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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 8, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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side. jackets, sweatshirt weather this morning with readings in the 40s and 50s. 42 in york pennsylvania. some suburbs are chilly. no that york is but 46 gaithersburg. within maryland 85. to our south fredericksburg at 49 degrees. sunshine at 9:00. 81. sunny and 72 degrees at noon an 5:00 77. difference today than yesterday the winds are lighter. all steam ahead. we are looking good. let's get a traffic up with date. hard to beat what you have to say today but all i can say is pretty nice and light on the roadways. we will start off on 95 in virginia. right now not much traffic heading to the mixing bowl. incidents or accidents reported here. same story as we move to 395. all the traffic is moving edsall toward duke and seminary moving well. good morning to all of you starting off on this friday
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morning. looking good in dc. no problems in the district. back to the map, 4, 5 an 301, not picking up any incidents or accidents icons. that's what we like to see this early in the morning. finally on 270 southbound. right now construction to watch for at falls road but otherwise southbound traffic is looking good. over to you. >> thank you. if you work at the commerce department's her better hoofer building, then you can take the day off if you would like. it is because of a fire that broke out last night. the flames did not cause much damage but armando trull reports what did catch fire created a hazardous situation for firefighters. >> reporter: the call went out around 00 on thursday night. a fire at the commerce department. >> i was on the fourth floor and smelled smoke and when i went down it was black with smoke.
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>> reporter: dozens of firefighters responded at multiple points throughout the building which is under renovation. they found the fire was in a section of the building undergoing asbestos removal. >> that elevated the understand den to a different level bringing in specialized teams to go in to deacon our personnel. >> reporter: as you can see each and every one of the firefighters that went in to that building that's under renovation had to be washed with special chemicals to get off any asbestos fiber they may have gotten on their body. >> you might be breathing it in. move away. thank you. >> onlookers had to be moved away from firefighters to avoid asbestos contamination. >> right now the building is shut down and will be shut down for sometime. we are going to go back in along with gsa and some of their teams and start to samplele and determine if we
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have any asbestos contamination throughout the building. >> reporter: armando trull, 9 news now. >> department of commerce employees are encouraged to telework. emergency designated employees must still work for work. the prince georges county police chief says no disciplinary action will be handed out in the cadet cheating scandal. chief hilton says there is no indication that any of the cadets that graduated in july of last year cheated on their police academy test. he says the fact -- he said the fact that they all received perfect scores can be traced to a lazy instructor. >> all of these officers professionally and adequately took their appropriate tests. the they checked the score and found not all of them scored
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100% but did pass. a woman struck by a hit and run driver near dupont circle has died. 24-year-old tyler ryan was hit in the 1300 block of connecticut avenue around 1:35 in the morning. police say the driver fled the scene. police identify her as davidson. she was taken in to custody at her home in friendship heights, maryland. she faces dui charges in montgomery county. dc police say davidson may also face charges of vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of a collision. the labor department releases the latest unemployment figures this morning. the final jobs report before november's mid-term election. while companies likely added a small amount of jobs last month, it is not expected to be enough to improve the unemployment picture. >> reporter: vanessa never
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thought it would be this difficult to find work. she lost her job as a consultant a year and a half ago and she has been looking for a job ever since but the competition is first. the job fair today isn't expected to offer much relief to americans. analysts predict the economy gained 75,000 jobs in september, unemployment is expected to edge up as more look for work. the job picture is far worse than the unemployment rate suggests. more than a million americans who stopped looking for work are not counted in the report. there are some encouraging signs. fewer people applied for benefits, job openings rose in august for the second straight month. but many economists expect the job market to stay bleak for quite a while. >> the time of having unemployment down at 5% or 4%
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is going to take a long time, maybe a decade before we see anything like that again. >> reporter: but that isn't stopping anissa. >> i know i'm going to find something. i'm really worried about finding something. >> reporter: for her it is not a matter of if she will get a job but when. >> all indicators are pointing to the republicans are korea claiming -- to the republicans reclaiming the house in november. only 38% like the way the president is handling the economy. the lowest number since he took office. 21 months ago, two out of three americans expected him to be a good president. now two out of three expect him to be average or poor. that's bad news for his party. the election were held today, 45% would choose the republican candidate, 37% the democrat. with the election weeks away,
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members of both parties will be out in force to bet voters on their side. prospects for peace in afghanistan seem to be getting worse. a report from the white house says pakistan is the problem. ate accuses pakistani leader of not taking on militants in their country that attack u.s. targets in the border of afghanistan. another report released by the senate armed services committee says your taxpayer dollars have been lining the pockets of the taliban. it seems private security contractors do not vet local recruits and hire war lords. the u.s. plans to start too pull out of afghanistan starting next summer. crews in hungary are trying to clean up the massive toxic sludge spill. environmental concerns are growing now they sludge has reached a branch of europe's
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river. four have been killed and 150 injured. wall looks to the end of the week on a good note. good friday morning. you are watching 9 news now. [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous from his frere jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in paris. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help you write it.
