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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 14, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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people like that. >> reporter: bruce jonsson, 9 news now. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. good morning. welcome to 9 news now. today is thursday, october 14th. i'm andrea roane. angie goff has traffic. we begin with howard bernstein's forecast. >> tweaking the traffic. >> you were getting the latest up-to-date information. if people don't see rain now, they will. >> give it a little time. i'm telling you, it is coming. an area of rain is moving in from the west and the southwest moving across west west virginia. we will talk about what we are expecting. light rains or so by 9:00. after five clock, things look better and i will show you why i believe that. we stop it here at a.m. you will see dc just about in to it. faulkier county could be
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getting hit hard. t. much of the area moderate to locally heavy rainfall through mid-morning. lunchtime a wet period. clearing out in the shenandoah valley where the afternoon looks better for them. by 5:15 or so, look at the rains east of dc. we'll see some clearing and after that a break overnight with maybe a shower. the next three days, we have an area of rain we will be dealing with today. some clearing but a shower is possible on friday and windy too, winds gusting tomorrow over 30 miles an hour. time for angie. good morning. happy thursday to you. right now we will start in the middle of the district. the situation on third and constitution, the filming of transformers three continues. as a result the area will be closed as well as fourth and independence until 6:30 this morning. take it to the maps, smooth
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sailing out of baltimore past with 198 to powder mill. 270 out of frederick, that listening commute to the beltway looks like lanes are wide open. 66 eastbound out of manassas you are doing okay and moving at speed. staying in virginia, 95 northbound no, problems to report. looking at a one hour drive out of fredericksburg to the springfield interchange. back to you. the 69-day nightmare for those trapped miners in chile is over. as charlie d'agata reports the dramatic rescue operation ended faster than anyone expected. >> finally there's freedom for the men now known in chile as the 33. the miners trapped for 69 days in an underground prison are all out. >> we have experienced a night that we will never forget, full of emotion. full of joy. >> reporter: the last miner to
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emerge was the foreman who miners called their rock, the boss who helped them through it all. he said we had spirit and we wanted to fight for our families, and they did. no one has ever been trapped so long and survived. a rescue capsule brought miners up one by one like clock work. a broken door latch was the only hitch in the 22 1/2 operation. the last rescuer out of the hole gave a bow. the younger miner a 19-year-old was claustrophobic and afraid of the dark. the oldest is 63. he made a promise to his wife he'd finally give her the church wedding she always wanted. mario dubbed super mario helped to keep spirits up a half mile underground. each of the miners has a story and with the world so curious to hear more, fame is certain to follow. so as their miraculous journey
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back to the surface has ended, now the journey back to normal life begins. charlie d'agata, cbs news. >> chilean authorities prompted their care of the miners won't end for at least six months. they want to make sure each man has readjusted physically and mentally. michelle obama is on the campaign trail for the first time since her husband took office. she stumped for russ fiengold yesterday. over the next two weeks she will help candidates in eight cities. the first lady's approval ratings have higher than the presidents and the democrats are counting on he star power to give a much-needed boost in close races. >> people love first ladies as long as the first ladies almost transcend politics or at least partisan politics. >> reporter: the first lady will talk about what is at
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stake for the youngest generation. and we will have live coverage of the second debate between o'malley and ehrlich. watch it live at noon right here on channel 9 and at you will be able to watch a rebroadcast tomorrow night at 7:00 on our digital channel 9.2. you may recall this story of an abortion doctor from new jersey who's been ferrying patients to maryland for late- term abortions. now new jersey's displain their panel is hearing arguments whether to suspend his license. new jersey's attorney general says brigham started late-term abortions with medications in new jersey where he one permitted to perform them and finished them a day later. brigham's lawyer says the
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panel ruled on two cases in the late ' 90 has the the procedure was legal. police make an arrest in the stabbings of three university of maryland students and a fourth man. 21-year-old ramos is charged with three counts of attempted second-degree murder. he is not a university student. the stabbings happened early during a drunken brawl at college park at the thirsty turtle. >> what makes the thirsty turtle worse than any other bar in the area is the demonstrated failure to properly card students and other under-aged drinkers when they go inside. they are admitted, their money is taken. their served and in many cases overserved. >> reporter: owners of the thirsty turtle have not responded to our request for comment. but not everyone agreed with
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mitchell students say it is unfair to single out the thirsty turtle for punishments and students say many bars in college park unknowingly serve miners. >> the if -- if they think by closing one bar will stop drinking here they better think twice. >> reporter: students may look inside but very few venture past the front doors. >> pretty bad. hope it comes back to life. >> reporter: he is among two patrons and one student we find who staunchly defend the local bar now threatened with losing its liquor license. >> every time i come here they check i.d.s. i have never seen anyone under age. >> it is pretty much in the metropolitan area. if you want to point it at one point you have to point it everywhere. >> to gain an adult perspective. >> ten days until i'm 21.
