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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 7, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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>> ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? [cat sneezing] craig: what the hell was that? we got to go. [applause]
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oh, my, this is a pipe bomb. >> new information on explosions that rocked a local neighborhood. she says she is stuck in the middle of a three-year gang feud. what she says it's like living in fear. the grocery price tag. we'll save you some cash by comparing identical items from stores all over town. this is 9news now. >> real or just a hoax. that is what prince george's county investigators are trying to figure out tonight about two suspicious pajz found in a basement. >> -- packages found in a basement. >> a substance from those devices has been sent off for analysis. brittany morehouse is live where she spoke with a guy who stumbled on these possible explosives. brittany. >> reporter: a man who was a
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husband, father of two 167-year-old girls, a -- 16-year-old girls, a man who is a real estate investor started out on that day. >> it reminds us how fragile life is. >> reporter: one family was brought together following a huge scare. >> i saw the fuse and it was a pipe bomb. >> reporter: the pipe bomb he was holding in his hand earlier today during a routine real estate stop. >> it was like a nice area, so i thought i would come see it. >> reporter: what he saw outside was a missing air conditioning unit. so he went outside to check it out. >> when i went downstairs i was looking in the boiler room and i noticed the ducts weren't in place. and as i started to look around at the vents that the ducts weren't attached to, there was a bag hanging from one of the vents. >> reporter: he pulled on the bag. >> in my hand were two pipe bombs and a bag. >> reporter: mark brady says they have no idea if this bomb was real or fake, but it looked
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like it had all of the real components to be true. they were able to use a portable disrupter to set off the device and now neighbors are feeling -- >> a little nervous. i might have been driving down there and then next thing a big explosion. >> i hope it's not real. >> reporter: if it is, police will be looking very hard at the man who used to live here. neighbors only know him as richard and they say back in august he was foreclosed on. >> i think he works in the construction company. >> reporter: as for the house, gray says he's still interested. >> it's a nice house. >> reporter: and his smile speaks volumes. >> we've just been through some family losses. both of us have lost our parents in a very short amount of time. and right now it just makes me feel so blessed that nothing happened to him. >> reporter: now, a spokesperson says that the person who was evicted here they haven't confirmed whether or not that person has anything to do with that explosive that was found in the basement.
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>> brittany, okay, are there charges going to be different if they turn out to be real or fake. >> reporter: yes. very different. in fact, we're not sure the specific charges, but they would be facing whoever is found guilty of that way severe penalties if it was found to be real. of course we don't know that yet. >> all right, brittany morehouse, thank you. prosecutors in prince george's county fear they may now have to cut some criminals loose all because of a suspected cheating scandal at the county's police academy. the cadet records for at least 146 officers now under scrutiny under questions that a large number of the test results are simply too good to be true and that could affect prosecutions because the integrity of the department is now in question. >> any case that any of these officers were involved in will get the audit from the police department today so we'll have a sense of how many officers were involved. >> the county police cancelled an afternoon press conference to talk about that investigation.
