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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 6, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mathieu schneider looking to spread their gospel that god is punishing america. >> all we wanted to do was bury matt with dignity and respect. >> reporter: an appeals court ruled the picket was protected under the first amendment and now it is up to the supreme court to sort it out. >> note to all, when you have a private funeral, we will not be there. when you have a public funeral, and you broadcast to the nation that that dead soldier is a hero and that god is blessing america, we will be there and tell you god is cursing america. >> the phelps and the westboro conduct is to extreme it went beyond all bounds of decency. >> reporter: justices asked if the church would follow a grieving grand mother home from
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the grave and describe to her in detail how much they loved ied's and what it would do to a human body. the church, phelps , insist, they follow no one. they stage a thousand feet away from the protests and the law passed by the maryland general assembly specifically to head off these protests, well what they did would be legal under that statute. >> thank you for that. a mother has been gunned down this morning in hyattsville. it happened along the 2500 block of marcum avenue. lindsey mastis joins us live from prince george's county police headquarters with the latest on the search for the killer. what can you tell us? >> reporter: police are trying to figure out exactly why this woman was killed. they want to know whether she was targeted. >> it was just crazy. because i knew she was a nice lady. >> reporter: it's hard to miss the spot where a woman lost her
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life. >> i came home and i seen a woman's body laying in front of her car. >> reporter: john recognized the woman, it was her neighbor. >> she lived next door. >> reporter: he said she was a mother and lived in the condominiums with her child. >> one little girl. >> we'll see each other. >> just walking her dog and we say hi and talk. >> reporter: when we arrived on scene the officers found an adult female suffering from gunshot wounds and was pronounced deceased a short time later. >> that is not a problem neighborhood for us. it's a relatively quiet community. >> reporter: as for martin. >> we have neighborhood watch, that's all we can do. >> reporter: police say the woman's daughter is safe. they are not elaborating because they don't know who killed her mother and they don't know where the killer may be. live at police headquarters in prince george's county, i'm lindsey mastis. 9 news now. >> lindsey, thank you. and prince george's county police are also dealing with an
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alleged cheating scandal within their own ranks. as many as 146 officers and their trainers may be under scrutiny for what occurred while they were cadets in training back in 2009. top brass are now questioning test results they suspect are too good to be true because everyone scored 100% and suspensions in some cases are being considered. coming up at 6:00, we'll have new reactions from the courthouse where prosecutors may have to cut some criminals lose about questions about integrity. breaking news out of columbia, maryland, where it is anything but business as usual for businesses. a gas line continued to burn after it ruptured late this morning. power has been shut off while crews search for the break. it occurred near stanford boulevard. no one was hurt. the howard county fire department tell us that line could continue to burn for another couple of hours. also breaking right now,
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the front windows of a mattress warehouse in montgomery county. sky 9 was there shortly after an suv matched into the store on veers mill road and university boulevard. look at that. luckily nobody was hurt. no word on why the driver lost control. also a standoff today in silver spring ended peacefully. police say a man with a machete assaulted his daughter-in-law and took her hostage. the family managed to escape. but police say the man, jose castillo, refused to give himself up. he was taken into custody around 12:30 this afternoon. no word on what sparked this standoff. a loudoun county virginia man is being held without bond tonight, accused of opening fire inside his home. investigators say steven underwood got into a fight with another man and two women inside the house on silver hill road. he's charged with attacking one of the woman and so far a
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motive is unclear. a serial burglary in northern virginia is stepping up break-ins. and surae chinn joins us live from haymarket where we are learning about another rash of break-ins. >> reporter: there is a false sense of security at this exclusive community and you would think a burglar would be deterred if they saw surveillance cameras. you have to have a security code to get into that gate but this burglar had bigger plans because he has a pen chant for large homes with cash and designer purses. chris barbosa is drying out her purse after finding it in a puddle of water in her yard. >> the minute i saw it on the side of the yard i knew what happened. >> reporter: the burglar got the purse out of her car where she left it. >> that's the rest of it. >> that's the rest of your
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purse? >> here is where they took the money from my envelope. i had $100 in there. >> reporter: jennifer is one of the luckier victims when the thief bypassed her house after trying to get in by cutting her screen door, only to find the door locked. >> he spent no time here and went on to find an easier target. my heart raced and i felt ill to think that someone could have come into our home. >> reporter: these sound early -- ear illly familiar to those in haymarket to fairfax county. they are talking with each other and these crimes are very similar. it's forced these homeowners to change their ways. >> i think we think we are safe in a gated community and we're a little complacent, but i'll be more careful. >> reporter: well most homeowners i talked with today say they do have home security
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but for some reason, and they each have their own reasons, but they don't turn it on. but from now on they will turn it on throughout the night and day. back to you, lesli. >> was there a security guard on duty at the time of the thefts? >> reporter: let me show you. there is a security shack, but no paid security guard on staff. you just have to get in through that security code and that gate. i will also add that police are looking for and through the surveillance video that hopefully caught this burglar on tape but no word yet. and also i want to add that loudoun county has issued an alert because they are afraid they could be next. live in haymarket, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> and there's a race to catch this person. thank you. severe weather struck out west today. topper shutt is in the weather center with more on the tornadoes that tore through parts of arizona. >> kind of unusual to have tornadoes in arizona. not out of the question.
