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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 8, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sterling. reston, gaithersburg, college park at 46. 48 in bwi. you see it in crofton, as well. jacket weather for sure. ft. belvoir is 46 and arlington at 53. temperatures will climb nicely. by lunchtime 72. drive home 77 with a lot of sunshine. highs today 75 to 79 an winds more comfortable than yesterday at five to ten. we are talking 6:00 a.m. and that means time for traffic. >> more people are getting out there on the roadways, filling up the roads and giving us more volume to deal with this morning. start in virginia and look at 66. as to be expected between 50 and 123, this is where a lot of people are getting on the roadways. add extra minutes getting off on that stretch. as we jump from 66 to the beltway. right now between braddock and route , no big problems to tell you about. moving well. good morning, maryland. head up to you and i-270 southbound from germantown over to 370, volume there as well
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but no incidents or accidents blocking the travel lanes on the other side of the beltway, route 4, route 5 and the crane highway looking good. it is 6:00 on the dot. we are sending it right over to angie. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the stories happening today. you'll see extra security on cam track trains and at stations. it is a special day of enforcement nationwide. amtrak insists the security surge has nothing to do with the recent terror alert in europe. the imf and world bank meetings begin in downtown washington. that means expect plenty of dark limos, protester and road closures. parking will be severely restricted all weekend. this morning, president obama heads to bladensburg, maryland to talk about the economy. and he will rehack to the new unemployment numbers due out around 8:30. we have an update on the breaking news we brought you on thursday morning. in the last hour, 9 news now has learned the friendship heights woman accused in the deadly hit and run accident has
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surrendered to district police. 24-year-old kyla ryan had just gotten out of her car when she was struck. brittany morehouse talked to her best friend last night. >> it's really like a part of me is gone because like she was seriously like half of me. a lot of my personality and my confidence and just like who i am as a person had a lot to do with her. >> reporter: 30-year-old davidson has been charged with drunk driving many montgomery county. she's expected to face additional charges in the district. also today, no commute to work for hundreds of commerce department employees. that's because of a fire on thursday night. it happened at the department of commerce building at 14th street and constitution avenue. kristin fisher has the latest. >> reporter: authorized to take administrative leave after the fire but they are encouraged to
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telework the only people that have to come to the commerce department to work today are emergency designated personnel. let's talk about this fire. it started around 8:00 last night on the third floor of the building, the commerce building. it is currently under a mass i have multiyear renovation and just so happened the fire broke out in a section undergoing asbestos removal. good because no one was inside the of building and everyone was successfully evacuated and no one was injured but it was bad news for the firefighters because it faint were exposed to asbestos. >> it elevated the incident to a different level bringing in specialized teams to go in to decon our personnel. >> a con contamination unit was set up along 15th street shutting down traffic for hours. every firefighter that went in the building had to be washed off using special chemicals to get off asbestos fibers they may have gotten on their bodies
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while fighting the fire. the fire department will go think the building to make sure the asbestos contamination did not spread. in northwest washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. new this morning, this, the latest winner of the nobel peace prize. the announce was made an hour ago. the winner imprisoned chinese dissent. the mow bell committee cited him for his long nonviolent struggle for human rights. president obama won the peace prize last year. a valuable piece of real estate in northern virginia will remain a spot for affordable housing. dignitaries gathered for the ribbon cutting. it is in the fairfax county. there are 128 multiped room unit -- bedroom units. a developer could have turned them though high-ened condos
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but now will serve a better purpose. >> the community has benefited from wesley housing development coming in, and seeing the potential, organizing the people necessary and making this in to a terrific asset to the community. >> reporter: the land where the apartments sit was bought more than 30 years ago. the benefactor paid $1 for it. time for a living smart report. we turn to jessica doyle who's dealing with her baggage. >> you have got bag aage? >> i have baggage. it is friday getaways and you have come a long way, luggage. remember when you were a kid the heavy suitcases you had to lug an. remember when men used to carry luggage for their laities. this is a clip from the old clark gable classic "it happened one night." wheeled luggage changed it all and this is the anniversary of luggage with wheels. hit macy's stores in okay of 1970 so you want the investment
