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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 17, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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down constitution avenue. it's been a mess all day long and continuing through the evening. traffic and tourism around the muss seems have been affected. this is -- museums have been affected. they're checking for damage on nearby buildings. armando? >> reporter: crews have been here 24 hours. they've been trying to deal with the water main break that happened last night. it's that hole that you see right over there. just as they thought they had things under control, they discovered another water main break and had to dig a second hole just a few feet away. that's what you're looking at right now. once they've got that clear, they are going to try to replace equipment that was first installed during the great depression. as you can imagine, things have become quite challenging. this is at the intersection of conrestitution avenue --
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constitution avenue and northwest after a water main ruptured this evening. >> at the curves of the pipe, there's a lot of pressure because the water is being at high pressure to hit the curb, it's pounding into the turn. that's where we frequently see the break. >> work crews closed constitution avenue between 9th and 12th street northwest twels 10th street northwest between constitution and pennsylvania avenue. >> gas line, electrical lines, phone lines, sewer lines. >> because the main supplies at the smithsonian museum of natural history, it had to be closed saturday. >> it's closed for an emergency. i wanted to go in and see the hope diamond. >> hopeless on that one. >> the massive water released by the break heavily damaged places of constitution avenue itself. >> even after we get the pipe
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fixed, there's a separate repair for the street. >> reporter: those repairs have been put on hold because a second water main break was discovered a few hundred feet away and crews are now having to deal with that. so this is what constitution avenue and tenth street northwest looks like right now. is it going to get fixed? as you heard, they first have to deal with the water main break before the crews can come out and clear all of this rubble and then put in new pavement, new asphalt. so will it be ready by monday? right now, your guess, bruce, is as good as mine. reporting live, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> thanks a lot for that report. expect delays for metro this weekend. they're slowing part of the orange, green, red line. some delays could be up to 30 minutes. metro will stay open an additional hour for fans leaving the redskins game. if it goes into overtime, trains will be available to get fans home. you can go to our website,
1:38 am for a complete break down of the delays this weekend. murder charges were dropped today against five men accused of beating a man to death outside the 9th street nightclub where the defendants worked. the men have been charged instead with aggravated assault. gary nurenberg was there when they were ordered released from custody earlier this afternoon. >> reporter: the d.c. 9 club remained closed after a co- owner and four employees chased 27-year-old ali mohammed up the street after he threw a brick through the club's window. police say they beat him to death. >> there are severe injuries not consistent with simply being tackled. >> was he beaten? >> yes. >> was he kicked. >> yes. someone lost their life from vigilante justice, ridiculous. >> it wasn't that. these men are innocent. for the chief to characterize this case in such an
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irresponsible manner is simply wrong. >> reporter: arrested on murder charges, club owner and his four employees were ordered released from custody saturday after charges were reduced to aggravated assault, their lawyers unrelenting in their criticism of lanier. >> she said they kicked and stomped this guy to death when you have a medical examiner's report that can't even determine the cause of death. do you think that's appropriate? >> reporter: we asked the police department to respond to the charges against chief lanier, but a spokeswoman said it would offer no rebuttal. there was also lab tests on the body are incomplete. they may be key in determining how he died and whether murder charges are reinstated. charged with aggravated assault now, the defendants are free. gary nurenberg, 9 news now. >> gary's right, they are free, but each of the defendants is subject to what is being called enhanced supervision, meaning they face curfews, reporting requirements and electronic
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monitoring. tonight, the family of mohammed is speaking out. several people gathered at the family's home in silver springs today to mourn the death of the 27-year-old. the family says they're disappointed that the suspects are not charged with murder. >> it's not fair, you know, to kill someone for broken glass. i mean, we have police on the street. you could have called police. but killing someone? i mean, if you guys see it all over the newspapers, it was washington post, the front page, all his blood there. >> the family says despite the reduced charges, they still believe ali was murdered and hope to get the truth about his death out. the city of alexandria is considering a measure that would require its taxi drivers to be more polite. the proposal would require cabbies to show courtesy.
