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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  December 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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snowfall out of charles county over to st. leonard. you can see a couple of minor accumulations, a dusting, a .1" here. even in parts of the northern net. back on the weather computer, we still have a winter-weather advisory officially until 9:00 p.m. and i think that may come down a little earlier. tonight, we're looking at the light snow and flurries ending early, and then mostly cloudy, a cold night. nothing is going to melt. 15 to 25. we've got closings due to the weather today. in virginia culpepper, other counties have announced that they will be closed tomorrow. now, manassas city schools will be opening two hours late and in west virginia, berkeley and jefferson county schools will also open two hours late. we've got all that information on the screen and on the web at i'm going to be back a little bit later. this may not be the only snow that we'll see before the week is out. your weekend forecast coming up. ladies? >> thanks, howard. lots of school systems
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decided to let students out early due to the weather. >> that put the buses on the road due to the height of the bad weather. we are in virginia for that part of the story. joining us live from fairfax with lots of salt behind you. >> absolutely, the trucks are very busy. even though that vdot prepared and pretreated last night to try to get ahead of this storm, the snowfall, well, it still caused a lot of trouble for drivers on the road. fairfax county prepared for the snow, even if you didn't. >> all i can expect is the plow trucks laying down layers of salt and sand at beech tree elementary for early dismissal. classes county wide let out two hours early. >> we closed the office >> they are offering options for people. >> reporter: traffic was a
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nightmare on many roads in northern virginia with a slight accumulation slowing folks down. >> i don't like to drive in the snow, but hey, what can you do? >> what is it like? >> terrible. it's scary with a lot of accidents back there. >> police pulled up to warn drivers of the slick snow turns ahead, but this was too late for this traveler. the car sat abandoned after the driver lost control and drove off the road. >> the road is a little slick. >> we have had crews out there all day, up to about 1,400 trucks in northern virginia, putting down salt and they are plowing where it is necessary. >> reporter: so while crews worked overtime to clear the roads, little ones who got out of school early looked forward to the benefits of this snow day. >> they love the first day of the snow. they are happy to come out. >> so a lot of times you see the plow trucks on the road and you automatically assume they are plowing the snow. sometimes they are not dropping
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the plows. we asked vdot what do you need in order to plow some of the snow and they say they look for accumulation about two inches on the ground. this is the spot that has not been touched except for where i stood. we have about two inches of sticky snow here on the ground. and so crews are going to be out clearing some of this accumulation, the snow and slush off the roads here in northern virginia. anita? >> what is their action plan for the overnight hours? >> reporter: unfortunately, it's going to be a long night for these folks. the jobs are not done until the roads are cleared. they will be out treating many of the roads. >> lots of work ahead as you said. deliah, thank you. >> let's take a look right now at the road conditions on that area right now. this is north and south. we'll begin here on clarksburg
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where traffic is very slow heading northbound. >> traffic is moving very slow there too. and you can see some salt trucks on both sides getting ready to deploy. again, slow traffic in both directions, but mostly wet roads. this one here at rhode island and florida avenue is barely typical. wet roads, traffic moving. all right, here is virginia now. 395, you'll see those lights there, meaning that they are moving pretty slow and pretty typical for the rush hour. finally, this is where we find most of the snow on the side of the road, but again, traffic appears to be moving. we've got complete coverage of this winter weather at where you'll see the traffic cameras in your area. you can get the latest closings and delays and upload your photos of the winter weather. a lot of folks turned to
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metro to avoid the roads today, but a cracked rail caused major delays on the redline. metro officials found the problem outside the au station. trains had to share one track for a large part of the morning. many passengers say they were late getting to work and school. >> we got in a car crash and the train was out of service. and before this station, so it took a long time to get another train. >> metro has a problem to fix it and we're told that all red line trains are running normally this evening. >> a commuter alert you'll want to start thinking about tonight. the dc transportation department has announced two major bridge reconstruction projects along new york avenue. one is the completion of the ninth street bridge project. the other will reconstruct the ninth avenue bridge.
