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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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front came through yesterday and we never got aspiring lt or two this this afternoon. wit us really nice. look at the chill behind the front. 40s in pittsburgh. 30s in new york state. they have frosty conditions there and that cooler air is funneling toward us because we have northernly winds already in the 40s in montgomery county. most areas in the 50s to around 60 in fairfax. look for sunny skies today with highs around 70, right where it should be. 5:00 a.m. peeking of right where she should be, here's angie. >> no incidents or accidents to report as we kick off this wednesday morning, but notice we have got some movie filming going on. take you live to constitution and third. it is happening around this area. we have a lot of roads closed including third street between independence and constitution, pennsylvania between third and constitution. fourth between pennsylvania and end dense. and maryland between third and sixth. these roads will be closed off
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until at least 6:30 this morning. let's move it to 395. drivers are moving at speed from the beltway to the 18th street bridge we are happy to report. next stop, 66 westbound is where we are crash activity near the sycamore street exit and eastbound you are all clear. wrapping up with 270. we are going southbound and look like drivers are moving at speed out of frederick past 121 to the beltway. now, back to andrea. this morning emotions are overflowing as the rescue efforts in chile is underway. a safe capsule is pulling one miner to the surface every hour or so and at the rate they are going the rescue should be finished sometime tomorrow morning. you are looking at a live picture and we understand the sixth miner has been pulled to the surface. the first miner, florencio avalos came to the surface at 11:00 last night. he hugged his tearful 7-year- old son and his wife.
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the sec man to reach the surface led onlookers in a round of cheers after hugging everyone he could reach and jokingly handing out rocks as sowf nears to rescuers. he brought up a bag of gifts for everyone. they will receive medical treatment after trapped two months under ground. no one has been trapped that long at that depth an lived to tell about it. the celebrations extended beyond the nation. there was an outloor door party near where people gathered to eat, drink and dance and keeping an eye on the rescue preparation and the first miners return to the surface. it was shown live on a big screen tv. >> we were pleased to help as much as we could. we were at this position at all
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times to assist in any way we could an we are pleased that things have moved in the way they have. >> reporter: he was one of the american officials joining in the celebration at the embassy. chile received help from nasa with the rescue capsule as well as assistance from american mining companies to prepare for this rescue. this morning controversial dc school's chancellor rhee is expected to announce her resignation with mayor fenty and presumptive mayor elect vincent gray joining her. kristin fisher is live at the mayflower hotel. the site of the press conference. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. michelle rhee is expected to announce she will be out as chancellor by the end of the month and this means she will likely be replaced by her close associate, deputy chancellor henderson. the news is really no prize. it's really more of been a
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matter of when she would resign, not if. ever since her boss lost to to vincent gray. one day after fenty's loss she called the defeat devastating for dc's school children. rhee did meet with gray after comments were made. clearly they were not able to work through their differences. during her tenure, she closed dozens of schools, fired principals, hundreds of teachers and took on teachers unions and created a system of merit-based pay in which compensation was determined by improvement in test scores. she was seen as aggressive, unapologetic and supporters credited her with turning around the dc school system. >> i think that what she attempted to do was a little drastic to those who were con ten with nothing bumper-to- bumper being done but with those who wanted something done we knew that's what you had to
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do to make change. >> thank you for the update. dc's democratic nominee vincent gray is spending the time leading up to the general election holding a series of town hall meetings across the city. yesterday he held a meeting in ward 7. >> there's absolutely no reason why our legislative body an the executives should not be able to work effectively together in the district of columbia. and we are going to work hard to be able to make that happen. >> reporter: during last night's meeting, gray didn't mention rhee's resignation but spoke about the future of thety. he mentioned although there will be tough financial times ahead he plans to have a transparent administration which listens to city residents
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. stocks went ahigher an the world. checking wall street, the dow stands at 11020. it added didn't points yesterday. the nasdaq finished higher by 16 and the s&p was up 4 1/2. chipmaker intel and railroad company csx announced after the close they beat estimates on earnings and sales in the third quarter. some analysts expect third quarter earnings for s&p 500 companies to be up over 20%. this may be a case of facebook envy. twitter has a billion followers. it wants to compete with
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facebook in attracting advertisers. twitter users sent 100 million short messages a day the benefit for advertisers is enstant access to targeted customers. the rivalry continues. >> you talked about earnings but not seeing that translated in to added jobs, are we? >> no we have not. the companies have been careful with that level of, in terms of their staffing. we need to know how to save money. >> today's money saver we will look at an application you can put on your computer to find the best discounts when you are shopping on-line. >> perfect timing for that. >> the fourth mc-- the fort mchenry tunnel is open after a school bus fire shut it down on tuesday evening's rush hour. two people were on board and both escaped. because of 0 the smoke, northbound tunnel tubes and one southbound tube were closed.
