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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 15, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ oh! craig: i can't believe you ohed
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because of a drawing of a cat. because we care about what you think, we had to show the cat back in a snorkle because then people would go, oh, the cat wasiteen bay shark! the cat's fine, and you know why? because it doesn't exist. [laughter] craig: we'll be back tomorrow when everything will still suck. good night, everybody. [che
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a virginia day care worker accused of sodomizing a 4-year-old girl is now charged with molesting another girl. we'll tell you why authorities wonder if there are even more victims out there. plus diet drinking. we'll show you how to cut down on the calories if you decide to tip one back. the serial burglar strikes
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again. that makes nearly 100 victims. find out which area is now the target. this is 9news now. and it now appears the molestation of children by a virginia day care worker twice as bad as authorities had originally believed. >> and it may turn out to be even worse than that. we're talking about victims who were 4 and 5 years old. gary nurenberg is in our newsroom with the truly ugly details. gary. >> reporter: anita and derek, we knew last week that siyamand salehzadeh molested a 4-year-old girl and wonder if the list of young victims is going to grow. he almost got away. >> the detective with a little bit of foresight placed a warrant on file for the suspect so when he attempted to enter canada, that showed up on the radar screen. >> reporter: salehzadeh is accused of sod sodomizing a 4-year-old girl last month as he
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worked at this day-care center. thursday he was charged with another felony in the molestation of another girl here, a 5-year-old. >> it's the taking of on object and inserting it in the body of a victim in a sexual manner. now that we have two victims, we obviously have to admit the possibility that there are more out there. >> reporter: an executive told 9news now the day-care center is taking additional precautions, including security cameras to better monitor the staff as it interacts with children. molestation can change the lives of its young victims. >> they may avoid relationships. they may fear relationships. they may see people with who interact with them from, say, the opposite sex, in this case, as aggressors, as people who are violating them. and so they may have a feeling
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that they can't ever trust a male again. >> reporter: mini land is helping parents find psychological help for their kids, a good thing says the doctor. >> they need to work it out. if they don't work it out, it stays inside and festers like a cancer. >> reporter: mini land would not tell us where but said salehzadeh had prior day care experience elsewhere. one reason for a worry there may be other little victims out there. police want as much information as they can get and want anyone who knows anything to come forward. anita. >> hard to imagine. all right. gary nurenberg, thank you. police are still searching for a serial burglar in northern virginia tonight. so far 105 cases. >> now, 52 of those burglaries are standing in three counties, and police believe one person is committing all of the crimes. four of them have occurred in great falls. people there on edge tonight. and that's where we find our own brittany morehouse where they held a community meeting trying to deal with the crime spree. brittany. >> reporter: even though there
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were only four cases, still on edge because there is no rhyme or reason to where this person is hitting up and when. there is too many unanswered questions. >> i'm very concerned about burglaries here. and my next door neighbor is a doctor that got burglarized recently. >> reporter: with serious looks, homeowners take note studying hard the numbers. >> 52 were burglaries. >> reporter: the maps. >> many districts have been impacted as far west as reston. >> reporter: the names. all of the information related to one burglar. >> he is typically only taking cash. and many of these purses are being seen by looking through the window. so that is the pattern we're seeing. >> reporter: but patterns, so far, have not led to police to any one person. in fact, they don't even have a good description to offer. >> we truly believe that how this case is going to be broken is by a vigilant citizen who sees something.
