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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  December 13, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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good evening. tonight in your only local news at 7:00, not my son. the mother of the baltimore bombing suspect finally speaks
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out and said the government is playing foul. plus the homeless dilemma. must have shelter to seek it. and out of control, a shuttle bus driver takes a wild ride and wreaks havoc on the highway. >> reporter: i'm lindsey mastis in arlington, a super shuttle bus driver is responsible for at least six hit-and-runs. >> he was clipping people on the way. >> reporter: the mayhem on the highway began at 9:24. police say a man hoe ham he had teschale was in a shuttle van on i-66, crashing into car after car. >> he was going nuts and trying to go up and make a third lane go right up the center of the two lanes here. >> reporter: police say they arrested the man at dulles airport at the main terminal. super shuttle said the man wasn't even op duty today. >> and it's a total surprise to us. >> reporter: he said all of the
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shuttle drivers recently passed a drug test, background check and a defensive driving course. i'm armando trull in the district where they are considering a law that homeless people can prove their residents before they can get benefit and that's got many up in arms. >> there is federal case law that says a person has the right to go to any jurisdiction in the country even for the purpose of getting better public services. >> reporter: if enacted d.c. homeless would have to prove residency to get access to long- term public shelters. >> we will in some high degree of certainty have a number of deaths associated with this measure. i'm scott broom in baltimore where the mother of an accused home grown terrorist said it's case of fbi entrapment. >> because i don't think this
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was him. tony is not a terrorist. >> reporter: earlier martinez's mother told us she tried to talk her son out of a conversion to islam. he was arrested after plotting to bomb this recruiting station outside of baltimore. he waived his miranda right after the arrest and told him he was a committed jihadist intent on attacking the u.s. until caught or killed. his public defender called it all entrapment, saying the governmenten duced him to be involve -- government induced him. >> and kelly mcphearson from our sister station wjz spoke with the people who pray add long side this terror suspect and said they tried to stop him. >> he needed counseling, i would say again and again, that kid needed counseling, not a jail. >> reporter: in this mosque in woodlawn is where martinez converted to islam. the people here say they tried
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to steer him away from his extremist views. >> he was asking about what is jihad and how do jihad and what to do? we told him the real jihad is to kill inside of you, like to go and pray, be good muslim. jihad is not to go and kill people who haven't done anything bad to you. >> reporter: mosque members taught martinez about islam but stopped showing up to prayers a few months ago. they don't know who else may have been influencing him and worry this one man will cast shadows over the entire peaceful religion. >> now you guys might think we have done that, but we haven't done that. he came to us and wanted to learn about islam but we didn't teach him what to do or not to do. >> i said again neither our religion or us are bad people or you can say extremist or these kind of things and we are
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very loving people. >> islam doesn't talk about that. to blow up something, i don't know where they get these ideas. >> mosque members say martinez was looking for acceptance and love when he came to them a year ago. if convicts of attempting to use weapons of mass destruction, he could be sentenced to life. the health care bill was struck down as a part of it unconstitutional. the obama administration is arguing a clause within the constitution allows for just that. but virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli claims this isn't so and he filed the lawsuit saying forcing americans to buy health insurance is beyond what the constitution allows. >> then we'll give the government the power to force
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us to buy other products, cars, gym members, asparagus. and the list goes on. and the government's power to intrude on our lives for our own good always for the stated noble purchase will be virtually unlimited. >> because the provision is not set to go into effect until 2014 the judge does not stop the rest of the law from moving forward. both side as agree the debate will end up before the supreme court. right now 12-year-old brittany smith is headed back home to roanoke, virginia. the alleged kidnap victim was found in the san francisco bay area on friday. she had been missing for -- for a week. she was found with 32-year-old jeffrey easily. the two were panhandling outside of a grocery store. easily in custody waiting extradition. he is the prime suspect in the murder of the mother. easily was her sometime live-in boyfriend. investigators were told she
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didn't know her mother was dead. >> she'll be home for christmas and to tell her mother goodbye. she'll help her mother rest in peace tonight. >> there is also speculation that the girl may have been involved in some sort of relationship with easily. let's get a quick check of our frigid forecast on this monday night. topper, where are the temperatures right now? >> they are just tanking. first thing i want to start with it live doppler 9 -- 9,000. we have snow showers up and down 270 and down into southern maryland. i want to zoom in. this is the heff jest snow shower in the last two and a half hours. this will whiten the ground and cause minor problems around there. we're looking at baden, this is state highway 384 and around malcolm and all of this activity is pushing off to the south and to the east that will head toward prince frederick and toward hunting town as well. and it will look impressive for a while but won't last that
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long. let's talk about temperatures because this is the other main story. it's 26 downtown. mainly in the 20s across the board. but you factor in the winds and it feels like it's 12 downtown. it feels like 6 in gaithersburg, feels like 7 up in frederick. and we'll come back and talk about snow in the next couple of days. and just ahead, the plan to put more people to work in d.c. but first what went wrong for the redskins yesterday? there is plenty of finger pointing and blame-taking. the story is after the break.