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police discover a clue in the murder of a fairfax county man. the body of 61-year-old young yune was found inside of his fairfax station home. they discovered his missing gold lexus along americana drive in annandale. they are examining the lexus and looking in to a possible tie in to recent burglaries nearby. the university of maryland police chief says if it were up to him he would shut down the thirsty turtle bar. they say what started as a fight inside of the bar yesterday wound up with four people being stabbed including three under age fra turnty members. all are recovery.
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land never felt so good to a group of boaters lost at sea. their story is coming up. and president obama's latest campaign stop only involves a quick motorcade ride. it is 9 after the hour. 58 degrees. 9 news now will be back after this.
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the navy marked the tenth anniversary of the terror attack on the uss cole yesterday. the destroyer is now back in service after $250 million in repairs. 17 sailors were killed when the uss cole was bombed in yemen. this morning, six fishermen are back with their loved ones after the coast guard towed their crippled boat to shore.
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they were spotted on monday night, some 120 miles out in the atlantic ocean. president obama stayed close to home for his latest town hall meeting. the president spoke to a crowd at george washington university. he's trying to generate enthusiasm among democrats in the final weeks before the november midterm election. virginia gets high profile support in its lawsuit against federal health care reform. that story is coming up. plus the waves are kicking up, and tourists are getting out as the hurricane approaches the yucatan peninsula. here's howard. >> still tropical season. yesterday felt like summer and today feels like fall. we will have the latest on the cool down and some wet weather heading this way when 9 news now's returns.
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some tour itselfs are taking final flights out before hurricane paula gets closer to resorts at the yucatan peninsula. a dozen storm shelters have been set up. paula could dump a half foot of rain on the yucatan before it is expected to trek toward cuba. >> this is a tiny storm. even though the wins are up to 100-mile an hour extend 15- miles from the center. that's it. >> not like we had with the last one. >> that was humongous. this is a tiny little storm. we have tiny hurricanes like this, too. they won't get the hurricane- force winds likely in cancun. tropical storm winds and rain and rain in feeder bands. >> bit could stall and dump more rain. >> and the steering currents aren't strong and it may go up to south florida. we will watch it carefully the next few days. we are watching the cooler
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weather around here. some folks have been saying it is too warm, too late and. >> where's fall? >> fall has returned. if you have little ones you better put a jacket on them because it is a cool one. temperatures in the 40s in the northern suburbs. down south in the 60s. jan in reedville is 63 down there. stiff northeast wind and that's bringing in the cooler air. southern suburbs low 60s. most areas mid-50s with a breeze at the bus stop this morning but the sunshine will be abundant. today a lot of sunshine. upper 50s by 9:00. a northeast wind, 65 at noon. the northeast wind at 6:00 and 5:00. sunny and upper 60s. we will top off at 70, twee or 3:00 this afternoon. tonight clouds move in. late showers are possible. upper 40s to low to mid-50s. we will have some wet weather around for the morning rush hour. in fact the afternoon rush
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could be wet with periods of rain and showers. highs in the low 60s an winds southeast to northwest later on. five to ten. gusty tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. the chill, here it is in williamsport. bradford upper 20s an the cool air is oozing south. 60s richmond and norfolk 6 t. lock -- 69. 46 in frederick. 42 across the border in york. gaithersburg is 48 and 60 in fredericksburg. manassas, leesburg, 54 and around 50 in the shenandoah valley. hagerstown in the upper 40s. 57 at national. continue to drop with a brisk northeast wind at 12 and the air is drying out with dew points in the 40s. nationally fairly quiet on the west. an upper storm which will bring us the rain tomorrow. here's paula by theway way off the yucatan. the moisture is trying to come in to the keys the showers there. the actual track brings this to the cuban coast. and for us, the thing we will watch is not so much paula but