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two maybe three tornadoes touched down in northern arizona. the twisters derailed a freight town, blew semis off the highway and smashed winds outside of flagstaff. sandra hughes has more. >> reporter: the tornadoes that touched down in northern arizona, tossed train cars like they were toyed. >> there i -- i have been through hail storms and snowstorms but nothing like this. >> reporter: and there were no serious injuries or deaths reported. dozens of homes were damaged. >> i didn't see the one at 5:30 in the morning. i saw the other one pass and it went to the east of us. >> reporter: the tornadoes were part of a storm system that swept across the western u.s., dropping record-setting rain and even surprising residents of phoenix with hail. sandra hughes, cbs news. >> now that derailed train car blocking the main rail lines, the railroad is expected to
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reopen one lane late tonight. calmer here and we're going to begin to dry out. and we'll have more in a little bit. the montgomery county school board said the graduation rate jumped to 90% last year. there were strong gains among african-american students. and as far as rates go, the biggest gains are at kennedy, blair and wheaton high. the school board said the class of 2010 had the best s.a.t. scores in the district's history. remember how you used to walk to school? well the times have changed. but today many people join children to celebrate international walk to school day. and the goal is to promote safer streets, healthier habits and cleaner air. ike leggett walked the walk to east silver spring elementary. the percentage of students who walk or bike to school in the u.s. dropped from 41% in 1969, to just 13% in 2001. more mobile speed cameras going up in maryland.
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in prince george's county the cameras will be located in the icc work zone on i-95 between routes 198 and 212 and in frederick there will be a camera on southbound route 15 north of hayward road. let's check in now with patranya to find out how the evening rush is going. >> nobody is going above the speed limit from bethesda into college park. an extra 5-10 minutes. all lanes open toward baltimore. and drivers in virginia heading west on 66 will need both sunglasses and some patience. about 20 minutes to get from 495 to 7100. and finally on the rails, everything looking good and on time on metro, vre and marc. still ahead on 9 news, an unprecedented security presence cannot stop the tension for a young man gunned down in broad
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daylight. a man risking his life to save a little girl who was kidnapped. the heroic story is coming up.