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>> reporter: so if that's the case, this woman wonders why they haven't released video of a man using her debit card after her car was broken into. it was the same night a serial burglar hit a cluster of homes across town. >> having video, a camera of him using my atm card and not allowing me to see it is even more frustrating. >> reporter: her case isn't related to all the others, so she leaves unsatisfied. >> so find out a month later you're really not part of this case is a little bit more upsetting. >> reporter: while others leave with ideas of their own. >> a suggestion from the audience regarding the cameras was a very interesting one. >> reporter: and that suggestion came from a home association president who says, hey, what if we all pitched in our money together and put cameras along our streets. and many people are buying into that. they're actually thinking about doing it. >> wow. maybe that will help. brittany, we're talking dozens and dozens of burglaries here. why do they think this is just
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one guy? >> reporter: well, the pattern. it's undeniable. he is only taking cash. purses are being seen. and above all, all of these doors are unlocked. police really want people to get that message straight. lock your doors even when you're home. >> brittany morehouse, thank you. meantime, folks, it's back. the flu, that is. maryland has its first official case of the season. probably more out there already. now, this has been confirmed as h1n1, the strain that caused last year's pandemic. the first confirmed case is an adult that was hospitalized but is now recovering. now is the time to go get that vaccine. this year's flu shot includes protection against h1n1 and two other strains. prince george's county is holding a series of walk in clinics for flu shots. the next one will be tuesday at the shopper's store in the pen march shopping center in district heights. kids can get a free flew nasal vaccine and anybody over 18 can
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get vaccinated for $26.99. for more stories specific to where you live, go to find your community in the where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. if you have a story or a news tip, share it with us. be part of the team at that 20-state lawsuit challenging the health care overhaul is now likely headed for a trial. a federal judge in florida says today he does want to hear the arguments on whether or not it's constitutional to force citizens to buy health insurance. in a 65-page ruling, he largely agreed with the states and said congress was intentionally vague when it created penalties in the law. this came after a week when the judge dismissed a similar lawsuit. and tonight cvs pharmacy facing a $75 million fine for unlawful sales of pseudo ephedrine. that is an essential ingredient
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in meth am am if he had mean. the company -- meth. the company failed to monitor sales of the drugs. the justice department is asking a federal judge to allow the military's don't ask, don't tell policy on gays to continue for now. the move comes two days after a judge in california ordered the pentagon to stop enforcing the ban on gays serving openly. they want to suspend the ruling while it appeals. and the controversial policy, a big topic at president obama's town hall afternoon. this one in dc. he was speaking to a group of young voters at mtv studios. the band should come to an end but only while congress is appealing it. >> it would have to be done in a way that is orderly because we are involved in a war right now. but this is not a question of whether the policy will end.
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this policy will end. and it will end on my watch. but i do have an obligation -- >> the president did not discuss the justice department's current appeal, but he believes they have enough votes in the senate to overturn the ban. an independent oversight committee has some questions about whether metro is doing enough to secure the system from terrorists. that committee gave its first audit of the system from a crash that killed eight people and an operator. however, the same audit notes that since the last report, metro has dramatically improved its reaction to safety complaints. >> in 2007, there wasn't a level of managerial attention that there is now. and i think they have already made a lot of progress, even just since june in addressing some of these. >> on the other hand, the audit did find that all the escalator and elevator shut downs continue to be a big problem, and that is because of poor preventative maintenance. they are hiring a dozen new mechanics and they'll be using a
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rapid response team to fix things more quickly. today in lorton, first responders spent the whole day training for a 9/11 type terrorist attack. this is something called operation capital shield. more than 80 police and military agencies took part. they did mock rescues and they practiced transporting victims to hospital. the goal, ensure that all government agencies are ready to protect the public should there actually be an attack like that in dc. he says he was insane, but a virginia jury has convicted a man of killing his wife and then stuffing her in a suitcase. they found jamie kuhne guilty of militarily manslaughter in the twieven murder of his wife -- 2009 murder of his wife. his client was sexually abused as a child. they asked to find him not guilty by reason of insanity. i'm meteorologist topper shutt getting chilly and getting windy. we'll take you out with the
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wakeup weather. get up at 5:00, upper 40s. up at 7:00, also upper 40s. so have the kids wear the coats tomorrow. 54 by 9:00 and still chilly but sunny. we'll come back and make changes. we'll talk about that and take you through the weekend. still ahead tonight, diet drinking. if you choose to enjoy an alcoholic bench or two, there are ways -- beverage or two, there are ways to cut