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they held a public hearing on the measure. >> this is not conduct in general, but conduct related to the public. it's a public service industry. so our office, the office of the city attorney feels very strongly in a regulated industry you can regulate this type of conduct, when it comes to how the regulated industry's members interact with the public. >> they don't want to look at what the public does to us as cab drivers, as opposed to what we're doing. so my issue is it's got to be a two-way street. >> if approved, taxi drivers who are rude could have their licenses suspended or even revoked. in chile one of the 33 rescued miners returned to the mine he was trapped underground for more than two months. jose enrickues was the 24th pulled to safety. he served a spiritual counselor. he requested the 33 bibles sent down to the mine for worship. he returned to the mine in
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order to make peace with the area and thank god for allowing everybody to survive the ordeal. jose says he plans to return to mining. >> it would be a great honor to meet him. >> the president arrived in britain this weekend bringing gifts of rock from the san jose mine for queen elizabeth and the prime minister. she said chile has given a great example to the world of faith, hope and uniti. he brought a copy of the first message sent to the surface which read, quote, we are well in the shelter, 33. motorized paraglider runs into a hot air balloon sending four people to the hospital in arizona. that's 100 miles north of phoenix. the glider and the balloon fell to the ground. >> it apierce the ultralight crashed into the hot air balloon. they became entangled and fell from the sky. unknown altitude at this time.
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we're hearing reports of 3,000 feet of the fall. >> the paraglider and all three people in the balloon are doing okay. a scary moment for diners at a portland restaurant when a car came crashing through the front window. an 80 driver accidentally hit the cab while trying to park her car outside the restaurant. >> there was a loud blast and i looked up and could see the shattered glass, and then it took me awhile and i realized it was a car inside. >> mayhem. i saw the glass all over the place and then we saw the police officers had arrived. and it was just a mess. >> the volvo left a gaping hole in the restaurant wall. no word tonight on what charges might be pending. actress barbara billingsly died at her home at the age of 94. she gained super mom status for her portrayal as june cleaver in the popular 1950 sitcom leave it to beaver. the real life son said his
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mother was very much like her tv character. she disappeared from public view. she made a cameo appearance in the movie airplane and the movie still the beaver. the family spokesperson says she suffered from a rheumatoid disease. still ahead on 9 news now, it's never too early for students and parents to start thinking about college. and if you're out today and thought this is what a day in the fall should feel like in washington, it exactly was the picture perfect day to make it feel like a fall day should in d.c. with that high of 68 which matches an average high this time of the year. wakeup weather, temperatures quickly into the 50s from the upper 40s. you're going to love afternoon temperatures. the complete forecast in just a few minutes.
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the search for a missing 65-
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year-old woman in regional park in fairfax station has been called off for the night. fairfax county fire and rescue began searching for the woman around 6:30 this evening. they found her boat in the water but the car still in the parking lot. today, second annual college and career fair was held at northwestern high school, and sponsored by congresswoman donna edwards and featured representatives from some 50 colleges, universities, and vocational training centers. it was also much needed information on financial aid and tips for completing those tough college applications. edwards says it's never too early to start planning for college. the application deadline for some colleges is now in january. checking news where you live, the laurel city council approved legislation to establish the city's first school zone paving the way for speed cameras. the resolution will give police
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a new tool to slow down traffic near schools. officials want the cameras installed by the end of the year. drivers can expect a 30-day warning period once the cameras are installed before those $40 citations are issued. for more information on other stories from where you live go to find your community in our where you live section and keep up what's happening in your neighborhood. got a story on news tips? we want to hear from you. contact us and be a part of the team. tomorrow's washington examiner at a time when voters across the country are rallying against government spending and incumbent lawmakers, northern virginia providing a sharp contrast. you can read that full story in sunday's washington examiner. still to come on 9 news now, thrill seekers taking a plunge off a west virginia bridge. also, how a local doctor is helping an injured soldier get his confidence back. stay [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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volunteers