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france's foreign ministry is warning about a high terrorist risk in britain. they ask that travelers express attention. earlier this week the britain office warned france and germany of a high threat. others nations have stepped up security and the u.s. state department is advising americans in europe to take necessary precautions. the war in afghanistan enters the 10th year tomorrow. and militants continue to torch those fighting the taliban. six conveys have been attacked in less than a week. there are a -- is a new
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report that amid karzai is holding secret stops to try to stop the fighting. the taliban is negotiating a deal to lay down arms in exchange for a part in the afghanistan government and demanding the withdraw of all nato and u.s. forces. the president awarded the highest military metal to a green beret. the president presented the medal of honor to the parents of robert miller during a ceremony today at the white house. the 24-year-old soldier from harrisberg sacrificed himself when insurgents opened fire on his troops near the pakistan border in january of 2008. >> we are very proud and grateful that rob showed such courage and we're very humbled to receive his medal of honor. we want everyone to know that he loved what he was doing, he was good at what he was doing,
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and he believed he was working for a good cause. >> the president praise his bravery and courage in rescuing fellow soldiers as he was severely wounded twice in the chest. in the right place and right time and willing to act. a california man risked his own life to help a little girl kidnapped from her fresno home. that child is now safe thanks to a stranger who saved her. >> reporter: victor perez recognized the truck in the surveillance video from television news reports. >> i just took the chance to follow the truck. >> reporter: he cut off the driver. they exchanged words and perez saw the girl who had been abducted while playing outside of her home in fresno on monday so he cut off the driver again. the suspect then pushed the girl out of the truck. perez stayed with her until police arrived. >> she was terrified. she said twice, i'm scared, i'm scared and she asked me if she was going to be okay and i said
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you're okay now and i waited for the right people to get there. >> the little girl had been sexually assaulted. police arrested 24-year-old suspected gang member gregorio gonzales. he fits the description of a man who exposed himself to two girls earlier in the day. >> the longer the victim abducted is with the assailant, the more likelihood that we won't be able to recover them alive and so victor is a hero. >> reporter: the police chief credited perez who put himself at risk to do the right thing but the good samaritan said he was doing what anyone else would do. candice gibson, 9 news now. >> police said the suspect was arrested numerous times and convicted of domestic violence. an ohio family is counting their blessings after a car crashed into their home. they were all sleeping when that car flew through the bedroom and into the living
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room and nearly crushed one of the young boys. >> he looked at me and we reached for each other and pulled him out and my heart was broke. >> little gavin was not even bruised. in fact no one in the family was hurt. but they will have to find a new place to live for a while. almost time to break out the cigars at the national zoo. maroney, the giant anteater is expected any day now. earlier today a vet performed a ultrasound. that is anteater ultrasound. this is her third pregnancy. we'll keep you posted when the due date arrives. and now more news from the lightningon, tiger hill. the lyon cubs born to nabba is health. the cubs weigh between 8-10 pounds and one is male and one female and they get their next exam in a month.
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>> they have a bit of a baby boom there. >> this is just in. cub now 8 pounds. they grow by the minute. >> they do. >> they were tiny. we're looking at -- we can probably see this storm that brought us rain on sunday and that's how long it's been around. a couple of showers and that it. the next three days, tomorrow very nice. it will be breezy tomorrow but low 70s and a lot of sunshine. not too many complaints. and then great on friday. 76 for a high. of course we have the high school football. check out d.c. high school and we'll give you the highlights friday night at 11:00. saturday great, sunshine and 80. flirting with 80 on saturday. let's break down tomorrow for you. shades a good bet. a light jacket in the morning, low 50s downtown and low 40s in the burb. 66 by lunchtime. and by evening temperatures will be about 72 and that drop
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should knot be there. i don't know what that is doing there. bad drop. all right. temperatures 57 in rockville. it still feels like march outside. 61 in college park. 58 in laurel and temperatures off to the west and south not much different. 59 in springfield and 59 in sterling and leesberg. now for tonight, look for an early shower possible. decreasing cloudiness and breezy and chilly. i was going to show you doppler but there is nothing on it. low temperatures 45-52 and winds west southwest at 10-15. you can down load our weather app. we have updates now for the droid. lows tonight, inside the beltway around 50. but plenty of 40s in the burbs. 45 in gaithersburg, 48 in college park, 47 in bowie. and 47 toward reston and 45 in leesberg. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and breezy. a cool start, 40s and 50s.
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by afternoon, a very nice day. yes it will be breezy, but still pleasant. high temperatures low 70s. winds will turn northwesterly at 10-20 and gusty. high temperatures then, 72 in rockville, 72 downtown, 73 in brandywine. out to the west, low 70s. 71 in leesberg and 72 in reston. next 7 days, we talked about finishing the week strong -- we are. 72 tomorrow, breezy and partly cloudy and mostly sunny on friday, saturday and sunday. mid to upper 70s on friday. near 80 on saturday. upper 70s on sunday. great for the redskins game. 1:00 kickoff, very comfortable for the tailgating, both pre and post. because traffic doesn't go anywhere. and clouds on monday night and more showers and maybe a thunderstorm on tuesday and again wednesday night. >> when it's that nice, why not post-tailgate. >> good looking forecast, topper. up next we'll show you what
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stopped president obama's speech right in the middle of a powerful women's summit here in d.c.
