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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 5, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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be in hidden tomorrow, but never have i suffered dediscrimination in such a direct and blatant way. for someone who has seen as many things as i have seen, this is blatant. this is right in your face. i was really shocked. i was dismayed. i was angry. i was frustrated. and i didn't know what to do for a little while. >> now the government run airline insists not allowing mahmoud to board this morning. it was a mistake they regret. the airline apologized, but he is reluctant to accept that apology before he knows he knows this won't happen again. the terror suspect who admitted trying to detonate a car bomb in times square will serve the rest of his life behind bars. terrorism charges back in june. today a federal judge gave him the mandatory life sentence. investigators say shahzad told them he hoped the blast he
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attempted may kill at least 40 people and he planned to set off another bomb two weeks later. shahzad became a u.s. citizen. he told investigators the pakistani taliban gave him more than $15,000 and training with explosives. now to an unsolved shooting in alexandria. last night a man was found shot in the stomach near the huntington metro. the question, what was the motive? armando trull joins us live from the shooting scene. any suspects at this point, armando? >> well, fairfax county police detectives just finished interviewing that 32-year-old victim. he is still recovering from nonlife threatening wounds at the hospital and they are hoping he can provide them with some of those answers. >> fairfax county police and metro transit police arrived at the huntington metro station around 10:30 monday night. >> a woman called us because she was going to the huntington metro to meet a family member. when that individual did not
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show up when he was supposed to, she called us with concerns. > officers fanned out throughout the station. >> we located a 32-year-old man suffering from a gun shot wound. >> where was this man? >> he was in the ride in the lower lot near huntington avenue. >> it's not clear if the victim was traveling on the metro or in a vehicle, it's also not clear whether he was shot in the station or elsewhere. >> there were no reports of any shots heard in the metro station. there were other citizens and residents in the parking lot when police arrived. and so it was a very confused scene. >> i have been here for seven years. never heard of any type of crime around here. >> to hear that someone was shot here, that's really scary. >> do you see a lot of crime around here or is it usually quiet? >> it's usually pretty quiet. down this street, walking towards richmond highway, i wouldn't walk it alone at night. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: and anita,
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fairfax county police are hoping that in addition to the information that they are getting from the victim himself, anyone who was here at the huntington metro station last night between 10:00 and 10:30, hopefully they saw something and they are asking to get a call. reporting live, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> hopefully that will happen. thank you. let's move to an update of our top story at 5:00. there was a chemical scare at the balton common mall this afternoon. lindsay mastas has been on the scene. a suspected shoplifter started all this. give us an update on how many went to the hospital and their conditions, lindsay. >> reporter: five people have gone to an hospital. we haven't been given an update, but most people had trouble breathing because of the substance. this all started when a manager of the shoe store noticed that someone was stealing shoes. police say he followed the woman through the mall. she got to where there's an overpass and she stopped,
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turned around, pulled out this chemical and sprayed it in his face. police say his eyes were burned and four other people were also sent to the hospital because they had trouble breathing. >> sneezed and i looked around and i saw people who were pulsing and people covering their faces like this. i was worried about what it was. >> everybody was coughing. in a matter of seconds, everybody. everybody was coughing and sneezing. >> police say the chemical dispated so they didn't have to evacuate, but they did have people leave nay area of the mall. a lot of people say they smelled the odor. they knew something was wrong and they got out. reporting live in boston, i'm lindsay mastas. thank you. 3% of district residents are infected with hiv, much higher than the national average. now here's a chance to get paid to get tested. free screenings are being offered to people doing business at the penn branch
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dmv. the yearlong program kicked off today. everyone who got tested will get a money order for up to $15 to cover the cost of dmv service. >> they inform you about how to prevent getting hiv. they ask you questions like, what do you do in order to protect yourself? they give out condoms. >> regardless whether or not you fit in those risk categories, everyone needs to test. >> results from the oral exam are ready in 20 minutes. the tests are available tuesday through saturday again for a whole year. the justice department along with maryland and six other states filed a lawsuit against american express, visa and mastercard for anticompetitive practices. the lawsuit claims the credit card companies prevented them when they used rival cards with lower acceptance fees. the justice department reached a settlement with visa and mastercard. it plans to move forward with its case against american express. going green has earned the district some green as in
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money. pepco awarded the dc government more than $37,000. all part of a rebate program the company sponsored. the district earned that rebate money by installing energy efficient equipment in government owned buildings. a federal judge is under fire. he is facing drugs and weapons charges. details on the sting that got him busted straight ahead. but first, find out why the national park service is closing the reflecting pool at the national mall and when it's going to happen. topper. >> if you are headed out tonight, walk the dog, perhaps. i would bring a jacket. you can access this on our website. 63 and 50 go in the books. it was 40 this morning at dulles. 72 and 54 are still the averages and 96 our record high. after october 11, we had no records above 90. we'll come back and talk about the clouds give way to showers tomorrow and lock ahead to the end of the week and the weekend.
