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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 24, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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>> when firefighters from silverhill arrived on the scene initially they encountered heavy fire conditions. rescues had to be made of residents that could not escape through the heat and smoke filled stairwells. >> it was a three alarm blaze. three or four families are displaced tonight. someone may have hacked into computers. this is a story we first broke thursday night at 11:00 p.m. dc officials are investigating and sources say the loss is already many of thousands of dollars. stolen funds have been diverted to a single direct deposit account at a north carolina bank. >> the payroll records obtained from sources shows the thefts began in july, picked up in august and continued into october, well after the summer
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job program had ended. nearly all of the young people employed had returned to school. we have covered up the names of the five young people that had been employed in the summer jobs program because there is no allegations that they had knowledge their names and account numbers were being used to steal money. sources say whoever hacked into the payroll computer increased the students' hourly wages from just over $7 an hour to $25 an hour. the thief then had their biweekly checks deposited into a north carolina account. >> our job over these particular agencies is to make sure taxpayers' dollars is spent properly. >> records obtained by 9 news also show that a former employment services department adult employee left the department back in march but biweekly checks continued to be drawn on his name and accounts early this month. whoever hacked the system sent more than $20,000 in his name
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to a deposit account at the same north carolina bank. sources familiar with the investigations say roughly $60,000 has already been identified as stolen and it stopped on friday. >> a spokesperson says she can't comment on the investigation. our source says the embezzlement appears to be the work of an employee. breaking news right now. a shooting tonight outside the court yard marriott in springfield, virginia. police are trying to determine if the victim was shot on the grounds of the hotel or dropped off there after he was shot. the young man has been taken to fairfax hospital. no word on his condition tonight. police say that man is in his 20s. >> we hope to correct some of that attack that occurred before the war, during the water and which has continued on. >> i don't think anybody who
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managed to access classified information should share it as far as regarding the safety of the soldiers and people it could be affecting. but when you get into the iraqis, it is a violent culture. we have been doing our best to help them with their problems that they are having. >> we jumped the gun on that. more military secrets uncovered. the files detail the deaths of more than 125,000 iraqi civilians which appear to be more than made public by american officials. and detainees were abused by our iraqi allies and they failed to investigate charges even murder. this is between 2004 and 2009. the documents also show there has been an improvement in security since the height of the violence in 2006 and 2007.
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the army private is accused of giving the documents that were leaked. the government won't comment on the documents that they say are private documents. and the company says it will soon publish more secret documents about the war in afghanistan. president obama wrapped up a four-day campaign tomorrow night. he appeared in minneapolis today for democratic gubernatorial candidate mark dayton. president obama hoped they could get the strong voter turnout in the 2008 election. >> so i need you to keep fighting and keep working and keep believing. >> the president heads to rhode island on monday as the campaign winds into its final
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week. meantime, sarah palin is crisscrossing the country to help support republicans. her message, the only way the economy will improve if you change who is in control in washington. >> how about we make november 2nd freedom day and we take it back for the little guys. [ cheers and applause >> 37 of 100 senate seats are on the ballot. all of the seats in the house are up for grabs. the republicans need to gain 40 seats for a majority in the house and 10 seats to take over the senate. you can vote now in maryland. not tonight but first thing monday morning. it is the first time early voting has been available in a maryland general election. there are more than a dozen polling places available in prince george's and montgomery counties alone. the early voting polls will be available on thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at night. early voting also underway in the district of columbia. polling stations open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at night. for a list of early polling
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places in the area go to and click on "extras." dc united lost its final game of the season tonight to toronto 3-2. they also lost a legendary player. there was an emotional good- bye. >> reporter: when he ran onto the grass at rfk stadium for the last time dc united fans showed him the love. and he showed he still had it by scoring one final goal to cap a 14-year career with dc united. >> how much better can it get? a great goal scorer. he put it away. that's him. >> reporter: he is the only player in mls history to score 100 goals and 100 assists while helping his team capture four championships. >> speaks volumes to the kind
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of player he is. he has great durability. >> reporter: this was the send off he got from the fans of dc united. >> how does it feel for you? >> always love you, man. always love you. >> reporter: overwhelmed by emotion he couldn't answer. but no answer was really needed. at rfk stadium, 9 news now. >> he is considering staying on with dc united in some management capacity. still ahead on 9news now this saturday night. the red carpet is out for the grand reopening of a landmark theater in dc. we will take you there. a deadly shark attack and then another shark spotted. that's next. mild temperatures for this time of year after a
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spectacular day in our nation's capital. it won't get any better than that. the high is 70 today. and a low of 42. so quick rise in temperatures. wake up weather calls for another cool start. a few clouds. we will talk about even warmer temperatures and then some storm systems in our com
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hi honey. hi mom. what ya working on? my history homework. isn't that jennifer's? mom, everyone does it, it's called sharing. is that another word for cheating? mom, dad love us enough to ask the important questions. because if you don't... who will? what are you gonna do tonight? umm, goin' over to jason's to watch videos. oh, yeah, who's gonna be there? gonna be jason, tom, eric and me. what are you gonna watch?
