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tv   9 News Now Sunday at 630pm  CBS  October 3, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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threats in europe. they might be plotting an attack with assault weapons on public places. do you think that local travelers are now changing their plans? armando trull is live at dulles airport to try to find out. what are you hearing? >> reporter: this alert is notable. it's the first time that they ever issue an alert, not for a country, but an entire continent. that business is usual here at dulles airport and most other u.s. airports because all of the airlines that are flying to europe have not con selled their flights. they are telling passengers if they change their io ten area, they will be in -- itineraries, they will be in for hefty fines. >> reporter: they are warning all of them about the high likelihood of an al qaeda attack in public places in the old continent. >> i'm coming to madrid and just being in some areas where things are previously happening in areas before that has kind of put me kind of on the edge a little bit to be aware. >> reporter: these attacks
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would mimic the 2008 attacks. no specific threat or target has been identified so far. that's why they are only warning tourists to be very careful. >> all these people are out here. >> i think just like anything else, you just need to go ahead and, you know, proceed with caution. >> you just need to live your life and go on and be as cautious as you can and do the best as you can. and the rest is up to the man upstairs. >> so you just need to live your life. if it happens, it happens. >> reporter: now bruce, this alert is only one level below an actual warning telling tourists to stay away from europe. that could change. at this point, this alert will remain in effect in 2011. reporting live, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> okay, thank you for that report. the wife of a mom planning
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a mosque near ground zero says her family has received death threats. telephone threats have been made. they said that the center would be too close to the ground zero center. it's a matter of religious freedom. exactly 100 days ago, vanessa pam's body was found in her crashed vehicle. last seen on surveillance tape leaving the shopping center. her killer still out there somewhere. and surae chinn reports tonight on how vanessa's family marked this day. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: 100 days after someone's passing marks a sad day in other cultures. >> yeah, that's what we would have for me. this happens every day. >> reporter: the ceremony has only enlightened her family to the fact that 100 days after
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her death, someone has gotten away with murder. >> just by this, like the huntingness. >> haunting you? >> yeah. >> reporter: there are still no solid leads to vanessa's killer. only a timeline of when the 19- year-old and a designer was last seen. her white car captured leaving the shopping center 10 minutes before she was found dead with knife wounds in her crashed car. this is not the only place that her family goes to pray. they come here to her grave sight each and every day. >> reporter: vanessa's mother comes here to be close to her only child. >> i think that she will rest in peace now. but we did not anticipate this. >> reporter: in fact, her family, including the aunt, are tormented every waking moment without their loved one. >> i think about her all the time. i don't know why people would
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do that to her. she's my baby. i don't know why. >> reporter: in fairfax county, surae chinn, 9news now. the silver springs maryland man is dead tonight after an overnight shooting in northwest washington. it happened after midnight in the 600 block of harvard street. police found two people suffering from gunshot wounds. one of the victim, the 22-year- old, died at the hospital. the second unidentified victim was treated and released. and it is a math at the high school today where family and friends showed up to pay their respects to the lieutenant. the 29-year-old navy seal was among nine military personnel killed in a helicopter crash last month in afghanistan. looney graduated from damascus where he played on outstanding baseball and football teams. 1100 people showed up at today's public area. navy officials say that's the testament of his character. >> it just says a lot about brendan's character, the man he
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was. his teammates describe him as a man among men, someone motivating others. you can see that by the number of the people that came out here today. >> reporter: funeral services for him are now scheduled for tomorrow at st. john baptist church on new hampshire avenue in silver spring. he will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery, next to the roommate who died in the line of duty in 2007. wounded warriors took over the potomac river today. the professional kayakers and veterans who were injured while serving their country teamed up to raise money and awareness, for the nonprofit team river runner. the organization now helps wounded duty personnels and veterans of the iraq and afghan war. but teachers and veterans, they teach them about the white water paddling. just one of several kayaking fundraisers held across the country. the major cleanup is underway after the heavy rain swallowed the small town. the governor compared the damage to the flood from
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hurricane floyd a decade ago. and they were blocked across the state. >> well, it looks sad. it's a tragic for this community. it's the same thing that happened. and so many of the same homes and businesses are the same ones here. and that's what is so devastating. they just bounce back and they started to make money and live their lives again, now to have the same thing again and they send the message for all of them that you just need to be prepared for the worse. >> this is really heartbreaking. the governor said that the business owners in the eastern part of the state are not sure whether they will rebuild. there is a bit of a strange side effect from all the flooding in north carolina that is now a place where the buffalo roam free. they were let loose ahead of the storm so they wouldn't be trapped in the water. they will let the buffalo roam free until the waters have stopped. still ahead this sunday night, we'll take you to a tougher curb festival today on the streets. some kids that couldn't prevent
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today marks the start of the fire prevention week. to help call attention to the fire safety. the louden county fire rescue center hoses an open house at the fire rescue department. those who showed up got a chance to check out the fire equipment, get safety tips, and learn just how fast a house fire could spread. and to help make a point about the need for the residential sprinkler system, firefighters intentionally set two fires. >> one compartment has a sprinkler system in it, one did not. we ignited a fire in the first compartment without the sprinklers, and it was a complete loss. damage was extensive beyond repaired. if anybody had been in that compartment, theyed would have never survived it.
