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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 6, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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[laughter] craig: and if you have more than one cat, they're all thinking about it. not mr. tiddles. he doesn't call himself mr. tiddles. he calls himself spud. i'm sorry about all the brutal -- sorry about all the brutal edit on the shows. sorry about the brutal edits on the show tonight. but chris hardwick was very, very rude. if you know anything about me, you know, i won't sit still for that. we don't have cussing or profanity or any type of sexual innuendo on this show. and by the way, dr. who is not a superhero. he's an alien.
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and he came here on his own accord. [laughter] craig: good night, everybody. good night. [cheers and applause] ♪ you look like an angel ♪ look like an angel [ grunting ] ♪ walk like an angel ♪ walk like an angel [ laughs ] ♪ talk like an angel ♪ but i got wise [ grunting ] ♪ you're the devil in disguise [ male announcer ] we put it through over 5,000 quality tests... so it'll stand up to just about anything. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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your money or your life? a new controversy may force one community to choose between ambulances and firemen. topper is tracking another round of rain before a warmup. plus, flaming cash, the government is paying out hundreds of millions to veterans. is uncle sam looking for you? this is 9news now. >> in just four short weeks, the people of montgomery county could be voting for a lot more than just whether or not they'll have to pay a fee to call an ambulance. >> instead they could be choosing between their money or their safety. montgomery county executive ike leggett says cuts, including firefighters, will be necessary if they reject the ambulance fees in november. a memo sent this afternoon shows
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89 firefighter jobs and 11 ambulances could be eliminateled. the county wants to charge people up to $800 each time they call an ambulance. leggett says if voters reject that, the county risks a $14 million budget gap that would mean layoffs. >> we will have cuts in all areas, including public safety. we'll try to avoid as many layoffs as possible. >> we feel it's a scare tactic because in every instance what he suggested to take away is from seniors, from children, from the underprivilege, and that is everything they want to eliminate. news from where you live tonight. a sharp ten line viewer alerted us to a very hard situation with the parking meters in one local jurisdiction. >> we learned tonight that the town's government plans to remedy that situation in the
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next six months. andrea mccarren shows us what is about to change in old town. >> reporter: utter the word parking meter, and the mild mannered can simpler over. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: we met kuan davis minutes after he lost a pocket full of coins in a parking meter. >> i have to put coins in for the company vehicle and i've lost over $3. so i was coming from the store actually getting change so i can put it into the machine so i wouldn't get a ticket. >> reporter: davis is not alone. the city's parking meters display specific instructions, valid coins only. but nowhere do they say what constitutes a valid coin. >> i was trying to put in some nickels and the time wasn't going up. so i lost a couple nickels in there. >> reporter: we took our questions to abbe learner of alexandria's transportation department. >> the meters do not specify the coins that you can use. however, if you try to put in a dollar coin, it will not fit through the slot. >> reporter: the council has
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authorized the replacement of all of the single space parking meters in old town at the cost of $1,250,000 to taxpayers. >> we feel that we're going to address the problem, the issue, by replacing those meters. >> this is a classic case of literally nickelling and diming taxpayers to death. make bad meters, tell them to figure out the instructions and say don't worry about it because we're going to spend more money to replace the ones we have anyway. >> reporter: city officials insist the new multi-space meters like this will pay for themselves in two years. and they'll be customer friendly by accepting credit cards. andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> and for more stories from where you live, just go to find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. in fact, if you've got a story or a news tip, we really do want to hear from you. contact us. be a part of the team.
