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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  October 15, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello. i'm jc hayward. thanks for joining us. we have breaking news from the district of columbia this afternoon. residents who work and live along the u street northwest
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corridor are learning about a murder. police say that a man was beaten to death around 2:00 this morning. brittany morehouse is reporting from outside of a very popular nightclub. >> reporter: another person killed along the u street corridor. this time it stemmed from a fight inside of the dc 9 bar and now people in the area are concerned about what they see is escalating violence. >> it has been kind of unheard of lately. i don't know what's going on lately. it is out of control. >> reporter: police say the five people they have in custody may have been out of control when last night a man used a brick to smash a window at the dc 9 club. investigators believe he was then chased down by a group of others and beaten to death. >> i'm shocked about that. it is very shocking and disturbing. >> reporter: disturbing and confusing, say nearby workers. when lately it seems like more and more murders are happening in the area. >> i know about the shooting that happened the other week.
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>> i have witnessed my fair share of crime. i have been robbed once. >> reporter: police don't know why the man broke the window. and as police search for evidence people start to wonder. >> it happens in a big city. >> i don't think it will change. still u street. still everyone wants to come here. >> i don't think u street as a violent place. i work here, i'm here in the mornings an not very late at night but at night and i feel safe. >> reporter: two men inside the bar have no comment. and police say they are interviewing witnesses. >> dc police chief kathy lanier talked to the media about the beating. armando trull is outside of the police headquarters and he has more on what the chief had to say. armando? >> well, chief lanier just wrapped up a briefing for the press. she described the crime as horrific, and as barbaric.
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let's listen to what she had to say. >> 2:30 this morning, officers responded to a call for an assault at the dc 9 club low dated on the 1900 block of 19th street northwest. especially when they arrived at the scene they wered a vied of the circumstances. a-- advised of the circumstances. apparently 27-year-old mohammad has attempted to gain entry in the club at 2:30 and denied entry as it was closing time for the club. a he was denied entry he returned to the club and threw a rock or brick or something through the club window. at that time, management, employees and associates of the club chased mr. mohammad, chased him down the block, tackled him and assaulted him severely. >> reporter: as a result of that assault, mohammad, 27 years old from silver spring died. police say they have five men
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in custody, including the owner of the dc 9 club. they say the owner and employees were involved in that savage beating and police plan to close the dc 9 club immediately. officers are on their way to padlock those doors right now. reporting live, i'm armando trull. back to you. >> thank you very much. we are also covering breaking news from prince georges county this afternoon. self people have been hospitalized after expose sure to carbon monoxide poisoning. six people were rushed from a home at 29th avenue. a neighbor alerted emergency workers about the problem. >> at approximately 7:30, i heard a lot of crying and hollering and i had a little crack in my window, and a few minutes later, my neighbor, mr. white came over and he told me to call for help.
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the paramedic and the police because his family was dying, his whole family was dying. >> reporter: also six people in the house were conscious and alert. one was taken to the hospital. they are expected to recover. the gas company is trying to determine the cause of the leak. another fatal accident accident in our area. sky 9 over the scene in prince william county. a 38-year-old male was struck and killed this morning in the 17300 block of dumfries road. the driver of the car remained on the scene. but a white box truck was also involved in that accident and it left the scene. police say it is unlakely that the driver was aware of the accident. a commuter alert for people traveling in tysons corner this
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weekend. beginning t 30 tonight route 123 under the beltway will be closed. old bridges will be demolished. route 123 road will be reopened on monday morning. fairfax county police are trying to determine whether a day care worker accused of molesting two children may have harmed other youngsters. 22-year-old worked at the minnieland day care center in centreville. we learned last week he was charged with sodomizing a 4- year-old girl. police have added charges that he also molested a 5-year-old. he nearly made it out of the country before he was caught. >> the detective, with a little foresight, placed a warrant on file for the suspect. so when he attempted to enter canada, that showed up on the radar screen. >> reporter: an executive at minnieland tells 9 news now the
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day care is installing security cameras to monitor staff as they interact with children. turning tour attention to the maryland race. the candidates faced off in the second debate yet. it was carried live here on channel 9 and derek mcginty was a panelist and he has this recap. >> the bottom line to today's debate is all about who you trust -- >> that was the opening statements. bob ehrlich behind in the poll and on the attack early. trying to get o'malley on the defensive about creating more jobs. >> small business people are hammered in the state of maryland today. you know it. we have lost jobs. we have lost private sector jobs. we have one of the most hostile business policies in the nation. >> we have held on to our base
