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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 12, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> no, i don't. my party has been put on hold [ laughter ] >> just for a while. just for a while. weather wise another great day. cold this morning, though. i want to caution you will need the jacket and gloves. kids want to wear shorts, no. it is not warm enough for that. the day planner features plenty of sunshine. we dipped to the upper 30s at reagan national. upper 40s by 9:00. 57 at noon and 5:00 with a high of 60 to 65 to the south and west. the dry air heats up quickly. right now it is chilly and 27 manassas, frederick and martinsburg. lurie 30. culpeper 34 and andrews 38 degrees. we will be back with big weather. here's angie with the time saver traffic. >> we take a live look at the situation in northeast dc. this is at 11th and galloway street. an ongoing police investigation. they are obviously taking away the lanes as needed.
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if you live in this area, be aware you may have to use another road to get out of the area. focus on the outer loop shows us that drivers are moving at speed. moving outside between 95 to 270, these are live conditions at university. back to the maps. we will take the focus down to the prince georges county area. route 4 pennsylvania, branch avenue and 301. all the roadways are checking out clear. everyone is moving nicely on 66 here. only taking ten minutes to the beltway. the toll road is all right and 295 is no problems to report to the 11th street bridge. still ahead at 5:10, we will have a look at the dulles toll road. back to you. metro has issued a highly unusual be on the lookout notice for two men acting suspiciously while riding the orange line. >> there are photos showing what they did. 9 news now reporter kristin
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fisher is live at l'enfant plaza with an update on the search. kristin, good morning. >> good morning. before i show you the pictures, i want to make it clear that as of now these two men are not accused of any crime, nor are they accused of any wrongdoing. metro just wants to know who they are and what they were doing and can you blame them? after all look at how trisemic difficulties have increased around the world and it is lessen this a month after the fbi arrested a virginia man for plotting to bomb four stations in arlington. with that said here it is. this is the picture e-mailed to out to metro employees. it shows two men that metro are on the lookout for and it was taken by a rider who saw them acting suspiciously. metro says --
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now last night metro's chairman of the board said as of new there is no indication of any specific threat he says metro is circulating the picture among employees to be cautious. he also points out it was never intended -- the picture was never intended to be released publicly. but the question remains, who are these men and what were they doing videotaping metro operations on the orange line? scary stuff. mike? >> that's very scary. kristin, how unusual is something like a be on the lookout for metro? >> welk you know, actually last night peter benjamin, who's metro's chairman of the board, he said in his experience he can in the remember anything like this happening. so it is certainly unusual and
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rare but keep in mind the media, metro, police over the past three weeks since the fbi arrested the virginia man for plotting to bomb metro stations. ever since then they have been urging metro riders to be on the lookout and be more cautious and if they see anything suspicious to relay that information to police. so that may certainly have something to do with this, as well. back to you. >> thank you for the update. while you slept, the vietnam veteran actually helped prevent a tragedy near he 14th street bridge. >> veterans and family members were on a tour bus that caught fire on 395. over passengers say one of the men near the back of the bus noticed smoke and told everyone to get out of the bus. everyone is fine and the vets on the bus, they were members of the light infantry brigade that served in vietnam. they were in the district to
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visit the memorial wall on veteran's day. if you are just waking up, president obama has little progress to report a as he leaves the grand jury-20 summit. the leaders of the world's biggest economies failed to resolve a currency dispute which sparked fears of a global trade war. the president is expected to land in tokyo later this hour with more economic meetings scheduled there, as well. on veteran's day a group of demonstrators hoped to draw attention to the fight of one overseas soldier. hundreds rallied op the national mall to make others aware of him on the 1600th day of his captivity. he was taken hostage more than four years ago during a cross border raid by hamas. and negotiations for his release have been unsuccessful. the suspect behind a violent bar fight is no longer accused of attempted murder.