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the heavy commuter will only be able to carry about one-third of the vehicles they will be able to support right now. it's official, dc police chief will remain as the chief in the vincent gray administration. the mayor elect made the announcement today, it was one of two key nominations that came just a few hours ago, even though that she has been serving in the fenty administration, the decision to keep her on was easy. >> four years after becoming the district's top cop, she enjoys an 80% job approval rating among dc residence according to a recent poll. the public is confident in her ability and it results from the great progress in reducing crime as she and the police force have achieved together. >> vincent gray announced the nomination of kenneth ellerby for fire chief.
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the dc council still must approve those appointments. authorities around char lotsville are warning --charlottesville. no one ended up getting hurt, but officials are telling people to call 911 if they see anything suspicious. connecticut police want to know who is responsible for some homemade bombs found inside a house in new haven. firefighters were called to the house for reports of smoke last night and that's when they found the bomb. no one hurt here. the fbi has been called in to help investigate. the founder of the website, wikileaks, is out on bail tonight. julian assange walked out of a british jail just a few hours ago. swedish authorities say they still want to question him about allegations of rape. >> reporter: wikileaks founder, julian assange, walks freely. >> it's great to smell the
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fresh air of london again. >> reporter: they released him on $315,000 bail. the 39-year-old australian thanked celebrities who put up the cash and also thanked. >> all the people around the world who have had faith in me, who have supported my team while i have been away. >> reporter: assange is wanted in sweden for questioning over rape allegations. he's not been formally charged and he denies the accusations. the judge rejected an appeal by prosecutors that assange would flee britain, ordering him to stay put at his friend's mansion outside london, wearing an electronic tag to report to the police every evening. the decision to grant bail here at the high court is just the beginning of a long legal process. assange will be back in court for extradition hearing early in the new year. >> i hope to continue my work and continue to protest my
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innocence in this matter. >> reporter: even while assange was locked up, his wikileaks website has been free to release hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. diplomatic documents. federal prosecutors in america are reportedly trying to build a conspiracy case against him. cbs news, london. a spokesperson for wikileaks said that assange will be able to make use of the country mansion's internet connection and return to work. another bam ma administration is call -- the obama administration is calling for a goal of right. protect our online information and keep it out of the hands of marketers. the commerce department wants a new government office to oversee the effort. consumer groups have been pushing for legislation similar to the "do not call list," to block people from the call list. let's go wac to our coverage -- back to the coverage of the snow. >> our team coverage continues with scott broom, live in
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brandy. we understand you saw an accident between a school bus between a plow? >> yes, this is one of the schools across the country that was closed two hours early today. the problem was, of course, those schools closed right when road conditions were at their very worst. this accident didn't look bad, a banged up front-end of a school bus and a back-end damage where it was struck when the bus slid. the jolt between the two big vehicles sent the plow driver to the hospital with back injuries and one student had a suspected asthma attack. all of this on a very slippery road. it was not plowed at the time the accident happened. elsewhere, there were dozens of accidents like this one.
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>> and it just happened so fast. >> reporter: the driver lost it on a curb. and ended up in the woods. putting a tree setting off the air bag. >> i was coming down and i hit a piece of ice in the road. and it took control of my car. and it went straight into the ditch. >> reporter: all of this right during the time that schools across the country were deemed to be out early. >> i just want to get my kids home safely. >> it's kind of slippery out here. i'm trying to make it here to the best that i can. and i'm trying to take my time on the ice. >> and the storm so small was no surprise. 140 county road crews were dispatched to the salt streets at 8:00 a.m. before the first flakes. u.s. 301 were treated early by the state road crews. school officials announced two- hour early dismissals at 10:30 a.m. as attentions deteriorated. a lot of second guessing by parents today because of the
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tough road conditions when the schools got out, particularly since some of the surrounding school districts were to the south. they decided to call off the school. altogether today and new at 6:00 coming up, i'll talk to the school officials here at prince george's county that made the call. before i go, let's show you what conditions are like here. very light snow beginning to start again. an inch and a half on the ground. road crews have made a lot of progress when school let out. it's down to bare pavement and wet pavement because of the heavy roads. reporting live, scott broom, 9news now. >> all right, scott, thank you. we're starting to get some closings and delays for tomorrow. you'll see them all on the bottom of your screen throughout the newscast. we'll, of course, let you know if anything changes for any other major local system. still to come on 9news now, the price of security. what metro plans to do to keep you safe when riding the rails. with time running out, it's
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a high-stakes debate in the house. i'm joel brown in washington. it's coming up.
