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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  October 7, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> and police here say that she might be charged with vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of the collision. lesli? >> reporter: lindsey, why was she released? >> because they were still investigating the hit and run that does take them time to get all the evidence that they need to gather before they could bring about charges. reporting live in northwest washington, i'm lindsey mastis, nines in u now. >> all right, thank you. meanwhile, we're learning more about the victims of all of this. continuing our team coverage where she lives, scott? >> reporter: the 24-year-old
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lived here in the section of columbia with her father. telling me today that he could not bear to be interviewed, saying his daughter was ad good girl. most of what we know about them comes from the police reports in the wake of the tragedy and online profiles. ryan was 24 years old. ryan attended george mason university in fairfax, a school she missed like crazy after leaving in one online posting. spending her high school years in williamsburg, virginia, at jamestown high school. she died from her injuries in a hospital after three hours from being struck in columbia, scott broom, nine nows now. president barack obama praised maryland governor for big investments in education
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during the tough time. the president appeared at a rally with the governor this afternoon. the rematch with the former governor. joining us live from the university where voter turnout was the main thing, bruce? >> yeah, lesli, they are just wrapping up. a whole lot of candidates holding president barack obama that his sagging ratings will doctoring them down. but that is definitely not the case here in maryland. the latest polls suggest that governor o'malley is 11 points up from the former governor. the biggest fear for o'malley is that people will see those numbers and just stay home. this rally was designed to make sure that it does not happen. martin o'malley is a democrat that has embraced the president, arguing that people have failed to give him the credit that he deserves. figuring that maryland is different from the states where the republicans have won. >> as they could take back new jersey, they can take back virginia, but they can't take
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back maryland because maryland moves forward. >> reporter: the president's popularity might be sagging nationwide, but not here. >> because if everybody, who fought for change in 2008 shows up on november 2, then i'm absolutely confident that we'll win. [ cheering ] >> reporter: if you ask enough people, some will admit that they all last fired up two years ago. >> he is still committed and dedicated as you did two years ago? >> well, it left me honest, not really. but with him coming to the university, talking to the students, it's giving us a bit of a feeling that we can't actually change and actually go to the polls and actually vote. >> reporter: he might be lagging badly in the polls, but figures that a big buy could change that. >> when you have eight months of the holes that are even and one poll comes down here saying oh my lord and you know why. it tends to give you a comfort level that you could fix it on the short term.
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>> reporter: and nearly every democratic politician in the entire state was on the platform with president obama. but there was one conspicuous no show. eastern shore, democratic congressman. in his first term in a formally republican district and he's locked in a very, very tight race. his spokesman said, "he had a full day schedule in the district, and could not make it to this rally." most of us know what that really means. >> there was something else going on at that rally about a dozen people got sick there? what happened today? >> reporter: it's something that happened during the campaign. turning out a whole lot of people that you can see the video of the folks collapsing. a little warmer than you might expect. standing a whole long time to wait for the president and so something, most of them, a little bit older, they did collapse. i actually talked to one of them after he fainted. he was kind of held off to the tables back here. we've got 911. and he was fine.