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welcome back. how are things looking? >> hey there. looking at overall picture of the capital beltway. a lot of the red congested on the parkway. no one going above 31 miles per hour in both directions here. outer loop, the earlier accidents on the bridge is clear. as you move on to our camera in virginia. 395 headed southbound right
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now. still very slow from pentagon over to duke and accident free, but still 30 minutes between 123. anita, back to you. >> thanks. we want to remind you about a very important campaign to us here at channel 9. the great hangup. an effort to get everybody to stop using their cell phones illegally while they're driving. if you have been affected by a distracked driver talking on a cell phone or texting, we'd like to share your story on the air. tell us all about it by going to or by calling 202- 895-5960. if you have ever been to the national mall on a hot humid day, maybe you noticed this. the reflecting pool can get smelly because of all that stagnant water. well it is time for a fix. the national park service will rework the pool's water circulation and filtration system, but that means the reflecting pool will be closed later this month and drained and it could stay closed for up to two years until the work is
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done. taking a look at more news from where you live. a seven-year-old boy found a fossil dating back 116 million years. aiden found the 1 1/2 inch jawbone at the laurel dinosaur park. for more stories that are specific to where you live, go to and click on your neighborhood. grow see that page? you keep up with what's happening. we also want to hear from you if you have a story or news tip. contact us and be part of the team at and speaking of neighborhood news, a family loses their home over a $75 debt. find out more about that after the break.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp.
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strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. about 15 minutes from now, vincent gray, the mayor-elect of dc will hold a town hall meeting. it starts at 6:30 and will be held at the charter school. that's 1400 first street northwest in ward 5. he plans to hold a series of eight town hall meetings, one in each ward leading up to the november 2 general election. the dc board of elections says it's not ready to roll out its online voting system yet because it failed a hacker test. now the internet voting pilot is an effort to put a more secure system in place for voters overseas. officials there say that right now, they have an unsecure system in place for those voters who can't get their ballot back in time with the current system people fax or e- mail their ballots in. the city spent $300 million on
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the failed program that would serve about 900 people. the dc council will discuss this voting test on friday during a hearing on overall election issues. four weeks and counting until the midterm elections nationwide and the attack ads are flourishing. >> you lie about serving in a war. >> we have learned something very important. >> again and again. >> yup, that one was released by former world wrestling ceo, linda mcmahon. the republican and connecticut attorney general are in a bitter senate race. in delaware, senate candidate and tea party favorite, christine o'donnell unveiled a new effort to put the past behind her that has been haunting her. >> i'm not a witch. i'll go to washington and do what you do. >> two new polls show some glimmer of hope for the democrats. both the washington post poll out today and a new gallop
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survey shows voters think democrats are more apt to help the middle class. however, they do show republicans still having an edge going into these elections. a jury in connecticut has found steven hayes guilty of murdering a mother and her two daughters during a home invasion back in 2007. prosecutors say hayes and another man broke into the family's house, beat the father with a baseball bat, then forced the mother to withdraw money from a bank before assaulting and strangling her. they tied up her daughters, ages 11 and 17 and set the house on fire. >> on behalf of our daughter, jennifer hawke-petit and for hailey elizabeth petit and michaela rose petit, we are pleased with the verdict. >> hayes could get the death penalty when he is sentenced. the second defendant is being
