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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 15, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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delightful conditions. look at the numbers. these are numbers around the area, ranging from the mid-40s in reston to 50 in college park. 48 columbia. youth standing. if you like the 60s you will love the next couple of days. high temperatures will stay in the 60s mid to upper 60s in and through the weekend and for the next seven days. by noon, 60 on our way to a high of 65. angie, what do you have going on? >> not too much and that's a good thing when we talk about traffic. looking at the viewing area, clean and green everywhere. we want to seem in to 270 and take you out live and show you the southbound traffic is slowing down a bit around the germantown road area. drivers are making their way down to i-370 will find no incidents or accidents along the way. next we want to take you to the outer loop where the same situation is what we are dealing with here. drivers are moving at speed. overall no significant delays. you might be looking at an extra two minutes or so from university over to georgia.
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travel times, that's how we wrap it up in virginia. we are looking at 66 eastbound from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 11 minutes. everyone is on time on the inner loop. 13 minutes from 395 to the toll road. on the toll road from 674 to 495. now, over to andrea. it is 6:01. we are following breaking news. dc police are investigating a murder. it happened outside of the dc nine club at 9th and u streets in northwest. these are live pictures. it happened just after 2:30 this morning. we don't know a lot but we know the victim is a man. we don't know his name and so far, police have made no arrests. at the top of the hour, here's a look at the other stories happening today. president obama and vice president biden travel to delaware. they'll campaign with senate candidate chris couldn't. the democrat is up against christine o'donnell. the vice president once held
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that senate seat. an arlington, virginia man who had been stuck in dubai will finally come home. he was not allowed on his flight home ten days ago because he had wine and was traveling alone. a giveaway at union station, target is giving away bags of groceries as a local promotion. it goes from 89:00 this morning until 5:30 tonight outside of the west hall at union station. police across northern virginia will be looking for a serial burglar. it comes hours after a public meeting on this serious issue. brittany morehouse is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the last case in vienna and last night the meeting in great falls just shows how across several counties, people are concerned about this. a few dozen people came to the meeting last night in great falls but that doesn't scratch the surface of how many people are hounding police with questions they want to know how
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can i prevent myself from being victimized. >> this is a very significant series and the chief is fierce in ensuring we catch this guy. >> reporter: this guy a serial burglar that sucked up all sound kinds of resources. >> the task force was formed and communicate on a regular basis. >> reporter: despite the communication, community members still learn that police have very few leads only patterns. >> majority of cases are unlocked doors, unlocked windows. people that leave their sliding glass door open with the screen is shut because of the nice weather. >> reporter: so what can people learn from all of these cases? how can they ensure they are protected? aside from the obvious, lock your doors, don't ignore the small signs of something strange. police say the majority of houses mitt had multiple family members living inside. >> they typically think it is their spouse getting up in the
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middle of the night to go to the restroom and one son heard it and thought it was his brother. so people we're hearing noises somebody walking an but they down it thinking, you know, it is nothing. and then the next morning they realize they have been victimized. i think the message we want to stress tonight to the community is if you see or hear anything suspicious, please do not hesitate to call us when you first hear it or see it. >> reporter: that was captain debra burnett and she says too often people are waiting until the next morning to say i heard something strange, 105 cases overall. 52 burglaries, 17 attempted burglaries and many more related cases such as car break ins. this is a serious issue and police are asking for anyone to report something us is pick. andrea? >> thank you. fairfax county police are trying to determine whether a day care worker accused of
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molesting two children may have harmed other youngsters. 22-year-old man worked at minnieland day care center. police say he also molested a 5- year-old. he nearly made it out of the country before he was caught. >> the detective with a little bit of foresight placed a warrant on file for the suspect so when he attempted to enter canada, that showed up on the radar screen. >> reporter: an executive at minnieland said the tay care is taking additional precautions including security cameras to monitor the staff as it interacts with children. minnieland is helping parents to find psychological help for their children. this morning a commuter alert. it will be an even bigger mess this weekend in tysons corner. a live look at route 823 and the -- 123 and the beltway.