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a day of moderate gains on wall street this thursday. the dow was 31 points. s&p 500 gained about 7. and today, the tax cut compromise
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between president obama and congressional republicans faced its highest stakes vote yet. it has already passed the senate, but lawmakers of both parties in the house say they have problems with this deal. joel brown is live on capitol hill with more on the debate that's going down to the wire, joel? >> a heated debate over the tax cut compromise begins in the house this morning, but it didn't last long. opponents of the plan have successfully, at least so far, stalled the final vote. they are trying to force changes. >> it was a last-minute scramble to get the tax cut deals passed in the house. just getting the bill to the floor for a vote was a struggle as liberal democrats pushed back against the compromise that they say favors the rich over the middle class. >> tragically, these 155 millionamericans were held hostage to a ransom that the republicans would only help
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these families if we gave it to the wealthiest people in the country. >> liberals want to toughen up the bill by hiking tax breaks on the wealthy inheritances. any changes threaten to unravel the deal that they made with the republicans. >> and if this relief fails, when the ball drops at times square on new year's eve, they would have been taken up by a tax tsunami. >> reporter: and the plan sailed through the senate wednesday over 80 senators voted for it. an overwhelming vote. one of the deals allowed signals thursday this was a fight he couldn't win. >> it seems pretty clear the handwritings on the wall that this was going to pass. >> reporter: until they lined up to push it through, the compromise is still unfinished business with millions of americans that set for a new year's day tax hike if the plan fails. so liberal democrats met with
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speaker pelosi with their list of demands. for her part, speaker pelosi says that the house will definitely vote on this plan and possibly even these proposed changes. that will be sometime tonight. >> all right, joel brown, we'll look forward to more information. president obama says that the u.s. has made significant progress in afghanistan since he laid out a new war strategy last year. his remarks come as the white house released a long-awaited report on the war. the evaluation finds that the taliban has been weakened, but that the gains made are fragile and reversible. >> i want to be clear. this continues to be a very difficult endeavor. but i can report that thanks to the extraordinary service of our troops and civilians on the ground that we're on track to achieve our goals. >> reporter: in an appearance with defense secretary, robert gates and hillary clinton, mr. obama said that those goals are to disrupt, dismantle, and ultimately defeat al qaeda. a military jury at fort
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mead is delivering an army doctor who refused to deploy to afghanistan because he questions president obama's eligibility to be commander in chief. he questioned whether the president is a natural-born u.s. citizen, pleading guilty to disobeying orders. he faces up to three and a half years in prison and dismissal from the army. >> so here is a question, will it be wood or concrete? ocean city officials are offering you a chance at the board walk. a total wood replacement would cost about $10 million. but using some wood along with some concrete would bring down the price to about $6 million. >> nice to think about the board walk at ocean city. >> yes. >> i wonder what it looks like right now. >> yeah, probably a little wet out there. they had some snow too. it was an interesting day, but you remember what december 19
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was like last year? >> yes, we do. we do not need to see a replay of that. we remember that. >> we have another coastal storm back in play. last night you heard topper talking about it. i was talking about this thing flying southeast. but the first thing is first, your forecast for tonight. now, we're looking at not a bad night here, the light snow and flurries that will be out of here early. then mostly cloudy, a cold night. any breaks allowing temperatures to drop into the mid-teens and potentially the mid-20s in the warm spots. pretty hard freeze out there. discover live doppler 9,000hd showing you exactly where the lingering snows are. and hey, winchester, a little bit of snow still lingering by you across the metro as well and parts of the northern woods of virginia, seeing some of this, the last of the snowfall if you will. now, we'll zoom in a little bit. showing you some of the lighter bands coming across the metro right now. they are up to montgomery county. and here is that little snow over towards winchester.
