say at broad run. the two-time defending state champs look like they have every intention of repeating their first 4 games by an average of 40 points.


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