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starting tonight it will be closed under the beltway so crews can demolish old bridges. this is part of the hot lanes project. the road will be closed from 9:30 tonight until 5:00 monday morning. so definitely follow the signs for the detour. there are new questions about your safety on metro. and an audit if from the tristate oversight committee has questions it wants metro to address. the hazards, keeping workers safe and preventing future terror attacks. it is a snapshot of safety issues from june of this year and they say metro is responding more quickly than three years ago. >> doesn't mean there are not still concerns, but i think we and metro on the same page with knowing where they are going with these. >> reporter: the oversight committee says metro's elevators and escalators are getting half of the maintenance recommended. in response, metro says it hired new mechanic and created
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a rapid response team. jessica is here with a "living $mart" report. it's smile on the face. >> that's right. we are getting away and we are geeing you good deals to get away. how so you may be asking? by ewing the best airline and hotel reward programs out. there budget travel magazine compared eight programs to find out which get you the most for your money and running through the buns they thought were the best. spend $500, equivalent of 7500 point and get a free night at hampton inn. if you are not leaving the country anytime soon, use points for everything from magazine subscriptions and tiffany and company jewelry to tickets to the u.s. open or broadway show. spend $834 at and you qualify for a free lowest fare one-way ticket. you may be worried about
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getting to the 25,000 miles. that could take years. with these reward programs you can either earn miles in other ways other than just flying. for example, american airlines advantage has partnerships with eight different car rental agencies, six charities, thousands of restaurants, hotels and advantage owns its own on-line shopping mall. every time you buy or eat you could be paying for your next vacation. and you can find a full comparison of these programs at budget >> on top of that, you have another teal that people need to act quickly on with jetblue. >> this is a crazy deal. jetblue.dom if you travel on tuesday or wednesday, dc to boston, $7 each way. $14 round trip. producer dan did a little research and some of the dates are already going away. you have to work quickly but this is valid november 1st through december 15th and there is a blackout on november 23rd and 27th. >> that's the thanksgiving holiday of course. >> reporter: but $14 to go to
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boston. >> not bad. >> not bad at all. another discount bus line is getting in to the dc to new york market. it may not be as cheap as that jettably but it is called noah express. it will travel to the park slope neighborhood in we'll be right back lynn. it will bypass manhattan. an advanced fare cos $25 one way and $45 round trip. buses will start to run next friday. it is 9 after the hour. up next a calorie check. a closer look at halloween candy. and then fast food. in three minutes how to eat healthier when you are on the run. right now our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's tom sater. >> thank you very much. good morning, everyone. our focus on maryland, we will run the gamut, not just in weather but also in fall foliage. colors vary across the state. but look at what we have temperature-wise. chilly to the west where colors are at their peak. inland and toward the bay a little more in the way of green but temperatures will be cool
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for just about everybody. unseasonably cool as highs only in the mid-60s in many location. small craft advisory until 6:00 a.m. on the bay. that's until tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. as we look at these numbers, i want to mention that tillman island day tomorrow. crab boat races, anchor toss, both docking contest begins at 11:00. beautiful day across the area. very fall like. let's check on the traffic. >> sounds like a perfect day. we are focusing on the maryland roadways. we come to you live from sky 9. the beltway near the bw parkway exit. no major incidents. taking drivers 15 minutes to make it from this point to georgia avenue. next, let's take you to river and goldsboro road. the traffic is nice and light. we want to show you montgomery village avenue and darnstown road. a live look. very light out here. nice and quiet. coming up at 6:18, we will tell you about the streets to avoid
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heading in to the district. we'll be right back.
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every choice is not a good one when it comes to your weight line. >> no way. >> learn something new every day. >> we put over foods to the
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test. which is better a multigrain bagel with light cream cheese or the egg, ham and cheese english muffin. >> the bagel. >> no. the bagel has a hundred calories, compared to 310 in the breakfast sandwich. next, a subway six-inch tuna or a six-inch with double roast beef. >> the roast beef. >> i would say the roast beef. >> reporter: the roast beef with double meat is 360 and the tuna 580. >> we got one. yea! mcdonald's grilled chicken club or the quarter pounder. >> i'm going with the quarter pounder. >> good idea. the chicken sandwich with bacon and sauce, the seemingly healthier choice is 570- calories compared to 480 in the quarter pounder. all of this comes from the book eat this not that where we learned making a healthy choice isn't as easy as it appears. for more food comparisons go to our website at i'm anita brickman, 9 news now. we want to play the game, as well. so since halloween is around
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the corner, we want to do a little scary halloween comparison. in my hand i have a hersheys in the other hand is the nestles crunch. which do you think has the most calories? >> hersheys or nestles crunch. >> i'm going with nestle's brunch. >> and you are right. nestles crunch 180-calorie. the hersheys 220-calories in these almond bars. >> not bad. i have one for you. the kit-kat, two little bars in here. >> i can't get a nestles crunch i get a kit-kat and reeses peanut butter cup in i'm going with pi favorite, i light like the kit-kat. >> that's a good guess. 70-calories for kit-kat compared to 110. enjoy your breakfast this morning. there you go. >> thank you. >> absolutely a nice, something good to go through when you don't think about it.