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first up, we'll go north. coming out of the county here. and some light flurries. this won't do much, but maybe a dusting. you'll see the real accumulating snows that are over towards laurel as well, east. we're seeing that and some light flurries, scattered about into areas of montgomery county. and so scott broom, we've got areas from clinton, over northeastern counties, looking at a little bit of the light snow. and then as you head over towards the eastern shores, look at st. mary's city. still a moderate snow shower. now, we have had some snow and we finally did it. what am i talking about? well, he's out on the weather terrace, joining me now with more. >> thank you, howard. you know twice this month, a trace of snowfall reported. that's not considered measurable. if you had a bet with somebody and won the first initial inch of the fall, this is a good snowfall to measure, because we didn't have blowing and drifting, we didn't have the strong winds. it was cold enough that everything that fell stuck right away. a lot of the times you get the first be little bit. and an inch and a quarter here
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at the station. 9news now. take a look at these numbers officially at reagan national. 1.5". if you were going to make a bet on it with the first official inch of snowfall, today is the day. getting in on the action at 2.5". damascus, two inches. leesburg over an inch. there are many other areas too. in fact, less than a mile to the north, more to the south, and even off to the southwest, they are looking at 3". we're going to have many more totals throughout the evening. feel free to measure outside, e- mail your totals to but there is still a little falling, but not much. howard has more. >> thank you. we're looking at the snow that has been coming in. it is moving very quickly to the east. the last parts of the storm are here. now sunday, one or two things could happen on sunday. you'll see where it hugs the coast. i'm telling you, they are still in disagreement, but it could be a problem.
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36 today. sunday, 32. we'll watch for a coastal storm. then another chance for a little snow as we head towards tuesday with a temperature of 37. and it's got a little action here for this early winter, ladies. >> it sure does. oh my. that's enough action too. >> yeah. up next, a simple way for you to make a child glow this holiday season.
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it may look like we got a lot of toys here in the studio
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to help. donations are down this holiday season, so we hope that you will consider helping a child have a happy holiday. you can donate a new unwrapped toy to toy drive. donations are especially low for kids between the ages of 3- 5 and kids older than 11. you can drop off your toy or gift card to any local fire station between now and next wednesday. we've got more information for you at we're also celebrating this season here with your holiday decorations. >> that is right. all this month we're futuring your pictures -- featuring your pictures on 9news now at 6:00 a.m. e-mail us a photo at morning lights, they want to see them early on 9news now. >> you can add the screen actor's guild. they announced their nominations this morning. the british monarchy drama, "the king speech," and "the fighter," lead with four nominations each. christian bale, amy adams, and melissa leo were all nominated. mark wahlburg was not nominated for his list. from hollywood news, edward
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has died from complications of pneumonia. he directed the pink panther films. edwards was married to actor julie andrews. coming up next new at 5:30. >> new security measures and the critics are already complaining. i'm bruce leshan, i'll explain coming up. >@
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right now, new at 5:30, metro prepares to watch the security by randomly searching bags at some of its stations. a maryland woman is adding her name to a class action lawsuit against the popular birth control pill. >> but first, they may look pretty, but today's snow is causing some major backups on the roads this evening. let's get the latest on the winter weather and what's happening next from howard bernstein in the weather center. howard? >> reporter: anita, the storm is pulling away. you'll be able to track the storm, pushing through the region. really hit the hardest was in the early afternoon about 3:00
5:31 pm
to 4:00, it started to wind down. now, southern virginia might get to an extra dusting. the rest of us, just a couple of flurries here and there. i want to talk about sunday though. sunday is the anniversary of the december's record-breaking snow from last year. one or two things are going to happen. this storm goes out to sea, no problems, right? well models have been flipping and flopping. this is giving us headaches in the weather office because storm track b though, that comes much closer to the coast. if that happens, this will be major east coast storm. this could happen sunday into monday. and i mean a major storm, especially up for new england, impacting our snow as well. you know, there are some folks to have a chance for a little bit of a break. someone submitted this photo to of a snowball fight this afternoon. and this was the scene of someone sending us from springfield's metro station. you can upload your photos on or go to our wusa9 facebook page and post them
5:32 pm