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better than other states including virginia. starker the differences emerged over social issues, gay marriage for example. >> here in dc they allow gay marriage, what do you think of gay marriage in maryland. >> firmly opposed. >> to recognizing or allowing it. >> both. >> i voted that way in congress. >> i supported the recommendation we should recognize those marriages. >> o'malley wants to build light rail and ehrlich says buses are all we can afford. >> bus rapid transit is a bit of a metaphor for the ehrlich administration. it is more expensive and les effective. >> the governor can talk about light rail all day long, can't fund you. can't tell you how he would fund it. >> -- mcginty, 9 news now. >> they did agree on the
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redskins. both say they want to keep the team playing at fedex field in prince georges county. police are investigating suspicious letters sent to a couple of schools in the district. bank kroft elementary school near mount pleasant received one of the letters on wednesday. and another letter arrived yesterday at adams elementary school in adams morgan. the letters came with a white powder inside. and analysts failed to find anything hazard us a. investigators say schools in houston, texas received similar letters last week. not another discount bus line is getting in to the market. it is the know it express. it will travel between u street in northwest washington to the park slope neighborhood in we'll be right back lynn. it will bypass manhattan an advanced flare cost you 25 there's one way and $45 round trip. the buses will start to run
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next friday. still to come, a hot car and a wet ocean. the driver of a corvette heads in to the pacific. we'll have that story ahead. things are really looking up for those rescued minors from -- miners from chile. we will have details ahead. martin o'malley sworn in. inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund to cover spending.
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gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again. whether he does, is up to you. they drove straight in. nice and came. drove straight in.
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>> for reasons that are still unclear, a man behind the wheel of a corvette stingray drove it straight in to the pacific ocean. this happened last night in san diego. the driver and his passengers made it to the shore uninjured but of course police are investigating. there are reports the vet was doing actually doughnuts on the beach before it went in to the water. now we have the latest information on the miners from chile. several of the men are expected to be released from the hospital today. they are said to be making remarkable -- they are said to be in remarkable health after being rescued from their ordeal. >> reporter: as these miners are leaving the hospital they will also be leaving a carefully-controlled communication bubble. journalists will have more access to them. and in fact, there are already cracks emerging in that story line of unity presented so far.
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the first three miners were released from the hospital last night in what continues to be a careful, picture perfect rescue. for the last months we have witnessed an harmony among them. but there were uglier moments we did not see. according to freelance journalist johnathon franklin who interviewed the miners urn ground, the first 17 days before they were discovered was extremely intense. there was in fighting among them that came to blows, even feelings of despair and even reported lay fear of cannibalism if the situation grew more desperate. those feelings are in the past for now as the miners continue to celebrate their newfound freedom. the only bow livian of the 33 worked in the mine five days before the collapse. he said to the crowd, i'm very
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thankful and he was welcomed home, still wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes, but already getting a glimpse of the soft light. after worrying about their rescue for up to 70 days, day 71 brought the chance of recovery. relative of jimmy sanchez, the youngest trapped videotaped their reunion for cbs news. the 19-year-old told the camera he's doing well. doctors seemed to worry he was withdrawn. his u.n.ed had been dreaming of this day. >> most of the miners appear healthy but doctors are looking at the psychological effects of being in that mind. do you worry about jimmy? >> of course. but i think with all of the support from his family he will be fine gonzalez told me. at the hospital, one visitor stood out. chile's president he challenged
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the men to a soccer match and yolked the wins could tay in the presidential palace but the losers would have to go back to the mine. >> reporter: as these 33 men have become celebrities their list of invitations has grown. there's an invitation for the greek island pay on the sunny beaches paid for by a greek mining campaign and a partnership in spain to watch soccer matches to chili coast paid for by the tourism board. even the president of bolivia would like them to come and stay at his presidential palace. t it is clear the lives of these 38 men from a small mining community in northern chile is starting to change. seth jones, cbs news, chile. in the wake of yesterday's good rainfall, today northly winds are bringing in a true
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chill. fall-like weather in the middle of october. you will love the forecast and talk about the winds. 25-mile an hour gusts [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart.