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caught on tape, a embarrassing moment last night for president obama. >> we cannot sustain -- oops. was that my ... oh, goodness, that's all right. all of you know who i am. [ laughter ] >> that's the presidential seal that fell off the podium while he was speaking at fortune magazine's summit. after cracking jokes, he went on with his speech. that summit wrapped up today and one of the speakers was secretary hillary clinton. she was asked by a report by bob woodward that she could replace joe biden on the 2012 presidential ticket. >> we have a good relationship and i have to interest and no reason for doing anything other than just dismissing these stories and moving on because there is no -- we have no time. we have so much to do and i
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think both of us are very happy doing what we're doing. >> the white house also denies a new democratic ticket is in the works. a rare copy of the emancipation proclamation. it is a printed copy signed by abe lincoln and later owned by robert kennedy. the 1863 document declared all slaves forever free. it hung in kennedy house in mclean. it is being auctioned through sutherby's auction house. the antisemitic laws from the days of adolf hitler are on display at the national archives. they were signed by hitler in 1935 and took away the citizenship of german jews. they were recently turned over to the archives. paton gave them to huntington at the end of world war ii. he disobeyed orders by taking
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them out of germany. cable tv's fox and friends apparently believed a fake report that the city of los angeles was purchasing $1 billion worth of jet packs for its police and fire department. >> get this, the cost $100,000. i'm all for buying stuff up and helping capitalism and all of that, but do they have $100,000? >> they have ordered 2,000 of them. >> fox news admitted their error. it was from a tabloid newspaper like bad boy found in cave and ten new commandments found. >> that law enforcement jet pack officer being able to desend down on a celebrity, that could save a lot of lives. >> this thing is real and made by a new zealand company and goes 63 miles per hour but there are only two of them in existence and not in l.a. in more serious news, we
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have a story coming up next at 5:30 about tension at the funeral for a young man shot in broad daylight. why police and community activists felt the need to turn out in force.
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right now, new at 5:30, the threat of violence hangs over the funeral of a young man gunned down on u. street. how to cut your child's school lunch costs to under $2 a day. and there is a new device that can stop heart failure before it happens. a funeral was turned into a fortress by police. they were tried to repeat a last week's violence. there was tension among the mourners. >> reporter: 21-year-old jamal coates could not have imagined like the one he was given today or could he? it was the type normally reserved for v.i.p. >> it was fun. >> reporter: jamal was a member of the 1-7 crew which lives in
5:30 pm
the area surrounding the king emanuel baptist church. >> you can talk to me about pun? >> no. >> reporter: they had been warring with the 4th street crew and speculation is that's why he was shot and killed as he left the funeral for another woman who was killed last week. >> reporter: his body was pulled from an overturned suv after gunfire. the driver survived and he is in custody. >> at one time you wouldn't think twice about somebody shooting at a church but now you can see a person is shot at a school, at a church, at a day care center. >> reporter: several associates were outside of the church. d.c. police had a small army surrounding the church and in the crowds. >> what can we do?
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it's like if they can't stop it, what makes you think we can. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed inside the church but the minister said to the congregation, we're getting tired of this madness. i don't want to receive another phone call from a grieving mother. >> i don't understand it. i live in the midst of it and i don't understand it. >> reporter: none of the top elected officials attended today's funeral. bruce johnson, 9 news now. >> police are looking for a second suspect in the jamal coat he is slaying. children in southeast washington were given a chance to draw their dream playground over the summer and now the dream is becoming a reality thanks to funding from kraft foods. the playground is being built at the people's co-op housing complex on alvin's road. 60 children will be served and this will be the first time they've had a playground within walking distance. a new development plan for a 180-acre farm is causing a
5:32 pm
storm of controversy in gaithersburg. we're talking about crown farm located at fields road near rio. the developers, sun brook partners, want to increase building heights to eight stories and calls for scaling back the size of a future high school. the county council is accepting public comments on the planin definitely. for more stories from where you live, go to and find your community in the where you live section and keep up with what is going on in your neighborhood. and if you have a story or news tip, contact us and be part of the team. if you're thinking about taking a sightseeing trip in virginia this fall, there is a new iphone app for you. the free mobile guide offers information about 12,000 restaurants and hotels and get directions and maps and find restaurant reviews. imagine sipping brandy using george washington's own recipe. you can soon do that at the mt.
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vernon estate. the plan is to cre create -- recreate the rye whiskey using the first president's own whiskey over the summer. the artist-sphere in roslyn were opened today. there is a wi-fi cafe, three art galleries and a ballroom. students at a school had a visit from elmo today at john eager elementary. this was part of maryland's public television raising readers program to build the reading skills of those from low-income families.