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so i know when that happens i will be able to go in but right now it is not worth me getting in trouble. >> reporter: she knows the drinking scene. >> if you are an under classman you are at the turtle and her friend points out is it different from everywhere else. >> nothing different than a college campus. we are not a dry campus and that's one of the things that comes with it. you have to deal with it. maryland does a good job of being there in those situations. >> so maybe, say some students the 0 onus is on the turtle to cake the way they check i.d.s. fake i.d.s a prevalent and prominent and if you want a better one you have to pay more money. medics rushed to a home after a call of a child in
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distress on wednesday. investigator sauce i the day care provider put the baby down for a nap a few hours earlier and later found the child unresponsive. a rash of burglaries in fairfax, virginia have families concerned about safety in the county. tuesday night there were two more break ins in vienna and one attempted home burglary. they believe they are linked to the person responsible for numerous burglaries in fairfax and prince william counties? very good about being quiet. so he's looking for the way to make the least amount of noise. he didn't break glass or anything just looking for the doors to get in easiest. >> reporter: police in several jurisdictions are working on the case and they remind you to lock the doors and windows of your home and turn on your alarm system to discourage thieves. they want you to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood. our time is 4:39. find out what the government is doing to help to
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welcome back. coming up at 4:50 the construction to avoid early this morning. it's time for the first living mart report of the morning. >> wall street has been happy with the latest round of earnings reports and we have more on tap today from the likes of amd and google reports after the bell. also on the economic agenda, new jobless claims and a look at inflation. in trading so far today, asian markets followed wall street higher and the dow stands at 11096. adding 75 points in trading
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yesterday. the nasdaq up by 23 and the s&p 500 was up by 8. government officials are cracking down on the mortgage industry. attorneys general in 50 states launched a joint investigation in to possibly botched foreclosure proceedings. at issue are allegations that they mishandled documents and broke laws in foreclosing on hundreds of thousands of homeowners. if you get sticker shock when your open your cell phone bill you are not alone. federal regulators they they have been flooded by complaints about the fees. they want them to sent voice or text alert to customers before they run over their monthly limit of minutes or text messages. it can happen so quickly and you have no idea it's going on. >> you keep chatting and the minutes keep going up. see what potential medical problems those 33 miners will have to face now they have been rescued. here's howard with more on the rain coming our way.
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fall means falling lees and leesburg is scheduled to clean up the mess. they will begin the bulk leaf collection october 25th. find the full schedule at click on leesburg in the where you live box on the home page. for more stories where you live go to and find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what's happening in your neighborhood. got a story or a a news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the i bought new rain boots. i get to try them out today. >> did you get the welling tops. >> yes. >> i'm sure they are stylish
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and funkal. we could have moderate to heavy rains at times. some models are saying two inches in spots. >> we still need it because of the drought deficit. >> we still have a deficit in in spite of the rain we had from nicole. we will recharge the basins and head to the winner months. i want to show you the day at a glance. we are looking at temperatures in the 50s to start. through noon and five. by 5:00 p.m., upper 50s to near 6 of we may see things start to shift down. let's go to live doppler 9000 hd and we will show you some rains in western maryland, west virginia, and well south of washington right now. in the metro it is dry and especially north and east but down 95, past wood bridge, a tiny shower and stafford, thornburg and out west of orange. notice the yellows, south of 64 and charlottesville. that's where we have been
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seeing a little bit of thunder up there but closer in. and again light stuff from stafford and getting up to western charles county. so 210, watch for that over the next little while. go to the weather computer. the moisture which is moving through ohio and west virginia an then gathering in eastern tennessee up 81 through southwestern virginia, roanoke, lynchburg and it will be piling on us as we go think the morning and the day today. temperatures will are a little nippy. york 3 t. clear skies for a while but annapolis it is 60 at the naval academy. 62 our warm spot in southern maryland and hagerstown and frederick in the mid-40s. culpeper light rain knocking on your doorstep 57 degrees and in manassas we have 54. locally we are looking at upper 40s. columbia to bwi to 50sin most areas. down to 50 in gaithersburg and
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reston. haymarket also 52 and down south at ft. belvoir we have 55-degrees and the winds have been more east and northeasterly. not too strong but that will change. as this system comes together, there is a lot of upper level energy. this will crank and be a powerful nor'easter as this redevelops on the coast. as bad as it will be here it will be worse across the northeast. could be three to four inches of rain across the hudson valley and winds along coastal areas. gale warnings have been posted. some gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour. 7:45 this morning expecting more of the moderate rain shower activity like manassas, prince william county. as we go through lunchtime you will notice the light to moderate and even heavy showers. maybe isolated thunder across the area. to the west we are seeing some clearing to the shenandoah valley and at five the west is fine and the east is dealing with showers and it will clear out quickly. although the winds will start
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to pick up behind this system. as we look at the next three days, 60 today with the rain. 64 with the wind tomorrow. saturday, windy and 674 -- 64. more sunshine. the winds will die off, though. we get to sunday, should be a good night for a football. get to sunday, 70 and next week looking decent, upper 60s to lower 70s. hello, angie. >> good morning, angie. right now still dealing with that movie shoot in town. it's affecting our roads in the district. 4th between pennsylvania and independence along with 3rd and constitution, probably going to be closed until 6:30 as they continue to shoot the film. 495 in maryland, looks like the outer loop construction is near the new hampshire avenue exit. should be clearing in the next ten minutes or so. inner loop construction at route 4 pennsylvania. moving along, 270 northbound. watch for the roadwork near falls road. the southbound trip is fine to the split.
