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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  December 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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law setting up a dispute expected to land in the supreme court. good evening. i'm lesli foster. that hit unfrees obama's health care reform law comes by way of a federal judge in virginia. u.s. district judge henry hudson ruled the law is unconstitutional. ken molestinna is live with more. fill us in. >> reporter: that is the very foundation that would require all americans to buy health insurance. the judge hudson is rejecting it, making him the first judge to strike down a key part of this law. the u.s. government lost this latest round in the fight that would force americans to buy health insurance under the commerce clause. instead henry hudson cited with the virginia attorney generally ken cuccinelli. he wrote. >> the limits of the essential coverage provision would invite
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unbridled exercise of federal police powers. >> reporter: it was cuccinelli who filed the lawsuit. in a statement following the rule, cuccinelli said it will create an unwanted slippery soap. >> it will give us the requirement to buy other things, cars, asparagus. the government's intrusion on our live for the greater good for the stable purpose will be virtually unlimited. >> because it won't go into effect until 2014, the judge didn't stop it from moving forward. >> our belief is that the health care act is -- will go forward and that it is constitutional, that it improves people's lives and particularly this is the basis, as i said, of the provision that allows us to finally address the lingering discrimination against those who have a pre-existing condition. >> reporter: now again the
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provisions aren't set to go into effect until 2014. a white house official made it clear tat ruling is being reviewed. one thing both sides agree on is that this battle will without a doubt end up in the supreme court. >> and let me take a chance to welcome you on your first day here at channel 9. >> thank you. well legislation designed to avert a january tax increase is gaining momentum in the senate. the measure gained 60 votes today, the level needed to advance toward a final vote. the bipartisan show of support is a strong indication the legislation will head and -- rather pass ahead to the house of representatives. that could happen as early as tomorrow. bill provides a two-year -- reprieve in taxes set to come up in january on all income levels. on 66 you don't expect a demolition derby. a driver of a shuttle van went on a hit-and-run spree on
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westbound 66 and the driver is under arrest. mohammed teschale of alexandria. witnesses say he was going perhaps as high as 90 miles per hour, crashing into almost anything in its way. he hit six vehicles and sent two people to the hospital. a woman and her 1-year-old daughter. no word tonight on their injuries. a group of d.c. business leaders and college presidents today pledged to help the district's next mayor get city residents prepared for new job opportunities. vincent gray heard employers say they can't find enough qualified d.c. workers to hire. while 700,000 jobs exist in the district, only 30% of the jobs are held by d.c. residents. >> i think there is a mismatch between the training encouraged by the government and those jobs that exist. and that's a rapidly-evolving process. but we need a system in which we are constantly in touch with what is coming, what is next. >> there is no lack of
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commitment from the business community or from the employer community to helping. and i think what the mayor- elect got was some promises to partner. >> business leaders, the college presidents there and elected leader as agree what is needed is more job training, they need to identify future jobs and match the jobs with the proper applicants. police in charlottesville say prosecutors there have no plans to pursue the death penalty against george haguely. he is accused of murdering 22- year-old yeardley love. she was his former love and uva classmate. friends who visited him say he appears to have lost 30 pounds over the last eight months. the washington scram inner -- examiner and say there is the growing consensus there will be a plea deal in the case. and now to a kidnapping of a virginia girl. police traveled to san francisco to question 32-year-
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old jeffrey scott easily. he's accused of abducting 12- year-old brittany may smith from her home. he's also a suspect in the death of smith's mother. >> now that she's been found and heading back to roanoke soon, the police department focus has shifted to the murder investigation. >> they were found panhandling outside of a san francisco safeway. a woman recognized them from a national television show and called police. the baltimore man accused of plotting to blow up a military recruitment center was ordered held without bond today. 21-year-old antonio martinez is a recent convert to islam. he's accused of plotting to bomb military recruiting office outside of baltimore. homeland security analysts say martinez is the latest example of home-grown terrorism inspired by videos like this one he posted on his face book page and by the preaching of
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u.s. clericsal waral locky. he waived his miranda rights after the arrest and told them he was a committed jihadist and in tended on attacking the u.s. until attacked or killed. and here you take president obama and add defending nba champion los angeles lakers and toss in kids from the boys and girls club and then have everybody put together care packages for wounded combat troops. this is how it all went down today at the boys and girls club on mississippi avenue in southeast d.c. >> i wish all of you guys great luck for the rest of the season. but especially i just want to thank you for being so generous with your time with these kids. >> the lakers also held a basketball clinic for the local kids, and yes, they did visit the white house. that is customary for -- teams that win the national title. still to come, new music from the late king of pop. we'll have more on michael jackson's new cd. plus -- shipping out.
