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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 4, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. more rain is topping our newscast this first monday in october. hello. i'm jc hayward. thanks for joining us. we're going to have more rain. it is cold and wet outside. let's get to howard with his forecast. >> we have all the rain this morning. everyone remembers what happened last week with the rain and flooding. and this has been a nice soaking rain and the majority of it has ended for the day. we are seeing quite a bit of rain across areas in maryland. virginia, you are almost cleared out. here in dc did not need the umbrella. we have specks of light green
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showing up near bethesda, near the american legion bridge and especially in to prince georges county, points east. that's where it is really picking up. you can see it there from clinton to brandywine, even in dunkirk, still have a little bit of heavier rain here. this is drifting north. upper marlboro and clinton. i want to make another stop to show you toward frederick, maryland, you have showers coming from the dulles area through west of montgomery drifting to the north. as we look at the weather computer, you are going to see improving conditions for the afternoon. all of this, the big stuff is in to pennsylvania and heavy rain from williamsport back to altoona and the south and west, even a couple of breaks. we may see brightening to the skies. we'll take it because temperatures will struggle this afternoon. mid-50s for 3:00 and 6:00 and low 50s at 9:00 as fewer and fewer showers but winds from the north at 10 to 15. it's raw. there's improvement for us as we head to the second half of
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the week. details in 15 minutes. we'll get back to you, howard. thank you. another robbery in college park. this time on the university of maryland campus. a student was attacked near anne arundel hall. and forced to give up his cell phone and wallet. yesterday's attack has students demanding more protection. >> we haven't seen any reaction on the issue of crime. we'd like to see some resources provided to us from the administration on cutting down on this, especially because it looks to be like it could be moving closer if not on campus. >> reporter: student government leaders met last night to discuss this latest attack. since summer there have been eight robberies near or on the college campus. police are looking for the killer of a silver spring man. michael cornish was found wounded in northwest yesterday.
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he died later at the hospital. a second person was treated an released. the gunman has not been found and there's no word on a motive. dc police want to know who took a shot at an officer them patrolman was not injured. but it happened this morning near the dc star nightclub on queens chapel road near bladensburg road in northeast washington. police are investigating reports of shots in the neighborhood. a final farewell today for a navy seal from montgomery county. lieutenant looney died last month in afghanistan. he's being buried today at arlington national cemetery. at the wake yesterday, a spokesperson read a statement from his family. >> although his life was tragically cut short his spirit will live on in his family, his friends and brave men and women who served by his side until
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passing. >> reporter: the wake was held at dematha high school. looney was a graduate of the 1999 class. this is the first monday in october, the beginning of the new session of the supreme court. elena kagan joined the other justices as they denied the nearly 2,000 appeals that have piled up in recent months. joel brown has more now from captiol hill. >> reporter: justice elena kagan joins the court led by chief justice john roberts at the start of the new term. for the first time, three women are serving together on the nation's highest court. the justices ' first job, deciding which of the nearly 2,000 appeals they will hear, but elena kagan's day will be different from her colleagues. she is taking herself out of nearly half of the cases the court has already agreed to hear because of her past work as the top lawyer for the obama administration. >> there's a number of cases she will not be able to sit on. that is potentially a problem
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because if the court is closely divide would split 4-4. she would not be there to cast the deciding vote. >> reporter: she will recuse herself today. when he chose elena kagan, president obama was looking for a liberal leading justice to replace john paul stephens. >> case after case these justices sometimes disappoint the president who puts them up there. >> reporter: this term will be marked by two first amendment cases. one concerns a california law, banning the sale of violent video games to children. the other involves deciding if antigay protests, outside of a funeral, are considered free speech. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> if justice elena kagan is absent from a case and the justices split -4 the most recent lower court decision will stand. the family of a northern
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virginia woman observed a sad time over the weekend because sunday marked the 800th day since the death of vanessa pham. it is an important day in buddhism and other cultures. they come to her gravesite every day. >> i think she rests in peace now, but we are not in peace. >> every time i think about her. i don't know why people would do that to her. she's my baby. >> reporter: pham was last seen in surveillance video leaving a shopping center and was found ten minutes later stabbed to death in her car. her killer has not been found. redskins fans are feeling pretty good today. the team is in a tie for first place in the afc east after yesterday's win over
