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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 4, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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maybe a couple of 60s south. rain will lessen this afternoon. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning, angie. >> hello, howard. good morning, everybody. welcome to monday. right now we want to take you to the maps and show you there is one thing we are keeping an eye on. outbound river road at brook side avenue. getting word of crews on the scene where we have a fallen tree. they are taking away lanes as needed and that's going only. inbound you expect to maybe lose one lane or two to the left side. stay right to get by. take it over to 270 from germantown road to 370. watching the volume build quickly. right now at plus five minutes. 66 good morning, virginia. we are slow from 50 to 123. another extra five for that. and 95 northbound in virginia, finding drivers below speed between the prince william parkway and lorton and that delay is growing. over to you. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories
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happening today. for the first time, the u.s. supreme court will have three women on the bench. the high court begins the session with new justice elena kagan. justice elena kagan recaused herself from nearly half of the cases she court will hear. a funeral today for bran dan looney. he was a navy seal killed in afghanistan. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. a week long hearing in to the gulf oil spill begins today in louisiana. federal investigators will look to the safety culture or lack thereof. the panel is hoping to improve safety on oil rigs. also this morning, fears that a terror alert could hurt europe's ailing economy. the u.s. state department is telling americans to be vigilant rival while overseas. last week officials confirmed they are investigating possible plans by terrorists to carry out attacks in paris, berlin and other cities. the travel alert by the state department is not a formal
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warning. it wants americans to take precautions about their security. some american tourists in rome reacted to the news. >> i think that the draw to come and see beautiful ancient history is more important than the worry of terrorist threats. >> can't put a value on a life and anything they feel they can do to save a life is positive. >> reporter: the u.s. alert encourages americans to register with the consulate or embassy while they are visiting europe. police are looking for the killer of a silver spring man. 22-year-old michael moss cornish was found wounded on sunday. he died later at the hospital. a second person was treated an released. no word yet on the shooter or a motive. today habitat for humanity kicks off a major build in the district. kristin fisher is live in northeast washington with a
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preview of what's going on. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. we are still over two hours away from construction starting at this work site here in northwest washington. over the course of this week, habitat for humanity will be building or renovating 12 homes in this neighborhood. they will be building or renovating 86 homes across the country. this is part of the carter work project and joining me to tell us more about this is the ceo for habitat for humanity. johnathon, thank you for being with us in the rain bright and early. >> glad to be here. thank you so much. >> johnathon, habitat does so many wonderful projects throughout the year all over the country. what makes the carter work project so unique and special? >> we are excited. today is world habitat someday day. in 300 locations an the world from nepal to here in washington, d.c. have have people advocating, building and doing things to bring awareness
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for decent affordable housing across the world. >> you, along with former president carter will be speaking here at 10:00 this morning. this is former president carter's one of his first public appearances since he was released from think hospital last week. what will the two of you be talking an at this press conference? he shares with us and we are so blessed to have a commit foreign minister president carter to a world where everyone has a decent place to live and he will talk about his personal experiences. this is the 27th year that he has come out to build. he will be with us all week long to bring awareness and physically build some homes. >> well, thank you so much and i will let you get back to it. like i said we are two hours away from construction starting. press conference at 10:00 this morning and we will be here all morning long bringing you the latest on this exciting
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project. back to you. >> well, redskins fans are feeling pretty good this morning. the team is in a tie for first in the nfc east after yesterday's win in philadelphia. it was a standing ovation for mcnabb. it is his first game since traded to washington. in the first quarter, skins up 7-0. mcnabb hits cooley for a 31-yard touchdown. washington led 14-0. michael vick left in the first quarter. he got tackled hard, hurting his chest and ribs he will have an mri today. in the end the redskins beat the eagles 17-12. after the game, mcnabb talked about the homecoming. >> although mike has taken my parking spot out there, it was still the same feeling. coming out of the tunnel, it felt like i was playing back here at lincoln financial again. >> reporter: next sunday the redskins host the packers. green bay beat detroit 28-26
