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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  October 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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could be back above ground by sunrise tomorrow we have team coverage. bruce leshan is at the embassy and derek mcginty is in the satellite center where he's following the rescue. this is moving with remarkable speed. how many men are out of the mine? >> it is moving faster than expected. as of the lost count, 24 maybe 25 of the 33 buried miners have been lifted back to the surface as one by one their 70-day ordeal merzfully comes to a close. we have a few from down inside the mine at that now familiar rescue capsule is drawn up toward the surface via the pully. that's why 2,000 feet above, families are escorted to the re union and it never really gets old. that hug and that embrace, the
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excitement, the applause, as two people greet each other who thought they would never see each other ever again. overall, that tube is making the same trip once every 15 minutes or so. it's working just fine and as you noted, the rescue effort just a bit ahead of schedule. >> at no point in time did i doubt that god wouldn't get me out of there. >> life defeated death in which hope defeated anxiety. this has been a night that makes us feel more human. >> reporter: that of course the president of chile, very excited. he based a lot of his political career on pulling this thing off and obviously it came up big for him. one other piece of big news. doctors are actually saying that the men are coming out of this in better shape than everybody expected. one other note though, folks have been talking about that one other miner, that 50-year- old johnny barrios whose wife found out about his mistress. well it turns out when he was
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pulled out today, he got a big hug from the mistress. the wife had stayed home. lesli, a lot of drama. >> now 26 of the men have been pulled above ground and all around the world people are transfixed by these rescues. in d.c. there was a huge party last night at the embassy. bruce leshan said it is more calm there now, isn't it? >> reporter: yeah. they still have the big screen tv set up and over here along the sidewalk people are gathering and listening and applauding when somebody comes up. if things continue to go this smoothly, they should have the last of the people up by 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. [ chanting ] >> reporter: in bethesda, chilean americans break into
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joyous chant outside of restaurant valparaiso. >> it's very wonderful. really incredible. we're so excited. >> reporter: last night at the embassy there was dancing, celebration and tears of happiness. and now here is mario sell up vedda roaring with wonder at the taste of fresh air. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the celebration is quieter now but passers by still top to watch as one by one the miners are delivered to freedom. >> it's amazing. just amazing. >> reporter: despite the success people are -- [ inaudible ]. [ lost audio ] >> reporter: back now live. sepulveda's performance has brought about him being a personality. he said don't treat me as an artist or a journalist, treat me as a miner. i was born a miner and i will
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die a miner. at least not today. >> i'm telling you what, this is remarkable to watch and to see this thing pulled off flawlessly. bruce leshan, thank you for that. and you can keep watching the rescue mission live on our website, just click on the banner right at the top of our home page. d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee and the presumptive new mayor vincent gray have reached an agreement. michelle rhee will leave the office at the end of the month. bruce johnson is here with the story. not a ton of surprises here. >> maybe the timing is a surprise. michelle rhee's contact isn't up until june of next year, but what is clear is she is leaving d.c. and leaving reluctantly. >> the best way to keep the reforms going, is for this reformer to step aside. >> reporter: gray said education reform would continue. to underscore the point he
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introduced the deputy, kiah handerson as interim chancellor. >> we cannot and will not revert to the days of incrementalism in our schools. we must have a powerful chancellor who will move school reform forward and tick take it -- take it to the next level so all stake holders are invested in the process. >> never in my wildest dreams could i imagine we could reach such hights as a district. i'm excited about where we are and i'm thrilled the management team has agreed to stay on to continue the work. >> reporter: under michelle rhee enrollment and test scores went up. schools were closed and 300 teachers were fired and a new contract was forged with the union. >> i'm sure reform could go on without her. i like what she did but not how she went about it. >> reporter: and the opinion continues to be divided. >> i think it's a bit of a shame. i think she was trying to shake
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things up. and i think we need people like that. >> reporter: michelle rhee has made about $300,000 per year. it's unclear what -- how much she'll take away in severance. we got calls out to try and find out. michelle rhee said she isn't sure about her next job. she is engaged to sacramento mayor kevin johnson. >> you've covered michelle rhee for many years now. she's been seen as this hard- charging woman and yet here you saw a lot of emotion. she seemed really almost like she was going to break down in tears a little bit during her announcement. >> at 3 years, she's the longer serving superintendent or chancellor of d.c. schools. she never had this experience before. she had only been a teacher for a short time and then spent time training teachers. so she came here as an unknown and leaves here as a superstar in reform movement. so this is her place. she could write a book about
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this place. >> she probably could. thank you. one man is hurt and another dead after a shooting at the department of public works in northeast. 51-year-old larry hutchins was shot and killed as he reported to his shift just after 6:00 this morning. he was a 24-year employee. and witnesses say a man walked on to the dpw lot on w. street and fired 12 rounds at hutchins and another employee. >> i get a call from christine, and she said uncle rob is gone. >> whether this is workplace violence or attacks on our employees of the dpw. dpw is a part of the police department family and we're going to work to bring the person responsible to justice. >> there has been a surge in violence for the last few months and the office asked for additional security. they return to work tomorrow. and because of the shooting investigation, d.c. suspended its trash and recycling pickup
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today. workers could not access the collections yard. so if you were expecting a pickup, you're going to need to hold your trash and your recycling until next week. still to come on 9 news now, four more attempted burglaries in fairfax. we'll tell you where the serial burglar struck last night. but up next, tired of paying those surprise fees when you get your cell phone bill? we'll tell you how the government wants to change that after the break. topper? >> a pleasant day but cooler. we'll take you out with the almanac. you can find this on our website at 70 and 64 going in the books. 69 and 51 is the average. close to average. report high of 89 was -- record high of 89 was untouched. we'll come back and tell you why you should leave early for work tomorrow. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in.