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wearing a smurk to go with his prison robe. during the sentencing, faisal shahzad said if he had a thousand lives, he would sacrifice them all. shahzad pleaded guilty back in june. a man may be blind, but he can sure see when he is getting the shaft. today the arlington man tried to catch a flight out of dubai on a government-run airline called fly dubai, but they told him no. if you're blind and alone, you cannot fly. he said he was shocked and humiliated after one employee after another insisted, yes, that is company policy. we spoke to him via skype. >> i was shocked. as a blind person, you suffer discrimination. and it could be in hidden form. but never have i had discrimination in such a direct
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and blatant way. >> they said not allowing him to board this more than's plane was a mistake -- this morning's plane was a mistake. they offered him a free flight. he says he'll only accept the apology when he's sure nothing like this happens to him or anyone else. about 900 dc voters are going to be stuck abroad for next month's election and a special plan they put together to make it a lot easier for them to vote just got drop kicked by computer hackers. >> the students were invited to hack the new system, and as gary nurenberg, they managed to do it loudly and proudly. gary, what is this all about? >> well, they blew the plan out of the water for next month's election. blew it out of the water by loading the fight song for the university of michigan letting the elections board know where they were from and the plan to help dc voters abroad isn't safe
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enough to use. pretty simple idea let hundreds of dc residents serving or working abroad vote by going online, downloading a ballot, filling it out and sending it back all online. the idea is to improve efficiency and cut the risk of loss. cut the amount of time it takes a ballot mailed in dc to arrive abroad. cut the amount of time it takes the completed ballot to arrive back here in dc. is that as safe as voting in person? the elections board decided to find out. >> we essentially said go at it. tell us where we're wrong, tell us where our holes are. >> so in a part of the program that allows voters to file online. >> a computer science professor at the university of michigan had given them a challenge to hack into the system and they invented a file that told us so with the university of michigan fight song. >> the end result, absentee voters can download a ballot but they'll have to mail it back. >> this is exactly why we had
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this public examination period so we would discover these issues now, not when ballots are being transferred. >> this all sounds pretty simple in the computer age, but it is cutting edge technology they plan to refine and refine and test and test until it's just plain safe, which so far, obviously, anita, it is not. >> okay. but at what cost, dc has a big budget deficit. hiring freeze. no travel. how much did it cost the district? >> federal money involved in this $300,000 in federal funds to take care of those 900 dc voters. >> hum. okay. gary nurenberg, thank you. now, an update on the dc wildlife protection act. today the city council tentatively approved the bill that would toughen the standards for animal and pest control companies. the act has stirred up controversy because of one new proposed legislation. if passed, a wildlife removal business here in the district would have to make sure to make every effort to keep animal families together. that means if a mother raccoon or skunk is removed and the young are still in the house,
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they have to keep looking for them no matter what. a final vote will come in two weeks. a memphis man became a pain in the butt for one teen literally. the 45-year-old yelled at two teenagers to pull up the sagging pants. and when they didn't do it, he pulled a gun, fired several shots and hit one of them in the rear end. the teens wounds were not critical and he now faces aggravated assault charges over all of this. for some perspective and insight, we turned to derek mick mcginty and let's be real. >> just a tiny shout out that can't take the low riding jeans anymore. i have never condoned shooting anybody, but i do understand this man's rage. i mean, look, these kids, they look a little crazy, don't they? i mean, back when i was growing up in the 70s, we would never have warn anything so silly as jeans falling off our buts.
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i mean, really, we were pretty fashionable back then, realistic and content in the knowledge that our fashion choices would stand the test of time. now, personally i think this whole hip-hop thing is to blame, right? i mean, take a look. this guy looks kind of crazy. again. in my day, the artists knew how to do it low key. we understood our parents wouldn't dig it in we were too over the top. so, do you know what, they never went that far. i don't know what is wrong with these kids today. i mean, were we always trying to push the envelope? i don't think so. so let's be real, if they knew what was good for them, they would be more like us. [ laughing ] >> the 70s fashionable. i'm still thinking about that. other cool night across the metro area. we're going to have clouds. mid 40s to mid 50s and winds northwest northwesterly. we'll come back and talk about the afternoon and the weekend.
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still ahead tonight, getting frisky on facebook. why are women telling the world where they like it, and it isn't what you think. plus claiming cash. hundreds of millions of cash unclaimed. see how there i
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take a look at this. behind me you are watching as $315 million accumulates in $100 bill denominations, and the u.s. government just can't seem to give it away. here is the deal, there are tens of thousands of military men and women that deserve that money and they haven't applied for it and time is running out. >> so this would be the baby's room. >> reporter: for sergeant eric sharman and his life melissa, today is about planning for the future. >> we're still going to figure out where we're going to put furniture. >> reporter: much different than nine years ago.