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yesterday. jess -- jessica doyle is here with a special "living $mart" report. one just in time that now fall is in the air. >> can you believe fall is here already? >> i can't believe. >> i can believe it. >> we are raking the leaves, cleaning gutter and maybe replacing filters but there are winter preparations you could be overlooking. here's a fall checklist. >> fall is a great time to look and your house before the weather starts to change to make sure your house is best equiped to fight the winter weather. >> angie hicks found a consumer review site, angie's list says deferring maintenance now can cost you big bucks down the road. >> first item is checking the foundation of your house. make sure you don't have cracks or other potential issues. when the winner rain and snow come you don't want any cracks to get worse. >> and you want to check the pipes and make sure they are well insulated and think of weather stripping this time of the year. check out the windows and doors. >> if you feel you have a
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draft, hold a candle near the window and see if the flame flickers. you probably need to replace weather stripping and that could it cut down on power bill. >> a lot of these are simple things you can do yourself to avoid having an emergency call in the middle of winter which can be costly. having a pipe burst can be an expresencive problem. --ance expensive problem. >> she says prep the outside of the home, too. consider sealing and cleaning you are a deck and having the garage door inspected. not the thing you want to do but you don't want a big bill. >> we are starting to follow your advice on those things, too. >> fantastic. it is 7 after the hour. we begin our daily focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >> good morning. let's go to live doppler 9000 hd. because we have a lot of showers from southern maryland, in fact all over the state of maryland except the eastern shore where things are a lot less and some of this is light
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to moderate shower hack action. rain this morning. more steady than this afternoon. temperatures will be fairly steady, as well. by noon low to mid-50s and perhaps a few spots down south in the upper 50s but a raw day with fewer showers after the noon hour. angie? >> traffic alert for you. southbound 270 at 109. we are getting word of this accident out here. looks like drivers are able to get by to the right because it is pushed to the left shoulder. you are slow from this point to 121 and again germantown road to 370. i want to show you 9 news now video earlier of this. this is river road going westbound. that is outbound river road at brook side drive. right now, we still have a lane that is open. and then going eastbound you have all of the lanes back. better news there. 95 northbound at 216, going to the maps watch for an accident.
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flooding going southbound at 198. back to you. right now we want to take you live to bid stadium at the university of maryland. that's the marching band and if you can hear it they are playing the theme song to hawaii five-o. they are finalists in a concert run by cbs. learn about the contest and see what is motivating the terps. take a listen. we will be back in 90 seconds.
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we're back with the hero central report. far too often women are left with a desperate choice, stay in an abusive or dangerous relationship or be homeless. in the morning report, derek mcginty profiles an alternative known as calgary women services. >> more than 25 years ago, calvary was formed as temporary program for homeless women. but while the cold weather went away the need stuck around and so did calvary. >> women come in to the program for a variety of reasons. they may have experienced domestic violence, they may be struggling with addictions, they may need to address mental health issues so there is a variety of reasons people come. >> reporter: this dc
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organization serves 150 women per year with a broad range of services to help even the chronically homeless with an eye toward independence. >> we have a permanent housing program called sister circle and that program makes i possible for 11 women to live with rental subsidies and have support services this will make it possible for them to be stable income the long run. >> i have a history of drug abuse. >> reporter: she arrived at calvary last month so for now it is one day at a time. >> i get up at 6:00 in the morning, before 8:00 i'm out the door and going get me on my feet. >> reporter: because all of these women have to get started somewhere an calvary would seem a better place than most. >> if you have been struggling for a while and living in the chaos of homelessness, being able to settle down and achieve stability and feel safe within