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495 in virginia. we have roadwork between route 7 and 267 on the inner loop. you want to stay to the left and if you are traveling 267 eastbound you won't be able to access 66 eastbound until after 3:00 a.m. construction is what we are tracking. it is crossing the 14th street bridge. it should be clearing shortly. back to you. topping the health alert, the food and drug administration is adding new warning labels to long-term osteoporosis drugs and a new medication guide to highlight the increased risk of rare side bone fractures among patients that take boniva and foss amax. forget aspirin, try love for pain relief. passion all consuming love provide answer effective pain relief similar to painkillers or illegal drugs like cocaine.
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they hope the findings lead to new methods of pain relief that don't involve painkillers. walking may not just be good for your body but your mind too. research shows walking at least six miles a week may keep your brain from shrinking, which may help preserve memory in old page. the study looked at 300 older americans over a 18-year period. they found those who walked up to 72 blocks, roughly six to nine miles per week cut their risk of developing memory problems in half. those 33 trapped miners might be above ground but they are not out of the woods yet. there are a number of health concerns facing the men after they were trapped underground more than two months. anita brickman spoke to an expert. >> many of the miners look remarkably healthy but face a number of medical challenges. their weaked immune systems could make them vulnerable to viruses and doctors will look for signs of infections in the
4:53 am
lung. >> chest x-rays to make sure there are no legislations in the lungs from breathing these particles this long. >> reporter: the men will have to wear protective glasses several days until their eyes adjust to the sunlight but the biggest challenge is not physical but mental. it could trigger post traumatic stress syndrome. they will look for nightmares, panic attacks, anxiety and claustrophobia. they will meet with counselors who have them verbally talk through the experience. >> it is natural process to avoid something traumatic to us we have better to work through the anxieties. >> reporter: former astronaut can understand what this miners are going through. in 19 t , during a five-month stay on the space station mri a major fire destroyed the system. there were moments he one sure he was going to make it. >> it is a process anita it
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takes a while to heal. >> the health minister says one miner is treated for pneumonia, some have skin infections and two need dental work to treat dumb disease. he will update their condition -- gum disease. he will update their conditions later today. imagine selling everything, your home and business and getting on is a sailboat and taking off. coming up, we will introduce you to a couple who's doing just that.
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driving across the bay bridge can be scary. and it is among the scariest according to to a new report. a green alert from the environmental protection agency, epa says newer vehicles can be made to use higher levels of ethanol, up to a 0% mixture of gasoline and ethanol to be exact. this is good news for farmers because ethanol is made of corn. but the auto industry, environmentalists and cattle ranchers are among the opponents. right now up to 10% of gasoline mixtures at the pump can contain ethanol and that's led to higher prices for animal feed and groceries. how often have you wanted to quit your job and go on a never- ending vacation? i know i have. one couple is actually doing it. they have sold their business
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and their house. >> three years ago we decided to buy a boat. >> we are doing it. >> pete area enhis wife have been planning this trip for three years. >> we had a house in old town that we sold. >> i sold my business. >> reporter: along for the trip is their dog and cat. this is their sailboat, a 40- foot manta. they will take it out this weekend to practice but come next month they will head down the intercoastal waterways. >> we will head for st. thomas bermuda, cross the atlantic, through the mediterranean. there are places they will avoid. >> somali. the pirates. >> reporter: if something goes wrong, they have this. >> this is known as a ditch
4:59 am
bag. >> reporter: the biggest hazard so far is space. >> you are limited to how much clothing you can bring, how much toiletries you can bring. >> reporter: they are pretty self contained. they can convert salt water to drinking water and produce their own electricity with solar panels. >> number one question people ask is what do you do at night? and we keep sailing. the couple can't wait but they say they will miss their friends. >> that's more of what we will misthan all the stuff. >> reporter: when their three- year voyage is over. >> wherever the wind takes us, we are going. >> lindsey mastis, 9 news now. they have a phone and say if they are close enough they will keep in touch via skype. angie will have the traffic in a moment. howard bernstein is here with a look at the forecast. >> grab the rain gear. get ready for a wet day, a very wet day with an inch or more of in


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