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new evidence reveals the 21- year-old ramos was acting in self defense that evening. he's accused of cutting three university of maryland student and another man outside of the thirsty turtle bar. ramos faces sec degree assault charges, though. the bar surrendered its liquor license this week. the free museums in the nation's capital are one of the biggest draws to our area but you could soon be paying to get in the smithsonians. it would charge $7.50 per person in admission fees. time for your money report this morning. jessica doyle has a preview of the day ahead on wall street. >> wall street is looking out for economic data. consumer sentiment is coming out this morning. the financial markets watch this report to see how americans are doing, if they
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are confident about their financial positions and will spend again and hope the news is strong enough to make up for the losses yesterday. checking the markets for you -- here's another reason to skip the sugar in your coffee. besides added calories, prices are sky high. since july, prices have surged 85% to a 80-year high. a prolonged try season in brazil, rising global demand. brazil dominates half of the world's sugar trade. justin beiber fans, listen up. that's pretty much all of us it is another justin beiber buyout today. >> i'm there. >> at tysons corner today, 100 fans will move from store to store to store and will buy
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everything in sight with his image on it and donate it to the charity. this time it is inova fairfax hospital. and those things will be given to kids during the holidays. >> howard was balking at that until he heard it was a good cause. >> it is great. >> of course the kids have to like him but who doesn't? >> the betweens love him. >> today's money saver we are these grr moments at the store, today is restocking fees, a lot of people don't know about these and how to avoid them. >> let's avoid them. an on line retailer pulls a controversial product off of its virtual shelves. and this morning some cruiseship passengers will probably run out of hot water during their showers after being stranded at sea with no power now they are home.
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it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. home. welcome back. this morning you need the coat. it's cold out there. 30s and even 20s. in the mid-40s by 9:00. upper 50s by noon. and high 60 to the low 60s. get the time saver traffic. here's angie. >> thank you very much, howard. hello, everybody. no incidents or accidents to report on 267 going eastbound or westbound. coming up in in the next traffic report, more virginia roads. now, back to you. making news now, daylight reveals the tex -- exten of a car bombing in pakistan.
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it exploded at a security compound where militants are held. at least 15 were killed and more than 100 hurt. many houses in the area collapsed or sustained heavy damage because of this. the windows were shattered in some homes more than a mile away. more than 3,000 carnival cruiseship passengers are enjoying their first full day back on dry land. the disabled ship was towed in to san diego yesterday afternoon the sloan door lost power on monday when there was a fire in the engine room. carnival is offering a full refund and another freeze cruise. is bowing to public pressure. it is no longer selling a self published book called a pedophile's guide to love and pleasure. " the author says the title was intentionally provocative and adds the word pedophile itself means someone who loves children.
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but again they are not selling it. >> good move. your generosity will help others to have a better holiday season and it is still not too late to pitch in morning early. unisom. good night. good morning.
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. happy friday. if you have had a great week weather wise, it ain't ending yet. >> no we will keep this through the weekend. >> this is a nice fall. >> it's working an we will get rain eventually but probably not until tuesday. >> we need it. >> we do. help the water cycle thing. it's all good. let's get you going this friday morning with the bus stop forecast. it's cold outside. going to need jackets, maybe gloves. 20s in spots. warmest spots on the bay and in southern armaryland. temperatures over 40-degree mark and that is extreme southern st. mary's, southern calvert and annapolis and those areas. clear skies. sun is up at 6:45, 6:47, sething 4:57 today. 45 degrees at 9:00. it will be on the cool side.