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yourself in order to make the changes you want to make. >> i can't tell you the number of times i have come out late at night and there is a resident up super late studying if their ged or college work or coming back late from their job they just started. they are real heros here in my opinion. they are making it happen every day. >> reporter: derek mcginty, 9 news now. >> a sign of the group's success, every five days a woman from calvary moves in to her own home. for more information on this organization and other charities we are profiling, go to and click on the hero central link. here's what is in the news now. a silent vigil on sunday night for tyler clement. he was the rutgers university student that killed himself after a sexual encounter with a man and him was posted on-line. john conyers lost his license for a monday because
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the check he used to pay for his renewal bounced. the associated press reports the suspension was lifted july 26th. this past september was the hottest in 30 years. the national weather service reports the average temperature last month was 75.5 degrees. it's the fourth warmer september since 1871. >> my electric bill will agree with that. >> all of our electric bills will agree with that. just wonder what the winter will hold for us this year. >> well, we will come out with that in a few weeks. >> weather service thinkings equal chances of it being an average winter. >> fingers crossed for average. >> i'm leaning that way right now but officially out in a few weeks. look outside. we have wet weather. chilly wet weather as the showers continue to move from almost south to north there. although look down south. southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, more
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drizzle than rain. spotty drizzle. a raw morning. some areas seeing moderate showers. live doppler 9000 hd, we will pinpoint it for you. you see the waves of moisture here. light, moderate showers up and down 95 corridor and to the west in parts of northern virginia and shenandoah valley. we will give you the tour of what's going on around town. you can see the darker greens scattered about the entire area and also some breaks. a wet morning commute for most of us. we will go to charles county around la plata. this is lifting to this north. waldorf more rains coming. even lower prince william and faulkier county -- actually in faulkier county seeing heavier showers east of warrenton moving up to 66. and west of amissville up to sperryville traveling to front royal heavier showers even up
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to winchester. a lot of damp weather this morning. that's the case. the bus stop forecast, we have showers and drizzle an a raw northeast wind and temperatures from the upper 40s to about 55 in the warm spots down south. showers and drizzle with the sun up at 7:07. today looking at temperatures struggling, and this maybe optimistic this 57 at noon with an isolated shower leftover and perhaps just cloudy skies to finish out the day, 56. tonight in the 80s. northwest winds at five to ten. showers in the mountains and tomorrow i think we will see sunshine, breezy and cool and a stray shower north and west. highs around 65 and the northwest wind 10 to 15. morning temperatures in the low 50s here. 48 gaithersburg. 58 fredericksburg. while we stay unsettled the next couple of days with an isolated shower tomorrow and a few more on wednesday, we will stay cool. look at the second second half
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of the week -- mid to upper 70s. skins are home with green bay on sunday and looks like a good day for that. here's angie. wake up, wake up, washington. right now we have a couple of things going on. big one is something we have been following since this morning. outbound river road at brook side drive. one lane of traffic getting by. eastbound the good news is all lanes inbound toward wisconsin avenue are open. this is due to this downed tree. take it over to 270, going southbound more problems. a report of an accident that we have confirmed to the left shoulder. 270 is slow from this point to 121. using the brakes in germantown road to montross. let's take you to the outer loop delay, which is growing from university over to georgia avenue. we are looking at an extra five minutes north of the district. at the inner loop at wisconsin
6:18 am
avenue, 855 is where we have a report of a new accident and 95 southbound at dale city. watch for an accident there. losing the left lane. going northbound below speed between the prince william parkway an lorton. back you. the time is 6:18. another robbery in college park. this time on campus. a student was tackled near anne arundel hall and forced to give up his cell phone and wallet them sun morning attack has students demanding more protection. >> we have been seen any reaction from the administration on the issue of crime. >> do you think there should be. >> we'd like to see some resources provided to us from the administration on cutting down on this, especially because it looks to be like it could be moving closer if not on campus. >> reporter: student government leaders met last night to discuss this latest attack. since late summer there have been eight robberies near or on the college park campus. the u.s. geological survey
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says a minor earthquake that struck this weekend was in beaver dam, virginia. that is 80 miles south of the beltway. the quake hit around 4:17 on saturday. there are no reports of injuries or damages. officials say the quake was felt in richmond an charlottesville as well as in north carolina. our time is 6:19. next in sports the capitals have their final preseason tuneup. and the san francisco giants become the final baseball team to clinch a playoff spot. the postseason picture is three minutes away. we'll be right back.