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to last and here's common problem and what to do about them. a broken wheel, broken wheels can be replaced. you don't have to buy a new suitcase and some offer a lifetime warranty. if you travel a lot, something to look for. wheels stop spinning or stick. don't replace the wheels. this is probably a cleaning problem. get out soap and a bristle brush and work on that. problem in the 3:00 the bag topples over. i have this with my suitcase. look for a couple of features the wheels should be far apart. i'm showing you a briggs and riley bag which is a high-end piece of luggage. they should be as far apart as possible an get a thick wheel. the thicker the wheel the best for stability and control and when i saw these pieces of luggage, i said it may be time to invest in something better than the one i have in my attic. >> there's one that andrea and i love to use. it is called the hayes bag, affordable light weight and can
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get banged up urn the plane or overhead. it has lasted for years. >> fantastic. >> now day when we are all carrying our luggage on board because we don't want to have checked bag fees it is something to be light and portable. >> and affordable. it is going to get bang up any way. medical technology goes 3- d. listen how doctors in bethesda are using in the new way to fight hiv and aids. right now we look at the maryland traffic. maryland, we have a chill this morning but it will not last long. jacket weather to start an readings are in the 40s to low 50s. warmest spots will be right but the bay and southern maryland. as we go through the morning, you will notice by 9:00 we are starting to get in the 50s and near 60 down south a lot of sunshine today. lunchtime outside, 69 for camp
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springs. gaithersburg 67. frederick 71 and in the mid-70s this afternoon for highs. perhaps lower 70s, or around 70 by the bay. a grand jurious friday to start your weekend. loving those gorgeous fridays. make sure you grab your sweaters crank up the heat in the car. you will need it. live at connecticut and bradley in bethesda. a few cars but no big problems to tell you about on this side of maryland. 3585 and -- 355, same issue, nice quiet ride. 50 westbound past annapolis to the beltway, clean and green everybody is moving at speed. thanks for joining us. 9 news now will be back in 90 seconds. stay with us. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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we're back with a health alert. a discovery about how the aids virus hides from the immune system and one way to trap it was aided by 3-d images in the lab. anita brickman visits the institute of health to look at how 3-d medicine is making a difference. >> reporter: at the research center on the nih campus in bethesda, this doctor has figured out a way to use x-rays to visualize something as small as the aids virus and it looks like this. >> for a long time, it wasn't quite clear how the virus was able to get in to the immune system. >> reporter: then scientists were able to check it out in 3-
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d. those multicolored ones are sugars that act as a cloaking device, helping the virus to hide itself from the immune system. the deadly invader changes the disguise all the time. >> the virus is a moving target because it undergoes genetic changes and it is always mutating. >> reporter: always? >> always. >> reporter: he heads up the team of aids trackers and says now scientists can see a pro- ten hiv can't change or it will die. that's the red squiggly line the virus needs to grab on to human cells and then the team figured out which can latch on to the same spot and stop 90% of hiv strains out there. >> the same place where the antibody comes and says i got you virus. >> i have to say, i've never been more optimistic than i am now for the prospects of the vaccines. >> reporter: that is seriously complex science, but seeing it in moving color not only helps
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lay people like you and me understand but the researchers, too. and that brings them one step closer to a powerful, life- saving vaccine. anita brickman, 9 news now. the nih scientists are already designing parts of a vaccine based on these powerful antibodies that could one day prevent infection by a vast majority of hiv viruses circulating around the world. on this friday morning, here's what is in the news now. a. a funeral will be hill for sergeant first class lance vogler. he died last week in afghanistan. his remains were returned to georgia yesterday. he was from frederick, maryland. an escape path could help to rescue the 33 miners trapped since august in chile. all the rain last week had a good side effect. the drought watch as been lifted. it had been in affect since september 9th.