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>> you get to use your imagination, thinking that your at the places you're reading about. >> he's learning and recognizing words which means a lot to him because it's like he's doing it on his own now, he's learning how to recognize bigger words, so he's getting the ability to learn how to read. >> the program supports the characters well-known even among the parents to enforce the idea of reading. >> raising readers is a national project funded by the u.s. department of education. this week's weather is slowly getting warmer and nicer. meteorologist topper shutt on the terrace with your out-and- about forecast. >> notice the sunshine on my forecast. i've taken the showers out of the forecast for tonight and there was only a couple and they've dissipated. at about 6:00, partly cloudy, temperatures around 60. by 8:00, upper 50s. and by 10:00, temperatures will be in the mid-50s downtown, hovering around 50 in the burb. if you walk the dog late, put a
5:35 pm
jacket on. fall color, around town little or no change. into western loudoun county and back into portions of fauquier county, some color. good color along the i-81 corridor toward skyline drive. and near peak west of the divide toward oakland and this week is the autumn glory festival in oakland and it will be peak around the 10th. skyline peak the 16th through the 20th. we usually peak the latter part of october in the suburbs and downtown you have to wait until early november. so right now we don't see anything that will change the times. if they vary a little bit, we'll update them. here is the next three days. nice tomorrow but as nice as tomorrow is, friday and saturday are going to be tough to beat. low 70s tomorrow, breezy and mid-70s on friday. high school football is great at night. and then 80 on saturday. we'll come back and take you through the weekend and let you know if it will last through the redskin game. caught on tape, a young
5:36 pm
horse goes for the ride of her life when she is pulled out of a 15-foot well. and new at 6:00, a case of mistaken identity. >> the maryland animal lover, not the d.c. officer who shot a dog here in adams morgan. we are always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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check this out, this horse being rescued from a well in california. pretty tricky operation. the 3-year-old philly named lillie was hoisted to safety 24 hours after falling 15 feet down the century old well. there was a fear the young horse would panic and hearse herself, but the harness was lowered and the horse was sedated. lillie the philly was brought
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back to the surface. a tourist is recovering after being bit on the ankle by a poisonous snake. the man was walking along the path in orlando when he stepped on a 2.5-foot cotton mouth water moccasin. he was rushed to the hospital and given some antivenom. he's expected to be okay. a massachusetts woman is under arrest, accused in a bizarre assault case. police say she threw a bag of dog poop into the face of a passing driver to try to get him to slow down. it happened this weekend in the town of belmont, just outside of boston. the woman said she was walking her dog and saw the driver speeding, almost hitting a cyclist. the driver later called police about the thrown dog poop and the woman faces charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. well what is it looking like on the road patranya. >> well we do have some messy incidents out there in terms of
5:40 pm
crashes on the maryland side. we do have a crash at route 4 at suitland parkway. that may have gone though, but we had an icon at the inner loop and route 5. so a good spot to avoid on the prince george's county side of the beltway. now on the other side, on the west side, let's take a live picture and see how things are looking. not moving very fast on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway from virginia into maryland. it is a crawl. that's a quick check of your commute. back to you. coming up, injury news out of redskins park. and topper? >> and the mri results are in. what is the latest on the clinton portis and how long will he be out. and we had a full pollen report today. we'll take you out with the pollen reading and we're looking low across the board. even tree and grass and mold is low. go to and click on the weather tap and follow the drop-down menu to allergy update for the breakdown.
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we'll break down the rest of the weekend and the weekend up next. but up next, how to pack a yummy healthy lunch for your kids without breaking your budget. we'll be right back.