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and you know, i have not confirmed this, but i think that most of these folks will be fine. >> it sounds like they are, bruce, according to other reports as well. thank you for that. our campaign stops like this, are they doing more harm than good for the democrats? a new news poll out today shows 66% of the americans view president obama as an average or poor president. among voters who say the president's support makes a difference, almost the third say they would vote against an obama backed candidate. >> the president is, as frustrated as i'm sure they did the respondents to the polls. when asked if sarah palin would make an effect, only 22% of those asked said yes. 64% said no. including nearly half of the republicans. and less than a quarter of the country has a favorable view of the tea party. we have breaking news coming out at this hour. right now, they are live over tyson's boulevard. at a house there that we see
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because it is also the thing to involve. an accident involving the private ambulance. just getting off the phone with the fairfax county police. telling us that someone is trapped inside a vehicle. again, we're seeing a house in this area. who don't believe that there are any life-threatening injuries involved here. we're going to continue to monitor this and bring you more information as we get it from this house there in mcclain. montgomery county police are on the hunt for two masked men who robbed a car happening this morning on wisconsin avenue in bethesda. police say a guard of armored cars were making a delivery to the bank. when the guy got out of the truck, the two suspects grabbed him, throwing him to the ground. the men got away in a dark colored jeep. a disturbance at the high school this morning. an officer on patrol in southeast dc, says that he recognized a student wanted on a warrant in virginia. as he approached that young man, police say the student
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pulled out mace and sprayed it at the officer. the student was taken into custody and classes resumed. an update on a series of the vandalism cases, targeting hispanics. last night, police charged this man, the 52-year-old, armstrong of several spring, accused of slashing tires on as many as 21 different cars along the avenue here. they believe he's been at it for years. armstrong was released on a bond. a second person is also charged. a man taking three people hostage going on a rampage was given a 40-year prison sentence today. in handing down that sentence, the judge said that he's a person that just lives outside society. the rampage happened out here in december. they made repeated bomb threats in that barricade lasting nine hours. a 16-year-old girl and his
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16-year-old girlfriend under arrest accused of plotting to kill her family. police say that william collins tried to sneak into the home through a sliding glass door. the plot ran into a snag when the door was knocked. when investigators said he fired shots trying to get in. the mother was able to escape and call 911. eight months after the murder of the teacher at the maryland juvenile detention center, a scaling report released today, saying that more improvements are needed to ensure the safety of the employees there and the residence. and derek mcginty is live in the information center with more on all the details, derek? >> reporter: well, you know, a lot of the bureaucratic language here. we'll try to get through it to you and explain it for you. multimillions is termic failures are what contributed to the murder of that teacher at the youth facility in prince george's county. it's the finding of the new monitoring report. anna wheeling was found dead back in february, and she had been beaten and sexually assaulted. a 13-year-old boy is charged in this one. and the 27-page report says,
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"confusing policies and protocols, the security equipment, staff shortages, and overworked staff that was just plain tired, contributed to making her as a dangerous environment." that report reads, we quote again, "her death was a tragic event, resulting from multiple systemic failures. they take some responsibility on it that must be placed on the outdated buildings and a compromised security culture. the responsibility must also be placed on the departmental leadership that should have addressed these issues." now, the secretary of maryland's juvenile services, responded to this report. emphasizing that the agency reacted quickly to the incident, firing, suspending, or reprimanding several employees. "while there is always room to improve, we believe the department's efforts have strengthen safety through all the facilities. although we do not agree with
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several aspects of that report, we do appreciate j.j.'s overall approach and believes that your view can help us further improve conditions at the facility." you know what, that's not the only report out today on maryland's juvenile justice services. an audit revealed they may have wasted millions of your taxpayers dollars. we'll have that story coming up on 9news now at 6:00. >> the findings are pretty disturbing. thank you for that. an investigation ongoing at philadelphia international airport, after a security scare, forcing the evacuation of the plane headed to bermuda. two u.s. airway baggage handlers raise those concerns about the third uniformed person who wasn't suppose to be there. an fbi official said the person took off on a vehicle and has not been identified or found. nothing suspicious was found and no suspicions of any links to terrorism. but u.s. airways have cleared that flight to depart. dozens of birds killed on i- 295 in the district. they said about 200 chimney
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swifts. they look like that. were found dead on the highway last night. when they think happen is that atmospheric conditions may have forced the birds to fly low to the ground where they were struck by passing cars. we want to remind you about a major commuter alert for metro riders. track work along the blue and orange lines will close the fair west and the square station. it won't be any blue or service at metro service either. that work is scheduled to run from 10:00 tomorrow night until the system will open again on tuesday morning. still ahead, for the first time ever, the government says that every american should get a flu shot. weather is looking pretty nice out there. >> it's beautiful right now. not a cloud in the sky. if you could hear through my microphone, maybe a tad breezy through this weekend. we'll have that with the complete forecast. america's longest war, entering the tenth year. i'm joel joel at the white house. coming up.