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now, a spokesmen had told us an official statement would be released tonight, but so far we have not received it. with extra police deployed to keep the piece, funeral services were held today for the latest victim in a running 3-year-old feud between two neighborhoods in northeast dc. >> jamal coates shot to death after he attended the funeral of yet another victim of this ongoing war. the mother of one of jamal's friends says she wanted to pay her respects but she was afraid her family would be murdered if she did. she spoke with our gary nurenberg. >> reporter: he was part of the one-seven, kids who grew up together on our near 17th and euclid known as jamal coates killed in a shootout last week allegedly from rivals from 14th and jerard with whom they have feuded for year. >> it hurt me so much that i could not attend jamal's funeral. he was like a son to me. >> reporter: couldn't attend,
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she says, because of threats from jerard street. >> i answered the phone and they said, okay, b, we didn't kill him this time but we will kill him. we're going to kill all of you all. >> reporter: that's why she doesn't want you to see her face or hear her voice. she says the one-7 jerard street feud began in august 2007 when a man was shot and killed. the one-7 jerard street shootings and retaliations have been a plague ever sense, one reason for all of the cops at the funeral. >> i don't understand it. i live in the midst of it and i don't understand it. >> what do they say to you? >> get the hell out of the city. >> reporter: and what are you going to do? >> move. >> reporter: are your sons going to make it into man hood? are they going to survive? >> yes. i get them out of dc. >> reporter: and if you don't get them out of dc. >> no, they're not. >> reporter: they're not going to survive ? >> no. >> reporter: do you have any hope at all this will ever get
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better? >> i pray every night. >> reporter: prayers that haven't been answered yet, as someone who knows players on both sides told us tonight this isn't over. derek. >> well, gary, what about all of the other parents involved here? what are they doing to try to stop this? >> reporter: some parents are trying to become actively involved, derek. but i remember one quote from the woman in our story, that woman whose voice you heard altered, the quote was this, half of these parents the kids control them. >> wow. thank you, gary. new at 11:00, a woman killed at a springfield restaurant tonight. it happened at the five t bar and grill on spring garden drive. fairfax police responded to a call. they found a 37-year-old woman dead and a 40-year-old man with self inflicted gunshot wounds. the man and woman did know each other. they're still investigating exactly what happened. now, the father's emotional pain of burying his only son
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trump a protestor's right to picket the funeral. as members of west burrow baptist protest outside, their lawyers asked the justices to protect their right to free speech. the case involves a marine from westminster, maryland, who died in iraq. members protested his funeral in 2006. they say u.s. soldier deaths are punishment for homosexuality. >> intentionally harming a private citizen at a private funeral. it's not the constitutional right. >> there is no line that can be drawn here without shutting down a lot of speech. >> the ruling isn't expected until next year. but for some perspective commentary on this, we turned to derek mcginty and let's be real. >> the case is called snyder
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versus felts, but it feels like something called hate versus common decency or good versus evil. but as we think and perhaps even agonize over the issue of hateful speech and the right to sue somebody over it, why not consider this. what if it wasn't a funeral for a war hero but one for a mass murder who died in the prison and the protestors were not some angry fanatics but his victim's family. would there be any doubt about their first amendment right to be there and would anybody care about that father's emotional distress. the whole point is who these people are may make a big difference to any of us. but to the law, to the nine justices, it should not. now, you can tell by today's questions in the supreme court, the justices are as disgusted by them as anyone else. and you can even speculate, perhaps, that they seem to be looking for a way to rule in accordance with those feelings. our democracy is better off if they don't find it. that tornado, it sounded
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just like a freight train. if we've heard that once, we've heard it a thousand times. a slew of tornadoes hit arizona and it tossed around dozens of cars like lincoln logs. >> ice storms and hailstorms and snowstorms but nothing like this. >> the twisters also left dozens of homes splintered, and they turned the motor home sales lot into a junk yard. despite all of the damage, no words of any death or serious injuries. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. our storm is finally moving out. it will be with us until sunday. we'll take you up with the wakeup weather, breezy and cool. 48-56. we'll look ahead to the weekend. lots of stuff going on. still ahead tonight, the grocery price test. we'll save you some cash by comparing identical items from stores all over town. find out who has the best
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prices and what the difference is between the city
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i'll get that one. must be careful. well, that's a nice picture. come on, anna. ok. announcer: foreclosure doesn't affect just you. it affects your whole family, too. if you've fallen behind on your mortgage, we can help. call 1-888-995-hope. because nothing is worse than doing nothing.
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we have an update now to a story we brought you last night about retroactive stop loss pay. u.s. troops involuntarily kept in the military after the september 11th attacks are eligible for special compensation. 500 bucks for every extra month they served. the deadline to apply for this money has now been extended from october 21st to december 3rd. pentagon officials estimate 80,000 eligible service members, veterans and beneficiaries have yet to apply for the money. to learn more how to get yours, go to our website look under our military section. we have more ways to get around during segways. at the arlington today, a non-profit group donated segways to 51 injured marines, soldiers
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and army national guardsmen. >> it's heavy and it really wears your body down. so being able to tool that will take the stress off of you which will allow you to go other places. it's really nice. >> other wounded vets who already learned to use the segways will be training the new recipients. the group that has made all of this possible also provides a device that allows for the transport of it on the back of a car. during these tough economic times, we know every dollar counts. so when it comes to grocery shopping, have you ever wondered which local store costs the most and which gives you the best deal? >> we certainly did. so our andrea mccarren hit the stores to do some comparison shopping for us. >> we did indeed. we bought household staples at four local stores, and we didn't use coupons, club cards or any other discounts so we could find out the difference in prices for the average shopper. we visited giant, safe way, whole foods and targets.
