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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news of a campus shooting at the university of texas in austin. it happened inside of the campus library. police say the gunman opened fire and then shot himself. that gunman is dead, and no one else has been reported hurt. but investigators are also looking for a second suspect and they are trying to figure out what spark the shooting. and it's feared that hundreds could be dead after a massive mudslide in central mexico. more than 100 homes are buried under tons of dirt. rescue efforts are underway to get to hundreds of people
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possibly buried alive in their homes. the region has been plagued with several days of rain and that's making it harder for crews to get to their victims. we have had our share of rain but nothing like mexico and more is on the way and that could mean flooding in some areas. howard bernstein is in the weather center with the first forecast. >> reporter: we had some rain around, but this is, i think nothing compared to what is coming as we head in to thursday time frame. we will show you live doppler 9000 hd because we are saying good-bye to the shower from this morning. it produced tornado warnings on the eastern shore. no confirmation of anything i'm aware of but we are watching the rain across the delmarva. go to the weather computer and show you what is happening with the showers and storms. tropical air is in place and now the storms are pulling away you can see we even have clearing out there. we are calling for partly sunny conditions. temperatures are responding also. they are in the upper 70s.
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we will see 80s this afternoon but the concern, though, goes to the tropics. look at what is happening down here. this is nicole. it is actually around here with the big thunderstorms to the east of the center. well, it will be nicole. it is really tropical depression number 16. the concern is that moisture will follow in a similar path to this storm. this storm is pulling away here, but we have got the connection from the tropics all the way up the east coast and some of our computer models here. the 9 future cast looking a how much rain we could get, the next 48 hours or so and here's the rain in to thursday. i will break these numbers down for you. the blue, and this is through noon, a one to two inches. purple is two to three inches. out west to northern virginia u four to five and this is only through noon and it could be raining much of the day on thursday. so potential big problems on thursday. we will have the full seven-day forecast forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, howard. president obama's chief of
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staff rahm emanual could announce he is leaving the white house on friday. he has told colleagues he is all but certain to leave to run for mayor of chicago. the job was filled by long-time incumbent richard daly but he announced he will not run for a seventh term. white house senior adviser is expected to fill the role of chief of staff provided emanual steps down. in five weeks, voters will cast their ballots in the mid- term elections. many see it as a referendum on the president's performance. joel brown shows us what both sides are doing to win over voters. -- voters. president obama's schedule includes a handful of events in intimate settings like this one in virginia last week where he can take off his jacket and talk face to face, persuading undecided voters not to vote republican in november. the president needs that message to work. control of congress is at stake on election day and polls show
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voters believe it's the republicans who will create jobs and fix the economy. >> elections at this point in the game are as much about emotion as they are about policy choices. democrats feel better about the president, about the prospects for his agenda. then they will show up in the polls. >> reporter: the white house is also trying to recapture some of the magic from the 2008 campaign. kicking off a series of college campus rallies aimed at firing up young voters. they turned out in huge numbers two years ago, exit polls from election night show two-thirds of people, between the ages of 18 and 29 voted for obama but getting them back out to the polls won't be easy. most young voters typically don't show up for mid-term elections. that's not the only challenge the white house is facing. some democrats are distancing themselves from the president. among them, democratic senator russ fiengold.
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he is fighting hard for re- election but he won't be there tonight when the president takes the stage in his state. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. sky 9 was over the scene of a rescue in charles county, maryland this morning. crews just pulled the man from a 30 feet well. he fell in at 11:00 a.m. in waldorf. official says the man's injuries do not appear to be serious. a landmark in faulkier county burns down overnight. it happened in marshall, virginia and now livestock, worth thousands of dollars, are dead. kristin fisher has more from the scene. >> i don't know how much i liked it until it was burning. >> reporter: cattle manager says he's in shock. the barn he ran at the livestock exchange is gone. the fire broke out at 8:00 on monday night. massive flames could be seen from miles away. it took firefighters from five counties to get the fire under control. 24 hours later, the remains
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were still smoldering. >> really traumatic to see something like that, especially when you have animals inside of it. it is pretty hard to look at. >> reporter: when the fire started, this barn was packed full of cattle. so this is where firefighters had to literally saw through the fence to get all of the cattle out. >> it's a miracle. we don't know how many died. we have gotten over 200 heads. >> reporter: at least eight cattle were dilled in the fire and there could be more. no people were inside but when firefighter was injured. >> transported to faulkier hospital with minor injuries and treated and released and now they are just starting the investigation portion now that it is lighter so they could see things. >> reporter: as for easton he dunn know what will happen to the landmark. he says they will have to rebuild from this bottom up or it could be gone for good. in faulkier county, kristin fisher, 9 news now. an investigation is underway to find out why a vacant building in baltimore fell apart.