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welcome back. you can't blame redskins fans for starting to dread monday night football. and after yesterday's latest sorry showing, there is plenty of blame to spread around. greg tollin has more from redskins park. >> reporter: not only did the chance to force overtime slip
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through the redskin hands, so did any hopes of a winning season. >> this is just very disappointing because we worked hard all season. we've been all here since march. >> reporter: but not even nine months of practice could prepare the skins for a botched extra point to end the game. and the holder, hunter smith, reiterated today he's the one to blame. >> i did it because i dropped the ball and we should have tied the game and won it in overtime. >> reporter: forget the overtime, the redskins would have won if graham gano had not missed not one but two routine field goal attempts in the first half. second from just 24 yards out. >> i think i left with six points on the board. that's not acceptable. so i was very disappointed. >> reporter: but this won't be enough to cost gano his job. mike shanahan said he will work out kickers tomorrow but not for the reason you think. >> graham is hurting right now with his ribs. it's not because we want to replace graham. it's just because he's hurting. we still have a lot of confidence in him.
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even though he had a rough day. >> reporter: and even though teammates feel for gano and smith -- >> you hate to see anybody put in that type of situation. >> reporter: the offense knows that situation wouldn't have taken place if they could have scored in the first half. >> if we got to the end zone earlier in the game we don't have to worry about a tight situation. >> reporter: a few weeks ago they were 5-5 and still in the playoff chase but instead the redskins are trying to figure out how it went right. >> we have three games left. i think most important is how you want to finish and be remembered into the following season. >> reporter: at redskins park, greg tollin, 9 news now. >> now d.c. does have a winning football team to be proud of. the beacon house falcons have won the pop warner league superbowl in florida. we're talking junior pee wee division and they creamed the liberty city warriors of orlando 19-0. for more stories from where you live go to
7:12 pm find your community in the section called where you live and keep up with the latest stuff in your neighborhood. if you have a story or news tip of local interest and -- we want to hear that too. be part of our team at topper is back with your chilly seven-day forecast. are we looking at snow. and see what it takes to put a smash mob together.
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i'm tonya around in south america. i would like to say hello to my parents and my friends and family in maryland. flash mobs on you tube. you've seen one by now. they could be dapsing, raiding libraries, standing silent in a grocery store or singing christmas carols. brittany morehouse got a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make one happen right here in the district. >> reporter: ever see a bunch of pregnant women bust out and break dabs? or been in a grocery shore where shoppers break. or have your food court meal interrupted by a chorus? welcome to the flash mob rage where groups plot, plan and practice to catch people off guard. here is a look behind the scenes of how it all starts it
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just takes one idea. like the one from melanie spring and jason mccool. >> i was on the metro and bleak and i felt like i was being carted to a prison camp and i was like what can we do to show d.c. how to have fun? >> reporter: the answer was serenading metro riders with christmas carols. the show tunes and originals -- [ singing ] >> reporter: at first they started with a handful of people but after a face book invite -- >> we got 250 yeses and maybes. >> reporter: but mean stream media caught on. >> people were saying this isn't a flash mob any more. where are you telling everybody about it. >> reporter: so they replan not once, but twice. so why can't it be as easy as these mobs. >> they are a group, a theater company. and we're not. >> we just want to have fun. >> we don't want to sell anything. >> we're just trying to have
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fun. >> reporter: too be continued, if they really did. brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> [ singing ] >> so as you heard, the plan to sing on metro was derailed when there were too many reports spread online and they spread the word at dupont circle tonight instead. tonight at 11:00 brittany will show us how it turns out. vincent gray is asking businesses to help put city residents to work. business owners, college presidents and nonprofit execs met today for a summit on district's unemployment. >> we could focus some of the educational efforts preparing district residents for the kind of jobs that actually exist. >> i think the mayor is committed to bringing the universities together with the employers to figure out what kind of education and training is really necessary to get people back to work. >> we need a system in which we are constantly in touch with
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what is coming, what is next. we've talked about green jobs. >> part of the problem, mayor elect gray said, 70% of the jobs in the district are held by nonresidents. remember jack abram y? he is free and on -- on probation. he was released in june and on home confinement until june and worked at a baltimore pizzeria. he served part of his sentence. michelle rhee has had two feature add appearances on oprah and today she's speaking in denver on education reform. she stepped down from d.c. schools in october after three years on the job. hundreds of principals and teachers were fired. she now heads a group called student first that aims to raise a billion dollars for reform. there are indication that some house democrats are warming slightly to the tax cut
