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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  December 14, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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wind only gusting at 1.4 miles an hour. >> the howling wind sent a straight to the ben. >> to the bone. >> reporter: we clocked the wind gusting at 10 miles per hour. the windchill about 14 degrees. but the deepfreeze was not too much for jay freeze to handle. >> how appropriate. >> reporter: but you can say he got it easy driving from site to site while crews work in a virtual wind tunnel. >> that's got to be rough. >> reporter: we started shooting this cold weather story at 11:30 a.m., wearing my shades for protection. i thought i would be warm enough but half an hour in i
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wasn't good enough. i needed to do a wardrobe change. i'm stuck with green fuzzy gloves. they are warm. it is time to upgrade the hat and scarf combo to my full on winter gear. so here comes the big boys because it is really cold outside. so it is 2:00 p.m. and even though i have my ski socks on, i'm still way too cold. i've got to wear this. >> reporter: in downtown fairfax folks were running err ban err --er and -- errands. 25 degrees still cold. really surviving this cold, surviving this wind. all about layering from head-
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to-toe. i still have the big boots and ski socks. it was a cold day but you bundle up you can do it. >> you stopped by a christmas tree lot. did they have business on a cold day like this? >> they were shuttered inside the trailer. the wind may cost them some money. we will have their part of the story at 6:00 p.m. national weather service closed the washington monument today due to the high winds. officials say sustained winds of more than 35 miles an hour can be a safety hazard for visitors waiting to get inside. delayv for air travelers throughout the day delays from the local airports to laguardia and newark were up to 50 minutes. best advice is always check with your airline before you head out to the airport. overnight dusting of snow caused early morning problems on the beltway. a car spun out and hit a
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guardrail. another car spun out on the inner loop near colesville road. >> they are not real bad as long as people drive considering you've got snow on the ground and it is freezing cold. so any snow build up is going to be icy. but i mean it is not unpassable. i have driven in a whole lot worse. a light layer of snow covered many cars and side streets for our early morning commute. montgomery county unveiled a new online tool today that allows snowbound residents to track the progress of county plows coming out to dig them out and since we had a little snow today scott broom is live with the news. >> right here on my laptop. what was the worst thing last year about being snowed in you didn't know when the plow was coming in. the county could give you the answer you wanted. this is supposed to be the
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solution. an interactive map. unveiled it today. here i am in alany and this road, spartan road, it was salted this morning. well, there is spartan road right behind you. we put the map to the test and sure enough you can see the white powder on the road. so the map today is telling the truth. >> that's idea behind the county's new online snowplow mapping system. so now imagine last season's snowmagedon, hundreds of thousands snowbound, next time you can at least turn to your computer to see how much progress plows have made on or near your street. here is how the transportation department explains it. >> if you are sitting home in a cul-de-sac and you are trying to make an informed decision of whether you should go to the airport or head to new york city you can now look at our map at the progress we are going to show. >> reporter: to hear county officials tell it, this is a
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great leap forward. no, it does not mean you will get plowed out any sooner nor will it tell you when one of the 400 plows is going to come rescue you, but at least you'll know where the nearest plowed street is without venturing outside. you can type in your own address to start and the map features a key telling you if a particular street is clear, plowing is in pro or street is unmatched. bus stops mapped and metro stations and a link to any one of the county's any 200 traffic cameras, something that mike legett does. >> reporter: here are reflections on last season's weather. >> we hope it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: but there is no accounting for whether that will happen or not. the next step i guess is to get this new map as an application
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for my blackberry. if you want to see this map and play with it if you live in montgomery county then go to your street and see how it maps and see how it tells you whether or not the salt truck came today. go to our website, click on this story and i've got the link up for you tonight. reporting live, scott broom, 9 news. >> thank you, scott for that report. some area school systems canceled or delayed classes due to this morning's icy conditions. for a complete list of closings the next time winter weather strikes you can click on 9 news now. weekdays 4:25 a.m. in the morning. an army doctor facing up to 18 months in prison tonight for disobeying orders to deploy to afghanistan. he pleaded guilty to one charge. he refused to deploy until president bush produced a birth certificate proving he was born in the u.s. the judge ruled