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times,
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martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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families in this country spend about $100 per month per child to buy lunch at school. and that can put a hefty dent in your wallet. but tonight we're going to help you pair down those costs. the average family spends $4 to $5 a day to pay for a child's school lunch and for picky eaters that means money down the drain. aviva gold knows how challenging it can be to provide a satisfying lunch for her children and save. >> i pack a waste free lunch and it is a time saver and better for the planet. >> reporter: she patched them for a -- she packed them for under $2. >> we have this great tortellini lunch for $1.82 and over here our black bean and
5:45 pm
corn salad for only $1.76. >> you may ask how this mom of two able to prepare these midday meals so cheaply. well she said it's easy and you can do it too. >> instead of buying those little packages, buy bigger containers and fill our own packages is a big money saver. >> reporter: one of the tricks is don't buy baby carrots, get the larger one. >> and chopping them is cheaper. there are a lot of ways you can shave dollars off your budget. >> reporter: add some pizzazz. >> a peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread, lunch for $1.75 and make it healthier with teddy grams and string cheese. >> and throw in celery and banana and fill up a water bottle. and stick them in these freezer friendly bags and keep them chilled. >> you did not have to sacrifice taste and health and good nutrition to get what your
5:46 pm
kids want and you don't have to sacrifice your budget. >> she said to compare the price per ounce when you shop and let the kids get in on the shopping. it's a great lesson for them. kohl's said it is going to increase holiday hiring by 21% this year. the department store chain expects to add 40,000 employees this holiday shopping season, that's about 7,000 more than last season. kohl's hopes to fill the temporary positions by mid- november. the i pad is the fastest selling gadget in history. apple sold 3 million i pads in the first 80 days after release. by comparison, the company sold 1 million of the original iphones in the first three months. and frito lay is hoping to quiet some complaints about its noisy sun chips bags. apparently it's switching out the biodegradable bags for the plastic packaging on all but original paper. a spokesperson said people
5:47 pm
complained that the bags were simply too loud. >> a little bit. one of rio de janeiro's famous statues was bathed in pink lights last night. fashion designer caroline herrera flipped the switch to commemorate breast cancer awareness month which is october. this monument looks over the beaches and mountains and for the time being it is pink. >> very dramatic. >> uh-huh. we have a dramatic change, if you're ready and tired of this march-like weather. >> i'll take it. >> a little bit today. >> and we're going to dry out tonight and tomorrow we'll be fine. and friday, spectacular. saturday, spectacular. the next three days, it will be breezy tomorrow but still a nice day. low 70s. great on friday and saturday. mid to upper 70s on friday with sunshine and near 80 on saturday. we'll be flirting with 80 degrees on saturday.
5:48 pm
we'll break down tomorrow, maybe a light jacket tomorrow. temperatures downtown in the low 50s, with some upper 40s in the burbs. you'll need your shades. 66 by lunchtime and breezy and 72 and nice by evening. all under partly cloudy skies. temperatures right now are more like march or early move. 58 in arlington. 61 in college park. 58 in laurel. this is about 15 degrees below average for this time of year. 58 in rockville. 56 in reston and 57 in leesberg. so i would grab a light jacket to go out tonight. partly cloudy and breezy and chilly. mid-40s to low 50s downtown. winds more west southwest at 10- 15. lows tonight inside the beltway right around 50. 52 downtown but 47 in rockville. 47 in bowie. and out to the west, 47 in fairfax and reston, maybe even 45 in leesberg. and also manassas. now for tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and breezy with a school start, 40s and 50s. winds start turning west northwest at 10-15.
5:49 pm
and then by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, pleasant, highs low 70s and winds turn out of the northwest at 10-20. next seven days, we talked about finishing the week strong and we are going to do that. low 70s tomorrow, breezy, partly cloudy. mid to upper 70s on friday. great night for high school football. nice to spectacular over the weekend. the reason we don't have spectacular is because we don't have that in the computer so we'll go with nice. 80 on saturday, upper 70s on sunday. kickoff temperature by 1:00 probably about 77, believe it or not. and we get into monday, monday is nice and clouds come in, and maybe a thunderstorm on tuesday, low 70s and a break and then maybe more showers wednesday night with temperatures generally around 70. >> that's perfect timing. >> autumn glory out there in oakland this weekend. peak color west of the divide. check it out. brett is here and the news is not good for clinton portis. >> can i say i've spent more time in the last 48 hours
5:50 pm
talking about another man's groin than i'm personally comfortable with -- that's a joke. you can laugh. [ laughter ] >> i'm like where is he going with this. >> it's been a lot of groin discussion. take a deep breath. it's okay. i wouldn't go there. i'm not sure what a third degree separation of your groin feels like and i hope to never find out and clinton portis hopes the same thing. a huge set back for him and the redskins. dave opens -- owens with the details and implications. >> reporter: an injury update from shanahan on clinton portis, a third degree separation of the groin, out four to six weeks. >> reporter: and ryan torain's rise from practice squad to starter is complete. >> i have a lot of emotions going into this game. it's been a lot of hard work to get to this point in-- my life. it's been a lot of waiting and
5:51 pm
patience. >> reporter: torain's 18 carries against the eagles were more decisive, including this pancake job on safety quintin mikells which he said earned him respect in the locker room. >> i feel like everybody is excited and we couldn't have -- we need more plays like that. >> reporter: and the packers offense featured quarterback aaron rodgers and four wide receivers and with 11 receptions and one touchdown through the first four games so washington's strategy is ball control and keep-away. >> when you have a quarterback like rodgers, you have to beat his possessions. >> and that means more carries for torain. and can he hold up? history says maybe not. injuries cut short his 2008 and 2009 season but shanahan isn't worried. >> a lot of the injuries were freak injuries and ryan has the ability to be a top back and we'll find out if time if he can do that and stay healthy.