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the situation is getting more complicated. >> the war in afghanistan is injuring their -- entering their tenth year in the prospects for peace seem to be getting worse. relations between the u.s. and the key ally, pakistan, have become strained. in the latest incident, newest attacks for the fuel trucks and a close crossing on the pakistan/afghan border. that crossing was stopped when they killed two pakistani soldiers last week. the u.s. apologized several times, but pakistan hasn't opened the border. the u.s. needs pakistan to help defeat the taliban. but there's a new report that
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accuses pakistani leaders of not taking on militants in their own country who are attacking u.s. targets across the border in afghanistan. the military continued to avoid the military engagements that could have been direct conduct when asked for the al qaeda forces. they are pressing them to step up the find against the u.s. and their allies. and the president is pushing for peace talks that might not happen soon. >> also accepted among strategists. to make it possible. >> reporter: time for that is running down. the u.s. plans to start pulling out of afghanistan next summer. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> they are marking this anniversary of the u.s. lead by them. claiming 75% of the afghanistans are under their control. and it is being called a
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toxic tsunami. crews in hungry are still trying to clean up a massive toxic sludge spill. an environmental concern, they are growing now, that the red sludge from an aluminum sludge has reached the branch of the second largest river. a poisonous spill, inno dating all of them, talking cars, burning eyes and skins and singing noses and throats. at least four people killed. and more than 150 injured. >> she showed off their newest residence to the public today. they are two cute giant pandacubs. both believed to be male and they are twins. they look like little butter sticks. the twins are to be the first born at the madrid zoo since 1982. >> can you officially call them giant pandas at that time? i guess that's what they are. >> yeah. >> where you could find that right now. and in a couple of days. a couple of days. it is just gorgeous out there.
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>> we're loving it. if you have the weather year round, it's perfect. >> i call this colorado weather. what they enjoy through a lot of the summer. can you believe that? the mid-70s. dry, humidity. we want to thank them you have in the northwest, that you can see them out there with the fourth graders. thank you so much for having me. it was great time. i hope you learn a lot about the tornadoes. they learned all about that coming up next week for the kickoff. and we head down to florida, big time, northeast winds are coming in. and they had big-time flooding going on. strong winds made for the water morning commute in some places. also leading to the big huge rip currents there. look at the water through the streets there coming in through miami. and again, adding in the tides to the strong winds. a rough afternoon washington and that is something that you would not want to see here in washington that you need to get a major storm here. okay, the next three days. ladies, you love the weather.
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it gets even better because friday, saturday, sunday, maybe a couple of clouds on sunday, cooling us down in that area trying to move in from the north. and the mid to upper 70s as we round out the workweek, headed into the weekend. we'll get you into the evening forecast first of all. and the warmest temperature, 76, dropping down to the lower 70s and 60s. they were gusty at times, 20 to 25 miles per hour at that time. and they lead to another chilly start on friday morning. outer suburbs, mid-40s. upper 40s in washington and downtown about 51 to 52. quickly through the morning hours here on friday. i don't think that there is anything in the way of the cloud covers on friday and saturday and just a beautiful sunny had skies. we're seeing it out here. and again, sunshine shaped on the morning commute. you really need that. they were quickly in the upper 70s tomorrow afternoon. and one or two clouds earlier. but look at everything that has just gone away. not a cloud in the sky. just chalked full of the sunshine. how are we doing that temperaturewise especially
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where you are? downtown washington, reagan national, 75. up in the upper 70s south. and the hand of 79. fredericksburg, back in the maryland and the the baltimore area. 72 gaithersburg. a little cooler. even you in the upper elevations, this is where you really start to warm up and the dry conditions, lots of sunshine. i don't have anything to show you here except for that friday, sunshine. warm temperatures, they are building back in. as we go through friday and saturday, we don't have anything in the way of the cloud covers. look at that, nine future cast, you can show one or two clouds even in that forecast. but i might bring a few of these in to sunday as we get a northwest flow coming in a little cooler air, trying to spill in to the north. still nothing but sunshine of that forecast beginning one or two clouds. this will hold true to monday, tuesday. we've got five days to go here before we get to the next system. and just beautiful temperatures. from the cooler stunt in the day there to the warm afternoon, 40s in the cooler spots where we have those to the lower 50s downtown. mid-70s, even pushing mid to upper 70s through friday