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nearly a month, is that right? >> about what. when you have rains in the four to six inch categories here and 10 to 15 it will lift the drought watch and ' fen you get tropical storms or almost tropical storms to bust the drought. >> even with that much rain you are you are say there are areas that could -- >> in shenandoah valley they could use a little more rain. where drought disaster declarations were made because in the crops were damaged before the rains came. in the meanwhile. there is god news to look forward to. >> loot of good news. if you have plans this weekend, maybe you are running in the 5- k race tomorrow morning you may see mrs. bernstein out there. >> go elaine. >> weather will be fine for you. a little chilly in the morning but gad news. we start with the weather headlines and talking about the fact that it is looking good. maybe i should have wrote looking great through the next
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few days. a spectacular day today. saturday, sunday, columbus day we will be very, very fine weather days here with some warm temperatures. even an 80-degree reading or two possible on saturday, monday, sunday perhaps a little cooler an today one or two spots south and west can't rule out getting to 80 an the rain shower chances will be low through monday. maybe tuesday is the next chance of showers to be moving in. all right, the bus stop forecast, jack weather because we have 40s and some 50s. it is cool an the skies are clear. sun is coming up in an hour. and then today, sunny all day. 61 by 9:00. 72 at noon. 77 at 5:00 p.m. right now 54 degrees urn clear skies an the winds are west five to ten. a lot less than what we had yesterday. clear and chilly on the. back with light west winds. 45 to 55. and the saturday sunny and warm. especially for october. with highs an 80. northwest winds at five to ten. it will be gorgeous.
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48 at andrews and baltimore. 57 in southern maryland. it is 59 in reedville. 51 inland at newland. go west, manassas at 45. 45 from martinsburg. cumberland the cool spot at 41 degrees. national 54. we have got 40s at dulles and sterling over there. 48 on the dew. temperatures 54 with clear skies. the winds are calm at reagan national and high pressure is rising. it's building in from the midwest. actually out here. ma what you are seeing is ground clutter on the radar that shows up now and then but nothing going on. the actual high is north of st. louis. it will continue to move east. our weather will be on cruise control the next few days and high temperatures today with sunny skies, upper 70s in town. 78. maybe 79 in manassas. mid-70s hagerstown. cumberland in the upper 70s. the coolest spots along the bay where water temperatures are hindering you from getting too
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much warmer than 71 in annapolis. our seven-day forecast, it's a beauty light rite through the weekend. great tonight for high school football games. going to be falling back in to the 60s. 78 for the high today. 80 tomorrow. skins, look at that, 76 on sunday. 80 still on columbus day. so for those who have the day off, fantastic and showers are possible by tuesday. 6:16 is the time. and here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >> thank you, howard. a key concern this morning will defendant by be riding out the delays. no incidents or accidents that you can see on the realtime maps and we recruited the help of our sky 9 helicopter, which is right here, high in the sky over 495 and 95 in college park, maryland. definitely tracking those delays between new hampshire and georgia. you want to add an extra five to ten minutes to get to work on time. now, if your daily route to work is i-270, you are not going to run in to big problems here either. a little slow between germantown and montross.
