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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 14, 2010 1:35am-2:05am EST

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craig: mountain? >> 11:00. craig: i think you're going adorable. i think it's going to go from early show to sitcom. >> it's the next logical step. craig: before you share a house after season two, somebody pairs up with somebody else. be awesome. >> a reality show. >> and they would swap. craig: i like you. >> she's always has the good ideas. craig: all right. i've got mine picked out. [laughter] craig: well, that's it, we're done here. when do you start your snow >> january 23rd. craig: and what you going do until then? >> nothing. >> i'm going to need time to recover. i was in the other room with secretariat. craig: if you go in with the back end of secretariat, you come out feeling like a very
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insecure man. [laughter] craig: oh, we've got to go. say good night and the new "early show" team. they'll be starting january 3? >> yes. craig: january 3, everybody. we'll see you. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? with cinnabon cinnamon have such a sweet and delicious aroma that my family can't wait to get their hands on them.
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enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. . this is 9news now. if you think it's cold out there tonight, wait until tomorrow. dangerous wind chills await morning commuters and the kids at the bus stop. here is topper shutt. >> we're talking about wind chills in the single digits and just barely above zero tomorrow
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morning. let's start with the computer. we'll talk about wind gusts. still gusting in excess of 20 miles an hour just about everywhere with a 32-mile an hour wind gust up into hagerstown. it feels like five in gaithersburg. it feels like 12 downtown and only two up in hagerstown. of course you jump the divide there and you feel like it's 15 below and that's a whole other world. winter storm warnings still in effect there. overnight mostly cloud, windy and cold. winds northwest and west at 15-25 and gusty. let me show you live doppler. we have more areas of snow showers developing. right along the river we've seen this much of the night. these can lay down a dusting and make the roads very, very slippery. keep that in mind. if we see this tomorrow morning much like today, we're going to see some potential for slick roads. right now some pretty good snow is going on in western montgomery county and right along the river not quite to urbana. and, again, that will lay down a
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dusting. the wakeup weather looks like this, teens and 20s. chance of snow flurries. it does not get much warmer. we'll come back and talk about potential for snow on thursday and maybe a bigger storm on sunday. anita, back too you. >> all right, topper. right now a grandmother and her grandchild are recovering after a car hit the pair near a busy intersection. the accident happened in rockville just two miles down the road where another car hit someone minutes earlier. andrea mccarren is live with the latest. andrea, what happened. >> reporter: anita, we now know that both the grandmother and grandchild survived with non-life-threatening injuries. they're both hospitalized as police try to unravel what happened here. >> it's my mother. my baby. my baby. >> reporter: an understandably distraught won to the crash scene immediately recognizing her mother's shoe lying in the road. nearby, her child's battered
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stroller along with apparent skidmarks from the car that tried to stop but couldn't. >> a gentleman said he heard a lady screaming you hit my kid. >> it's dangerous. the drivers need to watch out. >> reporter: some residents say even in the crosswalk getting from one side of six lanes to the other is dangerous. >> cars rush and try to get through the light before we do and almost hit us and a couple times i was close to getting hit. >> these cars try to make a left turn before pedestrians get a chance to cross all the way. they will turn right into you. you have last minute red light runners all of the time. this intersection is really bad up here. really bad. >> reporter: just two miles from this scene, another pedestrian was hit by a car. he suffered life-threatening injuries. the walk signal at this crosswalk seems unusually fast. we tried to get across the
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street at a quick pace and ended up running just to get past the last two lanes of traffic. reporting live from rockville, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> okay, andrea. thank you. new at 11:00, a long time person in u.s. diplomacy has died. richard holbrooke died. he wrote part of the pentagon papers and was the architect of the 1995 bosnia peace plan. the diplomat known as the bulldozer or raging bull holbrooke was admitted to george washington hospital university on friday after falling ill. president obama's health care reform bill hits a wall after a federal judge rules part of it unconstitutional. henry hudson sided with the district attorney striking down a provision within the affordable care act that would force americans to buy some kind of health insurance. white house officials claimed the clause in the constitution