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president obama's birth certificate is not related to the case. 24-year-old jamal alexis was convicted in october of shooting beitz. investigators continue to sift through the remains of a townhouse fire. the home's interior was so badly burned officials aren't sure if there was a working smoke detector or not. neighbors say an elderly coupled lived at the home and their three grandkids were frequent visitors. three more houses burned as well. one man in the hospital from a senior center. a third story of a five-story
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building on franklin avenue north east. the victim suffered smoke inhalation and that fire cause is also being investigated. dc mayor-elect has not said who will be school chancellor when he takes office next month but interim chancellor is indicated to be the new chancellor. >> she has made so many right decisions and moved very quickly. >> reporter: henderson will soon be elected to replace the chancellor. it is a process we have to go through. >> reporter: the process took
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place today where the plan is being unveiled. >> sends a tremendous message to our students and families when we are able to send them to buildings that befit it. >> reporter: the mayor-elect had this to say about the current school which will eventually be demolished. >> this open spaced concept was a theory of the time and really is a failed policy. >> reporter: all other school projects not yet approved could be in jeopardy says grey. right now five dc high schools have not had their projects approved which means they may not be done. those five schools. >> there will be some schools, some communities that won't see the change? >> i don't know that that is the case. i certainly would like to keep
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the momentum going. >> that was allen lu currently if charge of school construction but he will get a big promotion to city administrator when gray takes office in january. breaking news from arlington where a local man is charged with going on facebook and threatening to bomb dc's metro station. gary neurenberg has the story on what led up to this arrest. >> reporter: we are on 11th street south in arlington dealing with a young man. he is known as sunny here on the street. the fbi alleges this case started about november 28th when a facebook friend of the accused contacted the fbi in new orleans to alert them to postings that the man had made on his facebook page threatening to use pipe bombs to blowup metro cars 3 an 5 he specified and by putting pipe bombs in the sewer system in
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georgetown and blowing them up during rush hour according to the fbi affidavit filed in support of the search want in his home and his arrest. the facebook friend said he said "you couldn't do that" and he allegedly replied "quote me". at one point he learned or believed that his facebook friend had turned him into the fbi and in a face book exchange that she recorded on a cell phone camera made this threat allegedly according to the fbi affidavit saying to his friends "you are sticking your nose where it doesn't belong into something bigger than you and i. that is the problem with americans they can't leave well enough alone until something happens. then they sit there wondering why we dropped the trade towers like a bad habit hahaha. i'm telling you right now you are going to regret doing what
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you did. i hope what i am hearing is all lies. those are the threats. the threat made to that alleged informant, the threat to blowup metro and georgetown with pipe bombs that led to his arrest on make those threats over telecommunications devices. he was arrested last week and will be in court next week. here on street no neighbors wanted to talk but all of them, anita, expressed shock. >> all on facebook? >> indeed. >> all right. gary neurenberg. >> social media. >> social media has become a big tool for law enforcement. >> gary neurenberg, thank you. still ahead. numbers from a new study about teenagers and when they are starting to smoke pot. topper? >> windchills in the single digits. we will come back and talk about not one but two chances for snow in the next seven days. granted bail in britain. but he will remain locked up while prosecutors appeal.
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>> we would like too wish a happy holiday to aunt nina in washington, dc. >> happy holidays. we love you. overseas a fire in a bangladesh garment factory killed at least 25 people. 100 more were injure. some of them severely burned. others were hurt in a stampede as people tried to escape. the fire broke out on the ninth
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floor. marching to parliament after theprime minister barely survived a no confidence vote. officers responded by firing tear gas into crowds. demonstrators are upset overbudget cuts to education and other social services programs. another big story today. a british judge granded bail to julliaiaian assang he were. >> reporter: supporters rallied outside a london courtroom as a judge granted him bail. the 39-year-old australian spent a week in jail on swedish sex abuse charges. but two hours later swedish prosecutors asked the judge to deny bails because the charges are so serious. assange will stay behind bars until the british high court hears the appeal which must happen by thursday. >> they clearly will not spare
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any expense but to keep mr. assange in jail. >> reporter: the judge set bail at $310,000. a number of celebrity supporters offered to put up the cash including film director michael moore. he will face strict conditions if released. >> free him now. >> reporter: supporters accuse the u.s. of pressing sweden to extradite assange from britain making it easier for america to take action against the wikileaks behavior. >> we think he is being penalized about what he has told about government secret. >> reporter: and his arrest has boosted his fame and popularity. time magazine have chosen him person of the year. after the hearing a police van brought assange back to the london prison where he will wait for the court's decision. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> his lawyers say he is being