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>> the fire officials say the second compartment had a residential sprinkler system which extinguished the fire in just 20 seconds. they are trying to get virginia to pass legislation requiring builders to install the sprinkler systems in all new homes. now, checking news where you live. a new law is now in effect. get this, motorists must now yield the right of way to people on bikes. for more information on this or other stories from where you live, just go to find your community in our where you live section, and keep up with what's happening in your neighborhood. got a story or news tip for us? we want to hear from you. contact us and be a part of the team. downtown washington was transformed into a turkish bizarre today. ♪ [ music ] thousands of people showed up along pennsylvania avenue.
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eighth annual turkish festival included lots of food. there were live performances featuring the rich culture of the middest east and central asia. they also had a chance to build the world's longest meal. still coming up, the cold and wet start for the week ahead, devon? >> reporter: yeah, that rain has moved in here tonight. it's only going to continue. but as i thought, we see a healthy dose of sunshine. going up to 67 degrees today at reagan national. we'll let you know about the winds picking up. very cold temperatures going along with the rain. and also an unwanted surprise for some homeowners. hi. i'm jim perdue.
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we're not playing helicopter now. ready when you are, they're trimmed of fat and consistently sized to cook in just 10 minutes. life's not perfect. that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. how often do you think this happens? they got a bit of a shock this weekend when a refueling hose fell off the navy cargo plane, falling off their home.
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it was taken in the nearby home when that suddenly dropped and landed on the roof of the house. the 50-foot hose broke several other roof tiles and ended up dangling from the vent. fortunately no one was hurt. >> you know, i left the guy on the ground here, one job to do,tighten the bolt, but he was in a hurry. we've got some bad weather ahead. >> yes. none of it is terribly bad. but it will make things messy, even for most of the days on monday. but it will be an insult to injury when we added winds, very cold temperatures to the mix along with all the rain cover. for the next three days, they are setting off with that. the good thing with the forecast, the rain will last for a while. we've got a break into tuesday, more sunshine back. it won't be bad. 66 like today, even more sunshine. and the rain is going to be here. it's here right now. we'll show you where it is. it even begins to come to an end by monday night. that's the break on tuesday, but the final end of the system
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brings drizzle, cloudy weather back here on wednesday. so the evening hours here tonight, they are continuing to develop. and you'll get a little bit more intense in some areas, steady rain instead of the pockets here and there. temperatures are cooling back down into the 60s, lower 50s overnight tonight. when you will pick up, the wind is shifting from the northeast to the northwest. once we get down to around the 50-degree mark, it will be hard pressed. temperatures will start to drive up just a little bit with the showers starting in the afternoon. but again, 52, 53 right around there. that's probably the warmest that you'll be. add the winds into this mix. switching to the northeast tomorrow. and cloudy and cold, rainy days here on monday. so this big time upper level system sitting right over western virginia, developing a surface system here in the atlantic. you'll see the rain spreading around the surface. let's go to live doppler 9,000 and show you exactly where that rain is right now. we'll give you a better look. the entire washington metro. that steady rain is here, all the way from fairfax county and
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alexandria and arlington. you'll see a little bit of the break here. that's what we just mentioned. you'll start to see them fill in overnight tonight. the rain is spreading from south to west. now steady rain in gaithersburg. back to the weather computer. i want to take you to an hour- by-hour forecast of the storm system. very good look of where the rain is right now. we'll continue to spread in. monday morning's commute, rainy, cold, windy. but a steady rain and a brisk wind that's going to knock it around and make it for a little bit worse and more intense rain. here even through the noon hours. by the evening hours, afternoon drive, we might actually start to see the rain light up. still the wet roadways. you'll get the sunshine to come in here on tuesday. we're back into the mid-60s. mid to upper 60s. then the storm system sits right over the top of us as we go to wednesday and thursday and they dry out. i think that is a cloudy, kind of drizzlely day. you'll see this forecast, a little underdone here. and back to a drizzlely cool
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day there. there are specific forecasts and the temperatures are pretty uniform everywhere. with the rain building in. we'll drop down to the lower 50s for the lower temperatures. the high temperature, probably just after midnight. that will be to the lower to the mid-50s. right when we hit here, you're pretty much going to stay there all day. out in the higher elevations here. late monday into tuesday. more for washington. you might see, i hate to say this, but you might see a red snowflake mixing in with the storm system. that's going to be it. okay, washington, the steady rain, a little bit warmer off to the east as you've got the bay in the atlantic to keep you a little warmer. cloudy, cold, rainy day here on monday. along with the wind. it's just going to make it feel like fall. hey, we're right in the middle of it. once we get through the system though, the end of the week and the next weekend, that's picture-perfect fall weather temperatures and plenty of sunshine. >> thank you. you said the rain would hold off about 3:00? i've got my ride in.
