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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> hello, i'm bruce johnson. missed opportunities add up to another heartbreaking loss for the redskins. questions about the license of a maryland kennel after firefighters rescued dozens of
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dogs. and tonight's cold rain could end as snow. will that translate to a slippery morning rush? the latest forecast tonight on 9 news now. [ female announcer ] joe here likes saving money. that's why joe likes aetna's payment estimator. he gets to compare out-of-pocket health care costs before they come out of his pocket. that's awesome. [ female announcer ] now let's say
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every joe in america uses it. looks like everyone likes saving money. ah, the potential of putting people first. thanks joe. know more. get better. get a smarter health plan. ♪ (siren blaring) don't ask me to stop working, gentlemen. can't just sit still. the business my grandfather spent a life building almost burned to its studs today. tripp: well, it didn't. that makes you a lucky man.
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and the same can't be said of your son. you're mistaken. i don't have a son. eduardo santana was your son. tripp: we saw the medical records. don't pretend it's not a fact. despite what you're thinking, i cared for eduardo's mother very much. i was a married man. i had obligations. tripp: heard this tune before, cavanaugh. eduardo tried to get a little money from you. you killed him to shut him up, didn't you? no. after his tractor accident, eduardo did come to me. what do you want? i, uh... i know you're the one who gave me blood for the transfusion, and, uh... i-i think i know why.
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if you're looking for some kind of payout... no. i just want to thank you. you saved my life. i know you didn't have to. (sighs) roger: turned out to be a good kid. no thanks to you. i promised his mother i'd look after him, and i have. i even put him in the will. 50-50 split. hmm. tripp: huh. your daughter know about that? no. eduardo asked me not to tell anyone. christie had no idea she had a brother. nobody did. are you're sure about that? (laughs) that's him? that's the guy who killed one of my employees? he's a kid.
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two weeks ago, you hired that kid to hack into your father's computer. don't bother acting like you've never seen him before. he's already signed a confession. all right. i'm nosy. is that a crime? yes, it is. so is murder. i didn't murder eduardo. but you did know he was your brother. daddy didn't trust me with the business, no matter how much money i saved. i had to hack into his computers just to see his budgets. and that's when i saw he changed his will. duquesne: i'm sure that was upsetting to you. knowing that you were going to have to split your inheritance with your brother. my brother? just because daddy had his way with the help a million years ago doesn't mean he should give half of his company to some illegal. his father was a citizen.
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that makes him a citizen. the son he always wanted. i've been learning the sugar business my whole life. i spent prom night sweeping the refinery floor. after all of that, my dad asks luis to show eduardo the ropes. he was your brother. he's not my brother. and now he's not my problem. it sounds to me like you're ready to sign a confession. (laughs) i want my lawyer. i bet you do. (sighs) what's this? a rorschach inkblot? (chuckles) no. i found this image burned into the side of the silo. i just can't make it out. it's driving me crazy. okay, what caused it? the explosion blew sugar past it... yeah. ...leaving an outline burned on the wall.
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oh, it's like one of those shadows left by a nuclear explosion? mm-hmm. similar principal. kind of looks like italy, like a map of italy. i'm not imagining this, wolfe, okay? no, no, no. i'm not saying it like that. i'm just saying, shrink it down a little bit. (sighs) shrink it down. there. stop. okay, eric, so let's draw a line from here, over to here. look. see? there's the heel of the boot. there's the tip of the boot. you're right. it looks like a cowboy boot. you know, christie cavanaugh was wearing cowboy boots. yeah. i'll get somebody to go look at her boots, and maybe they can place her at the refinery during the explosion? yeah, go ahead and do that. i'm gonna go back to the scene. i'm gonna take another look at the shadow. good. ♪
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i used to have a sweet tooth. i know i'll never have a caramel again. one sugar-free body ready for processing. we need to find something definitive linking christie to this death. what would make her kill her own brother? she comes off like somebody who cares deeply about money... enough to kill. hypertrophic scar on his thigh consistent with the tractor accident in the medical records. oh, look at this. check this out. check this out. looks like fresh wounds right here on his arm. four parallel lines, a fifth off to the side. those are fingernail scratches. maybe somebody was holding on to him before he fell. simmons: wait, wait, wait. maybe consider this. whoever pushed him had second thoughts, tried to pull him back up. (panting) it looks like christie may have had second thoughts about killing her own flesh and blood. all right, well, let's process those wounds, and see if we can find some trace of her.
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♪ all right, well, let's process those wounds, ♪
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>> holy low, i'm bruce -- hello, i'm bruce johnson. a heartbreaking loss for the redskins. questions about the license of a maryland kennel after firefighters rescued dozens of dogs. tonight's rain could end as snow. the latest forecast tonight on 9 news now.