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held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day and denied any access to the internet. there are compelling reasons to back up president obama's plan. u.s. senate is expected to pass the measure tonight or tomorrow but the plan faces its stiffest resistance in the house. many democrats believe it is simply too generous to the wealthy. former white house chief of staff took the stand today. the key question is whether he meets the eligibility requirements. his attorneys say he owns a house and pays property taxes an votes in chicago. hit hard by the deepfreeze
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in florida. the oranges have already taken a big hit. green bean and sweet corn fields trying to force enough warm air downward to keep frost from damaging tender crops but so far it has been too windy for the choppers to fly. a rescue effort is unway in southwestern ontario, canada, to reach hundreds of trapped doctors some stuck out there for more than 24 hours. the canadian government was forced to declare highway 402 a disaster area. military choppers are now working to get about 300 stranded people out of those snowed in vehicles. wow. >> the kind of cold that sticks to the bones. >> it is like january cold. we talk about this kind of freezing in january. >> it is december. a month ahead of schedule. >> will probably see a record in jacksonville tonight. >> i want to talk about the toys. >> i'm sorry, i can't help it. we have got to talk about the
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toys. >> soft spot in everybody's heart. >> toy drive 9. >> until the 22nd of december. drop them off at your local fire department and they will deliver them toys for tots. >> newborn, young, toddler,s, preteen. >> anything 0 to 3 and preteens. >> there you go. >> look at you. >> that's cold. only 7 in western maryland right now but this is up in buffalo. it is a dry snow and they have let's see saturday, fourth day of snow in buffalo and for them in december that's a lot. tonight, tomorrow, lake effect snow shutting off by late tonight. let's talk about windchills because that's the story. still gusting to 28 downtown. 32-mile-an-hour wind gusts in frederick. 33 miles per hour wind gusts in haggerstown. healthy winds until midnight then they will go down a little
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bit. feels like 11 outside. feels like 4 in gaithersburg. 7 in frederick. single digits in the burbs. not one but two chances for snow in the next seven days. wednesday still blustery and cold. thursday some light snow possible. and ironically a little better chance actually south of town and then legitimate snow storm possible over the weekend. saturday night into sunday. all right. tonight though, no snow showers tonight to worry about. partly cloudy windy and very cold. 22 downtown temp. winds 15 to 25 and gusty. 14 in gaithersburg the low. 16 in bowie. 17 in fairfax. 15 in sterling.
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14 in leesburg. and middleburg. and manassas. i saw kids at the bus stop with no hat on. it was sad. i know hats aren't cool but they are cool when the windchills are cold. by afternoon we might crack the freezing mark tomorrow. it will be close. partly cloudy. breezy, cold. high temps only in the low 30s. tops. 33 tomorrow t still windy. light snow on thursday. get a break on friday. just chilly. partly cloudy. low 40s. next seven days. move the timing up a little bit. now saturday clouds come in. some snow possible by saturday evening. then snow saturday night into sunday. coastal storm is possible. if it hugs the coast, we are in trouble. in the wake of the storm, it will be cold again on monday and tuesday. temperatures will pop out in the mid-30s. that also is almost like january but it is not.
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this is from gary foreman. he is flying to win chester at about 9000 feet. that's a pretty part of the country i think with the mountains. gary did a nice job. one hand on the wheel, one hand on the camera. that a boy. >> it is a viewpoint you don't always get. >> if you want to submit your best shots go to click on the weather tab. and then follow the instructions. we need a name and town. >> all right. >> sounds like a plan. up next from burgers to pizza and everything in between we have the latest list of the best dc has to offer.
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when it comes to the best cheap eats in washington, ben's chili bowl comes out smoking. as for some of the other categories people voted on.
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lucky bar best bar. willard best hotel. five guys voted best burgers. the best place to break up the lincoln memorial. really? for the complete list log on to our website and click on our water cooler stories. >> one more reason to go to ben's tonight. >> i guess so. back in dc after spending the weekends in his hometown of pittsburgh. washington arch bishop's first trip back home since being elevated by pope benedict at the vatican. he said his 18 years as bishop sponsored a love and respect. >> i have tremendous love for people in pittsburgh here across the bord not just the people of the catholic church but the people hi a chance to work with over all those years and i think part of it has to
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do with just having been around that long. >> he is a steelers fan. celebrated mass at a church where he grew up. coming up next. broken heartedded. mourning the death of a celebrated fashion designer found strangled in a swanky new york hotel. i'm bruce leshan. the story coming up.