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and in each store we bought a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk and a pack of toilet paper. we opted for the store brand or the least expensive option, whichever is cheaper. we asked customers which store they thought would have the best prices. >> safe way. >> target. >> target. >> safe way. >> reporter: here is how the stores stacked up. at giant, the four staple items cost $8.80. at target they were $9.66. at safe way they totaled $10.04. and at whole food, the bill was $11.80. that's a price differential of $3 or 34% between the lowest and the highest priced stores on just four items. we were also surprised to pay different prices on identical items within the same store franchise. >> you're on one part of town and something cost one price and
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another part it's a different price. are you going to travel back and forth across town to get the cheapest price. >> reporter: so we compared suburban giant with two urban grocery stores. both located on alabama avenue southeast. with both giant and safe way, shoppers paid more in urban stores for the same product. >> nothing i can do about it. >> reporter: at the giant in rockville, the four items cost a total of $8.80. in southeast dc, we paid $9.20. at the safe way on wisconsin avenue in northwest washington, our groceries cost $10.04. in southeast, we paid $10.34. only the stores in southeast charged us the dc bag tax. $0.05 a bag. target, giant and safe way officials say their pricing decisions are based on what the competition is doing in the same neighborhoods. safe way explains that items at its georgetown location may now be cheaper than in southeast
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because the georgetown store opened last spring and there's still promotional pricing under way to attract shoppers to that new store. whole foods did not respond to our repeated request for comment. now, derek and anita, i want you to take a look at these four items and tell me what you think is the most expensive item and which is the cheapest. we're talking a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, a loaf of white bread or a four-pack of toilet paper. >> since i only use those when it snows, i have no idea. >> i'm going to go with the milk being the most expensive. >> toilet paper. >> anita, you're a smart shopper. $3.99 for the milk. $0.99 for the loaf the white bread at target. >> at target. >> which was the low item at target. and tomorrow morning at 6:40, we'll tell you which stores sells each of these items at the best price. >> thank you. my sister's place is one of
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the oldest domestic violence agency and tonight they held a special event to celebrate the newly expanded and renovated emergency shelter. 15 bedrooms will more than double the agency's bed space. there will be a new kitchen and resource center for kids. now, this is the type of story you can find on the where you live section of our website. and for more like it, check out find your community and where you live and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood with specific news. if you have got something to share, we want to hear that too. contact us and be part of the team. an all new david letterman will be on after 9news now. here is a sneak peek. >> you know about this. she is a witch and she wants to be the senator and now she has a new commercial where she comes on and says i'm not a witch. [ laughing ] >> my point is isn't that exactly what a witch would say. [ laughing ] >> [ laughing ] and tonight's guess senior
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advisor to president obama and julie chen host of the new show called the talk. i thought she was on the big brother show too. >> busy lady. a few showers tonight. they're dissipating. and as we talked about earlier, we're going to deliver just fine late in the week and the weekend. i don't think we're going to oversell it. here is your forecast first now, the next three days out of the gate, 72 tomorrow. partly cloudy. breezy. i suppose windy at times but very nice. >> a big h in your forecast. >> do you know what the h stands for? >> what's that. >> that stands for because we cover high school sports like a bug on the rug. it will be great too on friday. 76 for a high. temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s during the games and great on saturday. 80 degrees on saturday. we'll break down tomorrow. light jacket in the morning. 52 with shades. it's going to be partly cloudy across the board. 56. breezy at noon and still nice at 5:00. 72 with partly cloudy skies. yes, it will be a little breezy. but after our march -like
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weather, a nice treat. overnight showers ending. decreasing cloudiness. breezy and chilly. low 40s downtown. winds west northwest 10-15. tomorrow they're going to go more west northwest. tomorrow partly cloudy with a cool start. 40s and #50dz. it will be chilly waiting for the bus. by afternoon a great day. partly cloudy, breezy and pleasant. high temps low 70s. that's about exactly where we should be in terms of an average high. and the winds turn a little more and increase a little bit northwesterly at 10-20. and a little bit gusty. still a very nice day despite the wind. satellite picture radar combined, big storm out west. we showed you snow earlier in lake tahoe yesterday. of course we had the tornado around flag staff. that storm is moving north wards into the rack ease. this storm -- rockies. this storm has moved very little. it's finally going to push the last round of showers and exit
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the west coast. as far as we're concerned, we'll begin to dry out late tonight and tomorrow. pretty good thunderstorms too. just north of baltimore tonight with this last little system. most of our showers are pretty light. we'll show you live doppler 9000 very quickly. you can access this on our website at and if you have an iphone, you should jot down our weather app. pretty cool stuff. a few more showers to the south and east of town. nothing heavy. everything is pushing off to the south and east. these storms -- these showers rather through north beach, plum point will push across the bay. let's go back to the computer, we'll talk about average peak times west of the divide out towards oakland maryland, the peek color is going to be the 10th of october. that works out well because autumn festival is this weekend. by the way, it's the same peak time as northern may. pretty cool stuff. sky line drive the third week in october, late october for the burbs and not until early november for downtown.