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welcome back. flying over route 50 westbound. moving trouble free. we will have more on the commute coming up but first it's angie with the news. time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. happy friday, jess. >> happy friday, everybody. we have been reporting that wall street is waiting for the big jobs report this morning and the good news, if we have some it could push the dow over the 11000 mark. bad news, maybe not so much. checking the market for you --
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president obama has refused to sign a bill that would have made it easier for lenders to repossess homes. the legislation would have allowed mortgage companies to motorize foreclosure paperwork electronically. the fear is it could lead to more americans losing their homes based on fraud documents. toyota plans to roll out two new versions of the prius by 2012. one model will have 50% more interior. and the smaller one will be closer in size to toyota's ers model. for more "living $mart" headlines, log on to and click on the "living $mart" tab on the front page. well, there are a number of traffic changes you should be aware of before you head out this weekend. and federal health officials issue a new warning to try to prevent a viral pandemic. >> it is october, first full
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weekend. people thinking of leaf peeping. this weekend you may want to think more about the pool. i don't know if it will be that warm but a nice trend is heading this way an i will talk to you about that when we return. [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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them madrid zoo showed off the newest residence to the public, two panda cubs. they were born a month ago using artificial insemination. the twins are the first to be born at the madrid zoo since 1982. how cute are they? i wonder how our panda is doing. >> they are okay. we open every year through the false pregnancies and one of these days it won't be false. >> were wise it would be a good weekend to go out and enjoy with your loved one or play football. >> go to the zoo. >> check out the pandas and the other animal at the national
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zoo this weekend. this weekend is looking good. that maybe an understatement for your outdoor plans. spectacular today. saturday, sunday and even monday looks good. a great stretch of weather we are in with 80 degrees possible on sunday and monday. a couple of spots even today might be close to that 80- degree mark. the next chance of rain showers is tuesday the way we are looking now. the bus stop forecast, you will definitely need a jacket in spots this morning. readings in the 40s and 50s. skies are clear and winds aren't too bad not like yesterday with the sunrise at 67:18 this morning. daylight saving time begins october 31st. on halloween we fall back. 72 at noon. 5:00, 77. we will have highs in the mid to upper 70s today with a west wind at five to ten miles an hour. that's pretty good. tonight, it will be clear and chilly again with 40s and 50s
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out there. west winds at five. the sunset 6:40. tomorrow sunny and warm. especially for october. highs an 80. average high, 70, 71. northwest wind at five to ten miles an hour. this morning you definitely see a chill them lighter blue colors. some close to 40-degrees this morning, maybe upper 30s in one or two areas. pittsburgh 43, cumberland 45. ocean city is 56. and locally our readings in the 40s and 50s. cool spots like orange at 46. we have 59 at the naval air station at pax river. 59 cambridge. it is also a cooler 45 up in frederick. leesburg this morning a the airport 52. so national 59. leer clear skies, dew .43 and the winds, the winds, north at three. barely measurable and the barometer has come up since yesterday with high pressure building in. this high pressure will guarantee us nice weather for
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the weekend. you can see the clear skies. the central part of the country, now this the east with the storm gone. all the actions out west. the same system that brought us severe weather the last few days. showers op the west side of colorado back through areas in the northwest through idaho and wyoming. that's about it. the rest of the country is pretty good. if you are going to the northwest next week a storm system will come on shore later in the weekend and that will bring some rain for them. so low pressure again, wyoming. high pressure there. this is the guy, west of chicago, that builds in and that will give us good we. may cool us down a bit on sunday as the winds will turn more to the southeast more than with the on-shore flow. 78 today here in washington. lower 70s here at the naval academy. mid to upper 70s shenandoah valley. culpeper, 79. manassas 79. tappahannock 77. a great october day ahead and
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tomorrow, you know what, i think we will do a couple of degrees warmer as we will be 80 on saturday and lower 80s to the south and west. one thing i want to talk about is otto. is it is a tropical storm. almost a hurricane but moving to the east northeast. this will be in the azores next week. they may get tomorrow conditions from that but for us, math sailing here through the columbus day holiday. 78 today. tonight football, it will be great. temperatures falling from the 670s to the 60s. dc.high the place to go for high school football and sports scores. mid-70s on sunday. for the skins game the weather is looking greatment monday 80 and a qume of showers and 72 on tuesday. and the next front with showers and thunderstorms. patranya bhoolsuwan, nothing but good news from the we
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front. >> i have good news on the traffic front. no accidents to block your travel lanes as you head off to work this morning. almost the holiday weekend. you have to be happy about that. 95, three construction spots to watch for, heading northbound route 32. southbound 198 an 282. move to the live picture out. there beltway in montgomery county. looking good. a smooth ride from 270 to i-95 and vice-versa. also the inner loop is looking good asle with. we move though next element. moving to 86. nice open lanes out of centreville, manassas, rout 50 to the beltway. no incidents or accidents out there. keep it that way for the time being. looking back at the beltway in virginia this time from the american legion bridge to the wilson bridge. still a fantastic ride. and finally we will wrap it up with the 395 commute. not going to stay this way for long. congestion build the next hour or so. get out there and get to work.