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20 minutes on a treadmill for that. now we have played the game let's check on what is in the news now. the government will make it official today. no cost of living adjustment for social security checks next year. however, the house will vote today whether to give a one- time bonus of $250 to recipients. cbs is facing a $75 million fine. that's because it illegally sold pseudo ephedrine. that's a key iningredient in making methamphetamine. they will forfeit 2.5 million there's in profits. wednesday, he helped to talk a man down from a building ledge in atlanta. today ti faces a parole hearing for being arrested last month. and tom was a winner in our halloween candy test there. taste test, calorie test. >> bring all of these over. >> i will keep one. and are we going to be a winner in the forecast? >> we are.
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the only blemish are the winds but we have to take advantage -- not bad. >> sunday will be the better of the two. let's talk about the fall foliage. big difference in the area where some areas are green with little color to some color in the metro area. head west ward, make your plans now. skyline drive, if they are not at peak they are close and most likely could be this weekend and with nothing but sunshine for saturday and sunday, you know, treat your family to something really nice here. if you can get off and park the car, take a little trail, miles of trails on skyline drive, absolutely gorgeous conditions. now, today we have a chance of a stray shower. not a great chance but some of us may see a sprinkle. better chance is this afternoon. most of us will be dry. we will have some sunshine, too. everyone gets in on the wind action. today 10 to 20-mile an hour winds and like that tomorrow, too. that's the only blemish for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies and on sunday perfect. satellite picture, picking up an inch and a quarter at reagan
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national. 8/10 of an inch at bwi. you can see a little moisture trying to drop in to western maryland already. it is raining in the pittsburgh area back to charlotte and west virginia. bus stop forecast, they need a little jacket this morning. winds are typically lighter in the morning hours than the afternoon. they will be kicking up and wrestling around a bit. here's the numbers. 51 reagan national. we did drop down and could possibly drop one more before we get the official sunrise. 45 gaithersburg, 48 fredericksburg. partly sunny skies. we will look at the clouds con to drift through. we picked a few up overnight and kept the temperature from falling too much. average high is 68. low is 50. i think we will drop below that. mid 40sin most locations. 39 out west. quite a chilly start tomorrow morning because beautiful weekend on tap. mostly sunny for your saturday.
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66 degrees should do it. again northwest winds 10 to 20. spinning an the area of low pressure. we will have gusts 30 to 35 miles an hour today. you will see all the wind trying to bring down a passing renegade shower but i think we will be dry. here it is. 66 for saturday. near 70 on sunday. great day for the redskins as they host the colts. monday, tuesday and wednesday with stay with the 60s. it is 6:18. a traffic alert in the district. we want you to avoid the area here in northwest dc. notice we have the yellow tape up. a lot of police are on the scene. at ninth and u street northwest, an ongoing police investigation. officials are asking drivers to avoid the area. looks like you really have no choice given the picture here with the cones and the tape up. take you to the big picture and show you not much going on across the viewing area. however, we do want to zoom in to 95, where we are tracking
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some yellow on the screen. we move it outside. this is what it looks like. a lot of volume near 123. that's because we have crash activity to the shoulder. it is causing a slow ride from prince william parkway to the scene. you are looking at 10 to 15 minutes. five minutes extra than what we are used to. back to the maps. looks like we have to deal with more traffic on 395. it's starting to build. as we look at the northbound trip, the main slow go right now outside stretching from duke to seminary. overall not so bad. finally, we want to wrap it up in maryland. this time with the travel times. happy to report that everything is clean and green from 50 to 295. going southbound on 295, seven minutes going northbound from the beltway to dc 295 and the spur down to the beltway only taking three minutes. coming up, a look at the drive across the bridges. now back to you. this is a story a lot of us
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can't get enough of. the miracle rescue of the 33 miners in chile. they spent ten weeks underground, but some of those miners spent fewer than two days in the hospital. and those still hospitalized should be released over the weekend. nicole collins has more on the miners getting used to life again on the surface. >> reporter: with all 33 miners safely above ground, their terrifying stories of their times trapped in the mine are emerging. >> i think the worst thing is to pass three or four or five days without food. to know there might not be a future. >> reporter: the 28th miner to be rescued tells us of losing 27-pound and the fear of dieing underground leaving behind his unborn child. >> i was afraid i was not going to meet the child on the way. it was the thing that most scared me. >> reporter: the men are said to be in relatively good health. the first three were released from the hospital on thursday night with the rest expected