6:17 am
looking good toward 495. heading in to virginia. good morning to you. if you are waking you way up to 395, slow between the usual spots here. duke and seminary but nothing big to deal with out there either. finally, 95 this morning. we are seeing those head lights for folks. slow in two spots. prince william parkway to route 1 and again newington to backlick. back to you. it is time for campaign 2010, an we turn our focus on the race for governor in maryland. o'malley is hoping for a boost in the polls after a campaign stop with president obama. the president said the governor and other democrats have been working to turn the economy around. while republicans do nothing. >> but suddenly we feel this tap on our shoulder. we look back. who is it? it's the republicans. and they say we want the keys back. >> no. >> an we have to tell them, you can't have the keys back. because you don't know how to
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drive [ applause ] >> about three dozen people were treated for dehydration at the rally. most of those suffering were elderly. republican lick spent thursday in potomac p maryland. he is focusing on the dc suburbs saying they hold the key to victory. >> the key to our winning is here, getting to montgomery county. these are numbers of the washington suburbs. we're going to win big around the state. the latest polls show ehrlich trailing by eight percentage points. and learn who the capitals will play to begin the regular season. brett haber has a preview in three minutes. [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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good morning. if a quarterback throws 300-
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yards he's had a good game. packers quarterback aaron rogers is smiling all week long because he is about to play redskins defense that gives that up every game. in pass defense, the sec worst in football. they allow 305 passing yards per contest and with rogers ante packers coming in on sunday that's not good. he has thrown for t thousand yards and 86 touch downs in his first two years as a starter. in other words, get ready for an air show on sunday. rogers is a great quarterback. a lot of weapons. he can run the football, quick release. one of the reasons they are so effective. >> hopefully we can contain them and make them work for it. >> reporter: as for the redskins offense, he practiced the second day in a row. he has been battling a sore
6:23 am
toe. preseason game in cleveland, no lebron. no problem. arenas for match. reach had 13 points last night. you want to see john wall and here he comes. behind the guys in the white jerseys. wizards win by 14. portis season the only local star battling a groin injury. we learned the caps starting goalie is suffering from his own growl groin issues and that's the reason he's on injured reserve with the season starting tonight. 22-year-old michael who played just 28 nhl game with start against the thrashers this evening and likely start the first three games of the season at minimum. how quickly will he be ready? he has had groin problems before. >> discouraged for him because it has happened before and it has taken him a while to get ready but i think he was in such better shape this year that i don't think it will take
6:24 am
anywhere near as long and don't any think it is as bad as previous years. >> reporter: highlights of the caps opener tonight at 11:00 as well as the highlights from football in the area. for now i'm brett haber. have a great friday. another stellar pitching performance in the baseball playoffs. the giants threw a two-cytohet shut out. striking out 14. san francisco topped lane in gym one of the series 1-0. the yankees and rangers won third. taking a 2-0 lead. ahead, why prince georges county is clearing police officers in a cheating investigation. and a big heads up for metro riders this holiday weekend. what you need to know about the flu and orange lines, but hey, skip the metro and the trains and watch instead. the weather will be beautiful. howard has the forecast when 9 news now returns.
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thank you for starting your day with us. i'm angie goff. roan ronsthis the day off but howard bernstein is on the weather terrace. i have a feeling you will be losing that jacket later on in i think by 9:00, 10:00, we won't need the jacket. this is dry air which cools off so well at night. that's why it is chilly this morning heats up well during the day. an that's why we had temperatures in the upper 70s yesterday. 77. we will be at least there again. probably for the next several days. get you going this morning. we have clear skies with high pressure moving an. in the winds are lighter this afternoon. low 40s out there in the mountains and we are looking a temperatures 45 in manassas to 54 or so at reagan national. going to the mid to upper 70s later on today. patranya bhoolsuwan, over to you
6:30 am
you. let's zoom on to 66 for virginia drivers this morning. as we track the volumes for you, right now from route 50 over to 123, but no accidents toward the beltway. talking about the beltway in virginia, hop over here from braddock to route 7 on the inner loop. looking good. outer loop, no problems. people going at speed toward the wilson bridge. finally we will wrap it up in dc as we look at 15th and pennsylvania in northwest. dealing with volume. no incidents or accidents reported. it is 6:30. angie, over to you. we van update on the breaking news we brought you on thursday morning. this morning sunshine news now learned the friendship heights woman accused in a deadly hit and run accident has surrendered to district police. >> ryan had just gotten out of a car when she was struck on connecticut avenue in dupont circle. brittany morehouse talked to her best friend last night. >> she was my sister. she was my everything.