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the system to the west. there's low pressure coming in. we will have rain around tomorrow even in the morning through tomorrow afternoon and evening. by friday we are clearing out. windying 63. windy and cool. saturday 62. sunday looks nice for the skins game on sunday night with a high of 70. it is 6:17. happy wednesday. >> happy wednesday to you, too, howard. hello, everyone. good morning. wake up, wake up. right now a couple of things going on out here. take it out live and show you we have transformers three filming. this morning until 6:30 we will have a lot of roads closed. third and independence, third and constitution and pennsylvania between third and constitution. 4th street remains closed between pennsylvania and independence. and maryland is going to be shut down between third and sixth. that's until 6:30. moving to the outer loop
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between new hampshire avenue and pennsylvania we have crash activity. taking away a right lane for drivers. everyone is slow passing the scene. expect delays in this area. 95 and the b work parkway, we zoom in. reveal we have nothing but nice, clean and green commute out of baltimore to the beltway. 495 in virginia, lanes are wide open between braddock road up to 66. andrea, over to you. >> thank you. in the living well headlines, three former u.s. attorneys general are backing virginia's lawsuit challenging the federal health care reform law, including edwin meese and dick thornburgh. they filed court papers in court of the commonwealth agreeing that congress does not are the constitutional authority to require americans to buy health insurance. thousands of local children are going to learn more about what is on their plate. the second annual dc farm to school week is underway. members of the agriculture department have teamed up with cafeterias at 200 dc schools to
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serve more locally grown foods and some students will get to go to the source of what they eat. >> we have organized about two dozen farm field trips. so students across the district will be heading out to farms to harvest local produce, which they will bring back to their classrooms and cook with their class mates and a professional chef. >> chefs from the white house were on hand to help prepare and cook produce donated by farmers. some schools will cultivate their own gardens on campus. the teach that used to be the washington senators makes playoff history. and new concerns for wizards fans about arenas surgically reconstructed -- it is 5:19. look at who's celebrating a birthday today, the 13th of october. ♪
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welcome back to 9 news now. a live picture seven hours in to the rescue effort in chile and this is the seventh miner pulled to the surface. we understand he is a 62-year- old man. they are in phase two, picking up the miners who have health problems, diabetes, hypertension, and bringing them to the surface. seven rescues so far. 26 underground. they hope to have all of this finished by tomorrow and it's an amazing sight that the world is watching and celebrating along with the miners and their families this morning. we will have updates on this dramatic rescue effort throughout our newscast. good morning again. welcome back to 9 news now. a postseason first. the fifth and deciding game of the american league twice divisional series. it pitted texas against tampa. tied at one when the rays catcher throws the ball in to left field.
5:24 am
texas went on to win 5-1. the first time, the franchise, including when the washington senators, ever won a playoff series. they will face the yankees in the alcs. here's brett haber with the rest of the sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. when arenas missed three practices last week with a sprained ankle, nobody made a blank blink but when he announced he was skipping the game because of knee pain, everybody blink then. he tried to warm up before the game but the knee that's been surgically repaired three times was not right. wizards hosting the hawks would you him. big night for mcgee off the bench. 16 points, 11 boards and that dunk off the steal. mcgee is 16-11. will finish with a a little wall montage.