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what is this twenty questions? no. just three... what are you gonna watch? mom, dad love us enough to ask the important questions. because if you don't... who will? warning signs up up tonight along a california beach after a deadly shark attack yesterday. the shark was spotted in the area today. a witness to that deadly attack said it happened really fast. the man was surfing when his friend cried for help. despite the attack surfers were back in the water today. >> it is sad. everyone is always out on the water. it is one of the number one fears for most people. unfortunate for everyone else in the community and his family. >> authorities are still trying to identify the shark that attacked but they suspect it was a great white. health officials in haiti
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are working frantically this weekend to stop a cholera outbreak before it spreads to the capitol. it already claimed 108 lives. there are over 2000 confirmed cases and thus far the outbreak has been confined to a region north of port-au-prince. firefighters on the ground and in the air battling a huge wild fire in arkansas this weekend. so far about 90 acres have burned. >> there is a fire that is out of control and just kind of wondering where we are going to go. this is our home. and the fire, they can't get control of it, you know, there is more than just me. a lot of people may lose their homes. >> authorities are hoping expected rain will help put out the fire. a huge turnout today for an arena in southwest washington. visitors can check out the historic, new and renovated
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stages of the building. among the free events, a performance from oklahoma and a chance to mingle with broadway and tony award winning stars. now checking news where you live. get ready for ice skating. the temporary rink will open on october 28th. for more information on other stories from where you live just go to our website find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what's happening in your neighborhood. largest living green event in the nation taking place this weekend at the washington convention center. everything from food to fashion is on display. you can catch seminars and learn practical tips for everyday life. topper shutt will be down there. the event goes through tomorrow. sunday's washington examiner talks about the montgomery county council voting on a bill that will keep homeowners from parking cars in their front yard and remove large vehicles from their
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driveways. you can read that in sunday's "washington examiner." riding bikes, walking, all to honor a woman that dedicated her entire life to helping others. can we keep the mild weather around for
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it was a perfect day for the inaugural celebration. participants signed up for cycling, running event including a former olympic champion. >> it is great because it brings people together. this is what it is all about. about friendship, relationships, having good times. meeting new people. it is a great day. i'm just glad to be here. >> carl lewis. haven't seen him in a while. the celebration capped off the days events. >> great day for cycle today. >> gorgeous. we have been blessed with three
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consecutive weekends now and the weather can't get any better for this time of year. fall in the nation's capital. we will continue that with another great day here tomorrow. maybe a few more clouds but i think in between those clouds a lot of sunshine means an even warmer day tomorrow. so i'm going to go 76. still keeping it in the 70s. clouds and chance of showers coming around on monday. but then look at tuesday. we could be looking at summer like temperatures coming back into the forecast, and in fact, the record high for tuesday is 82. we are going to come close to that. we need to talk about a couple of storm systems mixed within our forecast too. overnight temperatures going into sunday not as cold as they were. frost in some of our outer suburbs. we are into the lower 40s in the cooler spots working our way to only 50 degrees downtown. there is a moderate air quality day and a few thin to high
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level clouds. plenty of sunshine coming through between those clouds and we are looking mid-70s for a lot of us. this is not rain falling this is just radar that is peering up into the atmosphere several thousand feet and looks like because there are some ice particles and water droplets in those clouds. nothing coming out of it. just looking like it is something on the radar and satellite combined but mostly mid to upper level cloud cover. most areas in the 50s. still 62 at vwi there and washington international. 55 at culpeper. fredericksburg at 53. futurecast now. few clouds. that blanket. leading to just thinner clouds during the day. making it a warm day for this time of year. monday's outlook. in the morning maybe just cloud cover and a sprinkle coming
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down. in the evening overnight monday into tuesday may be an isolated storm shower at 11:00 p.m. monday. tuesday we will start to see more of this. break in the clouds but a breezy day starting to come around. temperatures really warming up towards 80s that i showed. i think this is a little overdone. chance for thunderstorms coming in. not as cold as it was this morning, last night into this morning. lower to mid-40s but working to 50 degrees downtown. mid 70s for a high temperature. check those out. the zone forecast. go to the blueridge, upper elevations appalachians, west virginia, looking at 70-degree temperatures all around. potomac highlands, culpeper, 80 degrees. seven-day forecast. tuesday, wednesday, record highs are 82 and 83. we are going to come awfully darn close to that. and then monday into tuesday we could get a few showers in but i think the best chance of rain