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tried separately. >> like the midterm elections, this next case is making national headlines. a federal judge caught in the drug sting and tonight he is facing not only drugs, but weapons charges. georgia u.s. district judge, jack jr. was arrested for buying illegal drugs from a stripper with whom he was having a long time affair. the judge bought cocaine, marijuana, and codone from an under cover agent. >> this is a case between his wife. it's not a case about judge camp being a judge. >> camp has been on the bench 20 years. his lawyer says he intended to plead not guilty. according to arrest papers, he used drugs with his girlfriend who he was paying for sex and this has been going on according to those papers since last spring. the affidavit says the dancer was cooperating with the fbi and promised immunity from prosecution for prior drug charges. a family lost their home
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and four pets over $75. her grass caught fire. she called 911, but the fire department respond. she says it's because she forgot to pay her $75 fire fighting fee mandatory for rural residents. >> people around here know us. we are honest people and we would come in and pay it, they know it. >> after destroying the home, the fire spread to a neighbor's house who had paid the fee. firefighters got there in minutes and put out the flames in no time. no one from the county, the mayor's office, or the fire department has commented yet on that case. here at home - chilly. >> for sure, it was cold this morning. >> but here's the deal. the same storm that brought us the rain on sunday afternoon is still around, but it's going to depart tomorrow night. when it leaves, you will like what it leaves in its wake. here's your forecast first now. the next three days, tomorrow,
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probably similar in terms of cloud cover. variable clouds. a better chance of showers on wednesday. temperatures in the low 60s and then pleasant on thursday. we are back in the low 70s and we are great on friday with sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70s. i mean, a strong finish to the week. all right, let's break down tomorrow. i think more important than an umbrella will be a coat tomorrow morning. 49 to start. mostly cloudy, which means low 40s in the suburbs. mid 50s by lunchtime. variable clouds and 62 by evening. we could have a shower inbetween noon. i don't think it will affect rush hour that much. nothing heavy. all right, 56 right now in arlington. 56 in bethesda. 59 downtown. 57 in laurel. you know, temperatures are running about 15 degrees below average. we should be in the low to mid 70s. 56 in reston and 57 right now in leesburg. for tonight, variable cloudiness, chilly again. shower possible. low temperatures in the 40s.
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winds will die down a little bit. become west, northwest at 10. satellite picture, radar combined. we showed you this yesterday. looks about the same, doesn't it? a big swirl of showers and a few thunderstorms to the north of us. this is going to pivot all the way around through west virginia back around virginia and in through us tomorrow. again, what rolled through tomorrow will be very light and once it rolled through tomorrow, that will be the last of this storm. it will finally be able to pick up and move itself out to sea. right now, just some clouds. all right, lows tonight, furnace is going to kick on again. 45 in rockville and college park. 44 in bowie. we are talking upper 40s. that's a good deal. mid 40s again for reston, for sterling. 42 in leesburg and 42 in manassas. now wednesday morning, variable clouds and chilly. slight chance of a shower, 40s and 50s. winds westerly at 10. best chance of showers would be in the afternoon. variable clouds and cool. a couple showers possible. highs low to mid 60s and winds
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turn southwesterly at 10, but not that strong. all right, we'll talk fall colors. no change really, i mean except for a few corner trees in the immediate metro area and certainly points to the south and to the east. you get in upper montgomery county, loudoun, there is some color, especially around the i- 81 corridor. and then of course near peek, once you jump that divide, oakland, garrett county, western al gayny county, pressen and tucker county, your average peek. west of the divide to oakland, about the 10th of october. skyline drive to 16th to the 20th. our suburbs, late october. and downtown, not until early november. next seven days, low 60s tomorrow. some showers and low 70s thursday. just spectacular. great night for high school football, too. and the weekend looks great. mid 70s on saturday. low 70s on sunday. skins play at 1:00. weather wise, we will be perfect for tailgating and for