5:25 am
two of his 19. wizards win. how did the young kid doodoo. >> i like the way he competes. that's the main thing. when you have guards like him and kurt, that's the first line of defense and that carries things to the baseline people. >> reporter: the caps will host the islanders tonight and it seems they will do so with a reshuffled first line. at practice on tuesday, flierman was the center in between ovechkin. back rum moved to the second line. if you are the houston texans born in 2002, not much point to honoring your franchise's history. the franchise doesn't have a history but the redskins have a rich won and will honor theirs this weekend. skins announced the game against the colts will mark the franchise's first annual homecoming game. gm bruce allen who grew up around the team conceived the idea. skins will invite their alawmakerny and introduce them
5:26 am
at halftime and russ grim will get his hall of fame ring. this ought to restore your belief in sportsmanship a little bit. this is dylan, a senior at manila high school in arkansas. dylan was born with cerebral palsy and never got to play the sport he loved to much but thanks to their opens, river crest high school he was allowed to score a touchdown in his wheelchair. a moment that neither he or anyone present in the crowd will ever forget. on that note we wrap up sports this morning. i'm brett haber. think of that as you have a great wednesday. and we want to look at an intense drama come to a series of joyful conclusions. we will have the latest on rescue operations to bring all 33 trapped miners in chile back to the surface coming up. an preview the top local story the resignation announcement by michelle rhee.
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it is 5:26. here's angie with a look at the roads in the area. traffic alert. outer loop between university and new hampshire avenue an accident is taking away the right lane and backed up starting around new hampshire. more traffic and whenever went 9 news now returns. keep it here. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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take a look at last night's sunset. >> oh. >> uh-huh. it's the saying red at night sailor evidence delight holds true we should be in for a nice day. thanks for joining us this wednesday morning. angie goff is here. she's going to have the traffic in a moment. going to be a nice day on the roadways but to confirm whether red at night is sailors delight, howard is giving up a thumbs up. >> beautiful sunset and a beautiful day won't be in the 80s. sorry for folks that like it that warm. grab a jacket. we will recover some to the 60s an low 70s. yes, right where we should be.
5:31 am
with plenty of sunshine we will recover to the upper 60s to perhaps the low 70s with an on shore breeze. naval academy may stay in the low 60s. and so 59 8 by 9:00. drive home temperature 68. the highs around 70. it is 5:30. see you at 5:45. here's angie. overall not too many things going on out there but a couple of things could slow you down. they are filming transformers 3 so we have everything listed at until 6:30 this morning. we will have parts of pennsylvania avenue, constitution, third and maryland avenues shut down. so a few things to look out for there. on the outer loop, i want to move you outside and show you the crash activity taking away the right lane for drivers. this is between new hampshire
5:32 am
and university boulevard. drivers here, they are starting to stack up an new hampshire avenue approaching the scene. virginia, you are all clear. that's how we will wrap it up. lanes are wide open here but some volume is building past mills road. this morning controversial dc schools chancellor michelle rhee is expected to announce her resignation. by her said mayor fenty and presumptive mayor elect vincent gray. kristin fisher is live at the mayflower hotel. site of the press conference. good morning, kristin. >> the fact rhee is resigning isn't that surprising at all, but i will tell you what is surprising is the timing of this. most thought she would wait until the general election to make this kind of announcement and perhaps wait the christmas holiday but we now know that she will be stepping down from her post by the end of the month. now, let's put this in
5:33 am
perspective for you. rhee said she is going to be announcing all of this at a press conference this morning here at the mayfluer and will be standing beside her boss. rhee really became a central figure in the dc mayoral primary battle. she was actively campaigning with the incumbent, mayor fenty. but the race ultimately became a referendum on her job as well in overhauling the district's troubled school system but it was a race that she and fenty lost. this morning in northwest washington, dc residents, we found a lot of them speaking high praise for the reforms she had been doing. >> it's a total shame. she's got kids in public schools and we really see the improvement. >> i would have liked her as a
5:34 am