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the federal aviation administration is calling for tougher flight rules for helicopters. the goal is to increase safety for medical helicopters following a spike in deadly accidents like the one at andrews air force base in 2008. one regulation would require all air ambulance choppers carry an electronic system to warn about obstacles in the air and on the ground. a commuter alert about some street closings downtown. the annual fall meeting for the world bank and international monetary fund means some road closings around the most headquarters. at 7 p.m., 18th, 19th and 20th streets will be closed between g street and pennsylvania avenue and some closings also on g and h streets. two of the closest metro station toll the world bank will be closed during the meeting. the farragut west and mcpherson square stations will close for track work on the an won't be
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blue or orange line service at metro a center either. the work is scheduled to run until the system reopens on tuesday morning. get ready for a new traffic pattern in rosslyn this weekend. expansion of the rosslyn metro means north moore street will be one way heading south. that's toward wilson boulevard. the change takes place between wilson and 19th street. in case that's not enough for you, here's one more. this year's susan g. komen three day for the cure kicks off this morning at national park. walkers will head northwest of there so you can expect street closures as they make their way to bethesda. participants will head togethersburg on saturday before wrapping up in washington near the monument on sunday. taking a look at the living well headlines the best ways to prevent another flu pandemic
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this year is what they are meeting for. >> this year's vac soon comes with an extra punch. it fights three strains of the flu including h1n1 but many choose not to get vaccinated. >> i don't usually. i'm kind of off and on. some years i do and some years i didn't. >> reporter: the centers for disease control is pushing all of us, age six month and older to get the shot this year. >> reporter: this 70-year-old knows how important it is, especially as he gets older. >> when you hit a certain age your immune system may not be as great as it was when you were younger. so i takeoff precaution i can. >> reporter: last year 200,000 people went to the hospital as a result of the flu and 13,000 died. with the h1n1 virus being the predominant strain. the h1n1 strain triggered a pandemic last year. medical experts hope to prevent it again. >> prevention is the best
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beautiful flu vaccination is the best way to protect yourself against the flu. some people avoid getting vaccinated because they say it gives them a mild case of the flu. not true says experts and if you are squeamish about the hot there is the flu mist. a controversial study says it is okay for expecting moms to drink a small amount of alcohol. british researchers tracked thousands of kids in the u.k. and found one or two drinks a week during pregnancy had no adverse affect but the standard advice, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, limit caffeine and take a prenatal vitamin during those crucial nine months. for more headlines, log on to and click on the living well tab on the front page. an area teacher receives the surprise of his life and local triplets are being treated like movie stars
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because for three months they were. we somewhere are just getting started here on 9 news now. with us. hi there. i'm ian wright
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walking. the 9th street baptist church is hosting a walk-a-thon at the tennis center at 18th and kennedy treats northwest. it begins at 8:85 and runs until -- 11 o. it will help support the homeless in the district. three tiny girls from frederick, maryland, are making a big splash on the sill veer screen. they star as an orphan baby in the new movie "life as we know it. " it opens this weekend. peggy fox visited the starlets homes and found the girls down right irresistible. >> they giggled and smiled and spoke together, without a poke. i was only at the home for an hour but it was easy to see why
4:58 am
the director chose these adorable triplets to star in the movie life as we know it. >> she's going to poop in the tub. hurry up in in the movie a couple has to raise their child's friend. they take on them challenge and encounter the joys and surprises of parenthood. ben, lexy and brook are switched out as needed. >> brook was the starlet as they called her. pretty much whatever they told her to do she would do. and brin was sometimes good and not so good and lexy is the sleeper and crier. >> they spent three months in atlanta filming the movie. her husband and -year-old daughter visited every weekend. >> we had reservations when we started but once i met them they all went away. they were so good to my girls.
4:59 am
they part of the family for a couple of months. >> reporter: she said the crew was good about keeping the triplets on schedule, never missing nap time or meals. what was catherine highle like, she calls her katie. >> sincere, gracious and not what you read about. she was great to my family and my girls. >> reporter: she says josh was super sweet and took some time to get to know the girls first. >> you can't make a 15-month- old act and he wanted them to feel comfortable with them and they think it shows on the screen. >> she saw an act for identical twins and isn't a picture in. >> never thought we'd do this. never say neve but we'll see. it would have to be the right opportunity. in frederick, peggy fox, 9 news now. >> adorable. good morning. you are watching 9 news


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