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afternoon. and the zone forecast, even as we go to the blue ridge and the upper elevations of the appalachians, you might see the mid to upper 70s there. you might squeeze the 70 degrees there. way in and out that county. and frederick, maryland, you set it behind the potomac. i'll get them closer to 80 tomorrow for the rest of the mid and upper 70s. across the eastern shores. going mid-70s to the lower 70s. right on the shores. i'm going to go with the temperatures right around 70. so if you have a late weekend push to get to the long weekends of the beaches, it's a beautiful weekend for it. monday and tuesday, we're back up to around 80 degrees. we don't have anything to speak of until the next system which will be well into next week on wednesday and thursday. but still not awfully cold air for those two days coming in. take a look at the cooler chance of rain coming in. maybe a thunderstorm towards thursday. once after that, there is a sign that on friday and next
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weekend, that's a pretty good cold push. expected at this time of the year. >> so we need to enjoy this? >> yeah, enjoy it. you really have about five days here to get anyone out there. >> yes, take it all in. that sounds good. we've got breaking news to tell you about. coming out of silver springs. right now, they are working in this house. this is the house in the 13500 block of the terrace. the two-level single-family home. they had to rescue one woman from that house, taken to the hospital. and she's expected to be okay. but the fire is out. and the cause is under investigation. up next, where you can taste the cuisine from some of the hot new trucks coming to your neighborhood.
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education
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while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times, martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first. çñ come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. we have the right pictures now of what is happening live over tyson's boulevard. and that accident there, involves a private ambulance. fairfax county police telling us someone was trapped inside
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the other vehicle involved there. but they are out now. you can see that this is causing detours there. they say that the injuries don't appear to be life threatening, but that's a pretty bad accident as you can see the car involved there, along with the private ambulance. and this is over tyson's boulevard and the chain bridge road and an area to avoid as you head home tonight. grabbing lunch from street truck fenders could be a convenient way to fill your appetite. but often time, they are given second class data. to take us to the competition for the old convention center to be in northwest dc. and so here is the deal, guys. i'm here with the first annual kickoff, a food fight of those right in the heart of washington, d.c. hitting them one another from the sweet to the savories, from all types of ethnic groups. >> well, we talked to you. you voted and now the most popular venues get out to see which the best ones are to
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offer. >> yes, they are so good. >> i'm eating. having a lobster roll. maine style. >> reporter: now with any taste buds. so check it out here at the old convention center on northwest. today and tomorrow and there's lots of entertainment to go along with some great food. in northwest, surae chinn, 9news now. mouth watering. also one of the great foods willing to set that off the eastern market. they won't expand their selection of the venders. but they only have a limited number of the extra spaces to do that, and the venders, they will fill the weekend slots at the outdoor sections of the market this fall. for more stories of the local and specific interest, go to find your commute in our where you live section and click on your community. and that's the checklist of what's happening there when you have a story or the news tip,
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we want to hear it. contact us at and coming up next, new at 5:30. >> local triplets in a big movie. coming up, i'll introduce you to the stars. i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy
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who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget honestly. grow small businesses, really. excellent schools everywhere. protect the bay, finally. it's why i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great.