6:31 am
>> reporter: a world of memories cascade across her counter top. she keeps finding more photos of the sister she never had. >> she was my entire childhood. stuck to the hip. >> reporter: now she is stuck with haunting thought. >> i don't know what kind of person i would be if -- >> dead on the day after her 24th birthday. >> the last thing i told her is that i love you and i will see you tomorrow. >> reporter: come tomorrow, ryan was killed in a hit and run wreck. she was coming back from dinner with a co-worker, a woman who is now described everything. >> she was on the drive's side in the backseat and she got out of the car and she said every got out of the car at the same time and shepherd a huge thud. >> reporter: there on the street lay kayla. >> there was an eyewitness there and he apparently had been in the military. and was helping her and propped
6:32 am
her up. she was like coughing up blood and stuff and he was helping her to breathe and sitting her the proper way to get her to survive until the ambulance came in. >> reporter: the man is what mystery to loved ones like the cyclist that follow the vehicle. >> the psychist has a huge chunk of my heart. >> as for the driver. >> i don't think the driver planned to kill my best friend. however, that they left -- a scene that toll more than one life. >> it is like a part of me is gone because she was seriously like half of me. like a lot of my personality and my confidence and just like who i am as a person had a lot to do with her. >> reporter: brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> reporter: she says that loved ones are hoping that someone tracks down the cyclist and the officer who tried to help her friend. they want to offer a thank you in person. this morning, a commuter alert. a final warning about your trip
6:33 am
on metro weekend. the blue and orange lines will be cut in two this weekend. and it will stay that way until tuesday morning. starting at 10:00 on the the farragut west and mcpherson stations will be closed. also no blue or orange lain service at metro center. it is all so metro can do important safety work. there will be free shuttle bus service. we will have the tails on the financial page at a commuter alert for drivers, as well. starting tonight at 8:00, the chain bridge over the potomac will be closed. it will remain closed until 5:00 on monday morning. this is part of the ongoing rehab work on the bridge. it will be closed next weekend, as well. we have an update on the reported cheating scandal in the prince georges county police department. chief roberto hilton says it was a lazy trucker who set off false alarm. the strucker gave perfect
6:34 am
scores to 30 cadets which graduated in the police academy in 2009. >> at this time no officers will be suspended, regarding these allegations. if this audit reveals misconduct or inattention to duty, appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken. >> reporter: chief hilton say the instructor who gave out the perfect scores has been fined. however, he remains a the police academy. investigators suspect foul play in the death of a man at fairfax station. police found the 61-year-old victim with trauma to the body. anyone who see the vehicle is asked to contact police. most people who work at the commerce building at 14th and constitution you have a four- day weekend. there was a small fire that broke out in an area which was
6:35 am
under renovation. no one was hurt but there is enough damage that the building will be closed today. people who work there are encouraged telecommute. however, emergency designated employees have to show up. jessica doyle is back with another "living $mart" report. off preview of the unemployment numbers they are expected out shortly. >> that's right. they are out at 8:30 this morning but the big story is the september job numbers an we are expected to take a step forewad and back at the same time. economists expect to see 85,000 jobs added last month. at the same time we could see the loss of 75,000 temporary census jobs. the unemployment rate is expected to climb and at the same time we have a new report and it's not a good one. a record 30% of the nation's 14.7 million unemployed workers have been out of work for at least a year as of august. that's up from 23% in december. meantime, those rock bottom
6:36 am
hotel prices are a thing of the past. our partners at "usa today" report on a number of signs of escalating roommates as people travel again. marriott reported the roommates rose for the first time in two years. travelocity stays rates are up 3 1/2% and smith travel research town an average rate up 3.5% for august. paypal betting you won't trek to your bank or closest atm if you don't have to. so it added a feature to the free iphone app that lets you deposit checks with an iphone. once they show up in your paypal account bank balance they can be transferred to a bank account. they say hold on to it for 15 days in case it dunn work like you want it to. >> all of that information on your phone. >> it's the future. >> lock your phone. you have to get a code in there in case you lose it.
6:37 am
but cool nonetheless. >> this year's nobel peace prize is awarded to a chinese dissident lui is recognized for his human rights effort in the country. you can tell if someone has a toddler just by looking a their home. it's been baby proofed. in seven minutes, advice on what you need to to in your home to keep your little one safe. right now the daily focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. temperatures in the mid 40s in many areas. you want the jacket but you will be peeling them off for the sweatshirts by mid-morning as we warm up quickly the temperatures this morning, we start under clear skies. here's the 40s in many areas to 50 degrees or so. by 9:00, we are warming up to the low to mid-50s. upper 50s down south in
6:38 am
tappahannock and lunchtime a nice day to be outside, 70 manassas, 68 win chest. we go to the afternoon and climbing in to the 70s. looks like upper 70s will do it for many. >> looking nice out there. check out the roadways and see how things are looking. over to the traffic camera and see how things are looking at backlick and edsall. no big problems to report. in arlington, columbia pike and walter reed looking good out there. no major accidents to report out here. fly over the toll road and see how things are looking moving east toward dc this morning. no problems past hundreder mill all the way to the beltway. 6:38 this morning. thanks for joining us. more news, weather and traffic coming up in just a moment. a sip of my real fruit smoothie from mccafé?