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it happened yesterday afternoon at druid hill avenue and lauren streets. no one was injured in the collapse. the johns hopkins doctor, shot by a patient's son in a deadly standoff is now home from the hospital. david cohen went home on monday. he was shoot on september 16th. paul became distraught after cohen told him his mother would like any never walk again. he shot hiss his mother before killing himself. a 1-year-old child is in you call condition after a car crash. prince georges county police say a car crashed in to a tree last night. the adults and two other children suffered minor injuries. they are trying to determine what caused the crash. the national shrine is welcoming the arrival of a saint. crews unloaded the relic of st. john bosco, also known as don bosco. the wax figure of the sane and the urn containing some of his remains is traveling an the world in honor of the
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bicentennial of his birth. bosco became known for looking out for young people during the start of the industrial revolution. it will be open to the public today with a special mass at 6:30 tonight. a justice department prosecutor, who was part of the team that won a conviction against senator ted stevens has killed himself. department officials say 37- year-old nicholas a marsh committed suicide on sunday. there is an investigation in to whether marsh and other prosecutors in the case acted improperly. stevens ' conviction was later overturned. senator stevens will be buried at arlington national cemetery in an hour. the alaska republican was a world war ii veteran who won the distinguished flying cross. stevens is one of five people killed last month in a plane crash in southwest alaska. four passengers from the dc area survived that crash. next, when the news continues, celebrations get out of hand during a bull fight leaving several people dead and
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the pandemonium is caught on tape. plus, why record-breaking heat out west has fire crews on stand by.
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a colombian tradition turns violent and it's all caught on tape. three people were kill when a bull fight got out of control. 37 others were hurt when the crowd fell from the bleachers in to the bull ring. it's believed widespread drunkenness caused the celebration to take such a terrible turn. considering there are no boundaries when it comes to the size outer space many believe we are not alone. one group says their proof is met with september schism.
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>> i believe, these gentlemen believe this planet is being visited by beings from another world. >> reporter: with a statement like that, who needs et? it is one that comes from scientist robert hastings today at the national press club. he says those other beings. >> have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race that began at the end of world war ii. >> reporter: his proof, they are shutting down missile sites and eight restiered officers say they have seen samples. >> my opinion, their opinion is that whoever are aboard these craft are sending a signal to both washington and moscow, among ohs, that we are playing with fire. >> one has to be very skeptical and the more extraordinary the claim the more you need a lot of evidence before you accept it. >> reporter: dr. stewart jordan is senior scientist at the nasa goddard center. his view on aliens, not buying
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it. a study on ufo sightings. >> they studied hundreds of them and found two or three cases where they could not think of a complete explanation but all of the others were due to known physical phenomena or reflective and optical processes, objects that when seen on an angle appeared to be a saucer. >> reporter: he says us just like political debates on the news, scientists can take an observation and perceive it how they may. >> we will all have biases. even when you are a trained scientist and spent your life being rational and go after the facts you find at times you have to draw back because your feelings are getting involved. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> dr. jordan says all examples should be considered seriously but he says the ultimate message of the event maybe more about nuclear arms rather than aliens. howard is up next with the forecast. >> pretty nice right now. we had beneficial rain yesterday and this morning.
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potentially threatening rains are heading this way. i will talk about that and thening ative tropics when 9 news now
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is. maryland's first casino is up and running. the crowd turned out despite the fact the casino's early opening was announced just 12 hours ahead of time. >> the minute we opened the doors the customers started to
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file in and a has been a steady build all day. it tells you people have been waiting for a casino in maryland a long time. 40% of the casinos business in delaware has come from maryland so they are anxious to spend money their own state. >> the casino is expected to generate 350 jobs and millions in tax revenue. the official opening is thursday. we have good news for the motorcyclists who recorded a traffic stop with a helmet cam. we have shown you this video before. anthony grabber recorded a trooper pulling him over at gun point on i-95 in maryland. after the video hit youtube police arrested grabber. now, a judge dismissed charges grabber taped the officer illegally. the judge said that he had ever right to record a cop doing his job out in public. californians are dealing with another day of record heat, but residents aren't just concerned about the heat.
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the unusually hot autumn is making wildfires more likely. >> downtown los angeles has never been this shot. the mercury shattered think all- time record climbing to 113 degrees. >> like walking in to an oven. the ground you feel the heat through the shoes an intensity and you can see the heat swells flowing off the asphalt. >> reporter: the unusually hot temperatures have made for an unbearable start to autumn for southern californiaens. >> ridiculous. the california is a lie [ laughter ] >> reporter: the thermometer at this construction site hit 90 degrees at 9:00 a.m. on monday, which for kevin meant one thing. >> pretty hot. i mean it can only get worse. >> reporter: ever since fall began, southern california has been in the grips of the heat wave with temperatures averaging more than 20 degrees above normal for this time of the year. it's not just the heat, but forecasters are concerned about low humidity and wind conditions in southern california. the national weather service has issued a red flag warning
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for dangerous wildfire conditions in the area. >> the thick flame you see. >> reporter: the tiny brushfire north of l.a. spread quickly to five acres, highlighting the fire danger created by the weather conditions. >> but the wind, the heat and the humidity will carry fire to receptive fuel beds and it will produce wildfire. and so what we are asking people to do is be prepared. >> reporter: forecasters are calling for cooler temperatures within the next few days, but until then, southern californiaians are doing everything they can to beat the heat. candace gibson, cbs news, los angeles. i'm here with howard bernstein. looks as if the record heat that we had -- record-setting heat a, a record number of days of 90s is behind us but we have storms in the future. >> we do. we need the rain. we have been running quite a deficit. the drought conditions are quite extreme across the west virginia panhandle and i think we will bust the drought by the time we get to thursday.