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philadelphia. a standing ovation was given for donovan mcnabb. it's his first game since he was traded to washington. washington was up 7-0 in the first quarter. that's when mcnabb hit chris cooley for a 31-yard touchdown. washington led 14-0. michael vick left in the first quarter. he was tackled hard and hurt his chest and his ribs. he will have an rbi today. in the end, the redskins won 17- 12. after the game, mcnabb talked about the homecoming. >> although mike has taken my parking spot out there, you know, it was still the same feeling. coming out of the tunnel, it felt like i was playing back here at lincoln financial again. >> reporter: next sunday the redskins are going to host the packers. green bay beat detroit yesterday 28-26. habitat for humanity is lending its helping hands to
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the drive for more affordable housing in the metropolitan area. for the 27th year in a row, former president carter has been part of the campaign. kristin fisher has more now from northeast washington. >> i don't think it matters whether it rains or shines. the habitat homes have always gotten built. >> it's wet, it's cold and only been four days since former president carter was released from the hospital, but the former president said he was ready to get his hands dirty after arriving at this habitat for humanity work site in northeast washington. >> i'm perfectly okay. it was a temporary stomach virus and god has blessed me in many ways and one of them has been good health so far. so we are working hard and driving nails. >> reporter: president and mrs. carter are leading 800 dc volunteers at the start of this week-long project. these volunteers will be working all day every day until friday. today is the only day they will
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be working alongside a former president. >> it is definitely an honor. today is a very exciting day and i'm definitely excited to get to work to put it up. >> reporter: president carter is working on one of the six homes being built from the ground up this week as part of the carter work project. another six homes in this northeast dc neighborhood are being renovated. that's 12 new projects in just one week for the dc habitat for humanity. >> 12 homes is a lot for us, particularly because of the expense involved in building a house in the district. so for us this is a major undertaking. >> reporter: a big undertaking but means a new life for these 12 soon to be homeowners but only one of them will have the distinction to say their home was partially built by a former president. >> it is a memorable moment. i can tell my kids our home was actually built by our president jimmy carter. >> kristin fisher, 9 news now.
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today is world habitat day. and building projects are underway in 300 locations an the globe. glad the president is feeling better. still ahead, on 9 news now, angry lions turn on their trainers during a circus performance and the whole thing was caught on tape. plus, a terror alert is raising fears among american travelers in europe. we will have the latest on that scare when we come back. wúçúwú
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it was all caught on tape. a terrifying line of attack at a circus. an american at the circus pulled out his video camera as lions attacked their handlers. circus workers attempted to hold down the animals trying to separate them from the trainers. there were fears the lions would get out of their cage and go to the audience. >> i was grabbing my daughter and trying to run because i thought they were going to come out. >> kids are screaming and kids are only ten feet away and we are probably 35 feet away. >> reporter: the trainer and other circus workers are all expected to survive. japan has joined america and the u.k. in issuing a travel travel alert for europe. there are fears that terrorists are plotting a commando-style assault, similar to the deadly rampant in mumbai, india.
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charlie d'agata has an update. >> reporter: security teams across europe are bracing for a possible terror attack. japan is now joining the u.s. and britain, warning citizens to stay away from popular european tourist sites. >> take the threats seriously but right now i feel very safe here in paris. >> reporter: the fbi says there is no indication that frists are specifically targeting americans. french authorities are investigating nine bomb threats in paris last month. two at the eiffel tower. u.s. intelligence officials think that osama bin laden himself is behind the plot. officials say terrorists may be planning to unleash shooters armed with assault weapons to attack in public places in europe and they say islamic militants are modeling their strategy on the terror attacks two years ago in mumbai where 170 people were killed in a shooting rampage. the u.s. state department is warning americans traveling to europe to be extra vigilant and
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aware of their surroundings. but intelligence officials are giving no details about the target or timing of an attack. >> obviously not going to give anything away to this terrorist but that vagueness can be difficult for the public to understand in terms of what they have to do. >> reporter: some tourists say all they can do is live life. >> no matter what threats there are -- >> and hope anti-terror teams have the intelligence and fire power to keep them safe. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. a cool damp start to the week and while short term has a few showers, long term is looking up. the forecast in hd when we return.