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fedex officials say this could be the busiest day ever. those stories and more are coming up. topper? well with high temperatures in the 30s today, well yes and no. let's take you out with the almanac. technically the high was at 40 at midnight. temperatures fell all day. 48 and 32 are the averages. record high of 71. that sounds nice. record low of 11. we'll come back and talk about snow showers tonight, possibly some more on thursday and possibly a bigger storm on sunday.
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fedex said it expects today about be the busiest in company history. this is a huge day for shippers. the conveyers at the fedex
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plant in northeast d.c. will carry 86 packages every single second. >> this is the time of year that we minimize the vacation time, and it is generally accepted that the two weeks before christmas there aren't many opportunities for a break. >> with explosion devises in two cargo plane this is october it's been challenging for shippers. ups requires all customers to show a photo i.d. and fedex is not talking about its intense security measures. if you'll rely on the postal service there are deadlines you need to know to get the cards there on time. first class mail has to be sent by monday december 20th. priority mail sent by december 21st. and express mail will get your gift under the tree if you send them all by december 22nd. a new michael jackson cd is sure to be a hot holiday gift. the first posthumous record of never released jackson songs will be released tomorrow. the album is simply titled michael. it features a compilation of
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ten unfinished tracks by the king of pop, ones he left behind. workers at the best buy in manhattan are unloading boxes of the cd and will have them on store shelves tomorrow. still ahead on 9 news now, police searching for people trapped in cars by powerful snowstorms in the midwest. we'll tell you about that when we return. this is major noah captain cloud in italy, wishing our family in washington, d.c. happy holidays. we love you and miss you, ashton, adam, cloe, sophie and little nathan. we can't wait to see you.
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just about every jurisdiction in the country requires you to prove your residency to get access to certain social services. but should that apply to
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homeless people seeking shelter as winter poaches? the district is considering doing that just. >> i call myself a homeless, homeless advocate. >> reporter: eric sheprock is among the estimated 6500 homeless people in the district and for years he's been a voice and face for those invisible street people. >> the city has a moral obligation to care for anybody within the limits who is in need. >> reporter: the latest battle is being waged online through two of his blogs and social media. >> on twitter, i have 840 followers. facebook i had 4550 friends. >> reporter: and eric is enlisting all of them in an effort to stop the district from requiring proof of residency from anyone seeking access to a long-term homeless shelter. >> communities have tried to balance the budgets on the back of the homeless and been unsuccessful. >> reporter: and sometimes homeless people who cannot find
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shelter will camp out in the woods but when winter hits sometimes they are found frozen to death under bridges or rivers. >> a lot of tax dollars will get wasted on lawsuits if people freeze to death. >> reporter: d.c. council member tommy wells who introduced the measure said many homeless people from virginia and maryland flock to d.c. shelters overwhelming city resources. >> because we want to continue to provide this as a right to d.c. residences but we have to be responsible about it to the citizens and taxpayers. >> and no one is going to freeze to death because of this? >> absolutely not. >> armando trull, 9 news now. >> the council is expected to approve the measure on december 21st. some intense snow closed the minneapolis airport for the first time in 19 years. and more than a thousand flights at o'hare had to be canceled. people in the midwest are trying to dig out today while passengers struggle to get to their destinations. >> i might not get out of here
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until tuesday. >> driven by 50 mile-per-hour winds, the snow is making drive treacherous. police are searching for people trapped in their cars in indiana. six-weather related death have been reported. nothing like that around here but this morning's dusting of snow made challenging conditions in virginia. police responded to more than 150 wrecks and that includes this one in spotsylvania county. a car hit some ice and skidded into a tree. the driver walked away from the crash. it only takes a little bit to make those roads just dangerous. >> it does. and we may have snow showers tomorrow morning and we'll try to tell you where it will set up. with temperatures well below freezing, everything will stick. and the winds will be with us as well. let's start with wind gusts. very impressive. wind gusts 33 at national. 37 up in hagerstown. just about everyone is gusting over 25 miles per hour. highest wind gust was 45 at
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dulles today. 39 mile-per-hour wind gusts at national. what does that translate into? it translates into temperatures that are bone-chilling. 14 downtown and 10 is the temperature you feel. if go outside of gaithersburg. 11 in manassas and 17 down into fredericksberg. and 9 below zero for our friends in oakland. satellite picture, radar combined, there goes the storm and it will sit and spin for a while and will continue to produce its northwest winds and fire up the lake effect snow machine. so we're looking at winter storm warnings in effect west of the divide for garret county and tucker county until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. they've just been hammered out there. and with the winds, i do not recommend traveling across savage mountain. satellite radar, this caused the problems. we do have some snow showers and flurries rights now. some of it moving across down the river. and let me show you doppler