pitched in today to help clean up the potomac river front in alexandria. they were armed with plenty of trash bags. cleanup is in its 15th year. how did you spend your weekend? >> coming back from a place that's warm and mild. i went on vacation this past week. this is the kind of weather i can take all year. temperatures just right around 70 degrees. if you thought today was maybe a degree or two too cool for you, it will be even better on sunday. the winds were a bit breezy out there today. we'll take care of that tomorrow. this is an updated forecast. this just in. i made the adjustment up to a high near mid-70s for everyone tomorrow. even monday will be okay. a few clouds will start to move back around, but then it's tuesday with the weather has another big change in store for us, of course, fall. the big transitional time of the year. we'll see the temperatures cooling back down. cool spots once again west, north, near the 40 degree mark. we've already got 40s showing
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themselves downtown just about 48. not a cloud in the sky here on sunday. a beautiful blew sky day. temperatures quickly through the 40s. 50s tomorrow morning. i think we end up everyone above 70s. i think pushing mid-70s in some cases. okay, here we go for the skins versus the colts tomorrow evening. temperatures will be cooling down. it's a west breeze around 10 miles per hour. that drops down, too. the clear skies means turning cooler temperatures from mid- 60s down into the mid-50s by the time the game is over. 8:20 start. here's a look at the satellite and radar today. one or two clouds early that faded away to a lot of sunshine. where we stand temperaturewise, there's 40s, gaithersburg. we'll be dropping everyone into the 40s before too long. i don't think much colder than that. northwest winds, they have finally died down here tonight. they're going to switch a little off to the west and just completely die out, 5-10 miles
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per hour. lots of sunshine. a blue sky in store for us. the next storm system a lot of clouds tuesday. temperatures near 70. a lot more cloud cover tuesday. tuesday morning, i still think we can have showers all around the washington metro, tuesday morning throughout the day. cloud cover, light showers through here. that will mean for a much cooler day. really kind of fall-like day. there's the coolest reading, gaithersburg out to the west. a little warmer downtown and off to the east, mid to upper 40s. a lot of us in the 70s, pushing mid-70s with the latest information coming in just now. even blue ridge, higher elevations, everyone's into the 70s. coolest spots will be 60s for highs. potomac highlands could be upper 60s. here's the seven-day forecast with everything in there. i bumped those temperatures
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sunday monday to mid-70s tomorrow. tuesday a little bit cooler. even the rest of the week, wednesday and thursday look good. pretty chilly air next weekend. >> i agree. thank you. she continues to do us proud at the kennedy center tonight, our colleague received the first rebecca fund award. it was named after a female journalist who died last year from breast cancer. for 17 years andrea has covered stories to raise breast cancer awareness. andrea was the only local journalist to be graced with the honor this evening. >> the best gift and the best award i've ever received is when a woman or a man calls up and says you saved my life by something they heard me say, and that's all you ever hope for. >> a great lady. the fund award is in partnership with the suzanne g. komen race for the cure. to learn more, go to click buddy check on the upper corner of the page.
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in tonight's health alert, a soldier fighting for his country was wounded when his female was hit with an ied. we see how a local plastic surgeon dedicated his time and skills to help ryan gain his confidence back. >> reporter: the doctor enjoys giving back and has been involved in a lot of charities overseas. when he learned about operation iraq star with helping wounded soldiers with reconstructive surgeries, he knew he had to take part. >> here's an opportunity to start at home, to help those who stood up for us and just need a little bit of touch up and plastic surgery to help them achieve their best. >> reporter: that's how the plastic surgeon met ryan cools, a retired captain who lost his leg and arm in an explosion. while the army handled all of ryan's trauma care, he wanted to minimize his visual scarce. dr. sing was able to do just
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that. >> i had a car running from my chest to my abdomen and also a scar on the back of my head that he was able to reduce in size and make it so folks don't stair at me as much as they would. >> reporter: for dr. sing, helping ryan gain back hisself confidence was the least he could do. >> it's a privilege, really, and sometimes i get choked up thinking about it. the fact that we have a volunteer army, these people volunteer and defend our country. freedom does not come free. >> reporter: anita brikman, 9 news now. >> since ryan retired for the army he's been working for the wounded warrior project. looking for extra excitement this day, hundreds of thrill seekers took a 900 foot plunge off a west virginia bridge. it takes about nine seconds to jump with your parachute to the river below. it marked the 31st year for this event. >> not me.