school chancellor. was hoping her and vincent gray could have reached an agreement. >> reporter: and we are expecting to learn from today's conference that rhee will be making some announce about who will be succeeding her and at least temporarily that will be her close associate, dc deputy school chancellor henderson. andrea? >> all right. we want to bring you more information on chancellor rhee. this is from the dc public school's website. she has a bachelors degree in government from cornell university and a masters in public policy hat harvard. the began to teach in 1992 as part of the teach for america program and founded the new teacher project in 19997 -- 1997. the hugs, cheers and tears keep pouring out of the mine in chile. this have a live picture of rescue operations, seven hour and 14 minutes since the start
5:35 am
of the operation. they are continuing this morning an the seventh miner was pulled to the surface in that special safety capsule ten minutes ago. one miner said he was with god and the devil underground. they fought each other and god won. he first few men to reach the surface hugged loved one, thanked their rescue and god and led onlookers and cheering. a the current rate of one rescue an hour the rescue of all 38 miners should be finished sometime tomorrow morning. they have been a half mile below ground for more than two months. here in washington the chilean embassy celebrated. >> extremely thankful for the the nation and the spirit we have received from people all over the country here in the u.s. >> reporter: the miner will be under close medical care since no one has survived trapped
5:36 am
that far underground for so long and psychologist say once the euphoria fade the miners may struggle to return to normal life. pentagon officials are reviewing an order from a federal judge to immediately stop the military's don't ask don't tell policy for gay service members. justice department attorneys have 60 days to ' peel the injunction but aren't saying what their next step will be. president obama has backed congressional efforts to repeal the 17-year-old ban on openly gay troops. today a group of same-sex marriage opponents plan to hold a news conference in dc. the district began to allow gay marriages in march. opponents say they filed a petition asking the supreme court to hear their case. dc courts have ruled that city officials could ban a voter referendum on the same-sex marriage issue if they found it conflicts with the city's human rights law. it is time for another "living $mart" report. and jessica doyle is back with the haves and have-nots during
5:37 am
the recession. >> that's right. the new census analysis data is out and it shows we were, of course, among the lucky ones. washington, d.c. along with san jose, california, san francisco and boston all cities that saw household incomes remain among the highest in the nation last year. that was partly due to steady demand for government and high- tech work. other areas did not farewell. white and african-americans in florida, colorado, arizona and nevada have taken big hits since 2007. now to a request from governor o'malley and others to halt all foreclosures in maryland for 60 days. state court officials are now reviewing that request. foreclosure documents were signed by mortgage leners or lawyers without verifying the information. they want to force mortgage companies to revamp the way they handle foreclosures. it is time for a money saver. if you are shopping on-line
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here's something to check out, incredible hand is a computer app that corrects for lower prices while you shop. you can down load it before you buy. click on the yellow tool bar at the top of the screen and that way you can see if you can save money on that item shopping somewhere else. really easy way to comparison shop. >> pretty good because you have to go to this site and that site and write down and remember what you saw. -- write down and remember what you saw. >> and a judge will decide whether toe excuse me a hearing in the ft. hood shooting case. and a look at the huge environmental disaster as seen from space. here's angie. we are traveling over the dulles toll road past the airport to tysons corner and beyond. you are going to find lanes way open. you have your wednesday top headlines when 9 news now
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today we should learn whether defense attorneys have been granted a request for a month long delay in the ft. hood shooting. a judge postponed yesterday's hearing for major hassan and announced he will rule on the postponement today. 18 people died in last november's shooting attack. a photo released by nasa shows the red toxic sludge in hungary as seen from space. meanwhile the man believed responsible for the disaster is under arrest. he faces charges of public endangerment and harming the environment. eight people have died. work is underway to shore up the walls of the aluminum plant where the chemical leak first began. it is unlikely drilling will resume right away even though the obama administration
5:42 am
has lifted the six-month moratorium on deep water drilling in the gulf of mexico. the ban was put in place after the b.p. oil spill, but it has further damaged the region's economy. a new report finds metro needs to do more to help people get in and out of the rail stations. that story is coming up. plus, a look at the big changes virginia drivers are encountering an tysons corner. it is 5:42. how's weather looking? >> kind of chilly. some areas in the 40s this morning. we will talk about the wednesday wardrobe and when it will turn wet around here when we return.