there and your storm reports, you is submit those on, a link under the weather tab. >> thank you, howard. we want to remind you about closings and delays at the bottom of the screen. for this winter, you'll be able to track the progress as the snowplows make their way through parts of our area. montgomery county launched its interacting snowplow tracking tools earlier this week. it turns out we may need to track it a little bit more. >> yes, we do. >> as we anticipated. you can read more about it on click on the where you live box at the top of the home page and then select the links for more information. you might be seeing transit police before you go through the fair gates. >> it's part of a new system to
5:33 pm
keep us safe on the transit center. bruce leshan is live with the very latest. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, metro just announced they will begin randomly screening passenger bags for explosives. the screenings and searches will take place up here before you get a chance to go down the escalator. critics call it security theater. saying that if a terrorist sees there is screening going on here, they can just walk a block up here, go in another entrance or station. >> this is the stable 4,000. >> reporter: the screening will start with an ionization scanner. detecting the nitrogen. >> we'll swab the content, the outer content of that particular content. we'll put that swab in this machine. >> reporter: this will be sent to an explosionive detection dog. and only if the dog alerts will police go through your bags. >> it is to throw the bad guys off in an event that they would want to bring some explosive devices in the metro system. >> reporter: metro transit
5:34 pm
police say they may start as soon as right now, at multiple stations. picking every fourth passenger to be checked out. >> it doesn't matter if you're a grandma with a bunch of kids. it doesn't matter that you're a young person, you're all subjects. >> reporter: absolutely right. >> reporter: authorities planned a similar subject two years ago, back down in the face of the passenger pushbacks. critics say the random checks are so easy to avoid that it is a waste of time and resources. and it may actually make you less safe. >> what do you say to those who say that this is just security
5:35 pm
theater? >> if the bad guys want to go in, they will just go to the other station, the next station down the line. >> that is something possibly said by people who want to be experts, but it also reports that that is the opportunity to randomly do some activity that puts us in a better posture. >> reporter: perhaps more effective might be checking every single passenger, but experts say that is nearly impossible. >> that would no longer be mass transit. >> it would take too long? >> yeah, it would take too long. >> reporter: metro police will be handing out these brochures that say anyone who is randomly selected and refuses to submit their carry-on items for inspection will be prohibited from bringing those items into the station. and also it says that customers that see a check point that don't want to submit having their bags checked can just not come in and they won't be checked. lesli? >> bruce, i know we don't all have to go through this, but if you are randomly selected, how long are these checks going to take? >> they say it will be pretty quick, maybe 30 seconds, a minute, a little longer than that. they say that this kind of program is already in place in places like new york, boston, and it's working well there. >> all right, we'll see what happens. bruce leshan, thanks. a bethesda woman has joined thousands of other women across the nation, suing the maker of a popular birth control pill. as peggy fox reports, she nearly died and she blames the pill caused yaz.
5:36 pm
>> i was hyperventilating and crying and in pain. >> reporter: that is the second time that green went to the hospital. the first time doctors thought this healthy 41-year-old woman had a kidney stone. she was sent home, but then she got so sick she could hardly breathe. she took a cab to the hospital where a pullnologist found the real problem, blood clots in your lungs. >> you have the largest blood clot that i have seen in my 30 years of practice. and he said that i was very lucky that it did not break apart and kill me. >> reporter: she is certain that the cause of the blood clot was the birth controls she was on. >> women in their 20s to 30s are suffering from this clotting issue. >> reporter: she is suing them and wants the company to take the pills off the market. >> estrogen is known to cause blood clotting. and bare developed a system which is really the culprit
5:37 pm
here. and the premise was using the drug decreases the risk of clotting, however, the opposite has happened. >> reporter: studies show this increases the incident of blood clotting. bare disputes that. >> they also make the birth control pills. representing some 60 maryland women suing them over both pills. there are some 3,000 such lawsuits across the country. >> some suffered strokes
5:38 pm
because of the blood clots and in one case a woman died. >> reporter: in bethesda, peggy fox, 9news now. >> yas and yasmin are safe, posing no greater risk of developing blood clots. and that risk along with others are listed on the pills labeling. still ahead, saving money while you're staying connected as you wait for flights at to of the local airports. and coming up new at six, tainted brownies made several students sick at one local high school and some of them went to the hospital. we'll give you the full story coming up at 6:00. don't forget, we're always on stay with us, we'll be right back after the break.