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royal caribbean international. visit today. the capitals felt fell to the predators 3-0. the caps begin their regular season on the road on friday night in atlanta.
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the season is over for the nationals an the big story line for the off season will be whether the team resigns adam dunn. the nats and mets play their final game yesterday and it went 14 innings. new york's oliver perez walked three in a row. washington scores the winning run without a hit. nats top the mets 2-1. and it came down to the final day, but the baseball playoff matchups are set. starting on wednesday it's the rangers versus the rays. yankees and the twins and the reds face the phillies. it is 6:23. still to come, more from the university of maryland. the terps band is hoping to book them, dan-o. and the redskins beat the eagles in philadelphia. we will hear from the fans. here's angie -- >> 66 at route 50 we have crash activity slowing drivers down. more tieups to avoid coming up. a cool, damp, miserable out
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here this morning. we will look at live doppler 9000 hd and tell you what to expect for the rest of this monday. 9 news now at 6:00 will return in just a moment. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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there's some music to get you going at 6:28. 250 members of the university of maryland marching band up at this hour to give you a rendition of the hawaii five-o theme song. the band is a finalist in a contest. you can learn about it coming up at 6:42. in case you can't figure it out it says wusa 9 news an we thank the band so much. great music. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm andrea roane. meteorologist howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. we appreciate the band being out there because it is raining on them, too. >> it is cold and wet. out there in the wet, cool rain this morning. if you are going on to be out for a while, gloves are a necessity. it is raw out here. live doppler 9000 hd, we are looking a rain. pockets of it. where it is not raining it is more than likely drizzling. on the weather computer, you can see the area of rain moving
6:29 am
up the coast here. now, south and east of us, more breaks in southern maryland and northern neck and the breaks will be here midday if not later this morning. so fewer showers later on but not much in think way of temperature movement. we are at 52. looking at highs mid to upper 50s. maybe 60. angie is here with the traffic. still keeping an eye on a problem that started way early this morning. show you the 9 news now video. this is the scene around 3:00 this morning. a few hours later, we are still in the clearing stages here on river road and brook side drive going outbound. we have the downed tree. we have crews on the scene and we still only have one lane of the traffic getting by going westbound approaching the capital beltway. going eastbound, happy to report we have all the lanes
6:30 am
back. the drive in to wisconsin avenue should be easier. over to the inner loop of braddock road up to gallos is where we are slow. we have an accident off to the right shoulder. you are going to want to be careful on the off and on ramps because of the standing water, especially near the construction zones, especially near route 7. i want to take you to 395 northbound. no incidents or accidents here, but stacking up early from the beltway to seminary. and that is a quick look at traffic. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, angie. right now dc police are looking for someone who shot at a police officer. the officer was not hurt. the shooting happened around 12:30 this morning near the dc star nightclub. that's on queens chapel road near bladensburg road in northeast. authorities were investigating a report of shots fired when someone shot at them. so far no arrests have been made. a funeral today for a navy seal from montgomery county. lieutenant brendan looney died last month in afghanistan at
6:31 am
the wake yesterday, a naval spokesman read a statement from looney's family. >> although his life was tragically cut short his spirit will live on in his family, his friends and the brave men and women who served by his side until his passing. >> reporter: the wake was hill at dematha high school, his alma mater. he was a graduate of the class of 99 and he will be buried today at arlington national cemetery. in sports the redskins are 2-2 and they are in a three-way tie for first place in the montgomery east after the win in philadelphia. a standing ovation from the philly fans for mcnabb. his first game in philadelphia since being traded to washington. in the first quarter, skins up 7-0. northbound hits -- mcnabb hits cooley for a touchdown. michael vick left in the first quarter. he got tackled hard and will have an mri later today. the redskins beat the eagles 18-