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welcome back to 9 news now. if you happen to see a lot of first responders running an charles county, maryland today, don't be alarmed. it is part of the capital shield 2011 exercise. the drill will simulate a 9/11
5:46 am
type understand den with mass casualty and evacuations. howard is here with a look at the forecast. >> chilly out there. >> i say you had your jacket on. >> in the 50s here. cross in steve junction 45. that's north of winchester the cooler air filtered in to the northern suburb and coming in our direction. while we are in the mid to upper 50 in the northwest, not a lot of recovery as temperatures struggle to get to 70 or so. the bus stop forecast this morning, we have temperatures ranging a the bus stop, upper 40s in the cold spots. everybody is in the a 0s or 40s later today we will have sunshine and that will help
5:47 am
out. a northeast wind five to ten. a little more than that by the water. and noontime temperatures mid- 60s. 5:00 upper 60s. topping off to near 70 mid afternoon. tonight, clouds return. showers move in after midnight. lows upper 40s to mid-50s. southeast winds at five. tomorrow is a cool damp day. gusty winds lair on. the chill 45 cumberland. 20s across northwest pennsylvania. we are holding on to 61 at tappahannock and january in reidville. gaithersburg 270 to frederick out 70 to hagertown in the mid 40 and cool air continues to move in on the heels of the northeast wind. 57 at national. humidity is 64%. and winds from the north northeast at 12.
5:48 am
they have a bite to them this morning. we are watching a storm system to the west. this will come toward us tomorrow. in the meantime, the front has sunk to the south with showers across far southern virginia and high pressure near buffalo that continues the northeasterly wind. look at the nine future cast and you will see this is moving in our direction. moisture gathers to the west tomorrow morning. still showers here. heavier rains after daybreak and wet weather for the morning and evening rush and the winds will kick up tomorrow night, friday and saturday, as well. here's our seven-day forecast. nice today around 70. tomorrow, wet, cool, 62. friday 68. crisp friday night with the breeze. football games 50s if not 40s out there. saturday 52 and breezy and nice on sunday, high of 70. it is 5:48. time for wednesday traffic. >> overall a nice quiet drive out there for most of the reonby we are dealing with better news. we had an accident on the outer
5:49 am
loop and that's where we will begin. moving over to 270, filling out between germantown road to montross, just volume. no major delays to report at this time. virginia, 395 heading northbound looks like we are below speed from duke to seminary. the delay is building. and finally we want to wrap up with the road closures out in the district. third and constitution, we have third street closed between constitution and independence. and pennsylvania between third and constitution also shut down. over to andrea. driving through tysons corner just got longer by 20 minutes to be exact. crews started to make changes overnight including the closure of the exit from the beltway northbound to route 123 southbound. and get used to this because
5:50 am
some of the closure and changes will be in place for the next 18 to 24 months. we have the good, bad an ugly of the new construction. >> the new pattern allows crews to work on the beltway hot lanes and starting on wednesday, the lanes on 495 north will shift to prepare for demolition of the old beltway bridge. demolition was slated for friday. >> we will have a bridge across here. >> this will be one of the hot lane entrances in to tysons corner. >> reporter: vdot says the project opens the door for a simpler way to travel in the future. >> for the first time people will be able to leave their car at home, get on a bus and come to tie tysons corner. >> a lot of inconvenience to everyone. >> but he says look on the bright side we are only two short years away. in tysons corner, 9 news now. >> anytime you need updates on
5:51 am
the vdot project or any other major road construction project in the area, log on to our website at and click on the traffic tab. an end audit of metro focused on the condition of the escalators in wheaton, maryland. the audit detailed problems with the escalators including a failure to clean and adjust switches. water making its way in to machine rooms and work areas. mechanics who need more training and a shortage of supervisors. riders just want the problems fixed. >> if there's -- if putting up this proo prices on -- if they are putting up the prices on metro they should fix the elevators as soon as possible. >> they need to do a better job on maintenance. >> reporter: there are three escalators at the wheaton station. one is closed for rehab and another is broken. metro says the escalators are the longest in the western