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now let's get down to work. right now, new at 5:30, after last year's flu pandemic, everyone should get vaccinated this year. >> from frederick to hollywood, they are being treated like movie stars. for three months, they were. >> and finding the best deals online. why turning to those comparison shopping websites, might not be the only answer. to tonight's health alert, a pow wow of the nation's top health experts in washington today. discussing the best way to prevent another flu-pandemic this year and they want everybody to get vaccinated. >> reporter: this year's flu vaccine comes with a little extra punch. by three different strains of the flu, including h1n1. still, there are many people who choose not to get vaccinated. >> i don't usually. i'm kind of off and on.
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>> they are pushing all of us, age six months and older to get the shot this year. >> you get to a certain age and your system, it may not be the greatest. so i try to take the precautions that i can. >> last year, more than 200,000 people went to the hospital as a result of the flu. nearly 13,000 dieded. with the h1n1 virus being the dominant stain. they triggered a pandemic last year. medical experts are hoping to prevent that from happening again. >> prevention is a best buy. flu vaccination is the best way to protect yourself against the flu. >> and now, some people, they avoid getting vaccinated. they think it could give them the mild case of the flu. not true. if you are about the shock. there is a vaccine available for them called flu mist. and also tonight, a controversial study that says
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it is okay for the expecting moms to drink a small amount of alcohol. tracking thousands of kids in the u.k., finding that one or two drinks a year does not seem to have adverse affects. many doctors worry that they just send the wrong message. >> we could not do that because we don't know the threshold of the safety. and it is not essential. that they are parachuting the pregnancy. they don't do hardly aerobics in the pregnancy. and many things we tell them not to do. >> reporter: and the standard advice, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, limit caffeine, take a prenatal vitamin during the crucial nine months. this doesn't get much better with the out and about forecast. >> yeah, that's beautiful. there isn't a cloud in the sky right now. take a look at the sky cam right here. just would feel. out here on the weather terrace, there isn't a cloud on the sky that i see right now. and those winds too, they are a little breezy today. they are starting to die down right now. take a look at the temperatures
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where you are. most of it in the 70s. and maybe up here in the west of cumberland where most of you see the lower 70s there right now. we are looking for those temperatures to drop through the 70s. strongly, but surely, in the 60s before tooing listen. and a couple of hours, we're going to be down to the mid to lower 60s. sunshined too with that sunset in just a little bit. take you from here to washington and montgomery county. starting the first year here. at fairfax county. 68, 70. temperatures are dropping from there to the next couple of hours. give you to the heart of downtown, we might push through the lower 70s. even as we head up to montgomery county, a little bit cooler in the outer airs throughout the next couple of hours. it is a beautiful evening to get out and do whatever you want to do tonight to continue to watch 9news now at five and 9news now at six. we'll have a great dinner and
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check back in with us here at 7:00. >> all right, thank you. three tiny girls from maryland are sure to make a big splash on the silver screen. new at 5:30, paying a visit to the star and they were home today, finding the three little girls, just down right irresistible. >> reporter: they giggled, smiled, and we all saw that together. without ever a pout. i was only at the home for an hour, but it was easy to see why they chose these adorable triplets to star in the movie, life as we know it, with katherine heigel. the two are chosen to raise their child, who suddenly orphaned. >> we have done that in the entire world and not everyone will pick up. >> reporter: the unprepared couple who dislike each other, take on the challenge.
5:34 pm
they are switched out as needed. >> we are both the starlet as they called her. whatever she told us to do, we would go on and do it. sometimes you get something really good and sometimes not too good. she's the sleeper and the crier. >> reporter: aaron and her triplets, they spent three months last year filming the movie. her husband and 6-year-old daughter visited every weekend. once i met them, they all went away because they were so good to my girls, they came and played with them. i mean, you know, to the girls, they were just a part of the rest and the families for a couple of months. >> reporter: they said that the crew was good about keeping them on their schedule. never missing the nap time or the meals. what was she like? they call her katie. >> very sincere and gracious, and you know, not probably what you read about. >> she said that he was super sweet and took time to get to know the girls first.