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inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund to cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you.
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a commuter alert for drivers in the rockville area. right now randolph road is back open. it was closed for most of the afternoon after a man was hit and killed by a train. according to marc's website the service has been restored on the brunswick line. no doubt there are tieups here and other places too. patranya, catch us up on how things are looking. >> things are looking better in the rockville area after the roads reopen. but elsewhere in montgomery county, we're seeing delays. let's get to our live shot north of the beltway, right now it's crawling on the inner loop. this is due to an earlier crash at a greenbelt metro station that just cleared but still a 10-15 minute delay past university over to the scene. and virginia drivers, we're not for getting about you. 395 jam packed from washington boulevard past duke to the
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mixing bowl. no accidents, though, just a lot of volume this wednesday. in tonight's consumer alert. tired of bill shock? well the fcc may soon require your wireless carrier to tell you before you run up a high bill. the federal regulators want to propose new rules for carriers to send you a text alert to let you know before you reach the monthly limits on data or roaming charges. and this is after people explained about -- complained about unexpected fees. the serial burglar strikes again. we'll tell you where the latest crime spree happened. and we continue to monitor the miracle mine rescues in chile. 26 miners are out. the 27th rescue is a work in progress. you see a lot of smiles on faces out there as this effort is moving at a miraculous pace. we'll update you throughout the show and we'll be right back.
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woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions.
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man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times, martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley, our children always come first. i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts.
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the stepmother who police are calling a person of interest in the disappearance of a north carolina girl made her first court appearance today. alisea annette baker is charged with obstruction of justice. she wrote a fake ransom note to throw off investigators. they believe someone killed killed the 10-year-old. an officer who did not want to be identified said they are focusing on places familiar to the family. the serial burglar in northern virginia is at it again and that brings the total number of break-ins to more than 100. police report 5 break-ins or attempted break-ins just in the vienna area last night. the burglars somehow got into one home by prying open the lock to the garage, and then he did the same thing on the door to the inside of the house. he got away with a purse. at another home he used a lad tore get to an open window,
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split open the screen and took another purse. but he didn't get into another home after splitting the screen because the windows to the home were locked shut. >> this is where he cut the screen and broke in and i didn't even notice that we were outside this morning. but he broke in through here and then attempted to break out these windows which i had open, and luckily i closed them last night before i went to bed. i was going to leave them open to get the air in and i'm grateful that i locked them. >> police said to make sure you lock your doors in your home and in cars. because if a burglar get news your car, they could get to the garage door opener and then into your house. tonight, rushern baker, the new prince george's county executive is holding the first of two public listening sessions. baker won the democratic primary last month and there are to republicans running against him. tonight session is at frederick
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doug also high school in upper marlboro focusing on public safety and the doctors open at 7:00. and tomorrow you can see the second maryland governor's debate live here on 9 news now. the incumbent and current alley and bob ehrlich will face off at noon. and you can watch it online at derek mcginty will serve as a panelist. and for more stories from where you live, go to find your community in our where you live section. keep up with what is happening in our neighborhood. if you have a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. so contact us and be part of the wusa team. a fantastic day today, i have to say. >> it was. now if i told you a to ago that today would be 13 degrees cooler than yesterday, you would think chilly. but it was 83. get ready for the rains.