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a swipe of your debit card
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could mean smoother sailing. the agency is now accepting debit cards at 53 of its 74 offices across virginia. up until now it was just cash or check or credit only. the dmv says that adding debit card is an option that should make transactions more efficient. passengers passing through two local airports are getting a treat. free access to the internet. reagan national and dulles international airport will start offering free wifi this spring. both airports offer wifi, but with a daily fee. all right, we want to know are we finished with the snow? yes. howard? give us the latest. >> hey, let me tell you, a couple of flurries still out here on the weather terrace. we're not finished with the snow potentially this week. your forecast is coming up. brett? >> reporter: well, howard, it is thursday and that means time for the latest installment of the good, the bad, and the ugly. tonight, the soccer star who celebrated his goal by knocking his teammates out. plus, the worse national
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anthem rendition since carl lewis. does everyone remember that one? see it and hear it regrettably in gbu nine minutes from now, less by? as you may remember, these wobble, but they don't fall down. you'll see the latest popular kid's toys. a/ño
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know you're still trying to build your list. >> yes. >> now if you have a space heater in your home, you'll want to hear this. wal-mart is recalling 2.2 million heaters. they are sold only at their stores. the problem with these heaters is that they can malfunction that can cause a fire. there have been 21 reported incidents with these, 11 cases of property damage, four people were hurt. so if you've got one of these, you'll want to stop using it and take it to wal-mart for a full refund. >> such important information and heating necessary in a huge way these last few days. >> yes. >> it's been a measurable month. you know today was a nice day in a sense, the first snow was not too bad. the winds are nonexistent. after this week, i'll take that. let's get your forecast for tonight. the light snow flurries, they are ending now. they will be out of here in the next hour or so. southern maryland is seeing
5:48 pm
mostly cloudy to any breaks. we'll be down in the mid-teens with the snow cover. but i think we're generally going to stay low 20s, maybe 25 with the north, northwest wind at 5. sunset at 4:48, rising tomorrow at about 7:15. you'll be able to see the snow as it has been pulling from the region across the west to east. an inch and a half at reagan international, the first time this year. still a couple of light flurries, just a moment ago here on the northwest. you'll be able to see that right here. it lights up. we're not going to see any accumulation with this. kind of nice to be on it right now. and this might get you something down here in the potomac here, west and also in ashburn. a couple of light snow flurries for you. this is the last, let's say the dusting here in southern counties, you're almost done with it. but southern maryland, down to the northern neck. and this might be a little
5:49 pm
more. then it is going over towards the eastern shore, so it is over. say good-bye to it. what we're going to be dealing with now is the sunday precipitation and a couple of chances next week. we'll be talking about the snow totals. and that is in this county, they've got four. the highest we have seen so far. across this area, that is north of frederick. north of winchester. and forest heights and prince george's county. still the upper teens, hagerstown, to 27 at national. that's in our high so far. we're looking at the flurries with what i'm happy to tell you, calm winds. so a very nice night. a bigger look at the system. pulling away from us. so that is it. the storm system is over the weekend that will either go out to sea or hug the coast. if it hugs the coast. sunday will be a problem. 36 degrees tomorrow. and saturday, by sunday, the threat of that coastal storm, stay tuned for that.
5:50 pm
32. and then next week, we're okay on monday. another little system that looks like it will be whipping by late tuesday into wednesday. no big warmups with temperatures in the 30s. >> so this is just not a great quirk? >> yes. we have been struggling with temperatures all month. >> if you're calling in favors and calling off that sunday event, we would be very happy. >> exactly. it's gbu day. brett is here. >> yeah, i know how anita loves the flurries. >> just so we're all clear, yes. >> i think that the people know what they are. this is an inflatable. i want you to pay close attention to this and tell me what you think of this. this is the next one or not. and we're all in the world of sports. it's the good, the bad, the ugly for december 16. we start with the good. most relentless highs. we don't need this. we have the receiver, packers, donald driver. he has been at this for 13 years. he still doesn't go down. he breaks one tackle at the 30 there. and then he is off another one. and then he takes the third guy off the ten and drags by three
5:51 pm