5:35 pm
>> and his point was you really can't make up this team. and they ask what they feel and he wanted them to feel very comfortable with them and they did and it shows on the screen. >> it's not like he ever tried to get his child in the movie before. seeing an ad and sent the pictures. >> never say never, but you know, we'll see. it has to be the right opportunity. >> in frederick, peggy fox, 9news now. >> and the director, dave, his older daughter, to help her feel included. >> yeah. >> it might be the most talked about ending to the television sit come ever. they gathered for a tribute last night to the legendary comedian and showed you with the television clips from their five decades on television. and that included the famous conclusion to the last new series watched by 30 million viewers. whose idea was it?
5:36 pm
his wife's idea. >> she said you ought to end the show with a dream sequence. and you'll wake up in bed with susie. >> hey, honey, wake up. >> and at 80 years old, bob says that he stays young by continuing to dot standups and by updating his facebook and twitter pages. >> up next, money doesn't grow on trees, but it sure does fall on the sky when an armored truck carries cash. coming up new at 6:00. >> iraq veterans against the war protest and stage a rally here on the steps of the senate office building. we'll explain coming up. and don't forget, we're always on stay with us. we'll be right back.
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that's where they fell off the back of the armored truck. a car hit one of the bundles, sending $20 flying into the air. people started grabbing as much cash as they could. >> they are running out in the street. grabbing all the loose money, taking it down washington street. they guarded the rest of the nearly $2 million until police could get there. police estimate about $25,000 was taken. a teacher got the surprise of his life today. it looks like he is taking a minute to remember that would be him. and the fifth grade teacher at the elementary. he was received a $25,000 educator award. presented at a surprise assembly this afternoon if many
5:40 pm
school. a part of the foundation to honor outstanding educators. it was story time today at the u.s. capitol visitors center. where there were special childrens event as a part of the jump start program. and leaving for the record day. they read that they keep their book, the snowy day to the children. they said it was the largest experience in a single day. the goal is to expand the pre- school education. >> from times square to the white house. coming up, the naked cowboy enters the 2012 presidential election. >> i didn't need to see that. >> and thursday, that means it's time for the latest installment of the good, the bad, the ugly. tonight, why that is the red zone at eastern washington. and plus, a warning to quarterbacks. be careful of whose tush you're putting your hands under. tino smith's surprise goose at west virginia. in nine minutes. >> and mr. haber. up next, whether online price
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comparison shopping websites really find you the best deal. we'll be right back. i'm bob ehrlich. i'm not the kind of guy
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who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland's in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget honestly. grow small businesses, really. excellent schools everywhere. protect the bay, finally. it's why i'm running -- to make the state we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work. i get to sleep faster,
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stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. before you strap the kids in for a stroll, we have an important recall to tell you about u along with the high- tech, they are recalling nearly 13,000 jogging strollers. the problem is with that grab bar across the top that's black. and the children are not strapped in properly, they could slip in between the seat bottoms and become strangled. 800tike strollers are being called back. and 12,000 baby strollers are impacted. we've got more informs on our website on just click on living smart. and they're -- in other consumer news, you might have the upper hand. they are prepared to cut their prices, even deeper to get you into their story. the national retail federation says we're expected to choose what we buy this year very carefully and we are not
5:45 pm
expected to spend more than last year. and that could be a good thing as you fill your list for less. ups, they expect to higher 50,000 seasonal employees to work during the holidays. and the company, they are beefing up their short-term positions during the peak season between thanksgiving and christmas. they will be hired to fill the positions such as packaged orders, driver helpers. they said that a significant number of the seasonal employees, they will be offered permanent positions. and well, we're all looking to save money these days, whether we're buying something for ourselves or the holiday gifts that will not break the bank. but here's a little secret. if you are not using the price comparison site when shopping online, you're probably missing out on steals, deals, and savings. >> she bought this pool table online, determined to get the best deal. >> i will go on, each sight. individually, to see who has the best price and then i could make, you know, my decision from there. >> reporter: consumer report