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>> yes. >> all right, okay. i'll call you every time. >> a little football game going? >> donovan making his return. all the pumps and the circumstances as mcnabb and vick show a little love. and the fireworks really get going. we'll check it all out next in sports. hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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[ male announcer ] capital one banks are everywhere. [ clang! ] with hundreds of branches and atms, they're hard to miss. hey, there's one right up the street. [ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long! even if you're not a redskins fan, this is the must- see television. donovan mcnabb was welcomed with cheers before the game and he and mike vick theired a man hug -- vick shared a man hug. washington gashed philly after starting this one with the hard nose running for both clinton portis. mcnabb has looked okay. he started well, but only two completions in the second half. mike vick got knocked out with a rib injury.
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and right now, it's 17-6 in the fourth quarter. redskins have just punted back to the eagles. sports director, brett haber, is out there. we'll bring us reactions tonight on sports plus. brian mitchell will be here with us as well as we break down donovan's return from every angle at sports plus tonight at 11:35. hold onto your hats, ravens, the showdown here tonight. third quarter, rounding out the outside. 79 yards on 25 tough carries, making it 14-10. under one minute to go. who's your mama? that made it 17-14. and ray lewis picked off late to seal it. baltimore goes 3-1 with the 3- point win. great saturday of college football. leading to a little shake up in the rankings, especially near the top. hear now the weekly review of the u.s.a.'s top 25. here is your u.s.a.
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top's top 25 presented by sprint. oregon made a big statement at home with a 52-31 win over 13th ranked stanford. the ducks were down 21-3 after the first quarter, but moved 5- 0 to the season. and that moves oregon to number three in this week's poll. switching with boise state. oklahoma moves up one spot with their win over texas and auburn jumps to the top 10 with their win. a blow-out loss dropped florida out of the top ten. and wisconsin falls after a loss at michigan state. after the wins this week, florida state moves to the top 25. and they take the showdown between the 14th ranked miami and florida state. 16th ranked florida state going to the big house with the showdown number 17. and lsu making a trip to gainesville to take on the 12th ranked florida gators. >> that's your u.s.a. today's top 25 ranking poll. now to the network. all right, to some baseball. matt is finishing out the
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campaign debate scoreless in the fifth until alberto gonzalez comes in to score. 1-0 nats. 14th inning extra baseball, justin maxwell takes the walk. they win finishing the season with 69-93. last game for the year. >> we built on it last year. hopefully we can continue to make progress. and you know, we saw a lot of good things. i really like the way that ramos has come together in our bullpen. a lot of good things to build around. >> last game of the season for the o's. taking on the tigers. sight inning, with the base knocked out here. fly ball right up the gut. baltimore falls 4-2. they end the season, 66-96. back to finish the pre- season undefeated. second period, you can ring my bell. but they fall today, 3-0. and finally, the wizards tell their fan festival on the camps of george mason university this
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afternoon. fans got a chance to meet former wizards. inside the current team held a scrimmage and they got to see the first picked john wall. we'll have full redskins coverage coming up tonight. and let's hold onto that -- on to that then. >> the rain will continue overnight here tonight through tomorrow morning. that's the morning drive. i think you could see it ending by the afternoon drive. >> all right, thank you. and thank you for watching. 60 minutes is next. we'll see you back here at 11:00. bye. [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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