guys across the goal line. >> wow. it's like that iron man fight in the second movie. he just refuses to lose. let's hear it from the middle- aged guys. and this is the last play of the game. that's their quarterback. scrambling around, trying to buy some time and extend this play. he keeps it alive. they cannot get him and he finally swings that ball like 50 yards down the field. and that is taylor. and he goes 100 yards to the house. the play lasted. we stopped at 25 seconds. that's a lifetime. >> yeah. >> in football. >> all right, let's go to the bad. the worst filing system at the redskins giant game, where the wind was whipping. that is the referee getting into a foot race with his line up. you finally take it by the foot. that's his grocery list. and that's why the quarterbacks wear the wristbands with all the plays on it because they don't blow it. let's go get it, mike. cowboys are running back here. as his team got whipped up by michael vick on sunday. look, he asked michael vick for
5:52 pm
his autograph. where is your pride, man? [ laughter ] it was for his 2- year-old nephew, but i don't buy that. now, the worst new mascot. the columbus blue jackets introduce their newly inflatable cannon. it's a cannon, but does that look like something else for you? maybe something you see it in the army hygiene film? and then, i'm sorry, what does that look like to you? >> yes. >> and that is a drive-in movie. >> shooting stuff out of the movie too. >> yes. >> it doesn't look right. it's got a mustache on it. it doesn't look right. >> can we get a recall on this? [ laughter ] >> here is the ugly, the most regrettable celebration in the italian league. scoring a goal and for no apparent reason, punches his teammate right in the face. [ laughter ] and the more we look at this replay, the more that it seems like this is not an accident. >> that is a sound effect. >> that's a real shiver. finally at the kansas city chief's game, the most humorous butchering of the national
5:53 pm
anthem since carl lewis. this is a doozie. ♪ at the twilight last gleaming, ♪ [ booing ] >> isn't it great how ruthless the fans are, he messes up and he started over. >> no. >> and then he messed it up again. >> how painful. >> if you're going to mess up the anthem, don't do it in kansas city. you can't mess that up in the middle of the country. >> you can't do the remake. >> and like the football guys. >> yes, the wristbands. very good idea, howard, maybe next time. >> thank you. up next, a medical miracle. how doctors were actually able to grow fingers for a little boy born without them. and coming up new at 6:00. >> lowden counties have released video of two men wanting to go on a joyride. i'm surae chinn, i'll have that story for you coming up.
5:54 pm
i'm peggy fox with so your kid wants an ipad touch or a nintendo dsi for christmas, but is that such a good idea with obesity rates on the rise? wouldn't a tennis racket be better? those are just a few ideas to help get your kids moving instead of sitting. a parent can help set the stage with a gift. for more ideas, just go to my video blog on the front page of
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welcome back. three years ago, a little boy was born without fingers on one hand. but a step-by-step procedure is allowing this child to grow new ones. in tonight's health alert, how doctors are giving children normal fingers for their hands. >> you expect them to come out with ten fingers and ten toes. when they don't, it's just a shock. i never really knew anyone else that had the same situation. he had no fingers at all on his hand at all. >> reporter: andrew's mother, lorie, spent hours on the computer looking for a solution. >> i didn't know what i was looking for. i had never heard of anything like this. >> reporter: when he was four months old, a friend gave him an article about a doctor helping children born with similar disformties. >> i burst into tears right
5:58 pm
when i saw the article, because finally here is an answer. >> reporter: dr. william performed the procedure. >> i have children, many children who i have done this on now, they are even college students, teenagers, playing highly competitive athletics without any difference. >> reporter: it's a multi-step process, usually beginning at the age of six months to make sure that the child is healthy enough and to foster brain development corresponding to the new fingers. first pockets are made to hold the new finger bones. next, portions of andrew's middle toe bones are taken to make the new fingers. >> the toes will be stunted, a little shorter because of taking the growth part, but it doesn't affect his walking, his running, or anything like that. >> reporter: and in their new location, these bones are pinned, and then he makes the fracture. >> very delicately, you cut the bone, you literally break it, but in a very controlled matter. >> reporter: and then the slow process of lengthening begins. four times a day with a turn of a key, giving new bones space to grow at about a millimeter a
5:59 pm
day. and now, andrew is growing fingers, where once there were none. for >> it's a process that i would do it, we would do again in a heartbeat, absolutely, just because of the function that he has that he would not have had. >> he does point out that this process isn't for cosmetic reasons, but for function. and andrew will continue occupational therapy to improve the way that his new fingers work. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. it wasn't a blizzard, but the snow made a real mess of our roads. slick conditions caused gridlocks and accidents and this bus accident is just one example of what happened out there. tonight, we've got live team coverage of the first widespread snow. we've got closings and delays at the bottom of your screen. we can tell you that stafford, culpepper, and other county schools are all closed tomorrow. howard bernstein is in tonight for the


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