5:52 pm
>> reporter: at redskins park, dave owens, 9 news now. >> people forget that mike shanahan is high on this young kid because he drafted ryan torain back when they were both in denver in 2008. and i've had some people ask me, i would be happy to illustrate what a third degree tear of your groin is, as long as i can use topper's groin. >> third is the worse? >> it's the worse. like a burn. third-degree is the worst. keeping an ailing heart from going downhill. a implantable device for those with high risk of heart failure and how it works. and coming up new at 6:00. >> i'm scott broom at police head quarters in prince george's county. coming up, defense attorneys trying to get criminals cut loose after a cheating scandal at the police department calling some officers'
5:53 pm
integrity into question. it's october and that means hay rides and corn mazes. i'm peggy fox where you can find events for all ages. you can find the ones closest to your house. and if you know of one we don't have, list it and click on the map at çñ
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on wall street, stocks edge closer to the 11,000 mark. the dow finished up 22 points to close at 10,967.
5:56 pm
the nasdaq dropped 19 points and the s&p 500 was down a fraction. an undate on a northern virginia man we profiled here on 9 news now who got a treatment for severe asthma. tony cook underwent a surgery last spring and the first guy in our area to get it after fda approval. doctors insert a catheter into the airways where heat is used to melt away the smooth muscle that tightens during an asthma attack. tony's relief was immediately. >> right after the procedure, i could feel the coil loosen. i'm not coughing or wheezing. it's just a quality of life that i always dreamed of having. >> and he's running again. the procedure takes three outpatient visits of half an hour each. this is not for mild or moderate asthma but for those with attacks so severe they end up in the emergency room despite medication. and also tonight, we're
5:57 pm
talking about any implantable device for heart failure that could be used on people on the edge of developing it. >> reporter: elmer is happy to be back tending his vegetables. recently he had to take a break from gardening to deal with his worsening heart disease. >> i felt kind of weak all of the time. i couldn't do half of the stuff i wanted to do. >> reporter: bypass sunry put him back on his -- surgery put him back on his feet but he still struggled. >> they have a five fold increase of dying during the next five years. >> reporter: to prevent heart failure, doctors turned to a therapy approved for advanced cases. >> cardiac therapy was very effective in the treatment of patients with advanced heart failure. and we wanted to see if we could prevent the development of heart failure in at-risk cardiac patients. >> reporter: crt used an
5:58 pm
implantable device that pulls double duty. it coordinated the pumping and shock it back into normal rhythm if it needs to. >> this particular therapy is so effective immediately because it is pacing and immediately applied to the heart. >> reporter: that's critical because the left vent rickal has to be strong enough to pop oxygen to the body and those with the device had a 30% lower risk of developing heart failure. >> if they had to put it in, i don't know how -- if they hadn't put it in, i don't know how i would be doing today. >> and there was a greater difference in women. they had a 70 bers reduced risk of heart failure with that device. thank you for joining us for 9 news now at 5:00. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. damage control. prince george's county police are dealing with an alleged
5:59 pm
cheating scandal and it may reresult in unaccounted criminals being set loose. the focus is on the police academy and top brass are questioning the test results for a large number of cadets that appear to be too good to be true. scott broom is live at police headquarters and scott, how many officers are we talking about? >> reporter: there are 146 officers and trainers may be under scrutiny. most of the officers were cadets back in 2009. we're told top brass is considering the potential of suspensions here and meanwhile the state's attorney is quite worried about what is going on because the integrity of many investigations may be called into question. the prince george's county police academy at lanham is where the alleged -- where the alleged cheating occurred. 146 cadets in three academy classes dating back to 2009 are under scrutiny. an academy i visited a year


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