5:46 pm
says that there are sights making comparing prices much easier. >> and the engines, they are a must to save you time and they could save you money too. but our research found that some are definitely better than others. >> reporter: they assembled a virtual shopping basket of eight items including new sneakers and dvds and this samsung netbook. searching eight products at 25 comparison sites to see which one found the best prices and easy to use. some were a waste of time. on, a search for the avatar dvd turned up into goggles. identifying the lowest prices for six of the items including a $100 saving on the netbook. does a lot more than that. >> they will calculate prices and shipping for you so you can compare apples to apples. you can sign up for e-mail price alerts that will let you know when the prices drop. >> reporter: for shoppers, that
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means no good deal will go undiscovered in no time at all. >> it's worth using price comparison search websites for comparisons. and the best sites turned up savings from $10 to a hard covered novel to $400 on a pair of binoculars. pictures of the allege white house party crashers, not selling very well. 200 photos of them were put on sale online. two of them, that's right, two have sold. now, despite the original price tag being dropped from $100 to $50 a piece. designed to raise money which he owes to a public relations fund. new york's naked cowboy, looking for some new political exposure. he has announced he's running for president in 2012. he's got a familiar site to the tourists. where he could be be seen playing a guitar in his underwear and cowboy hat. but he wore a suit and tie
5:48 pm
yesterday announcing his intention to run as a tea party republican. >> is it raining there? >> and he is out there in all kinds of weather. >> anything and everything. >> yes. >> that's for sure. he's been there a long time. all weather here is just delightful. >> loving it. >> fantastic. winds are a little breezy. we'll have even better weather to take with the winds and the temperatures creeping upwards throughout this week and the weekend. we've got nearly five days. almost a full week full of nothing but sunshine and the beautiful temperatures. we talked about that yesterday. tornadoes in the phoenix area, arizona, they are even rocked for several days in a row here, going back to tuesday. and they measure the hailstone. this is some of the video that's coming up there. nearly the baseball size. you can get this kind of weather down there. they get what they call a monsoon-like flow that comes up with the strong storms to beat a lot of the moisture in the gulf. they could get serious weather down there in that way. look at the ground just being covered with at least, you know, the golf-ball size hail.
5:49 pm
again, i saw nearly baseball size hail being reported from down that way. and the three-day forecast for us, calling for nothing but sunshine. beautiful, beautiful, temperatures. 76 is the high. we'll get to that coming up. you'll keep it in the 76, 77, if not, one or two degrees warmer as we go, especially in towards saturday. and then we've got a little bit cool r ere temperature -- cooler temperatures sliding our way moving in from the north. 73. we are above where we should be for this time of the year. nothing but sunshine with a beautiful clear sky out there right now. i want to show you that high today. 77, the average high of 71. morning low, 53. and just beautiful days. we are well above where we should be for this time of the year. they are sliding down from the mid-70s in many cases, from the lower 60s. 10 to 15, dying down to overnight and in fact, they die down so much, we're getting down to the 40s as we start things off. friday afternoon, quickly. temperatures are back up through the 40s, 50s. into the 70s by the time we get
5:50 pm
to the afternoon. and 77 today. we'll keep it right around there for a high. and there is all that sunshine. the clouds that did develop, they all stayed away. where we are right now, a mixture of the 70s, falling out here as we go to hagerstown, cumberland, before gaithersburg. the seven-day forecast has a lot to hear about sunshine and the designed future cast first with the warm temperatures, friday afternoon. dry again. 76, 77. 78 by the time we go into saturday. you'll see a couple of clouds trying to roll in there. but really, just slightly cooler on sunday. you shouldn't say cooler, but it is cooler to be 60s and 70s for this time of the year. we'll keep that in the 70s. monday and tuesday to start off next week. we're in the upwards of 80, 81 for the next two days. wednesday and thursday these days, taking showers in that forecast and enjoy this while you can. again, kind of the long weekend that a lot of us will have them coming in towards monday. maybe to the late season coming in. >> let's do it.