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beneath noon warming up nicely, mid to upper 50s and in the same category at 5:00 p.m. topping off at 60 to 65. the air cooled off overnight. it will heat up nicely during the day over the 60-degree mark. clouds to the east and to the north and west. we have clear skies this morning and some chilly temperatures. 29 williamsport. spitz 32. right along the coast, atlantic city 34 to 42 ocean city and up in new york united states rite now 45 degrees. locally we have the cold stuff out there. below freezing in crofton at 31. millersville, anne arundel county 29 degrees. baden is 30 along with ft. belvoir and centreville. haymarket is 34. sterling 31 and in reston and gaithersburg 28. national we dipped to the 30s we have been above 80 all week. the north wind at six. a wind chill this morning makes
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it feel like 33 degrees. 38 at national. visibility is ten miles. if you are traveling today, no problems around here. in fact the east looks great. we have 50s, boston, buffalo, new york 60. we will be better than 60 and 70s from cincinnati to lexington to atlanta. memphis and st. louis mid to upper 70s. and we have sunny skies and highs in the low 60s. tonight for the high school football game we are looking at clear skies and temperatures in the 40s. it should be a crisp night for that. next three days are going to be good ones. sunny and 62 today. 68 tomorrow. sunday still nice and 66. next week got some rain and cool temperatures moving in by tuesday. it is 5:17. let's get some time saver traffic. >> happy friday to you. right now no major incidents or accidents going on in the immediate area. we do have one tieup in the district we will get to in a
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minute. 95 in virginia is doing fine. these are the live conditions near cardinal drive. back to the map and zoom in to 66. take you ebb. we have been tracking the trip out of gainesville. 45 minutes to make it past 50 to inside the beltway. a check on the outer loop reveals 95 to 270, you are in the green. only taking ten minutes. the inner loop is fine in maryland, as well. 95 southbound and northbound, all construction has cleared. in northeast dc we have a police investigation going on at 11th and galloway. avoid the area if you can. 5:25 is the next report. we will have a check on the bw parkway. right now the time is 5:18. you may be noticing remnants from midterm elections on the way to work. campaign signs are still posted in many places like this stretch of 450 in lanham, maryland. each jurisdiction has laws
5:19 am
regulating sign removal but they say enforcement is a problem since it is hard to say who put up the sign. people are encouraged to remove the signs or call the public works department for help. we'd like to say thank you for helping us to raise money for the uso holiday food basket program. we ran a phone bank last night during our broadcast that raised $26,300. so 832 military families in our area will enjoy a full thanksgiving turkey dinner. however, we want to get to 1200. so go to our website at and click on the uso banner on the home page. the pros pull their punches for fight night fund-raiser. >> and they had to clean the hats off of the ice at the verizon center and it's good news. we will tell you which cap put three in the net. and before we go to the break,
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it's time for the question of the day. -- ñúñú
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much has been the case all week we have had a lot of sunshine and clear skies and that will be the case today. look at the temperatures on the future cast which will be climbing from the 40s at 9:00. at 1:00, upper 50s, already 60, 61 in a spew few spots. by 5:00 p.m. in the 50s and highs in the 60s as high as 65. zimmerman earned post season fanfare. >> good morning. we keep asking when simeon will be back in goal for the capitals but at this point who cares. his backup has ten wins. tops in the nhl. one goal game in the third. alex zemin misses but oretch kin does not miss that. his ninth of the year.
5:24 am
with tampa's goalie pulled late. you can make it a natural hat trick. 12 goals on the season. caps win their sixth straight. baseball news last night, nats zimmerman winning the nl silver slugger award honoring the top offensive baseman in the league. he had 307 this year with 25 jacks and 85 rbis. in northwest last night, dc's greatest fund-raiser of the year, the fight night for children. boxing legends from joe fraiser to larry holmes to jake lamata and others are raised $32 million over the years for kids and they have buried their hatchets. >> never seen a fight break out. you would almost expect that someone would want to settle an old score with someone. >> they are not ringing bells an here. if you ring a bell you will
5:25 am
have a problem. >> how many people has he knocked out. >> 101. >> you are looking like you want to make it 102. >> no. >> i'm telling you when joe fraiser gives you the evil eye you still get nervous. i'm brett haber, have a great friday, everyone. >> the women are enjoying knock out abuse and congratulations. they raised millions to help women who are victims of domestic abuse. >> great cause. if you are trying to sell your home the washington region is one of the best places to do it right now. details in the money report. plus, a rare, be on the lookout notice from metro and it's gone public. here's angie. we are traveling along the bw parkway and right now no problems out of baltimore past 32 to the beltway. still ahead in the next traffic report at 5:29 a check on the
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district roads. tgif. stay with 9 news now. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back to 9 news now. >> the baby just moved. angie will have the traffic in a moment in the baby can calm down. >> we will take the nice calm week through think weekend for you. if you need to get that last mowing of the year in or do some caulking or something before the season gets really cold, do it this next week or this weekend. because weather could turn quickly this time of the year. the day planner if they are friday, this fantastic friday, it is chilly right now. 38. highs 60 to possibly 65 to our south and west. you see the 20s in gaithersburg. luray 30. winchester 31. 46 at the pax naval air station. bowie 32, crofton 31.