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friends and family turn out to remember a fashion driver killed in a new york apartment. food and drug administration revisiting weather mercury in dental fillings can actually be dangerous. an update on the murder of the celebrity fashion designer. >> that's right. grief stricken friends and family today celebrated the life of the 33 year old who grew up right here in the mclean area. new at 5:30 p.m. bruce leshan talks to system of the mourners. >> reporter: on a cold blustery day outside a funeral home in vienna mourners gathered to
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remember a woman in the fashion design. >> she had a very bright future in front of her. it is just a terrible end. >> reporter: police arrested silvi's boyfriend of just five month and charged him with strangling her. staff at the important hotel found her dead half closed in an overflowing bathtub. nicholas foots is the son of academy award winning director and songwriter joseph brooks who is accused of multiple unrelated sexual assaults. my heart is so broken, my life is so destroyed that i cannot think. i cannot think. i want justice done. but nothing will bring back my baby girl. >> reporter: friends and family are focused now on a life that had been filled with joy.
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her mother remembers remarkable designs when silvi was just three years old. she went to school and university. she designed for mark jacobs and brought out her own line of swim wear. >> she was going to have a great career with the bathing suits. it was really had. >> reporter: police suspect brooks simply could not accept that silvi wanted to end their relationship. bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> silvi's mother will continue her work in her honor. holbrook died yesterday evening in washington after surgery. he was 69. a bulldozer in is such a powerful force that he could drag politicians, military leaders and even war lords to
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the negotiating table. president obama called him a true giant of american foreign policy. a young girl back with her family in virginia tonight. authorities say 12-year-old britney smith was abducted by her brother's boyfriend jeffrey easley. police found her in california. britney's father spoke out last night for the first time. >> it is the happiest day of my life was when my daughter was born. tonight has taken the number 1 spot. >> mr. smith would not comment about britney's alleged abductor. easley is also suspected of killing brittthy's mother. he is now on his way back to west virginia. new data shows more teenagers are trying marijuana
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at a young age while alcohol use in teens is going down. a new report from the national institute on drug abuse says 16% of eighth graders have used illicit drugs this year. 21.4% of seniors said they smoked marijuana over the last ten days and just over 6% might have school seniors say they smoke pot early. doctors are worried with this kind of high use puts kids at particular risk long-term. however, the report did show bing drinking is on the decline in this age group. tens of millions of americans have fillings in their teeth that contain a small amount of mercury. for decades there has ban debate over the fillings are safe and the fda is tackling this issue. >> reporter: he started
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breathing a whole lot better after having his fillings taken out. >> i had less symptoms. >> reporter: the fillings contain mercury and a year and a half ago the fillings were ruled safe. now they are reviewing the scientific evidence yet again. consumer advocacy groups claim mercury can trigger a host of health problems. even heart disease. >> that mercury is a hazardous material before it goes into the mouth. it has to be disposed of as hazerdous waste when it comes out of the mouth. why would it be safe in the mouth? >> reporter: but the american dental association stands by the safety of the fillings. the group says millions of americans have them with no ill effects. numerous studies showed the level of mercury in a malgum is too low to cause problems. most dentists use white composites to fill cavities and
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teeth but mercury fillings are still popular because they are cheaper. consumer advocates are hoping for restrictions for pregnant women and kids. several european countries already ban or restrict the use. silver fillings have been used in the united states for more than 150 years. if you have been out there you know temperatures are dropping like a rock. topper is on the terrace with our out and about forecast. >> i'm going to go back in soon. wind advisory was cancelled. it is windy, don't get me wrong but it was not making a wind advisory criteria so they canceled that. needless to say still cold. low 20s by 10:00 p.m. 23 at 8:00 p.m. and low 20s by 10:00 p.m. with clear to partly cloudy skies. windchills in the teens and eventually in the single digits even downtown. you're county closeup for wednesday. maybe we crack freezing in some
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spots. downtown low 30s. yesterday this time we are tracking snow showers. 33 in georgetown. we will go further north up into frederick county. you probably won't make it above freezing here. myersville. next three days. well, cold again tomorrow. and still relatively windy. low 30s. then thursday a weak system comes at us. chance for light snow. would not impact the thursday morning commute. it would the thursday evening commute and get a break on friday temperatures notice low 40s. come in the low 40s. coming up next, authorities call him the hot chocolate robber and when you see the surveillance video you'll understand why. and don't forget we are always on stay with us. we will be back in a moment.