5:52 am
hemisphere. another big breakup in hollywood. that's coming up in entertainment news. with less than three weeks until the november elections, the democratic party unleashes the not so secret weapon, first lady michelle obama. we all love a bargain, and coming up, i'm revealing the secrets of a super shopper. how to get the deepest discounts and money back at your favorite stores. you are watching 9 news now. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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celebrate with up to 10,000 amtrak guest rewards points. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at oh my goff. more breakup news the world of entertainment. christina aguilera and her husband are living apart. they have not decided yet whether to divorce. followup on the courteney cox and david arquette report. both are seeing other people. arquette admitted on howard stern's radio show to sleeping with l.a. waitress jasmine waltz while married. she has been linked to ryan
5:56 am
seacrest also. officials say a suspect went through a security gate and was taken in to custody for alleged battery of a security guard. arlington's newest cultural arts center exploded on the scene with color and creativity. balloon art wasn't the only thing popping at the grand opening event that drew 2,000 people. it was a night jam packed with music and skateboard art. the pink lion project helped to organize the party. >> it is kind of fun because i have actually been -- i have been part of developing the space bs and showing how creativity and economic development can actually tie in to each other. >> reporter: a balloon dress was part of the exhibit by katie balloons. that was filmed for a reality tv show on tlc. the newseum is looking back at
5:57 am
the history of the "national enquirer." tapping in to the mind of the creator of the inqueer didn't enfirer, it talks about how his family created the tabloid world of today. >> entrenched. i did over 600 interviews, over 20,000 photographs. >> reporter: in his book pope writes about how his grandfather spared teddy kennedy after not writing damaging stories. we want your video and pictures to hair on the air -- on the air. send in the news where you live today. post story ideas to me on my facebook page, as well. over to you. with the midterm november elections less than three weeks
5:58 am
away, campaign 2010 is heating up. as the democrats try to preserve their control of congress, president obama is stepping up his attacks on a list of donations and godfrey reports michelle obama is jumping in to the friday. >> reporter: democrats are about to unleash their secret weapon, first lady michelle obama will hit the campaign trail today for the first time since stumping if her husband in 2008. she will headline a fund-raiser for russ fine golds who's struggling in his re-election bid before heading to chicago. she said she's fired up and ready to hit the road and democrats are eager to have her. >> she should be deployed as much as possible and as much as she is willing and able to help the cause. >> reporter: all 4835 house seats and 37 seats in the senate are up for grabs. crowle will likely come down to who wins key battleground states. last night republican hopeful and former wrestling executive
5:59 am
linda mcmahon squared off with richard bloomenle that. >> people create jobs. small businesses create jobs. government can provide the tools, but it also must take away the obstacles. >> i would say mr. bloomenle that i am happy you have to better notion of how to create jobs this week than last week. >> reporter: jobs dominated ohio's senate debate where portman worked to keep his lead over fisher. >> lieutenant governor fisher wants to talk about what a great job he has done to win competitions. the fact is ohio is losing grown. >> reporter: republicans appear to be gaining ground. a cbs news poll shows the gop is favored to win 25 of the 35 seats in the house now held by democrats. winning the senate appears to be more of a long shot but analysts say it is still doable. >> thank you for watching 9 ws


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