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spectating. i hope the outcome is also perfect. low 70s on monday and mid 70s on tuesday with showers rolling back in here. >> you're saying no time to rest on our laurel. >> donovan needs to get over that second half. i know we are happy he beat the eagles, but it was not so great in the second half. by the way, if the skins beat the packers, it's going to be without clinton portis. the runningback says he is likely not going to be there for sunday's game. the latest, plus, why this celtics star is running laps in shoes that are way too big for his feet. the explanation in 9sports. hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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it's time for 9sports with brett haber. >> if you call in sick for work on tuesday, your job will be there when you come to work on wednesday, not so in the nfl. the way young ryan tear rain has been playing, clinton portis may be about to learn that fact the hard way. portis strain his groin on sunday and that injury appears to be more serious. port is saying on his radio show that he will likely not play against the packers this sunday and with terain gaining favor, you have to wonder if portis will get that job back. >> i don't think the team would let me attempt to play on sunday. but who knows, you know, i think i need to recover. so who knows. >> who knows, meanwhile,
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donovan mcnabb putting the blame on himself for a substandard performance on sunday. mcnabb just 2 for 11 for 10 yards after halftime. he said he and the offense were too eager. all right, how would you describe the capitals season last year? they won the president's trophy during the regular season and they shattered the franchise record for most points, but then they lost in the first round of the playoffs. is that a success or failure? fans will continue to debate that. but for the players, last year is clearly serving as a motivator. alex ovechkin gathering today for team media day with just three days left until the season opener and the bitter taste from that loss last year still fresh. >> for me, it's bottled up right here and can't release it until we start winning hockey games again. couldn't ride the bike far enough, lift enough weights. the internal frustration is tough to deal with. >> i'm from toronto.
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montreal has beaten us all the time. hopefully, we are making such good new memories that we won't worry about it anymore. >> now the toyota d >> the spelling error coming from manassas. there is michael coming at you. 80 yards on the touchdown as the raiders beat freedom high 44-28 #á 20. high schoolers, if you would like to become one of our campus correspondents, log on to dc.high to apply. the wizards open their preseason tonight in dallas. a game that will not only give us a first look at gilbert arenas, but one that will also be a reunion of sorts as the
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wizards face brendon. the wizards remember got all- star josh howard in return in that deal, but howard tore his acl four days into his tenure here in dc. >> had to get out there and start rehabbing harder. like i said, it's a new season. new things, you know, looking for a big change. >> us, too. finally tonight, celtics guard, nate robinson is a smart aleck and not moving very well. it would be helpful if he started moving. he is a smart aleck. he is also 5-foot 8. so when head coach dock rivers wanted to teach nate a lesson, he made him run wind sprints around the gym in shaquille o'neil's shoes. shaquille wears a size 23. he could wear his shoes inside of shaq's shoes. and there he ran looking like a
6:28 pm
clown coming out and they are laughing. >> of course, it is kind of funny. >> it's very funny. >> good stuff. >> is it good weather coming? >> tomorrow, you know, not so great. variable clouds, maybe a shower. but then, what a strong finish. low 70s on thursday and upper 70s on friday and the weekend, can you beat that? mid 70s saturday and low 70s for the redskin game on sunday. >> sweet. love that. all right, that's all for 9news now at 6:00. stay with us here on channel 9. the cbs evening news is next with katie couric and derek is back with us at 7:00. we'll see you later. 
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>> couric: tonight, it was a crime that shocked the nation, an ex-con who broke into a doctor's home this connecticut and killed his family is convicted of murder. but it's little solace to the sole


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