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out by sunday. while their physical health looks good, experts say the psychological impact isn't known. with the spotlight squarely on the men who captivated the world their personal stories are coming to light and some may find themselves in a different kind of hole. several published reports say the ordeal revealed some of the men's mitt dresses. in one case, the 21st miner to be rescued was greeted not by his wife but another woman he is believed to live with. money is another complication the miner will face. some are expected to be offered book deals, movie rights endorsements and gifts worth the kind of money that could change their lives. in northeast washington, nicole collins, 9 news now. our time is 6:21. next in sports, a thursday night football battle in west virginia. and guess what? more drama with gilbert arenas. brett haber has the latest in three
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if if arenas asked to come out of the game last night because of an injury would you believe him? this time it appears to be real. he didn't get booed he had a nice ovation when he was introduced and look at the pass behind his head to wall. everything was peachy for the wizards but after 3 1/2 minutes there's gill limping to the locker room with a groin injury. he's day to day. that left wall to fend for himself and the kid did just fine. swiping it from former was hard boykins and throwing it down. 15 points, 11 times as the wiz lose to the buck last night. what about gilbert better. >> he was good while he was in
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there. did a nice job while evidence in there. >> boudreau says similar monday will dress for the game in nashville. the caps starter missed the first four games of the year with a pulled groin, hopefully his own. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber have a great friday, everybody. we have thursday night football in morgantown. west virginia is hosting south florida. smith to saunders who flips it to die vine for the touch down. the old hook and ladder play. west virginia wins 20-6. it is 6:26. ahead why the white house became the pink house for a night. and trading in your old ipod. learn which stores are ready to give you cold, hard cash. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. for one night the white house became the pink house. it was bathed in pink light to raise awareness of breast cancer. thank you for starting your day with us which happens to be national mammography day. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is off today but tom stater is with us and on the weather terrace with the forecast. >> seasonal where we should be. within a couple of degrees, but today really the winds will be the story. we will have some sunshine. a chance of a passing shower, but 10 to 20-mile an hour winds. gusts to 30, 35 at times. look at the satellite picture. good soaking rainfall yesterday. an inch and a quarter at reagan national. a chance of a renegade shower to pop up. nothing heavy and most of us will not see the rain but i need to leave the threat in there as the winds will bring
6:31 am
in moisture with a few passing clouds. temperatures responding to some clearing overnight and then the cloud cover this morning. we will call it variable cloudiness throughout the day and temperatures will struggle to the mid-60s. average high is 68. gorgeous weekend on tap. more in a few minutes. winds have been strong enough to down some trees. here's angie with traffic. keep you up to speed on 95 northbound. an accident at 123. good news. it has been cleared out of the way. we are looking at plus five minutes or so to make it from the prince william parkway past the scene at 123. taking you to the big picture. everything is still looking a lot green out there. telling us drivers are moving at speed. especially on the beltway. picking up volume as you move outside. a little yellow out there. we are slowing down between new hampshire avenue over to georgia. an overall drive time of 15 minutes so an extra five there. going to the maps. i want to show you that 270,
6:32 am
nice green drive. we are building a little volume around germantown. outside live you can see we have a lot of head lights we have been tracking this morning, but there are a couple of breaks along the way making your way to montross. coming up we will have a look at the virginia roads. that's at 63 t. andrea, back to you. it is 6:32. an update on the breaking news. dc police are looking for a killer this morning. a man was found dead outside of the dc 9 club at 9th and u streets northwest. this is a live look at the scene. the call went out to police just after 2:30. authorities have not identified the victim. we are i keeping an eye on the story for you and we will have updates throughout the day here on 9 news now and at 6:32, police are investigating some suspicious letters. they were sent to two elementary schools in the district. the schools involved are adams elementary in adams morgan and
6:33 am
bank confident elementary. they contained a white powder. police say no one got sick but the letters may be linked to ones received last week in houston, texas. lawyers representing black firefighters in the district are expected to file a lawsuit today. at issue whether the african- american firefighters received harsher discipline than their white counter parts. >> we are alleging that these are instances where the policies and procedures within the fire and ems department permitted this type of despairty and discipline given to different firefighters. >> reporter: lawyers say there is a long practice of discrimination in the dc fire department when it comes to promotions. police across northern virginia are keeping residents informed on their investigation in to a series of burglaries. the most recent burglaries were in vienna, virginia. brittany mores house has the latest.