6:32 am
102. we caught -- 17-12. we caught up with fans that are very excited. >> we love mcnabb. he let the eagles down the past 12 years but not us. >> reporter: next sunday the redskins host the packersful. green bay beat detroit yesterday. hundreds of people from our region will come together in service today. they will take part in a major habitat for humanity event. kristin fisher is live in northeast washington with a preview. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. nobody likes to start a construction project in the rain, but so be it. the very first habitat for humanity volunteers have a-- are arriving at this work site in northeast washington and joining me is the president and ceo of the habitat for humanity in washington, d.c. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for being here. we're excited about the day. >> what exactly are you going
6:33 am
to be doing today and throughout the course of this week here? >> we are kicking off 12 houses with president and mrs. carter for the work project and it is extremely important for us because this is an area that has long been expecting revitalization and we subscribe to the neighborhood revitalization initiative and president and mrs. carter have been instrumental in helping to advance that with their name and presence and we are excited about that. >> 12 homes in this sigh i have city neighborhood will be renovated or rebuilt over the course of this week. so many neighborhoods in the dc area could use this kind of help. how did you pick this one neighborhood. >> it is in partnership with the district of columbia housing community development agency because they have helped to remember recognize there are certain areas with supreme need and i i have city was targeted by them years ago and there was
6:34 am
commune sharing in the community. and we are one of the developers that were able to come in and do this. we will habitat 27 homes with a total of 58. >> thank you so much for being with us this morning. i will let you get to it. i know you have a busy day planned and we have the construction set to start shortly after 8 a.m. and then ken and the ceo of habitat for humanity, johnathon and former president carter will begin to speak at 10:00 this morning. live in northeast washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> thank you, kristin. it's time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here with news on a big refund from verizon wireless. >> how about a $90 million refund? pretty big. if you have had verizon wireless service you may be due a refund and if you cancelled you may get a check in the mail. they could pay $90 million in refunds to customers who were
6:35 am
improperly charged. they were charged to customers that didn't have data plans but accidentally initiated it by pressing on their phones. they should secrets of 20 -- 2 to $6. and the federal communications commission had been investigating the improper cell phone charges. how would you like your car to get 62 miles a gallon? sounds good. the federal government is looking at raising corporate average fuel requirements between 47 and 62 miles a gallon by 2025. currently the requirements call for an in-- increase in fuel economy. we are about to see a new round of claims from pom wonderful. the pom granite juice company. get ready for this. starting today the lieding seller will air three sensual tv spots that claim to make you
6:36 am
a better love. they are spending $10 million airing the spots through november. so they have deceptive health claims this week and now this arena as a way to get the message out about their product. >> i guess. i tried that one. by the advertising i went for it. now i know. thank you. it is our daily focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. it is wet this morning across virginia. in fact the entire area. live doppler 9000 hd, we moved it over to virginia because you can see the more moderate showers to the west side of woodbridge and eastern parts of prince william county approaching southern fairfax, heavier west of hey mark and gainesville on 66 and culpeper northwest to sperryville. go to the weather computer, because the showers and cool temperatures are with us this morning and will break up some this afternoon as temperatures climb to the mid to upper 50s with few you arer showers after the noon hour.
6:37 am
66 eastbound, we have an accident at left shoulder. 49 a -- 495 in virginia crash activity on gallows road, too. and good news on 95 southbound. the wreck at dale city is clear. going northbound you are slow from tremendous prince william parkway to 123 an newington to 644. we want to leave you with a live look at the university of maryland band. they are braving the wet weather. more on an exciting five five five-o contest they are in the running for. a sip of my real fruit smoothie from mccafé?