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9000 and you can access this on off to the north, a little bit of activity. and hugging the river, around poolesville and toward 23828 and luckitz. and near the side of leesberg. and down to the south, this is a heavier snow shower down into southern maryland, around baden, toward hunting town and dunkirk. and so this could cause problems even though it doesn't last more than 15 or 20 minutes but with temperatures in the teens and the winds blowing, it will cover the ground very, very quickly. let's go back to the computer. let's talk about the outside story. windy through wednesday. tonight's windchill 0 to 10 above. that's cold. blustery and cold on wednesday and thursday we could still see a light wintry mix developing just after the morning rush ends which is some good news. windchill advisory well to the west along i-81. windchills down to 5 below. but even in downtown we're talking about windchills from
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zero to 10 above tonight and early tomorrow. for tonight then, mostly cloudy, windy and very cold. flurry or snow shower. lows 16-24. and winds howling at 15-25 with higher gusts. tomorrow morning, windy and cold. still a chance of an early shower -- snow shower or flurry. windchills 0-15 and temperatures in the teens and 20s. by afternoon, partly sunny and more sun in the afternoon, windy and cold, windchills in the teens. highs only around 30. we won't crack the freezing mark. next three days we stay cold on wednesday, 34. cold on thursday at 36. there is the light mix rolling in thursday, late morning and early afternoon. next seven days, we get a break on friday and saturday but this is still cold. our average highs are still in the upper 40s. we'll keep that snowflake in on sunday. in fact it's right back in our wheel house again on sunday and sunday night and then cold again on monday with temperatures in the low 40s. so that's one we're going to -- it's the first one of the season we're going to watch
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carefully on sunday. >> this was a season that started with such promise. but now we're asking are we there yet? >> you mean the end? >> three weeks to go and then everybody gets their lives back. bad teams find a way to lose and the redskins found a brand new way. more fallout from the botched finish as one man puts the blame on his shoulders. plus breaking news in the last ten minutes. brett favre out in minnesota tonight. the streak is over. details in 9 sports coming up. ñúñú
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so when the redskins scored that touchdown to make it 17-16 with 9 seconds left and all they needed was an extra point to force overtime, admit it, you thought the redskins could find a way to screw this up and they didn't disappoint. having missed two field goals in the game, graham gano turned it into a keystone cops
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routine. and while mike shanahan said today that gano will not be cut, the players are still marveling at the way they've found to lose games. >> i've been a part of many years in the league, this day ranks at the top. >> it has been a disappointing season. i think what is most important is how you want to finish and be remembered. >> we did everything to tie it up and didn't and it's my fault. and that's just how it is. >> nice job by hunter smith with the accountability. now while we can't account for how all of the redskins feel about the habitual losing and underachievement, one player is taking it extremely personally. santana moss has lived through the misadvantages for six seasons now and last night after the game, moss unburdened himself emotionally with a heart-felt locker room sol illo key that left him near tears. >> throughout the games and
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years and weeks and throughout this year and when you are losing and don't have no say so of why, that's what hurts. and that's why i feel the way i feel, because i'm getting tired of it. i just feel we work too hard to come out here and bee mediocre on sunday. >> this is a class act for a long time. and the season is over for laron landy. placed on injury reserve. he was having a propole type season before getting hurt. and the collapse of the redskin this is year is just a metaphor. the vikings had an actual collapse yesterday. you probably have seen it, the roof of the metrodome caving in under 17 inches of snow, or as topper likes to call it heaven. the viking and giants will play tonight. and brett favre inactive for the game, his consecutive game streak ends at 297 and now london fletcher has the longest active consecutive game streak
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in the nfl at 205. he's tied with peyton manning. and james franklin is the front runner for the head coaching job at vanderbilt afa burn assistant gus malzone turned it down today. he is in line to replace ralph friedgen at maryland it's just friedgen isn't leaving any time soon. and you've seen our coverage of high school football. including our very successful campus correspondence program. more than 50 students from area high school have shot and uploaded highlights throughout the season and today at luncheon we nailed our gold medal correspondent of the year and it was anabel lee russell from westlake high school in waldorf, maryland. she shot game highlights and interviews and up loaded more than 150 clips during the season. and we were proud to give anabel a $5,000 scholarship. >> it's a huge honor just to be
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nominated for the top three. i put a lot of hard work into it. but to win it is a great feeling. >> congratulations to her and our three finalists. and if you can't tackle a guy, have one of your coaches tackle a guy. dolphins cornerback nolan carroll was running down the side line to cover a kick when their strength coach stuck his knee out there on the side line and tripped him. he tumbled to the turn and lay there. now he is awaiting discipline tonight. he did apologize to the dolphins and players and he said he literally lost his mind for a second. but in his defense he was a college player and he won all sorts of sportsmanship awards when he was a college player but apparently he forgot how to be a sportsman for a minute. >> that was definitely conduct unbecoming. >> we're going to be becoming
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very cold. >> snow showers tonight and don't panic and more snow on thursday. >> that's it for us. cbs news with katie couric is next. anita is in for derek at 7:00. we'll see you then.


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