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deal president obama struck with the republicans. >> i have said repeatedly and what the president has said and what president clinton said, is that i think the president believes and i believe that increasing the tax load on working americans at this point in time, on january 1st, would not be helpful to continue to grow the economy. as a result, we don't want to see that happen. >> the measure won overwhelming support in a accept at test vote this afternoon and the senators are said to hold the actual vote later in week. no matter what congress decides, a virginia guy will pay some serious taxes but i don't think he'll mind. jill spilline has won the redskins legacy scratchoff game. a ceremony took place at redskins park in ashburn. he said he buys lottery tickets op -- on a regular basis and
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this one hit the big time. >> on that night i scratched it the way i always do and when i saw the million, i had to look at it two or three times but it was there and then i just went out to my car and called my wife. >> 7 years ago he won $250,000 in another virginia lottery scratchoff. he considers himself one lucky man. >> you know what he can do? well when you win, you can deduct from your taxes the other ones that didn't win. all of the other tickets you bought. >> who knew? okay, so cold. >> i'm glad someone was a winner too, by the way. the temperatures feel like the single-digits already. >> it's so cold. >> and we talked about this last week. it doesn't matter which way the storm went, this is the coldest air of the season and it's here to stay for a while. the wind gusts still gusting to 30 miles per hour downtown. 36 up in gaithersburg. a 40 mile-per-hour wind gust in hagerstown. and they aren't going to die down any time soon and they are
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driving windchills to crazy low levels. it feels like 5 above in gaithersburg. feeling like 12 downtown and feeling like 5 above in cambridge and 11 below in oakland. satellite picture, radar combined. a storm pushing into the rockies as we get into tuesday and wednesday. and we'll deal with that storm on thursday. that's not going to be a big storm. we're getting rid of the big storm over the weekend that will kind of sit and still produce west northwesterly winds. that means lake effect snow will continue all the way down to the smoky mountains of tennessee. we'll zoom in and you can see snow that went in between fredericksberg this morning. that caused the problems south of d.c. for the morning commute. doesn't take much to cause problems by any means. we'll zoom in more and seeing a lot of snow showers out to the west and in fact west of the divide there is still a winter storm warning until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. let's look at live doppler 9000
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and we'll pinpoint some showers. they are picking up in intensity. everything on the maryland side will go up north first. and you can access this on our website at we even have a little zone map for you depending on where you live in relation to town. on 270, flakes flying from rockville to gaithersburg and on up. it will look impressive for five to ten minutes. and down to the south and east, these are the heaviest. we showed you these at the top of the snow. that will day down a dusting certainly in parts of calvert county and maybe over toward st. mary's county as well, toward hunting town and plum point. back to the computer we go. here is the deal, windy through wednesday. tonight's windchills 0 to 10 above and that is in the immediate metro area. blustery and cold tomorrow. wednesday still cold and thursday the storm in the rockies could produce a light
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wintry mix here. and along winchester and i-81 there is windchills 5 degrees below zero or lower. nothing in the immediate metro area but still finding windchills in the single- digits. that's low enough for me. tonight mostly cloudy and very cold, windy, flurry or snow shower possible. 16-24, winds west northwest at 15-25 and gusting. tomorrow morning we could still see a flurry or snow shower in the morning. mr. bernstein will be here at 4:25. windchills 0-15 and temperatures themself only in the teens and 20s. does not warm up. by the afternoon brighter but windy and cold. highs only around 30. windchills still in the teens. next three days, it stays cold on wednesday and dry. 34 and 36 on wednesday. there is the chance for light snow or mix. and next seven days, get a break on friday and saturday. we're still in the low 40s. watching what could become a coastal storm on sunday and that should set some bells off in your head. upper 30s on sunday. we'll watch this carefully. and then by monday, partly cloudy and temperatures chilly for this time of year.
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temperatures in the low 40s. and again we talked about winter getting a quick start and it has and probably will through christmas. >> and toy drive 9 still going on. we need toys for kids, all ages. a new unwrapped toy at local fire stations, please help us out. we'll be right back.
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that's what is on cbs tonight. in the morning get ready for the traffic and weather at 4:25 and as always is always on. we have breaking news to talk about. a mother and child have been struck by a vehicle that is at the intersection of veirs mill and atlantic in rockville. at this point we don't have a word on their condition nor if the driver stopped. but again, this is in rockville. a pedestrian accident, look for more tonight on 9 news now at 11:00. and that's our report here tonight at 7:00. i'm anita brikman and i'll see you right back here at 11:00.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> william and kate, the official engagement photos. >> kate's off the rack blouse. william wearing a sweater. the story behind their royal engagement photo shoot. >> then, the funeral for elizabeth edwards. >> mom, i really, really love you. >> her oldest daughter's eulogy. her estranged husband with the two youngest. and how elizabeth really felt about the cheating scandal. >> sandra bullock in santa barbara with laborly louie in celeb wit gps. >> plus natalie portman's photo shoot for "vogue."


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