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allows the move but he says he's happy with the judges ruling. >> the problem with health care cost is not that there isn't enough government involvement, it's that there is too much government involvement. it's time we took the power out of the hands of politicians and government and put it back in the hands of citizens across america. >> hudson is the first federal judge to strike down the provision. it isn't scheduled to go into effect until 2014, so he chose not to block it since both sides agree. the battle will play out before the u.s. supreme court. in the meantime, the senate could street on the tax deal as early as tomorrow. the senate voted late today to move forward with debate on the bill. it faces a tougher fight in the house where democrats have said they're not happy with the deal. if passed, it will extend tax cuts for all americans for two more years. democrats wanted cuts for the wealthiest to expire at the new year. he did it to be famous. that's what the driver of an
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airport shuttle van has reportedly told police. sky9 caught the van being towed away after he turned i66 into a demolition derby of sorts crashing into one car after another. under arrest tonight is muhammad teshale of alexandria. he hit at least six weeks while speeding 90 miles an hour this morning in a supershuttle van. >> the guy was going nuts and trying to go up and make a third lane go right up the center of the two lanes here. >> we're told no one was seriously hurt in the crashes but a mother and 1-year-old daughter were taken to the hospital. a mother of a terrorist suspect says her son is a victim of fbi entrapment. >> i just don't think this was him. tony is not a terrorist. he's not a terrorist. i don't care what the report says. >> antonio martinez is in jail tonight accused of trying to blow up a military recruiting
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station near baltimore and attempting to trigger a dummy car bomb supplied by undercover agents. he admitted he was a jihadist intent on attacking the u.s.. they called it entrapment saying the government induced him to be involved in an act that is clearly the design of the government. tonight many unanswered questions after a teenager took a group of kids hostage in france using a sword. police say the 17-year-old barged into the school and headed straight for a classroom of pre-schoolers. during this nightmare, terrified parents huddled outside waiting to see if their children were safe. the teen allowed most of the kids to leave but kept five students and a teacher. officials eventually snuck into the school and took him down freeing the rest of the hostages. the teenager suffers from depression. he asked police for a gun during the standoff so he could kill
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himself. are you ready for a 500-year-old mystery using supermagnification. a producer says he has found hidden images in the eyes of mona lisa. >> reporter: it's been the smile that man kind has written and sung about since about 1509, tricky guy. >> there isn't any smile we all know about, and that turns out to be an illusion. you look directly at the mouth, the smile disappears. if you look five degrees or so and comes back, the smile will come back. >> reporter: the mysterious da vin sh davinci remains mysterious. now a tv producer claims that
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supermagnification letters are seen hiding in the mona lisa's eyes. the canvas is old. >> i think they're just scratches, frankly. and at 54 when he painted that painting, i don't think he could have seen well enough to make any symbols in there. ♪ do you smile to tempt a lover ♪ >> reporter: the imagination she has sparked over time. >> in a sense when you look at the mona lisa what it's saying to you is there is more to me than you'll ever figure out. >> reporter: he is not the only skeptical scholar. one wrote earlier today that instead of lv, the hidden letters might as well be bs. look quickly and you can see anita trying to suppress her own smile. >> gary nurenberg. thank you. a town crumbling cross ways. the shocking truth about some bridges in our area. plus in the line of duty, a
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police officer's brush with death. and we show you how flash mobs get organized. see it all come together coming up.
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how safe are the bridges on your drive? after decades of deadly bridge collapses, congress told the states years ago start keeping a report card on bridge safety. scores of spans in our region came up structurally deficient. bruce leshan explains what that means. >> reporter: it doesn't mean the bridge is unsafe, but it does mean inspectors need to keep a closer eye on it.