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find an umbrella and light jacket. the next three days, rain and showers tomorrow and we'll detail when that will be the heaviest in a minute. low 60s. 65 on friday. brisk behind the storm. take a sweatshirt. high school football, temperatures into the 50s during the game. and cool on saturday. a little bit breezy. temperatures in the low 60s. let's break down tomorrow. a little bit of light rain or showers in the morning. the best chance at 7:00 would be on the other side of the river and virginia. in loudoun county, fairfax county and fauquier county. by noon everyone will see moderate to occasional rain and upper 50s and about 61 by evening. at about 5:00, by that time the rain and showers will begin to taper offer from west -- taper off from west to east. 68 in andrews. up to the north, 64 in frederick. nice for this time of year. 66 in leesberg. even up in cumberland, it is 64 degrees. now for tonight, we start out
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clear, clouds come in late. it will be chilly. upper 40s in the burbs and mid- 50s downtown and winds turn easterly at about 10. now tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and chilly, rain and showers developing, probably mid morning. take an average early morning west and late morning to the east. 40s and 50s and easterly winds at 10-15. that's why you need the umbrella and coat tomorrow. tomorrow high temperatures between 60 and 65. winds will eventually turn northwesterly at 10-15 and when that happens the rain will shut itself off. in the meantime, here is the outside story. rain developing tomorrow, heaviest between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and cranking out an inch to an inch and a half of rain. that is given across the board. more to the northeast and then breezy and chilly on thursday. and then windy and cool on friday behind the system. all right, get out of the tropics. this is paula. not a huge storm. it looks like it will stay right along cuba. and if does that, it will
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dissipate. it is throwing showers to south florida but right now we don't anticipate any tropical storm headed there. this low we expect to head toward us. look at the rain and showers already in ohio and kentucky. that rolls in here tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime, we're clear right now. the clouds will begin to overspread as we get into the late hours. here is a look at the 9 future cast. just a few clouds by 9:00. no big deal. by 1:00 a few showers down toward culpeper. and we get into the morning commute and unfortunately it will be wet. pretty much across the board from leesberg to gaithersburg. maybe not over to annapolis but driving in on 50 it will be wet before you get to work and then really getting heavy to moderate through the afternoon. the good news is it begins to taper off by 6:00 with the back edge of the precipitation, that's good news. next 7 days. low 60s tomorrow. 65 on friday. low 60s on saturday. kind of chilly on saturday but bright. milder on sunday, 70 but also bring a sweatshirt to the game
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if you're going to the redskin game. and near 70 on monday. low 70s on tuesday. and maybe more showers on wednesday. that does not look as beefy as this rain coming tomorrow. >> talking about beefy, there was a beefy tale told. >> by gilbert? >> i'll buy that for a dollar. it's a good effort on the segway. i respect that. i thought there would be a zero tolerance policy with gilbert and drama but if the goal is to embrace him again, he's not making it easy. why the wizard star lied to the team and to fans to get out of the game last night. plus of all of the touchdowns you saw this weekend, i believe you love this one the most, next in sports.
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[ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in. inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund to cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you.
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well if washington is going to reembrace gilbert arenas, he's going to have to reestablish trust with the wizards fan base. and i'm not sure what the blue print for doing that, i'm sure
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it doesn't involve lying to everyone on the first night back. he was scheduled to play against the hawks last night. it would have been his first appearance at verizon since the gun conviction. but gilbert skipped the game citing pain in his surgically repaired knee. a story which today he admitted was a complete lie told so that nick young could play in his place. the wizards fined arenas today an undisclosed amount and he faced the music. >> and i screwed up again and i just want to say i'm sorry. >> i wasn't thinking that this would be another media outburst. everything i do now is just someone tit for tat, blowing it out of proportion. >> it's just like dealing with your kids. they make mistakes and what do you is you deal with them. it doesn't mean you love them any less. >> as for the other ten apts of the phone booth, the 2-1 caps close out against the islanders
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tonight. the redskins have faced a pretty decent collection of quarterbacks so far this year. tony romo, michael vick, shat schaub, sam bradford and aaron rodgers. all of whom were the appetizer for peyton manning. he descends on fedex field with his four mvp trophies. colts are having a down year and yet manning's sheer will and 11 touchdown passes have led them to a 3-2 start. so how do you defend that? >> we couldn't confuse sam bradford so how could we confuse manning? >> he's amazing since he's been in the nfl. i don't think anybody has prepared as much as he has. >> and the defense has been playing lights out and the rest of the league has caught on to something that redskin fans have seen all year. that leron landy is a beast. the redskins safety named the nfc defensive player of the week today for his 13 tackles
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and two forced turnovers against the packers. he's rapidly being known as the most disruptive players in the nfl. >> this is great. i move back to my natural position and the extreme fits me well and so i feel comfortable there. >> i think he's playing lights out. that guy, the way he is around the ball, he's always making all of the tackles and stuff. and today's play of the day comes from issac farrahbiin greenbelt. this is jerrious cook as roosevelt took out oxon hill 48- 13. for more highlights log on to high school and finally, this is dillan galloway of manila high school in arkansas, born with seb even real palsy. but he was allowed to score
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touchdown friday night in his wheelchair. i don't think anybody in the crowd will forget that story. thank you for that, brett. that's it for us. derek is back at 7:00 with the latest on the miner rescue.


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