6:34 am
>> lock your cars and lock your house. >> reporter: if that is all a that people learn from the meeting, captain burnett says police will be happy. >> we believe in you take precautions, that a suspect or anyone involved will certainly take the path of least resistance. >> reporter: but the path that a serial burglar is taking on in northern virginia has struck since mid august, 105 families. 52 burglaries, 17 attempted burglaries and 36 related cases, such as car break ins and on one typical night he's not exclusive to one house at a time. >> he is hitting a cluster of homes. >> reporter: commune members are starting to think in clusters. some talking about collectively purchasing neighborhood cameras. >> i will go back to my homeowners association and suggest they discuss it. >> reporter: expensive but some believe it is worth it. >> even the publicity. they were vigilant and that could have an impact.
6:35 am
>> from vienna where the serial burglar last hit, police say they welcomed the idea of video cameras. they say so far they have no physical description, no sightings of this person. in vienna, brittany morehouse, 9 news now in here's a look at burglary numbers an our region. in 2008 -- the wide swing of numbers can be attributed to reporting and exactly how each police department keeps its statistics. a 65-year-old man, who was tasers by montgomery county police has died. the electronic stun device was used to subdue him in white oak. authorities were called to lock wood drive near new hampshire avenue by someone who said he was acting erratic. he suffered from schizophrenia
6:36 am
according to his brother. the two officers have been placed on leave. police say they are investigating the incident. jessica doyle is become with another "living $mart" report. you say even more college grads are moving back home with mom and dad. >> that's right. they graduate, mom and dad are thinking we're free, not so fast, mom and dad. because they are moving back home again. the reason why, they can't find a job. a whopping 85% of college seniors plan to move back home with their parents after graduation last fall according to a new poll by 20 something. that rate has steadily risen from 67% in 2006. the reason why is the high unemployment. it stands at nearly 15% for people aged 20 to 24. without a job there's nowhere to go but back to their old bedrooms. at&t and apple are no longer exclusive. verizon wireless will sell the apple ipad on october 28th and the deal could pave the way for verizon to sell a version of
6:37 am
the iphone. andrea loves that. at&t has had a lock on iphone sales since 2007. the ipad for sale at verizon stores will have 16 gigs of story storage and a portable wi- fi device to connect to the internet. at&t plans to start selling an ipad in stores on october 289th with a data plan starting at $15 a month. do you want to upgrade to a better ipod without shelling out much cash. toys r us will offer $100 for each old pie pod they bring to stores and they can put them to the purchase of a new ipod or ipod touch. the trade in program is only available for a week. it starts sunday and runs through saturday, october 23rd and you can turn in up to three devices. this is store to store. check it before you head out. >> not too bad. we talked about this a while ago. checking the weather for you. off special event coming up tomorrow. >> we the davita kidney walk.
6:38 am
the registration is at 9:00 and opening ceremony at 10:00. go to rfk stadium to check it out. they will be doing kidney screenings. this is rapid. they take blood work and within five minutes you know if you have potentially kidney problems. a lot of people have low kidney function and don't recognize it. >> jessica will be the emcee. she's not just talking about something here. she will be there. but at a screening a friend of yours found out they had low kidney function. >> perfectly healthy, 35year -old man and found out his kidney function is deteriorating and made some health changes. up next, we focus on campaign 2010. the two major gubernatorial candidates square off. in six minutes their sharp disagreements and the one thing they do agree on.
6:39 am
one on. here's tom sater with weather. it will be a little windy. jackets will be needed throughout the day today as winds will be blowing 10 to 20 miles an hour. gusts 30 to 35 miles an hour. temperatures have been seasonal. 40s in many locations. i think we will see the sky cover variable. at times some sunshine, passing clouds, racing from the northwest on the heels of the winds, about 10 to 20 miles an hour and the possibility of a stray shower is with us. in to the evening, partly cloudy sky and we welcome looking a delightful high school football weather and better on saturday and sunday. details in a few minutes. look at the friday morning traffic. here's angie. the focus is on virginia. we take you to the beltway in virginia. a 15-minute commute from braddock to gallows road. should only take 89. that's just -- 89.