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>> if you look up there, you can see signs of concrete deterioration, patchwork, some if you have falling off the bridge. >> reporter: the concrete chunks actually fell off the road in arlington a few years ago right on to route 50 below leaving spots in the bridge where you can see right through. vdot has the cash to fix the road but not washington road near the boulevard nor 30 other deficient roads and 250 bridges that are just one step better. >> estimates for repair are 350 million. >> reporter: if the commute takes you on maryland roads, there are 14 bridges that are structurally obsolete, including this one coming up right now at 495 and university boulevard. the state says it is in the
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process of fixing all of them. the biggest bad bridge in dc may be the frederick douglas south capitol by the new stadium. >> if one of those joints fail, we would have had a could cass to tree catastrophe. >> reporter: if either of the joints fail, south capitol will collapse into the river. engineers say any node a whole lot of money to -- need a whole lot of money to replace it. >> this is about a billion dollars. >> reporter: a billion dollars? >> a whole lot of money to replace the bridge. >> reporter: experts say bridges are a lot like cars. ignore them and you end up with huge bills. but we all know what can happen if you fail to keep up. bruce leshan, 9news now. >> national transportation
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association estimates one in four bridges need fixed. it's far from clear that we're keeping up. it is amazing the punishment the human body can sometimes take. watch what happens here. a car slams into another car sitting on the shoulder of a highway ramp. a police officer and a stranded driver get pinned between that second car and the wall. a third person comes within inches of getting caught as well in the crash. all of this unfolding in cincinnati and you're looking at it from video of the officer's dashboard camera. the good news, the police officer suffered only minor injuries and the other man is said to be doing okay. much more pleasant video here. check out the jingle bells that santa has and the beards on these folks. a run in frigid temperatures. dozens of men and women racing through downtown toronto wearing
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red speed owes -- speedos and swimsuits. they raised thousands of dollars for the children's hospital there. okay. now, a lesson in social media. what can help you can also hurt you. a group of flash mob organizers learned that this week. they wanted to sing christmas carols so they used facebook and twitter to put the word out but the following publicity almost ruined the whole thing. brittany morehouse showed us how they tried to salvage the event. ♪ rise in dc >> reporter: when you spot the carrollers providing metro riders. ♪ a holiday song of the city ♪ >> reporter: at least that's what it was when preparing for a flash mob. now the mob is decked down from 200 to 20. and the same tweets almost led to its ruin. >> it could have blew up. we really had to kind of keep a
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lid on it. we drafted the plan. >> reporter: but determined, a core group met at the circle. >> ♪ rudolf with your nose so bright ♪ >> reporter: going down and up ♪ my true love gave to me ♪ >> reporter: singing on the ground and on the platform, on the train and then belting out their tunes at union station. ♪ music playing >> reporter: the first appearance some say this is no flash mob. >> flash mob. >> it has to be spontaneous. it has to be a large group. >> whatever size and scale it takes it's great. >> it makes people happy. >> reporter: so let's ask. >> do you like it? >> i like it. yes, it's fun. >> who doesn't love christmas music unless you're painted green and look like the grinch. >> reporter: he likes it.
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so without those few other people, probably can't call it a flash mob. organizers say it was a success. you heard from riders. simply put, they spread cheer on metro and it was monday. >> you need a little bit of cheer. >> you sure do. >> sure do. >> and what a great way to do it. see all of the toys down there. let's talk about it, toy drive nine. >> it runs through december 22nd. all you have to do is drop off new toys at area fire departments. >> they really need them. >> they need 0-3. >> and pre-teen. >> they're behind this year as opposed to years past. >> okay. >> let's go. >> let's go. >> let's step up. let's step up to the plate for some wind chills. unbelievable. let's start with the satellite pictures. what is going on right now. notice a little streak of snow coming right down the river. a pretty good little streak of snow really. a lot of the activity is being held up in the mountains, but this little activity has developed in the past hour or so. let me show you live doppler 9000. you can always access this on our website at
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this is going to lay down a dusting and it may look pretty impressive for a while and it's going to cause a few minor problems tomorrow morning. howard gets in at 4:25 and he'll give you the skinny on where the roads are bad. look at this. either side of the river a little patch of snow. and, again, it will lay down a dusting because temperatures are well below freezing. we'll move further south and a good little patch just north of potomac on river road. just a little past. and then in potomac and all the way down into mclean and just about into northwest. so don't be surprised if you see some snow showers tomorrow morning, even into the early afternoon and then we'll begin to clear out. let's go back to the computer and talk about the coldest air so far. we mentioned that last week. tuesday wind chills are going to hold in the teens. that is during the peek heating of the day. all right. wednesday dry and still cold. not quite as windy. and then thursday light snow is possible. that's not a huge storm but, still, we'll keep you posted. it could cause you problems for
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the evening compute on tuesday. here is a look at the future cast. by tomorrow you see a lot of the district, prince george's county with a little bit of snow shower activity and then we'll put this into motion. by 6:00 we clear out and we're in pretty good shape. the mountains snow continue. winter storms continue until 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. overnight then mostly cloudy, windy, very cold. a flurry or snow shower possible. lows 16-24. tomorrow morning windy and cold. got to keep the chance of a flurry or snow showers in. winds still gusting over 24 miles an hour. so bundle the kids up. bring the pets in tonight. partly sunny, windy and cold in the afternoon. wind chills still hold in the teens with high temperatures only around 30. winds west, northwest at about 15-25 and gusty. next three days, windy on wednesday. temperatures in the mid 30s. mid 30s on thursday. got the snowflake in.