5:30 am
reston 28. arlington at 36. 5:29, almost 5:30. time saver traffic. happy friday, everybody. glad you could join us. let's get to the traffic and show you first our district roads. we will zoom in and move you outside. show you inbound new york avenue. we starting to watch a little volume pick up around the washington times building. overall you are doing okay to the third street tunnel. back to the realtime graphics. take it to 395, nice green cars here. that's how it translates. everybody is at speed. making their way from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. a little volume around duke street but no significant delays. check on the travel times in virginia. in the green from 395 to 267. only 13 minutes in the car. the outer loop at speed as well and dc 295 no issues to report traveling to the beltway. in the next report at 5:39, we are traveling the george
5:31 am
washington parkway. now, back to you. >> thank you, angie. president obama is due to land in tokyo in about 20 minutes. >> japan is the fourth and final country the president is visiting in his ten day trip to asia. he left the g-20 summit in south korea overnight where leaders failed to reach an agreement on a trade or currency dispute. they have underlined their concerns about currency evaluation. police are investigating an early morning murder in washington. officers found a man with gunshot wounds at 18th and gal way streets this morning. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are looking for a gray tahoe with two suspects inside. metro initially wanted to keep a be on the lookout notice that was issued recently a secret among its own workers but now word leaked out. transit investigators are trying to learn about two men seen in this picture right that
5:32 am
were sort of actually strangely while riding on the orange line. kristin fisher is live at l'enfant plaza metro station to find out more on what those men were doing. >> reporter: good morning, mike. you know it is very unusual for metro to release this kind of lookout, but keep in mind they are doing this less than a month after a northern virginia man was arrested for allegedly plotting to bomb four metro stations in arlington. so the terror alert is definitely up. let's look at the picture. you can see these are the two men that metro are currently on the lookout for. this picture was taken by a metro rider who saw them acting suspiciously. according to an internal memo, metro says -- so it sounds like
5:33 am
a potentially dangerous situation but the chairman of the metro board says there is no indication of a specific threat. and says metro is circumstance lathing the memo among employees to be cautious. and said neither the picture or memo were intended to be released to the public. the question remains, who are these men and what were they doing? metro is urging anyone who knows anything about these men or what they might have been doing to contact metro transit police. >> thank you. a mother and her baby are back together after being separated by the doors of a metro train. wednesday morning at the west hyattsville station a mother pushed the baby's stroller on to the train but was caught off guard when the doors started to close and she
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it is cold out here this morning. we have 30s. the day planner it will be decent this afternoon. grab the gloves and jackets. mid-40s and chilly at nine. we top 60 degrees today. 5:00 p.m. we are clear and 57. angie has the time saver traffic. how's it looking? >> we are traveling on the gw parkway and things are clean and green, telling us the drivers are moving at speed from the beltway to the key bridge. still ahead in the next traffic report, more on the police investigation in northeast dc and how it is affecting the roadways out there. mike? >> thank you, angie. security precaution or racial profiling? a virginia woman claims a convenient store denied her service simply because she was muslim. she said she walked in to the fast mart in fredericksburg on
5:40 am
tuesday wearing her traditional head scarf. the clerk told her she needed to remove it for security reasons. to avoid an argument she moved the scarf beyond her hairline but that wasn't enough. >> she wouldn't let me make a purchase. i was humiliated, vie lathed and walked out of the doctor violated and walked out of the store. >> the store has abandoned its policy banning customers from wearing head gear in toe the store such as hats or hoodies. the next few weeks you can travel the c&o canal by driving to alexandria. an exhibit is on display at the art liaison on union street. photos were taken from georgetown to cumberland, maryland. the exhibit runs through december 6th. thousands of college students in this area will soon be facing tuition hikes. plus, a local teenager