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in 19 days, maryland voters are off to the polls to make their pick for the governor. they squared off again today. it was round two ben martin o'malley and the former governor robert ehrlich. they went toe to toe. both candidates questioned each other's credibility several times during the debate. >> in a time when our economy is
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crazy, nobody can predict what is going to happen, does it make sense to say no matter what happens, if i have to furlough maryland workers for ten weeks, i'm not going to raise taxes. does that make sense? >> $32 million budget, we do not raise taxes. you do not hammer taxpayers, small business owners, entrepreneurs. >> the former governor's credibility on this is non-existent. when you got in, you raised the property tax. you raised college tuition by 40%. you raised 30 different tolls and fees. >> really good question. by the way, both sides have claimed victory today. round three next week. so what if you held a candidate forum and only one of the two candidates showed. that is what happened tonight in virginia at the 11th district candidate's forum. the staff said they won the sponsors. conley wouldn't make it. tonight he said he had to attend
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an event for the prince williams bar association. the congressman attended and debated an aid to conley. >> the social security stress fund is supposed to be full of money. the highway trust fund had $70 billion empty. spent on flowers for bike paths. our elected officials like mr. conley have spent your money to get themselves reelected. >> congressman conley says he has already participated in dozens of debates with mr. finian and recently it was finian who declined to participate. you can learn more about this race and all of our local races at click on politics. police in north carolina are still hoping for the best, but they are now prepared for the worst in the disappearance of 10-year-old zara baker. now, for the past five days, authorities have been searching a remote piece of property in
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north carolina for that little girl. police were drawn to that site because her dad had access to some of the equipment in the area. he hasn't been charged, but authorities have now ruled him out as a suspect either. >> that access, equipment had access to the prompt. the goal was to leave -- prompt. the goal was to -- property. the goal was to leave here and make sure she wasn't there. >> the mom wrote the ransom note found inside the home when they began investigating her disappearance. every one of us looking for ways to cut some calories in today's health conscience age, but sometimes that goes out the window when you pull up a seat at the bar. >> reporter: the evening cocktail. to some it celebrates the end to a hard day or countless other occasions. but that adult beverage of choice can be a mischief maker, not to mention a diet buster. >> if someone has a glass of wine with dinner on the weekends or when they go out, it's not a significant source of calories. >> reporter: this dietitian
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says there is not a huge calorie difference between the average glass of wine, beer or lite beer. but contrary to what some believe, when it comes to clear liquor drinks. >> it could have 0 calories in it. >> no. absolutely incorrect. >> reporter: calorie-free alcohols don't exist. >> there are seven calories per gram. >> reporter: your best bargains are bur liquors, vodka -- pure liquors, vodka, rum or begin, but beware what you add to the list. things like tonic, cranberry juice can triple the calorie count. and then there is the margarita. it can pack more than 500 calories into a single glass. instead, use club soda or diet soda, which won't add any additional calories. >> and remember drinking has an effect on your food selections too. even the most disciplined of dieters seem to let their guard down going for the pizza or
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potato skins. it goes so well with the beer. now, speaking of food, take a look at these two items we have here. we have a burger and we have a grilled chicken sandwich. which do you think more calories, guys? >> they both look so tasty. >> it's probably a trick question. i'll say the burger has more calories. >> no, no. actually the burger has 410 calories. the chicken sandwich has 550. and do you know why? >> the bun. >> no. it's the sauce. >> oh. >> the sauce adds to it. the sauce boss. >> where did you get those burgers and chicken from? >> tomorrow morning at 6:40, i'm going to have more food calorie comparison that could surprise you, but it may be fooling you. >> wow. >> he doesn't care. he's going to eat it anyway. >> brett is about to come over to tackle you. >> it's 11:00. >> do not put burgers in front of me. >> if you don't like the sauce, take the sauce off. [ laughing ] >> oh.
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>> there you go. >> messy. messy. messy. boys. >> now the burger and the chicken have the same amount of calories. >> thanks, brett. >> i'm going to go. okay. i had a couple things to the forecast. not a huge change. >> okay. >> brett, why don't you take an opportunity to go to the men's room and do a little clean up. here is your forecast first, the next three days, windy tomorrow. 65. the 65 may not quite feel 65 because of the wind. great night for high school football. but it's going to be chilly. keep that in mind. saturday still windy and cool. but nice. bright but brisk. not bad. dog walk at 5:30. want to see everybody checking in at 9:30. it's at 135 oakland drive. milder on sunday. almost 70. but if you go to the redskins game, take a light jacket too because it's going to fall substantially at night. we'll break down tomorrow in the day planner, 49 to start. 59 by noon. and 63 by evening. an ever so slight chance of a paging shower. look at the -- passing shower.