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. for one night the white house became the pink house. it was bathed in pink light to raise awareness for breast cancer and the main entrance to the vice president's residence was also turned pink. today is national mammography day in the district. and the george washington university mobile mammography van is providing free screenings to low-income, uninsured women this afternoon. the van is located outside of the gw medical facility associates building at 22nd and i streets northwest. free screenings are available until 2:30 this afternoon. this is the 13th year gw has offered free screenings on national mammography day. tom sater is here to give us the weekend forecast. >> yeah. >> a nice forecast. >> sunday better than tomorrow. only blemish is the wind, a
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little strong. a real chill in the air. you are going to love this weekend. i can hear it now. we are heading to the corn maze and pumpkin patch. it will be that nice. look at the next three days winds are the big story. many locations wind gusts over to 20 to 2 a miles an hour. during the afternoon period they pick up. they will lighten up this evening and pick up tomorrow. yesterday's high 61. nice soaking rainfall. so we still have cloud cover varies, some partly cloudy, some mostly cloudy, a chance of a stray shower and tomorrow the winds ping up northwesterly. still 10 to 20 with stronger gusts sunday the better day as the winds lightening. 58 charlottesville. they picked up a half an inch. richmond a half inch. an inch at dulles. bwi just under an inch. the rain well this toning with one section, a disturbance trying to make it in to western
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many many but a little disturbance to the west and south. south of the fredericksburg area. not much in the way of intensity or amount of rainfall. a tenth of a inch is possible. most us will remain try. we will feel the winds. 86 -- 66 for the high. overnight in the 40s. few spots in the upper 30s. winds are breezy. i will make the 40s feel even cole cooler. winds will start to diminish but not until tomorrow late. here's the culprit of yesterday's rainfall. really coming down around portland in to burlington. a little disturbance you see it on the future cast, wants to give us a chance, not a great chance but until that tightly wound area of low pressure moves out we will start to see the wind lighten. near peak color, faulkier, loudoun county. skyline drive this weekend. get out of the car and take a
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little ride and walk. you will enjoy it. 69 a delightful day on sunday. redskins kick off at 80. hosting the colts. stay in the 62s -- 67 -- 60s the next seven days. we are cooking literally in the next studio.
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for some it is difficult to prepare a kosher dessert that isn't dry but no more. there is a new book called the kosher baker and i'm delighted to have the author here. and she's twoing to prepare a dessert for us , without cream, without butter. >> it is a seasonal plum tart, which is great anytime but would be great for a thanksgiving dessert and it is frozen dairy-free puff pastry you buy at any supermarket. we will defrost it and put on parchment sprinkled with flour and rolled out. i love the way you can turn it. you will roll it an inch longer than your tart ring. i use one of these that don't have a bottom but you can use ones with a removable bottom on
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them, too. >> what did you put on it. >> put your hand underneath and turn it in to your pan. and then all you have to do is press it in to the corners, and at home when i do this after i have made the shell in to the ring, i put it in to the freezer for ten minutes, but we are going to skip that today and after that you take your rolling pin and roll it on the top and cut off the extra dough if you wanted these french rolling pins are great for this purpose and take it off and now you have your dough. >> the dowing the crust. >> sugar, vanilla and eggs mixed together and add flour and baking powder to puff up. >> if you didn't get all of this down, it's going to be on were website at so you can make this at home and it's not very complicated.
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just spread this out all around and then we put the plums on? you can put other fruits in it, as well. use blueberries or rasp berries and no cream or butter and it will be all right. >> i wanted to write a book that is more typical that people would find. do a second ring and when it is done it comes out like this. >> how long did you bake it. >> 25 minutes in a 400 oven at the bottom rack and after that you sprinkle sugar on the top of it and then backs a little more. the sugar makes it shine and the juice of the plums come out a bit then it is ready to go and looks like this. guess who gets to taste it. it has a crispy cru and what happens to the filling is the
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custardy cake and puffs up. >> reporter: what did you bring glue chocolate vodka the most popular dessert and a pumpkin cake. simple one bowl cake. really easy. this is a yeast dough and chocolate filling with chocolate chip. i don't miss the butter and the cream. it's good. come back at 5:00. >> thank you so much. i'm glad you are enjoying it. >> thank you. very good. [ male announcer ] martin o'malley sworn in. inherits a billion-dollar surplus, low unemployment. o'malley signs the biggest tax hike in maryland history. raids chesapeake bay fund to cover spending. gives raises to top aides. business climate ranks 45th worst in the nation. now 200,000 jobs lost. o'malley covers up jobs report that proved maryland's economy stalled. if re-elected, o'malley will raise taxes again.
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whether he does, is up to you.


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