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5:45 am
the g-20 summit. they were trying to get an agreement together with china and the rest of the nation on currency. that didn't work out as he hoped. he is hoping this tour will be more fruitful. this is his last stop on a ten- day tour. >> welcome to friday morning. it is cold out there. on the weather terrace, jacket and gloves. wish i had a heavier jacket. >> it won't last. >> a couple of hours any way. if you are outside the next few hours, definitely consider the chill that we have right now. your bus stop forecast, the temperatures, which are ranging from the upper 20sin the cool spots to the low 40sin the warmer areas along the bay. reedville right now is 47. manassas is 27. clear and cold, sunrise at 6:47 and sets 4:56 this afternoon. the day planner, temperatures at 9:00 a.m. in the mid-40s. sunny skies. in the 50s by noon.
5:46 am
60ish at 3:00 and top off in the low 60s at 2:00 or so and at 6:00 p.m., clear and 54. it will be a chilly night once again, but a great weekend in store. 27 in martinsburg. frederick 25 along with manassas now. 42 on the bay. to our east we have 41 in cambridge. easton 34 and there's the mid- 40s coming from the pax river naval air station. locally 20s in millersville. crofton 28 at the air park in montgomery county. reston 27 and fairfax at 40 and haymarket 32. national airport has clear skies. a north wind at six. the wind chill is 33 and the relative humidity is 76%. there's definitely cold air in the country. most of it in the rockies. you see the warmth coming up across the central plains. dallas in the 60s this morning. ahead of the front with the rain from new mexico and the texas panhandle coming through the plains up to the midwest. that front is moving east. it will get here but not until
5:47 am
like tuesday. so a long time to go before we get some rain around here. tonight, friday night football, upper 40s to start. mid-40s to finish the game. clear, crisp and cool. good luck to the playoff times that are going out there. all the info. tomorrow 68. what a great saturday we have got and sunday 66. by monday a few more clouds and 59. could be a late shower. we will watch it. skins are home and monday, in the low 50s. here's angie. hello, everybody. hope you are off to a good friday. we want to take you live to the scene. notice the yellow tape. no cars going by in northeast dc. a fatal shooting relation that continues. a police presence obviously still there. as a result the 1100 block of hamilton street has been closed in the area as well as galloway has been shut down between eastern avenue and 8th street. looks like they are going to be
5:48 am
out there for some time. stay with 9 news now. we will keep you posted when things open up. moving things to the maps. we want to focus in on 270 and the commute. we are watching more volume build starting at the germantown road area. overall no incidents or accidents to report heading to the split. as we return to the realtime graphics ethic the focus will be on the outer loop. more drivers are starting to pick up between university and georgia avenue. overall no incidents. 66 eastbound, only a ten-minute commute from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. inner loop is okay, as well. now, back to you. making news now at 5:48. police in oakland, california shut down the station when people gathered at the rail station to protest a police shooting on monday. an officer killed a domestic
5:49 am
violence suspect. iraq's parliament elected a sunni lawmaker as its speaker. this is after a they reached a power-sharing deal which divides the top three government posts. lawmakers have been unable to form a new government in the eight months since elections there. early detection pays off. jane fonda says she is cancer free after having a tumor in her breast removed a few days ago. the 72-year-old oscar winning actress said it was found during a routine checkup last month and was noninvasive. fonda says she is sticking to her schedule promoting her newest fitness dvd. a health alert about a stem cell treatment for brain cancer. doctors in los angeles are performing the first human test. patient number one is jen who has glyoblastoma which is considered one of the worst brain tumors.