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the charts. morning the number one movie in america, you can make it your facebook status update. it's the social network. the film about facebook's creator earned $23 million this weekend. legends of the guardian was number two. we say good morning to maggie rodriguez. she's in new york with a preview of the cbs "early show." good morning, maggie. >> andrea, good morning to you. from the front page of the "washington post" this morning the potential terrorist threat across europe that prompted the state department to alert american travelers about going to europe but they aren't saying don't go. so what are they saying? we will break it down for you and give you the specifics so hopefully you will be clear on what this means. and a story that kristin has been following closely, president carter in his first interview since his hospital stay will join us to talk about his illness, about midterm election strategies and his passionate work for habitat for humanity. plus, this video is
6:43 am
unbelievable, andrea. this is a circus performance. we start to watch the lion maul the trainer. hundreds are running for their lives. there's an american family in the audience and they shoot the video and they are joining us on the "early show" to talk about it. cannot even imagine. stay tuned. it is coming up this monday on the "early show." >> we will be watching. it starts at 7 a.m. at 6:43, check out the university of maryland marching band performing one of the best- known television theme songs ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ playing hawaii five-o theme song ] >> it's the hawaii five-o theme song that is getting a new life because of the remake show here on cbs. they are in finalist in a contest. we are joined live by amanda field with the university of maryland marching band. good to see you. thank you for coming out in the rain cold weather. how are things going?
6:44 am
how are the band members holding up? >> everything is great. the band is nice and warm in our big parkas and we are all ready to go. >> reporter: tell us about the video that you submitted to get in to this contest. >> the video is us performing at one of the games an we performed this exact song, hawaii five-o. >> how did you decide to take part in this? what was the incentive? >> they can vote until tonight at midnight and we are welcoming any votes possible. >> if you get the most votes the incentive, though, $25,000. what are you going to do with that money if the university of maryland marching brand brings it home? >> we will use it for new uniforms for our wonderful marching band. >> is the band sick of this theme song by now?
6:45 am
>> i'm sorry. >> are you tired of hearing the theme song hawaii five-o. do you hear it in your sleep and want it out of your head by now. >> a little bit but i love it, so -- >> you are a senior. this show, the original show went off in the this hair in 1980, had you ever heard of it before, had heard the theme song before the contest came in to being? >> i actually hadn't. i had to google that. >> amanda, we wish you and the band the best of luck. $25,000 on the line. new uniforms for the fantastic terps marching band from maryland. we wish you the best of luck and you have until midnight tonight to vote for the university of maryland in this contest and of course we have a link at to make it easy for you. look under our extras section. again, voting ends tonight at midnight. vote often, vote early. an we wish them the best of
6:46 am
luck. >> saturday night. >> good sports to be out there. >> they had a game on saturday night. think about it. they play before, halftime and after the game. they are running on something. >> coffee. >> we wish them the best of luck. go to our website at waugh wusa and look for that link and vote for the term's band. $25,000 on the line. showers and damp through midday. i think there is hope this that afternoon we will be mostly cloudy with an isolated shower but soggy out there. start on the weather computer and you can see the waves of moisture coming in from south to north. little heavy rain here in town and up to the shenandoah valley, west virginia, as well. southeast where some drizzle right now. on live doppler 9000 hd we will show you where things are
6:47 am
happening. st. mary's, southern calvert you don't need anymore rain but a little north there. northern neck is seeing the drizzle. to the south of washington, barely south. you see the heavier batch of rain, moderate rains. we have that from loudoun to montgomery and northern fairfax. waldorf to la plata an welcome and prince william. manassas this is lifting toward you. baden and brandywine it is picking up. it will come up to the beltway in another 20 minutes and to the west we are looking at moderate showers here. north of the plains here. heading to upperville. it is going to come from faulkier to loudoun counties and culpeper heading to flint hall and winchester area in parts of west virginia the rain starts to pick up. the bus stop forecast, no surprise. it is cloudy, cool, damp, showers and drizzle. upper 80s to 55 in the southern areas. well south and east of
6:48 am
washington. sun up at 7:07. perhaps 60s south but fewer showers in the afternoon with noontime temperature and i may be optimistic with that 57. tonight mostly cloudy and chilly, lows in the 40s. northwest winds five to ten. stray shower on the and tomorrow. tomorrow, partly sunny and least a little sun them stray shower chance north and west of dc. highs around 65. we have the readings this morning in the 40s and 50s. the unsettled patten that we start the week, that will be with us off and on through wednesday. look at the seven-day forecast, today we have showers mainly this morning. isolated tomorrow. a couple more on wednesday, 64 and then look, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday we see sunshine and 70s for the second half of the week. a great finish to a soggy start. angie? >> so, so pleasant. thank you, howard. 11 minutes from the 7:00 hour. we want to keep you updated on the river road situation. take a look.