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so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. the "early show" begins a the top of the hour. let's go live to new york city where maggie rodriguez is stand
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by and has a preview. good morning, maggie. >> good morning to you. coming up this morning, rescuers could be hours away from reaching miners in chile who have been trapped beyond ground two months now. we will take you live to the scene to bring you up-to-date. we are revealing six sneaky tricks stores are getting you to spend more. we will tell you what to look out for and my favorite story of the morning, a girl in england writes to her favorite movie character jack sparrow played by johnny depp and sees the letter and likes it and he surprises her dressed up as captain jack sparrow. we will show her priceless reaction this morning. >> we will definitely tune in for that. and something that maggie may tune if for on our show. she just had a baby and right now at 63 -- 6:43. it is time for the next installment for baby.
6:44 am
baby proofing ideas. i'm joined by a professional baby proofer. my first question, i'm having a baby in december. with a newborn that can't walk is it necessary to baby proof a home. >> there are hazards that even a six month old that is scooting and can get in to trouble. once they move they are gone. they are not going to wait. one thing we have here is a baby monitor which most parents like to put near the crib so they can see the baby. we forget the wires there are accessible if you put it near the child on the crib. this is what is called wire cover. it will adhere to the wall. takes the cords and puts in here an hides it and makes it so the child cannot gain access to that. >> i wouldn't think of that. and then there are other key items you suggest putting in before baby arrives. >> absolutely. one is for electrical safety. a lot of times, here's example of a product that can be a
6:45 am
safety hazard. anything that fits through a toilet paper roll can be a choking hazard. choking is one of the leading causes of injuries to children under the age of 4 an number one cause of children year and younger. get on your hands and knees and look for hazards. >> and outlets. >> this is the slide place, a good replace for that. you put it like this and slide it to the side. and if you unplug it will snap back so they don't have hack evidence. >> -- access. >> what is this? >> this is a cabinet front. a couple of ways to log it up. we have the plastic latches that you push down. this is grit for chemicals and medication and so forth because you get a key. cannot unlock it without the key. >> oh, wow. as long as they can't gain access to the key they can't get access. fabulous product. >> we will have more advice on-
6:46 am
line. it will be a little web extra and talk about how you can get a baby proofer consultant that come to your home and analyze how your home is set up. for more information, go to hope you join the discussion there. make your home a safer place for the special one on the way. now over to howard. let's talk fall colors. a great weekend to get outside. some of you may think of checking out the leaves. we are just getting this to the color the next two to three weeks. that's when things will peak out here, especially in the higher elevations. green areas you see little or no change. a couple of nice trees here an there but to the park higher elevations in virginia, western many many this is where we see color. really good color in the poconos the catskills and areas of new england and even the up of michigan, northern wisconsin they are seeing good color right now. the bus stop forecast, clear and cool in
6:47 am
spots. 40s and low to mid-50s out there. sun is coming up at 7:18. today a sunny, beautiful friday. highs 75 to 79. 72 at noon. 77 for the drive home. and winds lighter than yesterday, west five to ten. tonight, clear, chilly. back down to the mid-40s to mid- 50s. 6:40 on the sunset and an absolutely gorgeous saturday, sunny and warm. high temperatures after the chilly morning in the 70s to around 80. if not a few spots in the low 850s. -- 80s. tappahannock 48. 51 in newland. it is 45 in martinsburg. also cross junction it is 50 and winchester 49. and 45 in catlett. locally, national is 54 with clear skies, calm winds and humidity at 80%. barometer continues to rise. it is 30.05. that's with high pressure in the middle of the country.