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>> i had plans. i did have plans. i was supposed to start in school that january. >> reporter: but right after the 9/11 attacks, sharman serving in germany and just weeks from going home was hit by what the military calls the stop loss program. >> what it entails for the individual is that they have to stay on active duty past their separation date or retirement date until we can grow replacements. >> they need us. so i don't think i knew anyone who was really too bitter about having to stay. >> reporter: still sharman and 145,000 troops just like him essentially had to put their lives on hold for months. and last october, the u.s. congress came up with a retroactive thank you in the form of 500 bucks for every extra month they had to serve. >> i was getting about $2,200. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. >> reporter: and the average payout is $3,800. but there is a catch. you have to apply for the money
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by october 21st. and so far, about 87,000 troops have not yet put in for the cash. that despite the pentagon's best efforts says acting personnel management director. >> some individuals didn't believe they were eligible and they just assumed they weren't. we have other individuals who believe that it's a gimmick or it's something that is too good to be true. >> reporter: but for eric and melissa sharman. >> this place is just huge. >> yes, it is. compared to what we're in now. >> reporter: there are no doubts left. only gratitude. >> it's happening at the right time. we're trying to move into a larger apartment. we have a baby on the way. >> reporter: and the desire to spread the word. >> i was calling people that i served with that i knew were affected. i put it up on my facebook just to get the word out. people aren't really finding out about it. >> reporter: and if you think you might be eligible for that retroactive bonus pay, just go to our website and under the extras section we have
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links to that application process. and tomorrow morning 12 minutes after 6:00, what the pentagon is doing to try to get the word out to the troops who stand to gain thousands of dollars. >> okay, derek, but why do they have to apply. >> reporter: obviously the pentagon knows who was stopwatched? why not mail them the check. >> first of all, it's the way the letter is written. they want them to reach out and ask for the money. and secondly folks in the military move around. and once they separate, the pentagon doesn't necessarily know where they live or send the money. if they send the check to the wrong address, it bounces around. they want to know where it is. but it is, in essence free money. >> and time is running out. >> time is running out. okay. so when you collect that cash, what are you going to spend it on? well, neiman marcus has a few ideas for you. one of a kind gifts to be sure featured in their latest over the top holiday catalog. how about a his and hers house boat for a cool quarter of a
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million. or the swimming pool lit from the bottom with hand blown glass. wow. created by a name we can't pronounce. i don't think he's wearing socks. what do you think? [ laughing ] . >> i don't think it matters. >> i don't think so. that is quite the -- >> stre nice. all right. another provocative campaign for breast cancer awareness. in january women posted red, blue or polka dot. >> now they're getting racier with another facebook campaign that as brittany morehouse says is not very important. >> what would you do if your mother posted on her facebook ♪ baby i like it >> reporter: where she likes it>> i might block her. >> i would wonder if it was a
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joke. >> reporter: or how about a simple response to a question on facebook. >> where do you like to put your purse. >> reporter: weird or brilliant marketing or down right inappropriate? either way, the new grass roots campaign for breast awareness month is raising eyebrows. >> some girls putty like it on the floor next to my bed. >> i think it's more offensive and the first thought you think is something else. >> you wouldn't think, oh, that's where my purse goes. they should make like their status is something like think pink. >> with something like that, you want to make sure you don't offend a certain demographic. >> i think it is a good way to get someone's attention. >> it would get people's attention, especially if it's your mother. >> and i think it's -- i don't like it. >> yes, i don't like it. >> reporter: do we hear a pun? ♪ i like it >> reporter: which leaves us with one last question. >> i put my purse on the floor. >> well, i typically lose my purse on the coffee table.
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>> on a hook. >> at work i put it on top of my recycling box. >> i keep it on my shoulder. >> reporter: and mom. >> why would i tell you on facebook where i keep my purse? >>. [ laughing ] >>. >> reporter: exactly. brittany morehouse, 9news now. >> nonetheless. >> exactly. >> we are getting a lot of comments about this on our facebook page. and believe it or not, a lot of folks are posting where they put their purse. >> so let us know what you think on our facebook page or our website i've seen some. it does get your attention. >> where do you put your purse? >> my man purse. >> on the floor because it's dirty. >> okay. >> and that's actually true about purses. you don't want to put them on the counter. bad, bad, bad. >> oh, for goodness sakes. >> you take the fun out of everything. all right. we're talking about one more day with the storm, and then we can finely bid ado. here is the forecast. showers tomorrow. in fact a much better chance
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tomorrow afternoon. a lot more clouds. low 60s. pretty of the same temps. then we finish strong. low 70s on thursday. upper 70s with sunshine on friday. a fantastic finish to the week. we'll break down tomorrow. probably better off with a light jacket than you are with an umbrella. we're not talking about a lot of rain showers but chilly conditions to start. 49 with mostly cloudy skies. 56 by noon. and then some showers towards the end of the day. 62. maybe some showers around 5:00. some areas could be wet for the evening commute. i don't see any widespread problems. and certainly nothing heavy. variable cloudiness and chilly. shower possible overnight. low temps in the 40s. winds west, northwest at 10-15. you can access our doppler or check out our weather app for the iphone. we have some new additions. pretty cool stuff. variable cloudiness and chilly in the morning. a couple showers possible. 40s and 50s. winds westerly at ten. the best chance for showers will be for us in the afternoon.