6:40 am
that's just volume. lanes are wide open for business right now. no incidents or accidents. and finally fly that dulles toll road from the airport all the way to the toll plaza. doing fine. here's a little slow go on to 495 northbound. that is partly due to construction. coming up, a focus on the roads inside of the district. we'll be right back. stay with a sip of my real fruit smoothie from mccafé?
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we are going to the top of the charts. check out the most watch extraordinary this week on youtube. >> look down, badge up. where i am? -- back up. where i am? i'm on a boat. >> that is grover from sesame street. he's doing a parody of the old commercials to teach children about the word it received 4.3 million hits this week. now we turn our toe focus to
6:44 am
the campaign in virginia and the congress at debate that involves one candidate. last night was supposed to be a debate between the 11th district candidate but congressman connelly had a prior commitment in prince william county. the democrats office said he warned the debate sponsors. so republican keith fimian debated a connelly aide. >> the social security trust fund -- the highway trust fund at $78 billion in it spent on flowers in the median and bike path, transportation museums. our elected officials, like mr. connelly have spent your money to get themselves re-elected. >> reporter: congressman connelly points out mr. fimian recently declined to participate in a debate at think middle ridge civic association. now on the 0 to maryland. the two main candidates if governor held their second debate here on channel 9 thursday. derek mcginty was a panelist and he has this recap.
6:45 am
>> the bottom line is about who you trust. >> and that was just the opening statements. the republican bob ehrlich behind in the poles and on the attack early. trying to get o'malley on the offensive about creating more jobs. >> small business people are hammered in the state of maryland today and you know it. we have lost jobs, lost private sector jobs. we have been hammered. we have one of the most hostile business environments in the country. >> if you stack up maryland job retention the last three years we have held up our job base, including better than virginia. >> reporter: ehrlich says trust me to cut the tax and o'malley says where's the money to pay for that but starker issues, gay marriage for example. >> here in dc they allow gay marriage what do you think of gay marriage in maryland. >> firmly opposed. >> to recognizing or allowing it in both. >> i supported the attorney general's decision that we should recognize the marriages in maryland. >> reporter: on the proposed purple line from new car
6:46 am
rollton to bethesda. o'malley wants light rail and ehrlich says buses is all we can afford. >> bus rapid transit is a metaphor for the former ehrlich administration, it is more expensive and less effective. >> governor o'malley can talk about light rail all day long. red line to baltimore, purple line in dc. can't fund it. can't tell you how he would fund it. >> derek mcginty, 9 news now. >> the only topic the two agreed on, the redskins both want to keep the team playing a fedex field in prince georges county and the team will be at fedex on sunday hosting the colts. >> i believe it is 8:20. a chilly game. >> bundle up. >> i'm sure it will warm up quickly knowing the fans. we will need a warmup. we will strug to get to 65 but better than the rain we had yesterday. >> good test on my welllies.
6:47 am
i promised i'd let howard know, my feet stayed dry. >> very good. no rainfall today is the exception of a possible sprinkle or light shower. most of us will not see it but the chance is there. i will show you where it is and where it is coming from. 51, that's seasonal average. low is 50. average high is 68. we will get to 65 today. winds are light, but they will be picking up. we have had gusts overnight 25, 30-mile an hour gusts. they diminished what but will pick up. there's an old daying that day winds of the daytime wrestle and fight longer and stronger than those of the night. they will be wrestling this afternoon and next three days great for football. winds 10 to 20 from the northwest. stay 10 to 20 tomorrow but more in the way of sunshine. today the clouds will pass through quickly overhead. in fact if you have a flight from an area airport, don't have a big meal this morning keep your seat belts fastened and the tray tables in the
6:48 am
upright locked position because the winds will be really coming in. ten to 25-mile an hour gusts. we have some clearing 0 to the west. that's gad news. kids that are waiting for the bus, if you haven't put a jacket on them, make sure you do so. variable cloudiness and winds are sporadic. 15-mile an hour winds sustained but gusts pick up this afternoon. temperatures in the 40s with a few 50s. 51 reagan national. andrews air force base, culpeper, as well. we will see slightly cooler numbers tomorrow morning with the clearing. tonight, daytime high. again, 65. slightly cooler than average. i have to leave a stray shower possible in the forecast. tonight, clear skies and no chance of rain. we dip down in the 40s. maybe a few upper 30s to the west. and tomorrow the beginning of a nice weekend. one of the best you'll find i think this fall. 66 for a high. still a little breezy. sunday the winds diminish but the area of low pressure is off of the cape cod area. we still have paula.