5:51 pm
>> yeah, you could do it. it would be beautiful for us. >> time for gbu? >> yeah. i was just thinking if i were to put the naked cowboy from new york into the gbu, i would put him in the bad and the ugly and some people might put him in the good. i'm not naming names. >> we're with you. >> okay. >> yeah, we like to be in the u. >> i predicted otherwise. the weekly look at the excellent and the not so excellent. the good, the bad, the ugly for october 27. we start with the good. ashley lowry, the big tough star down in kentucky. playing soft from the beginning. high snap and a fumble. so he is picking up. look at him. hurdle over the defender. that's what happens to the boise state football team that could have used that work after the kickoff. and instead, they used the seats.
5:52 pm
the poodle pointer mix, grabbing it and bringing it back. this is the stadium that grabbed that one hop foul ball while holding his infant child in the other arm. he now has no arms for his beer. >> yeah, remember that. >> but just horrible shots that you saw only ten feet. this is what he does. throwing it up there with the eight iron. sticking it right in his yard. that's a hard way for a nice recovery. let's go to the bad and the worse goose, the west virginia quarterback, gino smith. as all quarterbacks must put their hands under that center to take the snap only to learn that it is the wrong one. hey, it's this guy over to your left. thank you very much. >> yeah, he got dropped. and remember the young quarterback, not all pushes are created equal. [ laughter ] i learn that the
5:53 pm
hard way sometimes. >> and the best ram imitation. do you ever see these nature videos with them fighting each over? locking arms? i could have sworn that i was watching one of these with richard. and they became joined at the face mask. and then they had to live together, just like these guys. stuck on you, a sad story. the folks at eastern washington university, who are cushioning their brand new stadium with a blood red field. >> to me, this is a table cloth at the italian restaurant. not something you played football on. but they like that. here is the ugly. the worse wardrobe malfunction. and the lightning. they get into a scrap. he gets the jersey pulled over his head which is standard in hockey. but watch it be pulled over here. his head went through a new hole right in the back of the numbers there. and they slice it open. finally, this is from the game, a nice save. and then on the second save, he
5:54 pm
turns the forward into the post with his face. they say that it is the goalie's best friend, but it is not. >> all right, thank you. and up next, why this is a danger to distract them living in the front yard of the local auto dealer. we'll have that story for you right after the break.
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5:57 pm
we're following our mom to be, traffic and entertainment reporter. and the babies, they are due in just two months. still uncomfortable. while they are frumpy, finding a very cool book by the local author. it's got easy to follow picks for everybody. check it out. and you'll find it on they are in on wall street, finishing the day 19 points. and nasdaq, they were up three points. >> everyone seems to be talking about distracted driving these days. but one man takes it a step forward, right to the front yard. angie goff shows us. >> reporter: picking them up
5:58 pm
for more than 50 years. whenever they won't touch this car. >> and people, they will see it and talk about those things. i have students coming in, taking pictures. >> and the owner in upper marlboro wants you to see this smashed, trashed area to realize. >> one, two, three. no texting, no hand held law in maryland goes into effect. >> it is a start and it's going to make a difference. >> and i'll get them and put them out here. >> they will be breaking down the display in about a week. but the center for the commitment, that lasts a lot longer after this car is gone.
5:59 pm
in upper marlboro, angie goff, 9news now. >> we want you to join our great hangup pledge campaign. find the pledge to put down the phone. don't drive, text, or talk. and click on the great hangup. we want to hear your stories as well. you can view it when he did. e-mail us about it or give us a call. and that's the great hangup. thank you for joining us for 9news now at five. 9news now at six starts right now. >> from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. and new at 6:00, more on the allege heating controversy at the county academy. the chief just wrapped up a press conference, addressing the issue. that armando trull is live at police head quart quarters. what do they think? >> reporter: it is not just the chief. in fact, the executive, he was standing shoulder to shoulder.


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