6:49 am
actually we are hearing that everything has opened up. that's why we don't ' an icon on here anymore. we want to watch for crews out there lingering. at least you have the lanes back and going eastbound, you are doing fine, as well. 270 southbound at 109 an accident on the left shoulder. it was temporarily taking away a lane lane. caused quite a backup from 121. and from father hurley to the split, that alone is take atlantic an extra 10 to 15 minutes. on the outer loop a 13 minute total drive time. crawling from new hampshire avenue to georgia. a little wet weather to contend with. and 66 eastbound. better news here them accident at 50 has cleared. the delays have not. you are slow from 50 to nutley. that's just volume. andrea, over to you. our time is 6:50 and 52 degrees here in northwest
6:50 am
washington. another nation joins the united states in issues an alert to citizens visiting europe. the story is three minutes away. we are four days away from the game night report. this morning's campus correspondent play of the day is coming from amy marshall in loudoun county high school in virginia. that's the quarterback, 30- yards for the touch and that's the only score as they lost 18- 7. high schoolers if you would like to be a campus correspondent, you get a free flip cam and a chance to win as much as $5,000 in scholarship money. you can log on to dc.high school
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. this monday morning, here's what is in the news now. japan is joining the united states in issuing its citizens a warning traveling to europe.
6:54 am
the state department wants americans there to be vigilant due to a possible threat by al- qaeda. metro ridership dropped sharply after the first wave of fare hikes. the washington examiner reports 1.6 million fewer trips this past july compared to 2009. that covers both buses and trains. north carolina's governor vows to help flood partses of the state rebuild. she toured areas hammered by the tropical storm last week. some towns could be under water until next week. we are wet this morning. it's cool and damp. temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. perhaps we get to the upper 50s today with a northwest wind 10 to 15 an fewer showers this afternoon. angie will have the traffic and we will look at a brighter seven-day forecast when 9 news now returns. hi there. i'm ian wright
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. 270 at 109 we have an accident on the shoulder kazing a slow go from that point to 121 and an extra 15 minutes from father hurley to the split. the beltway in virginia at gallows road. crash activity to the right shoulder. and a report on of an accident on the outer loop on the ramp to access westbound 66. 395 northbound, you are delayed from 495 to seminary and again washington boulevard to the bridge. howard? >> well, we have wet weather around. showers and drizzle. temperatures in the 50s and maybe 60s south today. tomorrow a couple of peeks of sun. another shower on wednesday and look at thursday through sunday. sunshine back in the 70s. >> that looks gorgeous. this is not, though. looking lower on wall street. however, some new economic data is coming out. >> the "early show" is next.
6:59 am
more on the terror warning for europe and new ways to avoid migraines. get the news, weather and traffic at >> let's listen to the university of maryland marching band. they have been with us all morning an don't forget to vote for them with their performance of the hawaii five-o teeth theme song at here they go ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ music ] ♪ [ playing the theme to hawaii five-o ] mrn travelers are told to be aware of an increased terror threat including possible al qaeda plots in several cities across europe. we'll bring you the


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