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(siren blaring) (compressed air whooshing) hey, eric? here's the latest. christie cavanaugh's boots were clean, and we didn't find any usable dna on the scratch on eduardo's arm. you get anything up there that can place a person, like, a, uh... like a hand? no, but i can tell you, based on the location of this image, whoever was wearing these boots
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was hanging from the catwalk. maybe they were, uh, struggling with eduardo, and they fell off. look at this. something hanging off the back of these boots. looks like the shape of a rowel from a spur. i don't remember christie cavanaugh's boots having spurs. they didn't, but luis's did. (groaning) luis. we need to talk, luis. we have a few more questions about what happened on that catwalk. (delko groans) caine: luis! luis! luis! don't move! get down! get down! get down! get down. luis! down! get down!
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h, he's going for the factory! all right, let's go. put the gun down. what's wrong with you? luis: don't come any closer. luis. luis... luis, you don't have to do this. i have no choice. luis, he's not worth it. put down the gun. this pig took everything from me. i gave you a job. a place to live. last month, you gave my son to immigration in place of yours. roger: hey! hey! you can't take him. eduardo-- i need him. take him instead. agent: are you sure, mr. cavanaugh? dad? luis: corre, felipe, corre! vete! vete! corre, felipe, corre, corre! papá!
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no! not my son. ¿qué pasó, papá? felipe, no! no! not my son! no! no! not my son! please, not my son! every time i saw eduardo, all i could think was that my son was in some detention center. alone, scared. while cavanaugh's son was free. you knew about eduardo? i had my suspicions. and you confirmed them for me that day. what are you doing up here? i come up here to think. think? thinking how immigration should have taken you instead of my son? i didn't ask mr. cavanaugh to do that, okay? mr. cavanaugh? who do you think you're fooling? i used to see him sneak in your mother's place. come on, luis.
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(grunts) you think that makes you special? huh? i don't want to fight you, luis. you think you're better than my boy? oh, no. hold on, eduardo. hold on. hold on. (panting) (both shouting) (explosion booms) (grunts) i didn't mean to kill him. i tried to pull him back up. we know, luis. all right? we know that. i blamed the wrong person. 20 years, inhaling chemicals, mucking horse stalls. it wasn't fair.
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why did they have to take my son? luis, if you go through with this, there's no turning back. caine: luis, listen to me. he's right. you're never gonna see your son again. never. please. put it down, luis. please put that gun down. put the gun down. (panting) you killed my son! caine: luis!
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♪ (groaning) okay. all right. it's over. it's over. (sighs): no. (grunts) it's over, okay?
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they already told me about my father. all my life i wanted that business. but i don't want it without him. so it's time to turn over a new leaf, then. what are you talking about? hacking into your father's computer is a second-degree felony, carrying a mandatory 15-year sentence. or? or i talk to the state attorney, and persuade him otherwise. what do i have to do? eduardo always said how much he looked forward to having isabel as his sister.
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all this time, he already had one? that's correct. i understand why he didn't tell me. he was too proud to take a handout from anyone, let alone mr. cavanaugh. sounds like a good man. he was. are you sure that they got her out? how did you convince them to release me? a student visa? we can't afford college. it turns out that ms. christie cavanaugh has created the company's first scholarship. and you two are its first recipients. i-i don't know what to say.
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thank you. you bet. captioning sponsored by cbs c.s.i. productions and toyota. >> this ahead. could we see snow by the time tonight's storm is over? dozens of dogs rescued from a burning kennel. 9 news now is next. with the capital one venture card
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>> winter is already taking a heavy toll. amazing video tonight of snow's weight bringing down the massive roof over the minneapolis metro dome. hello, i'm bruce johnson and thanks for joining us this sunday night. no snow yet around here, but our stormy weather could soon cause slippery conditions for your morning commute. we're here with anny hong in the weather center. >> we could see temperatures dropping. maybe black ice out there. a live doppler, take a look here. most of the rain has moved on out. the green off on the coast.