5:50 am
the treatment has worked in mice but it will be months before doctors will be able to tell if it is helping her. governor o'malley is criticized for one of his campaign ads which promoted his four year tuition freeze at state schools. while the freeze did exist in that time, in april it ended when the university board of regents approved a 3% hike which raised tuition $400. governor o'malley says despite the increase, schools in maryland remain a bargain. >> a minimum sort of 3% inflationary up crease. if we do that, we will continue to make our state a state that's -- where college is becoming more affordable rather than more expensive compared to other states. >> while that 3% hike may seem like a lot to students here in maryland it is better than the 32% hike in california and 10% hike in schools in virginia. veterans day ceremonies look much the same at arlington
5:51 am
national cemetery this year with vice president biden laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns but the nation's burial ground has been under fire for months over questions of just who's buried in which grave. now peggy fox shows us one teenager may have found a solution. >> this is the home page. >> reporter: preseven and is 16-year-old's website he designed and created after hearing about the mismanaged and mismarked gravesites at arlington national cemetery. >> one father had to go and identify his son who had been dead a few years by tattoo on his arm. i can't even imagine. >> reporter: he comes from a military family. his brothers in the air force, dad army, step dad retired navy and great grandfather fought in the battle of gettysburg. he made it his mission to make a difference. >> using index cards is ridiculous. >> reporter: he told his mom he wanted to build a website to honor those who died in the war on terror. >> i thought if incould do it
5:52 am
would be ricky. >> they spent every weekend at arlington taking pictures at the front and back of the gravesites and forming a database and he turned it in to an easy to use website. >> people can go by name, year and date of date, first name, last name, middle name. >> reporter: and blog will allow people to post tributes. it includes 750 graves of the servicemen and women who died since 9/11. he's open to the idea of adding all of arlington's 400,000 graves but he said he'd need a lot of volunteers to help. >> reporter: he says the site is not for sale and won't sell ads on it either he said he does not want to profit off of other people's tragedy. peggy fox, 9 news now. >> ricky's mom said they found a few errors in the script section and corrected them on
5:53 am
the website. you can get a link through ours at look for the story on the left side of the home page. >> i can't believe his dedication. how wonderful is that. >> i bet he will get volunteers now the word is out. >> i hope so. find out how you can help others and help yourself to a free meal tomorrow. that's coming up in oh my goff. if you have loved ones serving overseas this holiday season, today is a big deadline for you. we'll be right back. ♪
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. we will have a lot of sunshine. even by noon and 1:00, 56 leesburg and 58 here and 56 easton. for the afternoon, top low 60s. by 5:00 p.m. 67. in entertainment news, stars are talking about their roles as grieving parents. mary hart takes a look at some of the personal tragedies. >> reporter: do you ever get over the death of a child? >> no. no. you learn to cope. >> reporter: carol burnett, one
5:57 am
of the many stars who suffered the tragedy of losing a child. cancer took the life of her daughter in 2002. she was 39. >> for a while there i thought, i just didn't want to get out of bed. >> reporter: eric clapton's son connor which is 4 1/2 when he fell 53 floors from an apartment window. >> shut down, right away. instantly. withdrawal, emotionally withdrawal. >> reporter: that was 1991. clapton sought solace in his mikic and came up with tears in heaven. ♪ would you know my name >> reporter: it's the moment no parent wants to imagine. >> i would rather have had her with me than never have known her. >> what balances it out is gratitude. the fact that i had that time with him ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: catch entertainment tonight here on channel 9 at 7:30 p.m.
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