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look at the winds. 22 wind gust downtown. 22 in manassas. 24 in winchester. these are going to increase overnight and continue through tomorrow. and even through saturday to some extent. clear to partly cloudy tonight. windy and chilly. temps in the 40s. winds west northwest at 10-20. by tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, windy and chilly. 40s and 50s. though some folks have school tomorrow. again, bundle up a little bit. west northwest at 10-20 is no not exactly a -- not exactly a bargain. and by afternoon a very pleasant day. windy and cool. slight chance of a passing shower. high temperatures 65. winds turn northwesterly at 10-20. satellite picture radar combined. there goes our rain from today. inch and a quarter at national. almost an inch at dulles. here is a deal. couple areas of low pressure. this is going to spin around. this little system back here. light showers in detroit. this is going to rotate through tomorrow afternoon. most of it will go through our north, but that's why i added the chance of a passing shower
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in in across the area on friday afternoon. not so much in the morning. but on friday afternoon. tonight we're in great shape. clear to partly cloudy skies have taken over. there goes the rain up the new jersey coast into new england. next seven days, 65 tomorrow and saturday. windy. 69. almost 70 on sunday. just a spectacular day and night for football. 54 on sunday. maybe showers late. a few showers on tuesday. upper 60s. this is not a big rain maker. a break on wednesday and then kind of blusery on thursday. >> you're kidding. >> big change. >> wow. and now to say story we can only call the revenge of captain karma. >> yes. he laid his lying karma out there the other day, and now the injury came back to match his claim. how is that for ironic. this time he was not crying wolf. gilbert leaves the game tonight with a real injury. we'll tell you how bad it is. at least we think it was real.
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plus the soccer game in italy that never happened. guess why?
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> well, if gilbert arenas asks to come out of the game tonight because of an injury, would you believe him? you would have every right not to. but this time unfortunately it appears that he was not faking. wizards and bucks tonight. arenas making his first appearance in nine months and he didn't get booed. and they when he got in the game, look at the pass that he delivers right here behind his mel on to john wall and everything was going just fine. but after just three and a half minutes, gilbert limped to the locker room with a groin injury. he is day-to-day. of course he is. that left john wall to fend for himself. and he did just fine. look at him slap the ball and throws it down. 15 points, 11 dimes as the wizards lose, by the way, to the
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bucks. what about gilbert? >> he was good while he was in there for the three minutes or whatever. he played good. and three steals, rebound, assist. he did a nice job while he was in there. >> he was good while he was in there. speaking of groin injuries and why wouldn't we, bruce says -- the cap starter missed the first four games with a pulled groin. hopely his own. the redskins drafted three guys in the second round three years ago. all of them projected to be stars. so how did that work out? devon thomas has been cut. malcom kelly is out for the year and fred davis has three catches this season. as the redskins get ready for the colts this sunday, for me it's davis's numbers that are most surprising. he had a strong finish last year. some believe he and chris coolly would be equal partners in the redskins offense, but that has not happened. >> it is frustrating. but i can't really let my emotions get wrapped up in that.
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we're winning and that is all that matters. my time will come sooner than later. so it's one of the things you have to stay positive. >> college grids tonight. west virginia hosting south florida. and when is the last time you saw the whole look and ladder play, guys. watch josh with the catch here and the flip to devine and the bulls don't know what hit him. 11-yard touchdown as the mounties win tonight. if you're looking for something to do tomorrow night, midnight madness celebrations for basketball season. the tickets to all four schools are free but if john thompson iii dances like he did, you should do go just for that. maryland in the same predicament. each losing their biggest star to the nba last year. as the two teams convened today for their media days, they couldn't worry about the past. >> losing greg is a big loss.
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okay. once you get past that, you don't think about greg. you think about who is in the building right now. who is going to win. who is on the team right now. >> the last time we check, we still get the chance to play games and we're looking forward to getting on the court and seeing what we can do. >> finally tonight, hey philly fans, compared to these guys, you're like a bunch of librarians. this is at the soccer match between italy and serbia. and before the game ever start, the fans begin rioting and setting the stadium on fire at which point both teams say forget about this, they left the field. they never played it. here come the riot police to take the field. i have seen fans in philly throw snow balls at santa claus, but i have never seen them set the stadium on fire. >> that is counterproductive. >> i have seen fans get mad at the revs. >> not just the refs. they're mad at their own team. >> start it on fire. >> right. >> yes. >> philly has


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