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caught on tape. the billings, monday, sheriff says videos shows him walking in a gas station and fills up a cup of hot chocolate. the man throws the hot chocolate in her face. he then takes cash from the register and drives off in his pickup. the man is now under arrest. a car slams into another vehicle sitting on the shoulder of a highway ramp. a police officer and a stranded driver gets in between that second car and jersey wall. a third person comes within inches of getting caught in the crash as well. in cincinnati, ohio, you're looking at video from an
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officer's dashboardcamera.. ouch. hugh jackman's entrance to a taping of the oprah show. he was ride ag zip line as you saw from the sails of the sidney operahouse and smacked right into some stage lights. jackman suffered a cut under his eye but he is otherwise okay. thinking of shoveling your driveway every time it snows. some college students have come up with the right answer for you. just ahead. >> that's what i thought. college painters. college snow shovelers. wind advisory canceled. toy drive 9 continues until december 22nd. please drop off new unwrapped toys at your local fire station. we need you to step up.
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the donations are way behind. are you thinking about pitting a video gaming system under your christmas tree this year? which console will score the most points with the kids? lesli checks it out.
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games will likely be the hottest selling disc. long gone are the days when you have to push buttons and joy sticks to play them. xbox connect is totally hands free. we side it up against two other games to see which is right for
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the gamer on your list. >> reporter: motion video games are hot. let you be part of the action. >> sports games are my favorite type of game. >> you really feel like you're in the game. >> reporter: these two are using a wii gaming console. wii was the firths to get into motion based gaming. the updated enhanced controller option. >> they created an accessory that attaches to the wii remote which basically helps the nintendo wii detect the motion of the wii controller. >> reporter: you need a platform for activities like yoga unfortunately consumer reports says the graphics aren't great but costs $100 less than the sony play station move and xbox connect which makes the wii a good choice for entry level gamers. it will run you about $300. but they have more to offer. testers note that the play station move has great graphics
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and you only need controllers. no platform necessary. that's a plus. the play station system comes with a blue ray player an ability to play some games in 3d. you new connect is great because you don't have to hold it when you are playing. this picks up everything your body does. >> reporter: so whatever moves you make your avtar is on the screen. you need plenty of elbow room for two players. if you've got the room the konnekt is well worth the money. they come bundled with one game. additional games will run you about $50 each. lesli foster, 9 news now. log on to our website for more gift suggestions and click on the ready, set, shop. we no what it is like to
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dig out from a winter storm. what if a robot could clear snow while you stayed cosy inside. this is the invention by engineering students at perdue runs on batteries and uses senses to stay on the pavement while it shovels layers of snow. >> it is a feasible concept. to take a robot and make it into a snow shoveler and eventually would be able to to clear the driveway without leaving the house. >> the students say it cost them about $6000 to build this but they hope a consumer version could be developed and sold for about $1500. the snowbot. >> where did they get $6000 to build that? but it wasn't clearing anything. it would have been over the
5:49 pm
snow pot. >> give them another winter snow. this is a house near 95th street in kansas city. it is encased in ice after a water main near the driveway broke over the weekend and just sprayed water all over the home an it was below freezing and may an ice sculpture. trying to get to the mailbox. snow on top of it. chunks of ice. >> crazy. >> most mailmen couldn't do it. kind of cool. kind of sad though. and it will warm up. >> it will be about freezing tomorrow. and will melt some in kansas city. for us tonight. feels like 11. single digits in gaithersburg and fredericks. manassas. 4 in haggerstown. we talked about this last week being the coldest air of the season and it is. we are going to zoom out to the west. we have a weak little storm pushing into the rockies and
5:50 pm
eventually this will be our chance. ironically we don't talk about this often, better chance will be south and east of town on thursday. and ironically still the bull's eye for the weekend storm may be south and east of town. stay tuned. no tracking any snow showers tonight. looks like we will be fine. still some leftover flurries in the mountains. that's just about it. here is the deal. not one but two chances for snow in the next seven days. one on thursday. and one over the weekend. tonight windchills 0 to 10. wednesday still blustery and cold. light snow possible thursday. could impact the evening commute. legit weekend storm is possible saturday night into sunday. for tonight clear to partly cloudy. windy, very cold. lows 14 to 22. translate that into 0 to 10 above if you factor in the wind. lows. plenty of teens.