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>> would you do it? >> not me. >> i might bungee. >> not me, man. >> not one time? come on. >> not me. not even for albert haynesworth' money. not me. not me. big weekend, of course, redskins, colts. a lot of attention will be paid to who washington activates for tomorrow's gain. specifically will albert haynesworth be part of the 45- man rotation. one media outlet has its doubts. maryland dominates clinton in the stat book, not on the scoreboard. highlights next. can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ?
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so when the skins face the colts tomorrow, what are they really dealing with? simple, a quarterback who with all due respect to donovan is the best in the business. albert haynesworth had plenty of run-ins with peyton manning and you would think he has insight on how to stop number 18, but his status is uncertain. in fact, fox sports is reporting they're leading toward deactivating haynesworth who missed the packer game and wednesday's practice while attending his half brother's funeral. it will be a game time decision. by the way, the skins will need big plays, which means anthony armstrong, big against the packs. that touchdown right there. he's the only other receiver besides santana moss who seemed to absolutely be able to get open. >> with anthony in there, it's not like it's a drop-off too much of what we dry to do. anthony has a great speed to get down field, and with the
2:01 am
ball in his hand, you never know what can happen. >> defense will have the respect, my abilities and it will open everything up for the whole offense really. makes us get to a rhythm easier and to where they trial to double santana. there will be more options and more threats out there. >> well, death valley ain't scaring nobody these days, especially not maryland and the terps who won the last couple of meetings and were well rested coming off the by week heading into today's game. danny o'brien getting to start. pulling out the trick bag. the half option to danny o., terps up 7-3. clemson's offense didn't do much. andre ellington doing his best morgan impersonation. places to go, things to do. the kickoff return, 87 yards for the score. here a short one. maryland outgained clemson 350 to 210 but the tigers make the
2:02 am
big plays. they win 31-7. virginia tech at wake. why am i showing you video of wake forest's josh harris? because the brother was bawling. career high 241 yards, most ever by one man against virginia tech. too bad they couldn't clone him, because after that, they didn't do much. 52-21. 115th meeting between north carolina and virginia. t. j. yates, dwight jones, oh, oh, oh. seven receptions, 198 yards and the defense playing well, too. kevin reddic, that's a ripoff. that's a pickoff. that's a six-off. he gets mark of north carolina strolling easier. 2345áe6y marine corps in town. ricky dobbs to aaron. navy ties it. here we go, there's your game
2:03 am
winner. navy wins 28-21. all right, one thing that makes the caps so lethal is their depth and it's being tested in the first week. three out, green had a shoulder stinger. a banged-up bunch in opry land. story of the first period was goalie, michael. turning away at point blank range. he kept the caps in it early. third period now. caps down one. brooks with a feisty and the callizer. we go into overtime. fire away. it actually, caps get the win, 3-2. baseball, nlcs game, phillies and giants. roy coming off the no-hitter. cody ross hit two homeruns. giants win and take game one 4-
2:04 am
3. our final stop of the night, d.c. united taking on chicago. fire on the attack. the ball in the net, but he was off sides. so no goal, and the game would win in a scoreless draw. d.c. united ends their season next saturday. i'm going on record, bruce, 31-17 tomorrow colts. >> you've been wrong all year, right? >> yeah, i was. >> appreciate it. >> beautiful weather tomorrow, mid-70s for high. >> thanks a lot. have a good night. bill o'reilly and joy after their on-air feud that sparked a vo "view" walk out. i'm chris jacobs. i just want


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