11:27 pm
we still see areas of purple, which is just east of harrison burg new market. you can see a little wintery mix already developing at this hour. temperatures should be falling. let's take a look at current conditions right now, where temperatures holding steady in d.c. you can talk about 43 degrees. these temperatures will be falling late tonight and into early tomorrow morning as the cold front slowly makes its way through to see temperatures falling below freezing at this point. we are concerned about some areas, seeing ice, maybe even fog. as you wake up tomorrow morning, not a bad idea to wake up a little earlier to get your stuff out the door. plenty of time to get to your destination. starting off at 5:00 a.m., cold start. 27 through 36 degrees. we have a slight chance for snow showers in the morning. think layers by 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. still very cold. mostly cloudy skies. we'll talk about how long the snow sticks around coming up
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later. stormy weather here and elsewhere is causing travel problems on the ground and in the air. the wet roads combined with falling temperatures could create icy conditions tomorrow morning. armando trull is live in alexander where the crews are getting ready. >> reporter: right now, things are quiet at the salt dome here in alexandria, but that wasn't the case for the last few hours. dozens of trucks have basically been getting themselves full of that salt chemical mixture, and now those crews have been deployed throughout the major highways of northern virginia. they will be looking for that black ice that anny was talking about and they will be applying the salt. if this can be done with airports, things wouldn't have been quite as hectic today at reagan national. 9-year-old max tried to keep busy while he waited and waited for his grandparents' plane to arrive at reagan national. >> they were supposed to come at 3:30, but now they're coming
11:29 pm
at 6:30. >> you hope. >> yeah, hopefully. >> reporter: but it was almost 7:30 by the time max was able to show his grandparents some love. and there were plenty of other families with similar tales. >> it was delayed out of fort lauderdale two hours. >> while wear waiting, a handsome young man and beautiful flowers. >> say mama. >> reporter: it also created problems at reagan airport where flights from chicago were cancelled and flights from other parts of the country were delayed for hours. >> our flight was listed as departing at 3:30. 3:30, 3:35. and then the next time we checked it, it was cancelled. >> reporter: this disappointed redskins fan who flew in from tampa just for today's game is dreading his return flight. >> it's going to be a long flight home. plus we're going to get ribbed a lot when i get back. once again the redskins find another way to lose. >> reporter: poor guy. not only did he get stuck in the airport but he had to watch the skins lose a real painful game. we also talked about northern
11:30 pm
virginia, but this same situation is happening in the district and in maryland. crews are also out and about with their salt trucks, and one piece of advice. if you're out and about and you see the trucks, give them plenty of room and give them time, because they're out there to make the roads safe for you. reporting live in alexandria, i'm armando trull. bruce, back to you. >> thanks a lot for that report. prewinter blizzard in the midwest delayed or cancelled 1,500 flights in chicago alone. as for reagan reports, the heavy snow collapsed the roof of the minnesota metro game forcing today's nfl game to be postponed and moved elsewhere. >> snow inside through the inflatable roof of the minnesota vikings stadium early sunday. and crashed on to the field. the roof couldn't hold the weight of 17 inches of snow that fell on minneapolis. workers spent the day clearing the roof, but the cleanup will likely take days. the nfl was forced to move the
11:31 pm
vikings giants game to monday night in another city, detroit. further east in chicago, teams cleared their field before the bears/patriots game. >> this is bear weather, so we're prepared. >> the blizzard blanketed the upper midwest. >> the arctic hound is howling and its bite is as bad out there. all the snow swirling around here. >> reporter: firefighters rushing to put out this fire in minneapolis got stuck in snow in the home. they arrived in time to rescue six people, but two others did not survive. officials in parts of wisconsin urged drivers to stay home and even snowplows couldn't keep the roads clear. >> when the snow is coming down heavy, you make a round and it's like, you start over, oh, i just did this one last time. >> reporter: the storm is heading east, but much of the snow is expected to turn into rain as it moves across the country. cbs news. >> this is the fourth time the metro dome has developed problems because of heavy snow.
11:32 pm
well, today's wet weather seemed to take a toll on the redskins kicking game. two minute field games for extra points added to a heartbreaking loss to the buccaneers at fedex field. brett haber joins us live. they can't find a way to win. >> i know. this seems like a conversation we have every sunday. the redskins won the turnover battle, they had more yardage than the bucs and more first downs but they lost because they couldn't kick an extra point. the easiest thing in football. the redskins led 10-9. but quarterback josh freeman let this fly over the middle. 40 yard touchdown. tampa got away with blatant holding on the play but nobody saw it and the bucs led 17-10. in the final two minutes the redskins mounted an epic 13- play drive capped by this, 6 yard touchdown pass from donavan mcnabb to santana moss. we appear to be headed to
11:33 pm
overtime. however, on the extra point, the simplest operation in the game, hunter smith can't handle the snap. the ball squirts loose and that's how this affair ended. redskins fall one point short and drop to 5-8 overall and 2 and 5 at home. >> i'm going to feel like that. it's disappointing when you're part of that, when you've got an extra point to tie and put in overtime. you can't take advantage of it. >> when you're going through year after year, man, you just build it up, man. it hurt, you know. i don't have words for it, man. >> you move a game like this, it's very disheartening and frustrating. we can't let this be a setback. >> you heard from an emotional santana moss in that sequence. the veteran receiver poured his heart out in the locker room after the game today. we'll have more of his comments coming up for you. plus mike shanahan admitting to making a boneheaded mistake at the first half that may have cost the redskins this game. we'll get into much more when
11:34 pm
brian mitchell and the gang join us for sports plus after this newscast. questions about the license of a maryland kennel after a hundred dogs are rescued from the burning building. but up next, house democrats now say they will bring the tax cut deal president obama struck with republicans to a vote. but they're going to try and make some changes first. back in a minute.


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