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starting the week wet and dreary, but i'm hoping things get better as we progress. >> they will. you know, like a fine wine, it will finish really strong. we have to finish strong and that's what we will do for you this week. a miserable start to the day for many with the cold damp air we have been dealing with. but look at the weather computer. you are going to see the rain we have been dealing with this morning, in some areas like jan in reedville almost an yesterday from yesterday. this stuff has lifted in to pennsylvania. still showers around and we will show you that on live doppler 9000 hd. one more time, virginia just about clear of the rain, but maryland up north in to pennsylvania, this is what we are dealing with. while it is here in northwest, a few moments ago without the umbrella. some parts of the district seeing this rain lift out of
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prince georges county, southeast and northwest. you can see in prince georges, anne arundel counties, quite a bit more in the way of rainfall right now and some of this is on the moderate side. some yellow southwest of deal and dunkirk. darker greens shady side back through here and prince georges county. brandywine, clinton, upper marlboro, andrews. all lifting north on 301. probably another hour or so to be dealing with the heavier shower action that is moving north. in frederick a little thin line of showers in frederick and carroll county is all that is left. the day at a glance. in the mid to upper 50s here at 3:00. we will drop off slowly to 52 by 9:00 and we will see a chilly night. cloudy skies. lows in the 40s. thank thankfully less wind. tomorrow sunshine, clouds. breezy and cool. stray shower can't be ruled out
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with a high of 65. 56 fredericksburg. 54 cumberland. we're in the 50s. did you see york? still in the 40s and a north wind at 16. feels like the 40s and dew .51. the upper storm will be with us for a couple of days but the seven-day forecast, looks a lot better. today some showers, lingering one or two. tomorrow, stray shower. wednesday a few more showers 64 and then thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, sunny skies and temperatures back in the 70s. as i said, a strong finish to the week. that's the weather. right now it is monday. i'm peggy fox with and today we are talking girl scouts. the girl scouts organization is not your mother's troop anymore. i is all changed and more exciting and relevant than ever. and with us is lydia, in the new ceo of the girl scouts of
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the nation's capital. thank you for coming in. tell me about this you have new branding and new logo you are wearing it on your lapel. >> we are approaching the 100th anniversary for girl scouts in 2012 and we have redone our brand to make our logo have a little more modern. we know girls are looking for high adventure opportunities and ways they can learn things they are not learning in their regular life. >> i just got back from an even campment where we had 200 girls from the mclean area shooting rockets, canoeing down rapids, learning archery and that is what you are talking about, isn't it? >> that's exactly right. we know that crafts and songs are incredibly important to our movement, but we know the girls of today want to be able to compete in the work place and compete with male counterparts and shooting rockets is one of those things they need to know how to do. >> a little engineering in there, definitely. >> we are having a great time with the girl scouts and i hope
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it is something -- if you have a daughter at home -- that you look in to because there are so many opportunities. lydia, thanks for joining us. we have information on how to join the girl scouts at
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at we're in the kitchen and marie spano is with me to talk about losing the salt but keeping the flavor. good to see you. she's a registered dietitian and has a new book that is coming out in january. it's a text book for athletes. >> for athletes. >> about sports nutrition. >> yes. >> it is the nsca's guide to
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sports nutrition. >> okay. today we will have salmon. >> salmon with tomatoes and pasta. >> all right. heart smart meal. first you can grill, bake or cook the salmon on the stove top. doesal little olive oil. >> salmon is so good for you. so nutritious. >> it is so heart healthy and nine out of ten americans consume too much sodium according to the cdc. so my first rule of thumb is flavor without the sodium. >> reporter: what is this? >> this is mrs. dash garlic and herb. >> it is salt and sodium free. no msg. great for everyday meal solutions. >> reporter: so a little olive oil and lemon juice and mrs. dash. i tell everyone the recipe is on our website so you can prepare this at home. so you are mixing it also in a little dish.
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oh! look at that mrs. dash. >> okay. adding this to the pasta and this is the lemon juice, olive oil and mrs. dash. >> you cooked it how long. >> yes and i chose a whole wheat pasta. >> roasted peppers. >> red and yellow. >> beautiful color. >> cucumbers. >> and tomatoes. i always like people adding potassium rich foods because potassium blunts the affects of sodium on blood pressure. so it helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure. it is a pretty dish, flavorful with all of the ingredients and you can add diced tomatoes. >> colorful, easy to prepare. saute the salmon on each side and boil the pasta and seven it alongside the salmon and i pair it with milk or tea. tea is rich in flavenoids and they are good for blood vessel
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functioning. >> look at that. howard, doesn't that look tastey. >> one of the words i love hearing stuff about thises mrs. dash. >> it works. >> we thank you for being with us. thank you for being with us. come back at 5:00. have a great day.
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