5:51 pm
14 gaithersburg. 14 in leesburg. 14 in manassas. tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, windy, very col. teens and 20s. windchills in the single digits. partly cloudy. breezy and cold. windchills in the teens. next seven days. going to get a break on friday after light snow on thursday then here comes the possibility of a coastal storm saturday night into sunday. mid-30s saturday. only 30 on sunday. if it plugs the coast it will be a big storm. if it stays off the coast it will be kind of a little nuisance storm. we will keep you posted any way we cut it it will be cold in the wake of the storm monday and tuesday with highs in the mid-30s. notice we toys here. we need them. >> we need toys for the kids. toy drive 9. it continues until the 22nd of this month. drop off new unwrapped toys at your local fire department. >> so many good deals out there right now. right now is a good time to
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pick up that extra thing. >> something fun. >> lakers in town. > >> brett haber with tonight's wizards, lakers match up. >> went for 32 when he played the wizards a week ago so heaven knows what he will do tonight. the the sad part of it is for basketball fans here on the west coast we almost never get to see kobe bryant play. he come here once a year. and when we see him on t.v. his game starts at 10:00 p.m. while we get paul pierce, dwight howard and others sometimes we forget just how good kobe bryant is. of course, he has won five nba titles, led the nba in scoring twice and this year averaging 27 points a game he may very well do it again. and after several years of playing second fiddle.
5:53 pm
begging the question, if they couldn't stop him before, what makes us think the wizards will stop kobe tonight? >> unfortunately we don't have john who had 25-14 against him. so we have an adjustment. it is more personnel difference than anything else. >> still going to do our same thing. just be a little bit more physical. hit people earlier. to get to them early then move them from the bottom. >> unfortunately as flip saunders mentioned we will not get to see the great match up between kobe and wall tonight. wall will miss his eighth game of the year tonight with a combination of a foot and knee injury. he had that big game 22-14 against the lakers last week in l.a. so they will have to make due without john and without andray blatche. i'm not sure i would like to play the lakers without those two guys. much more on wall and his
5:54 pm
injuries an kobe and his greatness coming up at 6:00 p.m. tonight. plus, the redskins guys cut the man who was responsible for that extra point debacle on sunday. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next on 9 news now. who is getting early awards buzz? the golden globe nominations out until hollywood. i'll have that story coming up. and coming up new at 6:00 p.m. tonight. if you are thinking about robbing someone you might want to think twice. a clerk here at this shell station was able to fight off two men that were trying to rob him. i'm lindsey mastis. i will tell you how did he it. if you've got a child on your gift list we have got great ideas for educational toys and games guaranteed to be winners. they are all award winning with a stamp of approval by kids themselves and you can see them and find out what to look for
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in a toy on my video blog on front page of check your locker, search your book bag. together we can make a change. >> students are taking action. >> collecting spare change benefits the leukemia and lymphoma society. participating schools will receive great prizes. sign up your school at and click on pennies for patients. dig deep in knows pockets. it is time to collect pennies for patients. 9 news now is brought to you by carmax, the way car buying should be.
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dow finished the day up nearly 48 points to close at 11,476. nasdaq climbed two points and
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s&p rose eight points. the golden globe nominations were announced today. sandra hughes tells us who made the list. >> reporter: the british drama about king george had seven. nominations for colin firth and jeffrey rush. >> people want to go on the internet and check out their friends. >> reporter: the fighter, inception and black swan. natalienatalie portman getting an oscar buzz. halle, nicole, michele williams. tied with six nominations each. >> not you, not you, and not you. >> reporter: both stars mark
5:59 pm
walburg along with colin firth, ryan gossling and others. >> bottom of the canal. >> reporter: johnny depp got two nods for his roles in alice in wonderland and the tourist and on the small screen "the good wife" is up for three globes. "glee" five nods. sandra hughes, cbs news, hollywood. >> the golden globes will be handed out on january 16th. thank you for joining us tonight. 9 news at 6:00 p.m. starts right now. from the first local station with news in high- definition. this is 9 news now. the washington area tonight still shivering from the bitter cold with little relief in sight.


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