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is wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening. we will have to watch for stronger storms. >> tuesday, wednesday. >> get a suntan. >> caps figure out a way to win? >> they did. caps trying to get back on track. and you won't believe what navy did to notre dame. and . . .we are about 12 hours away and soldier field will be the scene. big game tomorrow. redskins versus bears. to why is this such a big game? i'm dave owens here in chicago. i'll have that story. ñúñú
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and now 9 sports. the best sports in town. >> hard to believe but some people are actually pushing the
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panic button because the caps aren't in first place after seven games. that's right. seven games. tonight a chance for everyone to chill out as the caps host the atlanta thrashers. what a game for that guy. alexander semin. we start in the 3rd period. semin with two goals. make it three. the hat trick. atlanta ties the game forcing overtime. in the o.t. would it be alexander semin again? no, a slicer. putting in a rebound. caps celebrate a 4-3 win. the victory moves them to within one point of first place. >> consistency has been there for sure. there have been so real lapses. he got awarded for playing a great game. >> feeling a little cooler these days for the fridge. his terps are now 5-2. one game from being bowl eligible. today at boston college
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quarterback danny o'brian was feeling it. 1st quarter he lobs it to torre smith. touchdown. terps lead 7-0. before the half on a 3rd and goal. o'brian on the slant. third touchdown pass of the game. the terps hold on. 24-21 snapping a 10-game road losing streak. navy put a hurting on notre dame. 1st quarter. feeling the heat. look at that grab by anthony teach. he teaches the irish a thing or two. those navy kids are tough. dominated notre dame. navy won three of the last four against the irish after a record of losing 43 straight. >> we knew we could do this all the time. it just took time. guys started doing their job and i'm just so proud of
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everybody right now. >> to blacksburg. lane stadium. hokeys scored three touchdowns in the first 20 minutes hammering the dukes. texas won six straight. virginia hosting eastern michigan. anxious moments for the head coach mike london. they scored 31 points in the 2nd half. danzer scoring two of the touchdowns. virginia wins 48-21. in morgantown syracuse going to west virginia and pulling off the upset. first quarter, wide open. van says chew on this. a 29-yard touchdown. the orange win 19-14 snapping an eight-game losing streak to the mount mountaineers. facing his old quarterback cutler, shanahan will be all business. dave is focused on his job in the windy city by giving us a
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preview of sunday's game. >> it makes the contest between the redskins and bears pivotol. it would improve them to 4-3 and they could actually walk out of soldier field tied for the most wins in the conference. >> it is a must win for us. we need to turn things around and kind of get this going in the right direction. >> we feel we match up pretty good against them. >> especially on defense. six sacks last week against seattle. >> we hope we get to them. >> i think blitzing opened it up. a lot of d line rushing. they have been leaving holes open everywhere. >> one guy who should be licking his chops albert haynesworth who is expected to play tomorrow for the first time since week 4 against the eagles which was his best performance of the season by the way according to the head
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coach mike shanahan. albert haynesworth and the rest of the defense hope to make life miserable for chicago quarterback jay cutler. dave owens, at soldier field, 9 sports new. >> thank you, dave. going out in style. a penalty kick and he delivers. the 133rd goal of his career. his careers and united season end in a loss. final score 3-2. would have been nice to go out with a win. >> albert haynesworth playing. >> i think it could be a great breakout game for albert. >> tomorrow the temperature? >> 70s. best chance of rain is wednesday evening. >> thank you for watching. have a good night, everybody. we will see you back here tomorrow. bye. captions by: caption colorado,
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llc 800-775-7838 email: news on the "glee" controversy after the stars sexed up and racy photo shoot. i'm chris jacobs. the "weekend insider" is on. these photos seem so un-"glee"-like. >> "glee" gone wild backlash. which cast member just apologized to the nation. >> viewers are outranged. >> don't remember high school being like that for me. >> the racy shots that didn't make the magazine. >> you don't walk out of your
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own home. >> barbara walters warning to whoopi and joy after their oero riley walkout. >> is whoopi reuniting the war? >> my exclusive with bill. >> do you regret what happened? >> i stand my ground. miss behar and ms. goldberg would have been wiser to do that than grandstand. bill from altar boy to fox king. >> i'll give you the scoop. >> a little sex appeal, one should flaunt it. >> rod stewart, his four marriages and baby on the way at age 65. >> it's wonderful. kids are all happy about it. >> and hsn -- >> i'm inside the control room at the headquarters of hsn. >> from selling housewares 30 years ago to celebrity wares today. >> i'm in hsn, mom. >> the star cameos. >> i love it.
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>> you should try it. >> i should try it. from hollywood, the "weekend insider" is on. news on the "glee" stars sexed up and facing controversy. welcome to the weekend edition of "the insider." i'm chris jacobs. we have the latest as fallout over "glee's" new-making photo shoots. >> a lot of "glee" fans are blushing thanks to a racy "gq" photo shoot. >> i don't remember high school being like that for me, though. >> new fallout over photoings of "glee" cast members posing provocatively in "gq," in their underwear in hauls of high school. apologizing on her blog, at the time it wasn't my favorite idea, but i did not walk away. now the location. revealing the shots were taken at hollywood high school, once attended by the


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