6:48 am
that's moving to the east. we have low pressure in the wyoming and rockies with showers. this is the same storm that brought severe weather to arizona the first half of the week. for us, high pressure will be around through the weekend. so today's highs, upper 70s in town. near 80 toe south and west tomorrow a couple of degrees warmer. ott will become a hurricane but shouldn't bother anyone hit it weakens and hits the a sores as a tropical storm. this thing is going across the atlantic. the seven-day forecast, upper 70s today. great evening for the friday night football. 80 degrees tomorrow and don't forget dc.high >> 80 for fall. that's looking nice. on the traffic front we have the first accident to report in prince georges county. zoom in to tell you where this is. temple hills area.
6:49 am
branch avenue area a good pot to avoid as crews work to clear up the scene. move to the capital beltway north of town. seeing more traffic pick up 95 to georgia. on the outer loop an extra ten minutes here. and inner loop is fine from silver spring to college park. as you make your way out to the roadways looking live via the help of sky 9. i-66 and 123 moving out of fairfax to dc you will need an extra five to ten minutes to get out of the house this morning and make your way to work on time. 395 northbound, volume, as well. ten minute delay from edsall to the 14th street bridge. it is 6:49 on a friday morning. angie, over to you. new cracks have been discovered in the wall of the vietnam veterans memorial. they were found by experts this week after an unusual vertical crack was discovered last year. most of the cracks are invisible to the casual observer. the wall has a history of
6:50 am
cracks going back to 1984, two year of the dedication. one theory has it that it is caused by the heat of the sun. the surface of the stone can be 20 degrees hotter than the air demeanor. montgomery county police have arrested a 52-year-old man accused of slashing his neighbor's tires. police say he did it more than 20 times. we told you about this last month. police say over four years, steven ray armstrong vandalized the cars of his neighbors in wheaton. they say he targeted hispanic families. he's been released on bond. we have 54 degrees here in northwest washington. new details this morning in a deadly hit and run in the district. the latest is three minutes away away. well, tonight is the latest edition of dc.high game. the play of the day from
6:51 am
greenbelt. this is abdul with the 15-yard touchdown catch from petty. roosevelt raiders take out the tigers from lanham, maryland. 47-7. high schoolers if you would like to be a campus correspondent get a free flip cam and chance to win $5,000 scholarship. log on to dc.high school apply. no [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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. here's what is in the news now, the suspect in that deadly hit and run in too upon circle has turned herself in. davidson surrendered to police this morning. police say she struck and killed tyler marie ryan on thursday. check out one of the biggest marijuana busts ever in maryland. 600-pounds of marijuana were found in a dundalk warehouse. three people are under arrest. this morning, officials in hungary say the volume of the toxic flood spill is nearly as much as the oil spill in the
6:55 am
gulf of mexico. four people died in think spill earlier this week. cleanup could take weeks. a chilly start but a gorgeous afternoon. sunshine, 79. a chilly 55 in town. 40sin the suburbs. patranya bhoolsuwan will have another look at the traffic and i will have a look at the traffic within we return. hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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what's in your wallet? come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. we are looking live jammed up good op the outer loop 95 to georgia and inner loop a new car fire approaching route. watch for that if that is your route to work. virginia beltway braddock to gallows slow going there. add ten minutes to get to work and ending on a good note. 95 northbound incident free to the mixing bowl. howard?
6:59 am
it is a chilly start but a gorgeous day ahead upper 70s. saturday 80. sunday 76. monday sunny and 80. great through columbus day and showers on tuesday and thursday. but what a stretch we have coming our way. >> as for wall street we are waiting on the jobs or out at 8:30 this morning and that could very well direct traffic today. we will see if we go over the 11,000 mark for the dow. the "early show" is next. they have the layest on the rescue effort to get the miners our of chile. >> and why skinny women make more and skinmy men make less have to tune in for that one. >> get news, weather and traffic at >> see you monday morning 4:25. have a great weekend. we will close with a picture of the komen walk for the cure about to get underway. have a great weekend, even.


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