6:49 am
paula is really not much of a concern now. downgraded to tropical depression status. some rains heading to the bahamas and making its way back in the eastern part of cuba. you can see what we have going on here. again the chance of showers. it is raining in pittsburgh right now and charlottesville. horseway we are looking at as far as the seven days. we stay in the 60s a.m. next chance of a sprinkle may come on tuesday but again today a stray shower possible but windy conditions. hang on to the steering wheel. great advice there. taking a look at the region. good morning, everybody. starting to see yellow out on the maps. right now we want to focus in on the district roads, specifically on inbound new york avenue. outside we are finding the drivers are slowing down a bit starting an the washington times building past this spot at bladensburg road. an extra two to five minutes. not so bad. back to the maps. we will move in to 16th street.
6:50 am
taking it out live. 15th and columbia. if you are using this out of maryland to make it to the district, obviously the lain lanes are wide open. no incidents or accidents to report at this time. we will look at the travel times in virginia beginning with 66 eastbound. in the yellow. 16 minutes from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. usually takes ten. outer loop looks a like an extra few minutes there. 15 minutes from 95 to 270. coming up, we will have a look at the top traffic stories, including the growing delay on 395. andrea, now back to you. >> all right. a few more commuter alerts for you. four tieups on metro this weekend. on the orange line, add 30 minutes between vienna and west falls church. that's because of track work. it starts tonight and goes all weekend. on the yellow line tack on 20 minutes to goaf the river between the pentagon and
6:51 am
l'enfant plats is a. a bridge inspection will go from 67:00 to 7:00 tomorrow and sunday. now the green line, tonight and all day tomorrow add 20 minutes due to cable work between anacostia and navy yard. on the red line it is plus 20 minutes between shady grove and twinbrook for repairs. that will be between 7:00 and 10:00 on sunday morning. in other news, students and parents at middletown high school in frederick county are hoping for a little less excitement today. more than 30 students were hospitalized yesterday. a foul smelling spray was released on their school bus. the bus had to pull over along route 15 near jefferson street because of the odor. emts sent the student to the hospital as a precaution. they are doing okay. they are re-- they are trying to figure out what caused the smell and who released it. president obama makes new comments on the don't ask, don't tell policy learn what he
6:52 am
says in three minutes. now the toyota play of the day. >> good morning. tonight is week seven of the high school football season and nine sports will have the most complete coverage with the latest edition of game night report. campus correspondent play of the day is from kip vogl at main mary's high school in leonardtown, maryland. this is zach smell. in blue. number eight. the fade for tyler sims who outleap the db for a six-yard touch down. he's got it. still the panthers from st. vincent won the game 36-22. hey, high schoolers, if you would like be if a campus correspondent, just log on to to apply and enjoy the highlights tonight at seven.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
in an mtv meeting program said the don't ask don't tell policy will end during his separation but he wants the policy changed by congress not think by the courts. route 123 under the beltway in virginia will be closed tonight through think weekend. crews will demolish old bridges on the outer loop as part of the hot lanes project. the redskins albert hanes wto will be ready to play on sunday. his brother died last week but he practiced yesterday. the skins host the colts on sunday night. tom? >> and the chill of the nice october day. winds have been light, official sunrise is 7:17, but they will be picking up later today. northwest winds ten to struggling to get to 67 for the [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. we begin with a traffic alert. a serious one. 234 east of 95 in the commuter lot. what we have are a lot of lanes closed. we are told that a pedestrian is involved in this accident. officials are asking us to ask you to please avoid the area. this is your live shot from sky 9. moving over to 395, 15 to 20 minutes from the beltway to seminary. that makes an extra five for drivers. 270, it is plus five minutes from father hurley to the split. tom? beautiful day on tap. a little windy. winds 20 to 30-mile an hour gusts at times. variable cloudiness. high of 65. beautiful weekend with sunshine to boot. as for wall street, we are looking lower this morning but we have a ton of economic data duty out. the "early show" is next with more foul weather on the east coast and why the queen is cancel t


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