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this will be a significant rainfall. maybe one of our most significant rains of the year. let's get you going on this tuesday afternoon. nicer than earlier. upper 70s. national reporting mostly cloudy skies. there are sunny breaks out there. 79 at 6:00 and mid-70s at 9:00. we will have a very comfortable evening out here but breezy. i will caution you on that. winds will die down. partly cloudy, mid-50s to low 60s. maybe a tad warmer by the bay. sunset 6:56 and how about wednesday. clouds will be thickening. if we see any sun it will be late in the morning. winds easterly at five to ten and then thursday things go downhill in a big way. showers and storms earlier. now we have a tornado watch across parts of jersey, new york state, around the new york metro, philadelphia metro as well, eastern pennsylvania. behind it look at the clearing and sunshine with high clouds here. that's why i believe the
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temperatures will top off in think low 80s winds are gusting over 20 miles an hour here in washington and andrews. generally out of the south here. they turn southwest out in western maryland. there's the gusts near 20 miles an hour in cumberland and hagerstown 22 with a temperature of 75. frederick, leesburg and manassas and fredericksburg is 79 right now. andrews is 78. mid-70s at pax river and here in washington we are in the upper 70s and our winds are out of the south and southwest gusting over 20. there's the storm system that brought us the rain yesterday and last night and the scattered heavy showers. some folks got a quarter to a half inch. and you can see the storm is spinning here in ohio. it is moving up to ontario. this is leaving us. this will not be a problem. it will get out of here except for the winds that we will have this afternoon. our next weather maker, that one is coming from the south. our 9 future cast through midnight, it is all quiet. tomorrow notice showers along coastal areas of virginia,
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southern virginia early afternoon. tomorrow night we start to see the moisture creep up through the carolinas. here we are at midnight, southern part, shenandoah valley, roanoke, charlottesville and look at thursday midday. boom. the moisture explodes up in to new york state all the way back to north carolina. heavy, heavy rainfall here with this area of low pressure and there could be a lot of rain thanks to the tropical connection w. we have a new depression. this is nicole. sitting back here with heavy thunderstorm toll the east. hurricane center believes it will track or td 16 becoming nicole. i'm already giving it a name and it is not a storm yet. thursday morning near the south carolina georgia coast. after that, they are not forecasting anything because they believe it's going to turn in to an extra tropical or nontropical but the moisture is coming. look at our future forecast here how much rain will fall.
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three to four category and the blues and purples two to three. if this shifts a little east that's a lot of rain over the washington metro and this is only through noon on thursday. beyond that, there's more rain. so thursday could be a day of potential heavy downpours and even flooding. i just want to warn you now. 83 today. 75 tomorrow. thursday we get back in the heavy rain. friday looks okay, 72. look at the weekend. saturday 67 and autumnal 62 on sunday and monday. we will be right back with 9 news now at noon after this.
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our next guest has a wakeup call for black women who dream of getting healthy and slim without sacrificing great food. tracey is the author of by any greens necessary. she shares her recipes with 9 news now reporter jessica doyle. >> our next guest has a wakeup call for what she says black women who want to get healthy and stay slim, tracey is here right now. and you are the author of "by any greens necessary." thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> so you have a recipe for getting healthy and slim. what's the secret everyone wants to know? >> it is not really a secret. it just not well promoted or publicized but eating more healthy plant-based foods and i don't know if you have heard but bill clinton just talked
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about having primarily a vegan diet. it is again getting a lot of buzz. oprah did it for 21 days and it is basically obesity, overweight are most prevalent among african-american women. so i target the book to them because i want us to get this information to eat more plant- based foods. >> if we are taking certain things out of the diet, what should we take out and what should we put in? what are examples. >> take out meat and dairy products and put in more whole grains, more fresh fruits and vegetables that we all know are good for us and more legumes which are beans and nuts. >> i wish people could get a sense of the smell of this because it is phenomenal. you have made us this dish. tell us what it is about. >> this is mediterranean curry chick peas from my book and this is spicy kale salad and
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curry kiwah. you can use chick peas or garr ban sow beans. and nutritional yeast which is optional. you get this at health food stores but everything else is available at supermarkets. this is dairy free may owe. this is fresh basil. this is curry, which you said you love. >> i love curry. >> annecy crane. fresh red onions and garlic. very easy to do. and chick peas, a lot of folks don't know but just one cup, which is this size gives you 30% of protein for the day. >> we are running out of time but a lot of fresh ingredients there. the key to this is product from the earth. >> healthy plant based food. as much vegan food as you can and start today putting more dark leafy greens on your plate. >> appreciate you coming in and the book is by any greens necessary.
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thank you so much. a few seconds left for howard. >> we are nice today. watch for rains on thursday. >> that's it for 9 news now at noon. check us out 24 hours a day on the web. have a great day. bye-bye. [music throughout] finding what you love makes you happy. saving up to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ tell it to go on
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