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shower possible. high temperatures between 60 and 65. and winds not a factor tomorrow. light out of the southwest at so. satellite picture radar combined, look at this thing. it hasn't moved much. it's still sitting pretty much on top of it. it's stacked up in the upper levels of the atmosphere. finally we're going to see all of this pinwheel all the way around and then finally we'll lift out tomorrow night leaving us with a very nice thursday. for tonight sprinkles here and there. most of it confined to the #340u7b continues and that will be the -- mountains and that will be the case tomorrow as well. fall color, a little bit of change around the immediate metro area or no change. but to the west some school or. along -- some color. along i81 the average peak times for places like oakland is the 10th of october. pretty much this weekend. sky line drive the 16th through the 20th. the suburbs we have to way until late october and then downtown we don't see peak color until
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early november. next seven days, low 60s tomorrow. some showers. low 70s on thursday. just fantastic on friday. upper 70s with sunshine. a nice weekend. mid 70s on saturday with sunshine. low 70s on sunday. for the redskins hosting the packers. low 70s monday. and then showers. we can't be dry all of the time. >> no. >> 74 next tuesday. >> okay. >> okay. let's talk a little basketball, a little wizards action. >> are you ready for basketball? >> not really. >> no. you're still focused on football. try to compartment allize and deal with both. we'll show you the first arenas experiment. plus dan snyder opens up about his personal life and
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> ever since the wizards
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drafted john walsh, they wondered how he and arenas would co-exist. tonight they started three guards in the preseason opener. wall, arenas and kirk heinrich starting. here is wall. that is what 20-year old legs can do. for dallas a couple of old friends former wizard karon butler. dunking all over mcgee. he had nine. it would be tied at 94. ten seconds to play and who do the wizards call on to take the last shot, wall, arenas, no, lester hudson. the no name reserve nails the three and the wizards beat the maf ricks. meanwhile speaking of three, lebron, duane and chris bosh made their debut. that is lebron making like john wall coast to coast. he had 18. and then get ready for this
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combination all year, lebron underneath to chris bosh. not a whole heck of a lot you can do about that. 20 for bosch. heat crews by 16. lost amid the hoopla of donovan mcnabb's pay back win against the eagles is he didn't play very well. while his teammates bailed him out, he's not likely to get away with that loose pay again. donovan just 2-11. and with any number of long darts that he threw into the turf, today on his radio show mcnabb put the blame squarely on his own shoulders. >> i take full responsibility for definitely second half. you get so anxious to make the big play. that game should have actually been 44 to whatever. you have to be aggressive sometimes, but you also have to be smart with the ball. >> meanwhile it looks like clinton portis is out for sunday against the packers. mri still pending but the team won't let him risk further injury. the owner dan snyder has done a much better job these past few
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years of, how shall we put him, making himself scarce. schneider has largely stepped into the background and let shanahan become the face of the franchise. schneider granting a walking interview to espn interview talking about variety of topics to his childhood to the death of his father to the mistakes he made when he took over the team a decade ago. >> when you first buy like the redskins, there is no instruction manuel. i was 34 when i bought the team. >> can you believe that now no. >> no. i can't believe they would give the team to a 30-year-old. >> i think we all felt the same way. finally if you watched the bears game sunday and cutler getting sacked nine times. cutler was the only player on the field that night not wearing any pink to commemorate breast
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cancer awareness in the nfl. karma is -- well, you know what karma is, and jay needs to get his pink on if he wants to survive. >> they weren't blocking for him? >> no. i think it was cosmic karma that you have to respect the women. >> and put on the pink gloves. >> millions of women scorn. >>


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