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next seven days, 72 tomorrow. 76 on friday. h again. 80 on saturday. 78 on sunday. fantastic for the game. 1:00 kickoff. temperatures are going to be in the upper 70s. >> it's not for haber. >> no, it's not for haber. it could be. >> darn it. >> and maybe showers on tuesday and wednesday. >> very nice. >> very nice. i love that. it's gorgeous. >> okay. >> right in time for the weekend. tonight, brett, something that comes under the definition of something you don't see every day. >> no. and it was a nice treat for the philly fans who were still sulinging about the whole -- sulinging about the whole -- sulking wúçúwú
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> allow me to recap the entire
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history of no hitters in post season baseball. there has been one. don larson. eisenhower was president at the time. no one on this team was alive, even derek. really, i know. but we have a new entry tonight. phillies and reds. roy halladay pitching and he was laser locked. just 104 pitches in the game. eight strikeouts. he even did it with the lumber. that's halladay in the second. driving in a run. the only run he would need. the no-no intact with two outs in the 9th. brandon phillips the final batter hits the nubber and roy halladay who did one in may throws another one. he has two in one season. he was literally unhittable. >> it's surreal. it really is. [ cheers and applause ] >> i just wanted to pitch. pitch in the post season. and to be able to go out and
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have a game like that, it's a dream come true. >> just one walk for doc holiday. the american league getting under way today. this is nelson cruz. both of them off of tampa rays. they won 5-1. clinton portis is due to make $8.3 million next season, but that money is not guaranteed, which means if the redskins release portis, they don't have to pay him. combine that fact with portis turning 30 next year and the news that unfolded today and you have to wonder if portis's redskins days are over. they're announcing that he will miss the next 4-6 weeks with a separated groin. speculation is he could go on uninjured reserve. >> it's a temporary set back. those things happen during the season. clinton is tough and he'll get a lot of rehab here. hopefully it will be four weeks rather than six weeks. >> a lot of hard work to get to this point in my life.
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it's been a lot of waiting. a lot of patience. and now i just have to take advantage of the opportunity. >> as for their opponent this sunday, the packers, so much focus on the passing attack. but green bay is packed full of stars including charles woodson. 40 career picks. as donovan mcnab tried to pay him a complement, he made a lip slip of the tongue that could have been freudian. >> he's one of the best blitzers, one of the best strippers, stripping of the ball. that didn't sound right. [ laughing ] >> where is his mind at? meanwhile skins have made a punting change. hunter smith back in. bidwell continues to be injured. 48 hours until the capitals open their season. the caps won't reveal injuries but michael likely to start on
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friday. finally this is west virginia quarterback smith who as all quarterbacks must puts his hands under the tush of the center to take the snap only to learn he has the wrong tush. it's over here, son. it's to your left. that's not the guy. that's the guy you need. >>. [ laughing ] >> he eventually found the right tush. the thing you have to realize as a quarterback is all tushes are not created equal, and you need to study your teammates. >> those are all large. >> i'm not even going to touch that. i'm more concerned about that whole separated groin. that sounded terribl


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