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that is that weak little system. the next seven days, we get a break on friday and a break on saturday. we're in the low 40s. that's still seasonably cold. we're going to watch a coastal storm. it's been on the maps now for about five days. it's kind of evolving as to where the track is going to be. but any time we have a coastal storm, we're going to watch it. temperatures in the upper 30s. then we're looking at low 40s on monday behind the storm and it's too early to say but any time we have a coastal storm we keep a very close eye on that. >> absolutely. monday night football, no brett favre. >> the first time since september of 1992 that there has been a game. >> wow. >> and you were already 40. perhaps brett thought he would play forever but tonight the streak and perhaps his career came to an end. we'll show you. plus the skins still searching for answers after yesterday's last minute breakdown. and the opposing player who
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askedv@ ñúñúxx
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[louder drums] ♪ [ominous] [engine roaring and tires rolling through sand] [drums] [door opens] click [footsteps on sandy gravel] [door closes] slam ♪ [upbeat] [people cheering] "hey, welcome home" to the men and women of the united states armed forces, the uso is home. the uso depends on the generosity of the american people, people just like you. to find out how you can help, visit us at uso dot org. the uso. until every one comes home.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> in minnesota, they were saying even god, the brett favre fan, that's why he dumped all of the snow in the metrodome so brett could have an extra day to heal his shoulder. unfortunately a day is not enough. favre inactive tonight as the vikings play the new york giants and thus ends his consecutive streak of 297 starts, the longest ever, the redskins now have the longest streak at 205. as for the game tonight played in detroit, jackson getting the start in place of favre. how is this for a start for him? first quarter he trips peterson. they both got hurt. so they would both return. not that it would matter. eli manning through the double
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coverage. bradshaw had over 100 yards rushing. giants take the vikings 21-3. down a level, maryland offensive coordinator james franklin is said to be the front runner for the coaching job. this after gus malzon turned the job down. it doesn't seem frig is leaving. all right. remember last year's redskins with jim zorn being in over his head and the whole lewis play calling debacle and the rest of the chaos? that team was 4-9. this year's team is just one win better. a day after their latest misadventures that saw the redskins kicking unit, they saw a sure chance at overtime into a keystone's cops routine. fans and players were marvelling over the new ways the team has found to lose games. >> i have been a part of a lot
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of them in all my years in this league. yesterday ranks at the top. >> it doesn't come down to one game, even though it appears it could. everybody has to make plays. >> it has been a disappointing season. here we are now with three games left. i think the most important thing is how do you want to finish and be remembered. >> the season is over for landry placed on injury today. before the injury, 85 tackles in just nine games. well, for the last four months you have seen our coverage of high school football here on 9 sports, including our very successful campus correspondent program. more than 60 students have shot and up loaded highlights throughout the football season and today we named our gold medal correspondent of the year and it was that lady anna bell lee russell. she shot game highlights and interviews and up loaded more than 150 clips during the
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season. and we were proud to give anna bell a $5,000 scholarship. well done. finally tonight, it is not unusual to see an nfl player to get asked for an autograph at the end of the game, but not by another player. last night in dallas, cowboys running back teshard choice went up to michael vick after the game and asked him to sign his glove. he said it was for his 2-year-old nephew who was a big fan, but i wonder how true that is and if, perhaps, he wanted a little memorabilia for his basement. >> two years old? >> wait a minute. >>. >> right. >> you can't get whipped up by a guy like michael vick did last night and ask for his autograph. >> bad. two yea


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